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Published by ZhangHao
Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Report an issue with RXCamView.
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with RXCamView?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of ZhangHao to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

RXCamView Features and Description

The RXCamView app is designed to work with NVR, DVR, IPC and other surveillance camera. With the video preview feature of this app, you can remotely view real-time surveillance video anytime, anywhere; With the video playback feature, you can conveniently view what happened in the past period. Work with a surveillance camera which supports AI, you can even search video records from a large number of videos by a face photo; Of course, with the alarm message service, you can receive the alarm information of the places you care about in the first place, so as to take timely measures to reduce your losses; With the voice intercom feature, you can also communicate with the people where the camera is located Key features: 1. Watch HD video in real time 2. Historical video viewing 3. Event message reminder 4. Call through two-way audio 5. Get instant alerts when motion, human form, sound are detected 6. Customize detection area and sensitivity 7. Set recording schedule and alarm notification schedule

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common RXCamView Issues

How to Fix RXCamView Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with RXCamView, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if RXCamView is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter RXCamView user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that RXCamView is down, you'll need to wait until RXCamView itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear RXCamView app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • My system worked great after setting it up, got a new phone and installed the app on my new phone, when I try to open the app, it says connect close, tried contacting the harbor freight support folks and they said it's an issue with the app, the system works in my shop fine, I've reinstalled the app on the phone and gone through the entire setup again and defaulted the system,
    the base still works perfectly, but not on my phone, what can I do to get the app working on my android phone again ?

    — by Kenneth Lawson 1 week ago

  • My cameras wasn't playing back video so I contacted Kobra they made me Uninstaller your rz camera view app I reinstalled and now is telling me the app has a bug .. are yall having problems with app currently I have a android phone .. no other problems with any of my other apps ..

    — by Crystal Nugent 2 weeks ago

  • App is only working sometimes like one day a week need it fixed so can see cameras when not at home

    — by Derrick 2 weeks ago

  • I can not play back on rx viewcam, it said no video found but I can play it back on my cobra camera systems. I removed the rx cam app and reinstalled. It not help.

    — by Ricky Anderson 3 weeks ago

  • I need to know how to retrieve or reset my log in information for my system as I cannot remember the log in information.

    — by Javier Giron 4 weeks ago

  • I have rxcamview app for cameras. The app will not open keeps saying there is a bug in app. Please help. Thank yoy

    — by Bruce 4 weeks ago

  • Your app keeps saying it has a bug in your system.

    — by Clark Hildred 1 month ago

  • My Wi-Fi password changed!! Now my app on my iPhone does not work, it has a offline screen on my iPad also

    — by Lawanda Lock 1 month ago

  • I have a stand alone IP camera not connected to an NVR. How do I add this camera to the RXCAMVIEW app? I have tried everything I can think of but it will not add. I am 100% sure I am entering the correct IP address. Also, I can successfully connect to the camera using the IP address directly so I know that is not the issue. Thanks

    — by jeff 1 month ago

  • The app keeps crashing, trying to setup for phone.

    — by leonard Nelson 1 month ago

  • I need help changing my password and I am not able to, I would like to speak to someone by phone if possible. Need Password Reset Instructions.

    — by Jesse Brooks 2 months ago

  • I am tryen to figure out how to set up my rxcam. I downloaded the rxcam app on my mobile phone. It tells me I need a user name an password. I have tryed a 100 different passwords. I get a little message on the screen that says password must be between 000-00 .

    — by Ruth 2 months ago

  • I got a new phone and need to connect it via RXCAMVIEW. I go into the Device Manager and entered the IP Address, etc.. but it doesn't give me the option to save.

    — by Carmen Khelawan 2 months ago

  • My partner forgot the password, need to reset it.

    — by Volodymyr Bidulka 3 months ago

  • My Rxcam view has a bug

    — by Elsa mora 3 months ago

  • I need help forget my password

    — by Jose Avalos 3 months ago

  • I can't get my cameras to connect to my wifi or my phone.

    — by Cory Robert Crank 3 months ago

  • Saying there's a bug in the system, thus crashing my app.

