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Contact Fastic: Intermittent Fasting

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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Fastic: Intermittent Fasting?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Fastic GmbH to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Fastic: Intermittent Fasting Features and Description

Say bye, bye to fad diets and start intermittent fasting with Fastic. We’re the world’s largest fasting community with over 20M users, so you’ll find the motivation and support you’re looking for. Look good, feel great and develop healthy habits with the expert-backed Fastic app. So, how does it really work? Intermittent fasting has been shown to lead to sustainable weight loss. That means you’ll get reconnected to your body for results that last. When fasting, your body enter ketosis, the body’s “fat-burning” process. You’ll have more energy during this time to do what you love, and lose stubborn fat at the same time! Is Intermittent Fasting healthy? Yes. The Nobel Prize-winning fasting method is safe and natural. Studies show that giving the body a short break from constant digestion gives vital organs a chance to rest, and even promotes cell regeneration! Is the Fastic App suitable for me? The Fastic app is great for beginners and fasting veterans alike. You won’t need to change your diet, or restrict any groups of food. It’s super easy to integrate into your life! Why Intermittent Fasting? ✔ Burns body’s fat reserves ✔ Promotes regeneration and detoxification ✔ Slows down aging process ✔ Can prevent diabetes and other diseases ✔ Simulates production of human growth hormone ✔ Increases metabolism ✔ Boosts health and energy ✔ Improves brain and body functions ✔ Sheds fat naturally and effortlessly ✔ Improves life quality ✔ Helps lose weight without dieting ✔ Avoids yo-yo effect ✔ Avoids calorie-counting 🧡 Start Intermittent Fasting with Fastic ✔ Fasting Timer – Tracks fasting window effortlessly ✔ Body Status – Identifies and tracks key stages in your fasting journey ✔ Water Tracker – Logs your water intake and sends reminders ✔ Step Counter – Monitors your step count to enhance your progress ✔ Continuous app development and feature updates ✔ Suitable for both beginners and advanced ✔ Suitable lifestyle change for men and women ✔ Compatible with building muscle and weight training ✔ Stable and sustainable results versus yo-yo diets ✔ Google Fit synchronization possible ✔ Free of advertising 🤝 Become Part of the Fastic-Plus Community and Reach Your Goals Even Faster 🥇 Recipe Book – Explore over 400 simple, delicious recipes 🥇 In-House Academy – Learn more about all things healthy living 🥇 Daily Challenges – Stay on track with motivating challenges 🥇 Weekly Challenges – Check out a variety of fun tasks to build healthy habits 🥇 Fasting Buddies – Connect with Fastic friends to stay accountable 🥇 Social Media Channel – Get inspired and stay in the loop 🥇 Expert guidance to reach your goals faster 🥇 Valuable insights to monitor your progress 🥇 Daily schedule tailored to your needs 🚀 Long-Term Benefits • Achieve your ideal body type in the most natural and sustainable way • Strengthen your immune system with your body’s self-healing mechanism • Consciously boost fat loss • Detoxify your body through fasting-related cell-regenerating processes • Normalize your blood sugar level by stabilizing insulin levels • Refresh your life quality by activating your natural anti-aging process • Restore your balance as intermittent fasting connects body, mind and soul • Protect yourself from illnesses like heart disease and diabetes • Reduce or prevent allergies and inflammations Fast according to your daily life ✅ Gentle – 12:12 | 13:11 | 14:10 ✅ Moderate – 15:9 | 16:8 | 17:7 ✅ Intense – 18:6 | 19:5 | 20:4 What are you waiting for? Feel good, guaranteed! Download it now for free! Studies on intermittent fasting: Fastic Plus Feel Good Guarantee: Intermittent fasting is not suitable for pregnant/nursing women, children under 18 years of age or persons with diagnosed eating disorders. *Individual results may vary

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • My id password not active

    — by Santosh sahoo 1 week ago

  • I would like to subscribe at another time in which my finances are better suited to this sort of subscription.

    — by Shane Thomas 3 weeks ago

  • Please cancel my subscription effective immediately

    — by Nicole Giandalia 3 weeks ago

  • Quiero borrarme la suscrpcipn. Por lo tanto deseo no sr me cobre cuota alguna. Por qué voy a desistalar la as plicacion. Por favor no utilicen mi tarjeta para cobrar gastos. Muchas gracias. Rosa Tartarts

    — by Rosa Tartara 1 month ago

  • Please delete my account

    — by Sherry Lee 1 month ago

  • I just tried entering my fasting info and the clock went to am instead of pm. Can you please return my fasting streak back to when I started. Thanks! Steven Soule

    — by Steven Soule 1 month ago

  • I deleted my membership last year and my PAYPAL account was charged 29.99 on 1/26/2022 for 3 months. I attempted so sign on to your website today to check the status of my account and was told my account does not exist. I would like a refund of 29.99 in my PayPal account and I want to be certain you do not bill me again for an app I quit.

