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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Fastic GmbH to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Fastic Fasting App & Intermittent Fasting Tracker Features and Description

{Fastic App – Get fit with intermittent fasting! Achieve your personal weight goals with the best app available on intermittent fasting. Start your journey towards a healthy and self-determined life with this free Fastic App! Follow popular fasting methods like 16:8 and become a fasting pro in no time with Fastic! 😎 Start with intermittent fasting - free of charge! 🎉 Simple fasting timer offering 12 different fasting plans. 🎉 BODYSTATUS - Find out what happens in your body when fasting 🎉 No registration required to start with intermittent fasting 🎉 Helpful water tracker – to ensure you stay hydrated while fasting 🎉 Constant development of the app - with us you are always up to date. 🎉 No irritating ads. 🤝 Become part of the Fastic+ community and achieve your goals even faster. 🥇 Guided program - reach your goals faster than ever 🥇 Daily schedule that adapts to your needs 🥇 Nutrition plans with over 400 super delicious & healthy recipes 🥇 In-house Academy - teaches you everything you need to know to integrate intermittent fasting into your life 🥇 Get exciting and self-reflective statistics 🥇 Track your eating habits - The new way of self-analysis ⏰ Intermittent fasting with the Fastic App - Just the right thing for YOU! • Lose weight & feel good • Improve your health drastically • Learn to consciously maintain a balanced diet • No tedious calorie counting • No yo-yo effect • Great for athletes - muscle building has never been so easy YOU too can benefit from the positive long-term effects of intermittent fasting! • Boost your immune system - Become stronger than ever • Reach your ideal weight while sleeping - Lose up to 6 kilos per month • Live in perfect harmony – Intermittent fasting connects body, mind & soul • Tap into the power of nature – Let your cells perform miracles • Live longer & look better - Activate your natural anti-aging potential 🚀 Individual fasting times, offering 12 different intermittent fasting plans ✅ Starter - 12:12 / 13:11 / 14:10 / 15:9 ✅ Advanced - 16/8 / 17:7 / 18:6 / 19:5 ✅ Professionals - 20:4 / 21:3 / 22:2 / 23:1 ⏰ How intermittent fasting works: Discover with Fastic how intermittent fasting works, which methods are available, and what to focus on. Avoid mistakes, the yo-yo effect and having to count calories. What are you waiting for? Download the free fasting app now and start your journey towards a new and self-determined life. Studies on intermittent fasting: Fastic Plus 3-In-3-Guarantee: Intermittent fasting is a change in eating habits. It is not suitable for pregnant/nursing women, children under 18 years of age or people with diagnosed eating disorders. Consult your doctor or health care professional. *Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • The yearly fee is 74.99. I was charged 84.99

    — by Dan DeBord on Apr 11 2021

  • My purchase was by mistake, I cancelled my subscription minutes later after my purchase and I would like a refund of my 40 euro. I’m more then happy to show my recipe (PayPal) and prove my cancellation via The App Store and now is just like my money back.

    — by Matthew Regan on Apr 10 2021

  • I thought I was being offered a week trial, that would have been great instead of being charged for the 3 months. The app does not work properly for me. Can I please be refunded the total of $31,79, as if I would have had the free trial, I would have canceled the subscription after finding out this was not helpful to me. Thank you.

    — by MICHELLE HILEMAN on Apr 10 2021

  • A purchase was accidentally purchased off if my card with the app. I need my refund .

    — by Joquisha Andrews on Apr 10 2021

  • I want to cancel NOW. The program is not working for me.

    — by Randi Katz on Apr 09 2021

  • Hi, I payed for a yearly subscription though I also been charged £22.77 . Please can I get some feedback and refund . Thank you

    — by Soledad Sanhueza on Apr 09 2021

  • I had to get a new phone and old phone died. When i started new phone I could not sign in to fastiq and lost all my data. It will not let me change email pw saying its already in use. I dont even know my pe anymore because i tried resetting it so many times. Opened a new acct. am i being charged twice? Can you get my old data back?

    — by Nickola Wallace on Apr 09 2021

  • I want to do a 36 hour fast, but there is no option to set a longer fast. I totally hate that I am locked in to the Beginner, Expert or Warrior times. There needs to be an alternative one that you can set for a longer term fast - sometimes I have done a 7 day fast....we NEED THIS OPTION! Otherwise I am going back to my Zero app which allows for this.

