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Why should I report an Issue with HCMToGo?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Workforce Ready to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

HCMToGo Features and Description

Company Shortname Required! This app requires a company shortname, which is a unique company identifier which you can get from your company administrator. Tada! The new HCMtoGo mobile app is here! Before you jump in and download it be sure to take a look at the following. *IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR NEW HCMtoGO USERS* BEFORE YOU LOGIN - employees and managers: • If your administrator has not setup the new HCMtoGO app for your organization, you will NOT be able to get access. Please check with your manager or company admin to get access to the new app. • When logging in with HCMtoGO you will need to select the region you are using as well as the Company Shortname (The unique Identification number your company administrator needs to provide to you.) • After you enter that information you will be prompted to enter in your Company, Username, and Password. If you get stuck on this your COMPANY ADMIN can help you out. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. Now that you are ready to join HCMtoGO here are some of the awesome things you can do within the new app to enhance your human resource needs: • Check and/or edit your timesheets for accuracy • Submit and view time off requests • Check vacation/sick balances • Enroll in benefits and view existing benefits • Check your schedule • View pay stubs and manage direct deposits. • Check your schedule and, if enabled, swap shifts with peers Your employer must have the HCMtoGO software configured for mobile use. Contact your system administrator for more details. Key things to know as an administrator: • Users need to have permission to access the new app via their security profile. • Users need to be permissioned to have access via their UI Preferences widget within their security profile. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. • Basic Authentication with SSO is not currently supported

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I don’t remember my username and password. I can’t login to access my W2

    — by Alexander Tyler on Jan 21 2022

  • I no longer have access to my account and need my W2

    — by James Michael Green on Jan 18 2022

  • I can’t long in to my account

    — by Greta Navarrete on Jan 17 2022

  • to login in

    — by Greta Navarrete on Jan 17 2022

  • Hello I was wondering why my stuff is not popping up on my HCMtoGo

    — by NaRiel Hughes on Jan 17 2022

  • How do I log into my account my company shortname is GRAY MGMT and I work at McDonald’s and am wondering how to access the app and am trying to figure out my username and password

    — by Austin Hamilton on Jan 16 2022

  • When I try and login to access my pay stubs it says account locked even though my user and password is correct I tried both the app and online browser please help

    — by Zahid Alvarez on Jan 14 2022

  • I can’t remember my login user name can you help me

    — by Becca on Jan 13 2022

  • I need to get back into my account and I don’t know how. Can someone please help me reset username and password

    — by Brittney Dupcavitch on Jan 13 2022

  • Im locked out of my account

    — by Lourdes on Jan 12 2022

  • I forgot my username and can’t log in

    — by Jennifer Escobar on Jan 11 2022

  • When I try to log in to the website it says my user name is not right. I can't go on there to check my checkstubs.

    — by Tiffany Brown on Jan 11 2022

  • I can’t access my account. It says invalid information.

    — by Juan Antonio Bravo on Jan 08 2022

  • I download the app and one step by step but it keeps saying error

    — by Bernard Hazelwood on Jan 07 2022

  • Cannot log in. Trying to log into my HCMTOGO App and my account was locked. How do I fix this issue?

    — by Ivy Burge on Jan 06 2022

  • This is Paul a Mendez. Company # is “PPC3150”. I’m locked out. Please advice

    — by Paul on Jan 06 2022

  • Trying to reset my password on the app and having no luck

    — by Tracy a crehan on Jan 05 2022

  • Forgot password

    — by Pamela Eccles on Jan 04 2022

  • I forgot my username and password, I was logged out of the app without my doing, now I can’t get into my info.

    — by Heather LeClaire on Jan 04 2022

  • My account is locked

    — by Chloe Green on Jan 04 2022

  • forgot my password and need to log back in

    — by Dalton on Jan 03 2022

  • It wouldn’t let me log in

    — by Andrea Hatcher on Jan 03 2022

  • Can’t login in

    — by Justin on Jan 02 2022

  • Can’t login for w2

    — by Erica Boyd on Jan 01 2022

  • I can’t get in.

    — by KimberlyMoss04 on Dec 30 2021

  • I just received my username and temporary password for the first time and it says my account is locked. I need this fixed as soon as possible because I really need to access my pay stubs.