    — by Michele Peil Moonan 2 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription as I have major surgery coming up. Thank you. I will be unable to commit to Fastic for the foreseeable future.

    — by Susan Vass 2 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription as I have major surgery coming up. Thank you.

    — by Susan Vass 2 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription.

    — by Becky Clemmons Caldwell 2 months ago


    — by Cynthia Moseley 3 months ago

  • Hello support team,
    two days ago I've got my new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I transfered the Fastic App to the new phone by the Samsung Switch program. When I tried to open your app on the new phone, I got a white screen and the app was closed with an error message from the Android system. So I deinstalled the app completely and reinstalled it from the Google Playstore. But that did not change anything. I can still open and work with the app using my old phone, but that of course is no solution for a long time. Please tell me what I can do. I restarted the new phone already without any effect.
    Sincerely yours,
    Antonius Haase

    — by Antonius Haase 3 months ago

  • Guten Tag,
    leider hat meine Tochter das Abo heute morgen für mich abgeschlossen.
    Ich möchte es aber nicht in Anspruch nehmen und es hiermit widerrufen.
    Bitte geben Sie mir via e-mail schnellstmöglichst eine Bestätigung dieses Widerrufs.
    Entschuldigen Sie bitte die Unannehmlichkeiten.
    Vielen Dank.
    Ute Syring

    — by Ute Syring 4 months ago

  • I accidentally subscribed to your app while trying to find out information. Please cancel my subscription. Order # MTV9KOWKZY (R24DW2Q35X1KHT) I do not know which number you need. I paid 119.00 on Feb 5, 2022. Please cancel for me. Thank you!!

    — by Kelly Elleman 4 months ago

  • I changed my mobile phone and i cannot access my fastic app. I need to sign up again and avail subscription

    — by Honey A Maraña 5 months ago

  • I would like my $42.09 I tried to cancel this subscription several times. Can I please have my money back?

    — by Jeneen Henson 6 months ago

  • Please send confirmation of this cancellation. Thank you!

    — by Sheri 6 months ago

  • Did not know that i have been charged for fastic all these months till today. I tried it for a couple weeks..didnt work for me..
    I cancelled it today but would really like to get a refund for all that i have paid.

    — by perle menashe 6 months ago

  • I am still being charged for an app I canceled and deleted a long time ago. I am also requesting a refund. This is poor customer service and a disappointment in a company that I’m sure means to help people with their individual wellness.

    — by Sheri 6 months ago

  • It is impossible to get any customer service. I canceled this subscription at least a year ago! I’m still getting billed and Now I get an error report every time I click to cancel!

    — by Sheri 6 months ago

  • Unfortunately I suffered a heart attack 2 weeks ago so now under medical dietary advice and have to stick to a different diet. Can you please cancel my subscription and refund my money.

    — by Annie 6 months ago

  • I would like to cancel my fastic thank u

    — by Michaela Gasser 7 months ago

  • I think my app is already reset what can I do would you help me

    — by Rahwa Goitom 7 months ago

  • Can you refund my money please.
    I just subscribed it few hours ago..if i cancel my subscription ,will you be able to return my money.

    — by Simran Mundi 7 months ago

  • I paid for three months of the Fastic app and now don’t have access to it??? Can someone help me with this please

    — by Karen Robertson 7 months ago

  • Hello there,

    I was reviewing the Fastic app which I thought it was a free trial & did not sign up for an 8 month subscription, however I have had $199.99 AUD on 16th September 2021 charged to my PayPal transaction no. 3MT88429FP775883B

    I have not even used the app at all, I just downloaded it but never used it.
    Please refund me as soon as possible. There is no way I can afford this with a family and loss of income in the pandemic.

    Joanna Berenyi

    — by Joanna Berenyi 8 months ago

  • I was reviewing the app & did not sign up for an 8 month subscription, it was a free trial & I have had $199.99 charged to my PayPal!
    I have not even used the app at all, I just downloaded it but never used it. I need a refund, this is a scam!

    — by Joanna Berenyi 8 months ago

  • Fastic is double counting the steps from my Heath app. Maybe it doesn’t matter but it’s weird. Is there a fix?

