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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with WorkWhile?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of WorkWhile to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

WorkWhile Features and Description

WorkWhile matches you to jobs that fit your skills, schedule, and location. You’ll get access to full-time and on-demand jobs. Get paid the next day after every shift you work. Join our workforce, choose the work that fits into your life, and earn more today! How it works: - Use our app to sign up for a WorkWhile account - Complete our short virtual Orientation - Choose from a wide variety of jobs: Warehouse associate, Delivery driver, General labor, and more - Get paid the next day - Get support when you need it - from a real person on our team WorkWhile relies on your location in the background to make sure you're on the job site and help you get paid quickly.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I would say Good Morning, but it is the afternoon now. I have been trying to get in touch with someone all morning bc I was not aware that I had to make a shift this morning and I spoke with the Supervisor about me not knowing of the shift and that I spoke with here about the issue she said she could do anything about taking me off her roster. I woke up feeling terrible bc of the rain and cold weather I didn’t wanna get anybody sick. About my phone though I use two and my main phone was acting very funny while I was trying to get my account sorted out yesterday bc it wouldn’t let me clock-in. On that phone my screen I cracked badly the screen never stays on one page too long and has black crater looking holes on it, so it is very hard to do thing on it. But Mrs. Jessica Juarez the supervisor whom I spoke with said if you guys needed to reach out to her about me speaking with her you guys could do that and she would confirm. Thank you So Much!

    — by Damaris Holmes 1 week ago

  • My account has been blocked and I have no clue why, I would like to have my account unblocked please.

    — by Lysbet Mariano 1 week ago

  • I sent a email to [email protected] and Brittany e-mailed me back and my account was supposed to be reset so I could set up a new orientation and my account hasn't been reset yet.

    — by Tiffany Lester 2 weeks ago

  • I have been emailing one of your representatives about my account not letting me withdrawal my funds because of a verification issue.. I have been using my id an my face recognition an it’s saying I’m wearing glasses I am so furious because it’s been almost 3 weeks please contact me 6672011754

    — by Jabriel 2 weeks ago

  • It keeps denying my id

    — by Jayden 2 weeks ago

  • Hey I just made an account & got blocked immediately.

    — by Shanitra Williams 3 weeks ago

  • I am trying to cash out my earnings but app is confirming that my payout of $-125.34 failed. The bank has declined this transfer

    — by David Ramos 4 weeks ago

  • Hi,

    I have been corresponding with one of your agents regarding an app issue and it is not being resolved. I have done everything on my end to correct or troubleshoot the issue and it is still unresolved. I know two people using this app and I would like to be one of the. Originally, my account was blocked for 90 because I missed orientation. However, the same issue still persists. When I try to enter the orientation, the app will not allow me to or the orientation screen is black. I have taken many snapshots of this and sent them to the agent. I have also deleted redownloaded the app numerous times. I have spoken to apple support and they are not able to resolve the issue because I have no other problems downloading an app from the apple store. No other app malfunctions like this one on my phone. I have an Iphone 7 plus. But I have also downloaded the app onto my Lenovo Tablet. I get the same message. when I use my email I get the same message something went wrong. Is it possible to delete my account and create a new one? Can someone assist me? The app is currently stuck on the orientation page from my last scheduled orientation 10/6/22.

    — by Chandra 1 month ago

  • Hello I have been trying to lon in to my account to schedule work but for some reason it won't allow me says that the number that I am using has already been taken please contact me ASAP 206-290-9161

    — by David Williams 1 month ago

  • Hey i tried to add my Id and it wasn’t working now it’s saying my id decline so I can’t get my payments off the app onto my card .

    — by Shynitra 1 month ago

  • My phone that I used to sign in is4088541403.

    — by Sofia 1 month ago

  • I signed to work tomorrow st5 pm but I can not access my account to confirm and mange my account I used the email that I used it to start but now it keep falling it .how can you fix that ?

