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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Glory Fit?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Smart Wear to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Glory Fit Features and Description

GloryFit is a companion app for the smart bracelet. This app works with the smart bracelet to record your exercise details, such as step counting, sleep, heart rate, etc. In addition, GloryFit also supports SMS reminder, call reminder, SMS quick reply, APP reminder and other functions.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Ma montre ne synchronise pas les pas pour Google fit. Quand j'essaie de synchroniser manuellement l'application s'éteint.

    — by antunes alves bernardete 1 week ago

  • What is the plastic tab on the back of my P 86 four

    — by Rich Piccolo 1 week ago

  • How do I connect my glory fit to my Samsung a12

    — by Deanna 2 weeks ago

  • Good afternoon,
    The watch has been working great and I love the battery life! It’s been a game changer, but the actual bands I have been unhappy with….. It’s a poor design because I already have went through 3 of them in the past 6-8 months. This is very disappointing, and I am thinking twice about purchasing from you in the future. To demonstrate that you value my business, I would like some new bands sent to me at no cost to make up for the product quality.

    — by Derek Clifton 2 weeks ago

  • Good afternoon,
    Please would you assist. How do I see my sleep pattern on my GloryFit App: and how do I use the ‘Find’ option on my GloryFit watch when it does not ring my iPhone 8 Plus please?
    I wear it at night.
    I have Bluetooth enabled.
    I have the GloryFit App on my iPhone 8 Plus.

    I really want to solve this. It has been a few weeks like this.

    Thank you kindly,
    Terre Spratt

    — by Terre Spratt 2 weeks ago

  • My Health Week Report will not load for this week is there an issue?

    — by Renee Gougis 2 weeks ago

  • Can’t get messages to show on my GloryFit - calls show but not messages

    — by Julie Howes 2 weeks ago

  • I need help. I am not able to use your app, can someone help me? I'd like to use my Spadeandco smart2 watch but cannot. My cell phone is 970-980-3368

    — by David Gilkey 2 weeks ago

  • My watch s37 dosn't show arabic language in right way
    What can i do ?

    — by Mohamed sief 3 weeks ago

  • I wore my device last night. It recorded my sleep data. When I opened the app this morning it erased my sleep data from my device and didn’t record it. I have only had my device since May.

    — by Mary Robertson 3 weeks ago

  • I'm not receiving a Get Captcha in my E MAIL. I try it 7 timed . And how do I activated BLUETOOTH ?

    — by Kameron.smith 3 weeks ago

  • Gloryfit says installed, but my email address comes up and below says Captcha with a lock sign. Can't complete it. Got a code and still reverts to capthca.

    — by Pauline A Grawey 1 month ago

  • I bought a Smart Watch and the description said to use Glory Fit app to utilize all functions. However, I cannot utilize the Multi Sports Function using iPhone 14 Pro. Why? You have many options for sports activities but only a few show up on the phone. Why?

    — by Victoria Kessler 1 month ago

  • My watch just quite. Thought battery needed charging. But it's dead, won't come on. I've only had watch about 2 months. Can you help. Thank You

    — by Amie 1 month ago

  • I'm trying to setup with watch I bought. I received the verification code but it doesn't work. When I click login it just spins round and round.

    — by John Gillis 1 month ago

  • I bought my watch near the beginning of September and it has been great! However now it’s near the middle of October and I have had no need to charge it (considering I turn it off once I come home) but now it won’t charge! I’ve tried and checked everything three times but it won’t charge. Please help me please. -Fatema

    — by Fatema 1 month ago

  • I can’t receive text notifications

    — by Joanna 1 month ago

  • my S32D will not register any sleep.

    — by randy green 1 month ago

  • hi, my watch is fully charged but the face doesnt come on, its dead- but the green light at the back is working

    — by RETHA BOTHA 1 month ago

  • Trying to see how to order a chager for my watch.

    — by felicia ewell 1 month ago

  • During Glory Fit app install I entered my email, got a code in my email and entered I end click on login. Then I get screen to change settings. I change the settings on my Samsung android phone and I do not get the next screen with a "next" at top right. The install appears to be stuck.
    The credentials I used for login was "[email protected]"
    Can you please assist me?

