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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Peacock TV – Stream TV, Movies, Live Sports & More Features and Description

Introducing Peacock: the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. It’s where the best of streaming meets the best of TV. And best of all, you can watch for free (or upgrade for more). With Peacock, you can stream current hits, hundreds of timeless movies, thousands of episodes of your favorite TV shows, and exclusive Originals. Plus… timely news, live sports, and pop culture, updated daily. Here’s what you get with PEACOCK FREE: • Instant access to hundreds of movies from major Hollywood studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features & Illumination; fascinating documentaries like Murderball, Dying Laughing, I Am Ali, and Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. • Thousands of hours of iconic TV shows, including full seasons of buzzworthy faves, bingeworthy classics, and current-season NBC hits. • Peacock Channels – playing your favorite movies, shows, and clips, 24-7. Scroll less and stream more with The Office Shorts, SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, Seth Meyers Now, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. • Exclusive Originals for everyone in the household, including the new Psych movie and In Deep with Ryan Lochte. • A daily dose of live news, showcasing the best of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and E! News; plus late night and pop culture to satisfy your FOMO. • Live sports, including the Tokyo Olympics. • Kids’ movies and shows, including brand-new seasons of Curious George and Where’s Waldo? • Hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo.   Upgrade to PEACOCK PREMIUM ($4.99/month) for an all-access pass to everything Peacock has to offer – every movie, every episode, every season, every live sporting event. More to watch. More to binge. More to love. • Stream everything—including even more blockbuster movies and full seasons of premium TV. • Full seasons of Exclusive Peacock Originals, including Brave New World, The Capture, Intelligence, Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and more. • More live sports, including hundreds of Premier League soccer matches. • Next-day streaming of current-season NBC hits like New Amsterdam, Manifest, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live. • Unlimited access to the entire library of Kids and Family entertainment including titles from the vaults of DreamWorks Animation.   With PEACOCK PREMIUM PLUS ($9.99/month), you get everything included in Peacock Premium, plus ad-free* streaming. * Due to streaming rights, Peacock Channels, events, and a few shows & movies will still contain ads. Content availability may vary. Note: use of the app is limited to the U.S. and its territories. Data charges may apply. If applicable, charges begin after your promotional period of Peacock Premium/Peacock Premium Plus concludes. You will be charged on a recurring basis minus applied offers plus applicable taxes. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting your account. By subscribing, you agree to the preceding subscription terms and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Upgrade for More: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Customer Help: Do Not Sell My Personal Information: This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, visit for more information.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • i am 72yrs old dont understand the way you work could you have someone to contact me help me understand how to use peacock [email protected]

    — by gary pilkington on Jan 21 2022

  • I want to cancel my subscription.

    — by Elaine Monnahan on Jan 21 2022

  • I paid for Peacock TV Network on Jan. 19th by Paypal, but I cannot get my TV show, it shows the scan and will not let me go any farther to watch the Yellowstone series. It seems to be a verification problem with my email, my email is [email protected]

    — by Terri Lynn Ambrozich on Jan 20 2022

  • I am having trouble getting into my account

    — by Shirley Green on Jan 20 2022

  • Not able to connect to Peacock app. on our smart TV

    — by sandra Ehlenfeldt on Jan 19 2022

  • I change the addresses and I’m trying to get a new account forgot password

    — by John on Jan 17 2022

  • You took my money and I still don't have any premium channels someone needs to fix it

    — by Bruce A Klein on Jan 16 2022

  • Manchester City vs Chelsea 6 am Saturday 15 January; when will the REPLAY be broadcast? Date and time please?

