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PictureThis: Identify Plant, Flower, Weed and More Features and Description

{Instantly identify plants. Accurate, fast and content rich! In addition to description and plant care tips, enjoy beautiful plant pictures around the world. PictureThis helps more than 30,000,000 users identify, learn, and enjoy all kinds of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, cacti and more! When you take a walk during sunny days, have you ever come across a beautiful flower you would know more about? When you’re doing gardening work, have you ever needed tips on plant caring? Simply take a photo of the plant, PictureThis answers all the questions for you. PictureThis is capable of identifying 10,000+ plant species with accuracy of 98%, better than most human experts. With revolutionary artificial intelligence engine, it’s constantly learning from experts and specialists, identify more and better everyday. And now it’s all at your fingertips! Picture this plant, and enjoy! Key Features: - Instantly identify thousands of plants, flowers, and trees with advanced artificial intelligence - Learn about plants and discover beautiful plant pictures taken by our users around the world - Get suggestions and advice from a network of friendly horticulture specialists --Plant care tips and water reminders, help you better grow your lovely plants - Easy-to-use interface with friendly guides, help you get the best photo - Quickly and easily share your photos with a growing community of plant lovers - Keep track of all the plants, trees, and flowers you identify in your own personal collection PictureThis team hopes to build a vibrant community for plant lovers and help more people know more about plants. PictureThis is also a recommended-app on Google Play. CONNECT WITH US

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hello,

    My son bought this app accidentally.I would like to request refund of 29.99 on same card.

    Gunjan Bajpai

    — by Gunjan Bajpai on May 01 2021

  • I have Mapleleaf helicopter scenes collecting in my newly planted grass seed. I took a picture of this and try to find information about how to deal with this but no answer what is available. I could not find a phone number to contact the customer service so I’m writing this email. If you want to contact me I’d appreciate it at 301-728-1325

    — by STEVEN T HANCOCK on Apr 30 2021

  • I was charged for an app that I unsubscribed to two days into a seven day free trial. Please return my money to my account

    — by Dana Tomlinson on Apr 29 2021

  • Please delete!

    — by Steve Lyga on Apr 29 2021

  • I would like to make sure I am not charged. I think you have two accounts for me and I want to know the charges. Is there a phone number I can call?

    — by donna futia on Apr 29 2021

  • I I have tried to change the email address above but it won’t allow me to that is the wrong email address the email address should be [email protected] My complaint is that I put the app on my iPhone or iPad thinking it was free and found that I was charged 2999 the day that I found that out which was the next day I canceled it and said send refund I have not ever gotten my refund please refund my 2999

    — by Clarence ladner on Apr 29 2021

  • On April 3 2021 I put the picture this app on my iPhone I thought it was afree app but Was charged 2999 and I would like a refund I requested the refund the same day that I found out that I was charged I have never received my refund

    — by Clarence ladner on Apr 29 2021

  • I would like a refund as I cancelled this with you last year when I changed my phone and could no longer use it but today you charged me again

    — by Tracie mackinnon on Apr 27 2021

  • I didn't purchase the subscription for the app, it never worked for me and I was charged. I would like a refund.

    — by Grace Dunteman on Apr 26 2021

  • I didn't purchase the subscription for the app, it never worked for me and I was charged. I would like a refund.

    — by Grace Dunteman on Apr 26 2021

  • I have been using "Picture This" for a long time. I got a new phone and now im being asked to register and pay again.
    1. Do I still have a current account?
    2. Am I currently being charged for the app?

    — by Calvin Montgomery on Apr 25 2021

  • Please refund the $36.09 back to my account - I did not subscribe.

    — by Sharon Rozak on Apr 24 2021

  • Please refund the $36.09 taken out of my account. I thought there was a free trial and I do not want this app.

    — by Sharon Rozak on Apr 24 2021

  • I downloaded the free 7 day trial of picture this it showed that
    I then had to cancel before I would get charged the full year subscription
    If I did not cancel before free trial ends

    But there is now option to cancel this seems to be a big issue with other people it should state before you download this is not a fee trial it’s a con to get you to download the app
    How can I stop
    being charge as I can’t afford the full price

    — by Jan Pegg on Apr 24 2021

  • I was charged 21.34 total and do not have this service. Second time this has happened. Not letting it go this time

    — by Jerry on Apr 23 2021

  • I have downloaded app inadvertently and no longer want it. Subscription is not showing in Google play so I cannot cancel. Google have told me to contact you directly to cancel to ensure no money is taken. I have emailed but am only getting automated resp onse. Please confirm this is cancelled and no money will be taken. Thank you

    — by Susan Halliwell on Apr 22 2021

  • I cannot get the app to take a photo

    — by barbara langlois on Apr 21 2021

  • Hello good afternoon. My name is Gyzza I was reaching out not because I'm dissatisfied with your app but because I had canceled the app through icloud (before deleting the app) and yet was still charged for an annual subscription. I was sure to double check that it went through because I did not want to be charged when I am currently limited on liquidity. I was wondering how I could go about a refund? Hope to hear back from your team soon. Thank you in advance.

