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Why should I report an Issue with Aiwit?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of WIT Electronics Limited to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Aiwit Features and Description

- Easy to set up your devices in the LiveHome App. - Get instant messages when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the PIR motion sensors. - Monitor your home in high definition video, and see hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Please give me a phone number to customer service

    — by Lee mazer on Jan 10 2022

  • When I get a notification that someone is at my door and click on the look button all I get is a swirling blue dots circle.

    — by Edward Bohman on Jan 10 2022

  • My doorbell is not working it is off-line how do I fix it

    — by Mahogany buffong on Jan 10 2022

  • I seriously need help getting my camera set up. My stupid phone is only 5g. Thank you tmobile. So it won't pair with the device so it is basically useless. What can i do.

    — by Cathy Jo Hammond on Jan 09 2022

  • Unable to set up device it keep saying unable to register my 72 hour window pass so need to start over to register device please help

    — by Latonia Greene on Jan 07 2022

  • I’m struggling to get my password to work to set up my account - every time I reset it says it must must be 5 to 16 characters long with no spaces.
    I do this - eventually manage to get a password accepted and then I still
    Can’t log on.
    I keep repeating this scenario and still can’t set up
    The lease help

    — by Keri on Jan 07 2022

  • Please could you tell me what is the correct usb data charger for my V5 wireless door bell. Many Thanks Gwen

    — by Gwen on Jan 06 2022

  • Chime doorbell

    — by Louita Mcneilly on Jan 06 2022

  • When doorbell pressed does not register on mobile android phone but do get notification that motion sensor has detected movement. Doorbell useless

    — by D Astill on Jan 05 2022

  • I got 2 aiwit video doorbells 1 day they were working not their not. 1 is stuck in pairing mode. Know matter what I do it stays in pairing mode. The other 1 just won't come on. I could upload a video if yall need it.

    — by Michael on Jan 05 2022

  • Registration failed but will connect too the. Router

    — by Scott A Kress on Jan 05 2022

  • Want let me login

    — by Linda Colyar on Jan 05 2022

  • I cannot set up my camera It willnot read the QR code on the AP

    — by Anthony Dowsett on Jan 05 2022

  • Good evening,I bought video doorbell camera KAMEP,runs on Aiwit app.all works spot on until I leave my house and app has to run on 4g or 5g.I’m receiving notifications but can’t play recorded videos,cant use real time view or talk.soon as I connect back to Wi-Fi network everything goes back to normal.vpn not enabled

    — by Szczupakowski Mariusz on Jan 04 2022

  • bell seems to be working ok but it only works with my phone when i have the app open, if i havent got the app open it doesnt send a notifacion to my phone

    — by keith day on Jan 04 2022

  • I have a doorbell that I purchased last year. There was a updated with the doorbell .I have not been able to connect my doorbell since the updated was done.

    — by Lashannon miley on Jan 04 2022

  • Hi, just received an Aiwit video door bell. I would like to connect this with my Alexa Show.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks regards Bill

    — by Bill Gair on Jan 03 2022

  • My doorbell is only
    Working on wifi on the app live camera but when I leave the house the live function does not work with mobile data

    — by Ellie Woolliss on Jan 03 2022

  • My 4 home security cameras worked great until today. The QR code scans everything except the device registration, it keeps giving me a message that it failed.

    — by Kendal on Jan 01 2022

  • Is the offer of rating a doorbell and sending money to my PayPal account to buy it off Amazon genuine

    — by Timothy Brown on Dec 31 2021

  • Hi I have purchased 2 of these and I can't get them to run off batteries they only switch on when powered by electricity. O must be doing something wrong for both of them not to switch on. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you fiona x

    — by Fiona Briercliffe on Dec 30 2021

  • Bonjour je n arrive pas à coupler l appareil avec le qr code alors que la wifi est bonne help please merci

    — by Lhermurier on Dec 30 2021

  • Everything works except the ring only got it for Christmas ty jane

    — by Jane on Dec 30 2021

  • I was charged $3.99 today on your app,I already pay $3.99 a month. So could you please take off the second charge,I will notify my bank of this era, thank you

    — by Trudy Antoinette Torres on Dec 30 2021

  • Camera is offline and red circle stays on

    — by Tamika on Dec 29 2021

  • How do I turn off the timestamp so that does not show on my videos?

