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Why should I report an Issue with HCMToGo?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Workforce Ready to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

HCMToGo Features and Description

{Company Shortname Required! This app requires a company shortname, which is a unique company identifier which you can get from your company administrator. Tada! The new HCMtoGo mobile app is here! Before you jump in and download it be sure to take a look at the following. *IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR NEW HCMtoGO USERS* BEFORE YOU LOGIN - employees and managers: • If your administrator has not setup the new HCMtoGO app for your organization, you will NOT be able to get access. Please check with your manager or company admin to get access to the new app. • When logging in with HCMtoGO you will need to select the region you are using as well as the Company Shortname (The unique Identification number your company administrator needs to provide to you.) • After you enter that information you will be prompted to enter in your Company, Username, and Password. If you get stuck on this your COMPANY ADMIN can help you out. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. Now that you are ready to join HCMtoGO here are some of the awesome things you can do within the new app to enhance your human resource needs: • Check and/or edit your timesheets for accuracy • Submit and view time off requests • Check vacation/sick balances • Enroll in benefits and view existing benefits • Check your schedule • View pay stubs and manage direct deposits. • Check your schedule and, if enabled, swap shifts with peers Your employer must have the HCMtoGO software configured for mobile use. Contact your system administrator for more details. Key things to know as an administrator: • Users need to have permission to access the new app via their security profile. • Users need to be permissioned to have access via their UI Preferences widget within their security profile. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. • Basic Authentication with SSO is not currently supported

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • It says my username is wrong when that was the username I was given

    — by Landen Smith on Sep 20 2021

  • When I try to login to my account it saying it's locked how do I fix that

    — by Tontanea Crosby on Sep 17 2021

  • I cant login in my account from my app, i have all my credentials . It's saying login error

    — by Daphne Bell on Sep 17 2021

  • I can't get into the app.

    — by Angelia Hawkins on Sep 16 2021

  • No puedo iniciar sesión y me bloqueó mi cuenta

    — by Julian Quintana jr on Sep 15 2021

  • I am unable to login with the credentials my place of employment gave me.

    — by Tiffany finley on Sep 15 2021

  • I have been locked out of my account

    — by Deja Pearce on Sep 15 2021

  • My account is saying invalid login

    — by Cherie Merriweather on Sep 14 2021

  • I no longer work for a the company and need copies of my pay stubs

    — by Theresa on Sep 14 2021

  • I can't log into hcmtogo app

    — by Christina Williams on Sep 14 2021

  • I’m locked out and all my hr infinity user name and password was suppose to work on this new HCMtoGo to log in. It either my username r password incorrect. And I try to reset password and it locks me out

    — by Robertculwell on Sep 13 2021

  • I dont know my username to log in please help!

    — by Quanaa Thompson on Sep 13 2021

  • It said my account is lock and I need access to it

    — by Preston Coble on Sep 10 2021

  • After the app told me my account info was wrong i got locked out and can not get into it. Help please

    — by Evan balogh on Sep 09 2021

  • I need you to send me the virtual code to my email: [email protected]
    I am a new user: MCastellon32

    — by Marvyn on Sep 08 2021

  • I am trying to register but I cannot receive the virtual code because the text option does not work, only the email option works.
    but I need to change the email address that is there

    — by Marvyn on Sep 08 2021

  • locked out of my account

    — by macey thorndyke on Sep 08 2021

  • I really need my login information to get my paystubs for an apartment. I used to be an employee for the St Charles McDonald’s as a crew trainer. I recently quit at the end of July and lost all my login info. Please get in contact with me soon about how to resolve this, thank you

    — by Aryian Snelenberger on Sep 08 2021

  • Account Locked

    — by Delia Flores on Sep 07 2021

  • So I’m having trouble signing back into my account, and keep saying locked account.

    — by Dillon Jeffrey-Smikle on Sep 07 2021

  • I forgot my user name and my password to log in to my account

    — by Sunny Browning on Sep 07 2021

  • Account locked

    — by Megan on Sep 06 2021

  • My app don't let me login it say account locked I try to reset my password but dosen't works

    — by Alberto de jesus sanchez on Sep 04 2021

  • Hello, I tried logging into my HCMtoGo account so I can see my paystubs but it says the username is wrong. I work at McDonald’s and my manager Brooke gave my my username and when I told her that it was saying the username was wrong she told me she couldn’t do anything about it. Please contact me back as soon as possible.

