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Report an issue with HCMToGo.
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with HCMToGo?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Workforce Ready to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About HCMToGo

1. If you get stuck on this your COMPANY ADMIN can help you out. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login.

2. Please check with your manager or company admin to get access to the new app. • When logging in with HCMtoGO you will need to select the region you are using as well as the Company Shortname (The unique Identification number your company administrator needs to provide to you. • After you enter that information you will be prompted to enter in your Company, Username, and Password.

3. This app requires a company shortname, which is a unique company identifier which you can get from your company administrator. Tada!

4. Before you jump in and download it be sure to take a look at the following. • If your administrator has not setup the new HCMtoGO app for your organization, you will NOT be able to get access.

5. Company Shortname Required!

6. Your employer must have the HCMtoGO software configured for mobile use.

7. The new HCMtoGo mobile app is here!

8. Contact your system administrator for more details. • Users need to have permission to access the new app via their security profile. • Users need to be permissioned to have access via their UI Preferences widget within their security profile. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login.

HCMToGo Customer Insights

1. I appreciate any help!This app takes something simple, recording work hours, and makes it difficult, time consuming, and unreliable.

2. You seriously need to update the backend of this app.App doesn't open half of the time, just stays in an endless loading screen.

3. When requesting time off for days before and after days without scheduled shifts it isn't smart enough to automatically remove those days and you have to put in multiple requests to work around it.

4. The security feels higher than my banks, which may be appropriate for an employer who has all your personal info to protect, but for an employee that just wants to clock in and out, there is no need to force password changes.

5. Edit, once again the app would not load after opening and closing it multiple times last night, i tried opening it again today and my account is locked even though I didn't even get to attempt to login because the app couldn't even get to the login screen to begin with.

6. Initially I am able to log in without issue, but when clocking in/out or changing cost center, my phone suddenly loses all cell service (despite full coverage before and after) and a prompt comes up saying that the connection is lost.

7. On the low chance it actually starts on the first attempt to load it, I'm lucky if it is quick enough to let me clock in on time.

8. It constantly freezes on startup and most of the time requires restarting my phone for it to work.

9. If you have to add a note to your time sheet you have to click save in two different spots otherwise it doesn't save it.

10. This app has lost over 20 hours of my time in the past two pay periods because of these issues.

11. It's garbage.Although it likely has the functionality you need, it just isn't intuitive/ user friendly.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix HCMToGo Issues

1. Fix HCMToGo Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart HCMToGo: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the HCMToGo App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "HCMToGo" » Open HCMToGo » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for HCMToGo » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear HCMToGo app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from HCMToGo servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "HCMToGo" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check HCMToGo app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, HCMToGo might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall HCMToGo. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall HCMToGo then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing HCMToGo not working

2. Fix HCMToGo Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make HCMToGo be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to HCMToGo not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, HCMToGo may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I’m trying to recover my info to get direct deposit

    — by Jason Alombro 1 month ago

  • My account has been locked and I need access to the information for my unemployment filing. There is no noticeable way to reset the account myself. Any help is appreciated!

    — by Brandon L Jordan 2 months ago

  • I’m having an issue logging in nd I can no longer use that email ! Can I get it updated I need it for work for my paystubs and everything else !

    — by Alexis McNeal 3 months ago

  • How do I change my direct deposit to a different account to get the full amount of my check if I already have an account on there I'm looking to delete but it won't give me the option to delete the first account. I don't know what to do.

    — by Emily dawn Simons 3 months ago

  • Hello, my name is Janae Cervantes and I've been trying to login into my hcmtogo account through the app but for some reason it keeps saying my information is incorrect, I have even tried to forgot password and it says I'm answering my security question wrong when I know the answer to the question. If you guys can help me to get access to my account that would be greatly appreciated.

    — by Janae Cervantes 3 months ago

  • On android 14 The phone opens the logo screen but freezes Have done the following toggled WiFi, uninstalled reinstalled cleared cache. Sometimes! if I restart the phone it will work one time but this is intermittent. On my previous phone (Android 12) it worked correctly. I am going to recommend we find another solution if this cannot be resolved.

    — by M. Roland 3 months ago

  • i was supposed to get paid today, everyone else i talked to at work said they got paid but my money was never transferred over to my bank account and my bank cant find any traces of it or anything like that

    — by Elias Levesque 3 months ago

  • Need help with unlocking my account

    — by Chordaro Bonner 3 months ago

  • I have a issue remembering my username for my account as I work for MCD as the company and I've tried several times looking for it so I'm left at a dead end i need a server administrator and to figure out my username

    — by Agustin 3 months ago

  • I am unable to loggin….or reset my password.

