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Published by AR Mobile Dev
Updated: Apr 7, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with TiviMate Companion?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of AR Mobile Dev to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

TiviMate Companion Features and Description

This app is intended to unlock Premium functionality of TiviMate IPTV player on devices without Google Play. It allows managing your activated devices also. It is not IPTV player app!

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Buonasera vorrei sapere su tivimate premium dove si vede la scadenza della playlist. Grazie

    — by Paolo 6 days ago

  • Can not log into my account

    — by kevin brewer 6 days ago

  • Hello I signed up for tivimate and did not get my password or username

    — by Carmen 1 week ago

  • I have a premium account and on one of my firesticks I had to reinstall the software. Now when I try to login with my user name and password it will not allow me to login. I reset the firestick and tried again but I still can't login

    — by Robert Miller 1 week ago

  • Hi, how do we cancel the subscription using My email is [email protected]

    Thank you.

    — by Kenny 1 week ago

  • dear sir. i have one gmail account and required 5 premium accounts but when i purchase more than one account, it gives error: "Already purchased for another account". i give IPTV service in pakistan, so tell me what is the procedure to solve my problem

    — by Kashif Aslam 1 week ago

  • Hi, my trail ends 5/13/22, I want to buy the lifetime subscription before I continue I want to know do you have a package that provide more than 5 devices and how can I hide my user name & password in xtream code parameter?

    — by Pharaoh 1 week ago

  • I cannot sign up for premium even though my yearly has expired. I continually get "already purchased for another account". I have tried to use other google accounts to no avail. Please help me resolve this. I am at a loss on how to proceed. Thanks!

    — by Gary Elliot 1 week ago

  • I have a premium account and need to delete old devices, but my setup won't allow me to download the TiviMate companion app

    — by KEVIN HOWARD 2 weeks ago

  • I paid 24..99 for the premium subscription and it's not working

    — by Dorothy Hardin 2 weeks ago

  • I'm trying to log in and manage my devices as I had to reset my firesticks. I can't get past the subsciption screen to manage my devices even though I'm subscribed until September 2022! Very annoying, please help! :(

    — by Danny Coy 3 weeks ago

  • I purchase tivimate premium less than a month ago. Now I’m getting a message that it has expired.

    — by Ron Sesney 3 weeks ago

  • I have 2 Firesticks and a Sheild. Paid for one-time subscription. Installed Companion and it showed 2 devices. Not able to log in on last Firestick. Neither emails or passwords allow a login. Now can't logon to Companion.

    — by JOHN Y 3 weeks ago

  • I am unable to unlock Tivimate premium on a second new Amazon Firestick 4k. I have purchased access through Tivimate Companion and have successfully unlocked on one Firestick. I can log into to Tivimate companion via Google Play without difficulty to check my purchase. I tried with adn without VPN. I have made enabled the facility for external Apps etc. I have rebooted, reset etc. but am getting nowhere. Any suggestions?

    I am using email [email protected]@redacted and the password for the account if Finanseamus98.

    — by james lynch 3 weeks ago

  • I want to get access to the paid Tivimate and willing to pay but I don't have access to google play I have a MacBook Air and also fire stick. can you help?

    — by Serge 4 weeks ago

  • J'ai acheté un abonnement de l'application Tivimate pour 1 an. et c'est marqué que je peux l'installer sur 3 appareils, sauf que quand je souhaite l'installer sur un autre appareil, il me demande de m'abonner à nouveau. Merci de m'expliquer comment faire pour l'installer sur 2 autres boitiers Android sans souscrire un nouvel abonnement à chaque fois. Merci d'avance .

    — by All AMG 1 month ago

  • My subscription is valid until December-12-2022; however, every time I want to see my connected devices on my cell phone, the app is asking me to subscribe again.

    — by Eduardo A. Barron 1 month ago

  • Hello, i purchased tivimate but didn’t recived URL link.

    — by Shahimmah 1 month ago

  • no tv guide again Thank You

    — by Peggy Hadaway 1 month ago

  • I’m not sure which email I use to register invoice ID 722478376627550090/ trans ID 6PA51121F1742880G/ trans made 538:pm est/ tivimate conpanion

    — by Alex vekez 1 month ago

  • Unable to reset my password. Invalid error using this email address and entering what I believe is the password. Have requested a reset but have not had a reply

    — by Ralph 1 month ago

  • When I setup my premium account I made a typ'o on email address adn entered mikewalker1219 instead of the correct mikewalker1218. How can I get the email address updated?

