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Published by Microsoft Corporation
Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Report an issue with Microsoft Authenticator.
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with Microsoft Authenticator?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Microsoft Corporation to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Microsoft Authenticator Features and Description

Use Microsoft Authenticator for easy, secure sign-ins for all your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill. You also have additional account management options for your Microsoft personal, work or school accounts. Getting started with multi-factor authentication Multi factor authentication (MFA) or two factor authentication (2FA) provides a second layer of security. When logging in with multi-factor authentication, you’ll enter your password, and then you’ll be asked for an additional way to prove it’s really you. Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or enter the one-time password (OTP) generated by the app. The one-time passwords (OTP codes) have a 30 second timer counting down. This timer is so you never have to use the same time-based one-time password (TOTP) twice and you don’t have to remember the number. The one-time password (OTP) doesn’t require you to be connected to a network, and it won’t drain your battery. You can add multiple accounts to your app, including non-Microsoft accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. Getting started with passwordless Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. Just enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two-step verification process. After you’ve signed in with two factor authentication (2FA), you’ll have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more. Getting started with autofill Microsoft Authenticator app can also autofill passwords for you. Sign-in on the Passwords tab inside the Authenticator app with your personal Microsoft account to start syncing passwords, including the passwords saved in Microsoft Edge. Make Microsoft Authenticator the default autofill provider and start autofilling passwords on apps and sites you visit on your mobile. Your passwords are protected with multi-factor authentication in the app. You will need to prove yourself with your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN to access and autofill passwords on your mobile. You can also import passwords from Google Chrome and other password managers. Microsoft personal, work or school accounts Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticator when accessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional Microsoft apps and services without needing to log into each. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on, once you have proven your identity once, you will not need to log in again to other Microsoft apps on your device. Enroll in our beta program! Follow this link for an early preview of our latest updates:

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Meu celular foi roubado e eu usava o Authenticator para acesso às minhas contas (e da minha empresa) do Facebook e Instagram. Agora preciso ter acesso à elas novamente mas não consigo pois o celular não está mais comigo.

    — by Leticia Nascimento de Paula 1 week ago

  • Dear Sir,
    My cell phone was snatched on 20th October 2022, my account [email protected] is configured with two step verification, i don't have backup and want to add my account in Microsoft Authenticator App. please support me to resolve my issue.

    — by Tariq Shahzad 1 week ago

  • I am trying to add my work email to my outlook account - It says to go to the authenticator app, and says "approve sign-in request" but I have no option to approve/deny

    — by Tom Baddick 2 weeks ago

  • I need to add my work email to my Authenticator app but it won't let me it's [email protected] can you help please

    — by Rebecca 3 weeks ago

  • I was using MS Authenticator on Android device.
    I am able to restore 2FA verified id's on other android device but that's not a case with iPhone
    I am unable to shift data or recover data on my iOS device.
    I don't even know where is the authenticator 2FA data backup is stored and how can I manually import that data.
    Kindly, help me regarding this...!!!

    — by Vincent 3 weeks ago

  • Salve non riesco ad accedere all'app microsoft Authenticator ... le mando il messaggio di errore :

    Error Code: 500121
    Request Id: 335b471c-52a0-4c66-981c-6f5dec002600
    Correlation Id: c8b77893-83c9-46d7-90f6-2d883e41ad33
    Timestamp: 2022-10-26T09:04:06Z

    — by gabriele 1 month ago

  • Salve non riesco ad accedere all'app Authenticator con la mia email istituzionale

    — by gabriele 1 month ago

  • Microsoft authenticator app states "Error communicating with server" when trying to approve sign-in notifications for my office356/OneDrive account

    — by Mark Bowers 1 month ago

  • unable to set up 2 factor authentication using app. I've tried to set up the MS authenticator app, but it ask me verify my identity by approving a request on my Ms Authenticator app. no request is received. Then if i attempt the process again and select "use a verification code" it says to enter the code displayed in the MS authenticator app on my mobile device. No code is ever received.

    — by mike keith 1 month ago

  • unable to set up 2 factor authentication using app

    — by mike keith 1 month ago

  • I can't log into my work email or teams cause my authenticator app has my old number registered and I need to change it

    — by Japh Jolly 1 month ago

  • my authenticatr app not working Open your Microsoft Authenticator app and approve the request to sign in​.​
    I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now
    More information

    — by Arivuraj 1 month ago

  • I’m trying to log into outlook but that directs me to the Authenticator app but it won’t grant me access and shows no code or notification to authenticate my log in

    — by Abbigail Hilton-Casey 1 month ago

  • Hi there,

    I contacted Microsoft support about an issue that I had with Microsoft Authenticator.
    The ticket number is 1044921324 for your reference.

