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Published by Maxwell Wang
Updated: Sep 29, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with UBox?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Maxwell Wang to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

UBox Features and Description

A new client for power saving intelligent video device Main Features: - Support user register and binding device to user account - Support power-saving mode and remote wakeup - Support TF recording and cloud recording video - Support notification with a snapshot - Support notification with AI face recogization - Live view H.264 720P/1080P up to 30FPS - Dual way audio - Remote Parameter setting - Remote query alert and playback - Support WiFi doorbell - Support WiFi battery camera - Support 4G wireless battery camera - Support Solar WiFi/4G wireless camera - Support Panoramic camera

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Please I have made a cloud service subscription for two years, that is until 2024. But after it works for just some days or weeks it has not been storing again, what is the problem pls

    — by Hamisu Aliyu 3 weeks ago

  • How do I reconnect my camera to a new wi-fi signal?

    — by David P Hemingway 3 weeks ago

  • Followed your instructions and deleted app now will not reload why

    — by Garrydglispey 3 weeks ago

  • I have two of your remote cameras It won’t let me access either one of them

    — by Garrydglispey 3 weeks ago

  • No consigo añadir dispositivo, me indica dispositivo defectuoso contactar con ud.

    — by Marc martinez sanchez 4 weeks ago

  • Not connecting to EE 4g although it has good signal red light on constantly

    — by Heath chambers 4 weeks ago

  • van i use camera supporting i-cam app with ubox app

    — by Sari Mashal 1 month ago

  • Can't remember my portal address for my mplay can anyone help

    — by Patrick plas 1 month ago

  • Hi there, my 4g solor camera was working fine , just a few days ago the app failed to connect the app. I have to keep trying to connect with camera 5 to 10 time until connect to camera that things is annoying me and not practical for security camera i am not also if my mobile connect to wifi with same 4g net work OPERATOR the number of attempts reduced, please do the necessary to solve these problems.

    — by Mohd saeed 1 month ago

  • Hi there, my 4g solor camera was working fine , just a few days ago the app failed to connect the app. I have to keep trying to connect with camera 5 to 10 time until connect to camera that things is annoying me and not practical for security camera i am not also if my mobile connect to wifi with same 4g net work OPERATOR the number of attempts reduced, please do the necessary to solve these problems.

    — by Mohd saeed 1 month ago

  • I have a UBOX camera with iCloud services and no activity is being recorded. What is happening?

    — by Chester Jones 1 month ago


    — by Bobby 1 month ago


    I have this problem, after I changed the wifi network and uninstalled the camera from my phone:

    "If the device blue light is always on after the configuration, however, the configuration fails, it needs to look at the reasons for the failure, for example, if the device are already tied to another account, you need to contact after-sale service."

    What should I do?

    Thank you

    Jorge Gomes

    — by jorge gomes 1 month ago

  • I paid for 30 day cloud access wants another payment

    — by Alexis christman 1 month ago

  • Trying to get your wireless 4g camera to work. Can’t seem to get notifications when camera sees something need help or camera goes back

    — by Douglas 1 month ago

  • I have a t mobile network and the UBox said it on a AT&T network. So I think that’s why it’s takes a long time to connect. The first camera doesn’t even work the right way I can’t play by the video.

    — by Robert 1 month ago

  • No playback, no delete, paid for services. Still no respons

    — by jerry williams 1 month ago

  • I recently purchased a ubox camera doorbell. The battery drains in less than 3 days.

    — by Todd Bilovus 1 month ago

  • My camera stopped connecting to Wi-Fi about 2 weeks ago to this date.

    — by D Foster 1 month ago

  • Delete old videos

    — by jerry williams 1 month ago

  • can not connect to camera buffers and no live feed. recharged p
    battery but battery runs down fast

    — by irvin 1 month ago

  • Hello, I recently brought the WiFi solar panel camera, it was working fine and this morning it’s just stoped working, my other one is working fine, I have tried turning it off and on again and the WiFi too but still no luck, anything else I can do to get the camera working again please

    — by Amy Perkins 1 month ago

  • My ubox is only coming on when connected to the electric power source with the charger even when the app is showing full charge. This happens even when the solar pel is placed in hot sun. How can this problem be solved because I cannot keep the camera always connected to the charger as I have no electricity at the farm where I need the cmera.

