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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of SARA MART LIMITED to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About Doop - sara lower price mart

1. With every new Doop app version, our product quality grows and prices stay the same! • Only high-quality products! • We quickly learn what you love!

2. Doop has more than 5,000,000 products, all from verified sellers!

3. Go to "Deals" and choose products for the best prices! 3.

4. New deals of up to 80% off on products are loaded into the app every week!

5. The more you use the app, the more catered to your taste the list of products will be! 2.

6. We value your opinion about our products and delivery. 4.

7. We make Doop even more convenient and easy to use with every system update!

8. It just got easier to make in-app purchases with Doop!

9. Now you can save even more when making purchases in Doop!

10. Personalized product selection is now even better and smarter.

11. The app adapts to your preferences and automatically selects the best products in your favorite categories!

Doop Customer Insights

1. 👎Really really bad i used to buy jordans 4 and 3 from this app then out of nowhere i couldnt find em not even pants that i saves to buy them whats wrong with it you should brint back them fake shoes and pants and everything what was on itI believe Sara mart is a great app, good quality as compared to others... but some things are overly pricy and I don't understand why Please if you can work on that, ot did ne great I will give a 4 starJust ordered, waiting for goods, if the app is easy to use then it makes life so much easier.Love SaraMart.

2. I recommend you to all buy from your own country at least you can buy good quality and also return the product and u get money back Donot buy from this APPHave ordered a couple of times so far, really good app, decent quality items for the price.

3. Still I like to buy on this place.First at of all the support is terrible to respond wanting so long in they and the chat secondly I bought items and I didn't receive it and I spoke with them and I tried to contact the Is supplier bec they returned the I tems for some reasons and he didn't respond the items was expensive not cheap.

4. Please please donot buy from this app., I have bought from this website and when I wanted to return the poor quality product.

5. Love the one shipping fee plus regular discount if you join the members group through whatsapp.

6. Can't rate any higher than 1 star for that.Very great app, Reviews or not all sellers are legit.

7. I have received all my items so far and for the price they are great.

8. Shipping cost is cheap you may have to wait for a few weeks 2/3 weeks but it is worth it.

9. Downloaded to look for some new trainers and I get zero search results for the same searches that show my friend lots of options.

10. cold days!! Love itI do not recommend this website.

11. I have a few regulars that never disappoint, quality always on point.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Doop Issues

1. Fix Doop Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Doop: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Doop App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Doop" » Open Doop - sara lower price mart » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Doop » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Doop - sara lower price mart app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Doop servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Doop - sara lower price mart" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Doop app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Doop might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Doop. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Doop then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Doop not working

2. Fix Doop Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Doop be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Doop not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Doop may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I made an order over 3 weeks ago now saying its with Royal mail wich they have returned to sender saying
    no address not happy

    — by Darren Nolan 1 week ago

  • My order 62121040033124847242 is saying delivered but I've only recieved 1 pair of new balance trainers. I haven't received the rest if it.

    — by Katrina young 1 week ago

  • Hi,
    I’m really disappointed and upset because I have received a bag and the strap is faulty. One of the clasps on the long strap won’t open to attach to the bag!
    Would it be possible to be sent out another longer strap that works as the bag itself is in great condition? It is the coach bag in black, order number: 62117383689498840506

    — by Imogen 1 week ago

  • Hello, this delivery courier have lost my parcel i have a screenshot proof to confirm it is lost and they have been looking for days but cannot locate it. I need a refund or a replacement sent ASAP - order number 62111157813619429402

    — by Rocha Scott 1 week ago

  • My order says it’s been delivered but I have no recieved, please resolve this issue soon.