    — by Shaneice 4 months ago

  • yes i am having trouble logging into my account which i recently did not have a problem with before. My autobell number which is 28481 was the username but it’s saying it’s no longer there. I know my password is correct. Is there anyway this could be fixed my email is jakemperry8@redacted

    — by Jake Perry 4 months ago

  • my other account was locked and i need it unlocked as soon as possible

    — by Trenton 4 months ago

  • I was trying to log into my account to access my taxes and it locked my account

    — by Hunter Wright 4 months ago

  • I need to change my phone number for verification. My new number is 3176052262

    — by Gavin VanPelt 4 months ago

  • My account is locked. I can’t login

    — by Kimberly Stewart 4 months ago

  • Trying to update my direct deposit information, but in order to do this I need you to update my email address which is melland phone number which is (864)6893830, so I can put my two authentication code in

    — by Mellisa 5 months ago

  • I have tried to contact my former employer to get my last check stub. I have even went into the office and tried to get I seriously need it and I have tried everything can you please help me

    — by Jameciamorris 5 months ago

  • Hello, I just want to know why my app keeps exiting out after i press “active to” on my direct deposit form. I am trying to change my deposit but can’t because of this. I have already tried to delete the app, and also tried on a different device.

    — by Jevon Jackson 5 months ago

  • My Account is locked plz can you open it
    My username is KKHOSHBEEN7082

    — by Kiomarss Khoshbeen 5 months ago

  • I’m having trouble getting into my account I forgot my username and my previous password to change the password

    — by Christina Holley 6 months ago

  • I am locked out of my account. I left my position at McDonald’s about 2 weeks ago so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But I still need it to access my pay stubs

    — by Collin 6 months ago

  • I need help getting into my account for work please

    — by Alpha 6 months ago

  • App will not get past the start screen on my android, Yes! I have restarted the phone Yes! I have toggled WiFi off and on. The only thing that will work is when I share the hotspot from another persons IPhone. WTF? Is this app only useable on IPhone? If so why the hell is it available on the Google Plat Store? fix your shit

    — by Jeff Lutz 6 months ago

  • Account was locked after a failed attempt to login and it's been locked since I need a temporary password or something to log back in.

    — by Avni 6 months ago

  • Hello I've locked myself out of my work app HMCTOGO . Can you help me pls .

    — by Hayley gould 6 months ago

  • I'm a former employee. I need a copy of my last paystub. My name is Richard Luna. I worked at The Oasis of Austin in Austin, Tx. You can email that copy to my email address. Thank you.

    — by Richard C Luna 6 months ago


    — by yoselin nunez 6 months ago

  • No puedo acceder a mi cuenta ya he hecho de todo y nada

    — by odalys hernandez 6 months ago

  • When I try to login it goes through the process and returns me to the login screen it stuck in a loop tried everything recommended still the same thing

    — by Mike Bartz 6 months ago

  • Having trouble logging in Hcm to go forgot the username and password

    — by Lucinda Welch 6 months ago

  • Having trouble logging in Hcm to go

    — by Lucinda Welch 6 months ago

  • I have had the HCMToGo app on my phone for about a year and all of a sudden, I can not log in. However, I can on my desktop. I've deleted the app on my phone and installed it a few times, but nothing happens. Each time I try to log in, it returns to the login page. It's been quite frustrating.

    — by Leslie Karen Levenberg 6 months ago

  • Cannot log in with the app on iphone. Keeps asking for Region and Company short name which I input, then asks for Username and password, which I input then flickers my start page then goes directly to Region and Company short name page again. Seems to be caught in a cycle cannot get out of.
    I have deleated app and reinstalled with no luck.

    — by Kristin Conrad 6 months ago

  • My app HCMToGo has been locked and no way to unlock it. Please help!

    — by Jenny Hang 6 months ago

  • Once I log in to my account the app shows my main page then it kicks out and goes right back to the log in page. It keeps doing this even after I reinstalled the app. My payroll staff has no clue on this. What is going on here??

    — by Steve V 7 months ago

  • I can login just fine. It loads for a quick second then sends me back to login screen. I’ve shut off and turned on my phone and I also deleted the app then downloaded it again . Plz help

    — by Ryan Tharp 7 months ago

  • Cannot log in with the app on iphone. Keeps asking for Region and Company short name which I input, then asks for Username and password, which I input then flickers my start page then goes directly to Region and Company short name page again. Seems to be caught in a cycle cannot get out of.
    I have deleated app and reinstalled with no luck.