    The issue is someone stole my phone with the Authenticator on. The cloud backup option is not activated by default in Microsoft Authenticator, so when I installed the Authenticator on a new phone, I realized that I had lost all the key generators for non-Microsoft products (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

    Is there any way you can help me access these code generators for the non-Microsoft products?
    For instance, Instagram has no way to have my account back if I do not use the code generator inside Microsoft Authenticator App.

    Please help me solve this issue,



    — by Francesco Manocchio 1 month ago

  • ho un problema con app, per accesso negato e notifica di approvazione, codici ecc in riferimento al profilo istituzionale. Per questo motivo non posso usufruire di teams

    — by simona 1 month ago

  • My Phone isnt registered as a device.
    I cant login in to my azure account because i cant authenticate. My SharePoint is useless.
    Can i fix my Authenticator or can i turn ALL authenticator off ?>

    — by ANTHONY BELLOTTIE 1 month ago

  • My App Authenticator is no longer working after I switched to an iPhone 14. When I try to connect my Azure ID to my work email and Teams it gives me an error code 500121. I have tried multiple solutions and non have been successful

    — by Nilsa Rodriguez 1 month ago

  • Hi I have an office 365 account which I use for my family. I am the admin (when I login i use the work account option). Lat night when my email asked for confirmation from my authenticator app I accidently pressed no. Now as soon as the account asks for authentication it immediately proceeds to request denied, If I try to "Get a code a different way" there is no option to verify although the tel number looks correct. error code 500121

    — by Mr Colin Dow 1 month ago

  • I have an NPO account at [email protected] and am the only admin. My phone is gone and the only option for 2FA is the Authenticator ab. I am completely locked out unfortunately. I contacted support with my private account and they said to get back to you.

    — by Jan van Randenborgh 1 month ago

  • My Actual name is Alsadike Derhim, nickname is Sedik Mohammed. My Snapchat code disappeared from the Authenticator app because I restored my iPhone and everything was deleted. I lost access to my Snapchat account just because it requires an approval from the Microsoft Authenticator app. Please, help!

    — by Alsadike Derhim 1 month ago

  • Hi,

    I was referred to you from general MS support. I recently upgraded phones. I want to ensure my old phone with MS Authenticator will be deleted completely. The old phone will be used as a trade in. I already uploaded MS authenticator on my new phone. I followed your support page and blog sites to remove the app from the old phone. It says:

    To remove the app from a device using a personal Microsoft account, go to the two-step verification area of your Account Security page and choose to turn off verification for your old device.

    There is no phone linked.

    Please help,

    — by Chris Abe 1 month ago

  • I lost my phone and I can't get my authenticator code to long in on my new phone

    — by Erinle temitope 1 month ago

  • It's not a complaint, the mistake was mine but the chat person gave me this link?
    I lost my phone at the weekend whilst canoeing. I've got a new phone and downloaded the authenticator app and for most apps all seems well. But I can't get into Facebook even though I can get into WhatsApp. I can't seem to add Facebook to my authenticator app as it needs a QR code?
    Hoping you can help,

    Best wishes,


    — by Hannah Towle 1 month ago

  • Hi There,
    I have had suspicious activity on my authenticator app that has been able to automatically and successfully sync my email from an unknown location in Russia, however I have not provided consent to do so. If someone is able to please contact me to discuss, it would be appreciated.

    — by Alicia 1 month ago

  • Authenticator on Apple Watch S8 not working with iPhone 14 Pro
    iPhone shows multiple accounts, generating codes but directs me to set up watch app. Open watch app tells me to set up on iPhone!

    — by David Allen 2 months ago

  • My phone died with the authenticator installed on it. Now I am unable to access my email because it was two factor enabled. I am unable to recover my account now because it wants the code from the authenticator on a dead phone

    — by Mike Simonson 2 months ago

  • I was trying to add authenticator on my phone too and the codes wouldn't appear so I thought maybe deleting authenticator on my ipad would fix it but nope. Anyways I messed with the settings and I'm pretty sure it got overwritten

    — by Lexus Cyan Domingo 2 months ago

  • When trying to restore authenticator from back up and signing into my account I am using an alternative email/number to receive my code but the code is not being sent to me

