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Why should I report an Issue with Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of A.L. AMAZING APPS LIMITED to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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Yoga-Go Customer Insights

1. I'm waiting to hear back on my refund as I was charged immediately 25.99 for 3 months of class, and I haven't even used the app.Not for beginners!! Seems like beginner level is just shorter flows and a subset of poses ... Which would be fine if they also spent ANY time walking through how to warm up for them.

2. Kinda disappointing sucks paid for full year based on the set up experience only to get into the plan and it not be as good.I lost 30lbs in the first month and didn't change my semi unhealthy diet.

3. I feel the description of the program is very deceiving and without a trial, I was totally blindsided and feel mislead with the program and then the fact that they seem to want to gouge you for more add-ons and not focused on helping people.So this app does provide a consistant yoga plan.

4. there are many sessions designed to target different areas of the body and everything is customizable to adjust for time,skill level, and target areas.

5. At 76 ears old and wheelchair-bound, this work is perfect for me, but the app does not allow me to say that I am partly disabled, which would have a very strong effect on my personal plan.

6. I can't find anywhere to change certain things like more detailed descriptions when doing poses.

7. Looking forward to that change.What a waste! First, the transitions between poses vary.

8. Very hard to follow when the instruction to "change sides" is given before I have even gotten the FIRST side done.

9. Cant work out on your plan a 2nd time in one day, have to wait til after midnight.

10. It would be much more user friendly.I like this at first but setting my fitness level was not easy, because sometimes it thought I selected something I did not select.

11. I also love the additional specialty work outs to promote good sleep, ramping metabolism and destressing.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Yoga-Go Issues

1. Fix Yoga-Go Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Yoga-Go: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Yoga-Go App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Yoga-Go" » Open Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Yoga-Go » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Yoga-Go servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Yoga-Go app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Yoga-Go might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Yoga-Go. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Yoga-Go then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Yoga-Go not working

2. Fix Yoga-Go Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Yoga-Go be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Yoga-Go not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Yoga-Go may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Please ensure all subscriptions are cancelled. I suffer from Parkinson’s and spinal stenosis…was looking for chair only exercises. Please ensure all charges to my account are reversed…otherwise, I will contest the charge

    Your ads are very misleading

    Thank you

    — by Judith Mahoney 1 week ago

  • i would like to cancel my Yogago account. I previously sent an email but continue to be charged. I have called Visa fraud line and asked for Yogago to be blocked. Please honor my request to cancel

    — by Carolyn Trueba 1 week ago

  • I requested to cancel my subscription on Sept 4 before 30day expiry methd, through the app. Ii tried a number if times but got no confirmation
    Today. Sept 17, I sawsubscription was active. When I hit cancel, a message showed up to indicate subscription was active until 10-16. Money was taken put of my AMX ending in 6602 for $30.99. please refund and cancel subscription immediately

    — by Camilla Relucio 1 week ago

  • 3 payments have been taken out off my bank account totalling £13.91. I signed up for an account and was led to believe that I was on a ‘taster session’ for 7 days. I only did half a workout and had to stop due to aggravating an injury. Could you please refund £13.91 to my bank account please

    — by Diane Sullivan 2 weeks ago

  • I cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago but got charged for September anyway. Original Receipt number: 2377209. App doesn't seem good for a beginner. No warm ups taught or encouraged, so the few times I used it I ended up with back pain afterwards. There's not an option in the reasons for cancellation section that allows for that.

    — by Laura Bailey 2 weeks ago

  • I was not aware this was a recurring charge on my account. PLEASE CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.

    Thank you,
    Evelyn Rivera

    — by Evelyn Rivera 2 weeks ago

  • Yogago had offered a one month trial for $15 plus dollars. I wanted to try it. I gave my email address for them to send me info. I never received it, even though they deducted my money. I cud never find a way to get in touch with them, bcuz it said my email was invalid. Now, my acct is being deducted $30.99. This is a rip off and I want them to out my money back in my acct. and never charge me again.
    Thank you.

    — by [email protected] 3 weeks ago

  • Yogago had offered a one month trial for $15 plus dollars. I wanted to try it. I gave my email address for them to send me info. I never received it, even though they deducted my money. I cud never find a way to get in touch with them, bcuz it said my email was invalid. Now, my acct is being deducted $30.99. This is a rip off and I want them to out my money back in my acct. and never charge me again.
    Thank you.

