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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Smart Wearable Devices to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

VeryFitPro Features and Description

{1. Record every movement accurately. 2. Plenty of personal reminders.Call, SMS, WeChat, QQ, email and other personal reminder, do not miss every important information; Sitting is a great way to keep your health in check and avoid the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. 3. Thoughtful sleep housekeeper. 4. Clear heart rate graph.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hi, I have an VeryFitPro account on my iOS and I can't remember the password, when I do a password Reset it sends me a code that is incorrect so I'm unable to login, can you please delete my account or better, change my password so that I can have access to my previous data?

    [email protected]
    19 h 21 (il y a 7 minutes)
    à moi

    The code is: 800542 (Effective within 10 minutes)

    — by Daniel on Sep 20 2021

  • I bought this watch & it gives all inaccurate info. It doesn't even tell me if I'm losing the weight.. or hitting my goals..nothing.. it's literally a step counter.. all its good for.. extremely upset over spending $40 on a watch that doesn't work correctly at all.

    — by Amy Miller on Sep 16 2021

  • How do I change the military time mode on my tracker back to normal time ?

    — by Natalie Biafora on Sep 16 2021

  • Want to return this. Cat make it work. Send return info

    — by Roger on Sep 14 2021

  • I would liket to know how I change the time that that the tracker resets each day. Can you tell me how? Jennifer

    — by Jennifer Nangle on Sep 10 2021

  • I synced my old android phone to the cloud. I have just downloaded VeryFitPro app to my new android phone and I want to restore my 2 years data to my new phone. However, the "Sync Now" option on my new phone only "uploads". I do not see my data of 2 years.

    — by Peter Josephs on Sep 09 2021

  • I just purchase the fitness tracker and it will not sync to the app

    — by Tracy on Sep 07 2021

  • My veryfitpro does not track steps accurately. I have reset the device three times and it still won't work. Please tell me how to fix this

    — by Konstantina Koulogiannis on Sep 03 2021

  • I sneezed and my very fit pro broke

    — by Jill on Sep 02 2021

  • I have 12,000 steps and 4.6 miles but -0- calories burned. How can I fix the calorie count? Thanks

    — by Shirley Shepley on Sep 02 2021

  • My watch was amazing for nearly two moths but It’s now gone faulty
    Is there anything you can do ?

    — by Tony on Sep 02 2021

  • Ii bought this watch on july 1st thru Amazon. As of today this watch has stopped working and now wont charge or even come on. How do I get a replacement? This watch is about 6weeks old

    — by Vicki Dunn on Aug 28 2021

  • My watch has stopped giving notifications for calls or text messages. I have checked that bluetooth is on, do not disturb is is off on my tracker, system notifications are on for my iphone, Lock Screen, Notification Center and Show as Bannera are all turned on, show previews is set to always. I have Unbind and bind the watch, I have turned the iphone off and on. I do not know what else to try. Thanks

    — by Susan P on Aug 27 2021

  • I received my VeryFitPro for Christmas. I am trying to charge it and nothing is happening.

    — by Susan Kohlstedt on Aug 25 2021

  • I have had my fitness tracker for a year and it will not charge, so annoying I love it and wear it all the time ( not in water) please can you help me

    — by Elizabeth Newton on Aug 20 2021

  • De app registreert mijn slaap elke nacht vanaf 2:00 uur. Ik draag het horloge ook snachts. Ik ga elke avond naar bed tussen 22:00 en 23:00 dus daar klopt niks van. Hoe kan ik dit goed instellen?

    — by Laurie on Aug 17 2021

  • I am not able to download the application of very fit pro
    Kindly assist me

    — by Shagun Dubey on Aug 14 2021

  • I was charged $39 something from intermediate fast tracker which I canceled and no longer have the app. There is no phone number to call customer service which is bullshit. I want it canceled and mu money refunded.