    — by Ryan Williams 2 months ago

  • Can't log into authenticator app as it asks me to use the authenticator app to verify which I can't log in to

    — by Joseph 2 months ago

  • Can't log into authenticator app as it asks me to use the authenticator app to verify which I can't log in to

    — by Joe Fearon 2 months ago

  • I was logged out of the authenticator app and now i cant log back in without it asking me to approve on the authenticator app that i dont have access to anymore

    — by Aracelli Rodriguez 2 months ago

  • I set up my Microsoft authenticator app for my account but forgot to turn on backup and the uninstalled it from my phone but after few I installed it again but I am not able to login as Its asking for security code which I am not getting and I did not add any other recovery option to my account please help me I am not able to sign in to my account

    — by Rohit 2 months ago

  • Hacked account!!!

    — by Daisy Haley 2 months ago

  • I have just got a new phone and no longer have access to the old phone. I unfortunately didn't realise I'd need to back up my Microsoft authenticator app, so when I've gone to access my university and work accounts Microsoft authenticator won't send me any codes or let me open them. I've looked through your website and support pages, but can't figure out how to set up Microsoft authenticator on my new phone when I can't deactivate it on my old phone

    — by Charlie Hook 2 months ago

  • My account stolen

    — by Masri 3 months ago

  • Can you check on your system what is the reason why I am not receiving the notification to approve my sign in, on my new phone.

    — by Chloe Currie 3 months ago

  • Hi, been told to contact you re: case number 1043104811. (I had a new phone and lost the authenticator details for [email protected], and cannot access the account anymore.)

    All good, Andy. I have already documented everything in my end. This time you'll need to reach out to our Microsoft Authenticator app, they handle issues relating to TSV/ Authenticated accounts, in instances where they lost there phone, number and anything related to it. Please save our case number as well as a reference, I already noted everything in my end., nothing to worry.
    August 25, 2022, 10:16 amBeatrice

    — by Andy Neal 3 months ago

  • i have been trying to log into my school account for a few days and since i don’t have access to MFA i can’t use it

    — by jon 3 months ago

  • I haven’t been able to access my Instagram or my school website because my Authenticator app has to give me the ok. I just got a new phone so I’m not surprised this happened but I need this. What do I do???

    — by Bianca 3 months ago

  • cannot login into work account due to mobile issues

    — by Khyati Mehta 3 months ago

  • I'm locked out of my account and my business is on the line.

    — by Carla-Louise Rollins 3 months ago

  • Microsoft Authenticator is saying I need to set up a two step verification with a QR code but I don’t have access to a QR code for my account. How do I verify my account?

    — by Yasmine Richardson 3 months ago

  • Microsoft Authenticator is saying I need to set up a two step verification with a QR code but I don’t have access to a QR code for my account. How do I verify my account?

    — by Yasmine Richardson 3 months ago

  • Please could I have advice with micrsoft authenticator - it is going round in loops that I cannot get out of and I urgently need access to my emails

    — by Olivia Moran 3 months ago

  • Microsoft Authenticator app iCloud backup not working.
    When I open the app on my iPhone 13 mini, it says "Sign in to update your backup - Your backup is out of date. Sign in to your account [email protected] to back up your latest changes." I then press the Sign in button on the notification.
    Another notification comes up that says "Something went wrong. Please report an issue using the Send feedback option."
    I pressed "Send logs" and submitted Incident ID: 78D7HEJ

    — by Katherine 3 months ago

  • i cant log in to my work email . My app auth says to get the verification code from the auth app even though I am already on the app

    — by Stacey faye 3 months ago

  • My authenticator got logged out of my 365 account [email protected] and it wont let me into my account without it. When I try to log back in to authenticator it tells me to log in using a code from the authenticator. I am locked out in an infuriating loop!

    — by Dave Pennington 3 months ago

  • I used the authentication app in our admin email but I accidentally deleted the account in app. So every time I tried to log in, it keeps telling me that it needs the code. But since the account in app was deleted, we can't have an access to the admin email. This is our business email that's why I need to fix it as soon as possible this is the email [email protected] I hope you can fix this issue.