    — by Carl Sephton on Jan 14 2022

  • I signed up for a special “View Your Deal” for $14.97. I was billed on Nov 8, 2021. I tried and tried to watch Peacock to no avail! I never could reach anyone for assistance. My granddaughter was finally able to access it on Dec 24, 2021. I would like my subscription extended for the time I was unable to watch, from Nov 9, 2021 to Dec 24, 2021. At no extra charge please, considering I was unable to watch it. Thank you

    — by Jean Jackson on Jan 13 2022

  • Please cancel my subscription

    — by Charles Kleinheider on Jan 11 2022

  • How do I get Close caption

    — by Ona Murriell on Jan 10 2022

  • Signed up for Peacock plus yesterday and was billed $46. I expect it to be billed for $4.99. I feel as if I have been robbed and I cannot get anyone on the phone to ask what happened. Please contact me… I have canceled my subscription, but I would like a refund of $41.

    — by Sue Baum on Jan 10 2022

  • I need to give you a new credit card number because the one you have on file has Beencancellef

    — by Karen Singleton on Dec 28 2021

  • Although “closed captions” can be chosen and remains on for future sessions, captions do not display unless I select “pause” after the episode starts and then “play”.

    This occurs when I watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” or “Monk”. I’m guessing it works this way for all programs.

    Note that after selecting “pause” I do not need to adjust the closed caption setting in order to make the captions appear.

    This problem has been occurring for at least a month or 2 ever since I started watching Peacock.

    Hardware being used:
    Panasonic VIERA TC-P46ST30 46-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV
    Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation - 2016 release

    — by Robert Hoch on Dec 17 2021

  • The closed captions for “Everybody Loves Raymond” have a problem on all episodes. Whenever italics are displayed, there is no space before or after the word in italics.

    For example, for s8e23 at around 4:36 from the beginning, it shows
    Yeah. Wealwaysfeel bad.
    Instead of
    Yeah. We always feel bad.
    where “always” is in italics.

    This is true whether I watch the show on my Panasonic plasma TV or my iPad.

    Thank you,
    Robert Hoch

    — by Robert Hoch on Dec 16 2021

  • Made payment yesterday trying to get on peacock but its asking for another payment. Had to change username to [email protected] and the card number was wrong. HELP!!!

    — by Hilda Berlanga on Dec 15 2021

  • I am missing the news category on top of my TV screen. I don't know how to put it back for easy access to my news program. Please give me a call 4024535470 to assist me. Please identify yourself right away because I am getting a lot of spam call. Your response is highly appreciated.

    — by Marla on Dec 14 2021

  • I have Cox Cable and I have not been able to access Peacock for about a week now. It come up with something went wrong.

    — by Joseph A Perry on Dec 11 2021

  • I have a Peacock Premium account via my Xfinity cable provider. I like Peacock but there are issues with it as follows: 1) For "Movies A-Z," it only shows the handful movies that begin with a number. In other words, one can't find those that begin with A through Z. 2) Why don't you tell us on what day a new episode of a TV show will air next on Peacock? 3) The first page of Peacock, after clicking on my TV's Apps menu, is so hard to navigate. One can't tell where the cursor is when scrolling down the page. Couldn't you at least highlight the box of a program icon instead of barely enlarging it, which is so hard to determine? 4) After setting subtitles/closed-captioning, they go away after I pause or if come back to a program I was watching earlier or on previous day. I have to keep going into your captions set-up menu when this happens. Please note that I wouldn't have bothered contacting you if I didn't like Peacock. One highlight is that you only show the commercials before the beginning of a movie, but I wish you could do the same for a TV show. :) Thanks

    — by John Russo on Dec 06 2021

  • I just noticed I have been getting charged for premium service for the past 5-6 months but on my account it hasn’t been on and I want a full refund

    — by Jonathan Adkins on Dec 05 2021

  • I paid for premium plus to watch Yellowstone and still can’t watch

    — by Stacia Conley on Dec 04 2021

  • I keep getting an error message on the TV that I've already created an account. Yet I cannot watch Peacock yet. Please contact me. I evidently don't remember the email that I originally created. My number is 919.833.4808.

