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Why should I report an Issue with EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of wu peilin to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)

1. EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) is a simple, stylish, user-friendly and powerful mobile video surveillance software.

2. Only support installation and use after Android system 5.

3. We are committed to continuously improving our video processing technology and video innovation technology, and providing global security products, professional industry solutions and superior services to continuously create greater practical value for our customers.

EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) Customer Insights

1. This app is complete garbage and highly disappointing! I recommend a different system with a better app.Constant Offline, my internet connection is fine, the screen attached to the NVR is fine, but like clockwork every day and a half I have to uninstall the app and reinstall then add the camera in order for it to show me my cameras again.

2. So if you're having trouble suddenly, try rolling back the update.I have been using this app version 3.5.17 for a while now and it works pretty good except every couple months I need to Uninstall and reinstall it because it stops sending me alerts.

3. I've had 2 NVR systems in the past and both showed the periods where motion was detected during the 24/7 recording so you could scroll to the time of interest and ignore the periods where not a lot was going on.Edit 5/21/22: absolutely worse since the update.

4. It is kind of slow and clunky, but I expect that from a small Linux machine recording 5 wireless streams at the same time.It does what I need, mostly.

5. Also ideally... You should be able to have a set schedule and also a quick one-click " arm / disarm " option for when you will be home or away.The app works fine for me.

6. The camera works excellent on wifi using SD.

7. The update from April 11, 2023 killed the feeds from the cameras though; the app said "network offline" when I know that wasn't true.

8. One thing that may be useful to add to a future release would be to highlight periods of motion in a different color when you're in the playback menu.

9. Instead of quickly going to camera feeds you get a 5 second pause between click to video.

10. It's a fraudulent piece of garbage software with no help or support to resolve issues.I've been using the app for a few weeks now.

11. But, if you switch it to HD on wifi, the live feed slows down, then the camera goes completely offline.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) Issues

1. Fix EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam): Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)" » Open EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam). If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) not working

2. Fix EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam) may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Good morning cant view my Cameras my phone says - device is offline ? not shur what to do to fix. Please help and Im older and not to good at computers. Please and Thanks in Advance.

    — by JIM LIEN 1 week ago

  • This is the fifth time I am trying to contact you. I purchased two cameras with the following IDs 4968086017 and 4968088604
    When I try to add them, it says that the camera is bounded to a phone number and it says to reset. I try to reset, it still keeps saying its bounded. Please help.

    — by hayder_mu 2 weeks ago

  • Hi, I have a security camera system but I forgot the login information to get into the security camera system. I don’t remember the password

    — by Michael Hutchinson 3 weeks ago

  • Every 5 minutes we get a notice on our phone that says Device1-The 1 channel screen change. It just started this and it is annoying. How do we stop this
    I did the chat and they recommended contacting software developer, Is that what I need to to do. I really don't like email back and forth, it takes too much time and I would like to get this resolved asap.

    — by Karen Napier 3 weeks ago

  • Not a complaint, just a question: I have 4 hisue cameras and one light bulb type camera on Eseecloud app and am thinking of adding 3 more bulb cameras, can the eseecloud app accommodate 8 cameras? Thank you.

    — by Robin 1 month ago

  • I setup camera yesterday so I could keep an eye on my house while away for few days. It worked fine while I was home. Once I got to the airport I could not use the camera. Said camera is off line. My kids say the light is on and seems to be working. But I can not see anything from my end. I only need it when I am not home. I don't need a camera that works only when I'm in the same room with it.

    — by Danny 1 month ago

  • My Hisee NVR got destroyed the here’s the Cloud ID 3985215993. I got a new one how do I get my Cloud ID changed to my new NVR where I can use my IPhone with the APP

    — by Kenny Sprayberry 1 month ago

  • I installed a new mesh WiFi system overriding my old router and cannot get my account to give me access to change the system WiFi username and password. I have deleted my account twice to start again installing my system as I did with the very first install with IP Pro, but I am always taken to the last step in my old account.
    Therefore I am unable to use the IP Pro app as it cannot connect to my WiFi camera system.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    — by Alan Bull 1 month ago

  • My BA 13-a out side camara rings every 4/5 houses how can I shut the noise off

    — by Shortman 2 months ago

  • There seems to be a network connection issue it keeps telling me that the net work connection has timed out

    — by Matthew Hickey 2 months ago

  • I can’t create account. When I attempt it and it successful it will take me to the login interface and when I try to login it says account doesn’t exist. Please help me urgently

    — by Damilola Oluwagbemi 2 months ago

  • Play back autodelet problem
    Playback automatic delete setting

    — by Mohd Arbaaz 2 months ago

  • Preciso saber quantos dispositivos estão ligados às minhas câmaras

    — by Adriano 3 months ago

  • I need help with my app. Please call 773-771-0738

    — by Belen Campos 3 months ago

  • Where can I find the back up videos

    — by Lindie Lourens 3 months ago

  • Hello, why can't I renew my cloud storage? it says "Unfortunately there is no package purchase yet". Please help me.