    — by Catherine Lewis on Aug 13 2021

  • My veryfit Pro is 1 day old screen on watch blank but is receiving notifications I can feel it vibrating what can I do to fix it thank you

    — by Tricia Geraghty on Aug 13 2021

  • I use two different treadmills on a regular basis. Both of the treadmills record similar distance and time, but my very fit pro is always way under what the machines are reading. Today I walked for 33 minutes at 3.3 mphs and covered 1.8 miles. My veryfitpro only recorded 2.7 mphs and 1.55 miles. Is there a way to fix this issue?

    — by Mary Moseberth on Aug 12 2021

  • I am having problems getting my apps. Right now I can’t answer my phone. All the apps is not working

    — by Rose Lutton on Aug 11 2021

  • I had to charge my VeryFit. After it was charged all my activities were erased and the date are time are wrong. I can't figure out how to correct it.

    — by SHARON FEENEY on Jul 29 2021

  • I cannot find a new band for ID 128color Hm. My band is broken

    — by Cynthia Doonan on Jul 28 2021

  • I can't get watch to pair up with phone. Have tried all directions

    — by mary burke on Jul 27 2021

  • It’s not really a complaint but I have been trying to figure out how to disconnect the alarms and set a new alarm without having the app connected to the watch. My son is at camp and unable to connect to any internet and the app is on my phone not near him at all - the alarm is set and going off at a previous time which he no longer wants and he wants to reset his watch to the new alarm
    Time . His old one was set to get up for school and he wants to sleep later now please help!!!

    — by Betsy Sentner on Jul 26 2021

  • Watch will not charge

    — by sharon fedde mohr on Jul 23 2021

  • J'ai perdu le chargeur de m'a montré veryfitpro one. Comment en acheter un nouvea

    — by VANDEWEEGHE on Jul 21 2021

  • How do I get the ecg feature ? I bought because they say had ecg feature

    — by Morshidah Yoosoff on Jul 18 2021

  • How can I connect discord?

    — by Emile on Jul 17 2021

  • the app stops tracking/recording my bike ride at 45 minutes. mentions something about bluetooth?

    — by Diane Chobot on Jul 16 2021

  • hello, my wife connected her smartwatch with veryfitpro without problem, but i can't connect a 2nd watch because on the app page i have the data of the 1rst watch and i can't get the binding system
    can you help me? thanks

    — by daniel Pons on Jul 16 2021

  • My watch died I charged it and it will not turn on

    — by Kinsey on Jul 14 2021

  • I charged my watched and now it has horizontal lines a third of the way through the screen.

    — by Sharon Pfluger on Jul 14 2021

  • The charger to my VeryFitPro is broken. I just want to get a replacement.

    — by Mary W McNeil on Jul 14 2021

  • Which sport do I use when using my rowing machine

    — by Pauline on Jul 13 2021

  • Hi VeryFitPro
    I bought your fit trackers for my husband and I and the guard that was on my husband's watch has somehow disappeared from the watch band. Could send me a replacement? I still have my guard on my band and I can only think that somehow the guard came apart and fell off. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Judith Johnson, 15669 W. Glenrosa Avenue, Goodyear, AZ 85395

    — by Judith Johnson on Jul 13 2021

  • I cannot seem to access the calorie feature on my watch only the step count and heart rate.

    — by Suzanne R. Herriman on Jul 12 2021

  • Hi, this is not a complaint as I am very happy with the product. The product I purchased last year, ID133 color HR is a really great watch but my problem is the plastic on the clasp/buckle has sadly broken and I am unsure where to buy a replacement watch strap. I looked on Amazon es and it is currently unavailable. Can I buy a replacement strap from you?

    — by Lee Felsing on Jul 09 2021

  • I have two Aikela watches which use your app. Both constantly do my record sleep patterns even after rebooting and even reloading app.

    — by Blu Hopkins on Jul 08 2021

  • Watch does not work. I need to return. Please send the address or issue me a refund. Just brought in April and it does not charge. Very disappointed. Never had to ever happen with my purchasing of a watch.

    — by Connie Salisbury on Jul 07 2021

  • I changed my password but I had to get a new watch and now it won't let me login when I put my email address and password in to sign in.

