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Why should I report an Issue with JYouPro?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Shenzhen KeepRapid to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

JYouPro Features and Description

{JYouPro with the use of smart bracelet, can provide you with daily running, walking, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and other data monitoring. APP also provides social news alerts, sports data sharing and other functions.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I have a Jyoupro v2.9(build 8) and the clamp that you use to attach to the devise to charge it has broken. Do you know where I can buy a new one. It was originally bought at but they no longer sell them.

    — by Joanne Knox on Sep 15 2021

  • I've got your watch and most things are not working ... no walking..running or anything...the heart rate works as well as the blood pressure... but no etc counter...please help me...I'm waiting for your response

    — by Richard Freer on Sep 09 2021

  • Hello. Is it possible to upload the dials I have chosen to the watch?

    — by Zbigniew Piróg on Sep 06 2021

  • I bought 2 watches and the app won't work at all I can't synced data or set time or anything

    — by Brittney Johnston on Aug 27 2021

  • I need a replacement band. Where can I buy it? Thanks,

    — by Galina Tchourilova on Aug 27 2021

  • The charger for my JYouPro band recently stopped working. The band is a model JYouPro Color Smart Fitness Tracker - 0.96inch w/ BP/BO/HR Heart Rate Monitor. Is it possible to get replacement charger? Mine is less than a year old and I love my band. Truly miss having it since the charger stopped working.

    — by Ginny Summers on Aug 26 2021

  • My JYouPro won't charge

    — by Deidre on Aug 25 2021

  • I can’t read the device outside. Can the brightness be adjusted

    — by Cheryl Rosenthal on Aug 23 2021

  • My Jyoupro can not reproduce the sound of incoming calls.The caller hears me but I do not hear anything.
    How can fix this?

    — by Kirizliev on Aug 22 2021

  • Can't register an account. Get error 1001. Using app on iPhone 6, running IOS 12.5.4

    — by Cindy Syberg on Aug 15 2021

  • can i connect to what's up?

    — by poulou25 on Aug 14 2021

  • How do you stop the watches from coming on when you move your wrist the wrong way (hand-up screen I think it's called) as it's nice in certain situations but totally annoying if you are trying to sleep and your restless and your watch keeps lighting up every few minutes!

    — by George Dall on Aug 09 2021

  • The date is incorrect and when I sync the date remains incorrect

    — by Lou Hinkle on Aug 04 2021

  • I have the Pewant Fitness Tracker Smart Watch,IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch and I am starting to have problems syncing it. Most days my time is wrong and all of my data is lost.This is frustrating when tracking for weight loss purposes. I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me another watch.

    Thank you

    — by Greta Bibbs on Aug 04 2021

  • I can't login

    — by Cookie on Aug 02 2021

  • My watch does not charge .The watch is less then a year old

    — by Douglas Taylor on Jul 20 2021

  • Hi, why it is not showing blood pressure data? all the rest works well, kind of.

    — by shely hen on Jul 17 2021

  • Please give me the prices

    — by Aurel Hategan on Jul 14 2021

  • My JU pro tracker device will no longer connect with my iPhone. It will read my heart rate, my blood pressure, my oxygen intake, my steps, and everything else. But it will not pick up the time and date from my iPhone, and it will not connect to my iPhone. What was a very good product has now turned into one that is not really worth having.

    — by Gerald Vail on Jul 11 2021

  • My JU pro tracker device will no longer connect with my iPhone. It will read my heart rate, my blood pressure, my oxygen intake, my steps, and everything else. But it will not pick up the time and date from my iPhone, and it will not connect to my iPhone. What was a very good product has now turned into one that is not really worth having.

    — by Gerald Vail on Jul 11 2021

  • Fitness Tracker less 1 year old watch not charging

    — by Douglas Taylor on Jul 10 2021

  • Fitness Tracker less then a year old will not charge

    — by Douglas Taylor on Jul 10 2021

  • Hi there,

    I received a JYouPro watch as a gift from my employer but after charging once the USB snapped off the watch and it can no longer be used. The product is still under warranty so can I request a new one?

    — by Cameron Fraser on Jul 06 2021

  • Just upgraded to iPhone 12 and my watch cannot connect. Says no device discoverable. How do I fix this?

