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Published by deaoke
Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Report an issue with DAGPS.
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Why should I report an Issue with DAGPS?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of deaoke to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

DAGPS Features and Description

This app is compatible with your device.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • hi, I need help. I have a new gps, and the app does not track my device. It shows another imei- I can't delete the device and create a new account. It does not mark my trajectory or position in real time. I need to re-register or get some help.I am also having trouble removing the device and logging back in. SMS works fine but I can't track the car in real time or see its route. el imei es este 352672105078182. It appears in the middle of the ocean. Neither delete the account to re-register. I can't log in with pc version either with the imei or password.

    — by caro 1 week ago

  • how do i activate my account

    — by Felina Mamburam Venus 1 week ago

  • how do i activate my account

    — by Felina Mamburam Venus 1 week ago

  • Hi there, I just brought a Dagps tracker and I tried to register with app and test the tracker.
    Which worked for my first test, but I have accidentally registered my main telephone number and cannot use my 2nd number for the tracker as intended.. please can you help or advise me how to reset login and password of account and or reset tracker. I am the owner of both tracker and phone number with proof of purchase.
    Kind regards
    Julian Brooks

    — by Julian Brooks 2 weeks ago

  • How can i login Dagps on other device

    — by Lucky Dee Panganayi 2 weeks ago

  • Good day,please how do I renew my dagps

    — by MoneyGod 2 weeks ago

  • Hi i need one renewal of my plataform of dagps, his says what are expired and i need renewal some help please ? Thats si the IMEI 352672104264999

    — by Victor Kovalevski 2 weeks ago

  • Hi there, I bought 15 devices on alibaba, Some of them have expired, Can you please reactivate them for me please

    — by Salim 3 weeks ago

  • Can't set up tracker c
    Password problem

    — by Joseph malcolm 4 weeks ago

  • DAGPS Of line

    — by Nahason Sihite 1 month ago

  • Please help

    — by Fehlawi 1 month ago

  • IMEI NUMBER 352672100823871 my device is expired how can open?

    — by Fehlawi 1 month ago

  • My device is expired how can open?

    — by Fehlawi 1 month ago

  • 352672100603323

    — by Mauro 1 month ago

  • my app shows YOUR DEVICE HAS EXPIRED. please help . 352887078298977

    — by KAYEMBA ALLAN 1 month ago

  • I can't connect with GPS traker

    — by Igor 1 month ago

  • i can no longer continue DAGPS cause it says already expired. how can i activate it again

    — by Felina Mamburam Venus 1 month ago

  • How do I find a valid username and password to use this app?

    — by Walter Dunlap 1 month ago

  • Car

    — by Junior 1 month ago

  • I can’t login on my account I want to recover my imei

    — by Iregbu ikechukwu 1 month ago

  • Hello.j'ai acheté 2 gps tracker gt 06 et j'ai fait l'abonnement a vie pour les 2 dans 2 voitures différentes mais malheureusement un de mes gps a brûlé dans la voiture cause accident .j'ai acheté un autre gps gt06 .
    Mes problèmes :
    1ère : je n'ai pas éliminer celui qui n'est plus fonctionnel et le remplacer par le nouveau en gardant le même abonnement.merci de me repondre

    — by Tebbassi 1 month ago

  • I bought 2 units from a local china shop but when I tried to use them both units expired already

    — by deon botha 1 month ago

  • My gps tracker shown expired kindly check it imei352672102169182

    — by Kamran 1 month ago

  • No, I lost my mobile and the usar and Pw to use dagps App. Can you help?


  • I purchased a DAGPS tracker device sometime ago and now the app shows as expired. How do I get it renewed?

    — by Alex Whyatt 1 month ago

  • where can i find a site , which tells all the devices that can connect to the DAGPS app

    — by adam zainuri 1 month ago

  • Where to find plate number or IMEI ON NEW GPS

    — by Sicelo 1 month ago

  • Can you check why this trackers is not working please
    Vodafone 0212326159

    — by Leo 1 month ago

  • Hi. I want to renew my device becouse it is expired. Please help me.