    — by Manju 3 months ago

  • Unable to purchase cloud storage

    — by Manju 3 months ago

  • Need to register my camera

    — by Calvin 3 months ago

  • esee app had been working well on my phone for a couple years. It asked me to login. Now I do not have access to my cameras. How do i fix remotely?

    — by Thomas Wright 3 months ago

  • I am unable to purchase cloud storage. It says to open PayPal to pay; I've done that but the prompt keeps coming up.

    — by Justin Morgan 3 months ago

  • Camera stop turning only moves up and down both of them

    — by Sandra Dee Wallace 4 months ago

  • I try to log into my app and it says “EseeCloud beta has expired” what can I do?

    — by Belen Campos 4 months ago

  • pls call 8637616181
    password wrong any time messages

    — by KARTHIGEYAN S 4 months ago

  • I recently purchased the 10 channel HISEEU camera system. Do I need a subscription for playback and does that subscription cover all cameras or do I need to purchase a subscription for each camera?

    — by Elzie Pryor 4 months ago

  • Camera added failed

    — by Jianguo zheng 4 months ago

  • The motion detection video clip is not working again The id no. 4390424501 am not getting any clips The motion detection sensitivity is high . Please help thank you

    — by Candice Liverpool 4 months ago

  • SD Card PlayBack Not Working our CCTV

    — by Qazia 4 months ago

  • I purchased an outdoor wireless camera, it will not connect, it says the network is not connected. I tried to delete it and add it on again but it gives me the same issue. I purchased the cloud thinking that might be the issue but i am not able to view the camera at all but it picks up motion etc outside. how can i fix this

    — by Susan Bianchi 4 months ago

  • Hello, why can't I renew my cloud storage? it says "Unfortunately there is no package purchase yet". Please help me.

    — by Torsten Schatz 4 months ago

  • Why do I have to provide a credit card to get cloud service free for a year? Please explain the best way to acticate cloud service.

    — by Joyce Meyers 4 months ago

  • My Esee App logged me out! When I tried log back in it says wrong password so I created another one. It still says wrong password. It won't let me view my security cameras or anything else. Please help!

    — by Mona Jones 5 months ago

  • EseeCloud software will no longer open on my desktop computer still works with my Android though, I thought that I may need to upgrade software on desktop but couldn't find away to upgrade. The program starts up by going to my taskbar but shortly after that the programstops working not loading the program at all. Could you please assist me with this problem need to be able to view videos from desktop rather than phone.

    — by David Sims 5 months ago

  • How can I start over? I mistakenly tried to sign in as administrator. I’m just a new user.

    — by Dona Breitbarth 5 months ago

  • I’ve never been able to use the esee cloud app because I signed in as administrator, but I’m just a user. Can someone help me, please.

    — by Dona Breitbarth 5 months ago

  • I can't receive email notifications the sender and password is blank and I don't have login details

    — by Paul 5 months ago

  • I’m trying to reset my password on the eseecloud camera system, and it will not send me a verification code to my phone

    — by Jennifer Cook 6 months ago

  • News/Events are no longer showing video clips of action. Settings on CONFIRM now just shows a flashing blank page of white boxes. All was fine until about 10 days ago. I am using an iphone 14 and have tried various things to get the videos working again.

    — by Jerry Bracey 6 months ago

  • News/Events are no longer showing video clips of action. Settings on CONFIRM now just shows a flashing blank page of white boxes. All was fine until about 10 days ago. I am using an iphone 14 and have tried various things to get the videos working again.

    — by Jerry Bracey 6 months ago

  • I forgot my password and want to change it to a new one can you please help

    — by Meri kerry 6 months ago

  • Essee phone apps work while I’m on Wi-Fi at home but when I leave the house the app won’t work I have a nvr from crystal vision what do I need to do?

    — by John Mileski 6 months ago

  • Is eseecloud working? Cannot login

    — by David Kinnamon 6 months ago

  • I need your help to conect my cámaras in my iPhone

    — by Ileana Martinez 6 months ago

  • Constantly having issues with the app crashing. Never seems to let me log in. I have to get my son to constantly figure it out. It seems from the reviews, I'm not the only one. So why are these issues not fixed???

    — by Tammy A Linke 6 months ago

  • Android box H96 max. When opening eseecloud picture is obscured by ptz control panel which I am unable to minimize.

