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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with SaraMart Shopping?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of SARA MART LIMITED to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

SaraMart Shopping Features and Description

Buy products for the best prices! What's new: 1. It just got easier to make in-app purchases with SaraMart! Personalized product selection is now even better and smarter. The more you use the app, the more catered to your taste the list of products will be! 2. Now you can save even more when making purchases in SaraMart! New deals of up to 80% off on products are loaded into the app every week! Go to "Deals" and choose products for the best prices! 3. We make SaraMart even more convenient and easy to use with every system update! We value your opinion about our products and delivery. Leave feedback and share your opinions with us in the app 4. SaraMart has more than 5,000,000 products, all from verified sellers! With every new SaraMart app version, our product quality grows and prices stay the same! Download our SaraMart app and you'll find more than 5,000,000 products of the highest quality: • Clothing & Shoes, • Cosmetics • Accessories • Electronics • Home Products • Toys & Gifts 4 reasons to download SaraMart right now: 1. SUPER LOW PRICES 2. MONEY REFUNDS FOR PURCHASES 3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN ENGLISH 4. REVIEWS AND RATINGS FROM REAL CUSTOMERS AND ALSO: • Only high-quality products! All products that appear in the SaraMart app have passed an inspection of quality • We quickly learn what you love! The app adapts to your preferences and AUTOMATICALLY selects the best products in your favorite categories!

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Keine iban

    — by Melissa mouminoglou 1 week ago

  • Mrc

    — by Ayoub 2 weeks ago

  • Hallo !

    Please how do I return an item

    — by Akhere Omoataman 2 weeks ago

  • je viens de recevoir une commande de plusieurs articles qui me vont parfaitement. Malheureusement le jogging femme Gucci est trop petit
    Je souhaite le remboursement pour le recommander lors de ma prochaine commande

    — by LIENAFA 2 weeks ago

  • Hallo ich bin Michael Teklay, ich bevor 2 Monate 2 Hosen von ihnen bestellt, deswegen wollte ich fragen, ob sie ihren Geld genommen haben oder nicht.

    — by Michael 2 weeks ago

  • Ich benötige Rücksendungschein für meinen erhaltenen Wäre.

    — by Sammy Baah-Asiedu 4 weeks ago

  • Returning a received goods because it is small in size.

    — by Sammy Baah-Asiedu 4 weeks ago

  • Récupérer mon compte saramart

    — by Nouho 4 weeks ago

  • Couldn’t refresh

    — by Sandra 1 month ago

  • J'ai pas reçu mon colis

    — by Cheick Ben Camara 1 month ago

  • Ich habe Schuhe bestellt nur leider muss ich es stornieren und weiß nicht wie es geht

    — by Elisa Borns 1 month ago

  • Hello dear SaraMart Team please delete my account since I'm not shopping at your store anyways and I only get junk mails from you.
    - Kristina Milosavljev

    — by Kristina 1 month ago

  • Je veux mon remboursement

    — by Magatte 1 month ago

  • Ich möchte etwas zurück senden aber ich weist nicht wohin

    — by Damaris Castro 1 month ago

  • Ich habe 12.04.22 Kleid und schuche von meine Kinder bestellt aber leider die passen nicht. daswegen ich möcht gerne wieder zurückschicken.

    Und möchte ich Retoreschein haben.

    Viele Grüße

    Najma Hashi

    — by Najma hashi 2 months ago

  • Je voudrais dire que j'attends depuis le o6 avril mon colis et je pas reçu encore s'il vous plaît

    — by Brizard Ritchi 2 months ago

  • Rücksendung falsche gröse

    — by MMOOAA 2 months ago

  • J’ai commandé en février, mon colis n’est toujours pas livré chez moi..

