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Updated: May 10, 2022

Report an issue with FOLOVE REMOTE.
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Why should I report an Issue with FOLOVE REMOTE?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Xiao Teng to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

FOLOVE REMOTE Features and Description

FOLOVE REMOTE is a bluetooth device control app, multiple control modes are available: 1. Touch Mode: App controls the device to vibrate at different frequencies depending on where the finger touches the screen. 2. Sound Mode: App controls the vibration of the device according to the sound decibel size of the environment. The sound decibel is high and the vibration is strong, and the sound decibel is small and the vibration is weak. 3. Music Mode: App controls the vibration of the device according to the frequency and tone of the playing music, and can select single, loop or random to play music. 4. Cloud Mode: Vibration pattern files shared by others. You can download them to your phone. And play them can control the device to vibrate and experience the vibration pattern of others. The patterns you share will also be displayed here. 5. My Patterns: Provides nine classic vibration patterns, the vibration patterns you saved and downloaded from the cloud are also stored here. 6. Remote Mode: Click "+" in the top right corner, input your friend's account (username) and request content, then click “Send” button. After waiting for the friend to pass the verification, the friend will be displayed in the list. When chatting, it supports multiple functions (including text, picture, voice, vibration pattern, remote control, audio and video calls, etc.). 7. My Setting -- Click the avatar: Select your avatar. -- Vibration Point Selection: Select the location point where the device needs to be vibrated (G point or C point or both). If there is no multi-point selection, please use the default setting to G + C point. -- Vibration of C/G: Let the vibration intensity of C point be the percentage of G point. Use the default settings when there is no multi-point selection. -- Device LED: In the app connecting state, turn on or off the device work light. -- Turn off device: In the app connecting state, the device can be turning off directly. -- Device power: Displays the current power of the battery. -- Change password: Change the login password of the current account. Note: when using app to connect to a device, the app must be authorized to Bluetooth and location permissions before the app can scan and connect to the device.

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common FOLOVE REMOTE Issues

How to Fix FOLOVE REMOTE Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with FOLOVE REMOTE, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if FOLOVE REMOTE is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter FOLOVE REMOTE user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that FOLOVE REMOTE is down, you'll need to wait until FOLOVE REMOTE itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear FOLOVE REMOTE app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I have tried everything I could I can not get passed the register part

    — by Niki Gessner 1 week ago

  • I have a problem with remote control, how can I control the dildo in real time? It goes on only with models, but not with on/off icon

    — by Giorgio 1 week ago

  • Can't login in

    — by Edward J Wilber 2 weeks ago

  • Its not letting me create an account, it keeps saying server error

    — by John vergara 2 weeks ago

  • I purchased the Bluetooth vibratory and I cannot connect to the app at all it says server error and for 40$ I expect help

    — by Joshua Collier 2 weeks ago

  • I cannot sign into app and need to reset password and there is nowhere on app to do so

    — by Monique Spaulding 2 weeks ago

  • My long distance boyfriend is sending a request how do I get it to control it! I don’t see his request

    — by shayona❤️📍 1 month ago

  • I forgot my password, I need a link to my email to reset it

    — by Gus Nod 1 month ago

  • I can't log in the app

    — by nes 1 month ago

  • I can’t remember my login info.

    — by Anthony Burchard 2 months ago

  • Just got the device in the mail, registered it with log in name of pixie and password as steinlohe. app wont let me in and says "login failed, please check account password". No option to reset or anything

    — by Pixie 2 months ago

  • I can’t remember my password. Need to change it.

    — by Jordyn Moore 2 months ago

  • Server error while trying to register

    — by Anthony 2 months ago

  • La app no me deja entrar ni hacer absolutamente nada

    — by Lucia 2 months ago

  • I cant register an account because the app says theres an issue. Server error.

    — by gamonise 2 months ago

  • I can’t register an account, it says server error every time I try

    — by Haden Gratton-Fisher 2 months ago

  • I can't connect to server

    — by darklight 3 months ago

  • FOLOVE app does allow me to register. Keep getting a server error

    — by gwhite5519 3 months ago

  • Can't log in

    — by Randy Caldwell 3 months ago

  • I can’t create an account to setup device

    — by Twells89 3 months ago

  • App keep saying server error when I try to register

    — by Anthony Moore 3 months ago

  • FOLOVE APP will not let me register

    — by Jennifer Hamilton 3 months ago

  • Just got the Dolp folove and downloaded app with QR code. But it won’t let me register an account

    — by Josh 3 months ago

  • I have trouble with the register

    — by Sara 3 months ago

  • I can't find the FOLOVE app anywhere in Google Play. Why is this? Is there another way to get the app? I also scanned the QR code and it just says something went wrong/error.

    — by Catherine G 4 months ago

  • I cant log onto the app. Says to check password.

    — by Kim d mcaferty 5 months ago

  • I cannot login to my folove app to remote control

    — by Dan 5 months ago

  • I deleted app months ago. Recently added the app back. Unfortunately I do not remember another my info for my account. How do I start over?

    — by Kari A. Weisgerber 5 months ago

  • I can't sign in to this app on my phone , I need an assistance with this

    — by Stella_Anna 5 months ago

  • Tried again but, won't log-in

    — by Bradwill 5 months ago

  • How to reset the password

    — by Robert Khachatryan 5 months ago

  • Having trouble registering

    — by Frankie Bartley 5 months ago

  • My device only worked for about a week then it has acting like it's been disconnected and won't do anything what can I do?

