Published by WIT Electronics Limited on Jun 19, 2023

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Why should I report an Issue with Aiwit?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of WIT Electronics Limited to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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Aiwit Customer Insights

1. I tried adjusting action filter it still miss a lot.I purchased my camera 2 years ago because it came with FREE LIFETIME cloud storage with playback up to 7 days.

2. When motion is detected at night the light automatically comes on but if your car is in front of your house you can't see the license tag until the light is out,needs work overall the camera is good the motion detection is excellent, alerts tooBought 2 cameras almost 2 years ago.

3. Customer service through the app are no help, even though they are still advertising cameras that come with the Aiwit app with free lifetime cloud storage on Amazon.

4. The kiss of death was abruptly removing the three days of free cloud storage without notice.

5. Try to show the police video of someone trying to get in my door and the damn app won't playback the video because I don't have cloud storage which the app will not let me get.

6. When you open the app and click a camera to view, it's SO laggy that it doesn't open right away, it loads for a minute or 2 making these cameras useless now.

7. BTW it's set to low zone .So far this would be the best camera that I've had even though I'm still testing it when you use the microphone feature to speak it sounds very robotic and cluttered but it seems to pick up pretty good if you're close but it needs a little bit more work.

8. The subscription to store videos can't be merged with the current paid subscription (2 cameras) through aiwit, they want an entirely new subscription and don't offer monthly purchasing choices either.

9. Also sound cut out all the time.The instructions on setting cameras up are sparse at best, in order to get tech support there are NO phone calls just third-party communication through the app or where you ordered it from.

10. All of a sudden, now I'm asked to sign up and pay $29.99 for cloud storage.

11. $29.99 price is not worth it.All of a sudden there's a paid subscription you need to have in order to see your videos.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Aiwit Issues

1. Fix Aiwit Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Aiwit: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Aiwit App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Aiwit" » Open Aiwit » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Aiwit » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Aiwit app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Aiwit servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Aiwit" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Aiwit app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Aiwit might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Aiwit. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Aiwit then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Aiwit not working

2. Fix Aiwit Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Aiwit be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Aiwit not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Aiwit may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • hi i was charged for the 6 months and the one year subscription how can i get my money back

    — by latoya baker 6 days ago

  • Why have recently the subscription offer is appearing on my screens? How do I get rid of them?

    — by John Walker 6 days ago

  • How come I have NOT received and email after setting up the camera? How come it does not work?

    — by Debbie Stenge 1 week ago

  • I bought a new phone I just downloaded my video camera to it and it is telling me it keeps having problems it will send me a notification somebody's outside but when I log in I can't see anything it keeps shutting down

    — by Allyson J purcell 1 week ago

  • I paid for the subscription but it’s for the wrong camera can I have it switched to the other camera

    — by Heather Miller 1 week ago

  • Noot a complaint- just a request for customer service. I'm having issues with storage. Can you please call me at (207) 754-2528 and leave a call back number if you go to voiicemail?

    — by James Siragusa 1 week ago

  • I want to cancel my subscription please

    — by Samantha 1 week ago

  • Congratulations! You have the opportunity to claim a FREE light bulb security camera for your home security. To claim your gift, please follow these simple steps:

    1. Share a review of the product.
    2. Take a screenshot of your review and share it with us here.

    Please note that gifts can only be claimed through our Aiwit App customer service. If you're ready to claim your free camera, reply with "Yes" now and we'll guide you through the process.

    — by William 1 week ago

  • My doorbell Camara is not charging.

    — by Jarveris Jinks 1 week ago

  • I was charged twice for my subscription.

    — by Jacqueline Rivera 1 week ago

  • Hello it looks like I'm being built multiple times for my cloud services. I have two cameras, I requested cloud service for two cameras, I had to uninstall and reinstall one of my cameras and now I see that I'm being billed for three cloud services. Please give me a call to discuss 973-979-2206.

