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Published by WIT Electronics Limited
Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Aiwit?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of WIT Electronics Limited to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Aiwit Features and Description

- Easy to set up your devices in the Aiwit App. - Get instant messages when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the PIR motion sensors. - Monitor your home in high definition video, and see hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I ordered the 19.99 subscription and they said it was 30 days free and they took the money off my card

    — by Donna 6 days ago

  • Hello, I have multiple cameras that I purchased, the reason I purchased is that there were 3 days free cloud storage. Now since of my cameras have no storage unless I pay. This is ridiculous, I would have never purchased these had I been aware this would happen. Please advise asap.

    Thank you

    — by Tara Cutler 6 days ago

  • Says my door bell is off line

    — by Marvin 1 week ago

  • I have an AIWIT door bell. The batteries no longer charge. does it seem right that the rechargeable batteries die after 18 months?
    Where do I purchase replacement batteries.

    — by Judy Wichers 1 week ago

  • My devise want register during registration I got 2 Astro cameras and doorbell cameras

    — by Anthony Bridges 1 week ago

  • I need to cancel my subscription as I didn't arrange for it to be taken so I have no idea why it has come out

    — by Eli 1 week ago

  • I was charged twice for one service, can someone please contact me

    — by LaToyya Neely 1 week ago

  • Having issues downloading to mobile due to storage space issues so is it possible to download App on PC?

    — by Sedley Henry 1 week ago

  • I have bought the n8 version, and it refuses to connect to the router. It keeps saying router not found even as I am standing right next to the router.

    — by Keisha Albert 1 week ago

  • I need you to call me 6623400858

    — by Edward William Odom 1 week ago

  • I paid up to April with my camera and other camera went out and I got a new camera, so how do I transfer my phones to this camera and do y’all have a phone number?

    — by Lavonne Johnson 1 week ago

  • I have been charged Twice for these service. I through Apple and one from you. Why was that?

    — by Hazel Richardson 1 week ago

  • My door bell cameras won't connect to my wufi

    — by Chris 1 week ago

  • I can't look back on videos or answer door when it chimes. It's asking for payment? Which I'm not happy about.

    — by Davina Hughes 1 week ago

  • I've forgotten my password and I'm having a problem trying to get it are to reset it.Can someone please help me..And my doorbell needs to be reset

    — by Timotry Carter 1 week ago

  • Device is offline and not responding- cannot access my camera or settings. Paying mo thly for a service not provided. Asking for reset and not having any reply

    — by Deanna McHugh 1 week ago

  • I purchased your doorbell. The sound does not work any longer I cannot communicate with individuals standing at the front door. You said the cloud was free and there is two way udio. No the add said cloud storage. I always miss a door call. There use to be a sound from my mobile to let me know someone was at the door not anymore. Yes I checked my wifi

    — by Sharon 1 week ago

  • I’ve been charged twice for my subscription so if it’s not sorted out and my money reimbursed I will be cancelling my subscription

    — by Tracey Hirst 1 week ago

  • My doorbell is new and fully charged but will not work. No lights on doorbell will come on

    — by Jeffrey G Dortlon 1 week ago

  • I have not been contacted
    Janice 416~738-2029

    — by Janice Lowe 1 week ago

  • I have used Aiwit doorbell without subscription for about 4 month now no problem to watch the videos for 3 days but suddenly the last 3 days i am asked that i need to subscribe to cloud first before i can view video Thanks

    — by Fidelius Bischofer 1 week ago

  • I have not been contacted
    Janice 416~738-2029

    — by Janice Lowe 1 week ago

  • lost password for app

    — by Richard Boudreau 1 week ago

  • How can I retrieve previous months videos on my doorbell?

    — by Regina HaleSmith 1 week ago

  • I want to cancel and refund the subscription to the years storage of videos. The price is too high and the doorbell doesn't pick up enough to be useful.

    — by siobhan carville 1 week ago

  • I have been trying endlessly to get service since January 25th. I received your video camera doorbell with defective dead batteries. I would like replacements please.

    Janice Lowe
    99 Summerdale Drive
    Thornhill Ont
    L3T 6W3

    Please contact me in receipt of this complaint!