    — by Seth 4 months ago

  • I’m trying to hook my phone to my cameras, I forgot my password word to my Security device. When trying to reset it says the email parameters you set is incomplete. The system is not allowing me to set the cameras to my phone

    — by Kelly Parker 4 months ago

  • I get motion notifications but when i click to view them it comes up no video file found.

    — by Andrew 4 months ago

  • Cannot get my android phone to view cameras

    — by John Loughrie 4 months ago

  • I cannot get my RXCamView app to work outside my local WiFi Network. I tried using the QR Code on the DVR to set it up and also use the IP address. I can get the local WiFi to work with the IP address but not the QR Code but neither works outside my network.
    Any help getting this fixed would be appreciated.

    — by Mike Campo 4 months ago

  • I can’t connect to my cobra 4k nvr

    — by Chase Talton 4 months ago

  • It's there anyway for me to view lossed days of camera footage?

    — by Antoinette M Balcita 4 months ago

  • Hello, my issue with the app is that when I go into remote settings and into video cover it will not let me save any of the chances I make. it doesn’t let me exit out of video cover. I checked this out on another device to see if the problem was also happening on another phone but the device had the green menu at the top where you could save changes that you made. And mine does not. I have tried re downloading the app and i’m not sure what’s causing this. Please get back with me when you have the time! Thank you so much!

    — by Nasreen 4 months ago

  • Where can I get someone to set up my remote view in pompano beach florida

    — by Brigite Grossman 4 months ago

  • I accidentally "unchecked my P2P" and I can't view the videos again ... Message "connect close" and "xNew Device." Please assist.

    — by Daniel 4 months ago

  • App does not send notifications to my phone

    — by Rachel Strek 5 months ago

  • Hello. I switched phones and the IP configuration in my app on new phone needs to be setup. Can I get some help filling fields out so that I can access on my new phone

    — by Kristin Briggs 6 months ago

  • I used the app years ago with my system and no longer know details to get on my phone please help

    — by tracy lanzon 7 months ago

  • One of my camera says, “ Record no data”

    — by Elena Lopez-Bowlan 7 months ago

  • I have been trying to set up my rxcamview on my android phone and I keep getting the error connect close no matter what I do

    — by Alie 7 months ago

  • How can I reset password??? Help

    — by Lindsey Gillett 7 months ago

  • App wont connect to NVR all its say connect close

    — by Imam 8 months ago

  • I am putting in the correct password and it still says connect close. Please help with this problem

    — by Tylwr 8 months ago

  • push notifications was working on my phone when movement was detected just fine until my android phone took an update now i dont get notifications of movement anymore went threw settings nothing changed there this is a new system just got everything up and working 9-25 any help be much apperciated

    — by Bill 8 months ago

  • I can't login on my phone my phone broke and I had to get another phone I installed the app but can't remember the password how can I get in or change it

    — by Juanita Perez 8 months ago

  • Will not play back motion detection says no file found, I recieve notification but can't play them back

    — by arlene hall 8 months ago

  • I need help setting up this security system it’s not seeming to work

    — by David roth 8 months ago

  • This is the second time that my notifications and playback have stopped working. They continue to try and load the playback video but nothing happens. Last time it somehow fixed itself but it took a while. I'm wondering if there's something I can do to fix the problem. It's still recording and notifying me of motion but I can't view it.

    — by Jaclyn Smith 8 months ago

  • Hi, I have forgotten my passwrd and cannot get to change it through the App. Also can't find app for new Mac.


    — by Charles Cooper 8 months ago

  • App wont connect to NVR all it says is connect close

    — by Blake Walls 8 months ago

  • Is this website even real? This issue is not going away and it is infuriating.

    — by Kristyn Swingle 8 months ago

  • I would like to be able to use my computer to monitor my Cobra Security System. It did not come with a disk or any instructions about how to check the system with any devices except for my phone or tablet. I cannot find the app in the microsoft store to download it to my PC.