    — by Reg Mason 1 week ago

  • Could you please send me details of what batteries I need for the Video door bell

    — by Doug Anderson 1 week ago

  • i just bought 3 eken wireless door bell cams and 3 wireless security cams /w solar panels to charge them. I've emailed once before with no response yet. You're app is telling me that basically I have to have 6 subscriptions for cloud storage? There has to be something that can combine all 6 to one account. If that is the case, i will be returning all 6 of the cameras. If I would have known this before purchasing, I would have never bought these. I hope you will respond back with a solution to this. I don't mind paying a small fee, but not each individual camera. That's highway robbery. This is crazy.

    — by Chris 1 week ago

  • Hello, was wondering if I have to pay for cloud service for each camera? I already signed up for the service. Thought that would support multiple cameras not just one individual cam.

    — by Chris 1 week ago

  • I’m not understanding why you’re trying to charge my card I do not want your services. I just bought the camera that said do not charge my card.

    — by Deanna partee 2 weeks ago

  • I want the 6 month subscription but it can't begin until 09/23/2023 because that is when there will be money in account

    — by Patricia Weinmann 2 weeks ago

  • Hello. I just got my cameras a couple days ago. And now I am having an issue with one of them charging. The battery is not charging. Then it was charging and the battery percentage went down. I need help

    — by Iesha Lee 2 weeks ago

  • I have been trying to get Customer Service to answer without any luck. I have sent an email to my sister to share but first it isn’t going and second when and if it does, what email and password does she enter?

    — by Jodi Lynn Jeror 2 weeks ago

  • Either delete or switch owner ship

    — by Monica Hamilton 2 weeks ago

  • I have been messaging your company for over a month to get5 a camera that was working fine back on line , nothing has been able to fix the problem. I bought a subscription and i wrote to you to not chsarge me because the camera will not work. I dont want a new camera i want a refund for the sept charge of 28.94 and i want the subscriotion stopped thank you

    — by Gordon Stone 2 weeks ago

  • Hi my device is not working-connecting to the phone and I would like to get a replacement

    — by Basit Ur Rehman 2 weeks ago

  • Hello I paid the year subscription beginning of July because I was going out of town and now all of a sudden it’s telling me I have to pay again for a year subscription

    — by Christy Belcher 2 weeks ago

  • I purchased several of your products and it was free cloud storage when ourchased now after a month or so You want payment for storage. This is clearly a bait and switch issue. No where do you post a contact munber or even if this is a service per device of acct. With 8 cameras I have clearly been deceived and demand answers.

    — by Randy Nelson 2 weeks ago

  • I have been trouble shooting my video door bell for 2 day as it states the device is offline. I have followed ALL steps in the manual, removing the batteries, reinstall them, verified Wi-Fi connection, tried to re-add the device, etc. There is no reset button on my device so I am unable to do that. I have had the device since August 15th and I had been working fine until Friday when I went to recharge the batteries. This is very annoying as the device is not that old and I use it for my main security and now I am w/o. I'd like this resolved sooner rather than later.

    — by Kim Villarreal 2 weeks ago

  • I am unable to upload to cloud Storage. Please cancel my subscription

    — by Joseph Fuller 2 weeks ago

  • I have been charged $90 in the app I want my subscription canceled and a refund!

    — by Ryleigh 2 weeks ago

  • I subscribed for the cloud service on August 20. Through the google play I am still getting the window to subscribe when i click on a video. How do i get the subscrition activated

    — by Lawrence oprea 2 weeks ago

  • Paid for annual subscription and since then I can’t see any recordings. It tells me how many but I can’t access them

    — by Jacqui OwensFitzgerald 2 weeks ago

  • I purchased this product on Amazon my purchased included lifetime cloud storage and I am being required to purchase. This should not be the case! I had a similar issue a year ago and someone fixed this. Please update my account I am not purchasing something I should have for free!! I can provide my Amazon order number and I have screenshots of the description. Your text help from the app says I need to purchase. I am not buying something I am supposed to have included.

