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Why should I report an Issue with WearFit2.0?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Wakeup to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

WearFit2.0 Features and Description

Mental health, heart rate, blood pressure measurement, blood tests, statistical exercise step, sleep time, physical situation palm in hand, at any time to monitor your health. Intelligent alarm clock Set the alarm clock for the WearFit2.0 bracelet, remind you to get up through the brakes and no longer disturb the people around you. incoming call Set the call reminder for the WearFit2.0 bracelet, the phone rings automatically when the phone calls, the phone will not miss the call in the bag. Support for "Health" applications Can be heart rate, blood pressure, synchronized to the "Health" applications, so that you more comprehensive understanding of health. ** This version supports Apple Gear Fit healthy application ** ** WEARFIT2.0 only support a higher level of equipment, if remind the device can't connect, you can go to the app store download and use WEARFIT **

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • My i12 smart watch does not update the weather forecast. What to do. Is a special forecast program needed? I have a Samsung smart watch.

    — by Nenad on Jan 12 2022

  • This watch has never connected properly to the app. It says it has connected but the time does not synchronise. Also heart reads are not accurate. Please refund or replace unit. This is a beautiful watch design.

    — by Robert Brocking on Jan 07 2022

  • I got moh job in Kuwait. I try to register in immune app, instead of selecting visit visa I wrongly go for work visa. Is it take much time to reject my application. My visa will expire on 20 th January. Kindly do the needful. Thank you

    — by Smitha karwadi on Jan 05 2022

  • I downloaded there wear pro app.was trying to register to set my phone up. I get to where it says send verification code, I receive the code but then I can't enter it. So therefore I can't get an account to set up my watch. If I can't get this fixed I don't need the watch. Can you help me please? Lynn Hendrix

    — by Lynn Hendrix on Jan 04 2022

  • I bought two Wearfitpro watches and so frustrating working with it, I like a packing slip to return and get a refund. Thanks

    — by Rose Akulick on Dec 29 2021

  • I can view I from fro watch to phone but can’t Connect. Not letting notifications or any other info. Pls help. Is the a 1800 number I can call. Thanks

    — by Rose Akulick on Dec 28 2021

  • I bought a wear fit 2.0 watch for android. I want the weather on my watch. Can I get the weather on the app or on my watch? Please let me know if I can. Thanks

    — by Tammie Camp on Dec 27 2021

  • Bonjour j ai offert une montre wearfit2.0 a mon mari impossible qu'elle ce met à m heure comment faire merci

    — by Patricia Evrard on Dec 26 2021

  • Nu se poate conecta

    — by Argentin on Dec 25 2021

  • Gracias

    — by Argentin on Dec 25 2021

  • I can't register on the wearfit2.0 app because I'm not receiving the verification code

    — by Wyatt on Dec 25 2021

  • Not sending code for me to register

    — by Jay Watkins on Dec 25 2021

  • Hello,
    I tried several times, but I didn't receive verification code...

    — by Katja on Dec 25 2021

  • Seit einiger Zeit funktioniert gar nichts mehr, kann ich meine SmartWatch jetzt wegwerfen???

    — by Wolfgang Görs on Dec 21 2021

  • Seit einem Update auf iOS 15 startet die App nicht mehr. Eine Neuinstallation im AppStore oder auch in App Käufe funktioniert nicht.

    — by Uwe Guse on Dec 12 2021

  • Wearfit 2.0 is not working with my iphone 12 pro max
    It is connected in Bluetooth. But when i open the app it is says not connected

    — by Sivakumaran Thanigasalam on Dec 11 2021

  • Can't register. App won't accept any password!

    — by Steve on Dec 10 2021

  • My App will not start on my Smartphone up to now, what can I do to use it us usual? Thank you. Best regards Michael

    — by Michael Sipek on Dec 03 2021

  • How do I link the Wearfit to my iPhone. It doesn’t seem to be an approved partner

    — by Linda Hing on Nov 28 2021

  • Guten Tag
    Ich nutze Wear Fit 2.0 seit etwa 5-6 Monaten und hatte bisher keine Probleme.Bis jetzt.Beim Starten der App hängt sich diese entweder auf oder wird sofort wieder geschlossen.
    Haben Sie eine Lösung für mein Problem?

    — by Günter Täuber on Nov 28 2021

  • Since advertising has been added to the app., it’s horrible. Whenever I truly to open the app, it closes out after the add disappears. The app no longer stay open , let alone record steps. The Wearfit app is now a huge aggravation! Additionally, your dumb message about robots and not accepting my complaint immediately makes me wonder if you care about customer issues.

    — by Linda Hing on Nov 28 2021

  • Since advertising has been added to the app., it’s horrible. Whenever I truly to open the app, it closes out after the add disappears. The app no longer stay open , let alone record steps. The Wearfit app is now a huge aggravation!