    — by Rich Cassida on Jul 07 2021

  • I cannot change the clock face on my VeryFitpro. There is no dial setting.

    — by Gwendolyn Fay Lett on Jul 07 2021

  • how do I set my watch to military time?

    — by Barbara Robideau on Jul 04 2021

  • My veryfitpro one 1 is showing out of sync and I am unable to receive any form of data on my phone or watch .I have firmwide upgrade

    — by Avril Elaine Thomas on Jul 03 2021

  • Charge my watch last night put the watch nothing comes on the screen.

    — by Edmond Dougherty on Jul 03 2021

  • Sleep tracker either doesn't work at all or only works part of the time. I have unbinded it and rebooted it and hasn't helped at all. Ready to return it.

    — by Catherine Geens H on Jul 03 2021

  • The Sleep function worked the first 2 days that I purchased the Fitbit, then went to a timeframe “12:00AM to 12:00AM” that can’t be measured. Where’s the setting to reset the sleep time? I can’t find I find that.

    — by Tracey Wagner on Jul 02 2021

  • I didn’t even know you guys Existed and one you all took money from my account and I would like my money back 24.95 and that was my government check you guys took money from I am on social security I couldn’t pay a bill because you guys took that

    — by Kalyn Fuller on Jul 02 2021

  • I keep getting a message about enter my credentials from my email but there's no email sent to me. How do I get this off? Thanks

    — by Marie Modest on Jun 29 2021

  • I don’t have a complaint I broke my charger part in Fitbit can u fix it

    — by Sandra on Jun 29 2021

  • My VeryFitPro pro has broken
    The pin has come out where you attach the strap to the actual face can I send it back for a replacement many thanks
    Heather Lewars

    — by Heather lewars on Jun 28 2021

  • I cannot get my VeryFit Pro to set up. I cannot set the time or other functions and I have installed the app.

    — by Ric Ashley on Jun 28 2021

  • My YAMAY watch will not sync with VeryFitPro.

    — by Debra D Mullen on Jun 27 2021

  • I installed Strava linked it in the third party programs but did not like it.
    Can't seem to remove Strava from list even though it is no longer on my phone, however like google fit but it does not show it in the third party programs
    Have tried updates and reboots to no effect??
    any ideas

    — by Dave Bristow on Jun 27 2021

  • I don't know if i got the wrong watch or not but when I recieve messages it is not letting me respond back on it and i need help with doing that

    — by Janera evans on Jun 27 2021

  • My daughter gave me a Veryfit pro for Christmas. It stop working 3 weeks ago. I love my watch now it doesn’t work anymore. I’m 68 and my daughter told me to email the company because she can’t fit it. The screen with not light up anymore. It have no reason not to work.
    Thank You, Julia Rhea

    — by Julia Council Rhea on Jun 27 2021

  • My charger is not working. I need a new charger. How do I another one?

    — by Maurice L Calhoun on Jun 27 2021

  • My watch will not turn on. I plugged the USB in and charged it, but it still won’t turn on, so I can’t bind it. I want to return it.

    — by Barbara Purdy on Jun 27 2021

  • Have just had to buy a new watch and want to add it to my VeryFitPro app without losing all my data for the last 2 years. As soon as I bind new watch all data disappears . Thanks

    — by Sarah mosley on Jun 26 2021

  • On my veryfitpro watch does not want to work anymore when I have it on it's just a blank screen and when I turn it off it's black and white lines across the screen not sure what is happening

    — by Michael Augustine on Jun 25 2021

  • I cannot charge my Fitbit properly no matter how many times I try. I do what the instructions say and it stays at 37%

    — by Michelle Friedman on Jun 25 2021

  • Can you please rest time to central time zone(Nashville) and date to. Thanks

    — by Joslyn Creech on Jun 25 2021

  • I received a Very Fit Pro as a gift and having trouble pairing it with my phone as welling as setting up the device and the time and I need help. Could someone please contact me? 702 8348018

    — by Ric Ashley on Jun 24 2021

  • My band won't display the weather.