    — by Jennette on Apr 06 2021

  • Sorry I do have a Fastic APP. I purchased the Easter special offer subscriptions £19.99 to join Fastic and get the benefits. This was done on Sunday but I have as yet to receive notification of my payment or any further advice regarding membership. Can you lease advise or I’ll be seeking a refund

    — by Arlene Campbell on Apr 06 2021

  • Hi,
    I am a recent subscriber to Fastic. I have a yearly subscription. I cannot figure out how to get the app to record my steps and I cannot find a "help" obutton n the app. Please get back to me.
    Thank you.

    — by Angela Schapiro on Apr 06 2021

  • Login in to Parler the Catcha would only bring up capital letters even though I selected lower case on iPhone

    — by Jennie on Apr 05 2021

  • Something has gone wrong with my stop start fasting prompt. Can I reset it or correct it or can you do it. Thanks

    — by Sue Hillman on Apr 03 2021

  • I am trying to cancel through subscription on my iPhone and there is no option to cancel, only different re-subscriptions.

    — by Alexandra Martinez on Apr 03 2021

  • I was just billed for 3 months but I cancelled my subscription. You really should alert people when their card will be billed again I need to get a refund.

    — by Michelle Taylor on Apr 02 2021

  • I cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. But still getting charged for the application.

    — by Linda on Apr 02 2021

  • I never gave any concent to take any more money from my account. Already wasted R500 December. I did not even use the app since Feb. Really want my money back from you

    — by Diane Coetzee on Apr 02 2021

  • My card was charged 30$ on my account and it should not have been. I want a refund asap.

    — by Lilian Reddivalam on Apr 02 2021

  • This subscription was purchased by mistake on 3/27/21. My credit card was charged twice for $31.86. I requested a refund and was only refunded once for the order#MVQT2F1YGM on 3/30/21 but not for the second charge order#MVQT2F2261. I thought since the first charge was refunded in 2 days that the second charge would follow on 3/31/21. However it is now 4/1/21 and no refund! So, this matter is not fully resolved until the second charge has been refunded. I’m requesting notification once this other refund is completed. Thank you.

    — by Paulean W. on Apr 02 2021

  • I got charged 32.13. I canceled in while still in the cancellation window. I want a refund. I shouldn’t have been charged. I have never used the app. I deleted shortly after I downloaded it.

    — by Halie on Mar 31 2021

  • Please cancel and refund my money. The app does not give the option to cancel

    — by Kenisha on Mar 31 2021

  • How do I connect my old fastic account to my new phone? I paid for the app and I don't want to start over

    — by Queen Earth on Mar 30 2021

  • I have lost my password and I am unable to reset it. When I click on reset password, it just "spins" and doesn't load anything. My account is under [email protected]

    — by Michael Coblentz on Mar 28 2021

  • I have been using Fastic since august 2020 I have last over 4000 flames & the 27marxh has disappeared! Please help I feel ill give up - as it keeps me going as I’m so proud of myself. Hope you can help. Best wishes celia

    — by celia sheils on Mar 28 2021

  • I just signed up for Fastic for $29.99 today and was charged twice to my Apple account for $31.86. I have canceled this subscription minutes later and it is still showing active. I need this subscription to be canceled NOW and show inactive and to be refunded immediately for both charges. I have never had any issues with other fasting sites. I expect my refund just as expeditiously as Fastic charged my Apple account. People trusting that they will receive the help they need to live a better and healthier life and then this!!! I also expect to be contacted when this refunded is resolved! Signed a very disappoint and dissatisfied consumer!!!

    — by Paulean W. on Mar 27 2021

  • Not a complaint Just need to know how to reset app. I started eating time incorrectly so my fast tike is now way off see no way to change on my app

    — by Susan Collins on Mar 27 2021

  • Hi, I changed my phone due to accidental damage so had to replace my old one with a new one. I signed back into my fastic app and I have lost all my progress, flames etc. I'm really disappointed as this weight loss journey means alot to me and to see my progress all these months dissappear makes me really disheartened. Is there anyway if getting this back. I do pay for subscription too. Thank you

    — by Tanya on Mar 26 2021

  • Can’t add water consumption I have saved the goal but when I click edit button to add water drink I go to a screen which stays blank

    — by Sue Vaarkamp on Mar 26 2021

  • I sent a message 2 days ago to your "customer service." I purchased and have been using your Plus app. I had to get a different mobile phone, and the app doesn't recognize that I have purchased the plus plan and wants me to re-purchase on my new phone. How can I transfer my membership to my new phone. Please answer this time.

    — by Diane McCormick on Mar 26 2021

  • Please help. I have been fasting everyday since February, 12th 2021. I never used a frosty and then I saw that one had been used. It must have been an accidental click. Please help me restore my data. I have hit my 16 hour fasting goal every single day since I started using the Fastic app. I am so disappointed because now my flame went out. Plus my status changed from traveler to newcomer when I tried to edit my fasting data to fix it. Please help me restore my data.