    — by Emily Newkirk on Nov 30 2021

  • Need help getting it to work haven't had it now fir 3days. Got a new phone transferred everything and now having problems sreeaming

    — by Tanya colburn on Nov 23 2021

  • Have premium, but can’t find how to watch Season 4 of Yellowstone

    — by Donna Itz on Nov 16 2021

  • trying to cancel my Peacock acct It says it billed by Roku and to go to roku but roku says there are no subscriptions but I am being charged 9.99 I want to cancel

    — by Angela johnson on Nov 16 2021

  • I paid to have Peacock so I could watch Yellowstone and it took it out of my acct but yet I cant watch, it keeps wanting me to subscribe to Peacock premium but I already did and paid for it! Please help!

    — by Tiff Lawrence on Nov 13 2021

  • I paid to have Peacock so I could watch Yellowstone and it took it out of my acct but yet I cant watch, it keeps wanting me to subscribe to Peacock premium but I already did and paid for it! Please help!

    — by Tiff Lawrence on Nov 13 2021

  • I want to cancel the WWE channel , I don't know how it's even on my subscriptions?

    — by Rosemarie Nieves on Nov 11 2021

  • I am having problems with account

    — by Andrew James Hayward on Nov 11 2021

  • How do I get episodes of la brea that I have missed?

    — by Jack Mauch on Nov 11 2021

  • I want to cancel Peacock TV

    — by James Cain on Nov 10 2021

  • can't seem to get an answer. will you be streaming yellowstone season 4 on peacock premium

    — by michael ready on Nov 05 2021

  • I'm not receiving premium service but am being charged for it

    — by Mark Stiburski on Nov 05 2021

  • I have the free peacock account, I would like to watch season 8 Escape to the Chateau. Im assuming that I need to upgrqde but I cant find anyone to talk to or a space to do this. Would you please help?

    — by Anita F Hayes on Nov 03 2021

  • Peacock TV how do we get NBC itself, NBCsn is there, but I need NBC in the channel lineup, when I search for sundays nascar race on nbc, it does not show.

    — by Virginia P Moore on Oct 29 2021

  • i was able to watch peacock on my samsung google chrome laptop now it says access denied! do you know why? how can i get it back? thank you!

    — by annette kleptach on Oct 25 2021

  • You state that i can Watch the first 5 episodes of "The Lost Symbol" for free, yet it will only allow me to watch the first three??? What's the problem?? Does NBC really stand for Nothing But Crap???

    — by Jeffrey on Oct 18 2021

  • I have been paying Roku 4.99 for over a year for Peacock and now I just went on it yesterday and says I only have the free service. What happened to my membership

    — by Douglas Wahl on Oct 04 2021

  • The streaming service is not to our liking. some shows have commercials. The selections have become boring.

    — by John Kuhn on Sep 25 2021

  • Can not log in

    — by Leon Johnson on Sep 22 2021

  • Can not sign in

    — by Leon Johnson on Sep 22 2021

  • i need to change my credit card info have a new card

    — by richard carreira on Sep 20 2021

  • I signed up about a couple months ago under watching movies, series etc. with ads for a lesser amount than an ad free platform. I 've watched series and am told after the 4th or so episode that i must pay an additional fee of $4.99. I was informed while signing up that my cost was with ads but I will be able to watch everything on site. So what's going on? It does seem suspicious when there is no contact with this company and ratings are falling, falling and falling because of customer reviews. Now I see why. I have other apps under Prime and they're all free so I don't know how I am paying for this and now being told that if i want to see additional episodes or certain shows etc it'll cost more.

    — by Jessica Burnett on Sep 17 2021

  • This is for peacock tv... How do i request the removal of an ad that is over the top offensive to me?

    phexxi's commercial is disgusting and inappropriate! How do i keep it off my peacock account???

