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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Dancebit: Weight Loss Dance?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of HarmonyBit to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Dancebit: Weight Loss Dance Features and Description

Time to start a dance workout for your perfect body. With Dancebit you shake your body to the groove, have fun, and lose weight at home, all at the same time. This 28-day dance fitness challenge gets you moving and grooving as you slim down and tone up—what better way to work on your fitness than dancing? Twist, turn, and rock—a dance workout is a great way to get fit no matter your style! Forget busy gyms. Just enjoy fun dance exercises all the time and lose weight. DANCEBIT KEY FEATURES: - Just 28 days to lose weight and train your muscles. Stay on top of your routine at every turn. - Dance workout challenges boost your motivation. With just 28-day goals, you are more likely to keep on track. - Routines take between 7 to 12 minutes, so you don't need to spend hours working out and get bored. - Packed with lots of dance classes to learn at home, including Latina, Aerobics, Hip-Hop, Kiat Jud Dai, House, and more! - Dance exercises for all body parts - belly, butts, legs. Target your problem area! - From newbie to dancing pro—there's a level for you, no matter how skilled you are, to start with, keep that dance energy going at your pace. - Progress tracking to motivate yourself, learn new dance fitness levels, and get that dream body! So, what are you waiting for?! Step up your dance workout and get going with Dancebit!

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common Dancebit Issues

is Dancebit: Weight Loss Dance down? Dancebit: Weight Loss Dance not working

How to Fix Dancebit Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with Dancebit, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if Dancebit is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter Dancebit user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that Dancebit is down, you'll need to wait until Dancebit itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear Dancebit app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I was never told after 5 days my card was going to be charged 70. I have tried to cancel and cannot figure out how. This needs to be fixed immediately. I haven’t even used the app. Not even once.

    — by LindaSue Harrison 1 week ago

  • I was never told after 5 days my card was going to be charged 70. I have tried to cancel and cannot figure out how. This needs to be fixed immediately. I haven’t even used the app. Not even once.

    — by LindaSue Harrison 1 week ago

  • I don’t want your service how do I cancel

    — by Sandi Nicotera 1 week ago

  • Hello I didn't confirm a subscription and canceled half way so I'm not sure why I was charged and need to cancel and get reimbursed please and thank you

    — by Samantha Mestyan 1 week ago

  • Refund money unauthorized payments 12.99 , 17.99 canceled subscription but still charged . Cancel and refund immediately

    — by Jontay phillips 1 week ago

  • I cancelled my subscription twice b4 I was charged twice 17.99, and 12.99 please refund and cancel my subscription I did not authorize payments app is not responding on my cell. Phone

    — by Jontay phillips 1 week ago

  • Hello, I didnt realize the subscription would be 40 dollars up front and now I am overdrawn and struggling. Please cancel and refund the subscription cost please. It still says pending on my account. Thank you very much.
    530-845-0131 is my contact phone number

    — by Angela Rennick 2 weeks ago

  • I have been charged 95,51$ + an extra 0.68$ + 1.40$ but I don't understand why. If I had acces to the app I would understand, but I get even get to the app because it tells me that my renewal has been revoked.

    — by Alexia 3 weeks ago

  • I don’t have this app anymore. I don’t have a subscription. You have tried to take money out of my account 5 times, as of today. My bank continuously declines it. This needs to STOP.

    — by Jeannie duval 3 weeks ago

  • I would like to talk to someone. I was trying to do the challenge and for two days I have been stuck on day one because I streamed airplay to my TV so now it won’t work or count. I should say on my days.

    — by Melissa crawford 3 weeks ago

  • Hi I paid for a plan on the 24th of Feb and I have no access ro my plan at all and can't login. Please can I have my user details so I can get started as money exited my account and its not fair that I can't access it.

    — by Nonsikelelo Maphosa 1 month ago

  • I was not aware that this is only a cell phone app. I contacted Dancebit right away and requested a cancelation and refund, as I cannot use a cell phone only app. I have received replies telling me to upgrade my OS on my phone. That was NOT was I requested. Please, please, please, cancel my subscription and refund my $50. There are SO many horrible reviews on your Facebook page, you really should pay attention. Unless this is your standard way of operating in which case, I will be seeking legal assistance.

    — by Juliana Haubrich 2 months ago

  • Please refund my 41.98 payment. I didn’t authorize it and don’t want it.