    — by George 1 month ago

  • I have paid this month and my door bell is not working saying. I need to pay again it has take two payments quite a few time before, and I’m not perperred to do this again could you please help and transfer my money back

    — by Tamara 1 month ago

  • My box keep saying offline I cannot put the wi-fi password is

    — by Faye 2 months ago

  • Hi, i bought the ubianet doorbell a while ago and just started using it. The batteries ran out in a week and now it won't connect to WiFi or to the app. I have tried to reset it but the doorbell does not go into pairing mode. The light flashes quickly between red and blue and then it does nothing. Can you help me fix this?

    — by Manpreet Kanda 2 months ago

  • Went to turn on my security lights last night and camera was offline. It was on all day now how do I get it back on line.

    — by Robert Fisher 2 months ago

  • Am having issue on payment for 180days subscription for ptz camera

    — by Ezekiel 2 months ago


    — by JOSIAH FWANGSHAK 2 months ago

  • Camera goes off when viewing and also cannot remotely turn on the camera

    — by Sherwin 2 months ago

  • My cámara don’t work just

    — by Domingo molina 2 months ago

  • My camera showing offline and keep blinking Blue and red light. How can I get it back on line with that?

    — by Chiko 2 months ago

  • My camera says ready for connection, show code and it says code accepted and then it starts over saying ready for pairing UGH frustrating

    — by Nancy 2 months ago

  • My UBOX PZT will not pan or tilt. How can I repair?

    — by Peter Ferland 2 months ago

  • My PTZ camera will not pan or tilt.

    — by Peter Ferland 2 months ago

  • Hello, where can i obtain the ip address for my UBOX ring doorbell camera.

    — by Colin Peddie 2 months ago

  • I dont have pay pal how else do I renew my cloud . For my product .
    Please get back too me . Getting frusterated .

    — by Deborah Richard 3 months ago

  • Camera lens is blurry

    — by William Fulton 3 months ago

  • I've had this door Bell for about four or five months and I've noticed that it doesn't get the whole video and the delay is too long can you fix it.

    — by David Smith 3 months ago

  • Bună ziua,
    Am achiziționat o camera model Q13-4G-5MP și nu funcționează instalarea ei cu cartela 4G. Am cumpărat sim Vodafone, am incarcat si activat cartela cu credit, Am urmat toți pașii, am instalat aplicația UBox, când se oprește din licărit ledul albastru și scanez codul QR, îmi apare ca nu se poate conecta

    — by Moraru Aurel 3 months ago

  • I have been continusly being chrgd repeatly for a yrs cloud so I can keep videos for 30 and extra storage. I was chrgd when didnt even have a cam. And now agan chrgd early July and it still dont access or keep diles tells me to click event saved and pick the subscription.. but then it just wants to chrg me agai! But on the settings it says its acctive but I Stilll cant access! I do not use Cloud for Service typically, I pay for Google One Storage and had to pay special for the cloud which sucks and I cant find any way to chng to save and use Google one instead of cloud. I have contacted u b4 aout this pls call 218-616-4488

    — by Brandy Wohlenhaus 3 months ago

  • low battery! How to charge.

    — by michael lkin 3 months ago

  • The 4g solar camera is not turning on the mobile phone

    — by Adam Oyibo 3 months ago

  • I bought a second camera but I can not add device to my ubox app. it shows is not a 4g device. it just work fine for my 1st. camera.

    — by Larry DANG 3 months ago

  • The camera LED light continue to blink red and blue light I want this to be solved immidiately waiting for your urgent reply thanks

    — by Ajiboye Rasheed 3 months ago

  • You remove an entire network of cameras and you are double billing for cloud service of 180days. You cancel Icoud after 5 days of use when 180 days was paid.

    — by Dan Knutson 3 months ago

  • It connects but times out...

    — by Lisa 3 months ago

  • I need help it want stay on and help with the door bell chime

    — by Rosalyn Austin 3 months ago

  • The security camera control on my android phone is not controlling/ rotating the camera.

    — by Gloria Adebanjo 3 months ago

  • problem cloud konekt un sd karte

    — by Savo 3 months ago

  • Why my battery only last for one day?

    — by Janice Hardison 3 months ago

  • I have tried & tried to put the password in while setting up camera but it keeps telling me it's the wrong password.

    — by Pat Martin 3 months ago

  • Offline.. QR code not scanning. How do I recharge 4g if scan not working?

    — by Alicia Nestal 4 months ago

  • I bought my camara from Amazon like a month and a half ago and it's so frustrating to keep on having to go to the roof where the camara is located in the house to turn it back on.. It's solar so It's suppose to be on all the time ,and it keeps on turning off although the switch button is on the "on" side.. how can that problem be fixed? I just bought another one and I'm hoping I don't have the same problem with that one too..

