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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Wholee to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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Wholee - Online Shopping Store Features and Description

{Wholee is a member-only zero-markup store, with the vision to constantly bring our members the most value-for-money merchandises. At Wholee, you never pay for marketing and sales costs, every penny/dollar spent is for its true cost. Download Wholee, the only 0 markup membership shopping app and enjoy a new revolution for online shopping. Buy More, Save More! 0 Profit for Us, 200% Saving for You! Why is Wholee so cheap? EVERYTHING NO MARKUP >Pricing by Manufacturer >No Additional Cost for Customers MANUFACTURER DIRECT >100,000+ Global Suppliers >Direct From Factories Without Distributors FOR PRIME MEMBER >1 Million + Prime Price Products >Priority Packaging & Fast Delivery >Exclusive Customer Service What you can enjoy at Wholee? >Millions of selected products: Wholee offers 2 millions+ of all kinds of affordable & stylish products ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, home decoration, electronics, watches, beauty, health, books, products for office, sports & fitness. >Exclusive 7/24 Customer Services >Coupon cash-back when inviting a new friend Please kindly contact us if you have any question or advice, we highly value your feedback and we will take time and effort to offer you a better shopping experience at Wholee. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok & Twitter to find more! Email: [email protected] Facebook: @wholeeprime Instagram: @wholee_prime Youtube: @Wholee Tiktok: @wholee_prime Twitter: @Wholee_prime

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Where is my orders? It has been a while since I placed orders. Please help

    — by Tobie A Anderson on Apr 11 2021

  • I have been order 3 truck suit on 25th on March 2021.But one of refund an item You did nor send the remaining an ordered items. Please send me by my address 99 Leonard Road Birmingham B19 1JH as soon as possible . Thank you Daniel Abraham.

    — by Daniel Abraham on Apr 11 2021

  • Hi, I have not done any shopping from here this time and how my amount $66 has been deducted then

    — by Anjali Tamang on Apr 08 2021

  • I just received my orders and some of the ite.s are damaged already.

    — by Selamawit on Apr 07 2021

  • Cancel my subscriptuon. I have requested this month after month, you have not done so. So please CANCEL

    — by DEBORAH REICHSTADT on Apr 05 2021

  • I want add this application for buy but i cant

    — by Alriche Gutchin on Mar 31 2021

  • Please I can't track my orders I need help.

    — by Otobor lauretta on Mar 30 2021

  • De ce nu pot instala înapoi wholee?

    — by Banu Mihaela Veronica on Mar 30 2021

  • I need to contact wholee for my refund issue, it's been 3 weeks now

    — by Marisa Garcia on Mar 19 2021

  • Ordene a champion short set y no lo he recivido

    — by Alejandro Ponce on Mar 18 2021

  • Please am still waiting for my order, you guys return my order and I gave my address 123 whipple St appt2 Worcester ma and my phone number is 7745359418, please let me know what is going on please

    — by Dorothy kwarteng on Mar 16 2021

  • Goods I received are of inferior and poor quality and the size is wrong. Wholee have ignored my return request

    — by Olive Thorpe on Mar 11 2021

  • [email protected]

    — by Brahimi on Mar 08 2021

  • Bonjour, j’ai acheté des foulards en ligne dans votre site en début de février et je n’ai pas reçu un courriel de confirmation j’aimerais avoir un suivi concernant mon achat merci

    — by Annick Awashish on Mar 06 2021

  • Plesse cancel my orden as soon as possible..

    — by Gigi Bedikian on Mar 06 2021

  • Please unsubscribe me

    — by Pamela mills on Mar 04 2021

  • Can I purchase goods with PayPal?

    — by Stuart on Mar 02 2021

  • Bonjour, je n'ai toujours aucune réponse de votre part pour ma commande numéro: SO29048907172237 qui ne ma toujours pas été livré malgré que le suivi de commande m'indique que le colis a été livré, je vous est déjà envoyer un message pour vous le signalé. J'espère que vous allez réglé se problème rapidement. Cordialement.

    — by rollant on Feb 21 2021

  • I've noticed you have been taking 99 pence from my account for the last 5 months? I'd like for you to cancel any subscription I have with you from receipt of this email ASAP as you are taking money from my account illegally as I have not set up any standing order or direct debit for your company, and you have saved my caed bank details without my permission and you have committed fraud I'd like a full refund for what you have took from my account illegally and fraudulently ASAP. you should not be storing my card details ever and taking any payment without my authorisation. Also I'd like a response from you ASAP.

    — by Robert Boyle on Feb 17 2021

  • Can you send my parcel as soon as possible if not i want my money back thankyou

    — by Tina on Feb 15 2021

  • Why is my bank charged eveymonth? this is ridiculous i dont use it so, why is the deductions done. I have complained for lots of time and you all are just not solving my problem. Sort this out quickly or else i am gonna file a complaint against you. 14 th feb the transaction was done again and deduction on my bank with id- wholee +447543751604GB. Solve my problem as soon as possible.

