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Published by huangwanshui
Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Report an issue with XMEye Pro.
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with XMEye Pro?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of huangwanshui to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

XMEye Pro Features and Description

XMEye Pro is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, easy log in by the device's serial number to show the live view monitoring video to Android phone and do operation accordingly.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I’ve currently had the outdoor cameras fitted, but all of sudden we not being able to access to our mobile devices! The rooter as been re booted several times but still not being able to connect and view on mobile devices

    — by Sam 1 week ago

  • I installed 12 cameras with an nvr ... my customer says the cameras are very slow on his phone ..

    — by Jason Jaramillo 1 week ago

  • ok i am back i had to take about 3 month off from u , so lets start from the first thing i have to do ,to get this thing runing, what do i do , i have had your software on and off my pc i dont know anything . so look at me as the new dude and when it comes to YOUR software i just dont get it, and its not like i am not trying, i have been working for myself for 15 yr and i have 3 house and a market store ,and i shit you not it has been over 3 yr now trying to get this thing up and runing ,so i will for the last time remove all xm from my pc and we start with doing what ?

    — by dave townsend 2 weeks ago

  • Hy, This is Adv.Smriti Saxena (Supreme Court of India) I really need technical support for my cameras they are not at all working since a week but I have a real problem with technicians its been 1 year since I have installed it anf I had to make it repair for almost ten to fifteen times within 2 months.
    This is not at all acceptable. Kindly revert back ASAP.

    — by Smriti saxena 3 weeks ago

  • I am only able to see two out of nine cameras that I have hooked up. I have an Ethernet cable connected.

    — by Lori Reinhart 3 weeks ago

  • I am only able to see two out of nine cameras that I have hooked up. I have an Ethernet cable connected.

    — by Lori Reinhart 3 weeks ago

  • I just got a security Camera system. How can I record and play back?

    — by Joon moon 3 weeks ago

  • I cannot get my app to connect to cameras to view from my phone.

    — by Mary 1 month ago

  • Why is app asking for my device password when others using this app don’t

    — by Bill Pollard 1 month ago

  • System mantaining contact installer
    Account has been locked
    I reset it by super password but again same problem

    — by Basant 1 month ago

  • Every time I try to log in to my account it says login error

    — by Estefania Almendarez 1 month ago

  • XMEye app is not working. It just shows black screen with throbber when I try to check cameras. When I go into account information I get a message saying it could not find config file. The cameras are online and connected. When I plug in from wired device into tv via hdmi everything is fine.

    — by Sarah Wright 1 month ago

  • I’ve been having problem getting into my app to watch my cameras the password isn’t working I’ve always been able to just automatically connect I need to speak with a live representative to walk me through it

    — by April Watkins 1 month ago

  • ฉันไม่สามารถมองเห็นจากมือถือของฉัน

    — by Bunjob 1 month ago

  • I had your security system hooked up to my old router but I moved to a new location the cameras are working but I can’t get them to work on my phone as I have forgot my password and I’m trying to reset it and it’s not letting me can you give me some step-by-step ways to reset my password so I can see the cameras on my phone

    — by Randall Snider 1 month ago

  • Riset password

    — by Iwan 1 month ago

  • I need to reset the password asap for my wifi, but I can’t find anywhere where to do it please can someone help

    — by Ellie Turner 1 month ago

  • Account has been blocked

    — by Pardeep 1 month ago

  • My dvr suddenly stopped support through hdmi to tv. But it's working through wifi. What can I do?

    — by Irshad 1 month ago

  • Current camera system is not functioning properly.

    — by Ted Scribner 2 months ago

  • When I log into my app it let me login but when I try to view my camera it ask for another password and every time I try to reset it it don’t go to

    — by Brandon 2 months ago

  • I can show previous video recording before one week

    — by Pradeep Kumar Yadav 2 months ago

  • I keep having a camera go offline but the others remain online. I’ve had the system hooked up a couple months but this has happened at least 10 times. Is my camera defective?

    — by Jessica Burskey 2 months ago

  • I want a firmware upgrade where do i find it for the DVR
    TF-8608 model

    — by ROBERT 2 months ago

  • Getting Error 10005(5109) on my laptop app of XmEye pro.
    Please help urgently

    — by Jason Mascarenhas 2 months ago

  • Am having a issue of blocked user account on my Xmeye App. Thanks

    — by Michael Philip 2 months ago

  • I can’t reset my password on my XMEye app as I can remember password and there’s no print for reset either.

