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Go Program Way2Go Card Features and Description

Works with all Go Program® Way2Go Card® eligible MasterCard programs. In order to determine if you are eligible to use this app, please refer to the back of your prepaid card. On the back of your card, in the bottom right-hand corner, you will see the words It’s the free, fast way to monitor your available balance and transaction activity. • Check your available balance anytime, anywhere • Review up to 18 months of transaction history • Confirm your last deposit • Change your PIN • Set-up and manage deposit and balance alerts • Manage notification preferences • Activate a new Card If you already have your Way2Go Card user ID and password, you’re ready to use the Way2Go Card mobile app. First time users: You must first enroll your Card account on the mobile app or at to get your User ID and Password for access. Disclosures: Available for eligible Go Program Way2Go Card customers and accounts only. There is no charge for using the official Go Program Way2Go Card mobile app, but message and data rates may apply. © 2020 Conduent, Inc. All rights reserved. Conduent®, Conduent Agile Star®, Way2Go Card®, and Go Program® are trademarks of Conduent, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I asked for expedited service of my new card. I need to pay for a hotel. Is there a way tonget my new cards payment info now?

    — by Lashunne Johnson on Jan 21 2022

  • I'm trying to withdraw 200 from my card. It's says exceeded daily limit . I haven't took any money off today.

    — by Alecia Johnson on Jan 21 2022

  • I can't log in to my account for way2go card I don't remember my security question answer please help?

    — by Larry on Jan 20 2022

  • It is impossible for me to access my Way2Go card info as I have never had a card. I need to speak to someone please. I need to know my card number and balance, I need a card, and every single avenue I've tried has gotten me nowhere.

    — by Deenie H Hummel on Jan 19 2022

  • Need to log into my account and it's blocking me from transferring money over to my cash app??

    — by Alonzo Garcia on Jan 18 2022

  • I called the other day because there was a transaction for 89.99 on y account and when the lady was looking into it more there were a couple other transactions that was in another state. So she canceled my card and I'm waiting on the new one but what do I need to do to get that money back

    — by Christine Gilbert on Jan 13 2022

  • My payment was sent to my card it hasn't posted, child support said they sent it on the 11th I cannot get anyone live to help me this is frustrating

    — by Lisa on Jan 13 2022

  • How can I get my account # and routing# I can't access the web site or contact anyone.

    — by Raymond Reanerd Grayson on Jan 12 2022

  • It was my card temporarily suspended not my account kindly help me lift suspension so I can access my card

    — by Matthew orosco on Jan 12 2022

  • Kindly help me unlock my card…am dying of been broke I have all my money here

    — by Matthew orosco on Jan 12 2022

  • Here is my card number

    — by Matthew orosco on Jan 12 2022

  • Please kindly get back to me ASAP thanks!!
    I can’t speak to a human for the past 2 months I have been trying

    — by Matthew orosco on Jan 12 2022

  • My Way2Go card say temporarily disabled
    Please kindly help me unlock
    I have got my last money on the card
    Kindly help!!!

    — by Matthew orosco on Jan 12 2022

  • I have been trying to transfer $ to my Cash app account bc I need to order a new card due to a crack causing it to NOT read on any machine. I have been able to do so without any trouble up until about a week ago. It now says declined by the bank when I try to make the transfer. I contacted the "way to go card" customer service and they say there is no record of any transfer attempts on their end. I contacted the cash app customer service and they said it was an issue with the card issuing bank so I'm not understanding what the issue is or where it's stemming from. I desperately need help with this matter bc I need this $ to survive raising my kids as a single mother. I can't really afford to be without any funds for the amount of time it will take to wait for a new card to arrive by mail. That's why I was trying to transfer it out; so I could go ahead and cancel the card and get a new one. Any assistance would be appreciated. Hope to hear back sooner rather than later PLEASE. Thank you.
    Elizabeth Underwood
    Re: Oklahoma Child Support Way to Go Card

    — by Elizabeth Underwood on Jan 05 2022

  • I've been on hold over 2 hours .with customer service.becauwe you guys locked my fucking card .2 weeks trying to unlock it .you guys suck for customer service

    — by Pepper Stephens on Jan 05 2022

  • need my last three months statements, website has been down

    — by candace turner on Jan 04 2022

  • Why hasn’t my money load on my card yet?