    — by Janice Lowe 1 week ago

  • No puedo emparejar el dispositivo a mi móvil.

    — by Joan Carles 1 week ago

  • My battery appears to be dieing. How do I charge it?

    — by Richard Goode 1 week ago

  • Why am I being ask to subscribe to be able to view videos on my video doorbell.

    — by jane Ireland 1 week ago

  • I'm not able to view the videos anymore when someone comes onto my porch. It's telling me that I to pay for cloud storage. That's not right.

    — by Ricardo Farrar 1 week ago

  • Hi
    I have been using my Aiwit app for my door bell for quite some time. I changed phones and I am now being asked to pay a daily/ yearly subscription. Can you please advise if this is legit.

    — by Bruce Ashton 1 week ago

  • We have had the Aiwit doorbell for around 2 years now. Initially we bought it because we could watch the videos back for free. Now all of a sudden we have to start paying to be able to watch the videos. If we'd knew that at some point we needed to start paying we would not have purchased the doorbell. So I was wondering if this can be solved in any way? Because right now the doorbell is of no use to us. Wich is a shame because we used to be happy with our purchase.

    — by Mechel Borjans 1 week ago

  • No me funciona la camara GZ6

    — by Christian 1 week ago

  • The agreed video playback on ring doorbell is not playing back. All I see is the cloud advert forcing you to purchase. Thus came with free for life play back facility. How do I not see the cloud purchase screen.
    Kindest regards
    Darryl Swan

    — by Darryl Swan 1 week ago

  • Purchased about 4 months ago, the free for life re run on live 20 second videos are no longer available. Screen checking display is advert for cloud prescriptions. This is it right.
    How do I recover the agreed purchase contract agreement on viewing playback.
    Kindest regards
    Darryl Swan

    — by Darryl Swan 1 week ago

  • The link to activate isn’t working

    — by Joshua morgan 1 week ago

  • Can I please have the toll free number so I can talk to a live represented please

    — by Torrie Wooten 1 week ago

  • I'm not understanding when I put my car information in it is not taking my card if it do not supposed to take money off my card until after the 30 days why is it not accepting my card because I supposed to get 30 days free it seems like it is trying to make me pay the $29 now I didn't have this problem before when I had my camera a couple weeks back now I ordered a new camera because my old camera was not working now I'm having issues to get footage on my camera

    — by Torrie Wooten 1 week ago

  • My account was charged twice for front door camera year subscription

    — by Ravi 1 week ago

  • I can't see the live feed when someone is walking up to my door !! How do I fix that ?

    — by Lester Whalem 1 week ago

  • Hello,

    There is no live footage showing on my phone from the doorbell camera.

    Can you help at all ?

    Kind regards

    — by Steffany Campbell 1 week ago

  • My camera won’t connect to Wi-Fi

    — by Dawn 1 week ago

  • Goodmorning I was reaching out because I have been charged 2xs in the month of January for a 29.99 yearly subscription. I reached out to Google play and they told me to reach out to the actual company. The subscription said 29.99 yearly and it took it 2xs in the month of January card ending in 3242… please if at all possible may I have a refund please and thank you

    — by Valencia Hughes 1 week ago

  • Will not connect to internet

    — by Rahim 2 weeks ago

  • I am unable to login and access my cameras

    — by Mercy Okundaye 2 weeks ago

  • Aiwit V7/V8 model quit working! App shows it is 48% charged, plugged it in overnight. Still won’t work.

    — by Phil Robinson 2 weeks ago

  • My door bell ring is not working

    — by Sherry Corbin 2 weeks ago

  • I cannot view any activity at my door I do not want to upgrade this subscription it has me blocked please remove the subscription from my account ASAP 281-965-8209

    — by Linda Ernest 2 weeks ago

  • I’m trying to get service. No one is responding back to me.

    — by Clarence 2 weeks ago

  • Hi there, customer service doesn’t respond via App. Doorbell not recording when someone rings. Bell works App is up to date and haven’t changed settings in last couple of years. Currently a pointless doorbell.