    — by Scott Dunn 2 months ago

  • I can’t remember my password for my cctv box,and when I try to reset there’s no option for me to reset.the question mark doesn’t appear on screen.

    — by Scott Dunn 2 months ago

  • I am unable to use the alarm system. I did try to make contact with the fitter, but to no avail….I believe I am meant to pay a yearly subscription which i have not done, could that be the problem?

    — by Laurain Long 2 months ago

  • I am trying to reinstate my account which I lest yesterday

    — by John seaman 2 months ago

  • I can't login to my DVR and a qr code keeps coming up

    — by Michael ryder 2 months ago

  • I have the XMEYE app on my iPhone. The app is not sending any notifications, pictures or videos to my phone. This started today. My husband left the house and the notifications normally comes to my phone and I can view the picture and video, now it is say no picture or video on my phone. What do I need to do to get this issue resolved?

    — by Marcia 2 months ago

  • I have the XMEYE app on my iPhone. The app is not sending any notifications, pictures or videos to my phone. This started today. My husband left the house and the notifications normally comes to my phone and I can view the picture and video, now it is say no picture or video on my phone. What do I need to do to get this issue resolved?

    — by Marcia 2 months ago

  • My camreas are conected but when I try to see live view it dose not let me and it keeps disconcerting so how can I fix this

    — by Nancy garmendez 2 months ago

  • WELL

    — by ROMAIN 2 months ago

  • I am regular user of XMEye app since 2020 and use it on my cell & laptop. but now i changed my laptop and try many times to download XMeye app for laptop but not installed. So plz tell me whats reason behind it. thanks

    — by Ch. Najaf Rasool 2 months ago

  • lost password, have not found PW generator that works. Brand: Tmezon H264 with HI3520

    — by robert stockton 2 months ago

  • I am having issues with recording. Can you help ?

    — by Nathalie Hayes 3 months ago

  • Dear , XMEye
    I have bought 8 chhanal CCTV full set Camera for you seller , whose Name & no is As Mr Aapu ji (7979905029).
    When product is installed not working camera recording sinse first second of installation.
    Then I tock to technitian they told me next Day he would be fixed it .
    But next day also not working then they told me next time recently when I came then fix it but nothing happened...
    After 2 or 3 week 5 out of 3 or 4 CCTV work only on monitor ,
    After 1 to 2 months 2 camera work only on monitor ,
    Again 4-5 month no camera is working .
    Then ,
    When I tock to shopkeeper they told me technitian will be reach you As soon as.
    But Approx 3-4 months later technitian reach here they told me DVR is not Well. Then,
    He put the DVR & Hard-Disk and Again he came Approx 8-9 months latter on 27-Aug-22.
    Again DVR not doing recording with other issues.
    When I tock to shopkeeper they told me many times I will fix it polity but nothing better happened ,he told me jo karna ha karloo.....
    Today , I totally irretated then I compliant you please make it fix it.....

    — by AMITABH KUMAR 3 months ago

  • dear sir im forget my login password how to reset

    — by vasudev 3 months ago

  • I had to change phones and cannot access my cameras I forgot the password and do not want to refresh if that will make me lose needed data

    — by Kb9595 3 months ago

  • What is the max distance on camera cables

    — by Eddie George 3 months ago

  • Erreur code 11304, what it mean plese?

    — by Mohamed Ladhari 3 months ago

  • I need some help ever since I've downloaded this app firstly try to get this alarm to work which still is not working I lost picture on ine camera now I only have 3 feeds and I've done every test won't come on...besides that my major issue is the alarm does not work to my phone only on the device

    — by Delroy A F Lake 3 months ago

  • نسيت كلمة سر ال dvr واريد استعادتها
    ولم تنجح كلمة المرور الافتراضية

    — by Youseef 3 months ago

  • Hello, for one week my XMEye app has not been able to connect to my live camera feed. Please help to resolve this issue, it is urgent!
    Thank you

    — by Anna 3 months ago

  • I have been using this app with my new IPC and NVRecorder box, worked great and loved it until I had to restore due to password issues, now on my iPhone when I tap event then messages I have blank list and I don’t understand why or how to repair this issue, please help me get it going right

    — by Kelly Phelps-Helm 3 months ago

  • I reset my cellphone and download the app but said a message my account is locked need reset factory device
    This is my serial 319f5185ae020d79
    Thanks for your help and soon answer

    — by Armando Galvan 3 months ago

  • I bought some cloud storage from y'all but now it's not working. Is there a way to resolve this, if not l would appreciate a refund please.