    — by Mike Walker 1 month ago

  • Hi, I've forgotten my parental control pin, can it be reset?

    — by Jon Taberner 1 month ago

  • bonjour, ça va, je n'arrive pas à installer le conpanion tivimate sur le nvidia sheld pro avez vous une solution svp

    — by Fabio Rodrigues Barcelos 1 month ago

  • Reset password and still cannot sign in Tivi mate on new android box. I have lost 3 boxes during lightning storm.

    — by Richard Gates 1 month ago

  • I want to login my game of dream league soccer 2021

    — by Bisamata chrispus 1 month ago

  • Can I purchase more than 5 accounts under my existing details?

    — by Narinder Jit Singh-Kooner 1 month ago

  • I want cancel subscibtion tivi mate.. many channel cannot open.. very sad

    — by Hasnan bin hassan 1 month ago

  • cannot cancel subscription it is not showing up under subscriptions on google playstore i used [email protected] and my credit card today is the final day cannot get order as well

    — by irwin desilva 1 month ago

  • Hello, i have an old email as username on tivimate companion , is it possible to change that to my new email adress

    — by Magnus 1 month ago

  • Keeps asking me to log in for premium service but when i do says unable to log in .Internet no problems have unistalled and reinstalled and still yhe same result.My subscription is not due so what is happening

    — by David Hogg 1 month ago

  • Please cancel my premium subscription asap

    — by irwin desilva 1 month ago

  • I'm trying to set up a second account for Tivimate! Very frustrating. I need additional devices.

    — by Duane Sampson 1 month ago

  • Hello, hope all is well. Upon my review it looks like my Tivimate Account is mixed up with another Tivimate Account, can someone contact me asap to help correct this account issue? Thank you.

    — by Sanya Bowie 1 month ago

  • Hello, I paid for premium unlock & I still can't gain access. Can someone contact me?

    — by Sanya Bowie 1 month ago

  • need to cancel my subscription asap not getting to do it with my email account and password which is what I am using now i used my credit card to pay for the yearly card ending 1727 please respond asap to me

    — by irwin desilva 1 month ago

  • I need info to set up my Tivimate app thx.

    — by Arnold Wysinger 1 month ago

  • I can't purchase multiple subscriptions nor have multiple accounts

    — by Larry Larson 1 month ago

  • Hello sir
    I have purchase the tivimate companion. But i want to the password change.. i don’t know how to change the password of tivimate companion.. pls provide the help this e mail.
    [email protected]

    — by Ilyas Makaniya 1 month ago

  • I cannot complete the subscription payment for TiVi Premium via Google Pay. I have three purchase options. Paypal, Bank card and a $10 credit and none will go thru..
    How do complete the subscription?

    — by Jose L Alday 1 month ago

  • Hello sir
    My Tivimate companion e mail is ,
    User name : [email protected]
    Password : 143Jamila&
    I want to change the password of tivimate companion but not change so pls hep me how to change the passqord. Pls provide the help my this email address : [email protected]
    Ilyas Makaniya

    — by Ilyas Makaniya 1 month ago

  • I paid for the full app today on playstore and I cant log into the app to activate it

    — by Julio Lozano 1 month ago

  • timo

    — by timo lakatos 1 month ago

  • I tried to set up tvmate premium. Had to use a different email address because the one I tried to use wouldn't work. Problem is I can't access the substitute email. So, I can't verify my email. I do want the premium service and the email I'm using to contact customer service is the one I want to use. I cancelled the service, but have to wait until the trial of 5 days is over so I can sign up again. If it can be solved on your end by changing the email address to [email protected] instead of [email protected] I'll go ahead and re-subsribe

    — by Daniel Rosenman 2 months ago

  • Can't pay for premium after dowloading companion from play store

    — by Wayne fraser 2 months ago

  • no tv guide do you have something better

    — by Peggy Hadaway 2 months ago

  • no tv guide again

    — by Peggy Hadaway 2 months ago

  • Cannot log in to buy premium. Keeps saying cannot log on. Please try latter. Have tried it multiple times.