    — by Sofia 1 month ago

  • It appears that I did not follow directions and went to the employer but did not contact workwhile prior. I worked both thursday and today. I cannot copy my drivers license and I need help. Call 717-819-7415

    — by James Smith 1 month ago

  • I dont see the orientation when i log into the app

    — by Miquela Gaines 1 month ago

  • Contact support . My account has been blocked I was supposed to do a shift on Sunday 10/9/2022 my gosh brother passed and I wasn’t able to contact anybody

    — by Nzinga 1 month ago

  • hi so have y’all talked to them yet .

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • johantan was my supervisor && a black guy with brown dyed hair was the security guard . but can’t you see my attendance from the app ? from the strikes im not understanding .

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • i emailed back yesterday and said i forgot to clock out .. i stay from from that job that whole ride i was concerned on why we got turned around .. the next day which was friday i woke up and seen it said i was working for 23 hours and i immediately clocked out && after i looked again my account was blocked . and the security guard was african american guy .

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • it’s so unfair me and a two friends were working together and all our account got banned at the same time for a no call no show but we showed up and got turn around at the door . but y’all un banned one of friends accounts but can’t unblock mines and it all was the same reason & plus i was their transportation! i’m leaving a bad review & so is my other friend this is unfair ! i recommend a lot of people to y’all now i regret it . smh

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • MY account is banned because I clocked in late

    — by Keyshun Davis 1 month ago

  • MY account is banned because I click in late

    — by Keyshun Davis 1 month ago

  • ..

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • i was banned after being turned around at the door for some odd reason.

    — by shacoreyia 1 month ago

  • I was banned after being turned around at the door for some odd reason. This app was helping me make easy funds and I actually liked the job site.

    — by Quinterrece ashby 1 month ago

  • My account still says they manually have to go over my background check but they haven't d
    Said anything it's been days , some of my record not true it's pending cases that should be erased also.

    — by marquise okoronkwo 1 month ago

  • I would like to have my back ground check an account review to see if I can work because alot of stuff on my record is pending and isn't true

    — by marquise okoronkwo 1 month ago

  • I was blocked and can’t find a way to report a missed punch for the account block. I was there and worked and never clocked in.

    — by D’Adrian Tisdale 2 months ago

  • My app got blocked I tried to cancel shift but it wasn’t working

    — by Mameka Goodspeed 2 months ago

  • My background check is taking longer then usual too get approved, I just got my background check back from PEPSICO and it’s clean. I just wanna start soon as possible so I can feed my wife and 3 daughters, thank you

    — by Richard 2 months ago

  • I've been using this app to work shifts. I recently had to cancel a shift for the first time. I know that I cancelled in under 24 hours earning me 1 strike. That was the first strike I had received, so why did my account get blocked. I know this has to be an error. I need to work please fix this error and unblock my account

    — by Samantha Zepp 2 months ago

  • I don’t have this email that I use or I don’t know the password and I’m trying to take the money off on another phone because my carma broke and I don’t know my password to so can login is it possible u can help me

    — by Erin 2 months ago

  • I had trouble clocking in. Now it says I clocked in at 8 something hi.g when really it was 6:00

    — by Panoyi Hale 2 months ago

  • How long will my background take to come back

    — by Rareckes 2 months ago

  • I’m unable to change the email that I registered my account on. Now I’m unable to run a backround check and accept jobs

    — by Trent 2 months ago

  • Screenshots as proof available orientation video would not play at all. Please advise

    — by Tracy Marie Briare 3 months ago

  • I have a doctors note to remove a stroke and it’s impossible to even get ahold of you

    — by Malik 3 months ago

  • When I loaded my ID it says it was declined and we can’t help you at this time.

    — by Tracy 3 months ago

  • Hello, my location is still under review and I'm just looking for an update of payment from Friday 08/19/2022. Thank you for your time.