    — by Philippe 3 months ago

  • Hi it’s Andrea Flanagan I ordered a Mickey Mouse T-shirt from you on the 4th of January I paid for it by credit card order number is 51114920802452344170.I managed to track the parcel Hermes had it they said they sent it back to you ( HERMES TRACKING NUMBER HZZADA0015237443 they sent it back out to you on the 27th of January I have been in touch with you trying to solve this matter since since the 22nd of January it is now the 17th of February please I have been very patient my email address is [email protected]

    — by Miss Andrea Flanagan 4 months ago

  • I would like to return my order. The app says that my package is still being shipped, but it has already arrived and I would like to send it back. But it doesn't say anywhere that I can send it back. My order number: 51132420834143186426

    — by Maria dinh 4 months ago

  • I want to return the product, but I can't find the return features

    — by Chaimaa badr 5 months ago

  • Ich habe meine bestellungen nich erhalten, obwohl ich am 6 Januar bestellt habe,das sind zwei bestellunge.Ich gebe beide bestellnumer:511163339211237594 die andre Bestellnummer ist:511163939794797594 Billett schauen wo ist dass problem dassich meine bestellungen nicht erhalten habe.Mit freundlichen Grüßen Gj.Marseli

    — by Gjuner Marseli 5 months ago

  • Hi I purchased a Nike mens sports exercise vest order number 42116893969743435290; when I received it it it was supposed to be a large but it is very small and would probably fit a youth. . My husband being a 44 inch chest could not wear it. Can you please tell me how to return the item

    — by Joanne Neal 5 months ago

  • My 2 parcil has been return to your whare house on 14 of January 2022 TRAKING NO HZZADA0015188638 and AZZADA0014968732 return from HERMES. LONDON PLS i need my Refund. Or send it back to me by ROYAL MAIL..pls don't ever give my parcil to HERMES any more this's second time it happen like did not come to my house but they send it back to you..send my items to royal mail not hermes pls.they told me to wait outside from 15pm to 17pm 10 JANUARY 2022 .i wait them they didn't come and i keep on waiting outside weather also cold they did not come next day they told me they came with pictures but not out side for almost 2 hours waiting.i dont like hermes pls. They lie.

    — by RACHID ABU 5 months ago

  • This is Sami I have order mobile phone but I received another item ( Thermos) just return my money

    — by Mohammad Abdul Sami 5 months ago

  • I mistakenly filled wrong address on my order, that has been shipped

    — by Emmanuel Jennifer 5 months ago

  • I want to cancel the 2 pairs please trainers a have bought weeks and weeks ago its been to long now a want a refund

    — by Steven Maude 5 months ago

  • I ordered a foreign T-shirt men's fashion sport leisure short sleeved trousers suit 3 moths ago and yet I have not received the item. The address is Thurland Road,Oldham with post code OL41PR in Birmingham UK

    — by Tina Azare 6 months ago

  • Die Sachen von meinem Sohn passen nicht Ich möchte diese zurücksenden deswegen bitte ich um einen Retoureschein.

    — by SEVAL Bulut 6 months ago


    — by D AMICO 6 months ago


    — by D AMICO 6 months ago

  • S gehörte Damen und Herren ich habe ein Kleid bestellt und ich möchte zurück senden Qual ist zu klein und ich habe ein Nachricht in WhatsApp bekommen test zurück abgeschlossen bitte ich möchte das Artikel zurücksenden

    — by Aven Shekhy 6 months ago

  • I ordered a pair of red and black trainers (order no. 41931891725188390074) from SaraMart and never received them. I payed £30.22 and for some reason am incapable of getting a refund. I ordered them as a self gift for my 18th birthday and got ripped off. Can someone please help me with this?

    — by Jasmine Jones 6 months ago

  • Good day. Please I don't know what is going on with my order up till date i have not received it. I ordered it on the 28/09/2021 15:42:18. This is the order number LV292257354CN

    — by Fidelis 6 months ago

  • Hello, I placed an order 2 months ago, but I still have not received it, on the contrary the delivery date has even passed 21 days !! Can you do something please, if not refund me!

    — by Sabine Blaya 6 months ago

  • Placed an order on 4 Oct still no where to b seen??