    — by Evelyn Beaudry on Jul 06 2021

  • Time is off 6.5 hours. I thought the watch time was automatically updated through a satellite. But time is off. Please fix it

    — by Latosha A Stringer on Jul 04 2021

  • How can I order a charger for my Jyoupro Smart Watch

    — by Roger C Pate on Jul 04 2021

  • My smart watch will not come on after the battery died and it will not charge. I have only had it for 2 weeks and I have tried to charge it on different outlets, made sure everything was clean and connected correctly. I am a bit upset about this.

    — by Dalene Skalicky on Jul 04 2021

  • Where can I buy strap for jyou Y5-FD95

    — by Jo Vella on Jun 26 2021

  • Ik heb een nieuw bandje nodig

    — by Elles Vromans on Jun 23 2021

  • My daughter and son both got your watches or christmas i had my daughters watch synced to my phone becaue they are too young to have phones and my sons to our ipad. However I want to switch it and have my sons on my phone and daughter on the ipad. I have unbinded my daughters watch from my phone even deleted the app and reinstalled it and i can not find my sons watch on the app even though i have them right next to each other. I can sync it to the ipad but not my phone and i want it on my phone. I remember when i first set it up i had this same problem but didnt think it would matter now based now the amount they use/wear watches I want my sons on my phone to help get it updated easier since he always wears his. please fix this ASAP

    — by jenn on Jun 23 2021

  • Nem tudok regisztrálni ,nem tudom regisztrálni a fiókomat

    — by Nagy Ildikó on Jun 20 2021

  • My band broke can I get a replacement for it$

    — by Carol L Shumaker on Jun 19 2021

  • Hiermit kündige ich mit sofortiger Wirkung das ABO für J You Pro und entziehe Ihnen den Bankeinzug.

    — by Rosemarie Böttcher on Jun 18 2021

  • Hiermit kündige ich mit sofortiger Wirkung mein Abo für J YUO Pro und entziehe Ihnen den Bankeinzug. Rosemarie Böttcher

    — by Rosemarie Böttcher on Jun 18 2021

  • My band discolored,wanted a replacement for my watch plz.. Pink plz

    — by Sherie Buchanan on Jun 15 2021

  • How do I create an account so I can log in?

    — by Paul Siraco on Jun 12 2021

  • Not connecting to phone no sleep data an d today no step data

    — by Jean on Jun 12 2021

  • I went swimming with my watch on and now it has water on the inside of the glass. One of the reasons I bought this watch was it supposedly is able to get wet with no problems. I already had it in a bag of rice overnight and that didn't help. I was wondering about another solution for this problem? Thank you

    — by Michael Yarusso on Jun 09 2021

  • My watch will not let me know who is calling me.

    — by Sheila Tomblin on Jun 09 2021

  • I need a new watch band for my JYOUPro how do I get one

    — by Julie on Jun 03 2021

  • Shalom,
    All my efforts to bind watch to smartphone samsung A8 with bluetooth ,does not works at all.
    All the ways were done,nothing.

    — by David on Jun 02 2021

  • I wish to activate a new device. Pre iOS one broke. How do i pair the new device with the app?

    — by Edward V. Kelly on Jun 02 2021

  • hi, i got this watch because i am apart of a child’s fitness program at a hospital and i was given the watch by them. i’m trying to connect it to my phone but it isn’t working, it doesn’t detect the device and i really need it to work. thank you.

    — by claire on May 30 2021

  • Hi my smart watch was brought around Christmas and it has stopped working and is stuck on a black screen is there anything I can do?

    — by Emma Graham on May 29 2021

  • can't pair device to phone. Bluetooth is on. Device is not seen by phone.

    — by Michael Flowers on May 29 2021

  • The app said there was an update so confirmed the update button. The page just froze and now I cannot connect the watch to my phone. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but good. The watch said updating and then died. Love the watch up till this. Any help please would be much appreciated

    — by RAY HART on May 25 2021

  • My device is stuck on a black screen and it won’t turn on to let me reset it. I got it at Christmas so not had it for long at all is there anything I can do?

    — by Steven Graham on May 23 2021

  • My tracker will not sync. Time and date will not correct itself

    — by Sall on May 18 2021

  • I received my watch last month, but have not been able to get it to charge for a week now.