    — by Gyzza Ortiz Peralta on Apr 21 2021

  • I was charged for this app $39.99. I deleted it and tried to end my subscription. I do not want it .....

    — by Maddie on Apr 20 2021

  • I installed PictureThis last week, without the intention of keeping it after the trial period. But I forgot to cancel the subscription, and today the annual subscription is deducted from my account. I immediately canceled the subscription, but it only doesn’t charge me for the next year. While I want a refund.
    Could you please help me with that?

    — by Zahra Roozbehi on Apr 20 2021

  • I want to request a refund for payment was made through my account for this app on 10 Feb for order ID: MLJDMWNFJY

    I never intent to purchase this and noticed about this recently.

    Please proceed with refund and let me know the reault

    — by Niaz on Apr 19 2021

  • Please cancel my recent subscription which is due to commence 25/4/21 after a weeks free trial .

    — by Lesley Dickson on Apr 19 2021

  • I paid for a year through google play store. My subscription ends sometime in August 2021. Now the app will not work on my phone. Keeps wanting me to get free "points" or start a 7 day free trial. BS, I already paid, how do I make it work. Great program, when it works.

    — by Tom Garth on Apr 18 2021

  • My app is not working

    — by Philip clutter on Apr 15 2021

  • Please cancel my subscription. It was inaccurate and I barely used i for the said reason.

    — by Mel Racho on Apr 15 2021

  • how do i cancel?

    — by Mel Racho on Apr 15 2021

  • Sorry , just for try the free trail.
    Please canceled and refund a year $29.99 charge and mistake input 1 week and 1 month chatge

    — by Mei on Apr 14 2021

  • Hi I recently tried to get a refund from Google Play store, for payment that was a mistake for a year subscription. I only wanted 7 days free. My old banking details was still listed on Google, and then boom R299 was suddenly taken for subscription. Please could I have it back. I thought it was a new app for 7 days free use. Sorry but I don't use App that much. I already cancelled the App and deleted it. Google does not provide me with refunds, only you can authorize. Happend on the 8 April. Please assist on what to do next

    — by Octavia Chapman on Apr 14 2021

  • Hi I recently tried to get a refund from Google Play store, for payment that was a mistake for a year subscription. I only wanted 7 days free. My old banking details was still listed on Google, and then boom R299 was suddenly taken for subscription. Please could I have it back. I thought it was a new app for 7 days free use. Sorry but I don't use App that much. I already cancelled the App and deleted it. Google does not provide me with refunds, only you can authorize. Happend on the 8 April. Please assist on what to do next

    — by Octavia Chapman on Apr 14 2021

  • Hello, I ended my subscription last week and I was charged today $21 I do not even have the app and more as I uninstalled it. I got an email saying the subscription was canceled with in the 24hrs of canceling it. Is there a way to get the money back please and to be taken off the subscription list.

    — by Jerica Winebrenner on Apr 14 2021

  • I switched phones and when I tried to re-install Picture This it won't let me access my account, premium, tried to use forgot password and it keeps telling me to use a registered email. Help please.

    — by Mark J Siemens on Apr 14 2021

  • Hi, I downloaded this app yesterday. It clearly stated “7 day free trial” followed by a note, “if you cancel your subscription one day before the end of your 7 day trial you will NOT be charged”. Well I cancelled my subscription today. ONE day after downloading the app and I HAVE been charged. 29.99!! This is absolutely ridiculous and I demand repayment right away or I will continue to pursue this. This is wrong. Fix it.

    — by Taylor Choate on Apr 12 2021

  • I deleted this app when I found out it cost "picture this " I was charged on my card for this app i would like my money refunded

    — by Vicki on Apr 11 2021

  • I deleted this app when I found out it cost "picture this "

    — by Vicki on Apr 11 2021

  • I cancelled this subscription, but was still billed. The subscription is active as if I didn’t cancel it. I tried the free trial, didn’t like it, then cancelled it.

