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Contact EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)

Published by wu peilin
Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Report an issue with EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam).
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of wu peilin to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) Features and Description

Only support installation and use after Android system 5.1 EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) is a simple, stylish, user-friendly and powerful mobile video surveillance software. We are committed to continuously improving our video processing technology and video innovation technology, and providing global security products, professional industry solutions and superior services to continuously create greater practical value for our customers.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I can't Say wrong user or password

    — by Olivia 1 week ago

  • I can login with the cloud ID, username and password but it won’t let me access the cameras.It says the password is incorrect. I need to see my cameras when I'm not home. It’s very important that I have access for security reasons. Please advise how to resolve this issue.

    — by Elisa Borja 2 weeks ago

  • I can't log in my Eseecloud App. I even reset my password

    — by Olivia 3 weeks ago

  • I have sent many requests from my EsseeCloud app, Regarding my solar battery powered camera does not charge. I watch the battery slowly get to the point where there is no battery power to support the camera. What can I do about this.

    — by Thomas Matthew Zakis 3 weeks ago

  • I cannot get a playback please help. Please call me if you can. 8504637377

    — by Mary Ann Stearns 3 weeks ago

  • Cannot get my cameras to work and my box is in Russian and I can't get it into English

    — by Homer Herring 3 weeks ago

  • Changed company for wifi need help switching

    — by george kingrun2 1 month ago

  • How can I add a second set of cctv as admin without the first having access to the new ones and vice versa?

    — by Andre Edwards 1 month ago

  • Hi please can someone help me out with my eseecloud apps I have logout my apps after I got different phone. But I try to restart my apps I forgot my old password or login ID

    — by Patrick 1 month ago

  • Hi, i forgot my dvr password, what can i do?
    Model: R5104-H
    S/N: R5104161124

    — by Joe 1 month ago

  • Looks like I have an old account and forgot it, lost my password. I've moved and would like to join ESee again. My unit is 1432391339 and 881872510 but it says it's already registered or in use. Can you please help. Thank you.

    — by Gregory Rheeder 1 month ago

  • Camera works ok. But I have a problem sharing the device. I create a QR code, scan it on another android phone (EseeClooud installed), where the browser reports an error:
    {"error":3001,"error_description":"Invalid parameters"}
    Please if you can help me.

    — by Edmundas 1 month ago

  • Cloud ID 1318954276 NVR Ststus Online but can only be accessed from Android with WiFi (LAN)

    — by ARIFIN EFENDI 1 month ago

  • Hi i have this eseecould apps long ago but i have move to different phone, after a download eseecould apps and login it show wrong e-mail or password. I keep trying all my password i knew but no luck. Please help me to login start using this apps again on my CCTV. Thanks

    — by Patrick 1 month ago

  • I purchased this system from a friend and need to wipe it and set it up for my use. I’m having zero luck doing so and would like to get some help via telephone to get it up and running.

    — by Alan Ramsier 1 month ago

  • Hello i can't sée m'y cam on m'y app m'y cloud id is1834757325 please help me

    — by Oge 1 month ago

  • HI after I login to my Eseecloud on my computer after about 10 min it keep closing but you can still hear the sound in it keep recording but no picture.

    — by DAN 1 month ago

  • मेरा अकाउंट लॉग इन नहीं हो रहा है

    — by Ajay Shankul 1 month ago

  • Camera works ok. But I have a problem sharing the device. I create a QR code, scan it on another android phone (EseeClooud installed), where the browser reports an error:
    {"error":3001,"error_description":"Invalid parameters"}
    Please if you can help me.

    — by Sandi Žunkovič 2 months ago

  • Not reset device

    — by Falendra Shrirame 2 months ago

  • I bought some camera and they have been installed.but I am not able to buy cloud to use the camera.
    The cloud package are unavailable.
    What do I do to solve the problem.
    Please advice ad render solution.

    — by SOLOMON MADUAHANNA 2 months ago

  • I am unable to reset my password. I need someone to contact me as there has to be a way to get support when the FORGOT PASSWORD link does not work. Thanks for your time.

    — by cindy sorensen 2 months ago

  • My I.T. guy and I had a falling out, he's gone and I don't have a password for my system.
    What can I do?

