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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with DayBand?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Smart Wear to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

DayBand Features and Description

DayBand is a stylish movement sleep monitoring Bluetooth low energy products 1, support the pedometer function, exercise calorie conversion; 2, can sleep monitoring, statistical analysis of sleep quality of sleep; 3, support the sharing of health information, sports and other functions; Tips: The phone system must be android4.3 or more, and the phone must support BLE (Bluetooth 4.0), apk with the hardware to use.

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common DayBand Issues

How to Fix DayBand Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with DayBand, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if DayBand is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter DayBand user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that DayBand is down, you'll need to wait until DayBand itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear DayBand app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Device will not charge

    — by Denny Hammermeister 1 week ago

  • Device does not work

    — by Robert Bean 2 weeks ago

  • how do i get this thing to work?

    — by jimdechambeau 2 weeks ago

  • The app won't let me regster it won't send me a catchall code

    — by Mark S 2 weeks ago

  • Dayband app reports there is a bug in the app and that it will reopen once patch is provided

    — by Pauline St Pierre 3 weeks ago

  • How do I start the sleep? It doesnt turn on all by itself and there is no start button for it.

    — by Vann Nichelini 3 weeks ago

  • I cannot login to the account on my dayband app. The CAPTCHA just counts down when I try to GET it

    — by Vann Nichelini 3 weeks ago

  • Can I charge my DayBand watch using 240w charger?

    — by Jason Cheng 3 weeks ago

  • Cancel

    — by Jo Ann Clark 1 month ago

  • I cannot get my device to charge. I have tried numerous chargers, none work. Up until 3 days ago it was charging. Help

    — by Betty I Feagin 1 month ago

  • Unable to re pair my iband watch to my iphone

    — by Gail Stickland 1 month ago

  • Today is 1stMay and still have not heard anything about replacement of my day band that dose not work.

    — by Robert Bean 1 month ago

  • The app won't accept my email.

    — by Robin 1 month ago

  • My day band did not work correctly from the start and after three days it quit completely. Need it replaced now

    — by Robert Bean 1 month ago

  • Have a unit that worked some what for three days now nothing. Need to return for a replacement

    — by Robert Bean 1 month ago

  • Have a unit that worked some what for three days now nothing. Need to return for a replacement

    — by Robert Bean 1 month ago

  • My heart rate doesn’t show any value
    Blood pressure also doesn’t show any numbers

    — by Alphonse T Mikhail 1 month ago


    — by PETER AMERIO 1 month ago

  • I want to buy a replacement strap for the watch. Both sides are cracking. How?

    — by Marshall Lewis 1 month ago

  • I have tried many times to register and get on Day Band. I keep getting an X next to my password even after I tried to reset it.

    — by Joyce Bischoff 1 month ago

  • Bought the Smart Bracelet, downloaded the app, but can't get past the Captcha prompt. What is it looking for?

    — by James LaRue 1 month ago

  • Can't log on just spins circles

    — by Diana Long 1 month ago

  • My old DayBand watch band broken. I need to purchase new black wristband of the watch. Please let me know how I can purchase the new wristband. Please reply at your convenience. Appreciate your response and help. Thanks

    — by Sheikh Karim 1 month ago

  • Finally registered. Now app cannot find device & says to move it closer, when device is sitting on screen. Have reset watch & restarted phone. Same results.

    — by Penny Jones 1 month ago

  • I cannot set up/register my app.

    — by Penny Jones 1 month ago

  • I a not good with electronics and I can't seem to sync "DayBand"with my cell

    — by Judith A Provo 1 month ago

  • I am having a problem with not being able to register my sleep.

    — by Judith Hall 1 month ago

  • I cannot sync with my Samsung Phone. Your instructions are incomplete on syncing and i am having a real problem. I have downloaded the app but cannot get it to work. HELP!

    — by GERALD REASON 1 month ago

  • How do you adjust sleep times? Mine starts to monitor at 2:10am and stops at 6:00am. Not sure how to change the times.

    — by Anthony 2 months ago

  • Cant log in to app or reset password. Capticha doesn't work.

    — by Franny Zeeryp 2 months ago

  • DayBand does not work as a watch!

    — by Joseph D Hope-Tillman 2 months ago

  • Captiva stops account set up on dayband

    — by Debbie Hnidy 2 months ago

  • Unable to login.An. x. Is next to the email??

    — by Brad Ohm 2 months ago

  • I cannot register on the Dayband app on my Android phone to use the Kinetic pro smartwatch. Please help or I want to return the watch 856.341.6771

    — by Staci Greenberg 2 months ago

  • I cannot get get the captcha to work. I cleared the cache and cookies. Javascript is enabled. I rebooted the phone.