    — by Michael Plotnik 2 months ago

  • I purchased tivimate companion app misplaced my account information and I cannot use my premium service could you please help me Thanks

    — by Carol Covington 2 months ago

  • Hi, I have purchased the one time subscription to the companion. When I try to add it to my firesticks it tells me the subscription is expired. I think the email address I used is: [email protected] or [email protected] Can you tell me which account is active?

    — by Matthew A Greer 2 months ago

  • Hi I get an error message when I try to pay for the subscription to tivimate premium

    — by John Roberts 2 months ago

  • Paid for TiviMate Premium but get error Could not login in, try again later.

    — by Daniel Bieszk 2 months ago

  • Won't let me log in repeating its self constantly

    — by [email protected] 2 months ago

  • your app will not accept payment

    — by Donald Wolfer 2 months ago

  • we are unable to connect ,thanks,george ronan

    — by george ronan 2 months ago

  • I downloaded the Tivimate companion app. I paid the one year subscription. I still cannot gain access on my TV to view channels.

    — by Traci Patton 2 months ago

  • TiviMate is installed on Firestick, I paid a one-time fee of $31.99 for TiviMate Companion and now I have nothing. I would like someone to walk me through this. I subscribed back in January.

    — by Yasmin Chong 2 months ago

  • I have a current subscription paid for until June. I am unable to unlock premium tivimate and cleared all devices (now shows 0/5 connected)
    Please help

    — by Peter Czech 2 months ago

  • I paid my bill to renew it why won't it let me subscribe again

    — by Peggy camacho 2 months ago

  • I paid to resubscribe n it didn't turn on for me

    — by Peggy camacho 2 months ago

  • How to pay for subscription?

    — by Jose Lopez 2 months ago

  • I have paid the 24.99 on google play and I don’t have service please this my 5 th time asking to be updated

    — by Jennifer Sylvia 2 months ago

  • I have paid it’s been over 24 hours and I still can’t get in it keeps saying something about a 5 day free trail but I paid 24.99

    — by Jennifer Sylvia 2 months ago

  • I reset my firestick and erased everything. Now my tivimate acct thinks I'm trying to connect another device. Is there a way tivimate can know that this is the same device, not an additional device

    — by ROBERT S LEWIS 2 months ago

  • I unistalled my tivimate by accident. Now after downloading app again. Get to putting in my http then username then password. All correct. Go to next for processing. Says error internet or not right sign. Double triple checked all correct. What else can I do

    — by Darla miller 2 months ago

  • hi ,i have the app and the account but it sais miy pasword is not good .If i send my email to reset i never got the answer back to reset my account

    — by john 2 months ago

  • Good morning I still can't log into my app cause I never received a password from you guys @ the time I purchased the lifetime membership. Please send it to me.

    — by Rob Barnes 2 months ago

  • I paid for life time subscription may have used wrong email but already paid and they say I have to pay again I have proof of purchase

    — by ALVIN R SMITH SR 2 months ago

  • I have Tivimate companion for year under this email but cannot locate password

    — by Christopher Porretti 2 months ago

  • I can't unlock the life-time premium package on my tv. The system says my username and password don't match

    — by James Nagbe 2 months ago

  • My tivimate premium paid subscription is not act email. on the account is [email protected]

    — by Daniel D Quaynor 2 months ago

  • Am unable to get guide information for a week now.

    — by Robyn Carlisle 2 months ago

  • Hi I'm having trouble setting up my install it's asking for passwords that I guess i don't have I my need them from you to get set up.

    — by Rob Barnes 2 months ago

  • Hi I'm having trouble setting up my install it's asking for passwords that I guess i don't have I my need them from you to get set up.

    — by Rob Barnes 2 months ago

  • Am unable to get guide information for a week now.

    — by Robyn Carlisle 2 months ago

  • good morning,

    I've tried to register Tivimate for my Amazon Firestick on my (new) Gmail account but it comes back with the message 'already purchased for another account'.
    Can you please assist.
    Kind regards, Yanko.

    — by Yanko de Graaf 2 months ago

  • Hi, i want to change e mail and password in companion. I joined with [email protected] but no longer have that e mail and if i log out with the 3 dots will this allow me to reset with new mail which is [email protected] i need to change password because someone is using 5 devices without my permission. Please help if you can.

