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Join thousands of users who use AppContacter AI daily to troubleshoot problems, contact support, cancel subscriptions, delete data, etc.

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From faster outreach to super fast responses, here are the benefits:

Increase Efficiency

Get Instant Support from our AI

Our tech specialist AI has been trained extensively on over 100k software support materials. Capable of resolving up-to 90% of software issues users have.

Send complaints and support requests directly

AppContacter makes it easy to send support requests and complaints to over 100k software makers, right from our website.

Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships

Our AI helps you cancel subscriptions and memberships easily and for difficult tasks, we send your requests directly to the software developer for swift action.

Delete Accounts and Personal Data

Deleting accounts can be tricky. We help you send data deletion requests under the CCPA and GDPR companies hoarding your data. Saving you time and headaches. All for free!

Increase Efficiency

Enhance app exprience

Keep track of your Sent messages and requests

Easily view support requests you've sent using our user-friendly dashboard.

Help developer's improve their product experience

Your feedback provides developers with real-time data to help them improve their applications.

For Developers

  1. Manage support requests and complaints, all in one place.
  2. Use your software's page on AppContacter as your "Contact us" page.
  3. Privacy settings to enhance anonymous user feedback collection.
  4. Collect Unlimited user feedback for free!


Increase Efficiency