    — by Sharon Danner on Sep 16 2021

  • I just paid for Premium and I am unable to watch it thru Comcast or Roku on my TV, only can access it on my computer

    — by Ann Vear on Sep 12 2021

  • I’m trying to subscribe to Peacock TV, but I keep getting a message that an account has already used my email address. I’m sure the game I wanted to see is over by now, but I may want to view the shows on Peacock.
    [email protected] Username
    WOODSTOCK14! Is my password I’m trying to put in.

    — by David Thorpe on Sep 11 2021

  • hi i just paid 4.99 how to i get notre dame football on tv today

    — by DOROTHY NASTASIA on Sep 11 2021

  • completed first page, second page asks for e-mail and when entered it says we already have this and won't continue.

    — by steve eldridge on Sep 09 2021

  • I am not tech savy and I am not able to connect to peacock. I need s phone call to get me connected 630-347-1137

    — by Al Cieslik on Sep 08 2021

  • Please cancel my subscription - due to not being able to download on my Samsung Smart TV

    — by Margie Elaine Smith on Sep 05 2021

  • cannot sign in to my tv. I forgot my password. Can you help ?
    There is no option to let me put in a new password. Please call me at 1-772-237-2054.

    — by John Hurley on Sep 03 2021

  • I have NOT been able to access Days of Our Lives since NBC "sold out" to Peacock. All I get is that damn cat!!!!

    — by C S GREGG on Sep 02 2021

  • My email filed wrong on my account it filed as [email protected] I need it changed to [email protected] .com. I can’t change it with the wrong emailplease send me a customer service number! Being charge for two different accounts The system took my first account under [email protected] and spliced it with my second account [email protected] I need second email changed to [email protected] and first account under [email protected] canceled Please call me at 713 502 1970

    — by Wallis Wallsmith on Sep 02 2021

  • wanted to sign up for premium monthly but cant seem to do so keep getting a whooops problem

    — by Jimmy Epperson on Aug 26 2021

  • All I want to do is cancel my premium subscription. My name is Tim Badie (312)792-0517

    — by Timotheus Badie on Aug 24 2021

  • I have been charged twice by bank to receive montly service so I can watch summerslam I can't get summerslam pleaes help

    — by Sherry Rowland on Aug 22 2021

  • Audio keeps cutting out on WWE Summer Slam. I am not paying for info how to fix it.

    — by Tim on Aug 21 2021

  • I read that there's a 3 months trial for peacock network and then $4.99 per month thereafter. Can I enroll in that trial? Thank you.

    — by Sherryl Baskervile on Aug 20 2021

  • can not get subtitles to work on our television. I can get them to work on my computer but the same thing does not work on the panasonic tv

    — by Mary DeMasters on Aug 18 2021

  • It says I can watch Law and Order on Peakcock -
    but when I pull it up, it wants me to buy something. What's up with that?

    — by beverly bona on Aug 16 2021

  • I’m having a problem upgrading to premium. Payment didn’t go through Amazon when I went to peacock site and tried to use my credit card and that didn’t work either??

    — by Scott mohler on Aug 12 2021

  • why does it ALWAYS show a cat and says Something went wrong check devises in help center(6007) I cannot watch the Olympics on Peacock

    — by Barbara M Wood on Aug 07 2021

  • When I used to watch movies on Peacock, there was about two minutes of commercials upfront, and then the movie played ad free. Now when I play a movie, there are commercials thru out the entire movie. It's like Peacock doesn't recognize that I'm a subscriber. How can I fix this ?

    — by Brad Trygar on Aug 05 2021

  • I made a account with my email and it wouldn't let me log in after I paid so I used my husband email to put it in the tablet so I got a separate charge again and still couldn't log in... Hasn't sent me any emails ...

    — by Jacqueline Schmitt on Aug 05 2021

  • I signed up for the Peacock network on my roku a few days ago.I received an email from Peacock that a promotion with what I believe wad grub hub or a delivery app company.I deleted the e-mail by mistake. Is it possito resend it to me. I would greatly appreciate it.