    — by Bob Pratt 2 months ago

  • How do I get support for Esse Cloud

    — by cindy sorensen 2 months ago

  • Gives verification to change password then at login no such username

    — by Gabe Craghead 2 months ago

  • Trying to install on my computer but password will not let me in

    — by Joan Mitchell 2 months ago

  • Can't login it will let me change password 5hen when I go to login says no username. Why 8s 5hat it sends a verification code to my email and I've changed password so many times I haven't a clue what it is

    — by Gabe Craghead 2 months ago

  • I can't reset my password. Have no idea what password was originally. Now it will not let me get thru security ball

    — by Ronald Parrish 2 months ago

  • I can’t sign back in on my app to see my cameras and I tried to change password that don’t help neither

    — by Emma Kohl 2 months ago

  • It won't let me into my account it says the user name isn't right or the password isn't right I need to see my cameras when I'm not home it's very important we have had alot of theft where I live please help

    — by Greg Stacy 2 months ago

  • All internet is working properly. The device will not connect to wife and is saying deactivated. How to reactivate? We have tried factory reset, it will not connect to the Wi-Fi?

    — by Megan Davis 2 months ago

  • The app will not accept my password. I’ve tried changing it but no luck. The cameras work on my tv.

    — by Jefferey Bird 2 months ago

  • I have the Essee Cloud app downloaded. I have forgotten my password. When I click on the link for forgotten password it indicates it is sending a captcha but no clue where to look for it and I only have 60 sec before app times out. Nothing is coming to my email or phone. The code is coming to my phone.

    — by cindy sorensen 2 months ago

  • I'm using Eseecloud with 10.1 inch lcd DVR/NVR combo with 2 cameras .
    There is a problem when playing a videos both live and playback in Eseecloud.
    When I use Eseecloud (and IP pro) from another home, the videos stop playing in 5 minites everytime I tried.
    But when I play videos from the same place with cameras, the videos is not stop playing and works great.
    The wifi I'm using from another home is ”Softbank Air" and it is not strong wifi. So it seems this weak wifi causes the problem I think but not sure.
    Is there a solution to play videos continuasly from another home (weak wifi) or other application to play my videos?

    — by duelkoji21 2 months ago

  • I accidently deleted my Essecloud app from my Iphone. I recently purchased it from the Apple store. Now I can't get it back. Can someone teach me how to get it back and thanks.

    — by Kim Duquette 2 months ago

  • Hi There
    I am having problems on both my iphone and PC.
    I cannot remember my password.
    I have gone through the process but do not get sent an activation code to change the password.
    My mobile number is +4407702306965
    What can I do to resolve this issue?

    Steve Taylor

    — by Stephen Taylor 2 months ago

  • My camera stop working when I check my phone when I click the camera on my phone it states I need to scan the qr code on the device there is no qr code on the device

    — by Maddie Taylor 2 months ago

  • No complaint I changed my internet server and can't figure out how to change it on my esse cloud

    — by Robert Watkins 2 months ago

  • How do I get cloud storage and from who

    — by Kathie Priest 2 months ago

  • For some reason I can't check my camera on my phone

    — by Maddie Taylor 2 months ago

  • One of the cameras does not work, what can I do

    — by Julio 2 months ago

  • How long does video stay on the device as I do not pay for cloud storage?

    — by Rebecca Jane Kenworthy 2 months ago

  • I tried to get into the edit part, when I inputted my password,the app say wrong password. It won't let me sign in or change the password.

    — by Deurward Spellman 2 months ago

  • I currently own system w300 and have installed 4 cameras. I tried to add one more but it won’t be recognised from the system. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

    — by Stefan 3 months ago

  • On my app it’s saying wrong password. How do I reset

    — by Phillip Williams 3 months ago

  • Can't remember password and now locked out

    — by James L Williams 3 months ago

  • Forgot nvr password can't get in to nvr settings

    — by Troy 3 months ago

  • Can't record 24 hours

    — by Mark L kincy 3 months ago

  • Tengo un equipo de cámaras y no graba en el disco duro

    — by david vera 3 months ago

  • I am having issues with resetting to a factory reset. The reason I am trying to do this is because I can view cameras when I am not home it says that it’s offline, please help

    — by Christina Torres 3 months ago

  • Want to buy cloud storage I have 8 Chantelle's it only showing billing for can 1 gave 8 no way to alter

    — by Keith Kramer 3 months ago

  • Two cameras of you company were installed at my building C 155, Uday Vihar Chander Vihar Neelothi New Delhi 41 by your Agent Sh Pushpreet ph No 9650214807 and 9799076733. Both cameras remains out of order. Your agent/ service provider is getting these camera repaired despite repeated complaints. He is not evening picking my phone. Kindly my problem may be resolved.
    Ramesh Singh

    — by Ramesh singh 3 months ago

  • Today I lost 2 hisee wifi cameras. when I try to add them again. I get an error bound by other accounts. But it is MY account. I set them up. I have logged off and back on again. I have turned the cameral off & back on again. But it cannot re add them.