    — by Michelle on Dec 30 2021

  • How do I find my username

    — by Devonda Rehborg on Dec 29 2021

  • I forgot the numbers in my username I no that it is JoannaS I just can't remember the numbers is there any way you can help me

    — by Joanna Saul Wade on Dec 29 2021

  • I'm not able to log in. It's saying my username is invalid when it shouldn't be.

    — by Lorenzo on Dec 28 2021

  • trying to log in to account but forgot username

    — by Renardo Beachum on Dec 27 2021

  • I signed up for an account and it won’t allow me to log in

    — by Atlantis Murphy on Dec 27 2021

  • Hello I was recently trying to access my account but I put in the password incorrect (apparently) and am now locked out of my account I was hoping to get it unlocked as soon as possible as I may need it in case any important information comes up Over the next week

    — by Joseph on Dec 27 2021

  • I can not log In no the App

    — by Maria G Jorge on Dec 26 2021

  • my account keeps saying it's locked ever since the first time I tried to login after entering the correct credentials.

    — by Desiree McKinzie on Dec 24 2021

  • My account says I'm locked out and won't let me log back in.

    — by Andrea Curtis on Dec 22 2021

  • Need to get in my account its locked disnt even have a chance to get in

    — by Deandre singleton on Dec 20 2021

  • I need to change my email

    — by Tonya Pollock on Dec 18 2021

  • Necesito crear mi cuenta nuevamente.

    — by Javier Rodríguez on Dec 18 2021

  • I need help please

    — by Patria Perez on Dec 16 2021

  • cannot sign in

    — by diane eorsi on Dec 16 2021

  • account locked

    — by diane eorsi on Dec 16 2021

  • account locked

    — by diane eorsi on Dec 16 2021

  • I'm no longer able to use the app, it crashes every time it tries to load after I've logged in. The issue started when I was testing what the Widgets do and the one labeled "Fun" is the widget causing the crash. Is there anyway to get rid of this widget or am I permanently locked from the app now? I need to use the app for my employer.

    — by Heather M Nelson on Dec 15 2021

  • I'm having trouble logging in. I believe I forgot my login. Please help

    — by Roxanne Peltier on Dec 14 2021

  • Signs in to my account

    — by Toni Fennell on Dec 12 2021

  • Making an Account.
    I downloaded the app. In order to create an account I have to contact you for assistance.

    — by Skylar Richmond on Dec 12 2021

  • Hello I am locked out my account how do unlock the account

    — by Shawntalaya lewis on Dec 11 2021

  • I have no access to my account from an old employer. I need a new username and password

    — by Tish Olasande on Dec 10 2021

  • I forgot my username and password “.

    — by Adriana Garcia on Dec 09 2021

  • Hello

    — by Patria Perez on Dec 09 2021

  • I cant open my page on my cell phone they tell me tgat this is an invalid password

    — by emiliano on Dec 08 2021

  • My account is locked I have not received any email

    — by Vladimir on Dec 06 2021

  • The first time I try to use the app I put in all the credentials from the email I received and it's reading that my account is locked.

    — by Adrienne Freeman on Dec 05 2021

  • I am not able to log in with my user name (SFisher) and initial password (5063). Please let me know the next step.

    — by Sarah Fisher on Dec 04 2021

  • Hello there my account has been locked I had put a notice from my job and now I am rehired was wondering how I get my account unlocked

    — by Bradford Beach on Dec 03 2021

  • Had to change my phone's and can't access my account

    — by Joseph W Pipkin on Dec 03 2021

  • I forgot my login and password

    — by Adriana Garcia on Dec 02 2021

  • I don’t know what my account is i’ve never made one

    — by Jordyn on Dec 02 2021

  • i am locked out of my account, i wanted to log in for my job, but i cant

    — by Seren McBeth-Mangers on Nov 29 2021

  • The HCMtogo app wants me to update my password, but says the old one is not valid and will not let me change it. Attempting to login through my computer it says my email is not in the system. I need to get my hours in for this week!

