Published by AttaPoll on Aug 30, 2023

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Why should I report an Issue with AttaPoll - Paid Surveys?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of AttaPoll to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About AttaPoll - Paid Surveys

1. Make money online with us and receive your payout instantly: free PayPal cash, Revolut, even Amazon gift cards or any other gift card that is available.

2. Get cash instantly to your PayPal account or choose different options such as a free Amazon gift card or a gift card from one of our other brands. 5.

3. In exchange you will be rewarded with real cash or free gift cards.

4. By taking part in these surveys you will be helping these companies to develop new products and services or improve existing ones.

5. We are working hard to be the most trustworthy cash app by providing interesting and high paying surveys to you.

6. We show you how long each survey is and how much it pays before you start it. Only want short surveys? No problem.

7. Download AttaPoll and start getting paid for answering surveys.

8. AttaPoll is probably one of the most reliable money making apps that you can find online.

9. There is also a star rating on each survey that shows the chance of completing it, so choose the ones with the most stars first.

10. Take part in paid surveys on the go right on your smartphone. 1. 3. 4.

11. That means you can cash out using PayPal quickly.

AttaPoll Customer Insights

1. Thanks!!!!Not the best, get disqualified at the very end of completion wasting your time on many of the surveys or just not paid at all, filing a claim does nothing .

2. The surveys pay well and are interesting, and you can withdraw to PayPal but its getting frustrating when over half the time it's not crediting for the surveysAt first I was liking this app.

3. I give it a 2.5 just because although it's taking awhile to get to the $3 mark it does pay out quick.It pays but I keep not getting paid for surveys I finished and they're not helpful at all about resolving it.

4. Once I started earning a bunch of money, they threw me off the app because I had completed several surveys and on the last page after it was completed it would say I was disqualified.

5. I never get approved for surveys, and once you try to complete one all of the other surveys that were supposed to be available seconds prior mysteriously disappear.

6. The surveys were short and simple and it was an easy way to earn a few extra dollars if I was short for something.

7. But after about a week I would get bumped from surveys after completing 99% or the completion screen would pop up but would not automatically redirect me to the main screen, then I would be "timed out".

8. Another issue i was trying to complete a survey for $2.88 almost finished when it had an error thus losing the amount.This app does pay but takes a lot of effort.

9. Therefore, they lose a star for that.At first it was really good with a wide variety of surveys.

10. But then after a few months I suddenly stopped getting surveys.

11. When reaching out to them about those issues, they claim no responsibility for non crediting surveys.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix AttaPoll Issues

1. Fix AttaPoll Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart AttaPoll: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the AttaPoll App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "AttaPoll" » Open AttaPoll - Paid Surveys » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for AttaPoll » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear AttaPoll - Paid Surveys app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from AttaPoll servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "AttaPoll - Paid Surveys" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check AttaPoll app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, AttaPoll might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall AttaPoll. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall AttaPoll then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing AttaPoll not working

2. Fix AttaPoll Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make AttaPoll be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to AttaPoll not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, AttaPoll may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Can't get hold on my money. No instructions on how to transfer cash to my bankaccount. Money I've earned in doing serveys. Very bad you cant talk to a LIVING SOUL.

    — by Mia Nyqvist 1 week ago

  • My number not invalide please restore my account

    — by Bintou 3 weeks ago

  • I was logged out somehow, and now when I attempt to log back in it is telling me my phone number is already in use. Could you please help me reinstate my account? Thank you

    — by David Etters 4 weeks ago

  • My daughter who is 14 has opened an account with you . Her name is Jasmine Bradley. Her number is 07874 080591 postcode E20SZ. Email ( I think) unicornsparkes@redacted
    Do you ask for proof of age? If not, why not?
    My number is 07443018275
    Please delete the account.

    — by Jaye Bradley 4 weeks ago

  • I've just spent 28 minutes completing a survey for 1.10€ I got to the last question and was disqualified this is unacceptable you disqualified me at the beginning of surveys but at the end is unacceptable please address this and reply to me cause this is a horrible way to treat people and I have all proof and will take it legal if you don't address this issue.