    — by Nicole Cox 3 months ago

  • I was blocked for a third time and Im having issues with family and I accidentally pushed for Thursday which is today from yesterday and I didn’t mean to and it was a third strike I’m homeless due to me being kicked out and I still had Monday and Tuesday to work but they blocked me how can I get that unblocked

    — by Teirra henderson 3 months ago

  • I worked from 7am until 12pm on Tuesday August 16th 2022. At the end of my shift when i tried to clock out the app said i was blocked with no further information. I spoke with the my supervisor and lead and was told to contact ww and they will check my locator and clock me out. I was told to do this via the app. Which is impossible when I am blocked. So can someone pls help me. Thank you

    — by Saada farah 3 months ago

  • Need my account unblocked tried contacting to let y'all know I couldn't make it

    — by Miranda 3 months ago

  • was having difficulty setting up accunt on my mobile

    — by david skeels 3 months ago

  • Hello, My name is Demontray Rogers. I had a bad wreck the early morning before my shift that I took on work while. My phone was not recovered immediately after the wreck so I was unable to log in and tell them that I couldn’t attend because I was injured and going to the hospital. I sent WorkWhile my excuse from the hospital the next day. I’m trying to see why was I still blocked from the app.

    — by Demontray 3 months ago

  • Yes I worked August 01 2022
    I haven’t received my pay
    Please contact me
    The App says two me I should have been payed in 24 hours
    What’s happening
    Please contact me back
    Cindy Byrd
    With Workwhile

    — by Cindy Byrd 3 months ago

  • I was on time to work & you guys blocked my account & said I was a no show ... I have proof I was there on time ... Please can I talk to someone & get this resolved

    — by quincy jackson 3 months ago

  • I would like a second look at my background check can someone please help me

    — by Anthony James MAyfield 3 months ago

  • I tried uploading my selfie for my payment. Forgot I had a hat on and now I'm having trouble verifying myself. Can you please help me with this.

    — by Tynisha Clayton 3 months ago

  • I can't get in the email or password or phone number won't work

    — by Josue Delgado 3 months ago

  • My screen is stuck in my app. I have already accepted a shift but now it's stuck on the screen where it places my profile picture. It says there is an error with putting my picture on but it won't let me go anywhere like back to select another picture. It's frozen on this screen.

    — by Sarah Dautricourt 4 months ago

  • My account has been disconnected

    — by Black 4 months ago

  • I am a independent contractor, through WorkWhile and the app says I did not go to work in 7/22/2022 and I did. I worked the 1pm- 9:30pm shift. My lead was Nathaniel and I worked table 1 and 2 I am missing a payment of $140 for the shift and It is camera proof I was there.

    — by Naazir Magbool 4 months ago

  • My account is locked. Work while needs to verify by id pic

    — by Black 4 months ago

  • Hi I went to work for work while and I had complications clocking in when I got there they told me they would get their supervisor to do it manually me and my boyfriend worked there for about 2 hours and I went to use the restroom and I had received a very important message about my sister that resulted in me leaving without explanation my boyfriend also but I still should get paid for the 2 hours that I did work right?

    — by Autumn Smith 4 months ago

  • I have a paper ID but it has my picture I'm having trouble uploading it my ID won't be here for a couple weeks can I email it to you so I can start work

    — by Tom W Edgerle 4 months ago

  • How can I get the results of my background check?

    — by Kelley Denise Savage 4 months ago

  • Hi my WorkWhile app will not let me put in my city I deleted n reinstalled it 3 times n it still won’t let me put in my city so I can finish signing up.

    — by Ali Williams 4 months ago

  • Tried to sign up through app but it isn’t allowing me to enter my city to move forwards

    — by Shanique Cobbs 4 months ago

  • I never received my payment for my work I did I attached my bank account

    — by Melvin lewis 4 months ago

  • Hello, my account was banned, but I let the company I was working for know I couldn’t make it. My phone was having difficulties loading the app, so I wasn’t able to cancel the shift on the app. However, I have proof as to why I wasn’t able to show up. My cars oil was leaking all over, and I was told my grandma had covid that morning. I was with her the day before, and I ended up having my covid test come back positive a few days later. I can send my positive covid result, and I can send proof of me paying for the car to get fixed. Please assist me with this issue if possible. I’m a hard working college student that would love to work through this app!

    — by Jasmin Cuspard 4 months ago

  • I don't have COVID or been son hit the accident hit it . Unsuspend me please. I'm not sick .. completely vaccinated..