    — by Liliana Santiago 4 months ago

  • I paid for this $16.99 7 days moves slow picture comes up I don't get alot pictures come up what's wrong with this camera.

    — by Tereza Castillo Farris 4 months ago

  • Sorry I need to extend the cloud storage of my camera to be more than 5 secs of recording

    — by Oyewola Timileyin matthew 4 months ago

  • Nu pot vedea filmarile de 10s.

    — by Radu Puiulet 4 months ago

  • Why does my rechargeable batteries only last 2 days on my ubox video doorbell?

    — by Paul Brooks 4 months ago

  • good evening sir, please can 2 or more persons manage or view one solar cctv camera through ubox app.thanks

    — by Austin 4 months ago

  • We wanted to access the UBOX app from a windows PC for monitoring rather than on a phone. can we do this?

    — by Chris 4 months ago

  • Cannot register u box app as code is not supplied When i go through registering process

    — by Alister Suckling 4 months ago

  • I do not get a confirmation code When i go through the registration process

    — by Alister Suckling 4 months ago

  • Worked @ first then stoped. will not pair up to phone again? is my account still active? Do I owe any money? I just want it to work again or I will cancel. Thank you

    — by Joseph Perdue 4 months ago

  • My Wi-Fi solar camera model ENSP201W by code will not scan at all

    — by John Girgis 4 months ago

  • Good morning, my name is Kelvin I am Africa Nigeria please how can I subcrib camera CCTV for my customer. Pls help me my customer are disturbing me seriously.thanks. Kelvin

    — by KELVIN 5 months ago

  • We what’s the point of this app my complaints have not been answered so just forget it by

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • I have a dual band (2.4 and 5 ghz) Tmobile gateway. When I installed it, my Ubox doorbell quit sending to the plug in chime. How can I fix this?

    — by Bernie Burns 5 months ago

  • I have a new video doorbell . It arrived with no rechargeable batteries . I purchased some batteries . The doorbell has been plugged in to the USB charger for 12 hours . When it is unplugged it turns off . The batteries are not charging .

    — by Craig downie 5 months ago

  • I have changed the password on my home WiFi network which in turns means I need to change the WiFi network password in the app for my video doorbell for which I can’t see the option to do so in the UBox app. I have tried to reset the doorbell as suggested to get the blue blinking light so I can setup again but the rest button isn’t doing this! Can you help please


    — by DEAN EYRE 5 months ago

  • Well my camera has gone offline again and this time it’s going to be put back online because no one has replied back to me it’s just pointless putting back online for one or two days so I’ll put it back in the box and throw it out thanks for not helping me now my property is unprotected I’ll buy another camera of your competitors it should work better then your one does so good by now

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • Hi my camera pointing at the front door has gone offline again and it’s sitting 2 inches away from the modem why does this keep happening can someone answer my question thanks I’ll put it back online again but for how many days as it going to stay online that is the problem ever seance I bought it help would be great cheers

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • Good Afternoon:
    I have 2 of your cameras.  They have worked fine for over a year.  Now my front camera stopped triggering when movement is detected.  I have updated firmware. Reset at camera, reset settings.  I am able to view the camera on my phone and move it. But it will not trigger movement at all.
    Please help.  I have screenshoted my camera info attached.  Wi-fi is fine.

    Thank you 

    Betty Raines


    — by Betty Raines 5 months ago

  • How do I change the billing method for cloud service? i do not want to use my Apple iTunes account. I want to use a different method of payment. Thank you.

    — by Attila Catto 5 months ago

  • So my camera has gone offline again and it’s been only a few days why does this keep happening I’ve reset it again I bet it only lasts another couple of days why does it keep happening it’s so silly can I get a reply so this can be fixed thanks

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • Hello,
    Can you help, camera doesnt work.
    On display is message that device has been bound.

    — by Marija Milovanovic 5 months ago

  • I’ve reset my camera again and again it is sitting right next to the modem it still keeps going offline today I’ve done it again and I shore it will only last another day or so can this problem be fixed I’m getting sick of doing this all for one camera out of the two that I have why is only one camera doing it and not the other it’s a bit silly it’s at the front door that the camera is looking at hay so I need protection of my property help me please thanks in advance

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • I’m trying to connect my camera and it doesn’t let me because it says like there is another account connected and we have to unconnected that account and we already disconnected the account and it’s still not letting me connect it

    — by Alexa pons 5 months ago

  • I said my UBox camera keeps repetitively going offline and I have to unplug it and install it again and I’m getting sick of doing it
    And also it’s sitting right next to the modern I have another camera that’s 20 feet away and it stays online with no problem at all HELP PLEASE

