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Published by Ministry Of Haj & Umrah
Updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Eatmarna?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Ministry Of Haj & Umrah to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Eatmarna Features and Description

Based on the responsibility of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for the service of the guests of Rahman, it launched the ( Eatmarna ) application to enable those wishing to perform Umrah and visit to request the issuance of permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques to perform Umrah, visit and prayers according to the capacity approved by the concerned authorities to ensure the provision of a spiritual and safe atmosphere that achieves health precautionary measures and controls And the regulatory system, in integration with the 'Tawakolna application', to verify the safety of the health condition of the permit applicant

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I am trying to register on the app but the nationality option doesnt work. please help

    — by Arfain 1 week ago

  • i keep getting 10010016 incorrect data entry message everytime i am trying to register. what could be the problem

    — by kaizar 1 week ago

  • Trying to register from morning with all correct data but still gives that data not correct please help

    — by Zulfikar Clipwala 1 week ago

  • When i try to register, after i enter the otp, i get a message 10010016 incorrect entered data
    Sometimes i get internal server error
    Please help me get rawda shareef pass

    — by Fatema 1 week ago

  • I am trying to create my account on the app but its not working and giving error 10010016, my passport No. Is AN5461623 and Visa No. 6081046160...need immediate help is I am in Madina and Unable to get appointment for Riaz Ul Jannah

    — by Rehan Sadiq 1 week ago

  • When I regster actvaion code error code 10010016 wrong pin

    — by Emamudin fedlu 1 week ago

  • Not able to login the application,please help and solve the issue because we have very limited time in the holy city.

    — by G N mir 1 week ago

  • I am trying to get register and getting an error that wrong data entered while I have verified the data 3 time.

    — by shakil ahmad 1 week ago

  • Change mobile nambar please

    — by Mohammed Abraheem Khan 1 week ago

  • The first number has rotated

    — by Mohammed Abraheem Khan 1 week ago

  • The first number has rotated

    — by Mohammed Abraheem Khan 1 week ago

  • The old number is no longer with me. I have the new number. Please delete.

    — by Mohammed Abraheem Khan 1 week ago

  • When I try to choose from nationality it does not allow me under visitor category. I use iPhone . About 2 months ago there was not such issue but lately it’s not working . I tried uninstall app and then reinstall couple of times but it didn’t work.

    — by Amna 1 week ago

  • While login it is said that I have an account but I forget login I’d password as well as the email address is not mine while registering the app we’re registered by a hotel boy and he registered it by his email address what to do do now

    — by sazid atatur rahman 1 week ago

  • Hi, I am trying to get my daughter Aiman Ahmed having passport number#JE1161231 PERMIT FOR MASJID NABWI. BUT GOT THIS ERROR no person available. moreover she is less 10 years old. kindly solve this issue.

    — by irfanahmed45 1 week ago

  • I try so many times registertering to Eatmarna but fail.

    It sends the verfication number to my email upon completing the form. Once I input the number, the system keeps prompting "internal server error".

    Plasenta helm.

    — by I Gusti Ngurah 1 week ago

  • Why is it showing mobile number is already registered , when iam registering for the first time.

    — by Hiba 1 week ago

  • OTP problem

    — by Rayees Ahmad Rah 1 week ago

  • OTP problem

    — by Rayees Ahmad Rah 1 week ago

  • OTP problem

    — by Rayees Ahmad Rah 1 week ago

  • Sir my account shows suspended what will I do for release of my account

    — by Rayees Ahmad Rah 1 week ago

  • Am here for Hajj and cannot get a booking to greet in Rawdah. App not sending verification code when trying to register.

    — by Saadiq Sayed 1 week ago

  • No verification email received.

    — by Ahsan 1 week ago

  • I am trying to make account and entering the verification code app is sending but it is telling me verification code is wrong.