    — by Dave Berry 2 months ago

  • I set a password on my parent control and I forgot it. How do I reset it without clearing everything

    — by Tina Levan 2 months ago

  • I forgot my 4 digit number for parent control on one of my firesticks. Can you tell me how to recover it or by pass it.

    — by Tina Levan 2 months ago

  • Hi iv tryed to login to tvmate on fire stick and it's saying expired subscription but I have just payed

    — by Neil hartburn 2 months ago

  • How do you change device from allwinner Xbox to Android box

    — by Daniel Heckbert 3 months ago

  • please cancel my subscription i paid $26.74 and tivimate is not working
    my account email [email protected]

    — by Ramon Allen 3 months ago

  • I would like to know the list of channels covered under 1 year subscription and prices of subscriptions yearly and one time

    — by Dhanumjaya Reddy 3 months ago

  • I would like to extend my premium subscription for life. How do I do that?

    — by Rune Bergström 3 months ago

  • I need my login information

    — by ken walker 3 months ago

  • i have tivimate companion on my bluestacks and when creating another account to register more devices I am getting Already purchased with another Account. I currently have 2 different accounts with 5 devices each but wanted to add a 3rd account and not being successful.

    — by Norman 3 months ago

  • On companion, can't get passed the initial sign up page, always says the username is in use, presume this means my choice of password but I've tried several

    — by Lee Williams 3 months ago

  • Me and a lot of my friends cant unlock premium, when we go to option to click $7.99 it wont click

    — by Dren zee 3 months ago

  • Hello,

    I am trying to install this app and unlock the premium content. I created a TiVi Companion app with no issue and purchased a one year subscription; however, I've now had to cancel, resubsribe and cancel the subscription again. I need a password reset for the TiVi Mate Companion app but using the forgot password link does not work.  I have tried multiple times.

    The username is:

    [email protected] 

    Can you please reset the password so that I can unlock the premium features?

    I will happily resubscribe once this password issue is resolved. 

    Thank you.

    Barb Stetter

    — by Barb Stetter 3 months ago

  • My password is not accepted and I haven't received the sign up email with details.

    — by Barb Stetter 3 months ago

  • I would like to delete my account and all to information associated with it please I will be applying for a new one as soon as I can get my Fire Cubes to work right.

    — by Brent Desrosiers 3 months ago

  • How do you change the password on the tivi companion, I changed my email password that I used on there.

    — by Rose WIse 3 months ago

  • I have TV Mate
    I signed up for Tivi Companion as was approved but I cannot log in on my TV,

    — by Edward 3 months ago

  • While registering for tivimate premium using tivimate companion, I paid for my annual fee but never received an email back with the URL information to upload playlist. Please resend email with required information.

    — by Jay 3 months ago

  • Couples weeks ago I bought the program for Tivimate companion, but I never had any link, any username or password or code to activated Tivimate companion on fire stick 4k max from you. Could you please help me to fixed that issue

    — by Stanley Lavache 3 months ago

  • I have just purchased your lifetime premium subscription through a friends android phone as I don’t have an android device. To get home and see that my order is not valid even though I seen the successful transaction come from my friends Google play store.

    — by Lloyd Perkins 3 months ago

  • i bought the tivimate companion program i do not have a link to activate ,any username ,any password or any code from you .could you help me to activated my tivimate companion please

    — by jean sagesse 3 months ago

  • Hi
    I have companion on my phone , but not on my android box. I'm in Ireland , but purchased my box , skystream pro from USA , hence not compatible for Tivimate companion.
    I purchased my subscription on my samsung phone for Tivimate Premium , but when l log in on my androud box , l an getting an Sku issue.
    How can l resolve this ?
    I have paid , but no service. Thank you. Donal.

    — by Donal O Brien 3 months ago

  • I cannot sign into my account via app or online to manage my devices. When I use my email and password to actually sign in on the actual tivi mate app to unlock the will work. But once again when I try to login on the other app or on the website to manage my devices, it says email or password invalid

    — by Michael 3 months ago

  • Cannot purchase premium. Won't except my payment. Pay pal or credit card. Keep getting error message

    — by John Cole Peterson 3 months ago

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