    — by Brian Gregg 7 months ago

  • Every time I try to log into the HCM To go app it shows a message fro putting in the totp code from an authenticator app. However, I never downloaded an authenticator app connected with this app, so I was wondering how to get past this page.

    — by Amber Tingue 7 months ago

  • My HCMToGo app is not opening or allowing me to log in. I've completed all the steps suggested by the AI chat support and it's still not working. Any suggestions?

    — by Rebecca Brown 7 months ago

  • When logging in on mobile, I can see it VERY quickly flash my picture in the top right-hand corner, like its logging me in, but then it goes back to the original log in screen, where you put your region and Co short code. Have done this many, many times over the last few days. Administrator reset password several times today and am still having the same issue. I can log in on the computer, but no on mobile. Other employees are having this issue as well, and do not have access to desktop computers, so it is a big problem. We have all rest our phones, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, several times, to no avail. Please help!

    — by Lesa Alvarez 7 months ago

  • I chatted with an AI Bot, they told me to trouble shoot the app, for the problem. My problem was that I couldn’t view my clock in times, schedules, pay subs, or add/ remove direct deposits to my account, and my name is put in incorrectly on the app is there a way to resolve this?

    — by Kennon Knight 7 months ago

  • Hi my name is Jose Reyes and once I have downloaded the HCMToGo app and tried logging in, the app didn't let I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this

    — by Jose Reyes 7 months ago

  • My app keeps crashing. It loads and then crashes every time since Tuesday morning. I have uninstalled and installed app back MJ h

    — by Trakis Donaldson 7 months ago

  • Need to reset phone number and email to log in

    — by Juntez 8 months ago

  • I recently reset my email but I haven’t been able to use my new email to log into the HCM TOGO app

    — by Tiara 8 months ago

  • My account is locked and the employer says it's not on their end. I need access to my pay stubs for a loan.

    — by Jeff Bizzle 8 months ago

  • Hi,
    I am trying to log in but it is asking for a unique verification code which I do not have. Could you assist with this please?
    Many thanks,
    Maria Garcia
    Company: vglasgow
    User: mayfontanilla@redacted

    — by Maria 8 months ago

  • I can't log into my account

    — by Stefanie 8 months ago

  • Hi I am locked out of my hcmttogo account

    — by Erica Wilkens 8 months ago

  • I have an account with AGretail but every time I try log in it is asking me for a verification key which I don't have so cannot get into my account to do time sheets

    — by Kellie Macintosh 8 months ago

  • How do I change My Username? I cannot remember it, and cannot access My account. Thanks

    — by Ryan Patton 8 months ago

  • Account locked

    — by Lhugie 8 months ago

  • No options on app or website to change password. Company HR cannot make the change either.

    — by Madden Bramlett 9 months ago

  • I need to make a new user name and password

    — by Crystal 9 months ago

  • I have emailed you guys several freaking times and no one will get back to me you guys are VERY unreliable

    — by Shaylin Lundy 9 months ago

  • I can't log in i forgot my user name and password. My home screen is'nt giving me the option to do so.

    — by Gary Adams 9 months ago

  • Hey I work for morning star and my account will not send me the email to reset my password and now I’m locked out can you help me?

    — by Princess Malachi 10 months ago

  • HELLO,
    I’m trying to download my last two paystubs and when I’m attempting to log in it says my account is locked. Is there any way you guys can unlock my account? My company’s short name is CH50029 and my username is FGomez. Thank you!

    1. Frida Gomez

    — by Frida Gomez 10 months ago

  • I am unable to log into HCMtogo

    — by Lori Soldwedel 10 months ago

  • How do I sign up?

    — by Taia Davies 10 months ago

  • My name is Brooke doss, I work at Children’s Lighthouse of Rockwall and I don’t have a complaint but I’m not sure what my username or password is for my account.