    — by Philip Horrigan 1 month ago

  • Bonjour, j'ai supprimer mon compte AttaPoll avec mon numéro de téléphone inscrit et quand j'ai voulu en crée un nouveau avec mon numéro de téléphone, il me dise que le numéro a déjà était utilisé S'il vous plaît faites quelque chose. Voilà l’émail d’attapoll : hatimmouhamad17@redacted et voici le numéro : 0782497773

    — by Hiro 1 month ago

  • Got logged out of my account and I can no longer sign back in because it says my phone number is already in use please delete my account under the email adrinajohnson4774@redacted and the registered number so I can make a new one and log in!

    — by Adrina Johnson 1 month ago

  • Why havent i recieved my money i have made

    — by Julie Longe 1 month ago

  • I would like to know, why my money is all gone after not using app for some time. Know I have to start saving all over again

    — by Emil 1 month ago

  • I cant create account cause my Number cannot be verified (too many requests).
    But i waited for days and It didn't solve. Please help me

    — by Samuele 1 month ago

  • Won’t let me log in

    — by Kawaun Turkin 1 month ago

  • I can't log in with my email address just keeps sending me to google login

    — by Khia 1 month ago

  • Bonjour attapol, cela fait 2 , 3 mois que je n'ai plus accès à attapol, j'ai été ban de mon compte je ne sais pas pourquoi puis ensuite j'ai supprimé mon compte et j'ai changé de numéro de téléphone et ensuite j'ai mis mon nouveau numéro de téléphone celà à marcher mais que pendant 2min car ensuite j'ai été encore ban , s'il vous plaît veuillez faire quelques choses, c'est très frustrant !!!

    — by Kilic 1 month ago

  • Bonjour,J’ai voulu modifier mon adresse mail car mon compte a été piraté donc je n’ai plus accès. Je me suis déconnecté de l’application mais quand j’ai voulu me reconnecter un code est envoyé à l’adresse ou je n’ai plus accès.
    J’ai donc renseigné une nouvelle adresse mail, j’ai bien reçu le code mais comme j’ai noté le même numéro de téléphone, on me dit qu’il est déjà utilisé pour un autre compte. Du coup je ne sais pas quoi faire. Pouvez vous débloquer la situation d’autant plus que j’ai une petite somme à récupérer?
    Vous en remerciant par avance

    — by Quessada 2 months ago

  • I can't get back into my account. I'm asked to input my phone number. It just says this number can't be used or has been used till verify another account. Please help very frustrating

    — by Ross New 2 months ago

  • I tried to cash out to my PayPal The payment was failed but were not returning to my account Will it be returned to my account thank you

    — by CHARLES A CISSELL 2 months ago

  • I had huge issues with your application. I Had 21zł on Attapol. Today I got information that the application logged me out and when I logged back again I saw that my money was gone and I had to start everything over again.. Please check this and give me an answer why this happened.

    — by Weronika Podsiadło 2 months ago

  • Since downloading your AttaPoll app I've not received any surveys at all... please can someone get back to me to do with my issue*. I'm waiting to start earning and I'm waiting to actually start using the app.

    — by Korey 2 months ago

  • Hi! I've been using your app for many months now, today when I was going to log in it said: "Error. VPN or proxy-services not allowed".
    I'm not using either of those two. Can you help meg?

    — by Simon Bergli 2 months ago

  • Hello ive dowloadet the app and it doesnt work it says surveys unavailable. You are connected to an un... what can i do

    — by Filip Radojevic 3 months ago



  • Hi, I’m really upset I had to make a new account and everything was fine. I was able to sign in last night I made $1.60 or or a little bit more I can’t remember but I have money in the account now today it log me out and now it wants me to log back in and verify my phone number and it says that it can’t verify my phone number because the phone number is used for another account. We need to fix this right away. This is not OK people have to get new account sometimes sometimes people end up having to get a new account and add a full you guys shouldn’t make it this hard. You guys shouldn’t say that they can’t verify a new account with their phone number because that’s my phone number like I should be able to make a new account and be able to get into it no problem, but you guys downright refuse And say the phone number is already on a different account so please fix this I need to get into my account. Please help me out thank you please get back to me ASAP.