    — by Siobbhan Shaw 2 weeks ago

  • Just got the doorbell. Dowloaded app. Says incorrect password or username. Have canged password. Have reinstalled app from google play. No joy plizz help. Frank

    — by Frank 2 weeks ago

  • I have just paid for subscription service of £28.99 using my Google account ([email protected]) but every time I try to watch videos on doorbell app it's asking me to subscribe again. Please rectify this

    — by Chloe McCole 2 weeks ago

  • My videos that is been recorded on my doorbell camera when I try to go back in and look at my videos it will not let me it is telling me that I have to pay for your service and I was told that this service was free can you please let me know if I need to purchase this service for my doorbell camera to work properly

    — by Torrie Wooten 2 weeks ago

  • I am trying to sign up so I can c my videos and it will not take my credit card

    — by Drenda Snelgrove Stutts 2 weeks ago

  • I am paying a monthly subscription and I can’t see my playback videos. I have reached out several times through the app but never receive a response

    — by Kashawnda Akinsola 2 weeks ago

  • I can’t log in

    — by Rodney revels 2 weeks ago

  • Why all of the sudden do I have to purchase cloud storage after 3 years of free 3 day cloud storage. I am not doing that I will purchase new cameras

    — by Chris Boucher 2 weeks ago

  • I purchased your video doorbell a year ago and now I can’t view any videos. It lifetime-free Cloud service it was sold with has been removed and I am being asked to pay a subscription. This is false advertising and a matter for trading standards if my free cloud service (loop record every 3 days) is not reinstated. I have seen numerous similar complaints about this.

    — by Sally Cummings 2 weeks ago

  • I can not connect my door bell for some reason.

    — by Keena Edgerton 2 weeks ago

  • I just recently order Aiwit year service but Thursday night it stop recording asking me to register

    — by Chokolate Toppin 2 weeks ago

  • My camera won’t connect to my cloud. I purchased cloud storage through my Apple Store and it’s not connecting to my camera.

    — by Michelle Berry 2 weeks ago

  • I need. To change WiFi it keeps saying off line Obviously!!!!

    — by Robert Martinez 2 weeks ago

  • Can't change WiFi Network

    — by McCoy E Welch Jr 2 weeks ago

  • Can’t review videos

    — by Katina McLean 2 weeks ago

  • I have a new internet provider and new to update my wifi in my Aiwit doorbell but because its offline i cannot change to new router

    — by Samantha Gallagher 2 weeks ago

  • Its not recording

    — by Stacie Wright 2 weeks ago

  • How do you remove the back of the doorbell to get to the battery?

    — by Teddy Ellis 2 weeks ago

  • Cannot connect my device

    — by Jose 2 weeks ago

  • Hello, I was charge twice for my subscription. Please correct this before I cancel your service.

    — by carlos cortaza 2 weeks ago

  • Aiwit charged me again for a year of service. I paid for the service on the 14th of January and then got charged again for the same subscription on the 19th of January

    — by Justin Harker 2 weeks ago

  • Why does My camera keep jumping offline

    — by Zaria williams 2 weeks ago

  • I downloaded that app .. but. Having issues to open that app

    — by Giovana Mata 2 weeks ago

  • My account was charged twice for front door camera year subscription

    — by Daisy Joseph 2 weeks ago

  • Why can I change my password on my camera when I get a new modem?

    — by Donna bannister 2 weeks ago

  • Why can I change my password on my camera when I get a new modem?

    — by Donna bannister 2 weeks ago

  • I think I accidentally close the account I didn’t mean to

    — by Donna bannister 2 weeks ago

  • I had to get a new modem I got the password I got the name and everything but I can’t get in and change it on the phone and on the camera. What should I do?

    — by Donna bannister 2 weeks ago

  • I'm having trouble with my ring doorbell it kept saying that it is offline all the time

    — by Samantha Bryant 2 weeks ago

  • I have been writing customer service on the app for my door camera from your company. When I go to review footage from the same day it is asking me for a fee. My camera is connected to my WiFi therefore there should be no fee and I should not be asked to pay for cloud storage if I am viewing same-day footage. Please correct this issue. It is of extreme importance.