    — by Zuniper on Feb 15 2021

  • I just ordered the 4 items and I got delivered only 1 item out of 4 orders

    — by Haribabu Muthineni on Feb 12 2021

  • Still haven't received my items

    — by Joshua Cheatley on Feb 11 2021

  • Still haven't received my items

    — by Joshua Cheatley on Feb 11 2021

  • My credit card was compromised for 122.73 by someone other than my self.

    — by Jackie Goss on Feb 09 2021

  • Bonjour, j'ai un problème avec la commande S029049994372865 la taille L ne correspond pas aux normes européennes, il me faudrait la taille XL .Comment fait 'on pour le retour pouvez vous me donner un bon de retour comme chez Amazon. ou remboursez les moi ou envoyez moi 2 chemises bleu ciel et blanche en taille XL a un prix réduit .

    J'atttends votre réponse.


    — by jamez on Feb 08 2021

  • I bought a mini spy camera. But I have try everything. It is not working. Can I get a replacement. My address is 1 Avon place. Reading. RG1 3LA uk

    — by Teddy on Feb 07 2021

  • Les chemises sont trop petites, comment les retourner

    — by Jacques jamez on Feb 06 2021

  • I want the other pair of shoes and I want to send the toi small ones back. I have been waiting for a response from you for IVER a week and a half!!!!!!!

    — by Marsha Jones on Feb 05 2021

  • I ordered 9 items in early January and havent gotten them

    — by Emily Bracken on Feb 04 2021

  • You have taken p99 from my card please refund my money and delete my card details.

    — by Ziaratgul on Feb 02 2021

  • Bonjour, a ce jour je n'est toujours pas reçu mon ma commande : SO29048907172237 alors que le numéro de suivi indique que le colis a été livré, j'espère que vous allez pouvoir résoudre se problème. Cordialement

    — by rollant on Feb 01 2021

  • The items that I received from your company were too small, all 3 items. Would like to receive a full refund for the money that I spent on these items.

    — by Sonya M. Miles on Feb 01 2021

  • I've had £2.99 taken from my account twice. Today and then in October. Ive n5at had the app since October and ive never ordered anything from it as far as I'm aware. I didn't realise I had to pay subscription or I wouldn't have even downloaded the app. Why would you pay subscription for a clothing app unless they sent you free stuff. Taking money not every month of the small amout of around £3 is very sneaky because lots of people wouldn't even notice the money gone. I had to Google the company name taking my money. I expect a refund amd do not take money from me again. Im reporting it as a scam. Warn your customers or shut your website down its ridiculous

    — by Hannah Rennard on Jan 26 2021

  • Where is my order?

    — by Audreka L Hairston on Jan 25 2021

  • Bonjour.
    J'ai acheté 2 orateur sound bluetooth et un est défectueux et ne fonctionne pas. Je souhaite soit l'échange ou le remboursement.

    — by Ahmed Seghrouchni on Jan 23 2021

  • My back account is being changed via my debit card and I am no longer a customer. I want it stop NOW

    — by Christina Sees on Jan 22 2021

  • I want you to refund me of my money

    — by Eileen leete on Jan 20 2021

  • Could you cancel payments to Borderless pleade, I have not used your site for months due to not receiving and order, though you claim it was delivered on the 4th November 2020, I have never received it

    — by Margaret Kidney on Jan 20 2021

  • Ou est ma commande

    — by Vialis on Jan 19 2021

  • Tracking number W#16886 still havent received my package I paid for these the beginning of this month not yet anything. If this isnt a real site I'm requesting a refund of my money.

    — by Martina Bell-Mays on Jan 19 2021

  • I ordered a package about 3 weeks ago and is a sweater and I don't know where it is could you please send me the tracking number thank you

    — by Pamela Kapp on Jan 18 2021

  • Why are Y'all still running my card.

    — by Iesha Johnson on Jan 18 2021

  • Item didn't fit

    — by Kiran Akhtar on Jan 15 2021

  • I placed my order in late December 2020 and got a confirmation that my order was shipped on the 3rd of January 2021 with track number

    Unfortunately, I can't access the track to know the whereabout of my good, the good have not arrived either

    Please kindly advise me ASAP



    — by Joseph O. Y Aladeran on Jan 13 2021

  • I would like to know why I haven't received any email with my receipt and tracking number form Saturday 9/1/21 to now??? WHERE IS MY CONFIRMATION EMAIL??? thanks

    — by Pamella on Jan 12 2021

  • SO29050622103450 Order #

    38 items,I have only received seven of those items in two different packages. I was only originally given one tracking number. I do not have another tracking number, I hope that my other 31 items are on their way. Some of those were Christmas gifts for my daughter and my mother. Can someone please help me figure out where the rest of my 31 items to my order are? Thank you so much for your time.