    — by Brooke doss 11 months ago

  • Hello my account is Locked can u help me get it unlock

    — by Jaedyn Burton 11 months ago

  • Forgot my username

    — by Tabrian Durham 11 months ago

  • I need help getting back into my account

    — by Larry Burkes 11 months ago

  • I received a paycheck on Wednesday June 14th and it was supposed to be directly deposited to my account with Chase yet it has not been deposited and there's no deposit pending so I need to know where my paycheck is and how I can get it deposited in my checking account please get back to me as soon as you can thank you
    Brittany Williams

    — by Brittany Nichole Williams 11 months ago

  • I need help to add new bank account

    — by Karelycordova 1 year ago

  • Hello this is Cheria Clinkingbeard and I need help with the login on my hcmtogo account for my payroll

    — by Cheria Lyn Clinkingbeard 1 year ago

  • I could not log in to my account so is their a way for you can help me log in or is there another way for me to sign up again

    — by Elijah powell 1 year ago

  • I have been trying to get an account set up with you guys For quite sometime now I am needing access to only my may 18th pay stub for medicaid reasons I need to get that ASAP

    — by Jan Ruston 1 year ago

  • Trouble with login

    — by Jenell Haywood 1 year ago

  • I'm trying to login to my account but I don't have the email address that's on file.

    — by Eric Eugene Houston 1 year ago

  • Need help logging I to see paystub

    — by Quintin Simmons 1 year ago

  • Doesn’t let me log in and it seas it locked

    — by Chriatopher Garcia 1 year ago

  • I can’t login. Keeps giving me error for my username or password. Not sure which one is wrong but I have been trying with correct information. Please assist me in resetting my account. Thank you.

    — by Caroline Kriete 1 year ago

  • I cant login and my boss doesnt know what to do so im stuck ive asked if they sent me an email and my boss doesnt know so im not sure where to go from here

    — by Stacey Wood 1 year ago

  • I cannot enter since it asks me for the code to reach the email and I do not get it to access my account

    — by Rlithgow 1 year ago

  • I've locked myself out of my HCM account. I forgot my username and password. What do I have to do to get back into it?

    — by Taylor 1 year ago

  • I cannot log into the app to view my pay stub.

    — by John Leonard 1 year ago

  • can’t get into my account keeps saying locked after I try every time I need my pay information please

    — by Dena Robinson 1 year ago

  • I can't log in

    — by Joaquim De Pina 1 year ago

  • I m a new employee of Anew Contractors/Indiana Wash and Seal in Lafayette, IN. My Name is Linda Yelton
    I am trying to login to the HCMToGo account for the first time. I selected the correct region (North America). I entered the correct Short Name (1784APS). I put in my username Lyelton. I entered my Social Security Number. Then it took me to a screen that asked for an authorization code. I do not have an authorization code or know how to get one. My boss is out of town and would like me to get this set up while he is gone. Can you help me log in the first time, please? Thank you so very much!!!

    — by Linda Yelton 1 year ago

  • I forget my username and password

    — by Chloe Alford 1 year ago

  • Can not log in my account.

    — by Minas Manolios 1 year ago

  • It will not let me log into my account through the phone app, keeps saying invalid log in info and its the correct I don't understand what is going on. Please help - Thank you!

    — by Geanna Green 1 year ago

  • Lost my log in ingo

    — by Terry 1 year ago

  • Can’t get into the app

    — by Thomas Giannotto 1 year ago

  • Forgot my username and password to my HCMtoGo app

    — by kayla wright 1 year ago

  • I am unable to update my phone number ib the app

    — by Tristan Mendenhall 1 year ago

  • I cannot long in to my account and need assistance. ITS SAYING I NEED QR CODE?

    — by Johnathan Querrard 1 year ago

  • my name is stephanie hutchison i work for jdh developers/ quality inn. 750 cobb place kennesaw ga 30152. i need help getting in this app. i have been trying for weeks. my boss acts like its no big deal. but i need to check my hours. and need to see my time. thank you very much in advance. email is hutchisonstephanie878@redacted
    my phone number is 470 330 71 81. thanks again

    — by Stephanie Michelle Hutchison 1 year ago

  • I can't remember my username and password to log into my app. Is there anyway you can help? Thanks
    Michael Recar

    — by Michael Recar 1 year ago

  • Work for Bruce Oakley lost all my account password and log in info

    — by Terry 1 year ago

  • I don’t know how to access the account I do not have a username and password

    — by Ebony Adams 1 year ago

  • I have an account but i don’t remember the username or password but it was with another email: adrianagarcia210203@redacted

    — by Adriana Garcia 1 year ago

  • I need to reset my password

    — by Kendrick Kimble 1 year ago

  • My account is locked. Please unlock. Thank you!

    — by Timothy Trout 1 year ago

  • Don't know company short name can't log in

    — by Amy bumgarner 1 year ago

  • I am locked out of my hcmtogo app

    — by kmohagan 1 year ago

  • My account is locked

    — by Jeffrry rosenboro 1 year ago

  • How to recover old password

    — by David macleod 1 year ago

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