    — by Lauren E Pollard 3 months ago

  • i accidentally deleted my account

    — by Mackenzie 4 months ago

  • Hello! I tried to register but it says my phone number is not correct although it is.

    — by Josefina Ingves-Mangs 4 months ago

  • Hi
    I cant log in in my AttaPoll account Cuz I cant verify because Im in another country and its not letting me in Cuz of my number is not for the country Im in. What can I do?

    — by Shahed 4 months ago

  • Hi there I’m trying to verify my account on the app. It asked for my cell # to send me a code, and the app is telling me my # is invalid. I’m not sure how to proceed. My cell # is +1(647)282-6658


    — by Claudia 4 months ago

  • Hello
    I got a new phone and now can't log into my account. When I attempt to login with my email address and phone number, it tells me that my phone number is already registered to an account and won't let me continue. Can this please be rectified?

    — by Emma 4 months ago

  • I cant lov into my account because When i try logging inn it says I have too confirm my phone but instead of confirming it, it says it’s already used to confirm another account so please delete it so I can’t try making a new one with my phone number

    — by Leon 5 months ago

  • I'm TIRED of COMPLETING surveys and getting no rewards!!! I have taken surveys for many years and u know when I'm getting RIPPED OFF. I DONT WANT TO HEAR YOU DIDN'T GET PAID EITHER

    — by Brandy Stratton 5 months ago

  • Please delete this account so I can register again.

    — by Finn 9 months ago

  • voglio cancellare l’account

    — by elisa 10 months ago

  • I am unable to open my account as I got a new device and cannot open the account

    — by David Ross 11 months ago

  • Hi!
    I cannot login to my account. Can someone please reach out to them so they can help me? I would really appreciate it!

    — by Julia Gutica 1 year ago

  • I was earning more money late at night, so I cashed out on PayPal. A few minutes later, I bought something, but within a few seconds, my account was logged out and I was unable to use my Apple account. I deleted my remaining accounts, but they kept requesting my phone number; however, you know I deleted my accounts to see if that would work, but it didn't, so I still have my phone number in an account.

    — by Jennifer Alston 1 year ago

  • My account got block and I don't understand why when I fallowed the rules and I never have made multiple accounts

    — by Caitlin Dickey 1 year ago

  • I have been locked out of my account. Tried to put my mobile number

    — by Jacqueline Summers 1 year ago

  • My phone number is 81794599 not coming OTB my account is not working please rectify my account

    — by Uma 1 year ago

  • Unable to login to my account, phone number isn't allowed as already verified on my account which I can't access

    — by Sarah Barnett 1 year ago

  • My attapoll app hadn't sent me any surveys for about 5 days and now I can't even log in. It tells me my number has been verified by another account. Please help

    — by Ronda Gibson 1 year ago

  • Can i get back my account which is disabled from last 4 days please.

    — by Nilema 1 year ago

  • Amazon or any other gift card is not showing in attapol plss help me with it iam not able to redeem my money I want it at the earliest

    — by Ashutosh Singh 1 year ago

  • I'm trying to create an attapoll account since I deleted my old account and it won't let me use my current phone number even though it was used on the deleted account I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to use my current number again

    — by Mikeal Wilson 1 year ago

  • Hej, kan ni ta bort mitt telefon nummer från mitt attapoll konto min gmail till mitt attapoll konto är Bobislessgood@redacted

    — by Love 1 year ago

  • I can’t log in on my AttaPoll account becaus my phone number doesn’t work because my phone number is already taken

    — by Love 1 year ago

  • Hello,
    I am writing to request a reactivation of my account as I deleted my account. Please could my mobile number and email address be removed from the system so that I can create a new account and start from scratch please? Thanks :)

    — by Della Humphries 1 year ago

  • My account has been disabled due to false reporting

    — by Angelina Velasquez 1 year ago

  • I can’t sign in, it’s asking for my number and when I put my number it tells me that it’s being used already, I had money there that I was getting ready to transfer to my PayPal why can’t you make the app so that we can sign in with a password? What we we delete the app by mistake and try to get back in? Please fix my account I had money in there