    — by Wilma Barnett on Dec 29 2021

  • Please tell me how to remove the back from the HD video Doorbell G4..Thank you

    — by Teresa Richmond on Dec 29 2021

  • My doorbell notification is not coming up on my phone when doorbell is pressed

    — by Rosemary Simpkins on Dec 29 2021

  • I registered and set up the doorbell previously. Now it stop working and ask me to register again with the QR code. I do not have the literature or the box as I threw it away. How do I re-register the doorbell?

    — by Mechelle Atwell-Brathwaite on Dec 28 2021

  • Can't sign in

    — by Velimir Radusin on Dec 28 2021

  • Please cancel my subscription with immediate effect as the doorbell has never been used and is being returned

    — by Peter Trueman on Dec 28 2021

  • Can you tell me if my account is activated? I can’t connect my bell door. What can I do? Thanks

    — by Maria on Dec 28 2021

  • My doorbell is saying it’s offline! How do I get it back online?

    — by Carolanne McCullie on Dec 27 2021

  • Hi. I bought Aiwit video camera, set up very good and did get 30 day cloud service.
    As I am moving in 3 days and unsure when I can setup camera again i want/need to disable the cloud service. I could not find in the app how to do this, and thats why I need to ask you to disable it

    name on account is Birgir Gudjonsson
    Email is [email protected]

    Thank you.

    — by Birgir Gudjonsson on Dec 27 2021

  • how do I need to change my wifi password

    — by Robbie Taylor on Dec 26 2021

  • My other phone was stole so i had to get a new 1 with new phone number and e mail address

    — by Judy Hodge on Dec 26 2021

  • Hi I’ve ordered 2 chimes but can’t get either to pair with the doorbell which is a v5 doorbell.I’ve followed all the instructions many times but won’t pair why is this.the WiFi is working perfectly I’ve even unplugged other stuff using WiFi but makes no difference please help

    — by Lorraine pattenden on Dec 26 2021

  • It doesn’t ring on the phone when app is not on

    — by Janak Amin on Dec 24 2021

  • What charger do you recommend to charge the high capacity 18650 rechargeable batteries that come with “ Brand: JUNDUN
    4.0 out of 5 stars 58 Reviews
    Security Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell Camera, Video Doorbell Wireless Cloud Storage, 1080P HD Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, 140°Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Rechargeable Batteries”

    — by Agustin Alvarez on Dec 23 2021

  • It won’t charge up

    — by Shavannah vines on Dec 22 2021

  • All of a sudden my Aiwit is asking me to sign in. When I do it’s not accepting my email or password

    — by Julie on Dec 22 2021

  • I’m have trouble with reset my password

    — by Lannie Mccoy on Dec 21 2021

  • Not a complaint as sich but the doorbell does not work without charger. How do I start the doorbell? Batteries are charged, WiFi is connected. Tried reset button but no luck.

    — by Silke Placzeck on Dec 21 2021

  • I have the VideoDoorbell V5, but 2 things 1st, I cannot get it paired. I've tried over a dozen times. 2nd, I bought a 32gb SD card for it yet there's no instruction of how to put in.

    — by David Terbeek on Dec 19 2021

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    My mum has a doorbell that uses this app. It’s great. She’s on her own and as it’s on her phone she’s not always with it. It would work better for her if she could access the app with Alexa. I contacted Amazon and was told I’d have to contact you guys to get it sorted.

    Is this possible please as it would really help my mum.

    Yours Faithfully
    Lee Robb

    — by Lee Robb on Dec 18 2021

  • My door bell is not record the events on it and clear catch has no number on it and don’t know is its the SD card but this needs to start working…

    — by Mellissa on Dec 18 2021

  • My Airwit doorbell will not reset , it keeps saying "entering pairing mode" , I've held down the reset button, I've removed batteries, I've removed and re added to WiFi .. please assist

    — by MARIE CALDWELL on Dec 16 2021

  • I can not get my Video Cameral register so I can use it, I need a step by step instruction information. which was not included in my purchase

    — by Raymond B Gassaway on Dec 16 2021

  • Seems like a neighbor resetted the door bell and now I'm unable to reset my password I do not get the reset password link.

    — by Rebecca Lopez on Dec 16 2021

  • It won’t let me activate my account. Link is saying not valid/not available

    — by Yolanda Millsaps on Dec 16 2021

  • I have contacted this company repeatedly about the devices screws that you must out in to keep device from not being stolen. I was told there was another screw/device being sent to me after numerous conversations since the middle of November and nothing. The customer service is horrible as theres basically never a response. I would like a corporate number or i will report to the BB for lack of care of customer

    — by Dominique Richard on Dec 15 2021

  • “Motion detection is abnormal and automatically closed .” This is a message that appears on the screen. Motion detection not working . How can I fix it?