    — by Karen Kramer 8 months ago

  • I need to look at video recording from 8 days ago and the app won’t allow it. How do I do this as a matter of urgency

    — by Joanne Ashkar 8 months ago

  • I bought a second set of Cobra security cameras and install in a different location. I have the RXCamView app already installed on my iPhone. How can I watch on my iPhone Live view from second set of cameras?

    — by Mohan Manraj 9 months ago

  • I can’t install my cameras to my PC

    — by Mneus 9 months ago

  • Try to set my wife phome to home camera system can you call me 2526408698

    — by Walter & Sylvia Best 9 months ago

  • How do I disconnect my soon to be ex husband phone from watching my cameras

    — by Tawnya 9 months ago

  • My system went offline, Username and password are wrong, Can’t login to fix anything.

    — by Don Dames 9 months ago

  • After I launch the app and entered username &Password the app said under device - user name or password error.

    — by Robert straw 9 months ago

  • Cameras are not working on app

    — by Kristyn Swingle 9 months ago

  • It wont record any motions. i get the notifications but no back log for recordings

    — by Abagail l Bogar 9 months ago

  • I cannot connect my device. It keeps saying "connect close". I don't know what to do

    — by Melissa Devore 9 months ago

  • Hello ; I’m trying to record from a rXCam view to my app or iCloud trough the video recorder or direct from the app and is not working
    It only works if I press the record button ; and will stop immediately I exit the app

    Please can I have any help in this regards

    Thank you
    Kind regards

    — by Dorel Popovici 9 months ago

  • Cobra system work fine viewer wont connect can see it in the network but just says connecting or connection close

    — by Blake Walls 9 months ago

  • My app is not notifying me of motion it stopped this afternoon at like 1:30 pm.

    — by Cyndi LABAR 9 months ago

  • Set up the system and added the RxCamview app on my android and it says offline. It worked at first but then it just quit.

    — by Lisa Griffin 9 months ago

  • Hello,

    I need help changing my password and i am not able to, I would like to speak to someone on the phone if possivble.

    — by Nuria Mendoza 9 months ago

  • Notification: Record no data

    — by FRANK J AZNAR SR 10 months ago

  • Hello, I changed the content provider of the home internet, and since then I have not been able to view the cameras on my computer or mobile phone. I would appreciate your help.

    — by Avi Rozen 10 months ago

  • I always have to be doing the process if I want to be connected... it lasts an hour and then it disconnects. It doesn't work how do I get my money back

    — by Judith 10 months ago

  • Im having a few problems 1. When i go to play back recordings it plays slow, the speed doesnt change when i use the fast forward button either and my second problem is the app detects nuisance alarms but not actual people or vehicles.

    — by Logan 10 months ago

  • I've been trying to set my Cobra system to my phone through the Rccamveiw app. I type in the ip address Says connecting then I get connect close

    — by Darrell Williamson 10 months ago

  • I cannot get any sound to be able to talk through the cameras on my app?

    — by Karen Barber 10 months ago

  • It keeps saying connect close

    — by Kevin 10 months ago

  • I lost your last msg I am having trouble reinstalling the rxcview app could you please help

    — by Michael Long 10 months ago

  • I disconnect Uninstaller the review came app but when I tried to reconnect it all said was pending & I can't get it back to reinstall app

    — by Michael Long 10 months ago

  • Can hook up my cobra security to app tells me I’m offline or it just connecting and nothing

    — by Kevin 10 months ago

  • I had rxcam and it was working well then i added 1 new camera then it stopped working so I uninstalled it and have been trying to reinstall it but not working out not sure what i am or am not doing.. . .HELP!

    — by scott dutcher 10 months ago

  • Can't install RxCamView App.

    — by Culver Clark 11 months ago

  • For some reason after I switch phone services to AT&T my remote viewing stopped I couldn’t see my cameras unless I was at home on WiFi then I changed Remote settings to the next setting in the drop box and now it want let me view them at all what can I do to fix that I tried deleting the app and downloading it back it still doesn’t work

    — by Matthew Mosley 11 months ago

  • Why am I getting on MyCam View that it says it’s off-line when it’s not off-line and why can’t I get it on my smart phone my android

    — by Perry thomas 11 months ago

  • I inherited a cobra camera system from a dead relative & I don’t know the password to set it up. How do I reset it?