    — by Francisco Rodriguez 1 year ago

  • Attapoll regularly allow companies to take our time and not pay us. We finish a survey, we press enter to submit and then you get disqualified!!!
    Why is that you allow companies to take the results are a survey and not pay us??? You very very rarely pay out when we complain!!! I have just spent 35 minutes doing a £2.50 survey. The company took the results then disqualified me!!!!!
    I never ever report a survey unless they have stole my time and not paid...
    I've mind to take my money and close my account. Regarding customer support this site is by far the worst!!!
    I would very much like you to make the company that stole my time oay up the £2.50!!!
    My account is
    You somehow blocked my frostyy.freeman@redacted one....
    I've attached the screen shot.

    — by Frosty Freeman 1 year ago

  • Attapoll regularly allow companies to take our time and not pay us. We finish a survey, we press enter to submit and then you get disqualified!!!
    Why is that you allow companies to take the results are a survey and not pay us??? You very very rarely pay out when we complain!!! I have just spent 35 minutes doing a £2.50 survey. The company took the results then disqualified me!!!!!
    I never ever report a survey unless they have stole my time and not paid...
    I've mind to take my money and close my account. Regarding customer support this site is by far the worst!!!
    I would very much like you to make the company that stole my time oay up the £2.50!!!
    My account is
    You somehow blocked my frostyy.freeman@redacted one....
    I've attached the screen shot.

    — by Frosty Freeman 1 year ago

  • Hi there I got logged out and lost all my money . What happened? I had 82 referrals and €9.02 or so in cash

    — by Hazel Keenan 1 year ago

  • Hi so I have a account with attapoll and it won’t let me login I put my number to verify and it won’t let me verify it please let me back in my account thankyou

    — by angie 1 year ago

  • My issue is that when I sent my money to my mother through your apps PayPal option she was not able to spend the money. She had to either put her social security number or bank info. Which she did not want to do. I was wondering if I can get that money transferred back to my AttaPoll app account so that I can cash it out onto a gift card instead. I don’t want all the time that I put into the surveys to just be gone…

    — by Saniya Tianna 1 year ago

  • I was having issues with my phone. I had to reset it. When I tried to log back on to Attapoll, it would not allow me to log back in. I received an error message that says: "This phone number cannot be used or has already been used to verify another account." The number I used is my cell phone number, so I'm not sure why I was unable to log back in to my account. Would you please help? Thank you.

    — by Steven Warren 1 year ago

  • Hi! I would like to request a change in my email address to the AttaPoll app. I have not changed phone numbers, but did recently change my email address that I use to log in to this app. I would like to know how to change my email address so that I can keep using the app. Thanks.

    — by Jennifer Cook 1 year ago

  • I did a survey today at and it was for 1.8, I did the survey an the demographic questions at the end. As I reached 100% I got a message that said congratulations you have completed the survey but also another one that said I'm disqualified. I've been to the end of a survey before that has disqualified me but not like this time when it happened. Can please someone help me with this please and thank you

    — by Jennifer putnam 1 year ago

  • kan niet meer inloggen

    — by ELIAS RQ 1 year ago

  • My issue is that I have had this app for a very long time and have never had any issues up until recently. Just about every survey that I FINISH and it clearly says that I had finished it then when I push the next button it suddenly says I have been disqualified. I call Bullshit on this. There is no way that I completed as many surveys as I have in the last month or so and be disqualified at the very end. No way. If this is not resolved I am contacting Google and the BBB and Consumer Affairs.

    — by Bridgett Rice 1 year ago

  • My issue is that I have had this app for a very long time and have never had any issues up until recently. Just about every survey that I FINISH and it clearly says that I had finished it then when I push the next button it suddenly says I have been disqualified. I call Bullshit in this. There is no way that I complete as many surveys as I have in the last month or so and be disqualified at the very end. No way. Either they are getting sloppy about who they get the surveys from or they themselves are manipulating shit someway but I absolutely know that after all this time of doing surveys and never having a problem to now going to almost every single one that I complete disqualifies me after it says I'm done with the survey?? Something is not right and I am the only one in my home with this app so nobody else on my internet has done the survey already. I gave wasted hours on being ripped off. If this can't be resolved and start getting my money for finishing these surveys then I will contact Google and B.B.B and Consumer Affairs and let them all check into why this is going on cause my friend. My time is just as valuable as yours is and if you are trying to make a name for yourself. This is not the way to do it.