    — by DAVID SCOTT 1 month ago

  • Forget my password in glory fit aplikasi. I can't login to setting my smart watch

    — by Nurul Chamdiyah 1 month ago

  • After wearing the glory fit watch it has recently burnt my arm and marked it

    — by Amanda Smith 1 month ago

  • Purchase a health watch can not get watch to track my steps. I have looked at oinline manuals to fix problem still no tracking. Would like to return watches and band purchased.

    — by George smith 1 month ago

  • My watch works once I take it off charge, but not once on my wrist

    — by Lorraine Taylor 1 month ago

  • I can't login to the Gloryfit app

    — by Lee Herbert 1 month ago

  • Hi I have paired my watch up with my android but I can't change the date and time on my watch

    — by Farhana Killedar 1 month ago

  • My app is not seeing all of my contacts for my phone. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall and also reset everything and it still only the same contacts it showed before.

    — by Ashley Vasquez 2 months ago

  • Just bought 2 watches that use gloryfit app. 1 is showing the correct location Pinellas Clearwater nd 1 is showing incorrect location Wright- Clearwater which I have no idea where that is. How do I correct this? Thanks Ben

    — by Ben Intravaia 2 months ago

  • Hello my watch is registering 6037 steps today where two of my associates watches 4240 and 4600. I believe mine is wildly inaccurate, what can you do to help me? Seems to be no stride adjustment?

    — by Beverly Post 2 months ago

  • Good morning. I purchased 2 of your watches. I got my husbands to synch fine with his Android phone but mine appears to be working but won't synch with the app on my iPhone. I have turned them both off and on. I have deleted the app multiple times and reinstalled it and after 2 days the app is still saying searching even though it shows connected in my bluetooth. Do I need to return this watch and get a new one? Thank you.

    — by Jennifer J Keeling 2 months ago

  • My application is showing the wrong location. My phone is located in Canton, Stark county, Ohio USA 44705. The app shows the location as Canton, Lincoln County which I believe is Nebraska, USA. Is there a way to fix this?

    — by Wendy Cheatham 2 months ago

  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    Ich kann unter App- Berechtigungen keinen Aufostart in Android 12 one ui4 in meinem S20 FE 5G einstellen (Hintergrundaktivitätsberechtigungen). Ich habe in Gloryfit alle Berechtigungen eingestellt. Wie kann ich gloryfit automatisch im Hintergrund laufen lassen?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Maximilian Pfeifer

    — by Maximilian Pfeifer 2 months ago

  • How do I go back and fix the height and weight and not delete the app is in k not pound mode

    — by Marvin R Briggs 2 months ago

  • Hi, I can’t get messages on my glory fit.

    — by Kayana Linder 2 months ago

  • having problems connecting watch to app

    — by Gerald Shamberger 2 months ago

  • Won't accept my bankcardsx2.Put them in multiple times but continues to not accept same

    — by Annette Driver 2 months ago

  • My watch will not turn on

    — by Kimberly Reichert 2 months ago

  • cannot see oxygen levels

    — by Geri 2 months ago

  • I can not get the app to sinc. When asking male or female. it will not let me clip on anything. I'm not understanding how this works? lmk

    — by Celina B Waryasz 2 months ago

  • Not tracking my sleep.

    — by Carrie Gdovin 3 months ago

  • I can't get my Spade Healthwatch to connect with the app

    — by Charles Radney 3 months ago

  • I need to reset the password. How do I do that??

    — by Ivan Lim 3 months ago

  • How to register with Glory fit?

    — by Ivan Lim 3 months ago

  • My gloryfit watch run out of battery because it doesn't charge. I want to return it. Please advise

    — by Lanh Nguyen 3 months ago

  • My gloryfit watch won't charge although I try so much time. How can I do?

