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Why should I report an Issue with MIPC?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of kugle to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

MIPC Features and Description

{MIPC is a mobile real-time video surveillance software used with Cloud IP Camera. Through this client, you can view your home, shops, offices and other places at any time in real-time video and video history, also receive immediate alert to the place of abnormal information alarm, and take safety precautions at the first time. Main function: ·Support mobile real-time video surveillance; ·Real Time HD video viewing; ·Remote PTZ control, operate on the camera direction rotation through the touch screen; ·Support remote intelligent video recording, video real-time notification and playback; ·Support real-time intercom, video electronic amplification and other functions; ·Real time alarm and information push. When the environment is detected, the client will receive the alert information immediately;

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Bjr, votre application ne me permet pas de créer un compte, donc il est impossible de pouvoir demander une connexion à la caméra, que faut-il faire ?

    — by PINON Jean-Claude on Apr 09 2021

  • Bonjour
    Comment peut-on faire pour récupérer des enregistrements et comment faire pour sauvegarder sur un SD card
    Merci et bonne journée

    — by Lorraine Charette on Apr 08 2021

  • I ordered 1 month of cloud storage for 2.99 and my Apple Pay was charged $20.97. Why was I charged so much. Please refund my money

    — by Timothy Gordon on Apr 06 2021

  • I want to delete my account: MWaldl
    I no longer have any use for it for this service

    — by Matthias Waldl on Apr 05 2021

  • I forgot my password and I dont know how to reset my password

    — by chasty Darlene Maye on Apr 02 2021

  • Can't log in

    — by Jason on Mar 31 2021

  • I purchased cloud storage my credit card was bill March 15 and up to today March 28 2021 I cannot get it to work when I put the code to activate it say activation fail I would like to know how to uninstall the cloud storage thanks

    — by Doreen Campbell on Mar 28 2021

  • Hi ive been trying to reset my password on my MIPC app as well as on the website and nothing works, it just keeps telling me my password is incorrect. i have also tried the forgot my password thing and it says it sent an email to my email and it didnt. i cant get it reset....can you help please?

    — by Sheri L Mendez on Mar 27 2021

  • When I first tried to join your app said it sent an activation code to my email. but, i never recieved it so i went back to get them to resend and they do not give me that option. only option is to look at my emai land respond. but i did not receive it to respond to it

    — by Terry Roseberry on Mar 27 2021

  • Hi,

    Device worked perfectly well initially and later now I am unable to login into app.

    So I tried to rest password but everytime it says activation link sent to email id , but I haven't received any activation email so far.

    Can you send me the activation link or try to reset my account. Please look into it as soon as possible.

    My email id: [email protected]

    Thank you,

    — by swetha on Mar 26 2021

  • I don’t have a subscription how to sign up

    — by Renee Smith on Mar 23 2021

  • We recently got 5 G wifi. When will it be supported by MIPC?

    — by Paula on Mar 22 2021

  • It kicked me off the app and when i try to sign back in it keeps telling me my username and password and email are all incorrect.

    — by Jessica Scott on Mar 17 2021

  • I forgot my password and the verify my email link has expired ? Can you help please ?

    — by James Beltrame on Mar 12 2021

  • I ordered a year cloud service now the application it's showing it. Plus checking to see if I can put the cloud storage on all four of my cameras with the year?

    — by Tom Thacker on Mar 12 2021

  • I used to get a sound when camera picked up auto detection, While at work or out and about, but now all I get is silent notifications. I have reset, same issue, I have started all over with manf. settings, same issue. When I'm at home and next to camera and have my app open I will get a ding and vibration, but only if I'm in the app.

    — by Julie Anderson on Mar 12 2021

  • Bonjour je n arrive pas a recevoir l email pour confirmer mon compte

    — by André Ponchon on Mar 12 2021

  • After app updated to newer version, microphone no longer works on all cameras, won't let me install older version of app

    — by Philip A Rooke on Mar 11 2021

  • Everytime I have logged into the app for the past month it works for a split second then it’s forced closed on me. I’ve reset the camera. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Tried to connect thru the internet instead of the app. Still forces close.