    — by Joanna Farache on Mar 26 2021

  • I purchased the one month trial and when I added my email to it to finalize, it wants to charge me again! I signed up through facebook initially. Please help. I can no longer see things without paying a second time!

    — by Dawn Thompson on Mar 26 2021

  • I have a 4 month old Hes sleepin patterns are sometimes crazy I accidentally clicked on th 49.99 subscription n unsubscribed it straight away could you pls refund me th 49.99 I don’t use th app n really need that money back I thought it said 3.85 a week that was th only reason I clicked on it. Please help me

    — by Kaytana havili on Mar 25 2021

  • I want to cancel when my month is up. Can't find out how to cancel.

    — by Evelyn S Grizzard on Mar 25 2021

  • I need to cancel subscription but it does not appear in my Google subscriptions

    — by Gail Fusco on Mar 25 2021

  • Hello I am being charged twice every time my subscription renews. I can provide screenshots to demonstrate this problem.

    I only have one phone with the app installed and only the one google account so I am not sure how this happened.

    I would appreciate a full refund on *one* of these subscriptions... and keep the other please

    — by Miles Thompson on Mar 24 2021

  • I would like to cancel my subscription

    — by Linana Washington on Mar 23 2021

  • I brought three Gosund Charging power strip. I got one to work and the other does not work. What should I do?

    — by Wanda Solomon on Mar 22 2021

  • The app is not recording my fasting times.
    My buddy is not working, can’t see recorded weight for either of us. If this is not sorted today will be cancelling the subscription

    — by Gillian Fairfoull on Mar 22 2021

  • The app is not recording my fasting times.
    My buddy is not working, can’t see recorded weight for either of us. If this is not sorted today will be cancelling the subscription

    — by Gillian Fairfoull on Mar 22 2021

  • I already have an account and I lost all my flames because I didn't realize I put am instead of pm. How do I get them back and the frostys I earned?

    — by Michelle R Otto on Mar 21 2021

  • I lost the app along with all my data but still get drink water notifications etc
    App Store still thinks I have it so can’t reload it very very frustrated would like a refund and cancel subscription so disappointed and try how to get in touch with you is a nightmare sorry but it’s a fact

    — by Judy Skinner on Mar 21 2021

  • I have iPhone XR and I used Fastic for one month suddenly yesterday it stopped loading, white screen and disappearing after a couple of seconds. I tried to re load the app, I reset the phone to factory and reloaded the app still not working. Can you help?

    — by GIANLUCA SALONE on Mar 21 2021

  • I am unable to open the app when I click on it it returns to my phone screen I will be losing 6 months worth of data can I fix this ?

    — by Jill on Mar 21 2021

  • Please can someone restart my Fastic app. Whenever I am trying to open it’s showing white screen.

    — by Susan cherian on Mar 21 2021

  • I bought a three months subscription. I really like the app but it worked for 4 days and now it just flashes and the closes every time I attempt to open the app. I have attempted to reload the app several times to fix it but it still will not open and run. What do I do to correct this issues.

    — by Marybeth J McGowan on Mar 21 2021

  • I bought a three months subscription. I really like the app but it worked for 4 days and now it just flashes and the closes every time I attempt to open the app. I have attempted to reload the app several times to fix it but it still will not open and run. What do I do to correct this issues.

    — by Marybeth J McGowan on Mar 21 2021

  • I got a notification to stop a timer, but I can’t open an app’s

    — by Loubov Nemkiina on Mar 20 2021

  • Hi, my Fastic not working today, what I have to do?

    — by Loubov Nemkiina on Mar 20 2021

  • Hello, my application was not opening today? I try reinstall but it’s not opening too. I have 1 year subscribed. What I have to do?

    — by Loubov Nemkiina on Mar 20 2021

  • Can not get app to open on my ipad

    — by Bettye Scoggins on Mar 20 2021

  • For the past 3 months the fastic app has been working perfectly and yesterday it won’t open so I uninstalled and reinstalled this morning and still won’t open I don’t want to loose all my progress how do I fix this ???

    — by Tiffany on Mar 20 2021

  • The app will not open. I love this app so I hope you can fix it

    — by Annette Hill on Mar 20 2021

  • My App is not working. I tap on the App and it keeps going back to my Home page. I have been using since January’21. Please help ASAP
    Colm Hanratty

    — by Colm Hanratty on Mar 20 2021

  • I can’t open the application, when I click on the app, I have a blank screen and it closes

    — by Nathalie on Mar 20 2021

  • My fastic app doesn’t open. I have deleted and reinstalled it many times. I have also turned my phone on and off many times. This is the only app on my phone with this issue. I have an iPhone 11. I would really appreciate any help with this.