    — by Nancy on Sep 03 2021

  • Can’t login

    — by Dennia Loustaunau on Sep 03 2021

  • I'm locked out

    — by Samuel on Sep 02 2021

  • My account says locked but I have my password now. Can you unlock?

    — by Brianna Gomez on Sep 02 2021

  • My account is locked

    — by Samuel on Sep 02 2021

  • I work for McDonald's on Central Street in Franklin New Hampshire I've gone on the website and the HCM to go app I get direct deposit and there is no pay stubs or pay history under my pay it says no data to display without my pay stubs I can't hand them into the state which I need for my benefits and my general manager refuses to give me them can you please fix this issue so I can see my pay history

    — by Amanda Magnifico on Sep 02 2021

  • Locked out of my account

    — by Paul Holden on Sep 01 2021

  • My account locked

    — by Jessica on Aug 31 2021

  • I forgot my password and I don't have no way to reset my password...

    — by Brenda hertel on Aug 31 2021

  • My account is locked, and i need to get in it ASAP, if you could unlock it for me or tell me how to.

    — by Madalyn Inman on Aug 31 2021

  • Hello! I am able to log into TriNet on my computer. When I use these credentials on the HCMToGo app, it tells me my credentials are invalid. Please tell me why this is happening. I need this app in order to clock in/out and have been employed for almost 2 weeks already. Thank you!

    — by Georgette Charalambous on Aug 31 2021

  • Hi I did forgot my username & password off my HCM to go Account
    I need to get back please

    — by Juan on Aug 28 2021

  • Necesito hacer mi registro nuevamente

    — by Magly on Aug 28 2021

  • No puedo abrir porque no reconoce mi nombre usuario

    — by Magly on Aug 28 2021

  • Trying to set up for online account

    — by Sheila davis on Aug 27 2021

  • Keeps saying my username is wrong

    — by Chasity Anderson on Aug 26 2021

  • Keeping saying invalid I'd name what should I do

    — by Alexander Arroyo on Aug 25 2021

  • How to reset my password

    — by Lionel lucero on Aug 25 2021

  • Unlock out of login need a password and username reset

    — by Cmartin on Aug 24 2021

  • Can't get into my account. Just keeps buffering

    — by Kevin Sakai on Aug 24 2021

  • I can’t login

    — by Eriberto Salgado on Aug 22 2021

  • My account said it locked why? If everything was good

    — by Yivenni Elizabeth Pena Gomez on Aug 22 2021

  • no phone number to contact hcm

    — by Seth Mao on Aug 20 2021

  • I am locked out due to too many failed attempts. can someone reset it for me

    — by Ashley Nicole wilson on Aug 19 2021

  • Account is locked can't get in its been locked 4 a week now

    — by Donald Webber on Aug 19 2021

  • I keep getting an error message on the iPhone HCMToGo: Cannot Login From This Location. What do I have to do so that it can log in?

    — by Margaret on Aug 18 2021

  • I tried to use the app for the first time and I'm locked out

    — by April S Mitchell on Aug 18 2021

  • My account is locked , why can’t I access it?

    — by Cruez Gordon on Aug 17 2021

  • i am trying to get back into the app. it is saying my username and password are locked from where i use to work for this company. is there any way you can unlock my name and reset the password

    — by donna freeman on Aug 17 2021

  • I have a problem with log in to HCMTogo and I'm unable to reset the password.
    Arnold Duong

    — by Arnold on Aug 17 2021

  • I haven’t set up my account and I try logging in using my account Id on my check and it says account locked. What should I do

    — by Susan Colon on Aug 16 2021

  • My brother had this app before me and I need to step up a new account so I don’t log into my brothers account.

    — by Sara Helmick on Aug 13 2021

  • It seem I cannot log in to my account

    — by Elvira Chuela on Aug 12 2021

  • Account locked

    — by Lataya Thomas on Aug 11 2021

  • I am unable to get in to my account
    Everytime I to get to my account on my phone it says my information

    — by Sarah Bohuslar on Aug 11 2021

  • dont remember username and password

    — by Lorena Woodson on Aug 10 2021

  • I don’t remember my username or passoword on hcmtogo and I need to be able to get into it

    — by Jodie Gordon on Aug 10 2021

  • account locked

    — by Austin Kepple on Aug 05 2021

  • I forgot my password I need help log in

    — by Rosiane on Aug 03 2021

  • I can’t login to their app. It says that Error Message:
    Whoops! Looks like you are not authorized to use mobile application. Please contact your system administrator to get mobile access.