    — by Darlene Clark on Aug 05 2021

  • I want to watch the basketball game between U.S. and Spain but could not find a schedule as to when it would be on. Just general info on several events. I found it on your site but it says it will replay at 3:00am. Since I can't stay up that late to watch how can I record it or will there be other times? Also, why can't I bring it up at any time?

    — by Frank Grygus on Aug 03 2021

  • Cannot check into peacock streaming. And you have no phone number which is really a pain.

    — by Karen Hendel on Aug 03 2021

  • i was wondering if you could add some more great classic tv shows to your app such as emergency , chips , starsky & hutch , baretta , the dukes of hazzard , the a team , night rider , the andy griffith show , gilligans island , i love lucy , the brady bunch , i dream of jeannie , the wonder years , charles in charge , the cosby show, matlock , the love boat , mash , the hardy boys & nancy drew mysteries , the six million dollarman , the bionic woman , the fugitive , the untouchables , star trek , the twilight zone , gunsmoke , laramie , the big valley , the high chapparal , cheyenne , daniel boone

    — by chris bengel on Aug 01 2021

  • Help!!!! I'm having trouble signing in? What is your phone number????

    — by janet on Aug 01 2021

  • I pay 10.52 a month and have been since I started as a customer for the WWE content Here it is the end of July I,m whacthing match,s from the end of June, do you want me as a loyal customer or not if I do not hear from you soon, next month will be my last, so fix the problem, fix the wwe programing,or no more free money. Mr.Paul Chapman

    — by Paul Chapman on Jul 29 2021

  • Is the senior LPGA golf tournament this weekend (Th-Sun) on the free Peacock channel?

    — by Paul Moson on Jul 28 2021

  • We are very upset we have pd the 4.99 thru Amazon prime and have notification of it being paid and we still cannot get Yellowstone to come on someone please contact me 😡

    — by James on Jul 27 2021

  • I inadvertently signed up for Premium some time ago and forgot my password I want to cancel that account and signup for the free version but I keep getting blocked. Can you cancel my membership so I can start all over. Thanks Sean

    — by Sean Maguire on Jul 27 2021

  • I was trying to upgrade to premium but have been unable to. need to speak to an agent

    — by maureen walsh on Jul 27 2021

  • I have had and cancelled Peacock tv 3 times because they keep loosing my places and putting me back to episode 1. Thats on everything. I was watching about 6 different things and it lost it all.If i have to write down on paper what season and episode i'm on on everything, it's just not worth it.

    — by Bert Haines on Jul 27 2021

    [email protected]

    — by george on Jul 26 2021

  • Unable to login to peacock on tv. have tried to register using two diff id"s. totally un able to do. can not change info. to access or join Peacock. can not delete or change info provided. spent hrs. trying to join peacock. Have never had this much difficulty with a website or tv channel. Please help!

    — by Ronald Allen Frumkes on Jul 26 2021

  • ipaid for premium an my tv saying unlock everything with premium i paid

    — by jerry stewart on Jul 26 2021

  • Purchased an HDMI cable to connect my iPhone to my tv. The sound comes through but no picture. How can I make it work !

    — by Don Mathis on Jul 25 2021

  • please cancel my subscription - thank you very much.

    — by Stacey Schieffelin on Jul 22 2021

  • Am trying to get your free Peacock offerings. I put my email address and password on your registration screen on my Fire stick tv but there is no place I can find to "enter" them. Your screen asks if I want to start the account when I hit the "watch oh now" button but it keeps asking for my email address. How do I meet my email address and begin watching?

    — by Jack Mauch on Jul 22 2021

  • Was overcharged on my card 3 times in one subscription. $5.48 6.56 and $5.48 again. Please refund my card $17.52. Only clicked on the $4.99 icon

    — by Jada on Jul 21 2021


    — by Hector M. Rios Santana on Jul 20 2021

  • I paid for the Premium service & it will not allow me to watch on more than 1 device. I was watching it while at work & now that I'm home it will not allow me to watch it AT ALL!!!!!! It's asking me to pay when I just PAID 4 DAYS AGO! I'M ANGRY AS HELL! I Want to watch TV NOW & NOB WAY TO CONTACT YOU!