    — by Nancy Nygaard 2 months ago

  • I have had surgery and have not been able to use this app. Forgot I even had it until notification of charge this morning.?Please cancel

    — by Brenda 2 months ago

  • I want out of whatever contract I’ve supposedly signed up to. And my money back!! Thank you

    — by Alvina Reimer 2 months ago

  • I signed up 2 months ago and it is not allowing me to enter to the app and 2 charges of $29.99 has gone. I want refund and want to cancel subscription.

    — by Diya Joe 3 months ago

  • I am not impressed with this app and service they say you can cancel at anytime but that is not entirely true. I have been trying since 22nd May 2022 to unsubscribe & wish to be reimbursed for the over payments they keep debiting from my account. This has been going on since the date above total amount is $312.35

    — by Esther Owen 3 months ago

  • I did not sign up for your service and somehow a charge ended up on my credit card. Please help with changing that.

    — by Nancy Boyle 4 months ago

  • I'm try to cancel but I cant I'm still charge in my bank account

    — by Norma Lopez 4 months ago

  • Hi there, I signed up for Dancebit for a 3 month term. I paid 49.99. I then downloaded the app, and it's asking me to sign up , but I already did. Also, the app price was only 37.99 for the entire year. How do I get started, as I have paid . Thanks

    — by Slava Fisher 4 months ago

  • I signed up for the app however it's not allowing me to enter and it's already charged my account.

    — by Heidi Miser 4 months ago

  • I signed up for a month and u have billed me for 3 months off Instagram I now have the app and you may bill me again

    — by Jo-Ann Burdett 4 months ago

  • I need to cancel this membership

    — by Carla Louise Dowlen 4 months ago

  • My subscription was cancelled on 2 May for which i have confirmation but i was charged again this month. Please advise. Thanks.

    — by Gurdeep Bains 4 months ago

  • I applied and paid for a session with Dancebit and it still deducting from my card but I have never receive anything from your company.
    I have paid and sent message by messenger since last month October but never got a reply.
    Can you please up date me about my company and where do I see and get the benefit of what I am paying.

    Thank you

    — by Jacqueline Buri 4 months ago

  • Please refund me $43.69 I don’t want this app. Please email me to let me know this is done and that I am unsubscribed going forward. Thanks so much!

    — by Julia Collins 4 months ago

  • I have paid for a months membership and the app won’t open. Please either sort this out or refund me.

    — by Clare Greensmith 4 months ago

  • Hello there. I am having a problem with my dance bit app and getting into a program. It is telling me to pay again which I have already paid $39.99 and I have proof of that in my bank. Please correct this so that I can use your services for the first time since I paid Thank you

    — by Deborah McKinnon 4 months ago

  • Hi I bought a one month subscription but another came out last week. I am requesting a refund please and to cancel any more payments thank you

    — by Tracey McEvoy 4 months ago

  • I cancelled this on September 16, yet I continued to be billed for it in October and November. Please discontinue billing me and refund what your charged me.

    — by Brenda Gentry 4 months ago

  • I tried the payment option for 3 months plan.. That is showed that the payment didn't get through so tried again.. But it seems my credit card was debited.. Pls help solve this urgently

    — by Tejaswini 4 months ago

  • Dancebit keeps charging me $50 every month although I unsubscribed 4 months ago. I’d like a refund for the past 4 months

    — by Caroline La Rose 4 months ago

  • I would like a refund for the funds I was charged today via credit card.

    — by Heather 4 months ago

  • I'm unable to access the app. The app keeps directing me to the start up page and asking for payment. My charges are pending on my Citibank VISA. This is very discouraging as I've given the go ahead to Citibank to allow these charges. Now I'm wondering if I've authorized a scam site. Please help.

    — by Laurie Phillips 4 months ago

  • Please refund my membership (19.99) was withdrawn … I don’t want this app sorry… marie lajoie

    — by marie 4 months ago

  • I have been trying for DAYS now to even get in contact and talk about getting a refund. I Was charged for the use of a month but had no way of accessing the content. After contacting customer service the first time they sent me instructions on how to access the content- however after following the steps nothing changed, I replied telling them that and still haven’t heard back. I had a 2nd representative contact me a day later asking why I wasent interacting with the content and send me the same list of steps the first person gave me, once again I responded saying it did not work but alas I still haven’t heard from them either. So I swear to god I’ll be damned if I don’t get a refund for this unprofessional company. If your response to this is to once again give me steps on how to access content don’t even bother I’m so frustrated with this company that I want nothing to do with it anymore- and like how are you going to charge me, not give me access to anything I paid for and then not respond on how to help? That’s ridiculous and quite frankly sounds a little illegal- I. Want. My. Money . Back!!!!!!