    — by Linda Hing on Nov 28 2021

  • I am unable to connect my smartwatch to the wearfit 2.0 app, it is not able to find my device. I have restarted and reinstalled the apps, the phone and watch. Please advise.

    — by Sivakumaran Thanigasalam on Nov 19 2021

  • I have no way to charge the bracelet.How do I charge it with a port

    — by Pam Hamar on Nov 18 2021

  • je me suis acheter une montre intelligente j ai reussie a entrer le logiciel et je me suis inscrit mais je ne sais pas pourquoi le logiciel wearfit2.0 ne me reconnait pas je ne suis plus capable d entrer mon mot de passe il me dise toujours que j ai besoin de 8 a 16 chiffres ou lettres et il me dit de recommancée je suis déçu car j aimais beaucoup ma montre et la je ne peut plus la mettre car je ne peux plus la mettre a l'heure j'aimerais savoir pourquoi et quoi faire merci

    — by Judith Harvey on Nov 14 2021

  • Blue tooth cannot establish a connection. What shall I do to resolve this issue?

    — by Archer on Nov 13 2021

  • Hallo mein app wird nicht ofen bitte koregieren sie dass m.f.g

    — by Siyavas Hatamy on Nov 09 2021

  • Phone was connected - now cannot find the device

    — by Jeff Clark on Nov 02 2021

  • My wearfit 2 battery went down to 20% now shows ota on dial and won't connect

    — by [email protected] on Nov 01 2021

  • Ich bekomme keinen Bestätigungscode für die wearfit-app

    — by Meierling-Schacht on Oct 29 2021

  • Where can I procure a Wearfit 2.0 Charging Cable?

    — by John T Kennedy on Oct 28 2021

  • My wear fit 2 has gone blank and will not start or charge

    — by Michael Allan on Oct 13 2021

  • Bonjour, on me demande un code de vérification pour connecter ma montre, comment puis-je l'avoir svp ?
    Merci par avance !

    — by francis helinckx on Sep 17 2021

  • Trying to get in contact with developer regarding build an API off of Wearfit2.0 818 264-9760 English preferred

    — by Richard Weatherman on Sep 14 2021

  • I Need a verification code. How Van i get it?

    — by Gerhard Theis on Sep 01 2021

  • I dont have any vérification code to connect.

    — by Véronique on Sep 01 2021

  • I dont have any vérification code to connect.

    — by Véronique on Sep 01 2021

  • My Bakeey Q26 watch connected without problems the first time after I charged the battery fully. After the battery died and I recharged it, it refuses to connect. I followed the advice to restart the phone and the bluetooth, but it will not connect.

    — by Ralph Werner on Aug 30 2021

  • Hello, I’ve only got the watch about a month ago and the screen is already showing lines as if broken which makes it hard to read things. It hasn’t been dropped at all and it got like that from the third use because I didn’t use it much at first

    — by Alma on Aug 25 2021

  • I cannot notifications, weather or camera. I am paired and connected. All permissions are in place. Please advise.

    — by Bruce Goldsmith on Aug 23 2021

  • When I have a call on my phone the sou d comes out of my watch. Even if I'm not wearing it

    — by Ian challinor on Aug 23 2021

  • Comment puis-je ajouter ou supprimer des cadron pour mon smartwatch

    — by El manani Abdlemejid on Aug 21 2021

  • For some reason I can't change the watch face on my watch how do I do that and how do I download watch faces

    — by Cody on Aug 17 2021

  • My WearFit2.0 will not hold a charge. I took it off the charger this morning at 5am and it is now 9am and is at 20%. Why is it not holding a charge? I just got this last week.

    — by Carol Thomas on Aug 16 2021

  • Je me suis inscrit avec les bonnes coordonnées valides (adresse courriel, code de vérification et mot de passe) mais l"application ne veut pas démarrer.

    — by Patricia on Aug 12 2021

  • Purchased new I9 smart phone, but unfortunately I am not in position to use it. As it does not pair with my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A70) through the specific application (WearFit2.0). I tried this with another mobile (Samsung Galaxy A71) also giving the same issue.

    Please advise me on how to fix the matter above.

    — by Prasad Rohitha Egodavithana on Aug 10 2021

  • I need a confirmation-code be able to sign in in an account on my smartphone. Please help me to get this.
    Thank you

    — by Bernd Bärenfänger on Aug 06 2021

  • I can't get my watch to sync with my phone
    I would like to send it back .

    — by Ellen Louise Kellogg on Aug 03 2021

  • I have had the wearfit 2.0 watch and it requires charging every day for it to work. I use it for steps, sleep and taking measurements basically once a day. How can i get a longer battery life out of it. I like the performance of the watch otherwise. Thank you for your assistance.