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • The QR code is not scanning pls solve this immediately it's urgent
    Frist I click 4G option because my camara is 4g so I click 4g option and in my camara also showing blue light and I scan but it not scanning pls solve it I need now when you see this issue complaint you solve this issue immediately pls pls pls I need now. 😭😭😭

    — by Ashick 5 months ago

  • My camera keeps repeatedly going offline and with in two or so days I have to unplug it and install it again I’m getting sick of doing it can you’s help me fix it thanks

    — by Shane 5 months ago

  • لدي التطبيق ولا أستطيع تحويله إلى اللغه العربيه فهل تستطيع مساعدتي

    — by Salim Ali 5 months ago

  • On my ubox camera, the blue light is on and is showing as "online" within my app. But the video is not playing on my feed. I've managed to get it to work twice before, but now I'm not having any luck getting the video feed to come up again. What can I do to fix this?

    — by Ronald 5 months ago

  • I enter an email address incorectly. I eed to change my address. How doi do that

    — by Thomas Pennington 5 months ago

  • My Ubox is not working. It will not connect. My phone said Ubox had a virus and to clear cache, which I did do. No flashing lights not connecting.

    — by Marina Patton 5 months ago

  • Hi. I ordered camera with 4G . On back site this camera don't have QR code to scan to work o on this mode 4G Device

    — by Gediminas 6 months ago

  • Doorbell does not notify me of someone ringing the bell on the app

    — by Jacqui Rutterford 6 months ago

  • Hello!
    I can not find the icon showing solar battery is charging camera. In other apps i know the icon showing sun appear when solar battery is connecting to camera. Please provide an answer.

    — by Michael 6 months ago

  • I need a call immediately. I paid for more storage a month ago and my camera is still off-line. 407-448-4852

    — by Ronald David Dager 6 months ago

  • Good morning I have been having issues with my account for some time and I was asked to provide some ducument which I have submitted the once I could get still nothing has been said. How do I get my money I have sent money into the account several times how do you expect me to return back the money, I want to close my account thanks

    — by Osasere Aisien 6 months ago

  • When I open the app on my phone it says its offline. Whats wrong?

    — by Staci E Waynick 6 months ago

  • I am off line please help me get on line

    — by Cheryl Hann 6 months ago

  • I've paid my subscription twice for my doorbell through cloud to you I still don't get any alerts on my phone. Just a picture on it it says online Please could you refund one payment to card ending 8613.Please could you rectify this has I'm not getting camera alerts at all.

    — by Beatrice Jackson 6 months ago

  • Problem 1 doorbell does not ring on my z flip vodaphone. Problem 2 batteries not charging via micro charge cable. New doorbell with new batteries

    — by Janine Wilson 6 months ago

  • Why will the camera not recognize the sleep delay when set to 'never'? This camera goes off 30 seconds after detection and it's comlpletely useless because it records nothing but empty space? I need it to start recording in real time, as soon as it detects. People come and go and after they're gone then the camera goes off and nothing is recorded. Your latest firmware update also destroyed the camera and rendered it even more useless than it was before. What is with this app? I need a way to roll back this firmware update and get this camera working again or else I'm out 170.00 because of your "updated firmware'

    — by David Grant 6 months ago

  • I have the Kmoon camera and applied the firmware update that completely rendered it useless! After the update I couldn't pan left or right + up or down? I reset the camera and now it will not pair with the app on the phone! I scanned the QR code over and over again and it does nothing. The blue light is flashing and it's makes no diffrence at all. This is completely riciculous! I spent about 170.00 on this camera and your update destroyed it. What will you do to straighten this problem out? It is not my phone and again, it was working perfectly fine before your firmware update.

    — by David Grant 6 months ago

  • Purchased in February, it's now only recording two items a day and won't playback

    — by Christine Cleary 6 months ago

  • My ubox asking me to renew then going on to payment do i have to pay for using ubox as subscription

    — by Shazana Hussain 6 months ago

  • UBox alarm goes off at night saying device moved. It hasn’t moved and my neighbours are complaining

    — by Paul Whelan 6 months ago

  • Club Cooee Moderators refuse me to yeasts what to do about it I look forward to feedback
    Best regards Alex

    — by Alex 6 months ago

  • Trouble shooting will not fix this. My camera needs to be repaired. It quit completely. Dark. No lights, no charging, nothing. Help

    — by Suzanne Milner 6 months ago

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