    — by Lanh Nguyen 3 months ago

  • cannot get weather to display in Fareinheit. Live in Eureka, CA and Samsung phone is set correctly

    — by Stephanie Moug 3 months ago

  • I want it to be in lbs and not kilograms

    — by Christie 3 months ago

  • मेरे मोबाइल मे ऐप क्रेश कर रहा है कृपया मुझे मेरा प्रोब्लम सॉल कर दीजिए

    — by Roshan mataghare 3 months ago

  • The weather on my Blackview R3 pro is incorrect. It shows Denton Caroline County, which is in Maryland. I am in Denton, Texas. I cannot find where or how to correct this so that the weather is accurate

    — by cathyhatton 3 months ago

  • My watch has stopped vibrating when alarm goes off. I have tried resetting but no difference. I’d appreciate it if you could advise solution



    — by Susan 3 months ago

  • My watch is connected to bluetooth , but I cant get any notifications on watch , and app asking to bind , ivechecked all setting , uninstalled app , tried to conect via qr code but nothing ,

    — by Caroline Codling 3 months ago

  • blood pressure readings stall,don't change after activity,or sit at one rating for hours

    — by Fred Healy 3 months ago

  • Glory Fit shows my weather location as Sidney NE in Cheyenne county. I live in Sidney OH in Shelby county. I can find a way to correct this.

    — by Jerry Farnsworth 3 months ago

  • I can't get my watch to link

    — by Larry 3 months ago

  • My screen was blurred and then went black over a day
    I would like to attach a photo

    — by Katherine Powell 3 months ago

  • The app showed my sleep pattern the night before last but did not show last night’s even though my watch recorded it. My phone was next to me and Bluetooth was on

    — by Susan MacDonald 3 months ago

  • My watch says fully charge but able to turn on.

    — by Nebiat Alebachew 3 months ago

  • my watch does not notify me of messages or phone calls. It does not ting when I reach my step goal.

    — by Doris Newlin 3 months ago

  • Units of measure only has metric or British no mile setting

    — by Roger Deloge 3 months ago

  • Watch will not notify of SMS

    — by Emma Dixon-Child 3 months ago

  • I cannot set up the Gloryfit app on my android phone. The instructions don't make any sense. I want to set this up tonight.

    — by Paul Tighe 3 months ago

  • My samsung did a software upgrade 2 days ago and i can not longer log into the glory fit app. it asks me to update my samsung settings - which i've done but it won't let me go past there. i have installed/reinstalled and that did not help.

    — by Shelly L Gardner 3 months ago

  • My GloryFit watch isn’t tracking steps, sleep, or BP says I’ve only done 120 steps most days when I’ve been for a 10k walk! I’ve tried rebooting both watch and app multiple times nothing works

    — by Samantha Kilburn 3 months ago

  • I cannot.get TranyaGo smartwatch to autostart so I can get working with the watch.

    The Bluetooth is connected and sees the smartwatch and paired. However I get a message that says this smartwatch needs an app to operate. But no luvk

    — by Kent Hammer 3 months ago

  • Watch won't turn on. Need to return it please.

    — by Cheryl Lynn Yarbrough 4 months ago

  • Bonjour
    J'aimerai savoir comment fonctionne le mod sommeil sur l'application et comment l'activer ? Je vois aucun moyen de l'activer.

    — by Tifanny 4 months ago

  • Charger is not working

    — by Ashbin joseph 4 months ago

  • Gloryfit app giving me wrong location and wrong weather Kiselect k10 iphone 11

    — by Aironas 4 months ago

  • had watchfor a few days. step counting is wrong. sleep is wrong and bp also. have not checked the rest as do not use them. tried to uninstall and reset but now cannot get past the ' select device ' . it does select it but then cannot bind phone to watch. have tried numerous times. help please

    — by FLORENCE DAWSON 5 months ago

  • I am not able to connect my daughters smart phone to the gloryfit app GloryFit App ID is 23143746 please can you reset this for me I have tried every possible trouble shooting on both devices

    — by Dapo adefioye 5 months ago

  • GloryFit watch battery died - plugged in to charger but now just buzzing and won’t charge

    — by John 5 months ago

  • Bonjour
    Je n'arrive pas toujours à récupérer le résultat du sommeil. Peut on régler la plage horaire de l'enregistrement du sommeil?