    — by Fat 6 months ago

  • Hi , I have been using these cameras for over two years and when it was setting up my son created an account ( navodashen@redacted) I had been using his password to log in to use the cameras . But every time I logged in I had to ring my son and get the PIN number he received to his mobile. And now I can’t or my son can’t log in to the app to check the cameras . So I spent lots of money to install the cameras at my place. I need to make an account under my name and email and log in without any trouble to use my home security cameras . I tried to , but can’t connect the 4 cameras. Please advise and looking forward hearing from you soon.

    — by Nirushi 6 months ago

  • Complaint sent January 18 was never responded to. What is your contact phone number in order to activate my warranty?

    — by Alvin smith 7 months ago

  • Previous complaint sent on January 18 was never responded to. I need to take care of my camera not working. How do I activate the warranty?

    — by Alvin smith 7 months ago

  • Need to add my new IPad to my security system but there is something going on with my password. Need to Reestablish a new one but can’t

    — by Aaron Anders 7 months ago

  • Need to add my new IPad to my security system but there is something going on with my password. Need to Reestablish a new one but can’t

    — by Aaron Anders 7 months ago

  • My account is signed up with the email and phone number of the person who installed my cameras. How can I change the account to my email and phone number? This is an urgent matter because I don’t want to person to lock me out of the system and gain access to my cameras. Thank you

    — by frankie cooke 7 months ago

  • The app doesn't work in my phone it keep telling me Device offline. I delete the app from my phone yesterday by accident, I try to reconnect after I realized I deleted by accident.

    — by Bernabe 7 months ago

  • The app it keep telling Device offline

    — by Bernabe 7 months ago

  • Hi, I am unable to view camera when I’m away. The upload speed seems to be too low. This has been a problem for months now. The app is up to date. I have deleted and reinstalled it. iPhone 12

    — by Ian 7 months ago

  • My cloud I’d is showing online but the app says offline

    — by Leroy Hargrove 8 months ago

  • I have just had a new Galaxy A15 android phone and I am now unable to access my EseeCloud Security cameras on the phone. I had no issues on my previous phone. Now when I try to access it, I get a message saying 'user name does not exist' Are you able to help please so that I can access it. Kind regards

    — by Mary O' Halloran 8 months ago

  • The LED light on my esee camera is turning to yellow/orange and I can't connect to the camera. Always giving me camera is offline. What do I do to solve the problem

    — by Femi Olufadi 8 months ago

  • Hi there I have just bought my cameras and I had put an account attached to my phone but now when I went to click on the camera all my information is gone

    — by Tony Martin 8 months ago

  • Hello, I am trying to register and log in on your app. I get confirmed for email address and keep waiting for verification code sent to my email adress but it never comes. Please correct this situation.

    — by Gary Fife 8 months ago

  • My cctv not working...Cannot add

    — by puspa 8 months ago

  • I’m not able to get notifications on my phone from cameras anymore.

    — by Amy 8 months ago

  • Can you un bound my account or can we delete this account so I can sign up again

    — by Rick Germany 8 months ago

  • I need to either delete this account or unbound so I can sign up for cloud

    — by Rick Germany 8 months ago

  • I am having a problem with my Esee cloud app. It isn’t giving me any notifications from the cameras

    — by Amy 8 months ago

  • Can’t log into cameras I have reset everything and it still say bound by other account

    — by Duaune gray 8 months ago

  • Eseecloud app is not working, i am not able to scan NVR, I tried all means, so i cant view remote.
    i followed , inst. manul.

    — by Jagdish Jajal 8 months ago

  • I messed up something using app. Bought a monitor so I can see what I’m doing Just received monitor and keyboard today. Need help signing in, down to last 2 tries. Thank you

    — by Smith Steve 8 months ago

  • i accidentally erased eseecloud off my phone now my iphone is trying to make me pay and I’ve already bought 2 cloud scrip $5.99 and $10.99

    — by Jackie Eugenia Byrd 8 months ago

  • Hello dear
    Hope you are fine
    i have this camera but i need to connect it online i cannot.
    how to that
    on my phone it is ok with the wifi but i need to know how to connect it farrer with my pc for exemple

    — by Velrich Stevens BIKINDA KALA 8 months ago

  • ID:4516201970 keep saying its off line and i try so many times nothing change

    — by Sumain 9 months ago

  • Hoping you can help. I have downloaded the Esee app on my laptop and has loaded successfully. However when i go to launch the program an error message comes up saying the mfcu100.dll is missing. Any help please ? i have the app on my phone and all works fine. Just need it on my laptop as well.

    — by Alan 9 months ago

  • I have an issue when in my vehicles. When using the ESEEClould app it wants to call my phone number and cuts off the sound. Any ideas?
    Thanks John

    — by John 9 months ago

  • I've been using the Eseecloud phone app for some time now without any problems. However, I've recently changed my internet provider and since then I'm unable to get my NVR online and so the phone app Eseecloud isn't working.The NVR is connected directly to my router and the NVR says the connection is good! I've tried a factory reset and re adding cameras etc several times but still no luck! (P2P and DHCP are selected). Can you help/any suggestions?