    — by Pam Lowry on Jul 20 2021

  • I paid for the premium service & it will not let me watch Peacock on more than 1 device. I'm at a hotel right now & it's trying to charge me when I've already paid. I'm VERY ANGRY. You should have a phone n umber for contact.

    — by Pam Lowry on Jul 20 2021

  • I wanted to let you know that your live stream for the WWE ppv was absolutely atrocious! The screen keep freezing and coming back in, sometimes with sound, sometimes without. The last hour or so was the worst! We couldn't even determine who won the matches until the sound came back on a few minutes after it was over. I sure hope you get this fixed because we watch ALL of the WWE ppv events and I sure would hate to think that I pay as much as I do for cable and not be able to watch the programming that I enjoy!

    — by Michael Locke on Jul 20 2021

  • i cant reset my password

    — by Adam Ruyle on Jul 19 2021

  • Our Streaming of WWE is Very Bad. Of the last Paid episopes we have watched only 1 has came across clear all the way. We are so upset with your service.

    — by Stoney on Jul 19 2021

  • I'm getting 2 peacock charges on my cc.

    — by Shawn bolyard on Jul 19 2021

  • Hey!
    You guys are so, horrible, it's sickening, etc! You had tech probs, right before (The Men) Money in the Bank match! Then I had a short power outage, I missed the match so I thought I could rewind 10 minutes so I could see it - But - NO - YOU DON’T -ALLOW - REWINDING - AT ALL! Which is Absolutely Crap! Why, should I have to WAIT to WATCH the second to last match! Because you don't Allow Rewind or FastForward - when - Needed!
    You at Peacock - Ruin - WWE - EVERYTIME!
    Signed -
    Situated, Again

    — by Mary Smith on Jul 19 2021

  • I've been in the hospital with a broken hip yesterday. been in hospital for 3 weeks can't get wwe period

    — by gerald e smith on Jul 18 2021

  • I cannot delete closed captioning, subtitles, etc. on Recorded TV programs on my Peacock App

    — by Nancy Manning on Jul 18 2021

  • cancel my peacock premium account and get my account on i get pictures put can not connect with a show

    — by susan spann on Jul 17 2021

  • i am watching british open 2nd rd since 1 hr. and i only see three players only do you have only one cameraman to cover the 2nd round or you will show some other players perfomance i have never seen such poor coverage

    — by kishore chowhan on Jul 16 2021

  • Need help with finding golf channel. no good menu page

    — by Blair Lemire on Jul 13 2021

  • Trying to create account... couldn't, because my friend email is on there... foreign [email protected] need someone to remove it, so I can log in myself.

    — by Gloria Gullette on Jul 09 2021

  • Where do you get your shows from the garbage? These are the shows on the bottom of the barrel. Where are shows such as Chuck, Blossom, friends, Seinfeld, Mad about you? No wonder your network is in last place. My friend asked if she should get Peacock and I told her it has the worst programming ever. i told her it was junk you get on the bottom of the barrel.


    — by Susan yamamoto on Jul 08 2021

  • I need to cancel my subscription and do not want to be charged. Would like my refund back that was just charged

    — by Jennifer riggs on Jul 07 2021

  • Hello at Peacock,

    On my existing account, I’ve lately been very disappointed to discover an inability to turn off subtitles on all Peacock basic programming.
    It seems that the subtitles have been pre-set as a default that I am unable to override. While my searching has indicated that the icons appearing in the lower left of the streaming program content may be utilized to “turn on” subtitles, suggesting the ability to turn them off as well, I am unable to select those icons (on my Apple iTV gen. IV module).

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thank you,

    Tod B.

    — by Tod Boyer on Jul 04 2021

  • i had registered before but forgot password

    — by renee milews on Jul 03 2021

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