    — by Linda Janovyak on May 17 2021

  • My app will not sync to my watch. It worked when I first got the watch but now it doesn’t can you give me some advice to resolve the problem

    — by Richard O'leary on May 15 2021

  • I am unable to recover my password. I enter my email and tap on recover password but it stays stuck on loading. Could you please help me as soon as possible? Thank you for your time!

    — by Margarita Legiedz on May 15 2021

  • May watch quit pairing with my phone yesterday, and I can't get it to pair again.

    — by Kraig Dahl on May 14 2021

  • Hi,

    My watch will not sync with the app on my phone, please advise.

    — by Neil Saxton on May 13 2021

  • Is this app legit? My Watch to be working fine, but the reviews are bad, In fact, I'm not sure if heartbeat and stuff is even right.

    — by Eli on May 08 2021

  • Ik kan niet inloggen in JYOUPRO

    — by L.A.ten Bhomer on May 06 2021

  • My watch is not connecting to my phone at all and i am also having problems login to the app. How do i reset my password or what should i do

    — by miekie du Toit on May 06 2021

  • Having issue...can not check or get update on my jyoupro..tried today but no good..please help

    — by Juanita Barber on May 05 2021

  • My daughter’s JYouPro has stopped working. When you put it on the charger is just keeps buzzing and doesn’t charge. I have tried factory reset and it won’t bring up the settings. Please help.

    — by Jodie on May 03 2021

  • My JYouPro will no longer charge, I have tried on the laptop and charger outlet . It seems to be dead

    — by Ramona Wilson on May 01 2021

  • I want speak to someone about if there is any charges to this app as l only want to correct the time on the watch without any extra charges associated with this issue

    — by Andrew plamping on May 01 2021

  • I want speak to someone about if there is any charges to this app as l only want to correct the time on the watch without any extra charges associated with this issue

    — by Andrew plamping on May 01 2021

  • i am trying to sync my fitness device but its not syncing

    — by Muhammad daniyal mustafa on Apr 28 2021

  • I keep getting the notification “ Bluetooth is not turned on, please turn on Bluetooth first” can you please help with this issue? Kind regards

    — by Lloyd Mullings on Apr 24 2021

  • I can't login to my smart watch because I can't find out what website to go create an account.

    — by Kristy Young on Apr 20 2021

  • I would like to know how to operate the sleep tracking via the phone and app. This is,not at all well explained

    — by jane barnes on Apr 19 2021

  • My iPhone died, new phone, downloaded app again and it will not find bracelet. Wont reset registration, says failed. Have tried for an hour this morning. Turned off bluetooth, turned back on multiple times. Still wont find it. Not sure what to do next.

    — by Kerry Mihlhauser on Apr 19 2021

  • How to synchronize the smart watch with my iPhone? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It is not consistent.

    — by john on Apr 18 2021

  • App will not let me login-i have tried to reset it 3 times.

    — by Lisa L Presley on Apr 17 2021

  • My watch won't sync with app on Galaxy S9. Tried everything I could find

    — by Bob Beitl on Apr 10 2021

  • my device disconnected but it won’t connect again.

    — by Hannah on Mar 30 2021

  • My watch stopped synchronizing. I can’t see my history or data on my phone. Blue tooth is still connected. It’s not working like before.

    — by Darryl Tagami on Mar 29 2021

  • Er blijven berichten staan opmijn YD8-FC62. Ik kan ze niet verwijderen. Ook niet als ik alles terugzet naar fabrieksinstellingen
    Kunt u mij vertellen hoe ik dat verwijderen?

    — by Corrie on Mar 26 2021

  • I received this tracker and I followed all directions
    It will not will not bind. The code Y9-3A21 shows up not YM5-5827
    Unless u can help
    I will have no choice but to return it. TX Lynda

    — by LYNDA FERNSTEN on Mar 24 2021

  • Hi i got my son a kids watch but it won't let me Connect to Bluetooth? I've scanned for devices on the app but it's just not picking the watch up...

    — by Sharon Burton on Mar 22 2021

  • My watch won’t sync, and when I check with device, it says it is not connected. How do I connect my watch?