    — by Zella Caldwell on Jan 04 2022

  • Good evening support i am writing to let you know that my solar camera where i have put on my farm has been stolen,so i need your advice or can we be able to track and tracing where it is. will send you all the qr code or serial number for tracing it. here are those information: UID : S54RYOAUP4FOQLL5AN6A.
    : 1043860.
    MODEL : 4G Intelligent Solar Energy Alert PTZ Camera. V2.1. Will be happy for your feedback ASAP.

    — by Joseph Oompie on Jan 01 2022

  • I have no form of id except my birth certificate and a photo copy of my SS card to verify my identity. And I need the email address to send it to

    — by Brittany Stewart on Dec 31 2021

  • I lost my wallet so I'm trying to freeze me cards

    — by Albert Flores on Dec 29 2021

  • They take off 0.50 cent on my card. It SEEKHD.CO*8886557412 / 12/28/2021 Stop the paid

    — by Jeanette Bradley on Dec 28 2021

  • I'm missing a deposit it says it posted to my account but it's not there!

    — by Robert tock on Dec 24 2021

  • i cant get into my account

    — by gale red stone on Dec 24 2021


    — by MARGIE on Dec 21 2021

  • Hello!
    I have recently received an email saying: Way2GO December 2021 Statement. However, I am not aware of having a card and I can not log into the website to check the statement if there is anything on it.
    Could you, please, help me get into the account?
    Thank you!

    — by Dana Tolan on Dec 21 2021

  • I received a list of from Miss Child support where they had sent payments to me on a Eppicard the payments were 2008 2009 2010 2013 2014 and it may have been other years listed I respond to Miss Child Support to let them know that had not received theses payments and I asked for them to send me some confirmation on them that said the payment went to the Eppicard and I need to contact u all so that is my enquiry. Send me some confirmation or card that these payments were sent to and something showing that I used it and I received these all the payments from the years listed, because I can tell you I did not get them out n fact the absent parent was incarcerated for non payments in 2010 or 12 it’s be so long ago and was released without making and payments. I really would appreciate some help with this because I can’t get anyone on a phone to talk to concerning these payments that I supposedly received.

    — by Cheryl Maberry on Dec 20 2021

  • I’m trying to dispute a charge & I cannot get ahold of anybody , I called customer service they transfer for me & I’m in wait for well over a hour sometimes 2 & no one picks up. This been going on for 3 days now I’ve been calling.

    — by Amber fourn on Dec 20 2021

  • Changed password

    — by Ranjan Nial on Dec 13 2021

  • I need to know wat is goin on with my transaction disputes i'v been as patient and nice about this and now I'm getting really agravated despite of the thousands of dollars that your bank authorized without my knowledge and approved this violated every pollicy u claim to be behind so if u don't want me to take evin more level action please I'm pleading to whoever this may CONCERN THANK UOU LISA Abel

    — by Lisa Marie ABEL on Dec 07 2021

  • Im so up set right now I used an ATM in kings beach ca did a withdrawal for 300.00 and no money came out I called my waytogo card and it said money was takin out of my card this happened on Sunday Dec 5 2021

    — by Gerri austin on Dec 05 2021

  • I want a copy of all transactions on my account?! I know my money isn’t adding up to my prior balance please contact me about this fraudulent activities

    — by Chasity Tomlin on Dec 05 2021

  • I can’t access my account online it says to register and when I try it says info doesn’t match what on file for my card cvv or program info

    — by Chasity Tomlin on Dec 05 2021

  • I have'nt recieved any bill. i'm getting the wrong information when I try to contact company

    — by Micheal Mason on Dec 04 2021

  • Okay finally I was able to access my portal and complete the last steps of verification with ID me but its been a few days and my account is still dry...what should I trouble shoot?