    — by Chelsea on Mar 08 2021

  • I have a camera the Id: 1JFIEGBRBK33A password: admin the email on the account is [email protected] I need the Mac or IP address to Connect the device to Wi-Fi because I am at a hotel and they do not have a Wi-Fi password they have a portal where you put in your room number name and email in order to connect to the Wi-Fi. But I called the support and they said if I have the Mac or IP address he can connect the camera to Wi-Fi for me to use it

    — by Heather Forster on Mar 07 2021

  • My HeimVision camera appears to be working, however, the live feed from the camera hasn’t appeared in my MIPC app for the past 5 days. My camera is only 5 months old. It is not syncing with the MIPC app, for whatever reason. All I see at this point on the app is a picture of a cam with a slash through it, instead of the live feed I received up until 5 days ago.

    Please assist.

    — by Gregory Fisher on Mar 05 2021

  • Wondering why my camera does offline early in the morning when my internet is still working but my camera stops

    — by Talia Smith on Mar 04 2021

  • Can't log into app it won't accept my username and always has in the past.. what happened??

    — by Kevin wickline on Mar 04 2021

  • App does not work

    — by Lisa on Mar 04 2021

  • App does not work

    — by Lisa on Mar 04 2021

  • Hello I purchased a camera and cloud recording from you all amd my windsheild was broken before I could obtain video.

    — by Reginald Waldroup on Feb 28 2021



    — by LACAS on Feb 28 2021

  • My MIPC app updated and now I can't delete multiple recordings. The videos can only be deleted individually which takes forever. Very disappointed!

    — by Amie Merchel on Feb 28 2021

  • After updating MIPC app on iPhone and re-enter username and password app open for 10 seconds then close, I deleted app and reinstall app will not run, update iPhone app still not working.
    please advised

    — by Derrick Kennedy on Feb 24 2021

  • I want to change my email on my account but the app won't allow me to. How can I do that?

    — by Justin Lee on Feb 24 2021

  • hello! I have a mic camera and I can't keep the app open for more then 2 seconds with out it crashing. I use it to watch my dog that as many different illnesses when im not home. I think there is a glitch with the app. I've tried to delete the app and redownload. please help me.

    — by Aubree on Feb 20 2021

  • Hello. I purchased a camera and the cloud storage. Yesterday I was kicked off and when I logged back said I was in guest mode and cant watch recordings. I'm afraid to reset the factory settings because I dont want to lost the cloud storage a purchased. Please help

    — by Latoya Hernandez on Feb 17 2021

  • I cannot login to the app on my phone I keep saying wrong password the admin password is wrong the guest password is wrong please help me

    — by Megan Aviles on Feb 16 2021

  • I cannot login to the app on my phone I keep saying wrong password the admin password is wrong the guest password is wrong please help me

    — by Megan Aviles on Feb 16 2021

  • Accessing thru APP having issues. App disappears/closes when trying to access camera. Have deleted APP and re-installed but still same issue. I can access camera no problem thru website but not with APP. First time ever having this issue in 2 years

    — by Tracey on Feb 14 2021

  • I don't have wifi option inside the software !

    — by jpayotte on Feb 14 2021

  • A few days ago the calendar icon in the right hand corner stopped working.

    — by Tony on Feb 13 2021

  • I have the app on my phone and have previously and present downloads footage which transfer to my phone. However i have lost my phone is there a way that i can retrieve these footages maybe from app or central

    — by Veronica Williams on Feb 12 2021

  • My device is not working. I try to reconnect abd it says device not found please help

    — by Dina Ohagan on Feb 12 2021

  • I'm not able to reset password. I've set up my account and have tagged it to my email. It says I have not just spins pkz call me 7023063417

    — by Cindy hayner on Feb 11 2021

  • MIPC app will not let me sign in. It doesn't like my username or password

    — by John Smith on Feb 08 2021

  • Hello my name is Manuel, I would like to know why my storage that I bought does not appear, I bought a month of storage and it is not saving any videos and I would like to know why, it is supposed to save recordings because I bought the month.