    — by Margo Chase-Wells on Mar 22 2021

  • I want to cancel my Subscription

    — by Larry Anderson on Mar 20 2021

  • How do I delete messages on wristwatch?

    — by Gary Geis on Mar 17 2021

  • How do I delete messages on wristwatch?

    — by Gary Geis on Mar 17 2021

  • How do I delete messages on wristwatch?

    — by Gary Geis on Mar 17 2021

  • I have had my Smart Band using JYouPro for several months and it has worked very effectively. Recently the sync only advances to 25% and hangs. I have powered off the Smart Band, reset the Bluetooth link, and restarted the app. It gets to 25% and stops. How can I fix this.

    — by Robert Crain on Mar 15 2021

  • I have a smart band Ft803fr v1.1.5. It will not pair anymore to my apple phone. Can you please advise ASAP

    — by Cathy on Mar 10 2021

  • My wrist band broke in two pieces can I replace the band!

    — by Vince Balaguer on Mar 04 2021

  • The device remain paired for two days when it was first received on 02/24/2021. Since this time it will not re-pair with the cell phone

    — by Helmut Otto on Mar 01 2021

  • Screen won't turn on but there is a flashing green screen. The screen worked for a few minutes and then went black .

    — by Pete Marshall Poindexter on Feb 27 2021

  • Bluetooth doesn’t work anymore and showing wrong time and date.

    — by Craig on Feb 26 2021

  • I purchased 2 fitnes trackers this month. They were working great but one stopped working properly a few days ago. The screen is lighting up in the background but I cant see anything. How do I get it replaced?

    — by Aisha Ryan on Feb 25 2021

  • This is my second contact - please respond... I have a Model Y:1 that has stopped charging. When I plug it in, there is no connection response. Is the battery replaceable ? Originally sent Saturday, February 13, 2021 11:56 PM

    — by Heather Thrall on Feb 25 2021

  • Lost connection between app and watch and cant reconnect.

    — by Traci Sharp on Feb 24 2021

  • Why do I have a message that congratulates me and is banned from using the application, the materials belong to me and I put the price that I see suitable for me

    There are users who cheat and theft, and their account is still working when no one stops them, but I will escalate my complaints to a case in court for violating your personal rights.

    — by Naif on Feb 22 2021

  • My band and app on my phone have stopped talking to each other. The phone will no longer sync my data and my device is now showing the wrong time and date. I first noticed this on Sunday 15 February. I have tried several times to unbind and bind the device using bluetooth but this has not corrected the problem. I see someone else has a similar problem. Can we have a response / information on how to fix this please.

    — by Peter Benzie on Feb 17 2021

  • I love this app. For the past 2 days the load symbol is fluttering and although the bracelet is showing steps it does not translate to the app on my phone. I have reinstalled the app; rebound the connection. Please advise

    — by Susan Poole on Feb 14 2021

  • I have a Model Y:1 that has stopped charging. When I plug it in, there is no connection response. Is the battery replaceable ?

    — by Heather Thrall on Feb 13 2021

  • My JYOUPRO will not sync. I tried to log in and I get log in failed. I requested a new password and this did not work/

    — by Mary Nalley on Feb 09 2021

  • I updated my watch now it won’t hold the charge. Firmware version 000B000V129. Can you help

    — by Morag McCaskell on Feb 08 2021

  • lock watch face.... ie display

    — by Michael Ard on Feb 08 2021

  • won't sync with phone or ipad anymore. It keeps saying it is not connected. I deleted app and put it back on. had bluetooth on and it still won't recognize it

    — by Rae Videen on Feb 06 2021

  • Phone will not connect to fitness tracker the phone has Android 9 it has connected to Bluetooth message reads This Feature is not available on this device

    — by Alan Tate on Feb 01 2021

  • Not able to bluetooth watch to andriod phone. Not able to reset time n date. Instructioms are not user friendly. Please advise with suggestions!!!

    — by Annette Lolwing on Jan 31 2021

  • Won't synchronize, count steps, change to sleep mode, correct time, inactivity reminder, set alarms.

    — by Adele Porter on Jan 27 2021

  • No synchronisation with my iphone 8.

    — by Michel Houde on Jan 27 2021

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