    — by Jennifer L Pruitt 5 months ago

  • Hello please I would like to disconnect my folove dolp toy from the app couldn't find the optionon the folove app.

    — by bilkisu ahmad 5 months ago

  • Hello please I would like to disconnect my folove dolp toy from the app.

    — by bilkisu ahmad 5 months ago

  • My folove device won't stay connected once inserted. It will connect just fine outside but will disconnect once inside and won't be able to reconnect. Incredibly disappointed.

    — by Malachai 6 months ago

  • Vibrator completely stopped vibrating but will still turn on as I can see the led light but no matter what I do it will not vibrate

    — by Mari 6 months ago

  • It will not connect. And, I get an error message saying, server error. I want my money back and a return label issued.

    — by Mary Orr 6 months ago

  • Good morning
    I can't get into the app!!!
    I changed my password and now I can't log in.
    It tells me it should have lowercase letters, but when I changed it, I also put capital and special characters.
    I created a new login but still it doesn't enter the application.
    what am I doing ???

    — by jmak 6 months ago

  • Need password reset for app

    — by jmak 6 months ago

  • What is the user and password

    — by Adrian 6 months ago

  • My spouse is trying to login to my account and has also tried making his own account and it keeps saying to use all lowercase letters or numbers only which is what we are doing. We have tried every which way possible and we just keep getting that message. How can he either log into my account or register his own without this issue?

    — by Rachael 6 months ago

  • I cannot use folove long distance it says not connected

    — by John 6 months ago

  • Might sound weird. My bed has been vibrating constantly for almost a month now. I'm all of a sudden feeling muscle cramps, fatigue body aches all over. And my girlfriend swearing she is not hooked to any device or am I. Constantly losing calling in for work. I say the bed is vibrating u are vibrating and she denied denied denied. I actually have control over the device and she still in denial. This is taking a toll on my body while she literally sleeps through it. Like all day. To work, everywhere. Now interfering with her job and she just wants to sit in the bed all day and I haven't slept in weeks. I'm automatically connected to whatever is vibrating the bed. I'm controlling it as we speak and she just lays there sleep, twitching and pulsating. PLEASE HELP A MAN OUT. I WOULDN'T MIND ANY TOYS BUT SHE DENIES ALL THE TIME. I COULD CARE LESS JUST BE UPFRONT AND HAVE ME THIINKIN IM A LITTLE CRAZY. PLEASE JUST SEE WHAT DEVICE the Profile mfwhiteboi has been connected to. PLEASE HELP

    — by William May 6 months ago

  • I can not get my account registered and can not login to app

    — by Ben 6 months ago

  • My device is not letting me create an account. I have never downloaded the app before and it keeps saying that I have created one on this device before

    — by James 6 months ago

  • How do reset the password

    — by John S Cornett 7 months ago

  • I'd like to report vulnerabilities in the product. There's a remote file read in with allows me to read nim.log. I'm sure you guys know what information is located within these files. Get back to me well work on responsible disclosure and remediation. Regards.

    — by Olivier Laflamme 7 months ago

  • I am unable to get your app to register keep getting sever error

    — by Anthony Teresi 7 months ago

  • I can't control with others toy. I'm sending the request and it's just loading and it keeps loading forever. It is possible somehow to fix that?

    — by victory199 7 months ago

  • Can’t get it to connect to websites I use

    — by Sweetcandy691 7 months ago

  • I can't get on to folove. I may have forgotten my oassword

    — by Rita 7 months ago

  • My partner and I have two brand new DOLPH. We can not control the other persons unit. Only our own. Very frustrating bought to use over long distance

    — by Stephanie DiTamari 7 months ago

  • The lush will not pair up to my device so I need this fixed immediately

    — by Devita pink 8 months ago

  • instead of charging it vibrates and after I take it out and bring it close to my ear i can hear it squeaking

    — by Alexandra Holban 8 months ago

  • I registered like it said to, but it won't take my username or password to login

    — by Tina Arnold 8 months ago

  • Hi i can’t log in to my account. It says uid or ps error. Tried to make a new account but it says server error. What do i do?

    — by Crystal 8 months ago

  • Dosent let me sign in (says login incorect, even though its correct)
    Dosnt let me create new registration
    (Server fails all the time)

    — by Lokesh 8 months ago

  • I cant find the app to download it on the IOS store. Is there any other app that works with the vibrator?

    — by Cat 8 months ago

  • Cannot connect to app. App asks for Account and Password to register, but I have neither.

    — by james mckinnon 9 months ago

  • I’m not sure who to contact but I bought a toy that has a short in the wire, don’t charge , holds maybe 3 min life and if it moves at all turns off

    — by Kylie 9 months ago

  • Il die que mon password et pas bon

    — by Sebastien Bouchard 9 months ago

  • hi, i can't access the app it tells me wrong credentials and if i try to make a new registration it shows server error as an error message

    — by Laura 10 months ago

  • why can't I register on the FOLOVE REMOTE app?I tried entering the password in all possible ways and the same pop up message appears

    — by Holban Alexandra 10 months ago

  • Will not open the app

    — by Mike 10 months ago

  • Hello, I can't be connected as friend. I've sent the request and the other person as well, but we cannot see eachother

    — by Luca 11 months ago

  • I cannot register. It keeps saying server error.

    — by Turiya 11 months ago

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