    — by Alend Barzenjee on Mar 20 2021

  • When I click on the app, the screen goes completely white, and shuts down. It just won’t open anymore.???

    — by Faith Maslen on Mar 20 2021

  • I am trying to cancel free trial

    — by April on Mar 20 2021

  • App won’t open. It just goes white screen to crashing

    — by Hormoz Rashidi on Mar 20 2021

  • I can’t not open my Fastic. I trying to open but only see white screens iPhone version is 13. Someone can help me please

    — by Ana on Mar 20 2021

  • I wasn't able to access my fastic app today. My subscription ends on April 8th and my plan was to renew but if I can't access my app then I won't. This is the first time I couldn't get in and it has thrown me off not being able to document my day. Please respond asap to help get me back on track. Thanks.

    — by Olivia Adams on Mar 20 2021

  • I am unable to access my App to continue with my managing my fasting and progress since today - March 19, 2021. I need help to re-access my App. It goes blank when I try to go on.

    — by Judith Lawson on Mar 20 2021

  • When I go to use the app on my phone it does not start up. Is there an option to login on my computer?

    — by Stacey Roche on Mar 19 2021

  • My App won’t open I would like a refund absolutely ridiculous

    — by Cherette Peszko on Mar 19 2021

  • Can not get app to open on my ipad

    — by Bettye Scoggins on Mar 19 2021

  • Hello, I have installed the update from the App Store and since than the App doesn’t open anymore.
    It sends messages, but no way to access them. What to do?
    My Fastic buddy Hasn’t updated yet and it works for her.

    — by Donata on Mar 19 2021

  • My App is not opening, just getting a blank app screen. Re-booted iPhone 6s and same problem

    — by Steve Brennan on Mar 19 2021

  • I recently changed phones and my fastest app with all of its history did not follow me. So I was using my old phone to keep track of my progress all of my stars flames and Frosty’s. Now the app does not open with any of my history on my old phone and I would like to have it restored on my new phone I paid for three months please help me restore this so I can use it on my new phone
    Thank you

    — by Sheri Calhoun on Mar 19 2021

  • I use the app for one week and half and I paid for 3 months. Now I can’t not open the app. I try many different way, the app still crash, can’t be use at all. If can’t be use I wan my money back.

    — by Nicole on Mar 19 2021

  • I can’t open my Fastic app, when I press it, it goes white, all my other apps on my iPhone work

    — by Jane King on Mar 19 2021

  • I just updated my app to your latest version 1.44.0, and now my app won’t open at all. I click on it, I get a blank white page very briefly, and then I’m back on my phone’s home page. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but I’m still having the same problem. I am using an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.5.1.

    — by Gloria Cangahuala on Mar 19 2021

  • My app doesn’t work I can’t not open it, ??
    Went I can open ?it will work this app?

    — by Ana on Mar 19 2021

  • My app won’t open this morning. Help. I see this is a major issue. I have a full year subscription.

    — by Cameron Kane on Mar 19 2021

  • I thought I set up step counter when i set up app but it is not working.. can you please help me..

    — by Melinda Harris on Mar 19 2021

  • My app doesn’t work I can’t not open it, ??

    — by Ana on Mar 19 2021

  • Hi,
    My fastic app didn't work this morning and now even the icon disappeared. What should I do?

    — by Mehlika Krüger on Mar 19 2021

  • My app wont open.Please help me to open and get my progress back.

    — by Shalini Abeywardena on Mar 19 2021

  • Hi, I'm using amazing free version of Fastic app since last April through AppStore. Today I cannot open it. Please help. Thanks.

    — by Aida on Mar 19 2021

  • Hi!

    I purchased a Plus subscription 3 days ago but I can’t open the app. It keeps logging out not for me and my friend. Really annoying. Can you guys help out?

    — by Dilara Kusci on Mar 19 2021

  • Please cancel my payment. I do not want this. I thiught it was free

    — by Tracey Pommer on Mar 18 2021

  • I purchased the $2.30 3-3 money back guaranteed and it took $30 from my account. I don’t want the nutrition experience but I want my money back I didn’t use it and canceled subscription same day.

    — by Clayasha Thomas on Mar 17 2021

  • I want to cancel this subscription. I accidentally clicked on it and did not mean to. It is to difficult to use. I wanted just trial phase. Please cancel it. I will contest the charges if it comes on my credit card. Cancel it immediately and inform me that it has been cancelled

    — by Dawn Klinkhammer on Mar 17 2021

  • Hello, I paid for the app on Saturday 3/13 and was able to use the pkus features. On Sumday, the pkus features were no lomger available and asked me to pay again. Please correct or provide a refund. Thank you.