    — by [email protected] 3 weeks ago

  • I had cancelled my subscription but I have discovered I have been charged again on 8/28 . I cancelled it in July, I want my subscription cancelled as of today. DO not draft out of my account again. Thank you

    — by Phyliss Burns 3 weeks ago

  • You have taken £30.99 out of my account today despite me cancelling subscription earlier in August . Why ? and how can I be certain you won't steal my money again?

    — by Gareth Powell 1 month ago

  • I don't expect to get a refund for the $30.99 that was billed on 8/23/2023. I just want to cancel my subscription Yoga-Go for any future billing.

    — by Patricia Stroup 1 month ago

  • My charge is pending, I did not intend to sign up.
    Please cancel-

    — by Laura Leamon 1 month ago

  • I paid for program this past weekend and paid through PayPal. Still have not received download of program

    — by Carolyn Fiacco 1 month ago

  • I ordered this yesterday, money has come out of my account, but have not even received an email from you. Is this a scam?

    — by Pat Harrington 1 month ago

  • Cancel my subscription

    — by Elinor Barbour 1 month ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. I was told that I had cancelled it before but now I see another charge on my bank account.

    — by Paulette Price 1 month ago

  • I paid for one month subscription, but don't seem to have received any plan for the armchair yoga. Please help. Thank you

    — by P Hollingsworth 1 month ago

  • I canceled this before the trial was up and was just charged for a one-year subscription. Can you please refund my money and make sure my subscription is canceled. It is not appearing under my subscriptions in the play store so I shouldn't have been charged.

    — by Teddi Lewis-Hotopp 1 month ago

  • Also, besides not getting my password setting correctly. You have me down just for weight loss. I want strength and balance. Please correct this

    — by Dominique Heller 1 month ago

  • Every time I go to change the password you send me another email with another password and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Please advise. This is much too complicated.

    — by Dominique Heller 1 month ago

  • Since I signed up to Chair Yoga I have sustained an Injury at work. I cannot therefore use the program, As I can’t exercise at present due to hospital admission. I am also in financial hardship. I need to cancel my subscription and need a refund. Could you please advise if you would consider my plight.

    — by Jennifer Townsend 1 month ago

  • Send me contact info so I can cancel my acct

    — by Mary Van Tassell 1 month ago

  • I would like to cancel , I was not aware that this was a recurring charge, please advise

    — by Eugene Grossane 2 months ago

  • Cannot open website. Please cancel subscription. Seems impossible to speak with live person. Please confirm cancellation. This is second attempt. Thank you.

    — by Kathy Kocurek 2 months ago

  • I paid 25.99 for your services and cannot use the app. Please refund my money immediately as I am no longer interested in your service

    — by Sherri schultz 2 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. I actually strained my neck with first chair yoga.

    — by Alease Dejarnette 3 months ago

  • I+thought+I+asked+for+sofa+yoga+for+seniors+but+I+didn’t+receive+an+email+confirming+that.+I+have+the+28+day+trial+for+the+regular+one+and+am+almost+done+I+want+the+one+for+seniors+thanks

    — by Linda+Braskamp 4 months ago

  • I thought I asked for sofa yoga for seniors but I didn’t receive an email confirming that. I have the 28 day trial for the regular one and am almost done I want the one for seniors thanks

    — by Linda Braskamp 4 months ago

  • Cancel subscription.

    — by Judith Hart 4 months ago

  • Please cancel any charges to my yoga-go app. You charged my credit card 19.99. It needs to be refunded. Unable to log into app. Says my e-mail is not on file. I just joined last night 4/21/2023 and sent an e-mail at 11:30 a.m. today asking to cancel but the email bounced back. Please re-imburse the 19.99 charged to visa ending in 3136. If I do not hear back from you in a timely manner I will dispute the charges with my credit card company. Cancel this account immediately! I am with in the 24 hour cancellation period. Thank you, Beth Schmitt

    — by Beth Schmitt 5 months ago

  • I purchased the app for a year and downloaded it. Now when I open the app it is asking me to enter information like I’m trying to sign up fir the first time. How do I open the app, login and get access to my personal yoga plan so I can start doing it?