    — by Toni Eason 6 months ago

  • Please is there anyway my order could come sooner im so afraid it won't be here by Christmas 😔

    — by Bonnie Lawrance-Keane 6 months ago

  • Am returnat un pachet cu o rochie si Mi lau retrimis anapoi pentru ca numi vine rochia si la returnat si nu stiu cum sa al trimit anapoi

    — by Dudea Mia 6 months ago

  • How many payment methods do you have

    — by Dina iradukunda 7 months ago

  • Ich möchte gerne Voraus zahlen da es wieder mit PayPal klappt noch mit einer anderen Karte… Mit freundlichen Grüßen M. Yurt

    — by Yurt Miyesser 7 months ago

  • Je n’ai pas obtenu mon remboursement

    — by Charlotte Bourdet 7 months ago

  • I wait on my Paket 2 months ago what's going on I buy more than 130€,
    Can you tell me what this is please

    — by Rijon 7 months ago

  • Good morning, I am enquiring about a purchase i bought in September 2021 through pay pal. I have not received it or had any messages advising that it is going to be late . Can you p;lease let me know what is happening with this order.

    — by Elaine Boyd 7 months ago

  • Boa noite.

    Eu sou muito boa cliente do vosso site e agora fiz uma encomenda de 3 tenis e ficaram retido na alfândega e posteriormente enviado para Vocês.

    Eu queria pedir que me reenviassem, os tenis porque fiquei sem dinheiro e sem os tenis.

    Vocês agora tem uma novidade nas vossas políticas de reembolso e eu conforme essa nova diretiva queria pedir o reembolso e O reenvio dos


    Vou deixar aqui a vossa política nova para que possam agir em conformidade.

    Reenviar serviço:

    Atualmente oferecemos 1 pedido de reembolso gratuito, para cada cliente independentemente do que faz com a sua encomenda que seja devolvido ao armazém ultramarino da transportadora

    Tento falar com o apoio ao cliente mas não consigo.

    Queria a vossa ajuda por favor.

    A encomenda é LV242045649CN Junto envio toda as provas documentais em anexo.

    Na expectativa de uma breve resposta


    Aida Pereira Emeterio

    — by Aida Álvares Pereira San Emeterio 7 months ago

  • Hallo,ich möchte gern Artikel zurücksenden. Kann aber auf der App keinen Antrag auf Rücksendung öffnen. Ich bitte um Hilfe, Danke Ines Zwillinger

    — by Ines Zwillinger 7 months ago

  • Hello I wanted to know is it possible to have an invoice? Please

    — by Mevlan 8 months ago

  • I still haven't received my order if I don't recieve it by next week I am getting in touch with trading standards and rip off Britain and you will be named and shamed on British televisionqq

    — by [email protected] 8 months ago

  • I still haven't recieved all my order can you tell me where it is

    — by [email protected] 8 months ago

  • my order return please contact me

    — by Saba Rezene Zere 9 months ago

  • Bonjour jusqu'à présent je ne suis pas en possession de mes colis N°6A21747080711 sur collissimo , même a la poste ce Réference n'est pas reconnu alors vous envoyé ou vos colis sur quelle agence même sur 17trsck ou tout les sites chinois n'est reconnais pas ce Numero alors que faire?.

    — by Dielundama tubanza emmanuel 9 months ago

  • I have recieved one item from my order a couch cover thankyou which came last week please can you tell me when the rest of my order will be arriving please I've been trying for a week to phone and get in touch but its always busy an order that I ordered the week after I made my order from you which had to be shipped as well arrived last week so I am trying to find out what has happened to the rest of my order my number is England 07485489730 or you can e mail me as I am getting worried where it is as I paid over a hundred pounds for my order I hope you can sort this out thankyou

    — by Dawn-Marie Lovell 9 months ago

  • Hi I recently purchased some shoes from you and they was delivered but they was left outside of a cuminial entrance I didn't even know it was delivered till 15 days after I have contacted hermes and have proof of where it was left to and that it was not delivered and they have told me I need to contact you and see what my options are could you please let me know as I can't message you as its been over 14 days I'm really struggling getting a answer thank you

    — by Martin Williams 9 months ago

  • Please tell the delivery carrier should return my package, I am at home all day. But they keep on writing customer abset. Please tell them should return it back, Or they should refund my money back to me.