    — by Miguel R Rivera Sr on Jun 24 2021

  • I have recently bought a watch from you and can't it to show incoming phone calls or vibrate on my wrist.

    — by K.Beggs on Jun 23 2021

  • I got my watch and charged it after receiving it. I went on vacation and did not have access to a charger so it died. When I got home I charged it for like 5 hours and it still does not turn on.

    — by Catherine Fluent on Jun 22 2021

  • I have no data showing on the app - 0
    Steps, no sleep etc even though I’ve paired the devices & the watch shows the steps etc

    — by Lindsay Carroll on Jun 21 2021

  • I downloaded app, paired watch with android phone. The date and time did not update and I don't see where I can update it

    — by Jane Thomas on Jun 21 2021

  • Won't sync

    — by Barbara Steele on Jun 21 2021

  • I haven't used the watch for a while but when I charged it and bind with the phone app it still works but the screen on the watch isn't working but it still binds with the app and vibrating

    — by Nicole Nubla on Jun 20 2021

  • I just got my Very Fit Pro and the strap seems to have already stretched from being removed for charging. Is it possible to get a new strap since several times it has come apart while I was wearing it.

    — by Geralyn Grasso on Jun 19 2021

  • Why is there no Swimming activity to record on the app or any Aerobics? Can swimming be added!

    — by Barbara Segal on Jun 18 2021

  • Mein fitness Armband ist kaputt und ich kann deshalb keine Fitness daten mehr aufzeichnen hilfe, hilfe!!! Ich bin im Urlaub Südtirol und habe keine Idee was ich tun kann???. Dies ist schon der 2.hilferuf und es kommt keine Antwort von Ihnen. Gr. Marlene Münch

    — by Münch Marlene on Jun 18 2021

  • Can not log in on new cell phone

    — by Dean massagli on Jun 16 2021

  • Distance is inaccurate. I ran 13 laps on a 1/4 mile track to check it and it only registered 2.6 miles. I run a 5k (3.2 miles, measured on Google Earth) every morning and it only registers 2.8 miles. Is there any way to correct the calculation/ measurement?

    — by Sean Culligan on Jun 13 2021

  • I am only able to see that I have "new messages" but I am unable to read them. Is that normal, because that's not the impression I got from the product description and the manual?????

    — by Casey sisson on Jun 12 2021

  • My very fit pro one watch kept showing a wrench 🔧 symbol and -2 yesterday. Today it won't work at all even after charging and resynching attempts. Please help

    — by Cary Linnerud on Jun 10 2021

  • Good morning
    I am contacting you in relation to a Fitbit that was purchased for me as a present last June. Unfortunately, when I tried to charge the Fitbit this week, the little section with the USB has broken off despite me pulling it out of the strap in the same way as per the instructions. I do have photos to share with you if you have a direct email address but I am no longer able to use it as it cannot be charged. I am wondering that as a gesture of goodwill you would send me out a replacement part as it is less than 12 months old. Unfortunately, I don't have any receipts as it was a present

    — by Paul Nesbitt on Jun 10 2021

  • Good morning
    I am contacting you in relation to a Fitbit that was purchased for me as a present last June. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and persuaded family and friends to get one themselves.
    Unfortunately, when I tried to charge the Fitbit this week, the little section with the USB has broken off despite me pulling it out of the strap in the same way as per the instructions. I do have photos to share with you if you have a direct email address but I am no longer able to use it as it cannot be charged. I am wondering that as a gesture of goodwill you would send me out a replacement part as it is less than 12 months old. Unfortunately, I don't have any receipts as it was a present
    I look forward to hearing from you

    — by Paul Nesbitt on Jun 10 2021

  • Bonjour
    j'ai l'application fitcloudpro mais je ne reçois pas toute mes notification sur la montre il y a même des fois je reçois d'une personne mais pas d'une autre

    — by katia schibiness on Jun 09 2021

  • I have one of your watches and the little peice that holds the bands have broke and I have a warenty on it how do I fix this peiece