    — by Peggy 9 months ago

  • This app doesn't work for me. Please cancel my Fastic acct. And refund my money. Thank You

    — by Beverly Sipp 9 months ago

  • I have bought the 3 month app but it not registered my details so the app doesn’t recognise me . Can you send me instructions on how to register.

    — by Amanda 10 months ago

  • Hi,

    I have sent 2 emails to support unsubscribing before the second payment, but the payment was conducted anyway. I would like please to unsubscribe and get a reimbursement of this second payment if it's possible.

    Thank you for your understanding and taking account of this email.

    Best regards,


    — by Adil Halouane 10 months ago

  • Please subscription

    — by Tammy Waters 10 months ago

  • Please subscription

    — by Tammy Waters 10 months ago

  • Trying look for movie

    — by Camilla L Speed 10 months ago

  • I joined Fastic from a facebook add and am told I will be charged 144 in two weeks for 6 months. I was instructed to download the app on my phone and did and when I selected Fastic plus, it charged me $99 (nzd). That has gone out from my account under the title googlefast. I need to know if I am now going to be charged the $144 as well in two weeks time. If I am, it appears that I am being charged twice for the same product? I am happy to have it on my phone, but would not use it on the laptop - am I able to cancel the $144 and just keep the app on my phone where I have already been charged $99. It is a very confusing system and I am fretting about it. I have emailed over the weekend and not heard back. Please get back to me, I need this answered. Trying to fast as well as worry about money is not making me a happy chicken.

    — by Rachel More 10 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. I was charged today and I have been trying to cancel for a week.

    — by Jody Espeut 10 months ago

  • Hello
    I accidentally purchased the annual subscription for $99.99 and I cancelled the subscription right away. Now I would like to request you to refund my payment.

    — by Sonu Pun 10 months ago

  • Please cancel subscription receipt 2613-1147
    invoice number 7AB9F0C3-17066 trial period Jul26-Aug 9 I have tried to follow the directions to cancel and they did not work for me. Please stop this subscription and confirm to me that it has been cancelled.
    Mary Gemberling
    [email protected]

    — by Mary 11 months ago

  • Subscription cancellation request

    — by Dianne mccrea 11 months ago

  • Cancel now..Take out no more money from my account!!!!

    — by Corina hahn 11 months ago

  • Dear sir/madam,

    I would like you to cancel my subscription of the account athe[email protected] because i cannot do ot myself. I don't want to be charged again.
    Thank you
    Tsiachti Athena

    — by Athena 11 months ago

  • I have cancelled my subscription twice and you charged me again today. PLEASE cancel my subscription and refund my current payment. I used your app about 2 weeks. It’s a good app, I just didn’t have time to utilize it so I cancelled it. Not sure why I was charged again. Thanks.

    — by Katherine Heinz 11 months ago

  • I accidentally purchased the annual subscription for £69 thinking that it will take weekly payments of £1.29 instead of the full amount in on go. I cancelled the subscription right away when I realised. However I don’t know how I can prevent the money being taken out of my account. Pls help

    — by Muna 11 months ago

  • Please cancel subscription

    — by Georgina Naude 11 months ago

  • this is all bull crap! cancel my subscription now!! i have emailed fastic numerous times and still no response. i don’t want my card charged for something i don’t even use.

    — by Natalie Simmons 11 months ago

  • Hi to whom it concerns,

    I have cancelled my subscription for the plus membership the day after I signed up. I’m inquiring how long till I receive my refund for it? Thank you. Enjoy your day.

    — by Christine MacIntyre 11 months ago

  • I have paid for the extra on Fastic yet I not recognised and being asked for money again. I can only access the free stuff.

    — by Jen 11 months ago

  • I can not see my buddies data. But they can see some of my data. Although they can not see my fasting and feasting times. Which is the only reason I use this app. I downloaded and paid for the plus version thinking that would resolve my issue....but it not not. Which means now I am paying for something I don't want. How can I see my buddies info to stay and keep them motivated????????

    — by Tania LaVon Coats 11 months ago

  • Hello I was falsely advertised, it said 0.74p a week but have taken the full amount that it would amount to for the whole year, I need this refund as soon as possible.