    — by Manuel on Feb 06 2021

  • Please resend the acct verification email.I did not complete it in time.
    I am not able to access the app from chrome. Will not accept my username and password. Thank you

    — by Nicole Carter on Feb 03 2021

  • I was able to download my videos onto my laptop with the sdtool. My problem is I have no audio. Can you help me please?

    — by nelson on Feb 02 2021

  • I'm using your app on my phone.. works great. I add it on my Mac computer.. no luck... it always gives me a prompt - refused to connect. HELP! I have to see my cameras!

    — by Bob Cornacchioli on Jan 28 2021

  • the camera will no longer work on my laptop due to no flash. how can i make it work?
    please and thank you

    — by louis lee holubec on Jan 26 2021

  • Please refund me my 30$ back the cloud isn’t want I wanted I need my camera to record 24/7 and the cloud doesn’t do that for me

    — by Trais henderson on Jan 26 2021

  • Cloud service isn’t working after paying.

    — by Joseph Mars on Jan 25 2021

  • The camera disconnected from wifi and don't reconnect at all. I've reset, deleted and reinstalled many, many times to no avail. It only worked 1. I'm. very frustrated at this point.

    — by Lisa on Jan 23 2021

  • Do you have an app for Mac Big Sur 11.1? I can no longer connect via Chrome or Safari on this computer. It gives me this error message " refused to connect."

    — by bobcnh on Jan 23 2021

  • I’m trying to pay for extra storage but it says my account is disable

    — by Ignatius Rusli on Jan 18 2021

  • The camera has locked me out and it keeps saying incorrect password. I know my password is correct. How do I fix this.

    — by Ronnie L Malone on Jan 17 2021

  • Iv got a out door camera and cloud with you I got a new phone I must have put wrong information in as not let me log in to it now saying I'm a visitor can you help as cloud run out as I pay monthly and no point having camera if can't record from it

    — by Darren whiteman on Jan 16 2021

  • Iv got a out door camera and cloud with you I got a new phone I must have put wrong information in as not let me log in to it now saying I'm a visitor can you help as cloud run out as I pay monthly and no point having camera if can't record from it

    — by Darren whiteman on Jan 16 2021

  • I need instructions to cancel cloud storage

    — by KEVIN MILLER on Jan 15 2021

  • Unable to record 24/7 to cloud storage . Only having short clips

    — by Carl Thomas on Jan 12 2021

  • I need to reset my password but don't have an email associated with it. The username is Makocam. Can you reset the password and send it to me or associate the email above with it so I can reset it myself.

    — by William Lowther on Jan 11 2021

  • Mipc will not recognise my email so stuck no password it sent a link to my email it says is not valid but will not accept a new password help is needed

    — by Marian Birtles on Jan 02 2021

  • I cannot see your app to watch my 93 years old mother on the street with my Sprint data plan and I am able to see Wi-Fi under the Wi-Fi setting of a house or a hospital. Please help me to see Mom using data plan from Sprint phone carrier.
    Please call 215-816-8168 so I understand better than email Haha to me because I work and I need to watch my 93 years old mother being taken care of I'm front end aide thank you. I am not good of using a phone to read email and follow direction I understand better verbally. Peace excuse my computer illiteracy.
    Thank you so much Happy New Year.

    — by Lucky Chung on Jan 02 2021

  • Iv got one of your cameras but I changed my phone as old one broke i think I put wrong details in as now only a visitor I can't s pay you please can you help me do a total reset so I can start it again please

    — by Darren whiteman on Dec 30 2020

  • I forgot my username to connect the camera from my cell phone and the app doesn't give me the option to change it.

    — by Rocio Herrera on Dec 26 2020

  • Good Evening Mr. Kugle, I have been currently using the MIPC in my PC from March of 2020 to 21 of December 2020. This evening when I log in to my mipc on my PC, I notice there is some changes which the top right hand corner that display the kb such as for example 140kb, 200kb, 80kb 5kb and so on isn't there anymore. This morning and afternoon when I was still using it, it was still there. I find this is very important for me such that I will know that the MIPC screen is still moving otherwise I would not know if it is stuck or something which usually show 0 or 0kb. Is it possible to bring this back?