    — by Tabitha Lefevre on Jun 08 2021

  • Purchased in Jan 2021, The plastic piece came of & I can't charge the device. Is it still under warranty or can I get a replacement piece. Thanks

    — by Brenda Randell on Jun 07 2021

  • Hi my son got this watch for his birthday yesterday and we are having trouble with it. As far as we know it's charged but it won't turn on, it flashes green in some USB ports but not all, Bluetooth is on we have the app and tried pairing ect but nothing seems to work?? Can you send me a phone number so I can talk to you directly please. Its just completely black screen. Is this faulty?

    — by C King on Jun 07 2021

  • my veryfitpro ID 205L had its screen go blank and will not respond no matter what I do. Please advise.

    — by Brock Wolff on Jun 04 2021

  • My watch is not recording my steps correctly, how do I fix it?

    — by Linda Dorrance on Jun 04 2021

  • Hi, the app on my mobile shows as though I have a message waiting by having a "1" symbol. I can't get rid of it. Why is it there?

    — by Sandra Goff on Jun 04 2021

  • My watch broke at wrist strap to watch. Plastic broke where pin hooks in.

    — by Dennis Messner on Jun 03 2021

  • Hi, can you please send me instructions to connect my ID205L watch to Strava so it shows my readings and my route. Strava is showing the numerical data, but not the map of my route. It's not showing any maps whatsoever. Hope you can help as I have been struggling with this for weeks and returned 3 watches thinking it was them which were faulty. I'm sure it's because I don't know how to set it up. Operator error. I just need an expert to help me. Thanks in advance. Alex

    — by Alex on Jun 02 2021

  • i have the YAMY watch with your very fit pro app- I LOVE it a friend bought if for me BUT I am having problems all of a sudden- have to chatrge it 2x a day wont scroll down for me to see info only sideways and that isnt working correctly either.Just charged it and it said 100% took the phone off charge put it on and it says only 40%[-how can i correct all of these issues- have deleted and re put app on- it aslo defaults to jan 6th with 50% charge- I am at my wits end trying to figure out the problem- should this watch be connected to BLUETOOTH-PLEASE HELP really cant afford to buy a new watch-this was a gift!

    — by sheree goroff on Jun 01 2021

  • Why do you need my credit card info if the app is free? Thank you.

    — by Allison on Jun 01 2021

  • Cannot pair my Lamax BFit PRO2 with this app. Please help

    — by Jiří Radomil on May 30 2021

  • Smart watch pr wallpaper set krna h

    — by Sunil nagar on May 27 2021

  • Hallo guten Abend meine Veryfitpro Model ID205L funktioniert seit dem letzten Update nicht mehr heißt lässt sich nicht mehr starten.
    Was kann ich tun.?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Claudia Bellmann

    — by Claudia Bellmann on May 26 2021

  • Got my tracker in Jan for a Christmas present.
    I love it snd the strap but it has come apart with charging.

    — by Margaret Delaney on May 25 2021

  • My watch's software seems to be going bad over time. Some functions are just breaking. It would be a long list of functions that don't work anymore. Just a couple include: I cannot get to the page with the settings app, multiple apps don't open, swiping sometimes works, sometimes doesn't., and a couple of other issues.

    — by Nikolas on May 25 2021

  • My watch bend is cracked and seperated from watch. Please can you send me new belt with installation instructions

    — by Jagdish parikh on May 25 2021

  • My veryfit pro app dissapeard and I can't get it back.

    — by Lisa Bouzan on May 25 2021

  • How do i adjust time to track sleep. I frequently take naps and would like naps included in daily sleep info. Also is there historic info available.

    — by Johnn Blansett on May 23 2021

  • The hear rate is not sinking & my trainer said it is not sinking correctly

    — by Michelle Worall on May 21 2021

  • je n arrive pas a connecter ma montre pouvez vous me tel pour aide en ligne
    mr amalric 0637057557

    — by amalric on May 21 2021

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