    — by Javeria Ehtesham 1 week ago

  • Error code 10010016
    Then not working

    — by Mohamed Rafeeque 1 week ago

  • My old number is closed now I can't receive verification cord and I can't change number and I can't change password

    — by Aman 2 weeks ago

  • In eatmarna I can't sign up in new shows visa no already exist

    — by Majeed Hassan 2 weeks ago

  • The account is suspended due to unknown reason. I arrived in Madina on 14 June 2022 and still app is not working. Now suspended . Please fix the issue

    — by Shah Nawaz 2 weeks ago

  • Salam,

    May i know why every time i entered the verification code email to me correctly an error message pop up saying 1001001616 incorrect entered data

    — by NAFISAH AMIN 2 weeks ago

  • i want to change my mobile number

    — by Mohammed Firaz Ahmed 2 weeks ago

  • Cant fix Hajj Package on app. Its wrong place wrong package and I keep getting error code 282013. Hajj help phone number after over 1 hour wait, the agent said he cant fix it and cut the phone. I sent an email too. I have nonother way of fixing this. I have to pay to hold my reservation but i need to fix package before oaying because its more money for the package I need

    — by Syed Shaeemaa Hyder 2 weeks ago

  • I am a visitor in saudia Arabia. Last year I made an account on Eatmarna with email I’d: [email protected] com, unfortunately I forgot it’s password and I am fail to login in Eatmarna.
    My passport number: AR7719491
    Phone : 548851248
    Please update my email I.d with [email protected], so I can use Eatmarna easily.
    Do it ASAP I will b thankful to you.

    — by Nadia 2 weeks ago

  • Hi,
    I have an account with Eatmarna and i used it many times. Recently I am getting this error when I tried to login 10010012 - National Id does not registered. I tried to login as a new user and it says this phone number is already been used! My Iqama ID: 2505218509.

    — by Kulthom Aboali 2 weeks ago

  • 0568309362

    — by Asif Ali 2 weeks ago

  • I have registered on octobor from madina this apps by a unknown person but now again i come to perform Hajj but cant log in as i have forgotten the password .even if i use forgotten password i have forgotten the email address from where i can get the password .what can be done

    — by sazid atatur rahman 2 weeks ago

  • Can't register on eatmarna app, I get to my email, but app says wrong info entered.

    — by Junai 2 weeks ago

  • I have to fill out the arrival form in Absher, i have to create a profile and i can only choose arrival dates in june and not in july ?

    — by Sami Malik 2 weeks ago

  • Hello
    I am not able to register myself as a new user. getting problems when i click on nationality and mobile numbers. a small tiny window inaccessible open at the end of the app and i cannot touch it. this makes my application not complete as missing information - nationality and mobile number hence, i m not able to register on the app to go and do omra

    — by Dima Baltagi 2 weeks ago

  • As salamo alaikom
    I have a request from u. I need to grt back the stolen account. Someone stole my visa number and all the information and they use the app eatamarna in my name, now im trying to make a reservation for Umrah, i tried many times to open the app but it says the account exist, can someone tell me how to recover the eatamarna account?

    — by Muhamed 2 weeks ago

  • As Salamo alaikom
    Im Muhamed from North Macedonia.
    I have Hajj visa, i downloaded the app
    eatamerna, but when i give my email, it says this account exist, but i doesnt have account, is the first time, and when i try with other email it doesnt allow me!
    Please can u fix the problem, i cant open it, my flight is after some days, i need to have it.
    BarakAllahu feek

    — by Muhamed 2 weeks ago

  • As Salamo alaikom

    — by Muhamed 2 weeks ago

  • I just new login in Eatmarna. But in app showing ( Visa number already exists.)
    What means.
    So what can I do now?

    — by Amatul salam khadija 2 weeks ago

  • I have purchased new SIM and trying to register on Eatmarna app. But it is showing the number is already registered. Please help.

    — by Arif 2 weeks ago

  • I have purchased new SIM and trying to register on Eatmarna app. But it is showing the number is already registered. Please help.

    — by Arif 2 weeks ago

  • How could I update my email address??? Actually I m already registered in eatmarna with other email address but unfortunately I forgot it password.. how could I update my email address

    — by Nadia 3 weeks ago

  • how to update the new number in eatmerna i tried many times but the messege sent that the information is incorrect which i fill.How to change the mobile number in eatmarna?Please help..