    — by Miaka Pauline Pagdilao 3 months ago

  • Microsoft is causing me hell, why do u make it so hard to get help. I must have had an account 100yrs ago therefore a different phone number. That’s my problem. I need it updated to the correct no which os 0416099248

    — by Tracy Butler 3 months ago

  • Salve. Ho già inviato una precedente mail per spiegare il mio problema. Problema abbastanza grande perché a causa sua non posso utilizzare altre app Microsoft, tra cui Microsoft teams. Ora ripeterò il mio problema dell'app Microsoft authenticator: praticamente nel momento in cui io voglio aggiungere un account istituzionale nell'app di autenticazione, mi si chiede un codice che arriva nella stessa app.
    Lo stesso problema è stato riscontrato da questa persona

    È effettivamente un loop. Per favore aiutatemi a risolvere questo ENORME PROBLEMA. Grazie.

    — by De Giacomo Ludovica 3 months ago

  • I had the authenticator app on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra and I had a Cloud Backup activated with [email protected] as the recovery account. When I opened the Authenticator app on the new phone I bought (Samsung S22 Ultra), instead of clicking Begin the Recovery, I logged myself in with the same account, and the recovery wouldn't open. And I activated the cloud backup and didn't recover it either. So I would need to access the previous backup where I had several Instagram accounts 2FA codes.

    — by Ramiro Damil 3 months ago

  • Buongiorno, sono De Giacomo Ludovica, ultimamente sto riscontrando problemi all'app "Microsoft Authenticator". Nel momento in cui cerco di aggiungere un account, in questo caso quello dell'Università di Napoli Federico II, mi chiede il codice di verifica sulla stessa app. Ovviamente non ricevo nessun codice, poichè l'accesso lo sto facendo nella stessa app. Come posso fare? Il problema me lo dà solo nel momento in cui cerco di inserire la mail istituzionale, con la mail personale no, poichè il codice mi arriva tramite SMS.
    In attesa di una sua gentile risposta
    cordiali saluti


    — by De Giacomo Ludovica 3 months ago

  • Hi guys,

    My old phone is damaged and I bought a new phone. How do I shift all my authenticated accounts to the new device?

    — by Rishav 3 months ago

  • I need to transfer my authenticator account from my old phone to a new. i dont have access to the old phone

    — by Roei Kalanski 3 months ago

  • Hello. I have spent close to 3 hours this evening trying to access my school email account with the use of this app. Each attempted log in it has told me to enter the code send or to authenticate the log in. However the app does not allow any of these things to happen and quotes an error message each time despite the app being open. Please can you highlight a way to overcome this as I have no access to emails that are quite urgent. Best wishes and thank you for your help.

    — by Jenna McFadzean 3 months ago

  • I need to get into my school Microsoft account for university, but I cannot sign into Microsoft Authenticator for the two step verification and I don’t have access to my phone number to receive a text or call because I am currently on vacation in another country. Microsoft Authenticator requests for the Authenticator itself to verify my login when I try to login to my McMaster account on it. This results in a repetitive loop of me trying to sign in to Microsoft school account and then the app in order to do the two step verification. I would really appreciate help with this as I need to get into my school account urgently.

    — by Basmah 4 months ago

  • Hi, i have a new iphone and my account has locked me out when I try to set up my existing email ([email protected]) on my new phone (authenticator). Can you please check my account, reset it if necessary and update it to recognise my new iPhone (13 pro max). Many thanks

    (I need to get this done quite urgently today if you can help me)

    — by Simon Taylor 4 months ago

  • i lost my registered phone number on the microsfot app to recieve the otp or a call to login and i dont have access to the app as well becasue when im trying to login to the app it is not allowing me unless i enter a code or do a call confirmation the only thing i have acces to is my mail which i could get a otp for so i want a solution on how to login to my account now.

    — by charan talapaneni 4 months ago

  • Hi, i have a new iphone and my account has locked me out when I try to set up my existing email ([email protected]) on my new phone (authenticator). Can you please check my account, reset it if necessary and update it to recognise my new iPhone (13 pro max). Many thanks

    — by Simon Taylor 4 months ago

  • Microsoft Authenticator is requesting a code. The code is alpha numeric, but the keypad from authenticator is only numeric. So I cannot unlock the app.

    — by Mary Ellen McDonald 4 months ago

  • Unable to access accounts as the Authenticator app was on an old phone which is no longer functioning. Authenticator app requires permission from the Authenticator app on the old device in order to access it.

    — by Mallory Vandeloo 4 months ago

  • after upgrading to a new iphone - 2FA accounts previously registerred are not showing up on home tab, also not able to export credentials...