    — by Cyan 1 week ago

  • I placed my order with SaraMart 01/10/23 and I am still awaiting parcels I have already received parcels with the wrong items in side and told I can not have a refund I’m so unhappy and won’t be using SaraMart again

    — by Lauren 1 week ago

  • Hi my items have been in the wear house for over a week please can someone just send my items to the uk it’s getting closer to Christmas and I am worried it has been weeks now

    — by Christieanne 1 week ago

  • My friend purchased a LV clutch bag and there is a fault with the look she has sent them pictures but was told as over 6 weeks won't do anything it was a present. She has emailed them again and told would take further know blocked her

    — by Clare mann 1 week ago

  • Hi, I had a WhatsApp message saying I have 20% off exclusive cost reduction. But I do not have a code. Looking for some support with finding it. Thanks

    — by Jade Gormley 2 weeks ago

  • Hiya is this email going to SaraMart you never put on my parcel my number of my house now my parcel has been laying ina. Warehouse it’s 48 ballymagowan gardens bt48 9qn

    — by Ethna cairns 2 weeks ago

  • I have ordered numerous times from Sara mart but in the last few weeks at least 3 parcels have been stuck with evri and all they say is to contact Sara Mart as they say the parcels are classed as lost, spent so much money and worried all rest of orders are going to end up same, I have emails from evri also which I can provide, then try do on sara Mart I’m in a queue of thousands

    — by Sarah Parker 2 weeks ago

  • I'm so frustrated with this site I placed an order and I had a text saying had been delivered with a photo when I arrived home it wasn't there contacted u a few times and no reply getting no where

    — by Chloe Williamson 2 weeks ago

  • My order got shipped but it got sent back to sender because my address was wrong what can I do about this?

    — by Ffion williams 2 weeks ago

  • I want a refund for order number 62041900359407514666 as your courier has now accepted they left it on my doorstep and it has gone.missing, obviously I have checked everywhere. I have sent you SEVERAL emails already regarding this and I have spoken with your courier today who told me I should contact you AGAIN for a refund, this is getting silly now, I want me money now

    — by Lisa Lallement 2 weeks ago

  • Hi so I still haven’t received my order and it has been weeks and weeks ago still stays it on the plane witch I no is not true my order number is 62031487871767079418
    Please could you let me no Where the order is please thank you ?

    — by Annette clarke 2 weeks ago

  • Hi my order still hasn’t been dispatched can you chase this up order number

    — by Rhian Rees 2 weeks ago

  • Hi I ordered from Sara mart and I accidentally cancelled my order and i tried to order again and it wanting me to pay for it again and I was wondering how long till I get my refund

    — by Saffron-rose Wilson 2 weeks ago

  • Order number is 62112297894301832922
    Still saying preparing and has been over 7 days I ordered on 2/11/23 and my other two parcels have arrived but this one is still preparing can I have an update please

    — by Vanessa Dingwall 2 weeks ago

  • Hi
    I placed 3orders on the 2nd November 2023 and two have been delivered but one is still preparing and it’s been over two weeks

    — by Vanessa Dingwall 2 weeks ago

  • Please will someone get in contact with me please just reply so I have some hope that I haven’t lost my money and still receiving my order

    — by Christieanne 2 weeks ago

  • Still haven’t received my parcel this is the third time I have tried to contact someone about it, my order number is 62027603704174065658 it was meant to come on the 26/10/23 I have been talking to my delivery company and they said they didn’t receive my parcel.

    — by Jenna 2 weeks ago

  • Can you please send me the link to saramart

    — by hayley austin 2 weeks ago

  • My order has been stuck in preparing but the payment has been taken. Please dispatch my order

    — by Lynne gunn 3 weeks ago

  • When will my order be sent please.

    — by Mandy Giddings 3 weeks ago

  • Registered to buy doop items but I can’t see any! Though my friends can. If it’s just the same as SHEIN then I will delete

    — by Alexandra 3 weeks ago

  • O/N 62111321541008515434. When will I receive my order please. Ordered 1/11/23

    — by Mandy Giddings 3 weeks ago

  • Haven’t received my parcel was meant to be delivered on the 26/10/23 and on my tracking app it says that the delivery failed, I would like a refund

    — by Jenna 3 weeks ago

  • Hi my order has been getting prepared for 4 weeks and no change I am so worried it’s not going to arrive please will u send my order

    — by Christieanne 3 weeks ago

  • Cannot get on the app telling me to contact admin

    — by Helen law 3 weeks ago

  • I have just cancelled my order and I want to know when I’m going to get my refund

    — by Makayla clark 3 weeks ago

  • TENGO UN PROBLEMA CON MI PEDIDO! 62117661785271446890 He cancelado ese pedido y no me ha llegado el reembolso nunca!