    — by Samir Buljubasic 1 month ago

  • iam bayed the divice gps traker put whin try regester in dagprs appear the diveis is expired

    — by wael hamed 2 months ago

  • How do I reset my password an user name on the app

    — by Jason Garrand 2 months ago

  • Cara log in lupa sandi

    — by Angga 2 months ago

  • please help. I have forgot my password to the DAGPS app. med number is +4550113156 my imei is 352887078307133

    — by Anders Christensen 2 months ago

  • My device has expired, how to renew the license?

    — by Ismadi 2 months ago

  • It say "device expired" how can I solve this please 🥺

    — by Ssempiira Charles 2 months ago

  • no hice bien mi registro y no puedo entrar a la app me podrias ayudar a con las instrucciones para mi registro

    — by JUAN CARLOS 2 months ago

  • My imei ID has expired, please advise how or where to renew.

    — by Louie 2 months ago

  • Aplikasih saya ke apus sama anak saya . Trus saya download ulang dan coba masuk lgi tidak bisa. Mohon bantuan nya ms

    — by Muhamad Asep saputra 2 months ago

  • Tolong bantu login aku saya keluar gitu aj

    — by Muhamad Asep saputra 2 months ago

  • During the registration I was not asked to put user ID but am ask to do that trying to login..I don't know the user ID

    — by Apete John 2 months ago

  • Hello Sir
    i reset my phone reinstalled the and my device has expired what can I do? i have imei number 352672103299004

    — by huuphucvs 2 months ago

  • Hisir my app username password missing

    — by Mithu 2 months ago

  • hello , my DAGP App has expired and i need guidelines on how to renew it..

    — by EVRORO OBARO 2 months ago

  • Your device has expired

    — by Ashfaq 2 months ago

  • Hola muy buenas buenas noches Deseo recuperar mi ID y mi contraseña Será que me pueden ayudar

    — by Mario rivas 2 months ago

  • Merci

    — by Elkettani 2 months ago

  • Hello Sir
    I don't have the user name of my appliance num 352672104475439
    Please help

    — by Imade Benelallam 2 months ago

  • hi i reset my phone reinstalled the and now cant remember my login details for the app how do i reset them? i have imei number 352887078776683

    — by Andrew Butler 2 months ago

  • My device has expired what can I do?

    — by Dickson 2 months ago

  • My device has expired what can I do?

    — by Dickson 2 months ago

  • I have forgotten my password and can't reset it

    — by Oyegesi Bruno 2 months ago

  • How do i register with an account i have two devices and i want monitor them both

    — by Eketsang 2 months ago

  • I forgot password my username is 59441985 please help me. On my other phone it's good.

    — by Zaheer 2 months ago

  • Hi! I forgot my password and username. How can reset my application?
    Thank you!

    — by Cristian Iordache 2 months ago

  • My dagps near expiry,
    How to renew?

    — by Wyndel depasucat 3 months ago

  • I can't open an account to register 2 GPS, thank you.

    — by carlos roso 3 months ago

  • I forgot my password. How can i reset it

    — by Angelica grail Chua 3 months ago

  • Good afternoon, I have your application but for some reason I forgot the password and I can't log in. Could you help me?

    — by Eduardo 3 months ago


    — by Ali Nasser eddine 3 months ago

  • hi. how do I change user account ID and Password

    — by Japhet Tembo 3 months ago

  • Hi,
    I tried now to register my device and I got this message " your device is/was expired," how kann I to renew it?

    — by El Omari 3 months ago

  • Attivare imei

    — by Franco Bozzato 3 months ago

  • Hiw do you renew dagps

    — by Ruther cueto 3 months ago

  • Dear sir,
    I forget my user name & password please advise thanks

    — by Chaudhry Zaigham Shakeeb 3 months ago

  • how can i register and what is mean by cell phone number ?

    — by Sajith Gamage 3 months ago

  • How to renew my expire date

    — by Hariram Thakur 3 months ago

  • Please delete my account

    — by Arnhardt 3 months ago

  • Mein GPS Tracker ist offline, Telefonnummer 016095301331, Imei 352672103637310.

    Was muss ich tun , damit der Tracker in der App wieder online ist.


    Hans Jürgen Arnhardt

    — by Arnhardt 3 months ago

  • bonjour monsieur jai égaré mon mot de passe

    — by TOURE 3 months ago

  • RAS

    — by TOURE 3 months ago

  • My tracking is expired how do I renew it

    — by Tevin 3 months ago

  • I bought this tracker some time ago but never used that i want to use it it says the platform has expired

    — by Wayne 3 months ago

  • how can I recover the forgotten password

    — by Nino gps 3 months ago

  • Please reponse to my complain.