    2022-07-11 17:18:53.726 VERB PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 276 (-[CheckForAuthHandler msaListSessions]) MSA listPendingSessions found 0 sessions
    2022-07-11 17:18:53.729 INFO PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 174 (isSharedDeviceFlagInAppConfig()) Shared Device Mode Flag does not exist or is not a boolean/string in MDM Config.
    2022-07-11 17:18:53.730 VERB PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 338 (-[CheckForAuthHandler checkForAuthComplete])
    2022-07-11 17:18:53.730 VERB PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 1938 (-[AccountTableViewController checkForAuthCompleteWithError:aadAuthFound:msaAuthFound:aadNgcAuthFound:])
    2022-07-11 17:18:53.730 VERB PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 744 (-[AccountTableViewController setNetworkActivityIndicatorState:]) 0
    2022-07-11 17:18:53.730 VERB PhoneFactor 0 TID=11 247 (+[CommonFunctions

    — by Jengo fett 4 months ago

  • Então, eu tenho 2 smartphones, o principal no qual estou falando com você e um secundário, no qual fui furtado hoje. Nesse celular furtado estava logado minha conta Microsoft e também estava com o aplicativo Microsoft Authenticator. Gostaria de saber se tem como deslogar o authenticator e desconectar todas as seções em que a conta está logada

    — by Gustavo 4 months ago

  • I changed my phone and I forgot to add this device to the account and now I cannot log in into my work account. It doesnt provide me with access nor a code

    — by Gustavo Del castillo 4 months ago

  • I can't login to app authenticator. It says to erase all devices in use and I can't delete them.

    — by Phạm Tuân 4 months ago

  • I have issues with the authenticator for facebook, cant generate a code to log into fb.

    — by Anthony 4 months ago

  • I cannot access my authenticator which means I cannot log into my Microsoft 365.

    — by Loren Parker 4 months ago

  • I cannot log to the admin potal of [email protected] Authenticator does not allow to get the code through phone

    — by Serguei Poppeleer 4 months ago

  • Hi MS,

    I have recently change my IPhone 6 to an IPhone 7. All data was transferred across but now my MS Authenticator does not work. How should I proceed - delate the app and reinstall?

    Many thanks and await you early reply as I cannot access my work emails at the moment.

    John Walls

    — by John Richard Walls 4 months ago

  • I can’t log into my uni email. I can't receive phone calls to verify,
    the authenticator app has never
    worked properly and the uni haven't
    set it up so that I can authenticate my
    account with a text message.
    The email is: [email protected]

    — by Shanay Ebanks 4 months ago

  • i need a help to log in my account

    — by rijin 4 months ago

  • I have changed phones and the transfer of my authenticator did not work out well. My old phone is reset. Now i cannot login anymore in [email protected] Now i cannot work anymore. Can you please help!! Nobody within Microsoft can / will help me. I can change my password of my mailbox by using two step verification via my mobile phone or via my alternative mailadress which are both registered under my account. Can someone please help me!?

    — by Dennis van Krimpen 4 months ago

  • I deleted the authenticator app moments after using it the first time thinking I would only need it once. I can now no longer log into my school email account as my authenticator app doesn't work anymore after re-downloading it.

    — by Bianca Cutro 4 months ago

  • I have a university microsoft 365 account, with a microsoft authenticator verification app. Becuase I have a new phone, I cannot access this account becuase the code is being provided to me. Please solve this urgently as I have university emails pending. My university email is [email protected]

    — by Abdul Rafay 5 months ago

  • Microsoft authenticator verification not working.

    — by Abdul Rafay 5 months ago

  • Hello I am having trouble accessing my outlook account with mi email. You see the device that had mi Authenticator App has stopped working. Upon switching device I've lost access to the authenticator app since when I try to sign in it asked me to please approve the sign in request from my old device which I cannot do

    — by Reuel Camacho Perez 5 months ago

  • I cannot get my authenticator application on my phone to sync, and it also locked me out of my laptop email as well. This has cost me a full day of work.

    — by AJW 5 months ago

  • Hi,
    I changed phone and as a result, the microsoft authenticator app got removed. Microsoft authenticator is my 2FA for my linkedin account & i set it up via the QR code that was given to me by Linkedin.
    Now i can't access my linkedin account. I look forward to hearing from you.

    — by Clarice 5 months ago

  • I'm currently locked out of my school account ([email protected]) as I got a new phone and the microsoft authenticator app did not save my account details. I got logged out on my computer from canvas as it does that every two weeks for safety. I tried to log in on my authenticator app but on the app, it's telling me I need to open the authenticator app to log in. On my computer trying to log in, it's telling me to use the authenticator app but I l cannot log in on the app either. It seems as if i'm in a continuous loop.