    — by Derrick Trotter on Dec 04 2021

  • I received an alert to my phone when a transaction was taken out of my account. I immediately call but I couldn’t get through, i need my account to be locked

    — by ALLEN EVDOKIMO on Dec 02 2021

  • Can't log in don't remember even doing a username and password need help with some account info from Feb 2021 asap

    — by Treva Hairston on Dec 02 2021

  • I need the money on my card y'all have it where can't use it . If not fix soon calling the news people need there money

    — by Brandy Moody on Dec 01 2021

  • My card keeps getting declined and I have things to do

    — by Chastity dantes on Dec 01 2021

  • my Participates id is not working

    — by Carlette Harrison on Dec 01 2021

  • How much will it be

    — by Cresta Steele on Nov 27 2021

  • I need to know when I get deposit

    — by Cresta Steele on Nov 27 2021

  • I am a VICTIM of FRAUD and I cannot access the way to go app because the culprit has control of it

    — by Tommie Walker on Nov 23 2021

  • On the Florida Reemployment site is stating that money was issued on 11/16/21 to my Way2go debit card. I have never received a Way2go debit card, nor requested one. This is my first unemployment check issued and I originally asked for it to be direct deposited. How do I get my money, or way2go debit card? Please assist ASAP because I have waited 3 1/2 months for my 1st payment.

    — by Melody Elkins on Nov 23 2021

  • The GA DOL sent to you payments to be added to a card. I started calling last Monday to have the card expiated to me & was told it had been done & I would have card Wed but wed came but no card. I called back on Wed & was told it was expiated & I would have cared Friday 19th but didn't get it. was told I could call back later fri night for tracking number but when I called they told me to call back on Monday. Here I am a week later and I still do not have my card and my car is going to be reposed for non payment. I asked the lady to speak tgo a supervisor and then I asked the supervisor to speak to their supervisor but they would not let me speak to them. Number 12 on the list of terms for use of the card , you have an obligation to get me my money in a timely manner. If you do not get my deposits to me in a timely manner you can be held responsible for any adverse effect not getting me my money in timely manner . So with this being said I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and with the US Dept of labor * the GA DOL. Your company has had my money for over a week and this is not right at all!!!! I can be reached at 706-218-3093 Iris Bailey

    — by Iris Grace Bailey on Nov 22 2021

  • I need my card unlocked to were i can use my money and take it off this card this is stupid i get my money then yall lock my damn card unlock it please

    — by Michael lawrence on Nov 19 2021

  • My card will not work. I don't understand why

    — by Samantha Sipel on Nov 17 2021

  • I have not received my money for child support! Was supposed too have gotten it on the 12th. Wanting to know whats going on. Thanks !!!

    — by Brandy Clark on Nov 16 2021

  • cannot use the app to check my balance cannot use it at all

    — by brenda sullivan on Nov 12 2021

  • No puedo activar la tarjeta q me enviaron por falta de seguro social pero no tengo un número de seguro social que puedo hacer

    — by Gabriela on Nov 10 2021

  • No puedo activar la tarjeta q me enviaron por falta de seguro social pero no tengo un número de seguro social que puedo hacer

    — by Gabriela on Nov 10 2021

  • card is locked cant withdraw nor purchase

    — by kitzmet on Nov 10 2021

  • can you please unlock my card its not letting me withdraw or purchase anything tried calling the card number not giveing option to speak to rep

    — by kitzmet on Nov 10 2021

  • When asked how to find account number and routing number you sent me a message of to many attempts some dumb b.s. bout robots and my access has been limited instead of letting me know how to find account & routing numbers. Thanks for nothing.

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • Please tell me how to transfer funds without saying go to funds transfer feature

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • My complaint is listed 5 hour ahead of actual listing

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • Just tryed to pay auto insurance again, after trying 15 minutes ago and also trying yesterday. Declined every time.

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • Trying to transfer some of the funds to either my Chase checking account or to my Chase debit card. I can't find a routing number or account number for my way to go card. I read in the brochure under enhanced features section that I could transfer funds to any U.S. bank using bank transfer feature. Where do I find this and how do I do this.

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • Trying to pay my auto insurance with my way to go card . There is more than enough funds to do so but it keeps getting declined. I've done this in the past with no problem.