    — by Danny on Dec 21 2020

  • ich nutze die Kamera mit der Software Version: v7.10.2.2010231545.

    Wenn wir das Haus verlassen und die Kamera auf Alarm stellen und dann findet eine Bewegung statt, erscheint auf meinem Handy lediglich eine Nachricht über einen Bewegungskontakt, welcher nahezu unbemerkt bleibt. Gehe ich dann auf das Bild, dann ertönt ein Alarm auf meinem Handy. Sinnvoll wäre der akustischer Alarm sofort auf meinem Handy, wenn eine Bewegung festgestellt wird. Ich habe schon alle Einstellungen durch, aber nichts funktioniert.

    — by Matthias Kreipe on Dec 18 2020

  • How do I download a video file from the Cloud?

    — by Larry Hagler on Dec 14 2020

  • Can't Remember my login

    — by Doug Harden on Dec 11 2020

  • This is the absolute worst experience I’ve had with any company and their service!

    — by Christine Ricci on Dec 10 2020

  • Can't receive email to activate

    — by Tony Haynes on Dec 10 2020

  • I recently bought a 12 month cloud package but nothing is showing on my cloud storage history. Can you help please?

    — by John Brookes on Dec 07 2020

  • Hi I'm using the camera and I'm super satisfied, but I wanted to record some video on my phone and the video that was recorded lasted only 10 seconds. So I bought an SD card and put it in the camera, but in the app it says either SD-Kartenfehler or keine SD-Karte erkannt. What should I do to make it work? Thanks!

    — by Lara Maricic on Dec 06 2020

  • I got logged out of my app and cannot log back in because i cannot remember my login. when i try and create a new account it says my email is already linked to a username please help.

    — by Joey Zwiener on Nov 10 2020

  • The camera recognizes the inserted micro SD card in the camera, but does not record to it. It is saving the videos to a deeply embedded file on the phones system memory. I am using continuous record with rewrite when full. This will crash and Android phone by using all system memory. I cannot get it to record on cameras inserted SD card or the phones added SD card. Help Please.

    — by Douglas CHandler on Oct 31 2020

  • Hello, I just bought the $29.99 cloud option. I tested and went to delete the video, but it seems to have deleted my actual cloud. It’s saying I no longer have a cloud option for the camera and I need to buy another. That’s ridiculous! Can you help me?

    — by Colby Kerlin on Oct 15 2020

  • I keep hearing what sounds like gears slipping and grinding when I'm not viewing using the camera...Does that mean it's been hacked, if so what do I need to do about it to protect myself? Also I am unable to get the Camera to display normal position, it is always at an angle and won't turn enough so the image is leveled. Additionally it defaults to "Ceiling view" what do I need to do to make it start with the normal room /floor view?

    — by Ollie Libdeh on Oct 14 2020

  • Cannot adjust date , keep saying unauthorized.

    — by Behrooz Pejoohesh on Oct 13 2020

  • I need instructions to cancel cloud storage

    — by Jo Cyr-Mutty on Oct 12 2020

  • Cannot adjust date and cannot reset, it says no authorization.

    — by Behrooz Pejoohesh on Oct 11 2020

  • My cloud have not been collecting storage since September 29. I am currently on a 7 day cycle. I have no backup for the month of October.

    — by Alleshia on Oct 06 2020

  • Please change my password for hannadog 2016 and email it to me please

    — by Michael freed on Sep 30 2020

  • I need pass word,, link to reset not helping me, can not sign in

    — by Michael freed on Sep 30 2020

  • Hello,

    I want to export all videos from SDcard. I downloaded SD_TOOL and run it on Windows10. When I plug in the SDcard into card reader Windows10 says there is a failure with the card and it cannot be accessed. It says there is an unknown filesystem on the card. Due to this I cannot select a path in the SD_TOOL and export the videos. Is there any driver I need or how can I handle this?

    Philipp Seitz

    — by Philipp Seitz on Sep 29 2020

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