    — by Jerrell Boyd 4 months ago

  • I was trying to login for orientation but it won’t let me so now I’m blocked for 3 months it’s a error help

    — by Claude Wills Jr 4 months ago

  • I was banned from the sight for a no show and I was there, I even have proof that I was there. They said they were going to check with the supervisor but they didn’t because I checked in with him and they wrote my name down 2 times on the notebook one to check me in and the other to put me in a group. I got 2 wristbands for coming and and they gave me a hard hat. They are saying I wasn’t there and I was, now they are not paying me my money and banning my account.

    — by Shuntoya Henderson 4 months ago

  • Did I pass my background

    — by Curtis Durden 4 months ago

  • I cannot get past the sign up screen as it won’t let me clock on the city part of inputting my address. I have an iPhone 11

    — by Lenordo Empty 4 months ago

  • Hi my name is Armani blanco can your app please let me work my background didn't pass but please I have no major felony's or violence please I have a new born son and your app can really help me for my son and allow me to use the app please

    — by Armani blanco 4 months ago

  • I cnt log back in to my account

    — by Kha 4 months ago

  • I’ve been blocked from working and need to have my ban removed

    — by Sebastian 5 months ago

  • My issue is my ID I took a picture of the front in the back of my ID after that it said ID was declined in I wasn't able to work at this I need you guys to reset the ID Part so I can try it again .

    — by Matthew Washington 5 months ago

  • I can't upload my id or set up payment

    — by Isaiah Grice 5 months ago

  • I’ve tried multiple times this week trying to contact an agent. They only answer me after the first message and then leave me hanging for days. I would open up a new thread and the same agent would answer one time…. I can’t even find a phone number to actually talk to someone to get this resolved

    — by Kioko Salaam 5 months ago

  • I just got into an accident and have the pictures to prove it. I cancelled my shift because I obviously couldn’t make it after the accident. My account is now currently suspended and I was trying to see if there’s a way for me to still work the shifts I had my schedule for tomorrow to Friday

    — by Terry Gilliam II 5 months ago

  • My account was blocked because I was unable to show for work I had a emergency that happened and couldn’t make it

    — by Shukri Elam 5 months ago

  • I guess I was a minute late to my orientation and I was trying to start back over today as soon as possible Thank You

    — by Sheena 5 months ago

  • Hello, I worked my shift on Monday June 13th and after the shift, I informed the supervisor that I needed her approval for 70 min. overtime. The supervisor said that she would and never did. I'm currently still waiting on approval because the payment is still pending. Please resolve, thank you.

    — by Nicole Bridges 5 months ago

  • I’m having trouble trying to sign in it won’t let put my entire address

    — by Mildred Roman 5 months ago

  • They put the Wong email in so I need my right email put in

    — by Tyrus weems 5 months ago

  • I'm very pissed off y'all told me to install the app and reinstalle it then now it saying my email not registered and Now I can get back in or still get my money

    — by Tyrus weems 5 months ago

  • I haven’t got paid yet it’s been over 24hrs

    — by Janathian Simmons 5 months ago

  • Hello I’m just writing cuz my account uss suspended I’ve been working with h guys and always showed up to my jobs my last job I had covid and they cancel my shifts after my quarantine was over when it came back up I didn’t check my app and I had a job on it but at that time I had another job and I forgot about that job and it resulted to my account being cancerous there any way I could get my account back

    — by Yobany culebro 5 months ago

  • Yes they could not confirm my ID on my account for the workwhile app. And my husband went to work on my workwile app on accident with the company is thi the problem because I have never worked for these company's before

    — by Jennifer Nicole Griffin 5 months ago

  • I have been working with Workwhile for about 1 month. Was told today to Uninstall and then reinstall app. I did that and now it showing my account blocked. I need someone to unlock my account or contact me immediately

    — by Bertha Ortiz 5 months ago

  • what’s going on here, i’ve downloaded my id , and i’ve done the picture face taking more then several times now , so i can proceed with how am too get paid . it’s not letting me go pass the face picture taking process

    — by Tyrell Rooks 5 months ago

  • I need to get the money that is in my account I didn’t know that you have to request to cash out, when other companies if you enter your bank account info it goes directly into your bank account so why I choose to directly deposit it in my bank account… But it’s in my WorkWhile account and I can’t get it due to them blocking my account… Why is it so hard for workwhile to just unblocked my account so I can cash out and get my money after that they can reblock it…

    — by Eloisa Viray 5 months ago

  • How can I get the money that I got paid for if it's in my work while account? Because I got blocked I can't access the workwhile home page I can't cash out.... Is there a way I am able to speak with someone to resolve that issue asap because I really need the money to buy food for my house???

