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Why should I report an Issue with AIKA GPS?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of OSK2018 to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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AIKA GPS Customer Insights

1. Perhaps you can't demand too much from a cheap gps tracker, but why not do basic things? Well, for example, who decided that the geo fence cannot be more than 5 kilometers? I live on an island with a diameter of 10 ... What should I do? So in general, a miserable application.I previously posted a review, said that it was a scam but to my surprise, it actually works and does so fairly well.

2. Geofence only works when the app is active and foreground.i recently posted that it wasnt good but trust me this tracker is perfect.most issue i had when checked was as a result of data ,network or not well connected.i strongly recommend this tracker.

3. Reading the reviews here, the developers clearly have no intention of improving anything.I've had issues with my GPS showing offline, I've replenished my account and the unit powers on, however it apparently isn't receiving signal.

4. can 1 plateform log in more than one device and monitor at the same time? if it can someone should please teach me how to do it.Was working great for about a year.

5. I've received no response from any customer service for the gps or the developer of this app after contacting about the issue.The app is horrible.

6. Reports incorrect timezone from tracker with no option to change it.

7. Doesn't properly alert/alarm when tracker leaves geofence.

8. Anyone who praises customer service most likely works for them.

9. I am planning to change the device if they dont reinstate the original map.

10. The tracker itself is basic and does what I need.

11. Can't change to MPH, It doesn't show the actual address only longitude and latitude.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix AIKA GPS Issues

1. Fix AIKA GPS Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart AIKA GPS: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the AIKA GPS App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "AIKA GPS" » Open AIKA GPS » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for AIKA GPS » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear AIKA GPS app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from AIKA GPS servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "AIKA GPS" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check AIKA GPS app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, AIKA GPS might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall AIKA GPS. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall AIKA GPS then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing AIKA GPS not working

2. Fix AIKA GPS Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make AIKA GPS be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to AIKA GPS not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, AIKA GPS may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Stops functioning, last recorded route was August 30

    — by Jose Gabriel Sabalo 2 weeks ago

  • My AIKA tracking app on my ipbone has stopped allowing me to log in. Says there’s an internet connection problem, all my other internet apps work fine and I’m getting the alarm that tells me when the tracker leaves or enters the Geofence. I’m unable to log in to see where the tacked item is

    — by Geoff dyson 2 weeks ago

  • i forgot my password

    — by monyr 1 month ago

  • Good day! I recently purchase this gps on our of our local store, i was able to use the app however, the iphone got reset and so the app was signed out. The problem is the box where the ID number is missing. is there any way that I can retrieve the ID number?

    hope you can help me

    — by Ehmar Eduarte 2 months ago

  • Good day. Can I request for account that can manage multiple aika gps. Account name DANILO
    thank you in advance

    — by Danilo Cordero 2 months ago

  • Id. 9170594876 not working
    Id and password errors

    — by sandeep 2 months ago

  • Have problem in my GPS, not realtime at it says OFFLINE the car is here but the GPS shows that in other province. offline and 8hrs ago since i left the place. and why over 8 hrs late. now OFFLINE

    — by SENSA MACMOD NAWAL 2 months ago

  • I forget my gps tracker password

    — by Sarathkumar 2 months ago

  • hi,i fogot the password of my aika gps application with this ID 9171840397

    — by belaichouch nasreddine 3 months ago

  • Id or password error

    — by Abdul 3 months ago

  • Good Day. how can i edit the Aika user Id.
    i have a problem on location and its not accurate

    — by Jovelyn Callos 3 months ago

  • How to reset or change my password?

    — by Ariel Tolores 3 months ago

  • Hello there, I have an ST-901 and can’t get it to work. I use 1nce SIM card and set the apn correctly. This is the reply I get when I check the config : GT23_G500_XM_TQ_V_2_3_20211202,ID:5058402048,UP:123456,U1:,U2:,U3:,MODE:GPRS,DAILY:OFF,GEO FENCE:OFF,OVER SPEED:OFF,VOIC E:OFF,SHAKE ALARM:OFF,SLEEP MODE:ON,ACCSMS:OFF,ACCCALL:OFF,,,,IP:27.AIKA168.COM:8185,GPRS UPLOAD TIME:20 ,300 VOL:110TIME ZONE:+0

    I can’t get data connection to activate

    — by Dr. Apostolos Anthopoulos 3 months ago

  • I cannot access my gps due to an update in the old application AIKA. I know the id number of my gps but i forgot my password.

    — by Nur Munong 3 months ago

  • I have the id number or log in number of the gps but I forgot the password

    — by Angelica 3 months ago

  • Hi
    I forgot my password.
    My ID is 9171275892.

    — by Kyaw Naing 3 months ago

  • error logging in Aika app and date and location error

    — by Jovelyn Callos 3 months ago

  • no gps signal. ID number is : 9171624624

    — by Murat 3 months ago

  • i forgot may can help me to reset may password. 9175236574...thats may device id

    — by ronald 3 months ago

  • Always error
    Wrong password or plate
    How can i access my account?