    — by Paul Cashen 3 months ago

  • I cannot get get the captcha to work. I cleared the cache and cookies. Javascript is enabled. I rebooted the phone.

    — by Paul Cashen 3 months ago

  • Android program doesn't work with Kinetic C5S watch. I want Kinetics to give me a refund

    — by Dan Anderson 3 months ago

  • I'm unable to log in to the Dayband app on my Android phone

    — by Anthony Lorusso 3 months ago

  • I'm trying to register on the app and it says I need to get a "captcha". I hit the "get" button and a 1 minute clock starts. Where is the "captcha"??

    — by Susan Bailey 3 months ago

  • Please tell me how to change my watch from 24hour mode to the AM-PM mode.
    Example from 13:35 to 1:35PM)

    — by Michel Moutal 3 months ago

  • Cannot get the watch to download so I can do the settings. I am not happy with this watch. It is not senior friendly. I have tried everything! Ready for a refund. Will not download to phone or computer. Android phone.

    — by Jean Kendall 4 months ago

  • I can't login to the dayband website, it just hangs there. It doesn't like my email address.

    — by Mike J 4 months ago

  • How do I change my weight in the app? Do you have another set of instructions? It would be nice to access it online!

    — by Kris Halbur 4 months ago

  • This band only keeps up with my steps!! None of the other functions work at all, blood pressure only work 2 times the first time I put it on and same with heart rate. I bought this band for those 2 main reasons and I can't even get them to work. I am wear the band correctly, because that is the message I get when none of the functions work. I am very disappointed in this product and hate I spent money on it. I will now have to buy another brand!

    — by Coach Larkins 4 months ago

  • I cannot sync my local weather to my watch. It seems to be using a another location for weather.

    — by Bart Lewis 4 months ago

  • My DayBand no longer charges properly. A full charge only lasts about 2 hours.

    — by STEVE KLIEWER 5 months ago

  • It says im registered but won't let me login

    — by James M Gaddis 5 months ago

  • I can't get passed the captcha

    — by Jack R Shults 5 months ago

  • I recently changed my phone and Dayband is telling me to login. It won't recognise my email account, so I have tried to register again. I receive a verification code but have no idea where this should be applied. Help, please?

    — by Michael Hugh Askham 5 months ago

  • I cannot register the app. I enter email address, password, confirm password & press catchall get. X appears by email address or password & I get no further

    — by Margaret Nicholls 5 months ago

  • i cant get Day band to setup for weather.. i see the page for it but no information from my phone goes to it.

    — by james hughes 6 months ago

  • Can't register my kinetic smart watch

    — by Sal neri 6 months ago

  • Won't accept my email account

    — by Michael Petito 6 months ago

  • Having trouble with pairing even tho watch and phone are close

    — by Mark Leach 6 months ago

  • No issues. Just want to get additional watch bands but don’t know where or how to do this. Thanks.

    — by Patricia Finger Russell 6 months ago

  • I need help putting my day and on new phone

    — by Rose Prince 6 months ago

  • I have tried several times to set up an acct. I keep getting told acct or password is incorrect once I have done it. I will have to return the watches I ordered for Christmas gifts if I can not get this straightened out. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

    — by Cheri Sprouls 7 months ago

  • Why does the Spo2 show on the watch, but it is not on the app for my phone??

    — by David Ballard 8 months ago

  • Can't do nothing with my watch always fully charged, never really used it .can't change time or settings. Must be made in China.

    — by Darlene 8 months ago

  • Mijn slaap wordt niet gemonitord. Hoe zorg ik dat dit gaat werken?

    — by Naomi Dantuma 8 months ago

  • I am trying to register on the app but I am not able to get a captcha code.

    — by Christine Houghton 8 months ago

  • The first is that despite having been using one of your activity bracelets coupled with Dayband for anaysis for over a year now, I am unable to "register" on my Smartphones. I have no idea what I am sopposed to type into the field Captcha. I click on the GET icon, a count down ensues, but then what? I hope that you can solve this problem for me.

    — by Zal 8 months ago

  • If I sign up and use my credit card, how do I cancel. I just want to bet my watch set up. I do not want the streaming services offered

    — by Jeanette Vorce 8 months ago

  • If I sign up and use my credit card, how do I cancel. I just want to bet my watch set up. I do not want the streaming services offered

    — by Jeanette Vorce 8 months ago

  • Sleep detail is not accurate, up and awake at night and this is not detected. Blood pressure also not accurate.