    — by Holly Powell 11 months ago

  • I paid for a yearly subscription this morning for FasticPlus. I tried to access my account that I set up on IPhone on my Ipad because the fonts are larger and it wants to charge me again as if I have no Plus subscription and is doing the same thing now when I go back to the IPhone to try to access Plus. I’ve already paid and have sn existing subscription for Plus that no device allows me to access without asking me to pay for a second subscription. This is nuts!
    My phone is 1 (205) 227-8675 if you wish to call or text a resolution. Otherwise I’ll have to cancel the plus subscription due to it not working.

    — by Kathleen Smith 11 months ago

  • Hi- I was reviewing your app and some how managed to subscribe, this was not intentional, I thought this was a free app. Money has been debited from my account, I would like to request a refund, I did not intend to purchase a 3 month subscription. I do not agree to this purchase. Thank you

    — by Melissa vanzandt 11 months ago

  • I don’t want to cancel. I want the subscription I bought to work on my app!

    — by Jasmine Smith 11 months ago

  • I bought Fastic plus and my app will not let me use the features. It is still asking me to buy Fastic plus in order to unlock features when I click on them.

    — by Jasmine Smith 11 months ago

  • Hello,

    My app does not work anymore. When I open it I only see the fastic logo. I already re-started my iPhone and deleted and reinstalled the app. Please help.

    With kind regards,


    — by Manisha Hofstede 11 months ago

  • Please cancel my subscription. I was charged before completing the application.

    — by Emily murr 11 months ago

  • I did not sign up for this or anything and I'd like to have my refund ASAP

    — by Theresa Turpin 11 months ago

  • You have messed up my fasting days and time and completely missed yesterday so now l’m missing the record that ends today at 3:55PM . Why is there no one to help with these issues!!??

    — by Glenda Elswick 11 months ago

  • want to cancel out of this program. how do i do this

    — by richard mcintyre 11 months ago

  • I bought the premium service and registered with a typo in my email address. I wrongly typed [email protected] but my actual email address is [email protected] I can't verify my email address since I typed it in wrong. I cant change my email address to the correct one as I get a message:that email address is already in use". PLease help. Thank you

    — by Buddy Tidwell 11 months ago

  • I’ve never used the appl and have tried several times to cancel. You keep charging me. STOP!

    — by Lisa Schwartz 11 months ago

  • I tap a tab to see what it was and was charged $14.99. I don’t want it. How do I cancel it?

    — by Christopher Ross 1 year ago

  • My buddy just keeps buffering, never updates with their name or their correct current status.

    — by Andrea Taylor 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my subscription

    — by Anna Bahon 1 year ago

  • Hello, I have charges from this app that I don't want or approve. Please send refund

    — by Kallie Parson 1 year ago

  • I earned a gift/reward and Fastic site stated the charge would be 0.76/week or $39.39. My credit card was charged $67.48. Please resolve this issue.

    — by Mike Livermore 1 year ago

  • I want to cancel my fastic app subscription...and also i want my refund as payment was made by mistake

    — by Shimpy Srivastava 1 year ago

  • Please cancel the subscription and refund the amount debited

    — by Binduaquin 1 year ago

  • My cryptotab btc has been deducted from my account,why I haven't see nothing

    — by Ahmad 1 year ago

  • Ich kündige hiermit meine Teilnahme,
    Ich wollte es nur für 1mal,aber sie haben von mein Konto jeder 3monaten Geld in der letzten 9 Monaten ohne mich zu fragen.

    — by Yasmin Dhaw 1 year ago

  • I havethe Fastic Plus but it’s on my phone that went swimming!! The Fastic app came over to mynew phone but the app isn’t recognizing me but reporting my previous information. Please advise.

    — by Olivia Von RattleGirl 1 year ago

  • Cancel my subscription and refund current $29.99 back to my debit card

    — by Barbara Wygal 1 year ago

  • I am trying to log into my account with a new phone. I couldn’t remember the method I’d used before to log in. I think I clicked log in with Facebook, but that wasn’t the original way I’d logged in, so it’s going through the steps as if I’m a brand new account. I need to get into my old account. How do I do this. There’s no go back or sign out and start over. Please contact me at [email protected]

    — by Kimberly Ragas 1 year ago

  • what amounts are units what is a unit of sweet potato, what is a unit of salmon

    — by fiona dougherty 1 year ago

  • I paid for fastic plus but I am unable to access it.

    — by Carole 1 year ago

  • I requested a month ago via the play store to cancel my subscription. I was charged anyway and I want to cancel as well as receive a refund for 31.99 that I was charged after cancelling

    — by Lindsey Stokes 1 year ago

  • Fastic step counter has been counting double my steps for the last month. Was working perfectly before that. iPhone 11xpro

    — by John Calhoun 1 year ago

  • On me propose un prix de 14,99 euros pour 3 mois (il me reste 2:36 pour payer) mais quand je paie, le prix est de 29,99 euros donc pas de réduction..