    — by Viktor Papaj 2 weeks ago

  • I need a special request if it's positive.
    This could be associated with a charge and that I don't have a problem of paying for it. But I need to retrieve a video from May 2023.

    If this is possible please let me know.

    — by Abner Dantin 3 weeks ago

  • Recently, my Aiwit video doorbell Q8 is requiring me to subscribe to a cloud service plan and will no long allow me to view videos. My user manual states "East camera has a lifetime-free Cloud service (loop record every 3 days)".
    Please advise.

    Thank you.
    Tim Daniell

    — by Tim Daniell 3 weeks ago

  • Cancel my subscription

    — by Kiana Forbush 3 weeks ago

  • Hello. My camera was stolen and it didn’t store any video of the person who did it and my camera had 75% full. I need footage to provide to the police of the person

    — by Ebony Hebert 3 weeks ago

  • WY wen I try to put my email and reset my password that user don't exist

    — by Tomas sanchez 3 weeks ago

  • Good morning,
    Last year I cancelled my subscription to Aiwit as my doorbell had broken and I have checked my bank account today and a payment has come out. Please could this be refunded as a matter of urgency.

    Kind Regards,

    Daniel Holmes

    — by Daniel Holmes 3 weeks ago

  • i skal ikke fornyes mit abonnement 7-9 2023 jeg opsiger det hermed torben Chetronoch

    — by Torben Chetronoch 3 weeks ago

  • Hi how do I cancel Cloud please

    — by Raymond Gutteridge 3 weeks ago

  • My email is Oneka.hicken@redacted

    I need to know if your 29.99 is the only charges for the access of pass videos? It’s say in the app 29.99 per a year

    — by Oneka Hicken 3 weeks ago

  • i was charged for my years subscription for cloud storage in the amount of $31.79 on my cash app account
    in the past 24 hours. i see it created a duplicate account i have canceled the one subscription and expect a full refund asap for this is not my mistake and this has created a major issue in my bank account causing other charges to bounce due to your error. i appreciate your speedy attention to this matter and hope it is resolved soon thank you.

    — by luke satterlee 3 weeks ago

  • I can't reset my password for my account. I need it reset because I do not rember it and need to view my camera.

    — by JODI JENKINS-Lugo 3 weeks ago

  • Please give me a tools to conect my Aiwit camera

    — by Jose Gonzalez 3 weeks ago

  • I recently paid for service two weeks ago and packages were stolen off my porch last night. Of course the camera catches what it wants and it did not catch anything that happened last night. I’m trying to see if there’s any way someone can go on and find the footage from my camera as it should’ve been recording.

    — by Gabrielle Basile 3 weeks ago

  • I recently paid for service two weeks ago and packages were stolen off my porch last night. Of course the camera catches what it wants and it did not catch anything that happened last night. I’m trying to see if there’s any way someone can go on and find the footage from my camera as it should’ve been recording.

    — by Gabrielle Basile 3 weeks ago

  • I want to complain about the change of service my four bell is no longer useful to me as I cannot watch or down load the video with out subscription which I cannot afford to subscribe I would like a refund as I was not informed of the change

    — by Sarah 3 weeks ago

  • Id like my cloud account canceled please

    — by CHRISTA COLE 3 weeks ago

  • why do I have to pay for a subscription for this security camera, I can't even watch the video recording, I have 9 small children and a baby on the way, the police need to see the video footage in case something happens, I can't afford the subscription,

    — by Samantha Johnson 3 weeks ago

  • Hi

    Hope you can help. I have been using Aiwit app with KAMEP video doorbell (purchased 1st December 2022) in the belief that 1 year free 3 day Cloud storage was included. However a few weeks ago, the app started asking for payment for Cloud storage. Now there is no storage. Is this a fault with the app or with the doorbell? Thank you.