    — by Jolly Aquino 3 months ago

  • I forgot my password. Please help me to log in again. Here's my id 9171542883. Many thanks

    — by Porferio Lucelo Jr 4 months ago

  • Kindly reset my password ,serial number 9171851865

    — by Randy 4 months ago

    Hi! I would like to request the benefits of multiple gps to be manage in one account request. Please make me an account in AIKA/AKSH that my multiple gps can be manage in one account. For the user, please create "LaRenta"

    — by Lizette Mae Baligat 4 months ago

  • Hello . I bought a second hand gps tracker from your device. but I couldn't log in to your application with the old user account. device id is 9172138461. is it possible to send username and password?

    — by FIRAT 4 months ago

  • I can't use the app I keep get massage
    " AK-98314 Not enabled "
    I reserved sms from the device when I sent the command " CXZT "
    I get this massage:
    XM_GT08B_SW_10.0 2018/03/27
    ID:9170398314 8185

    Can you help me please

    — by Hassan Alatawi 4 months ago

  • Gps is always offline

    — by Shari chamos 4 months ago

  • forgotten password to car tracker app

    — by Agbara Victor Eche 4 months ago

  • I forgotten my gps tracker password My user id KMFY464S

    — by Anthony 4 months ago

  • I've bought an AIKA6 GPS tracker from a provider in Iran but there is no ID number on it
    How can I find this number by sms command to enter to application?


    — by Mahdi Maleklou 4 months ago

  • my gps id 9171628344 please send me app and call me8405910560

    — by ranjan kumar 4 months ago

  • My GPS device is offline, and when I checked the app, it says under the device that the expiry date is
    2223-03-07, I don't know if its expired or not. But its offline since april 9,2023
    Please help

    — by Leo Ongcoy 4 months ago

  • My Aika services didn't show the map, last 2 years ago it function well, what should I do

    — by Juanito Morales 5 months ago

  • Forget password

    — by Gurcharan singh 5 months ago

  • My Device is not working

    — by Voltaire Quimno 5 months ago

  • I forgot my password for login Aika gps tracking app

    — by Sanjeewa 5 months ago

  • التطبيق لا يعمل

    — by ‪Kazmn Fahd‬‏ 5 months ago

  • Hi I'm cannot log into my account using it keeps saying ID or Passport incorrect. I'm using the ID from the tracker and default password.

    — by David Lenton 5 months ago

  • How do I lig in on the app. I don't have a password? The default of 123456 does not work

    — by David Lenton 5 months ago

  • ID 9170424299
    want to reset password

    — by Worasit 5 months ago

  • XM_GT08B_SW_12.2 2018/11/22
    ID:7018077779 8185
    this is my aika gps tracker and i cant connect it gives me back the message wrong ID or password
    please help!

    — by symeonidis 5 months ago

  • I sent the command to stop my car but is not stopping,can you help me

    — by Samuel Ben 5 months ago

  • 4075

    — by Sagarthapaliya 6 months ago

  • my aika gps the location is not accurate. how to fix?

    — by Marvin Togonon 6 months ago

  • I have a gps on AODIHENG
    I like to register on AIKA
    My ID : 9171739378

    Thank you very much

    — by Dando 6 months ago

  • Forgot my password in log in for aika tracking

    — by KENNETH CABRERA GALENO 6 months ago

  • Pwde ko po bang i regester un simcard s gps tracker ng di kobpo tinatanggal s sasakyan or s gps unit

    — by Ellen Lorica 6 months ago

  • Cannot retrieve password to transfer app to new phone 9171702569

    — by Jun Arquiza 6 months ago

  • Hello i forgot my password id : 352672104611447

    Please reset for me

    — by Jay 6 months ago

  • I forgot my password.. my GPS ID is 9171700707... How can I log in again?

    — by smaili aziz 6 months ago

  • Need contact person for activate what's up no is +94761560290

    — by Chinthaka 6 months ago

  • Need contact person for activate gps

    — by Chinthaka 6 months ago

  • gps not working

    — by Ulysses Navarro 7 months ago

  • I forgot my password.. my GPS ID is 9171090128... How can I log in again?

    — by Vicente Repancol 7 months ago

  • My car left the was taken out of Uganda to Rwanda for a few days and then it returned. The app has however since then been malfunctioning. It doesn't show the true location of this car. It only shows that the car is stuck somewhere for days even when it actually left that locality

    — by Joel Wasswa 7 months ago

  • Can you help me to send a booklet for Aika ID 9180289235.

    — by Anthony Jehan Thuraisingham 7 months ago

  • my gps tracker is not activated yet

    — by Mohit sharma 7 months ago

  • Hi I have a problem. It was working fine in a few hours but suddenly, it was no longer moving and it says GPS offline. I already changed the sim.. log in and out the app. reinstall refresh but still the GPS shows the last stop before it stopped working.
    What could be the problem?
    Thank you for your support.