    — by Alexis Urbanski 5 months ago

  • I can't log in to authenticator app - It asks me to authenticate when logging in

    — by Jim Byrom 5 months ago

  • I lost my phone and cannot get access to the Authenticator app
    of my another business account. ([email protected])
    I know the password and I have the phone (same number)
    but in order to login, it requests me to enter the code from authenticator. Which I already have no access to.

    I have reset the password and click all possible links and search all possible forums. Seems there isn't a fix.
    It must require the authenticator code and the most ridiculous thing is it's Microsoft recommends me to install this app and then I find out the backup to icloud is not automatically turned on. Now I have no back up to restore. lost access to my old phone and no way to login again.

    Microsoft sent me an email saying that the payment link is broken but I cannot login to my account (but I have the access to outlook on my office desktop only)

    Please also cc the reply to [email protected] as well.

    — by josephine 5 months ago

  • I am not able to transfer Authenticator to my new phone

    — by Gretchen Brummel 5 months ago

  • App not working.

    — by Dean Joffe 5 months ago

  • my authenticator app is preventing me from accessing my emails

    — by Will Cooper 5 months ago

  • My complaint is about me trying to logon using my Microsoft Credential : [email protected]

    I find this really annoying. I simply want to temporarily disable my MFA so that I can log on again...

    — by Mario Perron 5 months ago

  • I am caught in a catch-22 after having had to fully re-install (and not restore) my iPhone.
    I am UNABLE to reinstall and RESTORE my MS Authenticator data. It always asks me to check my Authenticator App...

    — by Mario Perron 5 months ago

  • i have a big problem, my laptop and phone was stolen, now I have no way of getting on to office 365
    my cellphone was linked to my authentication app. I am also the only global administrator so no one can unlock or update that I have a new phone

    — by Jonathan 5 months ago

  • i am trying to log into my university account but it is asking me to use the authenticator app, however, when i try to log into the authenticator app it is asking me to also get a verification code, so i can't even log into the app

    — by anais 5 months ago

  • Cannot access my email as my authenticator is giving a 8 digit code and i need a 6 digit code how do i get a 6 digit code please

    — by Paul Rose 5 months ago

  • I am receiving an 8 digit code - I only need 6

    — by Mecheal Mae Cajudo 5 months ago

  • I got a new phone and I cannot get authenticator to work

    — by Maggie Cox 5 months ago

  • I have removed this account to authenticator app. But whenever I want to sign in direct, it tells me that it has sent the request to authenticator app which the email has been removed.

    — by Godwin 5 months ago

  • I have accidentially deleted my Global Admin account from my Authenticator. Now i am being look out by the system and can't login back to my user account.

    — by Sammy Chua 6 months ago

  • Hello I had my phone reset so i lodt acess to authenticator app and the only way I can log in to authenticator is eith authenticator code, the recovery email [email protected] is useless since it only allows me to change password which does not in any way solve my problem, please help me reset or sign in to authenticator using [email protected], thanks

    Please reply to [email protected]
    Best regards

    — by Joao Leite 6 months ago

  • authenticator app wont allow me to log into school account

    — by Jackson 6 months ago

  • I can't connect my university email with Authenticator app

    — by Kana Hashizume 6 months ago

  • My authenticator account is sending me an 8-digit code when my employee portal requires only 6 digit code. I cannot log in to my employee portal without inputting a code but none of the codes work because they are too long

    — by Sydney Nagorsky 6 months ago

  • Trying to sign into Matters365 and nothing was coming up on the authenticator. spoke to someone at Microsoft. We tried deleting the app and redownloading and removing the email i had. When I tried to add an account on the authenticator app the last panel asks that I open the app and approve the request . But while im already in the app nothing comes up and then it advises that the request is denied.

    — by Jessica 6 months ago

  • I am studying in Amsterdam this semester and I got a new SIM card for my phone. When I tried to log into my Microsoft gmail account it is sending me a code to my old SIM that I don't have access to right now. I placed a request to change the authentication to an email instead of a text but it was denied. I have to complete paperwork for my new job that's due today and I have to sign on to their portal using this email but it wont let me sign on without putting in a code form the authenticator. On the authenticator app it is telling me my security info change is pending and will be replaced after 30 days but I can't log on right now. I don't know how to fix this and get a code so I can sign on to the portal. Any help would be much appreciated!

    — by Sydney Nagorsky 6 months ago

  • ich kann den AP - Authenticator nicht verwenden

    — by Izairi 6 months ago

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