    I van't login to my app dagps. Forget password.
    What to do

    — by Jan Kiefte 3 months ago

  • Resit password

    — by Mell Mell 3 months ago

  • What does undefined mean?

    — by Happiness courage 3 months ago

  • How do I register an account under your company, without being under a superior customer

    — by Happiness courage 3 months ago

  • Hello

    I have app v20010401
    I forget my password.

    You to get in again

    — by Jan Kiefte 3 months ago

  • good afternoon.
    when i log on to my app it says your device has expired.
    can you tell me how to fix this please.

    — by Dean Georgiou 3 months ago

  • i forgot my password for do i set a new password.

    — by Alifsaad 3 months ago

  • Ai,m forgot password DAgps

    — by Alifsaad 3 months ago

  • I,m forgot my DAgps password

    — by Alifsaad 3 months ago

  • Im forgot password

    — by Alifsaad 3 months ago

  • Forgot the password dagps

    — by Didli nurawnsyah 3 months ago

  • I forget id n password

    — by Lames Kidz 3 months ago

  • ho bisogno di sapere come rinnovare l'abbonamento, grazie.

    — by Nello 3 months ago

  • Hello sir madam
    I bought and installed the DAGPS GPS tracking device a while ago and my subscription expired a while ago.
    I want to renew the subscription.
    Please let me know where and how to subscribe again.

    Bonjour Monsieur/Madame
    J'ai acheté et installé depuis un moment l'appareil de tracking GPS de DAGPS et depuis un moment mon abonnement à expiré.
    Je souhaite renouveler l'abonnement.
    Merci de bien vouloir m'indiquer où et comment me réabonner.

    — by cerebro 3 months ago

  • My Phone got stolen and I don't remember my passward but I got the unit and the number

    — by Anthony Wineapple 4 months ago

  • How to renew my expired device?

    — by Mark Anthony Dacasin 4 months ago

  • cant see how to apply for dagps renewal

    — by Stewart Edwards 4 months ago

  • Ourcar GPS tracker expired the globe simcard last July 2,2022, then I changed the simcard to Smart on the GPS unfortunately can not locate the gps in the car even I registerd the new simcard number. the DAGPS Promt the current device has expired wheter to renew? when i login @ Indicated Hello, honorific user: Your device service platform has expired! Fees for nerewal

    — by Rhamzie M. Nasaluddin 4 months ago

  • Rinnovo effettuato AliExpress numero d' ordine 8152620653845694

    — by Luigi 4 months ago

  • Hi,
    I have problems to enter in my DAGPS Account linked to IMEI 352672100954056 , The User or password is not correct.
    Can I recovery my account?

    — by JAVIER DONIS GONZALEZ 4 months ago

  • estou com 2 registros e gostaria de deichar meus rastreadores em 1 aplicativo somente quando tento colocar em 1 somente ele da mensagem que já está registrado pois fiz um registro ao invés de só adicionar o imei do outro rastreador

    — by VALDECIR DE GOIS GIOVANETTI 4 months ago

  • I have a DAGPS tracker device installed in my car by a service provider but he has passed on (died) and now my account is shutdown and am offline I cannot track my car anymore please help me out. Thank you

    — by christian baatuomu 4 months ago

  • Hey, I forgot my password and user for my device (Mini GPS Car tracker), how can I factory reset the device and register it to the app?

    — by Alexander Dobrev 4 months ago

  • Hallo, ich möchte, dass Sie mir das Login-Passwort zusenden. Ich habe mein Login-Passwort vergessen. Benutzername und Passwort. Danke

    — by Svilen Blagoev 4 months ago

  • GPS saya tidak akurat lagi

    — by Helmi fuadi 4 months ago

  • Saya lupa kata sandi saat masuk dagps, apa ada solusi

    — by Putra denny indrawan sista 4 months ago

  • Good day

    I had registered device Number 352672101169571 about a year ago. I got a message to say it has expired. I forgot my login details also How do I renew my registration.

    — by Katlego Serumola 4 months ago

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