    — by Sarah 5 months ago

  • I purchased the app for a year and downloaded it. Now when I open the app it is asking me to enter information like I’m trying to sign up fir the first time. How do I open the app, login and get access to my personal yoga plan so I can start doing it?

    — by Sarah 5 months ago

  • Question, if I pay for 3 months but then cancel, can I still see my plan for the first three months I paid for?

    — by Alysia Eastes 6 months ago

  • I want my subscription cancelled b4 my 2nd billing..please cancel. My success trying to do online..impossible

    — by Elizabeth Fletcher 6 months ago

  • Cancel my subscription

    — by Kathleen Eagan 6 months ago

  • Cancel my subscription

    — by Kathleen Eagan 6 months ago

  • Please. Cancel account and all future charges.

    — by Donielle R Wagner 6 months ago

  • I have Google pay and Bank of America evidence that I have pd for a yearly subscription with Yoga-Go, yet your app rejects all my attempts (via email) to start my program.

    — by Estella Gonzales 6 months ago

  • I have Google pay and Bank of America evidence that I have pd for a yearly subscription with Yoga-Go, yet your app rejects all my attempts (via email) to start my program.

    — by Estella Gonzales 6 months ago

  • I am unable to open my account. Think I have already paid twice so need to cancel immediately

    — by Jane Pappas 6 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. It has not been easy to navigate the app and not helpful to me at all. Thank you.

    — by Sylvia Castro 6 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription and refund 19.99

    — by JereaneWilliams 6 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription and refund 19.99

    — by JereaneWilliams 6 months ago

  • J'ai annulé le premier jour après une première séance parce que la voix est insupportable pour moi et aucun remboursement d'effectuer une vraie arnaque

    — by Catherine BALOUKA 7 months ago

  • Help - paid , downloaded app , can’t access subscription withou paying more

    — by Dawn Bunetta 7 months ago

  • I want my subscription cancelled and have been emailed Requesting you company to cancel this subscription.

    — by Vita Figueroa 7 months ago

  • Please CANCEL my Subscription

    — by Janice Hughes 7 months ago

  • Cancel yoga go

    — by Angela Talbot 8 months ago

  • I need to reset my email address. I entered the wrong one and cannot use the app.

    — by Paula OC 8 months ago

  • I cannot get into the app it says the email already exists and I cannot access the app at all

    — by Claudia Kavc 9 months ago

  • Not a complaint but how do I find out how long this membership is?

    — by Pam Means 9 months ago

  • Hlo sir
    I would like to cancel my subscription for yoga go
    Could you please do that for me
    Thank you

    — by Gurpreet kaur 9 months ago

  • I bought the subscription but it says no account found. I have the invoice and everything. Please hwlp

    — by Rachel Visser 11 months ago

  • please cancel my subscription

    — by Sue Ikai 11 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription effective immediately

    — by Shelley Jones 11 months ago

  • I never received my email to begin using this program and would like to cancel my subscription for fear it was a scam.

    — by Kristi Gray 11 months ago

  • Solicito o cancelamento da assinatura. Obrigada

    — by Dina Maria Reis Pereira Neves 1 year ago

  • Morning we cancelled this subscription last week but i have been charge again.
    I am on a 12 month subscription for $75.99 and states it expires 25/07/2023 so why have i been charged again

    — by Lisa Cooper 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my subscription that i just started about 30 minutes ago effective immediately because it is not what I’m looking for! Please confirm that you have received my request and please credit my $19.99 payment back to my checking account at Wells Fargo! Thank you!
    Patrick Hodge

    — by Patrick Hodge 1 year ago

  • I have downloaded the app and want to create an account but everytime I do the app says something went wrong. Please help

    — by Bonnie Cruz 1 year ago

  • Unable to access any program. App brings me back to pay again & again! Please help!

    — by Lisa Hyman 1 year ago

  • I do not want this app and need a refund ASAP please

    — by Karen Schwartz 1 year ago

  • Fake Chats. Unable to help at all.

    — by Romasanta Rossana 1 year ago

  • I want to cancel my subscription at this time, please.