    — by Brandi L Becker 3 months ago

  • Keep getting a error 11303

    — by Pj byrne 3 months ago

  • I have been trying to get this app to work for three days and every time I have it send me a verification code and enter the code it takes me to setup a username and password, then when I submit them I get a "Verification Code Error". The Error Code is 604010. I have tried it multiple times each day and it eventually tells me that I am only allowed three codes per day and locks me out. If I can't get this to resolve I will be returning the camera system.

    — by Shannon P Davis 3 months ago

  • Unable to see my camera are not working and unable to reset and programme my password

    — by michelle evansgreene 3 months ago

  • I have a Hiseeu H5 -nvr -p-8
    I try reset password with xmeye pro ,but it keeps sending codes to a wrong email address

    — by Warren Roy Tollman 3 months ago

  • I am unable to register because the verification code doesn’t reach me within 60 seconds

    — by Braat Hubert 3 months ago

  • I have cameras that disconnected off my phone and having issues with that.

    — by Liliana Lopez 3 months ago

  • I can only see the cameras on my smart tv but I can’t see the cameras on my cell phone since I switch phones

    — by Ivan Montenegro 3 months ago

  • My camera has locked us out can do anything with it please advise on what to do

    — by Nigel tideswell 3 months ago

  • My camera has locked us out can do anything with it please advise on what to do

    — by Nigel tideswell 3 months ago

  • Español buscar recibido respuesta escribí hace una semana hora cívica con respuesta

    — by Cesarrivera 3 months ago

  • The app is displaying the wrong time and I can’t figure out how to change it

    — by ray D DAVIS 3 months ago

  • Español baje la aplicación pero me pide contraseña no puedo ver las cámaras

    — by Cesarrivera 4 months ago

  • Hi when I open the app to view my security cameras it's not showing us the full picture we are only getting a tiny bit of the picture and we have checked all cameras and the cameras are fine

    — by Lisajane smith 4 months ago

  • I am trying to setup my camera and it don't allow me

    — by Dolly 4 months ago

  • I have 2 dvrs, I have set up the new one that the software came with and its working well. I have tried to add my old dvr by adding a new device and selecting ip and putting in the ip address. it says its online but it does not connect and show the camera. my router is f2000. think it may be port forwarding but not able to fix that. Can you help please.

    — by Dudley Snidall 4 months ago

  • My camera is not working properly, it sends me an alarm and when I click on it is says no alarm recorded and one of the cameras fails constantly I always have to unplug it for a few minutes then plug it back in and it would work for a day or two and starts doing failing again and this is becoming frustrating and disappointing because I had high hopes with this camera. Please contact me back with a solution at 312-597-7846

    — by Shawn Almace 4 months ago

  • Three of the cameras you supplied with my purchase is nonfunctional including the control unit. How can this be replaced since I bought the package from Amazon here in the US...

    — by Stephen R Gray 4 months ago

  • Can't login to see my cam videos 2nd password lockout

    — by Jarrel Rivaz 4 months ago

  • Hello I need help our device might be offline I cant view

    — by Ira Kathleen 4 months ago

  • Hi I forgot password on my dvr , the app is xmeye ,not sure if you can help me, I didn't want to put a password but the dvr forces you to add one sadly
    I have a qr code and a key which is 59579093, thanks for any help in advance

    — by Billy 4 months ago

  • Bonjour, Je viens de faire l'acquisition d'un commerce. Celui-ci possède un système de vidéosurveillance. Les quatre caméras que possède le magasin apparaissent bien sur le moniteur, mais si je fais un clic droit, pour aller au menu par exemple, le logiciel me demande un mot de passe. Je ne le possède pas, car ce système de surveillance plusieurs commerces avant mon rachat. Je ne sais donc pas qui contacter pour récupérer ce mot de passe. La référence de l'appareil est MZ-AH82208DMS. Dessous, il y a une autre série de chiffre qui est peut-être le numéro de série : 20170623001. Quand je clique sur les questions de sécurité, celles-ci sont grisé et de toute façon, je ne pourrais pas y répondre, mais il y a dessous "Key: 70184333". Y a-t-il une solution à mon problème ? Merci par avance.

    — by Benjamin CHRISTOPHE 4 months ago

  • can't upgrade dvr xmeye mbd6304t.
    firmware expired.