    — by Tamara Gelnar on Apr 10 2021

  • Please refund my money , I just used free trial for7 days , not wanted to subscribe for year ,

    — by Eman Hesham on Apr 10 2021

  • Hello, I am so sorry, but I did not mean to order the year subscription, it was the only option when I tried to upload the app. but I only wanted to use it for one week, $1.99. Can I please get a refund, the $30 is too much for me to pay right now.

    Jean 715-214-5382

    — by Jean McIlquham on Apr 06 2021

  • Hello,

    About the subscription below, I was supposed to cancel but I was in a cottage where I was not able to access wifi.
    I would be much appreciated if you could cancel and refund the full amount.
    Also please send your cancel confirmation by email.

    Chiyo Watanabe

    Transaction ID

    Transaction date
    5-Apr-2021 13:09:18 GMT-04:00

    [email protected]

    Instructions to merchant
    You haven't entered any instructions.

    Invoice ID

    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    PictureThis Premium 2 (1 Year) 7-day free trial (PictureThis: Identify Plant, Flower, Weed and More) $29.99 CAD 1 $29.99 CAD
    Subtotal $29.99 CAD
    Total $29.99 CAD
    Payment $29.99 CAD
    Payment sent to [email protected]
    Funding Sources Used (Total)
    SIMPLII FINANCIAL Chequing (Confirmed) x-6984 $29.99 CAD
    Issues with this transaction?

    You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.

    — by chiyo watanabe on Apr 05 2021

  • I accidentally did not cancel my free trial to your app. My only complaint is that it went directly to the yearly subscription rather than the weekly one. I did not want to pay such a large amount and cannot afford to.

    — by Barbara Lilley on Apr 03 2021

  • I cancelled trial membership but was still charged! There be no active accounts in my name or attached to either of my email adresses

    — by Amy Kragel on Apr 03 2021

  • Hello, I was shocked to find today that each time I tried to take a sample picture (for identification purposes) with this app it said ‘identification failed’. I am now worried that I may have paid twice for my annual subscription too. Please can this be addressed as soon as possible. I didn’t have this issue in the past.

    — by Nick Battams on Apr 03 2021

  • I really have enjoyed this app but as of a couple of months ago when I try to use it I get a notification saying
    “This app could not be installed”. Can you help?

    — by Lisa Wehmeyer on Apr 03 2021

  • I broke my Phone and in the process of reinstalling yalls app i didn't c existing customer login so i signed in with google and once i realized it it doesn't offer a login or logout option in the app so ho do i vet it back im paid up til may or june???

    — by Calvin Tyler on Apr 03 2021

  • Hi, I recently used your app which I fully intended to keep as I am a collector of unique plants. My income has temporarily been cut in half until April. Could you possibly refund your service charge which I will continue on May 1st? I currently, this month, have $660 for the month and am $15 short for my basic bills.
    Thank you for your time.

    — by Kathleen A Mayberry on Mar 31 2021

  • II bought the app and like it very much I lost my phone and downloaded it but it doesn’t work I can’t cancel the subscription I can’t take a picture it says I’m already subscribed which I am I need help

    — by Jdebell on Mar 21 2021

  • I may have inadvertantly signed up for 2 overlapping subscriptions and would like you to cancel one of them. Also please confirm the beginning and end dates of the one that remains. Please confirm a refund for the cancelled subscription. Thank you. Barbara

    — by Barbara Wurster on Mar 20 2021

  • Can’t get app to take picture etc after moving from one iPhone to a new iPhone. Subcritption valid to May 7, 2021.

    — by Elaine Marsh on Mar 19 2021

  • Je refuse l'abonnement forcé au site

    — by Fabienne Descamps on Mar 19 2021

  • Hi there, I was billed over $40 despite cancelling my subscription. I did not authorise this transaction either. I would really appreciate it if I could be refunded the money.

    — by Jack Young on Mar 17 2021

  • Hi,

    The yearly subscription was taken from my account but I wanted to cancel. The app is not giving me what I wanted.

    Please can someone contact me!


    — by Laura Yuill on Mar 13 2021

  • Hi
    Please refund my money you are taking from my acc i have not subscibed it please refund all my money as soon as possible never used this aap whatever it is

    — by Rehana mughal on Mar 12 2021

  • Hi
    I have not subscribed this app please refund all my money you are taking from my acc and cancel whatever it is

    — by Rehana mughal on Mar 12 2021

  • please delete my account and my subscription

    — by Angelica Underwood on Mar 09 2021

  • I canceled the app before the free trial ended and you have charged my credit card. Order# MSLZM2SX39. I did not authorize this charge. Please remove the charge before it clears or refund my money if it goes through.