    — by Chaouki Freiha on Dec 15 2021

  • App will not allow me to register for set up. Keeps advising email address and confirm email do not match and they do.

    — by Sue on Dec 15 2021

  • Why is my aiwit registration keeps failing?

    — by Kelly Reber on Dec 14 2021

  • Device has not been connecting to WIFI. I have pressed the reset button, did not work. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again, did not work and I have taken the batteries off and tried that but nothing is working!!!

    — by Ruphsana Nahar-Qayyum on Dec 14 2021

  • I have account up see out camera but not taking video of people passing by. I have a new card. Need storage please help

    — by Pamela Borrajo on Dec 14 2021

  • I have the video doorbell but it's not letting g me download the app. How do I get a refund

    — by Schantaa Darden on Dec 13 2021

  • I don't have a complaint. I want to know how do I change, or add a additional ring doorbell to my aiwit account. I, had to purchase a new doorbell.

    — by Pandora Y Rouse on Dec 13 2021

  • I have tried to obtain a new activation for doorbell as the 72hour code expired before I was able to use it. I have requested a new activation code at least 7 times and I have not had any replies

    — by Anne Wallace on Dec 13 2021

  • I have a battery camera 2 connected to the Aiwit system, the camera has disappeared from my screen and I can not acess it, I can also now not get the camera to go into pairing mode to reconnect it

    — by Hayden Franks on Dec 13 2021

  • My phone will not let me check if any one at door it’ tells me to log in but it won’t let me. Is your site down. Everything here seems good. Thank you

    — by Lyn on Dec 13 2021

  • My V5 doorbell will not complete registration. WI-FI connects but registration fails. I’ve tried many times and still get the same error.

    — by Richard Schonbrun on Dec 12 2021

  • I have emailed before without any response. My battery has stopped working after 2/3months

    — by Claire Churchill on Dec 12 2021

  • It would not let me log in

    — by Lillian Lacey on Dec 11 2021

  • The doorbell had worked for a week then lost connectivity to the Wifi and hasn't worked in over 2 weeks I have logged out and restarted and even unregistered to try and get it to work and there is no factory reset on this model T8. I would like an exchange.

    — by Robert Fouts on Dec 11 2021

  • Ideas not displaying to play back. The live feed is working

    — by Jayne Peebles on Dec 11 2021

  • I tried to log in says wrong email are password

    — by Charles on Dec 11 2021

  • Cannot open the back of the camera

    — by Diane Toure on Dec 11 2021

  • Connect signup for Aiwit app.

    — by Courtney on Dec 11 2021

  • Hi updated the app on the phone and know the device will not connect to the WiFi and just unregistered device. If you can help with this that would be nice.

    — by Saik on Dec 11 2021

  • I upgraded my internet device & I don't know how to change it to work with my doorbell

    — by Helen L Myers on Dec 10 2021

  • Hi, I can't get my v5 video door bell to stop saying 'entering pairing mode' and also won't just powers off and on and continues to say 'entering pairing mode'. What can I do?

    — by Joanne Pearson on Dec 10 2021

  • I purchased 2 VANBAR Solar Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, FHD 1080P Solar Powered Camera 10500mAh Battery With Night Vision, Instant Alerts, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, Compatible with Cloud Storage/SD Slot (32GB Card Included) from Amazon on April 5, 2021 and one of these cameras is not charging. I can charge the camera by using hydro so I believe the solar panel is not functioning. Do you have any recommendations to solve this issue.

    — by Dave Watt on Dec 10 2021

  • My doorbell just came I never got all of the pieces for it never got the plug in did not get the thing that goes in the house you know for me to hear in the house so I can't use the doorbell so either send me all of the pieces that supposed to be with it it shows it's supposed to have a piece for the inside and we can't get it to work there's no batteries have no idea where to get batteries for this doorbell never saw this size before in my life if not send me a return label so I can return the piece of crap and go ahead and get a blink doorbell a good one cuz this one looks like a piece of s*** it won't do anything Donna Mancini 856-500-8038 it's a rip off

    — by Donna Mancini on Dec 10 2021

  • Doorbell aiwit V7 keep telling me unregistered device. I cant pair the door bell now. Please help me

    — by Jerson Lat on Dec 10 2021

  • I am unable to charge the batteries the usb cable is fine as I have used it on different devices
    I have had the Aiwit door bell I think since March 2021