    — by Bridgett Rice 1 year ago

  • I don't give survey when I seen survey that I seeing that your survey will be rejected in this type of sentence will be written please help us

    — by Roshan kumar 1 year ago

  • I tried to set up the App and it says I've sent my phone number too many times. I didn't recieve a code so tried again, now it won't let me. I am stuck on the screen where I enter my phone number, it says too many attempts. How do I rectify this please?

    — by Katie Pitt 1 year ago

  • So ive been using Atta poll for about 3 days now. I’ve never been logged out before but recently i’ve have. Ive tried to log back with my apple id which i had made my account with, and its forcing me to put a number in. I have already registered my number with my apple id account so i am currently unavailable to get into my account. I currently own 60p in my account and have been trying to get into my account for hours now. Ive reset my phone 4 time and uninstalled and reinstalled it for hopes of getting my account back. ps: I have tried to make another account but it doesn’t let me as-well. Please help

    — by Connice 1 year ago

  • I try to log out on my account and then when i will about to sign in it stated that my Number is already had an account so i cannot sign in

    — by Jian zhang 1 year ago

  • i want to remove my number so i can make a new account t

    — by Jadin 1 year ago

  • Listen a while back yo rejected one of my surveys because you said the client said I was lying went over and over in my head not only thing that happened was I put the wrong age on there I put 55 instead of 56 I just turned 506 not long ago or not long before that I mean shouldn't there be some kind of leeway there

    — by Danny Inman 1 year ago

  • I cant make an account it keeps on saying 'This phone number cannot be verified, Too many requests' How long do I have to wait to register.

    — by Noah 1 year ago

  • I traveled to Canada for a week and back when I try to sign in the app it asks for my phone number when I enter my number it says “failed because the number is used already “ but am not signing up I am signing in. Why is it failing? It’s a verification and it’s my account why would it refuse?

    — by MacDonald Milanzi 1 year ago

  • I can't join attapoll because it keep saying this phone number cannot be verified can you please help.

    — by Ka'Ron Gaston 1 year ago

  • s

    — by Tyler 1 year ago

  • Hello its been weeks since i had a survey this was my fave survey app now im afraid i will have to delete it. is there a reason why i am not getting anymore surveys my profile is done? please help

    — by sara messervey 1 year ago

  • Hello! I have a question about Attapoll app. I recently downloaded the app but I can’t sign in. It asks for my phone number, I write it down and then it says “Phone number must match the country you are connecting from”. I am in Lithuania and I put it my Lithuanian number, so I don’t understand what’s wrong. Could you help me?

    — by Gabriele 1 year ago

  • My account is mick-1985@redacted on attapoll . I had to delete my apps and now I can’t get back into my account it keeps saying the number being used to verify is already in use.. which it is by me.

    Please let me know how to reinstate my account, thanks.

    — by Michael 1 year ago

  • Hi there!
    Can you please un link my phone number from my deleted account? My account was not working for 3 days straight

    — by John Middlestone 1 year ago

  • I got banned for no reason and I cant make a new account

    — by Cadan 1 year ago

  • Hello, I got logged out of my account randomly and I’ve tried to verify my phone number but it won’t let me because I kept on putting in my old number by mistake and now it’s said I’ve had too many attempts. I would be thankful if I could be logged back in. Thank you

    — by Luke Smith 1 year ago

  • I tried verifying using my phoke number but it will not send me an sms

    — by Karthigan Srikaran 1 year ago

  • Hallo ich komme in meinem atta poll konto nicht mehr rein könnt ihr das konto wieder herstellen oder komplett löschen das kch mich wieder registrieren kann

    — by Marcell Ring 1 year ago

  • I had a balance of nearly £6 and after completing a survey successfully the app signed me out and asked me to sign back in, only once I did it had wiped my entire balance, I am incredibly annoyed as it has taken a lot of time to complete those surveys

    — by Jenna 1 year ago

  • I want my phone number and e-mail deleted from the app

    — by Lynn Lavèn 1 year ago

  • Hi there ! For someone unknown reason I’ve been logged out of my AttaPoll , my number (+447443474505) has been denied by the app stating it’s unable to be verified . Is there any way I can get my account back please and thank you.