    — by Blanca Sanchez 3 weeks ago

  • Hi my app has stopped showing any designer brands, up until last night it had everything and now nothing is showing up, even items in my basket dont exist anymore

    — by Adam Dougan 1 month ago

  • I have bought a item on early September and paid with Clearpay but is unfortunately they taking money from my account i need a help

    — by Sam marfo 1 month ago

  • I can’t see the brands in the app?

    — by Renzo Vlieland 1 month ago

  • Hi
    My daughter ordered some items which are great, however when i went to order the same item on my app none of the said items came up 🤷‍♀️ this also was the case for other members of the family (we were altogether at the time) went back on my daughters app and the all items came up?
    Looked for palm angels on her account and loads were there, went into the rest of our phones and nothing was showing? Any reason for this please

    — by Amanda Chiarella 3 months ago

  • My parcel order number 6184677936074692570 have not been received. Actually it was send with an incorrect address and was returned to you. I was promised by it would be sent back to me but has not received it
    I'm due to travel in the 5th of September and advise if it's not gonna get to me be then please cancel and refund thank you.

    — by Vivian 3 months ago

  • I have a parcel that has failed I don’t know why, conformation number- 61819450401406341674
    And transaction I.D. Is 21T01790KG0074721
    I tried to contact the logistics but it’s not going through please can I have it re delivered in my post office in Santuary lake LPO

    — by Michaela nicoly 3 months ago

  • Hi I've already purchased 6 pairs of shoes from you however there is a pair I want to purchase and it says they are unavailable and out of stock I was just wondering when they would be restocked as they are something I want to buy.

    — by Chloe Hawkins 3 months ago

  • Made 2 orders within a day off each other! The first order came but still currently waiting for my second order, any idea where it is?

    — by Jake keig 3 months ago

  • I accidentally cancelled my order and it state order “closed” I need a refund for the items I have purchased

    — by Aishah 4 months ago

  • Am writing about my package yet to be delivered. It says my address is wrong by the DHL logistics company and it’s been shipped back to the sender, but am unable to contact the sender and of course, my address is not wrong. I tried reaching out to the costumer service via the app but it’s robot sending me options that am not interested in. It’s exceeded 3days, How can I get my package or money ?

    — by Hamed 5 months ago

  • Hi I've come back from Portugal and received an email saying my parcel had been delivered I've arrived home there is no parcel no card from yodel either I rang yodel were the lady was quite rude and said I had to contact you.

    — by Georgina Boston 5 months ago

  • I would like to delete the account associated with the email mp186.x@redacted

    — by VJ Natkunasingham 6 months ago

  • Goods still not received there seemed to be a problem when putting address in and I have read reviews claiming to have this exact same problem with your company and are not receiving paid for items I need to update my contact details and find out when I can get my order it’s saying it got sent back to depot and now it’s saying goods delivered but I have not received them I have been very patient and this is not acceptable now

    — by Emma 6 months ago

  • I want to deleted my account. I give you 30 days.

    — by Abrahan 6 months ago

  • I want to deleted my account

    — by Abrahan 6 months ago

  • I have a question . If I want to buy shoes size 10 UK, what size do I have to chose for Eu size. Is it 44 or 45?

    — by Abeid miraj 6 months ago

  • Order no show want refund

    — by Tali kloeden 6 months ago

  • I have been patiently waiting for several weeks for my delivery to arrive and was informed today that my parcel has now been sent back over sees due to them not being able to locate the property however I have not been contacted and have forever been chasing the items I purchased I needed these items for my holiday and I am disappointed In the way I have constantly been chasing this only for it to be returned can you help as a matter of urgency kind regards ms deacon

    — by Roxanne 7 months ago

  • Hallo guten Tag
    Ich bekomme immer Rechnung von SaraMart Uber SMS
    Aber wie kann man das zahlen
    Lg Petra

    — by Petra Marijanović 7 months ago

  • Me pone que mi pedido esta entregado y no es asi, lo partieron en dos, llego uno y el otro no

    — by Lidia 7 months ago

  • My order has exceeded over 5 days I’ve tried to email and message and had no response

    — by Carla Parr 7 months ago

  • I stupidlly cancalled my order by accident, i have already paid for my items because the payment has already been taken out of my bank account, i have proof of that, i just want a full refund back, as its my first time ever ordering from them,

    — by Gemma Gavin 7 months ago

  • Hi I have ordered a package from Sara and didn't not receive it and the devery company called evri has not co operated with my enquiry, my track number is : ha2x8a0011866141 could u plz help

    — by Mihaela Aida Andrii 7 months ago

  • Hi, I ordered items to be delivered to my daughter in the hotel in uk and evri didn't deliver and instead returned it back to sender, so whatvis the next action as these goods have been paid for.