    — by M Gibson 4 weeks ago

  • I don't know why my doorbell will not ring. I charged the battery for 24 hours days and it will not ring

    — by Deborah Coleman 4 weeks ago

  • Good afternoon,
    I have paid the annual subscription twice 26/12/22 £28.99 and again on the 21/06/23 £29.49 through Google pay and I still cannot access storage or playback. Can this be looked into please and let me know if I need to do anything to get started in the app. Thank you.
    Joanne Deane

    — by Joanne Deane 4 weeks ago

  • Hi I've been trying to talk to people on the app but we are just going around in circles. I have subscribed to the cloud and paid till Aug 2024 but when I try and watch my recorded videos it opens to paying for subscription. Its not linking up to it

    — by Charmaine 4 weeks ago

  • The app is telling me wrong credentials when I have my credentials saved and use them often

    — by Tonya Stone 4 weeks ago

  • I have had 29 pounds 45 pence debited to my credit card I believe it was yourselves for one years subscription Please confirm and advise me why you did not tell me
    Thank you
    Pino Era

    — by Pino Era 4 weeks ago

  • You have charged me £95 subscription charge for the year?????? It doesn’t state that when subscribed! I cannot afford that!

    — by Jannette 1 month ago

  • When I try to share with my roommate I'm kicked off and vice versa. I also need help pairing the I door chime. Thank you

    — by Theresa Merritt 1 month ago

  • My signal not working

    — by Ernest Perryman 1 month ago

  • My V5 device is not connecting to my WiFi please call me 7189099587. I have reserved the device and my phone still not working

    — by Tamara Gonzalez 1 month ago

  • We signed up for the $31.79 for a whole year subscription. We have now been charged $31.79 for the last 2 months. It's suppose to be a one time payment for a whole year, not $30 a month. We would like this taken care of n refunded the $31.79 charged this month.

    — by Nicole Rivera 1 month ago

  • My subscription payment did not go threw. Can I pay on the phone or online

    — by Lashawn Woodson 1 month ago

  • The app is trying to force me to use the cloud and pay a monthly service I do not want a monthly service when I bought it it was understood that it was free to use it as long as you don't use the cloud storage

    — by Charles Brown 1 month ago

  • Hello i was charged 28.99 and i am requesting a refund of this as i completely forgot i signed up for this subscription and i dont need it. the subscription has already been cancelled

    — by Natasha Mabry 1 month ago

  • Hello there was an incident outside my house at approximately 1am on the 22 nd June...I delete my files from the phone as I can't afford could storage. As the police are involved it would be great if I could access my camera and audio from that night....I was awoken by an incident about this time and tried to record audio but removed all files as I usually do . I'm hoping you can access or have files stored on a server. My registered address is 19 Charter road Bournemouth Dorset BH11 9Ss my name is Jamie Russell. Kindest regards Jamie

    — by Jamie Russell 1 month ago

  • My cameras aren’t connecting

    — by Kiarra Lee 1 month ago

  • I need my aiwit t3 model op address. i cannot connect to wi-fi without it and i cannot find it anywhere

    — by Melody Reil 1 month ago

  • Hi the camera seems all steamed up the picture is very blurred not good what’s the reason for this it was good at the beginning for a few weeks John glackin 4A Crdar Ave Belfast NI

    — by John Glackin 1 month ago

  • My Software takes a snapshot every 2 to 3 minutes. There is no motion so at the end of the day I have 100+ avi's to delete and go through. Help, How do I change the camera to only log motion?

    — by Lance Stevens 1 month ago

  • My fiance (Larry Watson) purchased 2 separate services. I wasn't aware that he purchased 1. I was wondering if we could get credited for the service. Susan Luksa

    — by Susan Luksa 1 month ago

  • Motion detection does not work. Motion only works if the person lingers for minutes before it picks it up.