    Sincerely , Briliana

    — by Briliana Duneva 1 year ago

  • I have downloaded Attapoll and verification code doesn't work on my phone Samsung galaxy A11, so please email me at saikahimran@redacted to send me my verification code to me please.

    — by Mrs Saika Imran 1 year ago

  • I got logged out of my account and it says my number isn’t correct or has already been used

    — by Bethaney 1 year ago

  • Hi I’m trying to log back into my account
    It tell me to add my number and says it’s already being used and is my only number.
    But also have £15 in that account and would have needed that money at times like this.

    — by Simranjeet mahi 1 year ago

  • i tried to withdraw by using paypal but it has only been pending for over 20 minutes and its still pending :(

    — by jackie 1 year ago

  • Won't verify my phone number Said too many attempts

    — by Sheashona Begeal 1 year ago

  • I have been using the AttaPoll app but I signed into my account which is Meyathomas14@redacted and I didn’t want that account I wanted the account I’m using now that’s meyat3260@redacted can you please refer me to that account - meyat3260@redacted and also the phone number won’t let me verify me because of the other email I’ve been using that’s meyathomas14@redacted can you please delete - meyathomas14@redacted with that account

    — by meya thomas 1 year ago

  • for some reason it has logged me out of my account and I had £14 in there can I get my account and money back please many thanks

    — by Hannah Sole 1 year ago

  • I'm not receiving the verification code to withdraw money that it says it has sent to my email

    — by Christina Sparks 1 year ago

  • My Amazon gift card is still pending. Can you tell me why?

    — by Kiamoni 1 year ago

  • I have had a problem with my AttaPoll accounts I have signed into another account which is Meyatt19@redacted it will not work and it’s asking me for a phone number which I’ve already signed in with an account before but I want this account to work and the other accounts to delete from the app

    — by Meya Thomas 1 year ago

  • Hello i can’t seem to access my account because i can’t use my number to verify my account. Ive singer in through icloud and the email is d28bcmcqqk@redacted thank you

    — by Nathan Mochan 1 year ago

  • My number is mine and it says that you already have an account and I don't know how to access my account now

    — by Abigail 1 year ago

  • I have been logged out of my account and when I try to log back in it says my phone number is already linked to another account. Please could you help me log back in thanks

    — by Hilary Birss 1 year ago

  • hello attapoll, i was trying to login to my account with my phone number but it keeps saying that i can't login because the phone number is used, could you reset my account so i can login? Im hoping to get a response soon,

    Kind regards Luuk. Im hoping to get a response soo

    — by Luuk Brantz 1 year ago

  • H

    — by Jessica 1 year ago

  • I had this app on my iphone and it worked fine and i got my payouts it was perfect, but then suddenly i go on the app, and i got logged out. And if i tried to login again it said the number was wrong or already in use. Now i have Attapoll on my Android phone, it workers completely fine. I had 3 payouts. It's good. But now suddenly it says "connection problem. Check your country of your internet connection" something like that. And i don't get surveys, even though I get notifications staying that there are surverys.

    — by Noel 1 year ago

  • How do I sign back into attapoll after my kid accidentally uninstalled it

    — by Sherrie .bennem 1 year ago

  • popmarius201225@redacted

    — by Marius Pop 1 year ago

  • My payment is successful but don't received in My paypal account and do not show in paypal activity

    — by Deependra rajput 1 year ago

  • please help me i can't login with my phone number.

    — by Kawther Alshummari Alhammoud 1 year ago

  • I haven't received any surveys in about a week, I was wondering what happened?
    Is my account still active or did it got suspended for some reason?

    — by Huitzilopochtli Zepeda 1 year ago