    — by Donna fletcher 1 year ago

  • Please cancel. I did not want subscription Please refund receipt # b6653643-d96a-4668-8e8c-d02afd2e87eb

    — by Patricia Maloney 1 year ago

  • I am unable to open the app. You have charged my account but I cannot use it. It will recognize my account. I wish to cancel & receive a refund of $49.99.

    — by Donna Ball 1 year ago

  • I paid for a year and haven’t received instructions how to access your program. How do I set up an account. I’ve already paid.

    — by Sharon McMichael 1 year ago

  • I purchased the 30 day deal. But so far have been unsuccessful in connecting to the site. I have little time and no patience for this trouble connecting, therefore, I am requesting a refund of the $15 I paid for the 30 days.

    — by Tory Cross 1 year ago

  • Cancel my subscription please, I've stopped using it.

    — by Dakota Gipson 1 year ago

  • I'll like a refund ido not want this please

    — by chassie carree 1 year ago

  • On set up I entered my email and then had to put phone down and when I went back to app it asked for my email again to set up but it keeps saying already in use use s new email but I don’t want to change it?

    — by Lisa Bramble 1 year ago

  • Having a hard time opening and accessing this site that I paid for. says it already has BOTH of my emails ( which I never gave) and is not allowing me access. I will need a fix or a refund.

    — by elizabeth sauls 1 year ago

  • Want to cancel subscription

    — by Cheri Lucas 1 year ago

  • I just paid for a 1 month plan. Now, WHERE is the plan???? There is no email from you. I am waiting.....

    — by TONY CLAAR 1 year ago

  • I cancelled my account before my trial was done and I’ve still been charged twice for a total of $85.50 on my credit card . Please refund me and delete my account and info
    Thanks Debbie Miller

    — by Debbie Miller 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. Thank you, Joyce Walker

    — by Joyce Walker 1 year ago

  • I signed up but am unable to log in. I went thru the questions-it never asked me to create an account so I canceled the subscription. Help!!

    — by Natalie Jaimes 1 year ago

  • I had an offer for 61% off, I tried to sign up for the 3 month plan but it kept declining my payments- I tried several different cards and found no reason for the declines, please let me know what I can do to fix this- the 61% off offer has now been removed😞

    — by Leslie Palmer 1 year ago

  • I try to access the app and get a message that my email is already used and I need to use another email. I have read some other complaints similar to mine and feel this app is a scheme to extort money from people. Cancel my subscription and do not charge me further!

    — by Teresa 1 year ago

  • I had just had 3 major back surgeries at Keck USC Hospital each being 9-12 hours long & was told that I could not join any exercise app until AFTER my PT sessions that I must have for at least 1 year. I signed up without knowing this & this haven’t been allowed to use your App even once, not one time did I join in on a session & have been getting notifications every day to join in but I can’t & haven’t been able to to find where to send my issue until just now when I found my question under FAQ or somewhere like this but I finally found it & would like a refund since I haven’t used the App even one time to this day. I tried to cancel a while ago but it just canceled renewing it & didn’t address my refund request. I am pleading with you to do the right thing & refund my money due to my Surgeons orders to NOT join any exercise app whatsoever until after at least 1 year of Out Patient PT. Sincerely, Susie Brown

    — by Susie Brown 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my yoga-go subscription. Didn't realize it was an app when I paid. Don't want to use an app

    — by Leslie Quinn 1 year ago

  • I signed up for Yoga Go and at the end of sign- up it gave me an offer for a discounted rate. I ought the one month subscription at the rate advertised and when I try to log in, it doesn’t recognize my credentials. I tried to reset my password, but it doesn’t recognize my email. I have my receipt from PayPal, do’s , you definitely took my money. I wish I knew about this appcontacter service before I signed up. I see mutiple similar complaints here. I was very excited to try your app, but now I just feel frustrated and angry- I really need some yoga to calm me down. Oh right, I got scammed instead. Please honor your company’s offering’s.

    — by Rashel 1 year ago

  • I can't even log in

    — by Katrina Van Dyck 1 year ago

  • I cannot sign into my APP. Tells me there is already an account with that email, but won’t let me type in a password anywhere.

    — by Stacey Donnelly 1 year ago

  • Hi

    I have set it up so that my subscription to Yoga will be cancelled soon. I have enjoyed the App but my employment situation has changed and I will no longer be paying for the app.