    — by Kailie Henckel 4 months ago

  • Can you please refund my money $35.03 which I just paid today to get your app on my iPhone. The app didn’t allow me to open it up and do my dance workout it kept on telling me to choose your subscription but I had already paid this earlier. So I did then chose the free 14 day trial and it then opened up to the dance workout. But I went back into cancelling this and it has done that.
    Please refund my $35.03 ASAP as paid through my credit card.

    Thank you

    — by Kere Macdonald 4 months ago

  • Hi, this is Rasa Shir Ali
    Can u please unsubscribe my account, I even just bought this for 1 week as $7!!
    Why you continue charging me as $45??
    I don't want to continue please refund mine.
    Even I don't know what's my account.

    — by Rasa Shir Ali 4 months ago

  • Hello, I made a purchase to access Dancebit; However, I did not receive a receipt and when I try to access the app I am prompted to select and pay for a new plan. I click to “restore” and I get a message that tells me there is “No purchase to restore.” I was charged $39.99 and would like a refund!

    — by Serena 5 months ago

  • You took money out of my a count , when I only used yr site for only 2 hours n unsubscribe....I want my money back!!

    — by Lei lui 5 months ago

  • Can you please cancel my dancebit account. I had $49.99 taken out of my account straight away and i don't want to use it. It asks for monthly payments but i thought this $49.99 covers for my monthly payments. So please cancel it asap.

    — by Sally 5 months ago

  • Can you please cancel my dancebit account. I had $49.99 taken out of my account straight away and i don't want to use it. It asks for monthly payments but i thought this $49.99 covers for my monthly payments. So please cancel it asap.

    — by Sally 5 months ago

  • Hi
    I already canceled and you guys keep charging me. Please, make sure won’t happen again and also I’d like to get refunded for the charges
    Thank you

    — by Neli jolly 5 months ago

  • I made the payment but can’t get into the app. Please help. Thank you.

    — by Chrystn Sims 5 months ago

  • I cancelled the subscription some time ago but the charge is still being taken from my bank account. I went into google play store and subscriptions but it is no longer there to select and cancel subscription so I am stuck. Can you help? Thanks :-)

    — by Jennifer 5 months ago

  • Created an account for my daughter (16yrs) on her iPhone. We have added a credit card and receive an offer for $29.99 a year. We tried to select it, but it hangs after stating it will send a message to a parent or guardian for approval. We closed out and went back in, the second time we did not get the offer so I just did the three day free trial and again we get a message that it will contact the guardian or parent for approval. Her email address is [email protected]

    — by Stacey Roseberry 5 months ago

  • Can you please cancel my subscription and refund my money?

    — by Chloe Cassem 5 months ago

  • Look I've been charged by you guys for this app I don't even use

    — by Ramona aguilar 6 months ago

  • I want to cancel dancebit not working now messing up my account

    — by Ellen tull 6 months ago

  • I downloaded this app, but have not been able to open it or use it. Yet my account keeps having money withdrawn from it. I would like my money refunded because I refuse to pay for something I cannot use.

    — by Caitey 6 months ago

  • Hi please cancel my subscription. And I dont see an option to cancel my subscription in the app please cancel this app subscription

    — by Navya Satish Kumar 7 months ago

  • I never order dance bit please refund my money

    — by Jacinta smith 7 months ago

  • I've paid $69.99 for 6 months and I can't start with the program, it keeps on asking for payment

    — by Thalia Kyvernitakis 7 months ago

  • I've been trying to cancel, can't cancel on app or in play store, I keep getting charged and now it overdrew my account

    — by Kayla King-Taylor 7 months ago

  • I have joined and paid for my Dancebit course but cannot get access to the programme. Please could you help me. Many thanks Mona Francis

    — by Mona Francis 8 months ago

  • I have paid for my dancebit I dont know how to proceed. Can u help. How do I get app? I am not sure of computer too much

    — by Nancy Broome 8 months ago

  • I have dancebit app and just got the 3 day trial and chose weekly payment. The app is not allowing me to register or see my keeps asking for plan but there's no option to chose. I need to cancel my subscription as my trial is not working ...nothing is.

    — by Lori Lavric 8 months ago

  • I just purchased Dancebit
    I have not received a response to create my account to login. Please advise

    — by Kathy 9 months ago

  • I mistakenly subscribed to the Dancebit monthly price. And I want to cancel it as soon as possible and remove it from my payment fee. The account can be deleted as well because I don’t need it.

    I will be glad when this is done as soon as possible before payment

    — by Juanita 1 year ago

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