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Track feedback to build better products

From faster feedback collection to informed product decisions, AppContacter helps you:

Increase Efficiency

Capture feedback in one organized place

AppContacter makes it easy to receive feedback and feature requests from your users. Embed our private feedback forms/widget on your site so that your users can get in touch with you or suggest new features.

Get valuable insights

With collected feedback, you will Unlock valuable insights to build better products that your users truly want.

Increase Efficiency

Collect feedback with:

1. Feedback Forms

2. Feature Requests Board

Enhance app exprience

Enhance app exprience

Keep track of responses and feature requests

Easily view, archive, delete, or export responses from your feedback campaigns using our user-friendly dashboard and campaign manager.

Improve your app's experience

With user responses and feature requests, we provide you with real-time data to help you improve your features and products.

Design your ideal form

Our advanced editor makes it easy to create, design, and customize your feedback forms and feature request campaigns in under 60 seconds.

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Why developers love us

  1. Manage direct complaints from users on AppContacter
  2. Collect private Feedback within your app with our Feedback widgets.
  3. Too busy to build a "Contact us" page? Embed our feedback form as your site's "Contact us" page.
  4. Privacy settings to enhance anonymous data collection.
  5. Improve your app or site experience with collected feedback.
  6. Export your data. Use it for re-marketing later.
  7. Collect Unlimited user responses for free!

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Increase Efficiency


Our feedback software fits businesses of every size.


✔️ 2 feedback forms

✔️ 1 feature board

✔️ 100 user responses

✔️ Embed Widget/iFrame

✔️ Delete user responses

✔️ Customize your form/board




✔️ Unlimited feedback forms

✔️ Unlimited feature boards

✔️ Unlimited user responses

✔️ Archive feature requests

✔️ Export any data

✔️ All features in free