    — by Kristin M Cahill on Mar 17 2021

  • Hi, I've had the app for a while now and have tried several times to get the walking counter to work but I can't. It doesn't allow me access for some reason. Can you tell me how I can can get it to start working please. Up

    — by Jayne Elizabeth Kerrigan on Mar 17 2021

  • How do I go from the plus to just the free version

    — by Leslie on Mar 17 2021

  • I would like a refund.

    — by Trennese Neal on Mar 16 2021

  • I was offered 3 months for £14.99 and was charged this amount and £29.99. I would like the £29.99 refunded. Good app other than charging issue. Won't renew unless I get a refund.

    — by Lindsay Hutton on Mar 16 2021

  • My Fastic app quit working, I had to reinstall and all my progress has been deleted and it is showing I am not a member. I just paid for 3 months. Please help.

    — by Angele A Beeman on Mar 16 2021

  • Please cancel my fastic subscription. Thank you.

    — by Dwayne Wilson on Mar 15 2021

  • i tried this app for five minutes and realized i dont need someone to tell me how to fastl 8i told the guyfive minutes after i joined. He then told me he would refund me in two months and i really didnt care because myi cc would be charged. i found out the reason this jerk wanted me to wait because banks throuw things out afater 60 days. He told me that he would do that for sure and then i was looking on my playstore and realize he lied. I want my money back. If i were you i would keep an eye on him.

    — by Lisa Murray on Mar 14 2021

  • Hello, I would like a refund for my Fastic subscription. My child was using my phone and accidentally downloaded the three months subscription. Thank you.

    — by Savanah Klunder on Mar 14 2021

  • Hi. I purchased a new phone. When I logged into Fastic app on news phone it treated me like a new account and walked me through the registration and subscription process. I didn’t want to subscribe again lest you charge me twice now for two subscription. So I canceled my original subscription. And I’m thinking I have to start a new one. Can you tell me if that’s right? Muriel

    — by muriel zarlingo on Mar 14 2021

  • Yesterday my app was not working - would not open. I uninstalled and reinstalled but had to reset my password. When I went into the app I have lost all my history. I started in January 2021. Can you please recover my data and subscription information? Thank you!!!

    — by Barbara Lemay on Mar 13 2021

  • This app has been charging me 12.99 monthly for basically an alarm! I signed up for 12.99 for a 90 day trial and this is now my third month being charged the same amount. Please cancel my account and refund me this months and last month charge. Ridiculous! Especially when people can get this stuff for free. I was willing to way the 12.99 every three months but I am so bothered at the sneakiness of your company that I want it cancelled altogether.

    — by Jeannette Comulada on Mar 13 2021

  • Hi, I was enjoying the mastic app but it stopped working and if I delete it and reinstall it, it says it will delete all my data. Is there another way to fix it? It is just frozen when I open the app. I have rebooted my phone. If it is not working I would like a refund.

    — by Erin Wooldridge on Mar 13 2021

  • L application achetée ne s ouvre plus

    — by Gil on Mar 13 2021

  • My app is not working today!

    — by Antonio Magee on Mar 13 2021

  • Today after I put in my start fast data, the system froze on me. Later, I found out that you were doing an upgrade on the system. This was the 1st time that this happened since I started on Dec. 15 2020. I had achieved quite a few flames az I successfully completed my goals everyday from Dec 15th to today. Unfortunately, when I had to delete the app.. and opened it again, all my data was gone. How can I retrieve my data or at least replace the numbers that I had achieved Please call me at 559 470 4448.

    — by Willie Tyler on Mar 13 2021

  • I want to cancel my subscription. I’ve had the app for 2 days. It sends me notices but when I go to open the app, it does not open. I want a refund please.

    — by Teri Singer on Mar 13 2021

  • I purchased the Fastic app and it is not working, I can’t access it. I want to cancel my subscription and get a refund.

    — by Teri Singer on Mar 13 2021

  • My app is frozen on homepage and I can not use. It has only been in use for 4 days, I payed for 3 months and it’s down already. Being an app for help and support it’s pretty disappointing that it’s down already. I hope someone can get back to me and help me figure this out.

    — by Jason Bennett on Mar 13 2021

  • I keep getting the Fastic app symbol but unable to use the app. It won’t open??? Refund or please help me fix the issues I absolutely love the app. When I was able to use it.

    — by Angeleasa on Mar 13 2021

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