    — by Aliu Joy 9 months ago

  • the ordered goods did not come to me, I got lost, I wrote to you 3 days ago and no one answers me and I do not open my messages, I request a refund back to the account. The set did not come to me and I do not have to wait any longer

    — by bozena hospodiova 9 months ago

  • My order return from Sweden
    my order nummer LZ874170202CN

    — by Saba Rezene Zere 10 months ago

  • Where is my order sis post just called to sender witch is Sarah there asking for you Sara to contac China post because sender put the wrong address appertly can please check adress on package the adress should be unit 6 of 8 queensborough rd Croydon park, Sydney nsw 2133

    — by Rober 10 months ago

  • Hi I just received my order but size to small how do I return it for bigger size?

    — by Shah Ahmed 10 months ago

  • Hello, I am really disappointed with the service. I have ordered shoes and it says it has been delivered on the 27th, however I have not received the item. Is it possible to refund the money please. Thank you

    — by Sol 10 months ago

  • Hi there
    Just wondering. How comes I haven’t received my order. I ordered it from 3rd July. Please let me know.

    — by Van 10 months ago

  • Complaint

    — by Agnes Imhonsili 10 months ago

  • Ich will in der 31.072021 bestelen

    — by Nikita Vasileva 11 months ago

  • Pls why I have not received my refund. Today make it the last day of the estimated time. And I have still not received it. Pls look into this for me. Thanks

    — by Damilola 11 months ago

  • Estou em portugal e gostaria saber quantos días demora para receber a minha encomenda ?

    — by Luciana 11 months ago

  • I bought straighteners from you and they dont work could I change them

    — by Ruth Jefferies 11 months ago

  • RUH20629595765681 sir yours courier company not good

    — by Hameed Khan 11 months ago

  • S'il vous plaît j'aimerais bien effectué les achats chez vous et j'aimerais avoir un numéro de compte pour effectuer les virements
    Bien à vous

    — by Nanfack Ismaël 11 months ago

  • S'il vous plaît j'aimerais bien effectué les achats chez vous et j'aimerais avoir un numéro de compte pour effectuer les virements
    Bien à vous

    — by Nanfack Ismaël 11 months ago

  • Chiamatemi urgente grazie

    — by Boubacar Bah 11 months ago

  • did not receive my package after two months, please return my money to my account, thank you

    — by Tayebeh Tatari 11 months ago

  • For a long time! Why didn't s clothes I ordered come?

    — by Tanka nath paudel 11 months ago

  • Bonjour après avoir passer commande pour un montant de 108 euro prélèvement fais mais aucune nouvelle depuis merci de me contacter

    — by François Khadraoui 11 months ago

  • I would like to return my order as it is too small I would like to exchange it for a size 5xl

    — by Patricia Gordon 1 year ago

  • Can I pay directly using just my iban number

    — by Pretty 1 year ago

  • Hi, for some reason I have only being able to purchase one of my items in the cart. It takes you to another page which says continue in the top left page, I have clicked on it and it does nothing. Can you please advise on what is happening as the first payment went through OK. Thank you.

    — by Kerry Wright 1 year ago

  • Dear,
    I paid 8 items for the amount of 122.31 OMR, but I did not get any confirmation from your side about the delivery time and date.
    Please, update about my order.

    Mr A.Ferras

    — by Abdelkader Ferras 1 year ago

  • Please let me login my account on Sara mart 0589616943

    — by Golden 1 year ago

  • Good mornning,

    I just received my order N° 41614922313974061610, and I would like to make an exchange of the size of my three dresses, and if it is not possible consider a refund.

    Thank you in advance
    Good day to you
    Hayat Amrani

    — by hayat amrani 1 year ago

  • Имам поръчка и не е доставена

    — by Pavlinka Naneva 1 year ago

  • Hello, I have no notification either by e - mail or the phone about the goods I ordered on May 25 by order number
    41535978277988765898 and
    41535904424704875898 in the name Boban Stevanovic. I send a couple e-mail, but no answers !!!

    — by slobodan stevanovic 1 year ago

  • I purchased 2 items and I realise these items are not the correct sizes, I would like to find out how I can exchange these items for larger sizes.