    — by ala Hamayel 1 month ago

  • Did as instructed Stil NOT WORKING

    — by Charletha Thomas 1 month ago

  • Hello, I specifically bought this camera a year ago because I DID NOT require a subscription to see what I needed of my home. However now with NO NOTICE I'm expected to pay a ridiculous fee to view videos from under a minute prior. I'm beyond pissed if I could afford a costly subscription don't you think I would have went with a different brand? This is wild.

    — by Bee 1 month ago

  • Hi i dont understand why i keep getting a device is offline message when my wifi signal is very strong please help

    — by Bernard J Caldwell 1 month ago

  • Why I am not able to share my purchased cloud storage with multiple devices?

    — by Don 1 month ago

  • Need phone number please

    — by Conceda Whipple 1 month ago

  • Unable to log on

    — by Sheena jefferis 1 month ago

  • Sent message awaiting reply

    — by Charletha Thomas 1 month ago

  • After troubleshooting doorbell not ringing camera message camera offline
    Suspend survice

    — by Charletha Thomas 1 month ago

  • The app won’t let me reconnect to my doorbell camera anymore Can I help you?Can I help you?

    — by Mark Parker 1 month ago

  • I need to cancel I just subscribed today I thought it was up to a certain amount of camera for the service but it’s individual plans for all three camera

    — by Linda Morales 1 month ago

  • I'm using a new email and when I try to change it in the app it just says "unable to connect to the network. Please check the network" except I am connected and I can even get a feed from the camera. I don't know what it wants me to do.

    — by Scott Fischetti 1 month ago

  • my account is not working just paid for a full year

    — by Maddie 1 month ago

  • need activation email

    — by James 1 month ago

  • Hi I have a door bell come through your op I have payed for a yearly presentation and I have been logged out not it says the is a error when I try to login if this isn’t fixed today I would like to cancel my subscription because I can’t uses it

    — by Rhys jenkinson 1 month ago

  • My car was stolen either last night or this morning and the last four days of my camera footage is missing. I did not delete the footage. How did this happen? How do I get that footage to the police?

    — by Kaylyn Bregar 1 month ago

  • I can't access the free trail for cloud storage. Whts going on

    — by Corey Bailey 1 month ago

  • My watch IMEI 867343030005983. “Pls confirm registration code is correct “ is displaying when i try to pair it to mobile app. Can you please help or tell the resignation code . My WhatsApp is +9609195971

    — by Thorig Mohamed 1 month ago

  • How do I fix this fast ???
    I have a N8 door bell security cam
    1. My door bell does not record or notify me when someone rings it anymore ( I do have a subscription ).
    2. My camera ONLY records when I or my family opens our front door , it does NOT record when people walk TOWARDS my home but only when people come OUT . Literally ONLY when the door is breached THEN my video camera will start detecting motion .
    3. I need it to detect motion from far away , and pick up things as simple as cars or birds flying pass .my aiwit app does not grant me access to adjust Detection zones , how can I make sure my camera records EVERYTHING?

    — by Bdd 1 month ago

  • Hi,

    I wasnt using my device for a while, started charging it to use it again this morning. I checked that it was working several times and left it charging. After about half an hour, the device was unresponsive and was offline. I tried ti reset it but no lights appear when pushing the button ir trying ti reset. The battery is said to be 13% on the app.

    serial number EKDB_1CA1AFEF-D897-6D20-C527-C046CB17C0A2
    Can you please let me know how to fix this?

    Thank you

    — by Marina Charitou 1 month ago

  • Yes I supposed to get 3 months free of the cloud service and it only gave me a month and now it's trying to charge me for it

    — by Kimberly Johnson 1 month ago

  • You wont send me the confirmation email to create my account

    — by Brooke Stewart 1 month ago

  • Hello, this not a complaint but a request to ask if you can remove the cloud subscription notice as it is preventing playback for the last three days and I need to save a vidieo from the 8th of August. Thank you

    — by Brian Palmer 1 month ago

  • Hi I am trying to login with password and colleewobble@gmail it says there is a problem with phone. Number is the same 0401180535

    — by Colleen Hickey 1 month ago

  • my device is indicating "Device offline" howvever, I do have a internet connection on all my other devices

    — by cynthia b Jeffrey 1 month ago

  • I have made several attempts for customer service and troubleshooting for my outdoor cameras. I have paid up till 2024 & I’m getting alerts but I can’t logon into app??? I need a response now?