    — by Howard Frazee on Jul 31 2021

  • I have a new Smart Watch Jay- tech Smart Watch 1080. If i want to get the Bestätigungscode after install the WearFit2.0 Software, i dont geht the code. I have tried it 4 times and i dont get the code. Because oft this i cant use my smart watch. Please send me information about which i geht this code!!

    — by Oliver Blaim on Jul 25 2021

  • how do i add a downlaod a new dace dial, currently only 4 dials available, i like a facw dial with body temp on clock dial

    — by RESTY F DEL ROSARIO on Jul 22 2021

  • I have been using the wearfit watch since April 2020 and has been functioning well. About a week ago now, I could not link me watch to my phone. When I try, it replies 'connected' but phone, indeed not connected.
    Where is your closest office/workshop to Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria?

    — by OLUFEMI LAWAL on Jul 21 2021

  • Ik kan niet inloggen met mijn horloge bij Wear fit omdat ik niet geregistreerd ben zegt het apparaat

    — by Hennie ter Huurne on Jul 21 2021

  • Ich brauche den Bestätigungscode

    — by Hardy Peter on Jul 20 2021

  • I’ve had my wear fit 2.0 for a couple weeks and it went dead today…plugging it in didn’t work. What can I do? Can a new battery be put in it?

    — by Sally on Jul 18 2021

  • Comment appairer la smart watch?

    — by DE SAN on Jul 17 2021

  • I cannot log into my where fit 2.0 app

    — by Michael Thomas on Jul 17 2021

    i just got the smartwach and downloaded the app but fpr a reason is not importing and reading the phone contacts

    — by Mendor on Jul 15 2021

  • Lige Watch di not conekt.galaxy A 71 Thanks

    — by Klodjan on Jul 14 2021

  • I purchased a wearfit 2 and the temp always shows LO and know matter what I do I can't get the actual temperature to come up, as a result I bought another wearfit 2 and now I am having a problem getting the second unit to pair with my watch, I uninstalled the app for the first unit and am trying to install the second unit. I tried to scan the little square like the instruction say but with no luck, I still get the app and associated information for the first unit. Could you please help me install the second unit with my phone. Thanks Nick C

    — by Nicholas David Conte on Jul 13 2021

  • this app does not connect with the band. What can I do to reconnect?

    — by John Sikorski on Jul 12 2021

  • I just got the wearfit 2.0 smart it does not come on nor will it charge

    — by Eugeneia M Coleman on Jul 10 2021

  • After last charge the screen will no longer turn on or connect to my telephone

    — by Derek Macklem on Jul 09 2021

  • comment obtenir le code de verification pour s'inscrire

    — by bruno schacher on Jul 08 2021

  • I cant login to your app

    — by Kirstie Smith on Jul 08 2021

  • Hi I can't log into your app with my smart watch

    — by Kirstie Smith on Jul 08 2021

  • I can't connect my watch to my app on my phone please can you help me

    — by Kirstie Smith on Jul 07 2021

  • Bonjour, dur l'application wearfit 2.0 il me demande un code que je n'es pas. Merci de m'en procurer un
    JJacques Pavy

    — by Pavy on Jul 07 2021

  • My watch is not recording my sleep, how to correct ?

    — by Nicola Bell on Jul 07 2021

  • Am not able to sign in to the wearfir 2.0 app on my galaxy a01, wrong phone number is in the account.......please help

    — by Lesley Bishop on Jul 05 2021

  • Am not able to sign in to the wearfir 2.0 app on my galaxy a01, wrong phone number is in the account.......please help

    — by Lesley Bishop on Jul 05 2021

  • Please advise ASAP how to get the time to the zone I live in? It’s 2 hours ahead.

    — by Melba Ashworth on Jul 02 2021

  • Watch will not turn on.

    — by KENNETH W BACHUS on Jul 02 2021

  • Can't get wearfit2 0 app

    — by Barry Hunter on Jul 01 2021

  • My name is Werner Laube. Here is my complaint about a problem I encountered with your app WearFit2.0.

    Dear support team,
    1.) I can log in to the PC. but not in the Wearfit app. A code is always requested, but I don't get it. What am I doing wrong?
    2.) In addition, advertisements are constantly displayed in the APP. I bought two health watches and do not want to see any advertising in the required APP.
    3.) For my wife, all of the data is only displayed in English. I need urgent help / answer for these three questions.
    Thank you in advance.
    With best wishes
    Werner Laube.

    Sehr geehrtes Support-Team,
    1.) Ich kann mich am PC einloggen. jedoch nicht in der Wearfit App. Es wird immer ein Code verlangt, den ich aber nicht bekomme. Was mache ich falsch?
    2.) Außerdem wird in der APP dauernd Werbung eingeblendet. Ich habe zwei Gesundheitsuhren gakauft und möchte in der benötigten APP doch keine Werbung angezeigt bekommen.
    3.) Bei meiner Frau werden die gesamten Daten nur in Englisch angezeigt. Benötige für diese drei Fragen dringend eine Hilfe /Antwort.
    Besten Dank im voraus.
    Mit freundlichen Grüße
    Werner Laube.