    — by teguh santoso 4 months ago

  • My camera on my house is working but it's not showing anything it's showing Blackness but it's saying it is connected but it's showing Blackness on my phone so I'm not able to see any type of movement or any type of anything going on my name is Tabitha Hubbard you can reach me at 662 230-4551

    — by Tabatha Hubbard 4 months ago

  • Hi i have blocked the only user on my ip camera . How can I reset it or recover the account if possible ?

    — by Albi Mema 4 months ago

  • Our XMEYE Pro app and camera system can NOT play back video more than five days. How can I view camera from more than five days ago??

    — by Roberto De Jesus 4 months ago

  • my dvr password is not blank
    always was now i cant log in
    key 83370197
    contact 073 516 2973

    — by Danie Ackerman 5 months ago

  • My cellphone app is locked I can’t see anything it’s locked

    — by Francisco Arias 5 months ago

  • Is there anyone available in the Los Angeles area for technical support. The system seems to be disconnect from the monitors and the new owners would like to know how to operate it.

    — by John Cabeso 5 months ago

  • What’s the point of cameras if they aren’t recording? I can’t playback anything. Nothings been recording.

    — by Real 5 months ago

  • Hi, we have been unable to reset our password to gain entry to the main menu as we are unable to have internet access via our phones when connected to an Ethernet switch. Please help

    — by David Bowen 5 months ago

  • Siral nomber issue
    Dvr online nahi ho raha hai
    Dvr siral no rjetys5ag7q9

    — by Arif 5 months ago

  • Je veux savoir quel service j'ai acheté sur votre site XMEye pour 143 dollars
    Depuis j'ai sans cesse des messages sur mon application.
    mon email de réponse
    [email protected]
    merci d'avance pour votre réponse
    très cordialement
    Patrick ARDIOT

    — by ARDIOT PATRICK 5 months ago

  • Can not connect 2 camaras

    — by MAGDALENO RAMOS 6 months ago

  • I get Error 11307

    — by Ionaria Silva Santos 6 months ago

  • Hi my app says error 99994, what's this mean as I was only on my camera app this morning. Tha k you

    — by Sarah beech 6 months ago

  • I am using xmeye in computer/VMS it is asking password

    — by vaseem 6 months ago

  • I changed phones and need to install xmeyepro on my new phone...

    — by GREGORY S ROARK 6 months ago

  • I can't log into my account I have forgotten my password

    — by Ken wong 6 months ago

  • My XMEye App is asking me for a device name and serial number. What does this mean?

    — by Lawrence A. Dulin 6 months ago

  • I’m getting alarms on my iPhone but no longer get the picture. What ca I do to remedy this?

    — by Rita Caudill 7 months ago

  • Cameras not working, need help to restore device to factory settings

    — by Rob Adamson 7 months ago

  • I have dvr name the original and the serial is wjetmgqmu9yw and not work they tell me please input the corect serial number
    Please healp

    — by علاء سليم 7 months ago

  • I gave you compliment wy Not Responding

    — by Puranam satish kumar sharma 7 months ago

  • In my Temple Yours camara s not working
    Very bad Work.No clear vission
    Ple clear it up

    — by Puranam satish kumar sharma 7 months ago

  • Hello, everything was working fine and now I receive the error: "Mail was blocked, replace the message subject" Please help.

    — by kirill 7 months ago

  • I am trying to register an account and for some reason it will not send a code to my phone number nor any others that I try. Can you help me?

    — by James C Richardson 7 months ago

  • i have a dvr that i cannot reset its password. It requires a captcha code that is being sent to [email protected] and thus i am not able to receive the code.

    — by Kelly Ang 7 months ago

  • I need to remove all accounts and access toy devices. How can I find all accounts linked to my devices serial number

    — by Maranda Thompson 8 months ago

  • I need to delete all accounts and data fromy device. My serial number and qr code was compromised and I do not know how many accounts are actually using the app or how to know which emails created accounts. How can I find all the email addresses and accounts that are linked to my device? How do I remove them and stop them from registering more accounts I'm not aware of? I have to change the password on my system every day because it has been locked or changed. Is it possible to find all info linked to my devices serial number?

    — by Maranda Thompson 8 months ago

  • Hi team. I have forgotten my password of my DVR. I want to reset my password. But the problem is I'm unable to reset my password because when I configured my DVR the engineer entered my email wrong. My correct email address is [email protected] but he entered [email protected] I request you please update my correct email address which is [email protected]

    I will be thankful to you.

    Vikram Singh

    — by Vikram Singh 8 months ago

  • Dzień dobry mam problem z podglądem obrazu .nie mogę przywrócić ustawień fabrycznych itp

    — by Piotr 8 months ago

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