    — by Clara Santos 1 month ago

  • My Aiwit wireless doorbell camera does not want to charge..I have tried to plug in several outlets but will not charge
    I couple of times when I tried again.the red light will come on for a second and goes back off

    — by Chiquita Seawood 1 month ago

  • I can not get my camera to work and i need help it wont hold a charge and wont work unless its plugged in

    — by Carly 1 month ago

  • I paid my annual subscription of £23.99 on 23/1/23 via Apple and have now had notification to pay again only 6 months later. Please tell me why and also reactivate my account as I can’t currently view my videos

    — by Wendy Walton 1 month ago

  • hello I'm really upset at the moment.. I've only had my doorbell camera for only any 4-6 months an I had fallen off my door 1 time an is no longer working.. I would like a replacement or some type of replacement or refund.. I spent money on this cause it had amazing reviews along with my review early in the months.. I really like this product an already had purchased another one. but after this incident I'm not to happy... can someone please contact me here or email at......

    thank you an have a great day.

    — by Ashley castelonia 1 month ago

  • I can't figure out how to connect my second AWIT doorbell camera to my account. Pleae help.

    — by Chelle McGuire 1 month ago

  • I’m trying to change my email and can’t

    — by Chandrika 1 month ago

  • How do I review the footage on my security cameras,I subscribed and I can only review the footage on one camera,and when I bought the cameras it said there was no monthly fee, but I signed up for the $30 a year plan and only one camera will let me view footage...thanks

    — by Adam Ferraris 1 month ago

  • what is going on here, if properly informed that subscription would be needed to use doorbel normally i would never have purchased this item, totally and utterly scammed by this product.

    You are charged to even use the camera recording app for Cloud, never told at purchase.

    camera asking for cloud payment very poor advertising never mentioned anything about this when purchasing product what a rip off absolutely a daylight robbery changing to someone else don't. Be fooled

    What a rip off. There was no mention of starting to charge customers???? This should be illegal...Forcing customers to pay after they've bought the product. I've had the doorbell for about 1 year, there is delay in notifications, among other things that could use improvements.

***I will never, ever buy a product from this company again!!! You can be sure I will share my experience with the world on social media.
    Bought doorbell from Amazon with the proviso that it came with ‘free lifetime

    Cloud storage. Just three months later (trial period stated in email?), Aiwit want £23.99 per year to view recordings and access live viewings?
    I’m using a doorbell only now!
    Disgraceful marketing!

    Bought doorbell from Amazon with the proviso that it came with ‘free lifetime iCloud storage. Just three months later (trial period stated in email?), Aiwit want £23.99 per year to view recordings and access live viewings?
    I’m using a doorbell only now!
    Disgraceful marketing!

    We used to like this camera but now it will not allow us to view anything without subscribing. When purchasing this, we were never told in this. It never stated that but after a few months we cannot view anything

    Had the same thing happen as everyone else here. Bought it hoping that the claim of 3-day cloud storage was true, but it's not. Now this thing is useless since it hardly ever responds properly to my phone anyways and all I can do is look at the feed. I'm mad, to say the least, and hope this company gets sued.

    'm one more of the thousands whom fell for their scam. I bought their camera because they advertised free cloud service for life. After about ten months they canceled the cloud service and asked me to start paying. After a few back and forth with one of their reps, she agreed to give 3 days of free cloud service, again, for life. That didn't lasted for more than 4 months. As of today, I haven't been able to make them make good on their edvertisement. Shouldn't an advertisement be considered a promise?

    — by kevin hill 1 month ago

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