    — by Charles Melvin on Mar 08 2021

  • Please cancel my Plant ID subscription. I tried to cancel this last year but was charged 29.99 plus tax, and could not cancel via iPhone or apple iTunes account. If you cannot refund my purchase price, then at a minimum, cancel this subscription at the end of this subscription period and DO NOT RENEW.

    — by Carolyn Beirne on Mar 04 2021

  • Hello I tried to cancel this last year and I have now been charged twice please refund thank you Lisa Wells

    — by Lisa on Mar 04 2021

  • I piurchased Picture this for one year, and my credit card was charged $29.99 on August 4, 2020. I tried using the app today, and it would not let me in. I got a message that there was no purchase history. Please fix this problem so that I can continue to use the app for the full year subscription. Thank you.

    — by Lynn Feinberg on Feb 26 2021

  • I was charged subscription fee for an year. And i was never informed before deducting the fee. I have canceled the subscription and please refund my fee.

    — by Prinka on Feb 22 2021

  • I requested a refund and have not received it

    — by Lea B Hay on Feb 21 2021

  • My app is not operating, though my internet is on. When I want to identify or diagnose ot states 'failed, 'poor connection or 'no connection. What seems to be the problem, and I want it fixed today. It has been so frustrating since I began my subscription.

    — by Ann Ustrnul on Feb 15 2021

  • I downloaded ur app for the free trial and decided not to go ahead with it so I canceled the membership and have still been charged

    — by Rebecca Hadley on Feb 08 2021

  • Hi, I didn't know how to cancel the free subscription that I got and it renewed itself today and charged me $45.98 that I can't afford. Please cancel the subscription and refund my money.

    — by Virginie Even on Feb 08 2021

  • I can no longer access the app. It keeps cycling me through managing or canceling. I have a current subscription and have used it happily for almost a year. Please help. Thx.

    — by Margot Fray on Feb 05 2021

  • I cancled trial same day i got app as i didnt find it beneficial for me. I tried emailing but with no response after being charged even though i cancel trial same day. I just would like a refund.

    — by Erica Costello on Feb 05 2021

  • Cancel my trial subscription

    — by Mike Baxter on Jan 31 2021

  • I was charged a monthly fee after I cancelled my trial subscription and cancelled it.

    — by Geri L Chaton on Dec 31 2020

  • Unauthorized payment from my bank account 14 Dec 2020. R349.99 to be refunded. I cancelled the “free” subscription on 4 Dec 2020

    — by Crystal on Dec 29 2020

  • I thought I cancelled this app 2 years ago and have just been charged automatically for another year without my permission. return my money and cancel my subscription.

    — by Debra Lee Lee Hellwig on Dec 28 2020

  • You took money out of my account even after I canceled the subscription. Please refund me back my money as soon as possible because I did not authorize the transaction.

    — by Crystal Herring on Dec 17 2020

  • Please refund my membership purchase! i DID NOT purchase this! I've never even used this app. I'm assuming it automatically clicks the renewal button! Please refund me!!!!!

    — by trista mallory on Dec 12 2020

  • Hi,
    I used this app for a free trial in the summer but I cancelled the subscription before the deadline which was July 2nd., 2020. I'm not sure how but I was still charged for the subscription, and since my card on file had not been updated, it was an old account that didn't have any money in it. My payment was declined and now I have a pending charge on my itunes store. I can't change payment methods until this charge is cleared. Can you please cancel this pending charge? This has become way too complicated, because of negligence on your part or inefficiency of your system. Please correct this asap. Thank you very much.

    — by Minza Haque on Dec 11 2020

  • hello how are you today I would like to get help with my subscription please I previously subscribe to her on an old phone now since losing my phone I am on a new device and the apps n not loading as my subscription app instead it's offering the 7 day trial then if I press tht the only option is to click Ok then it says I already have subscribed to picture this app .. then starts over again :(

    — by Jenna Hanham on Nov 28 2020

  • Good afternoon

    I’m sorry but I’ve just realised I was charged today 19.99 pounds for a year subscription of the picture this- plant identifier..
    I’m not happy with that as I expected any email/reminder to let me know I will be charged these money or asking which payment plan I will use at least.
    Despite I’ve cancelled the subscription which I’ve haven’t planned to extent. Could you please apply to Apple Pay to return the money on my bank account?
    Thank you.
    Martyna Babiarz

    — by Martyna Babiarz on Nov 23 2020

  • I have a paid subscription. Every time I try to identify a plant all I get is the offer of a free trial but when I try that it recognises I am a member. Please help

    — by Jan Cameron on Nov 23 2020

  • Why all of a sudden do I get an internal error message? It worked fine before- android phone

    — by Randall Eason on Sep 24 2020

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