    — by Nabeela khan 3 weeks ago

  • Failcode 10010016

    — by AMIR ADRIS 3 weeks ago

  • Failed to activate

    — by AMIR ADRIS 3 weeks ago

  • Hello,

    I’m unable to register for the website, it’s keeps giving me an internal error. Please advice

    — by Ramma Rasheed 3 weeks ago

  • Kindly provide me your contact number I’ll explain you my issues in better way

    — by Andul hameed 3 weeks ago

  • Hi, my name is abdul hameed i am arrived 6th june in madina, I have tried to sign up my account in eatmarna but unfortunately i have lost my email and their password kindly help me to recover my password I really appreciate your efforts

    — by Andul hameed 3 weeks ago

  • Email forget

    — by Mosa 3 weeks ago

  • dear sir i was in pakistan ,just came back from pakistan,now mu sim is close i did not have that sim which is attach with my eatmarna .Also i forget my password,kindly tell me solution.because i have to go for hajj and i need this
    thanks a lot

    — by sohail 3 weeks ago

  • i would like to change my mobile number as i lost the sim and my password is not letting me sign in. I have tried making a new account and it says ur account already exist however i cannot log in due to the lost of the old sim

    — by Hakimo 3 weeks ago

  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to know can we register an Eatmarna account through the Passport border number

    — by Anwar Alam 3 weeks ago

  • I cannot log in because i cannot choose a nationality, i don't see that in the application.

    — by Emine 3 weeks ago

  • I’m unable to login in the app on my iPhone 13.

    — by Naghmana Kazmi 3 weeks ago

  • My app is registered with an old phone number which I don’t use any more and forgot the password for the app. Need to reset my password and up the phone number. Need help urgently

    — by Muktar 4 weeks ago

  • I am trying to register my mother who is visitor from Pakistan. The Pasport number is not beeing accepted

    — by Hafsa 4 weeks ago

  • My App is not working on Mobile

    — by Azam 4 weeks ago

  • How delete previous account and register again if registered e mail wrong

    — by Shahir 4 weeks ago

  • Hi there,

    I tried to register myself on the app but there is no option to select nationality nor phone country code. As such I am not able to register myself. Could you please fix the issue?

    — by Michael Chan 1 month ago

  • Id: 2500762485

    When I try to login it says national I'd not registered. I've tried changing and updating it but it keeps coming up with an error.

    — by Hasnain Ayub 1 month ago

  • Whenever i start the app it says unauthorized login please log out and login again. But the msg doesnt go away so i can login again. I have uninstalled the app multiple times and installed again but its still the same.

    — by Zeyana Iftikhar 1 month ago

  • Please need to CHANGE the email address FROM "[email protected]" TO {[email protected]}
    Please confirm ASAP.

    — by Mohamed Elsayed 1 month ago

  • Unable to login , unauthorize user id log out and log in msg appear always

    — by Azheruddin Ahtesham 1 month ago

  • I tried to register on eatmarna using my phone number but unfortunetly it is saying that phone number is already registered before and this number is new and know under my account on absher. Appreciate your support. No. 0552338146

    — by Mohamed tarek khalil 1 month ago

  • When trying to open the app this msg is displayed on screen "NO USER VALID DATA PLEASE LOGOUT AND LOGIN AGAIN"
    I uninstalled app and installed it back , still error exists.

    — by MOIZ AHMED KHAN 1 month ago

  • My old Gmail is deleted I cannot getting my Umrah permit so plz add this Gmail [email protected]

    — by Sobia Taib 1 month ago

  • I am having error code 10010016 repeatedly saying incorrect data even I made sure all data is correct many time.
    Please help

    — by Asif Shamim 1 month ago

  • I change mobile number

    — by Ranafahadahmad 1 month ago

  • In etamarna app unauthorised and logout and login can I solve this problem.

    — by Mumtaz parveen 1 month ago

  • Eatmarna app is not open and asking logout and login

    — by Mohammed AbdulAleem 1 month ago

  • I change mobile no in eatemerna

    — by Ranafahadahmad 1 month ago

  • I forgot my registered password and given email address is not working to recover the password or to solve this issue

    — by Javed 1 month ago

  • My family is on visit visa but my Etmarna Id is not working now please solve my problem.
    Thank you

    — by Javed 1 month ago

  • No user valid data please logout and login again.
    This message keep comming when i am trying to open this app.
    Uable to login or logout

    — by Zubair Syed Ahmed 1 month ago

  • My mobile numbe is 0540417473 i was register elarly eatmarna with passport number now i got iquma while creating account with iquma it sayings that numbers already exists and more over i am trying to loging with old passport number the otp is generating to mail id which was not correct please delete my account so that i can re create my account with iquma number

    — by Muzamill 1 month ago

  • Eatmrana is not working in my android mobile. I have uninstalled the App. then again installed in my mobile ,
    but the pop message is coming "Un authorized user , please logout and login again " I have tried this many times. but same message is receiving. I want to book UMRA date for me and family

    — by Israr-Ul-Haq 1 month ago

  • The application is not working, I can NOT rest password, I dont know what to do? I called but No answer!!!!!