    — by Werner Laube on Jun 30 2021

  • Wearfit 2.0 app will not accept my mail address to register. The app is a piece of shit ,fix it!

    — by David Brockway on Jun 28 2021

  • Brauche ein Bestädigundscode zum Anmelden für Wear Fit 2.0

    — by Gerald Karcher on Jun 26 2021

  • Habe mir eine smartwatch gekauft. Brauche aber über diese app ein bestätigungscode um mich anzumelden. Wo bekomme ich den her? Mfg Rasc

    — by Rico Rasch on Jun 26 2021

  • How can I save my daily readings to my phone? And access later timing.
    I try to find everywhere but luck.

    — by Rajeev on Jun 26 2021

  • Brauche einen Bestätigungscode. Gruß Mike

    — by Michael Traut on Jun 25 2021

  • Wie kann ich meine Uhr anmelden?

    — by Ludwig Schüle on Jun 25 2021

  • I want to buy another cable to charge my smartwatch serial : 500651-1491072

    — by Morizaki Hiroshi on Jun 23 2021

  • The app cannot be connected to the watch although it has already worked. I also want to know what the name is called at Bloothooth ?! I see S2? But it just can't be tied. I've tried everything possible.

    — by Stephie on Jun 22 2021

  • need help downloading my phone number and is there a phone number to talk to customer service

    — by JAMES REID on Jun 22 2021

  • it wont let me reply to messages on my series 6 watch or do anothing rlly all it does is track steps and sometimes sned notifcations. not worth the money i paid and would like a refund..

    — by stacy weeks on Jun 21 2021

  • I AM HAVEING TROUBLE SETTING MY WearFit2.0 can you send me better instruction or prefer to speak with customer support

    — by JAMES REID on Jun 21 2021

  • How to obtain the verification code ?

    — by andre picco on Jun 19 2021

  • Im not success to connect my wacth for the your app

    — by Mahmoud on Jun 18 2021

  • how to appear contact name when receiving a call for lige i9 smart watch

    — by mohamed megahed on Jun 17 2021

  • je n arrive pas a connecter ma montre sur un samsung galaxy lit + dit moi se que je devrais faire pour y arriver si non la montre ne me sert a rien

    — by david mangon on Jun 16 2021

  • I cannot get the contact from my phone to the watch

    — by Pete Furman on Jun 16 2021

  • Havre nous code to made m'y inscription to weafit

    — by Rolnin on Jun 16 2021

  • I just purchased your watch. Can not get it to hook to phone. Your apps suck If you can not help me I will return it for a refund and go with a different company. 417-369-0039 and rate you accordingly. 2 hours frustated. Contact Me

    — by Kat Bowers on Jun 15 2021

  • Hi. I got this fit watch about 9 months ago and have honestly not even wore it that often but the band on it has ripped making it impossible to wear anymore. Do you someone replace this or offer repairs?

    — by Rebecca Anne Coppens on Jun 15 2021

  • Hallo,

    Habe ein Problem mit ihrer App WearFit 2.0.
    Da ich zum Geburtstag eine Smartwach geschenkt bekommen habe und diese mit Wearfit 2.0 läuft,habe ich mich bei der App Angemeldet und habe aber feststellen müssen,das mir die Smartwach nicht gefällt.
    Habe Sie aus diesem Grund meinem Bruder geschenkt und er hat jetzt das problem,das er sich nicht bei der App Anmelden kann,da meine Daten noch drin sind.
    Wie kann ich meine Daten von der App löschen so das mein Bruder sich mit dieser Anmelden kann?
    bitte um eure Hilfe,das dies mal geklärt wird.
    Da ich keinerlei Info auf der App finde,wo ich alles wieder löschen kann?!

    — by Pat on Jun 14 2021

  • ich kann mich bei waerfit nicht anmelden brauche bestätigungscode

    — by heyder on Jun 13 2021

  • Thank you

    — by DevadassKDass Dass on Jun 13 2021

  • How do I change the height to inches in the health calculator and how do I change the weather to fehrenheit

    — by Jessica on Jun 12 2021

  • I purchased the wear fit band from amazon
    Received it 2 days ago, haven't been able to connect it to my Samsung galaxy A51
    Please helpor tell me how I can return and get my money back

    — by Damian dukhoo on Jun 11 2021

  • My watch will not pair up with the app and I tried it over and over again and it still won't pair up with the app wear fit 2 watch is working but will not pair the watch is almost a year old it was a gift what can I do

    — by Cynthia Davis on Jun 10 2021

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