    — by M Whitaker 2 weeks ago

  • I bought the doorbell and installed it but the app does not work on my phone

    — by Latanya 3 weeks ago

  • Can't get my T9 doorbell to connect to my Wi-Fi can't find any help

    — by Gil Hall 3 weeks ago

  • I have sent SEVERAL messages, but still no response so what do I have to do to get someone to reach out to me.
    I paid for 1 year and it's only been a month or so and it is asking for me to pay again in order to watch my videos THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT HOW YOU KEEP CUSTOMERS SATISFIED.
    I would appreciate a call back ASAP

    — by Michelle Anderson 3 weeks ago

  • How do I replace the batteries in the black pack. On my camera it say 18650 on top

    — by Steven D. Wing 3 weeks ago

  • Hi I messaged on this platform last week no reply this is not what I paid for it said free cloud storage for the fore seeable this is false advertising as it won't let me look at footage I will be contacting trading standards and relevant people as I'm very dissatisfied and on Google this seems this is what your company does to your custermers

    — by Sarah Woolhouse 3 weeks ago

  • I've sent 5 messages and no reply. Is that normal for your Company. It's rather bad

    — by Elaine Ham 3 weeks ago

  • I've sent 5 messages and no reply. Is normal for your Company. It's rather bad

    — by Elaine Ham 3 weeks ago

  • My doorphone keep on "obtaining IP address time out"

    — by Setija Budi 3 weeks ago

  • My Aiwit had kept saying off line I tried deleting the device and then reinstalling it back goes thru all the steps until registration says it fails

    — by shandra Edwards 3 weeks ago

  • I bought the “Doorbell Camera Wireless with Chime, EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera with 3 Sensitivity Human Detection, Cloud Storage, HD Door Camera, Night Vision, IP65 Waterproof” (invoice CA227XHLF1SI) on December 10, 2022. Our doorbell will only charge to 50% but no higher. Can we get a replacement as we have to take it down and recharge it way sooner than we should have to

    — by Jessica Nimchuk 3 weeks ago

  • Hi

    My doorbell keeps disconnecting and going offline. There are no issues with wifi - I have checked this out thoroughly.
    Is this something to do with the batteries maybe?
    I'm very disappointed as today alone I have reconnected 4 times. I'm paying for a subscription when I am not getting a service. The bell is constantly disconnecting or on charge. It looses charge so quickly.
    I would appreciate your advice.

    — by Lynsey 3 weeks ago

  • The app is asking me to go on Google play and to my Google account to make a payment or add payment method for cloud service its telling me there's a problem with my account.
    Question: is there another way l can contact this cloud service directly and make the payment directly or another way?

    — by Spencer Clincy 3 weeks ago

  • I have purchased my aiwit door bell camera back in September 2022 the main reason I purchased was because it had free life time cloud storage and I was very happy with it untill I when to review my footage for the day and instead of playing footage as it normally would I was met with a message telling me I now have to pay for cloud storage and I can no longer access my camera footage . If someone cc could back to me about this asap as my property is now no longer protected properly. Regards Mr A Brown

    — by Andrew Brown 3 weeks ago

  • Hi, I sent a message about 3 days ago and have still not had a response???

    — by Kenneth Jobsz 3 weeks ago

  • I would like to connect my 2 doorbells and 1 camera to the same $30 subscription. DO I need to pay for each device?

    — by Sade Howard 3 weeks ago

  • My doorbell camera was working fine and it said it needed charged so I took it off to charge and now it won't do anything no lights it won't come on nothing and the app says its offline what do I do I need it I only had it a couple months I don't want to waste my money

    — by Kaydee madison 3 weeks ago

  • Cannot sign in

    — by Frances S PianelliL 3 weeks ago

  • I have a aiwit doorbell video camera. The mounting screw on the bottom of the unit is so tiny that losing it would be almost impossible to find. And so I did. I need a few of these screws would you please send me some.

    — by John McQuown 3 weeks ago

  • I've been suddenly informed I have to pay a subscription for a device/service that was supposed to be free. What happened, can they be removed from app distribution stores?

    — by Ron Smith 3 weeks ago

  • I want to add a door bell to my app but I can not

    — by Edward Lyod Toledo 3 weeks ago

  • My old doorbell got erased and now the camera want come on at all. I purchased a plan and now can't transfer to my back up camera

    — by Coco L King 3 weeks ago

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