    — by Barbara Tanguay 8 months ago

  • I can't register on Dayband. BPM, sleep, HR, O2 saturation not working

    — by Francis Kweku Amagloh 8 months ago

  • I purchased 3 of your watches for my family. One of the watch band with notches on them is crack and ready to break off. Can you send me a replacement for it.

    my address is 6816 Bantry CT, Darien, IL 60561 and my phone is 660-205-8093

    — by Paul Fung 8 months ago

  • I can't get it to register. I receive the catcha code via email. I then enter password twice. I have no idea if there are rules around what password has to be

    — by Julie 8 months ago

  • I cannot get my day and to register with my phone, ok just get a message saying registration failed.

    — by Mr. Paul Hudson 9 months ago

  • Cannot register or connect to the spp

    — by Barbara Tanguay 9 months ago

  • I have purchased a new dayband watch and am not able to log in, tried to change the password and that is not registering. Also i am not able to register the device on my phone. something is not working well. please give me instructions or reset the back end so that I can start again.

    — by Laura Fletcher 9 months ago

  • My u it stopped taking heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen. Will take temperature. The lights come on and it looks like it is working, but no reading.

    — by Wendy Taylor 9 months ago

  • Could not create account on phone. Do not know how to address capitva

    — by Nancy LaMance 9 months ago

  • Having trouble opening Dayband app.
    Downloaded app
    Installed app on phone
    Registered my email address & password with Dayband
    Bluetooth on my phone found the watch - DA-2581
    Tried to login to the app using email address &L password registered with Dayband
    Received a message of an error
    Tried a number of times without success.
    Without asking I received a verification code from DayBand>[email protected]
    My phone & watch are fully charged.
    What do I do now
    Trevor Burge

    — by Trevor Burge 9 months ago

  • Having trouble opening Dayband app.
    Downloaded app, registered, tried to login, advised error in account or registration. What do I do

    — by Trevor Burge 9 months ago

  • Dayband will not download to my mobile phone

    — by Leigh Stevens 9 months ago

  • I have been unable to get into the website. I believe it is because of the Captcha Code. I do not have one and when I click to GET one it takes about a minute and comes back to just a blank Box. Any help will be appreciated.
    o the website.

    — by Ray Ergewnbright 9 months ago

  • I am unablebti conevt ttonl the website with my dayband v2.

    — by Ray Ergenbright 9 months ago

  • I had an account at the above email address and I can't login.

    — by Joanne Freeman 9 months ago

  • I am very unhappy with the Product. Please send me authorization to return the product and issue me a credit

    — by Michael A Feffer 9 months ago

  • I am unable to register my koretrak dayband as the capchta won't show up.. please help me with this. Thank you so much.

    — by Debra Green 9 months ago

  • I have a new phone but dayband does not recognize me email account and will not let me sigh in so I can update my dayband watch

    — by Joseph Stewart 10 months ago

  • Registration page doesn't work. Need Captcha which starts a count down and does nothing else. Fix it.

    — by Claire Hartstonge 10 months ago

  • Cannot get The app to register an account for me.

    — by James Wylie 10 months ago


    — by Frank DeLuca 10 months ago

  • Can't get my watch connected

    — by Wanda chebott 10 months ago

  • all features are working but the step counter it was working but now is not

    — by christine m jenkins 10 months ago

  • I have registered my account and have received and input the verification code that was sent. When I try to log in it says wrong email or password. Can this be sorted out? Thank you.

    — by ziva 10 months ago

  • I can not get the app to accept my email and password. I need help.

    — by Gloria Hamson 11 months ago

  • I want my money back how do I get it back this fitness tracker is garbage blood pressure doesn’t work accurate you can’t even calibrate it it’s useless

    — by Sher 11 months ago

  • The strap to my DayBand has broken. How can I ontain a replacement please?

    — by Laurance Thompson 11 months ago

  • Can't remember password..

    — by Susan Whittle 11 months ago

  • How do I get a catcha a to register
    My dayband

    — by Barbara feldbauer 11 months ago

  • Can't fill in captcha to register

    — by Barbara feldbauer 11 months ago

  • I downloaded your DayBand app but couldn't get registered. I couldn't figure out what to do at the Captcha step. Please explain that step for me.

    — by Robert Drew 11 months ago

  • Just received a Kinetic band and put the Day Band app on my Android device. Unable to get the Day Band app to register me. It just continually shows the "working" icon.

    — by Ronald Schuster 11 months ago

  • Dayband app doesn't count my steps. Please regulate it!

    — by Arlinda 11 months ago

  • It seems impossible to register for an account. The registration screen does not work properly. Based on postings on the web, I am not the only one having this problem. I am in need of customer support.

    — by Janet Armstrong 1 year ago

  • I cannot remember my password and I cannot change it using your system.

    — by George Matsui 1 year ago

  • I reset my watch now I cant set the time on it

    — by Patricia Huddleston 1 year ago

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