    — by John Erwin on Nov 09 2021

  • I have waited on hold for 3 1/2 hours trying to follow up on a dispute that I filed on October 26, 2021 I was supposed to have a provisional credit deposited into my way to go program at Card and I have not received that I need to speak to somebody about it immediately I need the provisional credit that was promised to me within 10 days

    — by Kayla Trautvetter on Nov 08 2021

  • I am locked out of my account on the app says to contact customer service, when I do call it says it can't access my card to try again later how am I to resolve this issue if I can't get a hold of anyone?!

    — by Taunya McClain on Nov 08 2021

  • I am locked out of my account on the app says to contact customer service, when I do call it says it can't access my card to try again later how am I to resolve this issue if I can't get a hold of anyone?!

    — by Taunya McClain on Nov 08 2021

  • I am due a refund but the company. That sent my refund sent it to my previous card, which is now invalid bc I have a new Way2go card, I keep calling the card numbers but I can't actually talk to anyone bout getting the refund transferred to my new card

    — by Roberta on Nov 08 2021

  • The login is rejecting ALL of my security information. Very frustrating! It’s telling me that my eppicard information isn’t good to log in with but I don’t have an eppicard .

    — by Kiawanya Hawkins-Wilk on Nov 07 2021

  • I been haf a dispute going on since june 2021 for $740.54 And I only got $65.04 I'm trying to get the rest of the money that's owed to me can someone please help me please

    — by Roger Gamble on Nov 07 2021

  • I’m locked out my go program app trying to get into my account

    — by Marlon Bufford on Nov 06 2021

  • I have a pending refund on my card for GrubHub at Burger King on November 1st when will it be available for use I have been trying to call the card can't talk to anyone

    — by Laura McIntosh on Nov 03 2021

  • I can NOT figure out how to get my card unlocked

    — by Kathryn Johnson on Nov 03 2021

  • Eppicard switched to
    This and I receive child support on tuesdays and every other week on Thursday why is my money not on my card and it came in on the first I don’t have time to play games exp
    When I have bills I need to pay please contact me back asap if it was gonna be a problem
    People to get they child support that’s crazy

    — by Katherine ramos on Nov 03 2021

  • I can't reach a live agent. I can't make any purchases online. I was able to pay one bill and that's it. When I tried to purchase groceries and pay my rent, it's not allowing me. My card has more than enough funds. It's saying contact your financial institution.

    — by Erika Taylor on Nov 03 2021

  • Eppicard switched to
    This and I receive child support on tuesdays and every other week on Thursday why is my money not on my card and it came in on the first I don’t have time to play games exp
    When I have bills I need to pay please contact me back asap if it was gonna be a problem
    People to get they child support that’s crazy

    — by Katherine ramos on Nov 03 2021

  • Took $20 dollars off my card for me to get a replacement card faster and it’s not going to be here for 7 to 10 business days need to talk with someone asap

    — by Melissa pearson on Nov 02 2021

  • My money was loaded to my card & I was incarcerated. My girlfriend stole the money off my card. I was having a friend helping me & y'all excepted the dispute & reimbursed the $3400 that my girlfriend had stole. But then you reclaimed it when I believe you understood that my friend helping me wasn't me. Which she apparently claimed to be me for the purpose of making the claim. I wasn't aware she was doing that. I am in dire need of that money & need someones help. Can you give me the # to who might handle this for

    — by Mandi Maile on Nov 01 2021

  • card getting declined

    — by Reginald L Griggs on Oct 30 2021

  • Why my accoubt is locked iim trybg to acctivate my new card and i cant

    — by Sonia M Cabrera on Oct 29 2021

  • No puedo hablar con un representante

    — by Sonia on Oct 29 2021

  • I'm trying to activate my card but it's giving me a hard time and now it's locked

    — by Joshualyn R Adams on Oct 28 2021

  • I tried to activate my card a couple times but it kept just repeating itself over and over and now you lockedmy card how do I get it unlocked

    — by Michele Benedek on Oct 28 2021

  • I need a card, I never received my 1st one

    — by Chrystal Guerrero on Oct 28 2021

  • This app don’t work

    — by Yesenia Leo Leue on Oct 27 2021

  • Please call me back about way2go card AZ. Can not get online with this card says my info I put in does not match your records PLEASE HELP ME. 575-313-1471

    — by Marie Annette Maynes on Oct 18 2021

  • I can NOT register my card online, it states the info. I am inputting does not match your records I need help with online way to go Arizona unemployment debit card to view my account

    — by Marie Annette Maynes on Oct 18 2021

  • Called my card available balance 245.95. Go to use it decline. Look online $0 but shows my direct deposit and no other transactions.