    — by Hannah 11 months ago

  • I can’t view my cameras from my I phone . Appears to be non devices connected

    — by Richard Sereghy 11 months ago

  • I can't get RxCamView to send notifications to my android. Like if a camera detects movement.

    — by Brent Feldman 11 months ago

  • Connect close when everything has been set up correctly. Works perfect on the tv and not on the app. I have reset the android phone and removed the app twice.
    Please advise

    — by Amanda Grinde 11 months ago

  • We bought a new router and need help connecting phones on users

    — by Becky Long 11 months ago

  • Setting up system and it wont accept the default password 000000

    — by Ron McLaren 11 months ago

  • I’ve been trying to connect my cobra cameras but all it’s saying is connect close and I’m not sure what to do!

    — by Julian Tellez 11 months ago

  • Having trouble shooting my cameras

    — by Genesis Arevalo 1 year ago

  • I forgot the password to my device. How can I reset my password

    — by Nickita 1 year ago

  • I’m unable to connect my camera to my new phone it says connect phone to wifi but it’s already connected

    — by John 1 year ago

  • So I have read some of comments below already and most of them have the similar problem to mine. I have hooked up my wired cameras to my TV and they work perfect but now using the app I scan the QR code on the DVR box and I pulled up the QR code on my information for the cameras on my TV but they still don’t work. At first it scanned for the IP/ID address and then it has admin and password. I have put in the user name and password that I used when first setup my cameras on my TV but still doesn’t work. I looked at videos saying that the password is wrong and I even looked at the guide for this app but I am doing the same thing that the guid does and it still does not work. Only thing that it does is connect and then say connect close. Please how do you fix and can you please post a video or a guide on showing this issue more in-depth.

    — by Matthew Sasenarine 1 year ago

  • I believe someone in my business changed my password. The one i had isn’t working.

    — by John Orrell 1 year ago

  • I can’t get the app to connect to the dvr. All things are selected that need to be. Keeps saying connect close. Very frustrating that the manual doesn’t give any help to this

    — by Kristian Lovlie 1 year ago

  • I forgot dvr password I never set up I mail

    — by Daniel Pokrywka 1 year ago

  • I cannot view my cameras when I’m not on the same network.

    — by Logan kelley 1 year ago

  • I'm not able view remotely via smart phone with the app.

    — by Kevin sheridan 1 year ago

  • When conducting a routine check of the system, no signal comes up on screen. I unplugged waited plugged back in and still get no signal.

    — by Martin Giller 1 year ago

  • The app won't connect to my cobra security system. It tells me connect close or device offline. In order for it to work again, in my DVR settings I have to disable P2P and then enable P2P again, then save it. I am having to do this every 2 or 3 days. Why is it doing this?

    — by Christopher McCown 1 year ago

  • Need manual for RXCamView IOS VER. 2.2.7. Having trouble adjusting notifications for a camera channel.

    — by Gordon Cole 1 year ago

  • How can I delete a mobile device from viewing my cameras?

    — by Tiffany Pride 1 year ago

  • Please help me add my phone to the app. My husband set it up to work on his phone but I need it to work on my phone too.

    — by Annette Dale 1 year ago

  • I cant connect the device on my phone through the app.

    — by Carlos 1 year ago

  • Cameras are stating their is a bug detected and it won't allow me to download the app on my phone it states wrong email or password need my devices on my phone as soon as possible please and thank you.

    — by Chelsea Gonzalez 1 year ago

  • I keep getting connect close when I try to open to see my cameras on my phone with RX Camview

    — by Susan Hadley 1 year ago

  • I work at a church and have 12 individual systems for each building
    Non of them are working properly we cannot play back vidio and some cameras have failed

    — by Jose Vidaurri 1 year ago

  • I have a Gamut wireless CCTV NVR, model WLNVR4. How do i reset the password?

    — by Martin Woodrow 1 year ago

  • I keep getting connect close when I try to open to see my cameras on my phone

    — by [email protected] 1 year ago

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