    — by Paul Farrington 9 months ago

  • My security cameras Cloud ID 1578949606 is showing as OFFLINE and I am unable to access my cameras remotely. How can this be corrected ? Thank you for your help.

    — by Nick Brooker 9 months ago

  • I am having trouble connecting the cameras on my app i dont get a qr code on my monitor

    — by Carolyn LaRoche 9 months ago

  • I can't remember my original password and cant login to view my cameras. How do I reset my password?

    — by Greg 9 months ago

  • We are unable to download the footage on our device labeled ICU 1 & 3 from 11/30/22 from 11:00 am to 5 pm and need that footage downloaded and sent to us as soon as possible.

    — by Charles Buchanan 9 months ago

  • I can't enter my password so I can view my cameras. Help

    — by Greg 9 months ago

  • Hi, I changed my phone recently and the password and user name stored for the esee app disappeared. I have since changed my password, but I still can't log in so I assume my username or name of device are wrong. Please can you help? Thanks

    — by Alison Gerrard 9 months ago

  • Can I get a phone number or have someone call me at 618 292 4724

    — by Perry Johnson 9 months ago

  • I cannot log in on eseecloud app from my phone

    — by Perry Johnson 9 months ago

  • I need to know how I sign out of the app on another device that I signed in on

    — by Miranda rose 10 months ago

  • I can't Say wrong user or password

    — by Olivia 10 months ago

  • I can login with the cloud ID, username and password but it won’t let me access the cameras.It says the password is incorrect. I need to see my cameras when I'm not home. It’s very important that I have access for security reasons. Please advise how to resolve this issue.

    — by Elisa Borja 10 months ago

  • I can't log in my Eseecloud App. I even reset my password

    — by Olivia 10 months ago

  • I have sent many requests from my EsseeCloud app, Regarding my solar battery powered camera does not charge. I watch the battery slowly get to the point where there is no battery power to support the camera. What can I do about this.

    — by Thomas Matthew Zakis 10 months ago

  • I cannot get a playback please help. Please call me if you can. 8504637377

    — by Mary Ann Stearns 10 months ago

  • Cannot get my cameras to work and my box is in Russian and I can't get it into English

    — by Homer Herring 10 months ago

  • Changed company for wifi need help switching

    — by george kingrun2 11 months ago

  • How can I add a second set of cctv as admin without the first having access to the new ones and vice versa?

    — by Andre Edwards 11 months ago

  • Hi please can someone help me out with my eseecloud apps I have logout my apps after I got different phone. But I try to restart my apps I forgot my old password or login ID

    — by Patrick 11 months ago

  • Hi, i forgot my dvr password, what can i do?
    Model: R5104-H
    S/N: R5104161124

    — by Joe 11 months ago

  • Looks like I have an old account and forgot it, lost my password. I've moved and would like to join ESee again. My unit is 1432391339 and 881872510 but it says it's already registered or in use. Can you please help. Thank you.

    — by Gregory Rheeder 11 months ago

  • Camera works ok. But I have a problem sharing the device. I create a QR code, scan it on another android phone (EseeClooud installed), where the browser reports an error:
    {"error":3001,"error_description":"Invalid parameters"}
    Please if you can help me.

    — by Edmundas 11 months ago

  • Cloud ID 1318954276 NVR Ststus Online but can only be accessed from Android with WiFi (LAN)

    — by ARIFIN EFENDI 11 months ago

  • Hi i have this eseecould apps long ago but i have move to different phone, after a download eseecould apps and login it show wrong e-mail or password. I keep trying all my password i knew but no luck. Please help me to login start using this apps again on my CCTV. Thanks

    — by Patrick 11 months ago

  • I purchased this system from a friend and need to wipe it and set it up for my use. I’m having zero luck doing so and would like to get some help via telephone to get it up and running.

    — by Alan Ramsier 11 months ago

  • Hello i can't sée m'y cam on m'y app m'y cloud id is1834757325 please help me

    — by Oge 11 months ago

  • HI after I login to my Eseecloud on my computer after about 10 min it keep closing but you can still hear the sound in it keep recording but no picture.

    — by DAN 11 months ago

  • मेरा अकाउंट लॉग इन नहीं हो रहा है

    — by Ajay Shankul 11 months ago

  • Camera works ok. But I have a problem sharing the device. I create a QR code, scan it on another android phone (EseeClooud installed), where the browser reports an error:
    {"error":3001,"error_description":"Invalid parameters"}
    Please if you can help me.

    — by Sandi Žunkovič 1 year ago