    — by Karen M Mahoney on Oct 07 2021

  • Will you delete payments to my account for put 9 news of this app it was worthless and overcharged three payments in one month for nothing for nothing for nothing

    — by Joe L Bass Jr on Oct 01 2021

  • I need to dispute a transaction. Thats the reason i ordered a new card. No one fixed the problem

    — by Mindy Whitehead on Sep 27 2021

  • My card is declining all transactions an i dont know why there is a positive balance

    — by Ebony Roots on Sep 26 2021

  • Money has been deposited to my card on 9.24.2021 from GADOL but my balance says $0.00 where is my money?

    — by Adele Lewallen on Sep 26 2021

  • Cancel card. Direct deposit to bank account I had before this card

    — by Courtney Nichols on Sep 24 2021

  • I can't seem to get in touch with a human or anybody to get a copy of my tracking number for my expedited card

    — by David M Henley on Sep 23 2021

  • I'm locked outta my card I tryed the pin too many times and I called the customer service number and it won't do amythin

    — by Terry Elliott on Sep 23 2021

  • My card and account was disabled and I have lost my card

    — by Rebecca Watson on Sep 22 2021

  • My card and account was disabled and I have lost my card

    — by Rebecca Watson on Sep 22 2021

  • Can someone help me please i had talk to someone week or so i got a call from u saying my acc was 0 balanace this neva happen to me before younglady was speaking to said someone use my card to wine n spirits and some baby place the last time i used my card was at the dmv and racetrack gas station she said i should get fraud form in mail.and mail back order get my money refunded back to me i had like i think 8sumthn close to 9 hundred left on my card wen this all accuredcan someone call me 9548326230 please i needed money to pay my rent

    — by Kevin bradley on Sep 21 2021

  • I received an email that my address was changed on my Florida way 2 go unemployment card and I don't know what address it was changed to and I already cancelled my card before receiving that email.i need to know what address it was sent to so I can make sure it's being sent to me

    — by Yandry on Sep 21 2021

  • I have a pending transaction from 9/1 i accidently paid twice. Two charges of 659.00 one was 8/31 the other 9/1. The merchant extended stay hotel. One of the charges they received. The other is still pending they tell me I need to call my bank or card to have them release it. They have been paid their 659
    Mine will not drop off. Please help

    — by Christine Gilleran on Sep 21 2021

  • I have just received my card. It will not validate and has now locked me out. I need to get this fixed immediately. I have been waiting for my unemployment for a month and can't speak to an actual human.

    — by Jennifer Brandle on Sep 18 2021

  • I had $71.92 last night as my balance I just checked and now i have $15.10

    — by Brittney Cuellar on Sep 16 2021

  • My name is Wilson Dennis, Please I want to change update my Way2go address on file and mail a new debit card to my current address. Thank you
    Address on file: 8390 N. Mountain Stone Pine Way, Tucson, AZ ,85743
    Current Address: 108 Wild Ivy Ln, Maylene, AL 35114
    Last four digit SSN on file: 9574

    — by Dennis Wilson on Sep 16 2021

  • hey i need help

    — by nickaiya jackson on Sep 15 2021

  • I would like to verify that I am in fact being issued a card and not needing to try and get a new one, but I can't get a person to save my soul. I have tried at least 4/5 different numbers and nothing. No option to speak to a representative is even available for someone to attempt a conversation.

    — by Devon Linscott on Sep 14 2021

  • Hi! I just want set up a PIN and activate my card but there is an "authentication is locked and cardholder cannot perform this operation". Talked to different reps about this issue but nobody was able to help me out. It started out with the security question and I know the answer but keeps telling me that it is incorrect. I just want to be able to set up a PIN and use the money on the card

    — by Marie Ashley Arellano on Sep 14 2021

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