    — by Alexis on Nov 26 2021

  • Locked out of my account

    — by Helena Petty on Nov 25 2021

  • i am trying to get my last few pay stubs when i try to sign in it is saying i am blocked i need them today what can i do to get them

    — by heather r sprecker on Nov 24 2021

  • Mi jefe me dio un user name pero nunca he podido abrir la aplicacion y yo he estado presente cuando mi jefe a tratado de contactarse con chmtogo y disen q todo esta bien pero es mentira no puedo entrar

    — by Iris abarca on Nov 24 2021

  • Forgot username

    — by Kristopher on Nov 24 2021

  • I am trying to set up my app so I can see my paycheck how do I get it done

    — by Benjamin Rollins on Nov 23 2021

  • I can’t log in the log in page say invalid info and I don’t know how to create account to access my pay studs from McDonald’s. Pleasa help

    — by Madison Schuster on Nov 23 2021

  • Need my user name and password

    — by Wesley seidl on Nov 20 2021

  • My account was locked and I can't get back into it.

    — by Roxanne Fleischauer on Nov 19 2021

  • I need to know the company name to login, I have forgotten it and my new general manager doesn't know it. Can I have someone please reach out to me to help me fix this?

    — by Kelsie on Nov 17 2021

  • I forgot my username and password

    — by melanie rodriguez on Nov 14 2021

  • Thompson management is now using hcmtogo for payroll. I have never recieved the link to sign up for it. Please help me.

    — by Mary respecki on Nov 12 2021

  • Thompson management is now using hcmtogo for payroll. I have never recieved the link to sign up for it. Please help me.

    — by Mary respecki on Nov 12 2021

  • Account licked I need user and password please thanks Chris

    — by Christopher jones on Nov 12 2021

  • I need help resetting my password

    — by melanie rodriguez on Nov 12 2021

  • Complete

    — by Patria Perez on Nov 11 2021

  • account locked not able to log in with information given to me

    — by Kelly H Whipple on Nov 11 2021

  • need login info

    — by Ryan Wheeler on Nov 11 2021

  • I don't know my username and password to login so I can see my paystub

    — by Desirea D Johnson on Nov 09 2021

  • My HCMTOGO account is locked. My email with this account is [email protected]

    — by Marina on Nov 08 2021

  • I am locked out of my account. This has happened 10 times. could you please unlock my account

    — by Mark Davidson on Nov 07 2021

  • I was just recently given my username and password from my job and once I logged in it said account locked? How do I log in?

    — by Acacia New on Nov 07 2021

  • It is saying my account is locked and I don’t know how to get it unlocked

    — by Destiny on Nov 07 2021

  • My HCMTOGO Account Is Locked How Do I Unlock It

    — by Shmya Casterberry on Nov 06 2021

  • Its saying that my account is locked, i can't get on the app to check my time.

    — by Nelson Reconco on Nov 04 2021

  • need password

    — by Richard Keitt on Oct 31 2021

  • My acount looket

    — by Eduardo Rivera Diaz on Oct 30 2021

  • Can I speak to a customer service rep

    — by MELODY HOPKINS on Oct 29 2021

  • My account is locked

    — by Thomas Branstetter on Oct 29 2021

  • Hello my name is Skiler Farmer, I am emailing because I need my pay stubs. My work gave me the code TPCA380 to set up my account and I ended up getting locked out without getting to finish my account set up. Can someone help me with this ASAP.

    — by Skiler Farmer on Oct 28 2021

  • I’m locked out my account and I’m trying to login in by resting my password but it’s still not working

    — by Lakayla on Oct 28 2021

  • Can not get in my account

    — by sheena purifoy on Oct 27 2021

  • Yes

    — by [email protected] on Oct 21 2021

  • I can't remember my username

    — by Timothy Ames on Oct 20 2021

  • I need to reset my password and cant find that option

    — by Desiree M Duminske on Oct 06 2021

  • I cannot login to my account I need resest my password and username

    — by Adam on Oct 04 2021

  • I can’t remember username or password

    — by Ariel on Oct 01 2021

  • I'm looking for my employee can clock in and clock out and check the pay stub

    — by Jerome A Sanders on Sep 29 2021

  • I forgot my username and password

    — by Donald Manning on Sep 24 2021

  • i was wandering does this app no when we clock in and out no where we are logging out at ?(location) we heard if were not at work it shows our location ??so they said 2 do it manually and it doesn;t is that true also ty ??

    — by BARRY L TRUE on Sep 23 2021

  • I locked my account out in the wrong passsword

    — by Wandapreston on Sep 23 2021

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