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ALSong - Music Player & Lyrics Features and Description

{ALSong Mobile is a music player that offers a variety of music file playback and real-time sync lyrics. Even if you run another app, you can enjoy the special lyrics feature of the only mobile that you can always see the lyrics on the lock screen. More and more new, pre-emptive mobile has been updated! We will be updating quickly with good features in the future. * Introduction to ALSong Charts * 1. Daily chart updated daily! Check out daily charts updated daily with charts ~ 2. Popular songs are images! Even if you do not have music files, you can enjoy popular songs on YouTube videos and related videos. Please watch the images from the 1st to the 30th ~ ^^ [Introduction of free music player mobile] SongSong Mobile is a music player that provides mp3, wav, mod, ogg, wma, flac file playback and real-time sync lyrics. [Introduction of major mobile features] 1. Powerful sync lyrics function ■ Provides up to 7 million songs in the country Sync lyrics are saved automatically when you play songs on the Internet with 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi, and next time you play synch lyrics without Internet connection for 30 days. ※ Sync lyrics is a function that displays lyrics according to the music you hear. (ex. karaoke) Sink lyrics search If you do not like the linked sync lyrics, you can search for other sync lyrics and apply them. ■ Modify Sync Lyrics If there is no registered sync lyrics, you can register sync lyrics, or you can edit the sync lyrics already registered. ■ Registration of household sink You can listen to music and register the registered lyrics and register them immediately. ■ Floating lyrics function When you use other apps, you can also open the Floating Lyrics window to view the lyrics. ■ 3 lines Lyrics Show When you listen to foreign songs such as J-POP, if the lyrics are registered in 3 lines, you can see the lyrics of the lyrics, singing and interpretation at once. 2. Easy and easy playback music management function ■ Manage playlists You can view and edit (reorder, delete) the currently playing song list. ■ Playlist history management You can save the history of previously played playlists for easy browsing. ■ My album function You can add songs to your albums, edit them, and listen to playlists. ■ Like features When you touch the OK button, you can easily collect and listen to one song. ■ Recent / Most songs feature Songs you've added recently and songs you've added most are automatically organized and you can listen to the playlist. 3. Provides playable controls in a variety of ways ■ Support for notification window controls You can play and exit music in the phone alert window without running the app. ■ Lock screen support Even if you do not turn on the phone, you can use the lock screen control to play and exit the music. 4. Ability to send and receive files easily ■ File toss function It is easy to send the files you own with the 8-digit key and receive them from other devices. 5. Add-ons ■ Timer function After a set period of time, the message will be automatically closed. ■ Language function Section repeat and jump functions are provided, which can be useful for language study. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---- In providing music playback services, your mobile device requires access to the following items: [Required Access Rights] - Permission to save: Read the music file list, - Telephone rights: Required items for controlling music playback through call reception and call confirmation [Environment] Support for Android 6.0+ [Althuz mobile series] Along mobile, ali mobile, pills Android, al keyboard [Frequently Asked Questions] ※ Please use the [Preferences] - [1: 1 Customer Inquiry] for bug / error report and questions / suggestions.

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