    — by Anthonie Cedillo 7 months ago

  • How to rest pasdword

    — by Antoun 8 months ago

  • Couldn't find aika gps on google play store

    — by Uche Orji 8 months ago

  • Perdi la contraseña me pueden ayudar gracias

    — by Shirley 8 months ago

  • i have an issue of entering the GPS account if you can kindly reset the password for me and i have the ID's of the GPS tracking device

    — by zaniar ali 8 months ago

  • Why my aika is not working.

    — by Anthony Jehan Thuraisingham 8 months ago

  • I would like to create a username account to manage multiple devices from a single account. I currently have 3 devices but I am looking to add more. Please help me

    — by Riangelo Louisa 8 months ago

  • i foget my aika gps loging password

    — by Pasindu 8 months ago

  • I've change my phone because it is crash with the active aika app on it that was working now I've a new but I can't log into app on it because I've forgotten the password and there is no option to reset

    — by Nigel 8 months ago

  • My aika app not working its says not unable need help

    — by Gorve Lal 9 months ago

  • Offline 3 week already

    — by Liong yung seng 9 months ago

  • I lost my username and password

    — by Rik ilapen 9 months ago

  • i forgot my login user name and password because i changed my cp. \i cannot access mu gps trackker

    — by grace gregorio 9 months ago

  • GPS does not connect to your servers

    — by Michael Stretton 9 months ago

  • A map does not load, only the driven path. How to I get map back?

    — by William 10 months ago

  • mots passe oublier

    — by omar 10 months ago

  • Tracker is picking up vehicle position but does not display the map which is not overly helpful

    — by Derek Williams 10 months ago

  • I cannot access my aika gps..i just logged out then when i log in, it says wrong licence plate number or wrong password.. pls reset my account..9171554332 is my ID..

    — by Mark karol cabildo 11 months ago

  • I'm still not received any feed back regardingy issue.whenbattery power is disconnected earlier I received a call from tracker not it doesn't happen.
    Any reason

    — by Anthony Jehan Thuraisingham 11 months ago

  • does aika gps work on iPhone IOS

    — by Dave 11 months ago

  • Delete my previous ID?? Now New ID is opening

    — by Emon Chowdhury 11 months ago

  • My Aika gps why offline. Already change new simcard

    — by Jun 11 months ago

  • I would like to setup password on my tracking device. I read the instruction in the manual. But i cannot see what default password i should use. Please help

    — by Nilo 11 months ago

  • AIKA GPS ID 9171993105 reset. forgot password

    — by Sertboon 11 months ago

  • Password

    — by Sertboon 11 months ago

  • Forgot my password 9170730586

    — by Leopold Mubereki 11 months ago

  • Earlier when you disconnect the battery power I get a allert call from my aika resent it doesn't happen.
    My Tracker ID 9180289235
    Pl advise.
    Is there a local agent in Sri lanka

    — by Anthony Jehan Thuraisingham 11 months ago

  • Earlier when you disconnect the battery power I get a allert call from my aika resent it doesn't happen.
    Pl advise.
    Is there a local agent in Sri lanka

    — by Anthony Jehan Thuraisingham 11 months ago

  • Ineed you help my gps ID:7018459413
    I wolud like to restore audio file record
    3 Oct 22 between 3:38pm to 11:37pm
    Beçause I choose wronk order for delete all. Please help me.

    — by Fightclub 11 months ago

  • I buy the AIKA GPS TRACKER online here in the Philippines and I would ask for your help on why the GPS tracker could not log in via download apps on the android phone. The IMEI no. is 19177738715 and the PW is 123456.

    Your help is highly apprciated


    — by James B. Serenio 11 months ago

  • I forgot my password

    — by Kshetra 11 months ago

  • How can I reset my forgotten password?

    — by Ksheyra 11 months ago

  • I have a gps that is no longer working
    Do I need to pay yearly ???
    The ID number is 7028413891
    Ease let me know .

    — by harvey avila 11 months ago

  • command sms note reply

    — by PERVEZ AHMED 11 months ago

  • Dear Sir/Madam I am using Aika gps in Pakistan. Aika gps Tracker ID: 9172115241
    I want to know IMEI # of this tracker because this tracker is blocked in Pakistan. Now I need to pay for approved from PTA. Kindly send me IMEI # THANK YOU.

    — by suleman 11 months ago

  • ease reset mt pass word
    my ID is 9172032034

    — by Freden villaber Espino 1 year ago

  • Hi

    — by Ahalankan 1 year ago

  • How can I reset my password?
    I forgot it and can’t login

    — by Majed 1 year ago

  • l have forgotten my password to get into my tracker can you help me please.

    — by Colin Barrett 1 year ago

  • I have installed gprs traker and software I need ID and password
    Please tell me how can I get
    Thank you very much

    — by Abdullah 1 year ago

  • No sim response. How will i switch it on? No LED lights is observed.

    — by Ronald Cabanban 1 year ago

  • Sir i have forgotten by AIKIA Gps traker password how can i set it up again
    Please tell me how can i reset my password?

    — by Tek Narayan 1 year ago

  • Forgot password ID No. 9171274782

    — by Allan Caladiao 1 year ago

  • Forgot my password
    ID 9172032034
    pls reset password.

    — by Freden villaber Espino 1 year ago