    — by Mahmoud 1 month ago

  • hello my ehthmarna application not working i live in in saudia as a visitor my old password enter my email send another emails i don't no i come on new visa enter new visa number and phone num num is already exists why please tell me details

    — by Ambreen 1 month ago

  • I can't login my application because I forgot my password and email, can you give me solution how I login?

    — by Azwar Saeed Khan 1 month ago

  • My app is always giving signal of unauthorised user

    — by Isma Tahir Jameel 1 month ago

  • I made a mistake when registering my Eatmarna account and filled in the wrong passport number.
    I would like to correct this error.
    I made a request order number 241874.
    the passport number corresponds to visa 6080448697 is in fact 21AA55403 and not 14CT80542

    Thank you for your help

    — by GANGAT EP MALL 1 month ago

  • already

    — by sohaib khan 1 month ago

  • I am in ksa on business visit visa, I tried signing up to eatmarna but it seems my number us traveler sim and it is already regustered on eatmarna.
    I used my country number and the 4 digit numeric code i received on my email i entered it many times but it says incorrect information.
    What is the solution?

    — by Shehryar Haider Malik 1 month ago

  • Hi, my mother forget her password for eatmarna apps, i try to forget the password and verify code send to the email not belong to my mother email, its belong to otherelse. How can you help me,to get my mother able to use the apps again.

    This my mother detail
    Name: Nik Hazimah Binti Nik Hassan
    Passport: A40802257

    I hope you will help me, thank you for you help. I’m apperciate your time.

    — by Muhammad Izzat 1 month ago

  • Not able to register
    Showing eror 10010016

    — by Irfan Syed 1 month ago

  • When i try to login in Eatmarna, give me a error message 10010010

    — by Khadeeja 1 month ago

  • I can't open my Eatjamarna app, when I am open this app its coming message, log out and sign in again , but I can't log out or log in

    — by Abdul Jaleel Koonu Kunnath 1 month ago

  • Hi, it's not a complaint, just need an information
    My family is planning to be in Saudi Arabia before June 10, is it allowed to perform umrah, their passport has been stamped with visit visa

    — by Azaruddin 1 month ago

  • Eatmarna doesn't accept the code that I am entering for first time registering on this app. Every time i enter code send on my phone number. It says incorrect verification code.

    — by Asma 1 month ago

  • eatmarna app showing un authorized user please logout and login again. This msg is repeating when click OK. I cannot logout

    — by FAKRUDHEEN KOZHISSERI 1 month ago

  • Assalamu alaikum ,
    I forgot my eatmarna email and password I’m currently on visit visa
    Nationality: Sri Lankan
    Passport number : N6098387
    Contact number : 00966582052487
    I would like to delete my account in order to create a new one please it’s a humble request hoping for good response

    — by Fawzan Raiza 1 month ago

  • My OTP is not coming on my mobile number 0581668729

    — by Zaffar iqbal 1 month ago

  • I forgot my eatmarna email and password please I want to delete that account and make new I couldn’t book permits please respond me asap

    — by Fawzan Raiza 1 month ago

  • Delete account

    — by Zaffar iqbal 1 month ago

  • 10010010 account has been suspended. please help

    — by karim hussai 1 month ago

  • I forgot my registered password and given email address is not working to recover the password or to solve this issue

    — by Rushna 1 month ago

  • I cannot log in to my eatmarna account. When I try to change password, incorrect data balloon popped up. When I try to re-register, they say visa number already existed. I've already reconfirmed the passport number and they all checked out. Please respond asap since I will be going to Raudhah tomorrow.

    — by Nur Aqilah Muhammad Rosdi 1 month ago

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