    — by Peter Douglas on Dec 09 2021

  • Please help had model EKDB_04F4D4C3-F251-B901-7072-0E8387506950 door camera and it just won't charge anymore not had long Please help

    — by Michael Thompson on Dec 09 2021

  • I haven’t had my doorbell for at least five months now it has stopped charging

    — by Roxie garner on Dec 09 2021

  • My device is saying offline

    — by Willie Wiggins on Dec 08 2021

  • Can i have a phone number

    — by Christopher Langton on Dec 07 2021

  • I have your service and I added minutes to my cloud serve but I am having issues installing the doorbell camera on my old android phone. I lost my iPhone and had a phone from my old provider that I had to activate to keep from buying a new phone. It is an Android but when I go to wifi settings on the android I can't find the doorbell thingy to access. I need the QR code to put this back on my phone and I am having problems please help!

    — by Roderick Woodson on Dec 06 2021

  • My device keeps saying it’s offline

    — by Alexander on Dec 06 2021

  • My camera will not download to storage so I can't review it. Please help

    — by Daisy Dunigan on Dec 05 2021

  • Hi, I bought Video Doorbell V7 a few months ago. I have recharged the batteries properly on two occasions, however this time I cannot physically insert the micro usb fully into the port. It needs to go another 2 to 3mm to be right in. I have tried many other usb leads but they all only go so far. What can I do?
    Kindest regards,
    Christopher Scott Canning

    — by Christopher Scott Canning on Dec 05 2021

  • I can't seem to gain access to my Aiwit Account to install my Bextgoo Smart Video Doorbell. Is there someway that you can help please?

    — by Barry L'Armie on Dec 04 2021

  • Why aiwit keeps telling me registration keeps failing. How can I fix this problem

    — by Rodney Womack on Dec 03 2021

  • Reply as to why I cannot view motion detected was that my Camera battery needs charging. I've fully charged the battery and still App does not work. Message I receive "Aiwit isn't responding" or "Device is offline, please try again later. Tried several times, still not working. Please advise and provide an email where I can reply to you.

    — by Lisa Schindler on Dec 02 2021

  • please call me asap 7543684517

    — by tamara n rattray on Dec 02 2021

  • Hi I've been using my video doorbell for a month now and today the app won't connect to the network. I've switched my router off, checked other devices are working properly and reset my doorbell and the app is still not connecting to the network so I'm unable to use the doorbell.

    — by Sheona Stirling on Dec 02 2021

  • Why is my aiwit registration keeps failing

    — by Rodney Womack on Dec 02 2021

  • Cannot pair device

    — by Kathy Phillips on Dec 01 2021

  • Hi, I am having trouble pairing the video door bell with my phone.

    — by Michael Whittingham MBE on Dec 01 2021

  • Cant get it work .Second time texting this number

    — by Keith E Hunter on Nov 30 2021

  • My device keeps losing signal and having to be reset then when try to reset it cant register device. Abou8t to request money back

    — by wes Barron on Nov 30 2021

  • Cant download the video Doorbell V5 .Try everything. Not connecting

    — by Keith E Hunter on Nov 29 2021

  • I updated the app to latest version 2.4.0 Now I cannot see camera video's when motion is detected. Constantly getting message: Unable to connect to the network, device is offline, please try again later. All my apps work except this app since updating. Please can you advise.

    — by Lisa Schindler on Nov 29 2021

  • V7 VIDEO doorbell won't connect to wifi

    — by Kenneth Simmons on Nov 29 2021

  • Motion is detected almost every 5 to 10 minutes apart when direct sunlight hits the doorbell and no one is in front or near it. When the SUN goes down the doorbell works normally. Strange I know,?
    Firmware 3.5.4
    MCU Version 1.7.2
    APP Version 2.4.0
    Is this normal or is there something I can do.
    Sensitivity level is set to the lowest setting.

    — by Robert Puchalski on Nov 28 2021

  • I charged the doorbell and now keeps saying enter pairing mode it doesn't charge and it won't let me log into account

    — by Goharzarina on Nov 26 2021

  • I have been in contact with customer support through the app as my doorbell is not working. I have followed all their advice, the last one being to remove the device and add again, but as it isn't working, I can no longer chat to support this way. I have also tried emailing without reply.
    Please could you organise either a replacement or a refund as I haven't had the doorbell that long and I have tried the ways advised to get it working again without success.

    — by Lyndsay Hastings on Nov 25 2021

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