    — by Betty Adun 7 months ago

  • I cancelled an order and still haven’t received my refund

    — by grace 8 months ago

  • I want a refund didn't receive item

    — by Chantel 9 months ago

  • I made an order in October it’s showing delivered but I did not receive the order

    — by Donna Porter 11 months ago

  • Good morning, please my name is EBOHON CHARITY, MY tracking number LL379766046LU my order supposed to be here today but not here yet I do not no why my address is 54 rue du Maréchal Foch (la post office) thank you

    — by Ebohon Charity 11 months ago

  • Hello i dont recieve my refund yet! They said that its refunden and it will take 8days but now more than a month i still dont recieve my refund! This is my refund number 52129843482534981450

    — by Myra Caballero 11 months ago

  • My order got lost over 2 months ago but can't get a refund my order value is 108.00

    — by Samantha sandra Bennett 11 months ago

  • My delivery hasn’t come the the reference number is 522140712817537738 it was £352.09

    — by Matgaret 11 months ago

  • Hej kärakunservice jag fick en fel varan ordernummer 52135377086900997322 kr525.97 j jag vill ha en återbetalning på detta fel varan som jag fått va så snälla behandla detta äredet som jag fått fel varan

    — by Zsuzsanna Rostas 11 months ago

  • How can i return Things to you

    — by Folly-Toumawou 1 year ago

  • I ordered 2 items from SARA for the past two months ago.
    In the logistics it shows delivery process but not delivered. I made a complaint but no solution. Can I have a refund please.

    — by Sherifatu Badru 1 year ago

  • I placed an order a week ago and on my account I can’t see the order anywhere

    — by Ryan milligan 1 year ago

    TRANNSATION ID 3G00800080981332K
    INVOICE ID 520416428686981162

    PRICE £15.10
    £4.99 DELIVERY
    SUBTOTAL £20.09
    PAYMENT £20.09

    — by paul williams 1 year ago

  • LV592455225CN
    Jag har kontaktat postnord och de ser att min brev har gått tillbaka och jag vill att ni skickar till mig igen snarast å

    — by Aja jarju Njie 1 year ago

  • LV592455225CN
    Jag har kontaktat postnord och de ser att min brev har gått tillbaka och jag vill att ni skickar till mig igen snarast å

    — by Aja jarju Njie 1 year ago

  • order number: 52123029351949385146 says its been shipped back and not reached england.

    — by Emma Blackburn 1 year ago

  • Hello I've been waiting over a month for my package to arrive but its still not arrived . I've ordered a dior crossbody bag / shoulder bag , my address is : 6 farfield terrace, Bradford .... I want to know when it's going go arrive , the parcel serial code is: LM719233187SE

    — by Maria dancova 1 year ago

  • I ordered some trainers 3 weeks ago and been in hhe shipping process since. I dont want these anymore I want a refund my money back. This should be told before you order that can take weeks even months. I want a refund asap as this is ridiculous. I wanted the trainers for my holiday which had been been and gone. I order from shein all the time and received in a week. I want my refund as ppl do t have money to waste. Order 52036299433272568682

    — by Lianne Wallbank 1 year ago

  • Mir wurde der falsche Artikel/ Schuh gesendet

    — by Elisa Benders 1 year ago

  • Ich habe vor 1 Monat bestellt und habe jetzt ein neues Handy ich habe mich bei Saramart wieder eingeloggt und sehe meine Bestellungen nicht mehr ich weiß nicht wo sie ist oder wann sie kommt ich bitte um einen schnellen Rückmeldung oder ich bitte um eine Nummer des kundenservices.Ich hinterlasse ihnen meine Telefonnummer 01630069392. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Filipovic Darinka

    — by Darinka Filipovic 1 year ago

  • Hello my order has been closed and I’ve not received my parcel nor a refund. If I’m unable to receive my order I’d please like to have a refund issued. The order number is 52116143809616344314. I’d really like to receive the order as it’s a gift.