    — by Eloisa Viray 5 months ago

  • Can’t click on address

    — by Lisa DeSilva 6 months ago

  • I have been trying to book jobs but it was saying that my email address was wrong I put in new information hopefully you can help me so I can start working immediately

    — by David Williams 6 months ago

  • Still haven’t got paid it’s been 4 days since I work and still don’t have nothing

    — by Hydiea Hughes 6 months ago

  • I need y'all to look at my pitcher so I can finish my profile and start looking for work it could not verify my picture

    — by Marvin Williams 6 months ago

  • My daughter passed away
    I missed my shift
    Locked out off my account, wanting to go to work but cant

    — by Caseycrump 6 months ago

  • Hello,
    Today I worked for Axlehire through your app. I thought I logged in but I gusse there was a problem. I was on time,in fact I was early. I arrived at 8:09(my start time was 8:30). I got my route and loaded it up and got around the corner and saw that my log in didn't register so I drive back to the hub to login it was then a little after 9. You can check with axlehire and see I was on time. If you could please fix my on time profile to reflect this I would greatly appreciate it. I will in the future confirm that my login processes before I leave the hub so I do not run into this issue again. I appreciate any help you can offer.
    Ruth Conlon

    — by Ruth Conlon 6 months ago

  • I'm not able to turn on my location for tracking

    — by Michael Jones 6 months ago

  • Good day. My app information is still saying work while is not in the area of the address I listed. I first put an Albany GA address. Then, I changed it to an Atlanta GA address. My number is 7272878185

    — by Hassan Abdullah 6 months ago

  • I was waiting to get paid tonight at 10:30 from work while an I had a issue with the reffearl bonus not showing up on my profile an so I message customer service about it an waited for a reply an sent another message an I haven't heard anything from them an then my pay history disappeared on my profile I guess I mad them mad about my reffearl bonus not showing up on my account an I know for a fact it was on there. They had to of take it off an that's bullshit an now they took off my pay history from where I worked up there last night an now it's no it showing that I completed a shift so now it's not paying me for working last night that's bullshit they can not legally not pay me that's bullshit they need to pay me what is owed. I know for a fact I typed in the referral code an it was showing up on my account then it disappeared like my pay history just disappeared 30mins ago on my account as if I wasn't never up there. That's wrong an that's not fair at all. This needs to be fixed

    — by Casey 7 months ago

  • I worked Wednesday and still haven't been able to cash out my earnings

    — by Cachet Roberts 7 months ago

  • my money havent deposit into my account yet and it was suppose to been there and my phone is off and i have a shift to complete at 2pm today

    — by maurissa wells 7 months ago

  • Hello I worked last night and on my way home was in a car accident I was supposed to work this morning but couldn’t make it due to my car being damage I wrote the supervisor of hydro facial the company I was supposed to work and called them at ; in the morning when the accident happened but never got a response I just don’t want my account to get cancelled what can I do I’m getting a rental today so I’ll be able to make it to work tomorrow

    — by Yobany culebro 7 months ago

  • I can not reset my profile, I moved to NYC and I can’t update my address so I can try to work

    — by Tasheema 7 months ago

  • You people didnt Pay me
    I worked on tuesday

    — by ALFRED SMITH 7 months ago

  • Hello yesterday I got a message from a WorkWhile employee asking me iff I wanted to work a shift last night I said yes so I showed up and started working then they send me home cuz they said I was a liability since I wasn’t on the schedule I just want to know iff I could get paid since I was working and showed up to the shift

    — by Yobany culebro 7 months ago

  • I'm unable to create a workwhile account. When I enter my address, I'm unable to go any further

    — by JAMES GILBERT 7 months ago

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