    — by gary 3 months ago

  • when i connect to ipc from web with eseecloud i cant control the ptz, i see and hears th e video&sound but canot turn around the cammera, and when i connect from the internal lan i control the ptz, whats gooing on ? is it need aport definistion ?

    — by shalom 3 months ago

  • IP cameras can be seen on the do I connect NVR to internet?

    — by Edward Azachee 3 months ago

  • We installed a new router and I am unable to sign into any of my devices

    — by Charlie Goodson 3 months ago

  • Cameras keep shutting off and have stopped recording for playback... +1 403-397-3430
    is my cell or email me at [email protected]

    — by Sejal 3 months ago

  • hi
    i need to reset my password for touguard n300

    — by bo coker 3 months ago

  • I now have a black box in the center of the screen on both cameras how do I get rid of the box

    — by joe szych 3 months ago

  • I want to delete my account with both ip pro and eseecloud

    — by Dale Housel 3 months ago

  • Hi
    How to resetting the password

    — by Leo 3 months ago

  • AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.

    — by A Chhngit 3 months ago

  • No puedo reproducir mi grabación , con la actualización nueva

    — by Neucy 3 months ago

  • I try to programm the camera but it say tha camera is already registered on a other account

    — by Fernand Egers 4 months ago

  • I have 2 cameras that the ip address and Mac address have gotten messed up

    — by Christopher G Holt 4 months ago

  • Cameras keep shutting off and have stopped recording for playback... System isn't a month old... 9784243335is my cell ... 9785443016 is my home phone

    — by Curtis Priestley 4 months ago

  • Please update my email

    — by Gary 4 months ago

  • Set up the app and installed the cameras but just can't get them to connect to my WiFi. Help!

    — by Kris McCormick Cain 4 months ago

  • Can you tell me what dvrs I can use on the esee cloud app

    — by David jenkind 4 months ago

  • I need help getting these cameras set up and to be able to use can someone please call me 7163387621

    — by Kathryn 4 months ago

  • I need more info about setting up a cloud account

    — by Maher M Katbah 4 months ago

  • I am trying to buy the Esee security package and cannot find how to do this thanks

    — by Irene Cahill 4 months ago

  • My cameras aren’t working. Haven’t been for over a month. They will not get back online and I’ve tried everything.

    — by Nygeria George 4 months ago

  • I shared scan image with my family but they get message with their email and asking password whereas earlier it was not ; pl advise

    — by robert 4 months ago

  • Using an android device and my cameras are taking a long time to load

    — by Theresa Graham 4 months ago

  • Can't get registration code from you

    — by Johnspicer 4 months ago

  • Alexa skill eseecloud ask me Name account and password. I installed eseecloud on my IPhone on connexion with camera . All is ok but never during installation it asked me or create a password . I connected through my google account to eseecloud . I write the same information in skill eseecloud and every time I have the message : invalid name or password. Where retreive name and password in eseecloud ?

    — by Becart 4 months ago

  • Having problems when logging into camera menu on my tv screen password isn’t working
    How Can I change to a newer password

    — by Darlene R Perry 4 months ago

  • Can't log in to my essee cloud account. Won't let me change my password or anything.

    — by Kevin Wiley 4 months ago

  • Cannot purchase cloud for playback need help unbinding account

    — by Sandra McMillan 4 months ago

  • I can’t change my email. I want to change it from [email protected] To [email protected] Can I get help.

    — by Gary 4 months ago

  • I need to unbind my account so I can purchase cloud storage how do I do that

    — by Sandra McMillan 5 months ago

  • I need my camera footage from yesterday, its an emergency! 315-491-6002

    — by Megan Carter 5 months ago

  • My cameras disconnected from Wi-Fi and won’t reconnect have even deleted cameras and tried reinstalling and won’t even reinstall

    — by Christy Rawlings 5 months ago

  • For two weeks now the app keeps timing out every 10 minutes, leaving me with no option than to refresh at intervals and There is nothing wrong with my internet.

    — by Ajibola Adams 5 months ago

  • I have forgotten original password and cannot access cameras on my phone because cannot reset password

    — by Larry Woodley 5 months ago

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