    — by Laure 1 year ago

  • I am trying to cancel my subscription. I have repeatedly emailed support and info with no response. I signed up through Facebook but can find no way to unsubscribe or cancel.

    — by Barbara Ferrell 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my Fastic subscription

    — by Lisa Cruz 1 year ago

  • Can you please look into my subscription. I have been charged twice. Once for full price and also for 50% off. I would be very grateful if you could refund me the $85.99 I’m owed.

    Thank you.

    — by Jacqueline Atlas 1 year ago

  • I haven't got an account as I haven't agreed or signed up for one however I have had £1 and £29.99 taken from my bank account
    I would like the money which has been taken without my permission returned immediately, I haven't got the App on my phone and have no intention of using this as I'm not well and fasting would be the worst thing for my health, the only thing that could have happened is when I clicked on the advert purely reading what it was about.
    I have cancelled further subscriptions being taken with Paypal and would like your confirmation that any subscription set up in my name be cancelled immediately
    I do hope this situation will be settled very quickly as I have concern when reading reviews about other peoples experiences, and I hope you will prove them wrong so I can comment on this fact
    Kind regards
    Mandy Czuchaj

    — by mandy czuchaj 1 year ago

  • Buddies option is not working. Added two buddies and neither of ours is working. It just circles.

    — by Whitney Feaster 1 year ago

  • I don't know how to get my steps tracking to work

    — by Jacqueline Brantley 1 year ago


    — by Agripina Maria Montez Lopes 1 year ago

  • Hi there, I'm looking at the fastic device and I have 2 question.
    Is the device a Lumen device?

    Also, the discounted price of 154,99 € is actually higher than the non-discounted price 149,99 €.

    Could you please shad some light in regards, thank you

    — by Giuseppe Liberale 1 year ago

  • Quero cancelar a compra desse aplicativo não autorizei essa compra

    — by Andreia alves dos santos 1 year ago

  • Quero cancelar a compra desse aplicativo não autorizei essa compra

    — by Andreia alves dos santos 1 year ago

  • I downloaded the 7 day trial on my phone. I was then charged £29.99 for 3 months and now I can't access any of the recipes or anything else. Can you please refund me as I don't understand what's going on. I also tried to log in on here and it says I don't have an account - all very strange.

    — by Nina Stephenson 1 year ago

  • I have signed up on the app for 3 months but you have taken the money twice. I need one refunded.

    — by nicola moore 1 year ago

  • Hi there, I want to key in a yesterday start fast time, but it only gives me 11 as the hour. I started at 7pm. Why does it do this? 😞

    — by Michele 1 year ago

  • Mein Schrittzähler funktioniert von Anfang an nicht !

    — by Mireille Lucius - Thill 1 year ago

  • CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AND MY SUBSCRIPTION. there is no option to cancel the sub, this company is a scam.

    — by natasha 1 year ago

  • I wish to cancel my Fastic subscription

    — by Jan Macdonald 1 year ago

  • Haven't received tennis shoes order# 8397314,Product#38211358 ordered on 5/12/21. Full price $33.24+S.h. . are they shipping my parcel?

    — by Patricia Mill 1 year ago

  • Subscription cancellation request

    — by Ashley Klyczek 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my Fastic subscription. I would do it myself but I don’t see it in my paid subscriptions to cancel it. I do not want to be charged. Thanks

    — by Anika Spry 1 year ago

  • When I try to edit yesterday’s fast times-I made a mistake-the screen just turns grey and there is nothing there.
    I e tried multiple other dates and they ALL are editable/they ALL work. But May 30th doesn’t. Help!!!!

    — by Meredith Whitaker Ahearn 1 year ago

  • I cancelled my FASTIC app through Apple ID IPhone within two days purchase and Apple credited me, Then I see a charge for $29.99 + 1.00 on my Credit Card that I did not authorize. First of all, how did your company access my credit card? I've already filed a dispute with the credit card company Capital One, Can someone reply to me?

    — by Patricia K Frehr 1 year ago

  • Hi there,

    I’m struggling to log back in to my account. The forgot password option just keeps loading.

    — by Courtney Tate 1 year ago

  • I no longer want your services thru this Fastic app. Do not charge my account fir this every month… I responding and I’m letting you no I no longer want your services

    — by Andrea Easter 1 year ago

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