    I want my credit card information deleted from my account now please to ensure that I don’t get charged in the future. Please email me to confirm that my credit card will be deleted to prevent future charges when my subscription ends soon. Thanks


    — by Sarah De Shane 1 year ago

  • J ai règle 19,90 pour 1 mois d abonnement et pour avoir mon programme. Une fois que j ai télécharge l appli on me redemande de payer pour un abonnement et on me dit qu il n y a pas d abonnement a mon nom
    Est ce une arnaque ????

    — by Sylvie Saluena 1 year ago

  • 1-2 days ago, I purchased Yoga to go 2and when I try to get into my app it says email taken, wont let me go further. Then It wont let me in to use the App. You have your $53.00 for the year I want my Yoga To Go NOW. Not Next FUCKING YEAR!

    — by Gay Lynn Freeman 1 year ago

  • I cancelled my subscription for this app on 27April only to find out today you have taken a payment of £15.5 something please return this payment straight away as I didn't consent to this ver disappointed I feel I have been conned ,!!!

    — by Dawn Lambert 1 year ago

  • First of all , your app is not working because of the log in button cannot be pressed . So i cannot cancel my subscription by the iPhone settings + could not enter to do the exercises. And for your information, I subscribed with the site for only one week with only .99USD . But 15 minutes ago, I received from you a message that my subscription is renewed with 29.29 usd??????? I couldn’t cancel it because your app is not working + the subscription was useless also because the app problems + and now renewing the subscription by 29USD with out even my permission??? Now solve the problem and give me my money back.
    Also when I tried logging with website, it says I don’t have an account??? Even though I received the bill through the same email i logged in with.

    — by Hind assuraya 1 year ago

  • I paid annually and everytime I try to set up an account it wants to charge again.

    — by Feliz Ortega 1 year ago

  • Bonjour
    Par la présente, je vous informe que je souhaite résilier tout abonnement à YOGA-GO . Je ne souhaite donc pas que mon abonnement soit renouvelé.
    Afin de faire valoir ce que de droit.
    Sincères salutations

    Madame Lemerle Céline

    — by Céline Lemerle 1 year ago

  • PLEASE I cannot see on my iphone but I get messages EVERY day from Yoga-Go I NEED to cancel Subscription, I already paid 1 month and DO NOT want anymore!

    — by Teresa 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my subscription- do not renew my subscription please cancel my subscription. Thank you

    — by Anna 1 year ago

  • I have been charge subscription. I am not registered with yoga-go please make contact, confirm refund , cancel whatever. I have tried always to cancel and it has become stressful. Kind regards. Annamaria Gentry

    — by Annamaria Gentry 1 year ago

  • I cannot open my app

    — by Karen Clinkscale 1 year ago

  • When I try to open the app it says I am not registered but I have paid for a year's subscription. Please advise.

    — by Karen Clinkscale 1 year ago

  • I just downloaded your APP. Paid for a year. Was never given the option to set up a user name and/or pw.I tried to "login" but email is not registered. Went back to the "Get Started" and I'm told I already paid for a year. Now I can't use your app. HELP!!

    — by Malinda Biggs 1 year ago

  • Hi, I have just joined and selected the 12 month membership. When I tried to login it said my email address or password is incorrect so I tried to reset the password but it said my email address is not registered???
    Can you please send a password reset link to my email - traceyblack1969@redacted

    — by Tracey Black 1 year ago

  • I have paid for one year until March 2022 but can't use the app since it says my email isn't registered. How come? I did uninstall the app since it didn't work but then I saw I still gave time to use it and have access to it.

    How will you solve this?

    Best regards
    Gunni Karlsson

    — by Gunni Karlsson 1 year ago

  • The app has been taking money but every time I try & log in it says my email
    Is not registered and yet when I just try registering again it says I'm already registered - but I cannot get into the app to use the subscription I am paying for - I'd like my subscription to be refunded or credited for the period paid but not used as this must be a technical hitch & not my fault & had no use of the app!!!! Please allow me access snd credit the monthly subscriptions for future months so I am not paying twice !

    — by Clair Ruskin-Upright Residence 2 years ago