    — by Darin Flores on Aug 02 2021

  • Locked out first attempt to login

    — by Melissa A Ayres on Jul 31 2021

  • Esqueci meu nome de usuário

    — by Micheli on Jul 29 2021

  • Password does not work

    — by Kaden Roiger on Jul 29 2021

  • My account is locked due to me forgetting my password

    — by Andrew Webster on Jul 29 2021

  • I tired to login in but it won't let me. So I don't know how to reset my username and password. It don't give me the option to.

    — by Ramona Liggins on Jul 28 2021

  • Can't get in.

    — by devan burns on Jul 26 2021

  • Need unlock my account

    — by Cesar De la rosa on Jul 26 2021

  • Cant log in my 1st time doing this need help loggin in

    — by Bryan ojeda on Jul 26 2021

  • I need help

    — by Mario guevara on Jul 26 2021

  • I can't logging

    — by Mario guevara on Jul 26 2021

  • I was trying to my new hire checklist for my new job. When I type in the username and password it keep saying account locked.

    — by Earl Williams on Jul 25 2021

  • My acaunt loker

    — by VGarcia80 on Jul 23 2021

  • My account says that it is locked everytime I try to log in to Hcmtogo app.

    — by Giovanno Widjaja on Jul 23 2021

  • I forgot my password

    — by Linda gallagher on Jul 23 2021

  • I am one of the area managers for Allied Maintenance Systems we had this ab for about four months with no problems as of Friday we had an issue with employees clock in and clocking out it keeps saying about location and won’t let us clock in or out on Monday it was fixed now on Wednesday at 3 PM it started doing it again I’m one of the area managers I start my morning at 4 AM it’s doing the same thing this morning please fix this issue you can contact me at 717 449 2541 or our office after 8am 717 774 5481 ask for me David I’m the area manager for Allied maintenance Systems you can call my cell anytime I start my morning at 4am

    — by David Hilt on Jul 22 2021

  • I already have an app and i ve been using it for a while no I can log in

    — by Sanana on Jul 22 2021

  • i can’t sign in

    — by tyre smith on Jul 22 2021

  • I am having trouble w my password. And it is not giving an option to reset it. Please help

    — by Tiffany A Marino on Jul 21 2021

  • My account has been locked. I need help !!!

    — by Savion Avery on Jul 19 2021

  • It says my account is locked

    — by Taylor Jones on Jul 19 2021

  • I want to reset my password or at least try to login.

    — by Isaul Franco on Jul 19 2021

  • My account is locked i dont know why but i think is because im using a new phone

    — by Diego Martinez on Jul 18 2021

  • Need my account unlocked please

    — by Ryan sanderson on Jul 18 2021

  • I cannot access my account it says it's locked.

    — by Roberto Bretado Salcido on Jul 17 2021

  • Locked out of my account

    — by Dylan on Jul 17 2021

  • Hi I work for McDonald’s and I set up the HCMtogo app in January but got logged out and I don’t know my username or password. How can I find it to log back into the app?

    — by Alma de la Cruz on Jul 17 2021

  • I can't get back in

    — by Darlene Burgess on Jul 16 2021

  • I need to access my pay stubs and can’t figure out how to make an account

    — by Melody Mansfield on Jul 16 2021

  • I need to reset my login password thing so I can completely log in to check what I should get paid cause my password expired

    — by Madison Etherington on Jul 16 2021

  • Cant make an account

    — by Brianna Shepherd on Jul 16 2021

  • Locked out of my account even though i just got my log in and password. Ive never tried logging in before

    — by Brittany stanzel on Jul 15 2021

  • My account got locked because I forgot the password.My account is KRuiz-Genovese94. Can you guys unlock it?

    — by Karley on Jul 15 2021

  • Having issues with the app it won't let me sign in

    — by Melissa A Williams on Jul 13 2021

  • Need help changing my phone number for the app

    — by Travis smith on Jul 13 2021

  • I'm lock out of my account how do I unlock it

    — by Joseph Johnson on Jul 12 2021

  • I need help with my htctogo app

    — by Patricia Elliott on Jul 12 2021

  • My account is locked please let me know how I can get it unlock please

    — by Bradley on Jul 12 2021

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