    — by Katharine Aunchman on Jan 11 2021

  • Why you withdrawn every month 0.99 £ from my bank? If you don t refund all my money,I will report this action

    — by Catalina Mitrut on Jan 11 2021

  • Received my order and lights don't work

    — by Jacqueline Packer on Jan 10 2021

  • Hi Custer service,
    I'm have an order with the company since December, since now I didn't receive it yet. Can you let me know when I'm going to receive it.

    — by Maryline Govinden on Jan 08 2021

  • Is it possible to get my sofa and footstool covers if I send you dimensions

    — by Katherine Njenga on Jan 07 2021

  • My order came today and the strap is broken and so is the pin

    — by Miss Chantelle Coffey on Jan 06 2021

  • I have 0.99 taken out of my account for no reason from you. Please reimburse asap. I did not allow this

    — by Eddie on Jan 05 2021

  • Since i purchased from whoole prime. V&A BORDERLESS PTE. LTD. have been taking money from my account. Can you stop talking money from my account without no reason. I need a refund of 0.99p of 4th December and 4th January.

    — by Oluwatoyin on Jan 05 2021

  • The idem is to small i need to return it

    — by Linda ruff on Dec 28 2020

  • Hi I noticed I have 0.99 taken from my bank can u stop it please

    — by Catherine on Dec 28 2020

  • Where is my order

    — by LaTaysha Monique Walker on Dec 27 2020

  • Made an order December 17 for two pairs of shoes and still haven't received any info on shipping

    — by Jennie Endress on Dec 26 2020

  • My package hasn’t came but says it was delivered on the 1st of dec

    — by Prisca on Dec 21 2020

  • I need you to call me asap 1-605-641-3948 it is about my order,#W9487

    — by charlene turo on Dec 21 2020

  • I made some orders but I have only received few, can you get back to me to know what is happening

    — by Bertha Akwetey on Dec 21 2020

  • I haven't received confirmation of my order or the item ordered

    — by Lidia Costa on Dec 18 2020

  • Please cancel my membership of 99. cents a month. Thank you! I appreciate it .

    — by Evelyn P Lopez on Dec 16 2020

  • I need the rest of my stuff

    — by Bertha Akwetey on Dec 15 2020

  • I want my money back now
    I placed £260 stock
    Where are they gone ?????!!!?!

    — by Mandy Lau on Dec 15 2020

  • I placed an order with you on 07.11.20 order number SO92043266218459 and on 15.11.20 I received a message that the order had been shipped reference number HOOISA0009735867
    but I have not received it and have not been able to track it. please respond immediately.
    K. RAMWI

    — by Kanisio Ramwi on Dec 13 2020

  • Can you please cancel my subscription.

    — by Rukshana zakaria on Dec 13 2020

  • I would like to know where my package is

    — by Jennifer Rodriguez on Dec 12 2020

  • Please want all my orders to deliver by royal mail so if even am not at home, I can still go to the deport to collect them, also not received my order number S029045715310768, thanks

    — by Samuel Ahimah Duah on Dec 12 2020

  • Cant u send me the contact number please

    — by Aboudramane diallo on Dec 10 2020

  • Hi there i have been useing your for a while now with no problems in the past ' but recently it said my order was delivered but nothing has arrived.

    — by Mark Armstrong on Dec 08 2020

  • Never received any of my orders

    — by Sahar on Dec 03 2020

  • I want to know where i can call or track my orders in Wholee

    — by Dorothy Locke on Nov 30 2020

  • Why are you taking money out of my bank please stop and cancel it

    — by Mary rice on Nov 30 2020

  • I purchased two items with tracking number 4006318537579121, and I didn't hear anything from you from Nov. 12/2020 the where about of the items. I emailed you two emails, but didn't get any response. Therefore, I want you to deliver the items as soon as possible or refund my money.

    Thank you


    — by Adane on Nov 30 2020

  • Hi did not receive a reef in my order please refund asap please

    — by Angela Greenwood on Nov 29 2020

  • Hi, i have placed my order on the 5th November 20, for the total $316.29AUD, few weeks later you cancelled all my order, the reason was out of stock and said i will get my refund. As of today i am still waiting for my refund. Please refund my money so that i can shop again, i like your products but should mentioned that the items were out of stock rather then wait to paid and said it was out of stock.

    — by LENI TAPUSOA on Nov 25 2020

  • I ordered my items on 6th November which is already paid. But I couldn't receive those items yet. Still waiting from long time. But can I do for those purchased.

    — by Jaspreet kaur sandhu on Nov 22 2020

  • Hello I purchased items from your app and the app is saying that my items were delivered but I don’t have any of my items. What do I do about that. Please contact me back I spent a lot of money on this to get scammed.

    — by Monique Brown on Nov 15 2020

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