    — by garnika brown 1 year ago

  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich habe am 20. Oktober 2022 ein Paket bei Ihnen im Saramart Store bestellt. Ich habe mein Paket bis jetzt nicht erhalten. Wo ist mein Paket?. Kann ich eine Rückerstattung erhalten?
    dpd Paketnummer hier:

    Bitte um kurze Ruckmeldung
    Per meil patka5164@redacted oder telefonisch 015143654812

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    — by patka5164 1 year ago

  • I ordered a parcel with yourselves, said it was delivered the 8th of October but it wasn't, turns out you guys have put my address but not my house number and royal mail won't release it to me without your say so, they said I have to contact you so please could you help me

    — by Sophie melia 1 year ago

  • I ordered items totalling £289 there is 5 items that I need to send back totalling £96 3 coats to tracksuit for children I’ve been offered £6 refund these items are Christmas present which haven’t been worn I ordered items through Klarna please could I have a refund as they look too big and too small these haven’t be worn just looked at by myself as they are presents for Christmas your app does say returns and refunds

    — by Sonia 1 year ago

  • London, 06 November 2022

    Re: Order No: 52027965192070266458
    Tracking number: H01LFA0095710297

    My name is Kebana Molongavan, Flat 5 Raebarn Court, Gracefield Gardens, London SW16 2TA.

    Further to your email dated 1 November 2022 at 18:14, I confirm that I did not receive my parcel as:

    On 01 November at 15:11:35, no one at my address accepted the parcel as I live alone, and I was on my way to work. I returned home on 02 November 2022 around 03:30am as I did a late shift.

    The photo on your system is not proof that the parcel was left in a safe place (above a letter box, in a communal area used by more than 35 people every day). Please note that my apartment is on the second floor, and it is part of a 5-storey building where there are 15 Flats and more than 35 people living in the building. Then anybody passing in front of the letter box area could have picked up the parcel, as there are thefts in the building. Also, I was informed by email on 21 October 2022 that the delivery will take place between 06 November 2022 and 16 December 2022. In case the delivery date was changed, I was supposed to be informed. But no email or call was made to inform me about the early delivery.

    I also confirm that the parcel was not left with a neighbour, nor did they hand it to anyone, but it was left in an unsecured and unsafe place.

    On 02 November 2022 at 11:15, I called Evri/Parcelnet (the Courier) on +44 844 543 7411 and on +44 330 808 5456 without success as there was no option to speak to someone.

    I would like an investigation to be done and my parcel to be delivered to me. I would like to be informed about the correct date and time prior to the delivery.

    Yours sincerely

    Kebana Molongavan

    — by Kebana Molongavan 1 year ago

  • Good afternoon I've ordered from you quite a large order and you haven't put my house number on my parcel, the street name and my name was correct, now royal mail are sending my order back to you to correct, this is a huge inconvenience as the contents of the parcel are gifts , please can you contact Royal mail on 03457740740 quoting ref WB169444514GB and correct this before they send it back , this is the first time ordering from you , the review s were excellent but I'm not having a good experience and won't be returning if this is not corrected kind regards Lydia

    — by Lydia Williams 1 year ago

  • Did not receive my delivery as it did not have my full address on the parcel. Please can you re send my order.

    — by Lauren 1 year ago

  • Good morning sir, I purchased items from Sara and I didn't received my parcel.Post tracking number is WB143284347GB. This items was returned back to sara due to wrong address. My address is 69 Maplestead Road Dagenham RM9 4YB. Please check and resent to the right address. Thanks

    — by Kennedy Johnson 1 year ago

  • My order was cancelled yesterday and I'm not getting a response when I'll be refunded I didn't cancel it they did I want a response and my money refunded

    — by Karyna Holloway 1 year ago

  • I placed an order and it got retuned to sender by the Royal mail as my door number wasn’t on it and now I would like my refund

    — by Yvonne Henderson 1 year ago

  • Vorrei sapere che fine ha fatto il mio ordine dato che è stato sdoganato in Italia il 6/10
    Ordine n. 51931557906445362298

    — by massimo colombo 1 year ago

  • Order number: 52024402311137208490

    My address is 6 Pennington Grove LS6 2JL.