    — by Patrick 5 months ago

  • I am not receiving messages. I did an update and it's not taking my password

    — by Jacqueline M. Beechler 5 months ago

  • I will can't connect my kw66 watch with glory fit app.what's I can do.

    — by Shajalal 5 months ago

  • My Glory has lines running on all screens

    — by Michael Ellis 5 months ago

  • Is it possible to track calories burned on an under the desk stationary bike?

    — by George H Shook 5 months ago

  • Please how to cancel step number that appear constantelly in my phone. Thanl you.

    — by Nelson Marichal 5 months ago

  • my watch is NOT tracking steps!
    Not sure what the issue is have hard shut off phone and watch

    — by Missy Blyden 5 months ago

  • I can't seem to add more than 12 contacts even though it says add 100's. I also don't have control over the 12 it shows to add...

    — by Paige 5 months ago

  • My heart on my watch is not correct. It measures to high.

    — by Mary Binder 5 months ago

  • My glory fit smart watch want come on, it only says fully charged when I put it on the charger

    — by Craig Webb 5 months ago

  • My watch blacksmart R3 will not connect to either my iPhone 13 or Samsung tablet S7 fe !
    Please help

    — by Jed Berkeley 6 months ago

  • The watch does a terrible job of determining blood pressure. It constantly shows my pressures at 145/86. Today my doctor and nurse took my blood pressure and it was 90/64. Is there a fix available?

    — by ZbigLachowicz 6 months ago

  • The silver colour rectangle bit of my P32D thar holds the thing that goes into the hole together just completly snapped off only 4 days into buying your product the model is the P32D V004196 78:02:B7:57:5C:A6 I am able to get it replaced?

    — by Conor Gilmrtin 6 months ago

  • Are you still supporting GloryFit?????

    — by Jeffrey Davis 6 months ago

  • My glory fit does not take an accurate blood pressure.

    — by Mary Binder 6 months ago

  • My FACOI smart watch will not vibrate or show caller's name when receiving a call.

    — by KENNETH 6 months ago

  • I need help getting my watch going, to start with I would like to set the correct time...for another, the instractions in the maual do not match my phone choices. Is there a customer service number that i can call, Warmly, Stephen

    — by Stephen R. Beck 6 months ago

  • unable to connected to my phone. need help

    — by Hyo Kim 6 months ago

  • Device will not pair with phone. Have 3 people try and no luck. Have also tried everything on internet.

    — by Tina Howard 6 months ago

  • Can't login to gloryfit.

    — by Carol Evans 6 months ago

  • It will not let me in to my account or send a thing to email never. And there is no way to make a new account inless I cancel this. Inless you can help me get into my account I hope. I have been trying every it says to do to try to fix it to get logged in and nothing is working. It says my watch is connected to my phone

    — by Kimberly Cook 6 months ago

  • Just received this watch. It won't track my steps or sleep. I've reset my phone and the watch. Still not working.

    — by Erika 6 months ago

  • I have only had this GloryFit for a short time and now a full charge lasts less than one day!!!

    — by Douglas E. Mays 6 months ago

  • My doogee cr1 not connecting to the app glory fit

    — by Groffery 7 months ago

  • Need Help . Someone To Walk Me Through On What To Do

    — by Ronald Bender 7 months ago

  • The Blood pressure monitor keeps saying it’s “timing out” and I can never get it to read

    — by Stacey Gohlke 7 months ago

  • Hi just received my watch 2 days ago first night it recorded my sleep and it didn’t last night is there something I should be doing

    — by Zoe Scott 7 months ago

  • My watch won't charge properly. It worked fine last time but then today its not. When the charger is connected the watch will buzz and the charging sign shows but then it goes off and doesn't work. Do you have any suggestions? I've searched on the Internet but can't seem to find any.

    — by Joanne Ambler 7 months ago

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