    — by Esther Oyeyinka 1 year ago

  • I have ordered from you on the first of June I shud of received it on the 10th ive emailed you over and over I asked for an update im unimpressed with lack of reply looking forward to hear from you

    — by Cordelia 1 year ago

  • Hi just have items on my charts and there's some items I want to remove but is difficult to do so and want how fast can I get the items if I place the order because I'm traveling next month July 15 and is not for business is the gift for family back home

    — by Veronica Fonyonga Nyoglema 1 year ago

  • I received my dress and I want to return it not happy with it can I get refund please

    — by Mona 1 year ago

  • Why did you not accept my order? I have same Saramart account in my 2 mobile phones but one account deleted yesterday So why did you cancel my order?? I pay but you not accept my order. Please help me

    — by Piratheepan Luxshini 1 year ago

  • Hi
    I ordered a dress on on May and still did not receive it or have a tracking number.
    Reply please

    — by Mona 1 year ago

  • Fiz encomenda de dois pares de ténis. Já tiraram o dinheiro mas ainda não arecebi nada. Nem e-Mail nem encomenda … nada nada … eu quero saber o que se passa e quanto tempo demora!!!!!!!

    — by Filipe 1 year ago

  • Wo its meine beshtelung :Best.-Nr413411497518235986298 ab 2 monster ist inch da.Bestelldatum 2021-03-31. 08:35:49urh

    — by Anyuta Yulianova 1 year ago

  • I have made an order to a wrong address and need to change the address.

    — by Amanfo Prince David 1 year ago

  • Buenas tardes .Sara Mart..les comunico que hice unos pedidos y me llegaron rotos y de mala calidad .quiero devolverlos z
    Y necesito de su ayuda les e enviado a la página varios mensajes y como si nada .xfavor quiero devolver 17 piezas..o de lo contrario iré con todo 3sto a la policía a demandarl9s muchas gracias

    — by Sara Liliana Toledo Balcazar 1 year ago

  • Ich habe schon bestellt die zurückschicken wordenbvon der Post, und ich warte jetzt ca 4 Wochen auf mein Geld.

    — by Stephanie grunde 1 year ago

  • Ik wil een retour van een bestelling doen maar weet niet naar welk adtes en ik weet ook niet hoe ik dit moet doen

    — by Sandra Bauwens 1 year ago

  • Refund and return my money back

    — by Rafat Edward Gubran 1 year ago

  • I bought 2 shoes 1 yellow and the other 1 is red unfortunately the two shoes is too small, please can I get size 37 . The yellow name BIHTHREE KL9217-2-36 why the red name is BIGTHREE BC3168-8 36. Please I need 37 for each of them please. How do I return the item please?

    — by Rosemary Okuonghea 1 year ago

  • Achat non aperçu depuis longtemps de mande remboursement pas dans le compte visa du vole compte normale mrs mediouna Ahmed no de commande 41319990331808658362 n0de commande 413228127270070808362 no commandé 413228127270070808362 sommets des achats

    — by Mediounaahmed 1 year ago

  • I bought some stuffs that I want to use on the 10 of June and its still saying awaits confirmation and preparing orders for more than 3 days now, what's actually happening.

    — by My name is Samuel Ogbu Ojo 1 year ago

  • Bonjour L equipe de Sara Mart je suis Mr keita Issouf , j ai fait des achats de chaussures de fille de 6 ans le 25 Mai d une valeur de 105 Euro mais toujours pas de nouvelle du jour de livraison pourtant j ai été facturé. Merci de me renseigner svp

    — by Keita 1 year ago

  • Me contacter

    — by Delhaye 1 year ago

  • I ordered 7 items in two separate forms. The first order contains 5 items, That has not been delivered.
    I ordered the item on the 17th May 2021. May I please know why the delay.

    — by JONAS NKIAKO DONKOR 1 year ago

  • Ware zu klein gekommen.
    Möchte retoure anmelden.

    — by Tina Jäger 1 year ago

  • My account says my order has been shipped and some of it refunded. It redirects me to rate it and attach a of
    Photo but I'm not able to do so because I have not received my order. Please track my order see what might be the issue. Thank you for your time



    — by ERIN 1 year ago

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