    For some reason it is saying the wrong address so wanted to clarify this before my parcel is shipped.

    — by Shea 1 year ago

  • Please I have placed an order for the past two months. I haven't still received my parcel.

    — by Charles Agyei Poku 1 year ago

  • Hi it's Hannah l cornford I'm just emailing in to regards that I've ordered trainers over about 30 days... But I've clicked on tracking number and it says it's been sent back due to not correct address so can I either have them sent bk out asap or a full refund can some one email me back plz

    — by Hannah Cornford 1 year ago

  • I bought a dress. Tracking says I have received yet I haven't gotten it. I went to the DHL but they couldn't trace it.

    — by Delphine Afia pomaa 1 year ago

  • hello, My package didn't reach me, but the DHL app says that I would have received the package what now?

    — by josefine 1 year ago

  • Hit name is sonam I ordered some parcels from Sara Mart 2 I have received but there is still 2 parcels shows it’s delivered but I haven’t received been trying to contact customer support for 3-4 days straight no one replies for about 12-15 hours and wait time is long and when they do talk don’t give much information just saying that I have to talk to Australia Post about my parcels I did talk with Australian Post they are saying that they don’t have any information and talk to Sara mart only… I am going overseas this week . That parcel contains gifts for my Family. I am really frustrated the items are around $200-$300 worth and you guys don’t give much information pls contact me soon as possible don’t have much time.

    — by Sonam Rani 1 year ago

  • Ich habe ungefähr seit drei Wochen noch nicht mein Paket erhalten

    — by Alo 1 year ago

  • Ich habe etwas bei saramart bestellt und das zoll hat es geöffnet und festgestellt das es fälschungen sind. Jetzt werde ich aufgefordert 235€ zu zahlen nur damit der Zoll meine bestellung vernichtet!!!. Ich möchte das saramart diese rechnung übernimmt weil sie schuld sind wegen allem. Der bescheuerte kundenservice läuft über roboter und die können dir auch nicht helfen. In der app steht das Saramart antscheind die zollrechnungen übernimmt aber keiner zeigt einen wie man das macht. Die sollen gefälligst diese rechung von 235€ zahlen. da ich unwissend bei saramart bestellt habe.

    — by Ilma Pepic 1 year ago

  • Why is my order showing review order but I haven’t received it yet

    — by Wef Ashter 1 year ago

  • Wo ist mein Paket. Ich habe eine Email bekommen dass mein Paket geliefert wurde ich habe aber nix erhalten wo ist mein Paket. Das erste und das letzte Mal wo ich bei Sara Mart bestelle nicht zu empfehlen

    — by Taymaa 1 year ago

  • Guten Tag,
    Ich habe am 21 juni bei Ihnen zwei Schuhe bestellt aber die Bestellung ist noch nicht da?
    Mein Bestellnummer 51631544331376902570

    — by Ziarahman Ahmadi 1 year ago

  • I’m trying to order some Jordan’s but it’s not letting me complete my address, it’s sayin input but I don’t understand it

    — by Paris 1 year ago

  • Mi s-a trimis comanda înapoi la expeditor . Ce trebuie sa fac sa o primesc la adresa actuala ?

    — by Monica Rodica Gönczy 1 year ago

  • Bonjour j'ai fait l'achat d'une paire de chaussures acheter sur votre site porter 4 mois avec une utilisation normale , elle sont aujourd'hui importable dû a leur état ..
    Les semelles semblent avoir dix ans d âge complètement trouvées je vous demande de faire marcher la garantie légale de 12 mois et donc de me faire un remboursement de l'intégralité des dépenses merci.
    Je passe par votre mail car pas possible d envoyer un message de l'application.
    Temps de confirmation 2021-09-26 21:56:12
    N° de commande. 41936723134815603290

    Total du produit 38,15 €
    Frais de port 10,23-6)0,00 €
    Montant de la commande 38,15 €

    Paiement 38,15

    — by Nail Alain 1 year ago

  • My package is lost. (Saramart) i already paid .

    — by Zahra chamas 1 year ago