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Why should I report an Issue with DAGPS?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of deaoke to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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DAGPS Customer Insights

1. When I log in to each of the device ID's on the website I get a pop up telling me that they have expired and gives my own phone number to contact! Not helpful and I'm very annoyed, would be happy to pay for an extension if reasonably priced to continue using this platform, but as far as I can see that is just simply not possible.Good item,we have used this platform for years and no problem,only thing is stopped notifications in & out of geo fence but no big deal.... I did pay years ago and was turned off after 12 months but paid about £4-£5 for lifetime platform and still active 3 years later.... Have to log onto alibaba and pay via that app.....but all good here.. Even lost log in details and messaged them last week and they sent details...The app stopped working on my phone.

2. Wont't receive notifications on Android smartphone anymore even if no battery optimisation and autostart are toggled, and notification authority is granted!Poor app, unable to register device as already in use, hmm supposed to be a new device out of box? but frankly the app is pants no way of refreshing for new install Hmmm they like to take your money for devices, and supply a useless app, and as others have mentioned it expires rendering it utter unusable for device and the pants app, poor!! very poor.Lil laggy but not too bad.

3. Password is 123456 unless u changed on the tracker itself as password stays with the device id untill hard reset.In realtime, it has lot of delay, some time location changes after 1 minute, but in playback it shows all the points.

4. I wouldn't recommend this app as it doesn't work and fails to notify when vehicle is moved no matter how many times you alter the settings.Edit June 2023: Notification issues solved.

5. But after the last update, it stopped giving real time movement of the vehicle.

6. upload is set at 10 secondsThe App has been working fine, giving me real time movement & location of my car.

7. Please this should be looked into so that the users can continue to enjoy the facilities it heard before the last update.I have 3 trackers on this platform, and one by one they have all apparently "Expired" no way of renewing them that I can see.

8. The vehicle can be on motion for several KM but it will be showing the vehicle is not moving then it will suddenly jump to a location.

9. I just tried checking the location of my car because i feel i am not in a safe neighbourhood, only to find out that the app is showing that i am still at home.

10. Had my motorbike stolen and was able to direct the police to it's location.

11. I doesn't give me exact locations and it doesn't carry out any commands.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix DAGPS Issues

1. Fix DAGPS Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart DAGPS: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the DAGPS App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "DAGPS" » Open DAGPS » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for DAGPS » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear DAGPS app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from DAGPS servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "DAGPS" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check DAGPS app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, DAGPS might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall DAGPS. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall DAGPS then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing DAGPS not working

2. Fix DAGPS Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make DAGPS be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to DAGPS not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, DAGPS may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I don’t remember my old password and the number i use in registration

    — by Ajibola moses 2 months ago


    — by bello luigi 3 months ago

  • Hallo, ich habe eine Frage, warum ich die Plattform seit einiger Zeit nicht nutzen kann. Danke

    — by Svilen Blagoev 4 months ago

  • Good day, my device has expired and I am unable to login in order to get imie number, could you send it me so I can apply for the lifetime subscription, my username is 352672104834676

    — by Sammo Sampson 4 months ago

  • Buenas, perdi los datos de mi cuenta, tengo el imei pero al querer entrar me dice la app de que la cuenta ha sido creada en otro dispositivo

    — by Alan Aca 4 months ago

  • My device lags showing the location. The Signal field shows the current time but the “located” field shows earlier time. The device is in a different spot now.
    I have checked the internet provider is working properly and the device has 100% charge.

    — by Harut 4 months ago

  • Helló! I need Your help to solve my log in problem. I forgot my password to my DAGPS account. My email address is hussytamas@redacted

    — by Tamás Biró 4 months ago

  • Hallo, I have lost my access data for DAGPS?
    IMEI : 352672106725104

    — by Hans-Dieter 4 months ago

  • I cant login to app

    — by Malith Thennakoon 5 months ago

  • When I open the app it is saying status: expired. How do I renew it?

    — by Sheleka Jackson 5 months ago

  • Sir my dagps accurate gps tracker gt06 not fuel cut off all connection ok relay work ok but vickle engine not stop I send commands fuel cut off commands send and success but fuel not cut off plz solve my problem how can I resolve this issue

    — by Muhammad Jamil 5 months ago

  • How can I do a renewal on my tracker

    — by Germain 5 months ago

  • Hello, I have forgotten my password to enter the application. How to restore or set a new password. The account login is my phone number +48604633272
    Thank you.

    — by Damian 5 months ago

  • Hello, I have purched your device GT06, IMEI: 352672107816167, it dose not working, it offline all the time, there is unposible to make any setting through the App like APN or ICCID. can you help me? do you have any efective manual?

    — by Ambon 5 months ago

  • I wasn't able to use the app for tracking purposes since I was logged out for months now because I didn't remember the login information

    Now that I remember it's saying my device has expired. What does that mean please and how I can reinstate the service

    — by Samantha Henry 6 months ago

  • My Dagps telling me that it’s expire and I don’t think I even reach a year with it installed in my vechilw

    — by Diantha Holmes 6 months ago

  • Peace be upon you, I am Rachid from Morocco. I forgot the password while registering the account. I want to deregister the device number 352672107619686 and re-register another account or cancel the account. Thank you..

    — by Rachid 6 months ago

  • Hi
    I had to delete and reinstall the DAGPS app. I can't remember my logins.
    Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards

    — by Colin Russell 6 months ago

  • Peace be upon you, I am Rachid from Morocco. I forgot the password while registering the account. I want to deregister the device number 352672107619686 and re-register another account or cancel the account. Thank you.

    — by Rachid 6 months ago

  • J ai oublié le mote de passe je n arrive pas a connecter a mon compte 😔

    — by Rachid 6 months ago

  • 352672102740115
    Your device has expired?

    — by Paul 6 months ago

  • Your device has expired

    — by Paul 6 months ago

  • I installed gps trakers in 2cars of a customer and opened a dagps account on my phone for testing now um trying to add to his account ,when I enter the Imei numbers they say they are bonded to my phone. How do I unbond them and transfer to his account? Pliz help

    — by Kismet Madho 7 months ago

  • I installed gps trakers in 2cars of a customer and opened a dagps account on my phone for testing now um trying to add to his account ,when I enter the Imei numbers they say they are bonded to my phone. How do I unbond them and transfer to his account? Pliz help

    — by Kismet Madho 7 months ago

  • My tracker is saying expired. How do I renew it?

    — by Kitwana 7 months ago

  • I do not get confirmation text and the commands sent via the app
    Shows waiting

    — by Rhonda King 7 months ago

  • Hi,
    I need register multiple devices in to the one app.. That means i need use 5 vehicle in one app. Please help me.

    — by Gayan Rathnayake 7 months ago

  • Hi my device ID is 087075063721 I broke my old phone and can't rember the password and didn't associate any email to account, please help reset password

    — by Kim 7 months ago

  • J'ai perdu mon identifiant et mon mot de passe

    — by Paga 7 months ago

  • The application does not work and it says to me that it is not activated even though I have done all the steps

    — by abdel zrigo 7 months ago

  • Good day im having anissue with my system
    I am unable to login and the status shows that it is expired... how do i fix this?

    — by Chaunte 7 months ago

  • Hi my device ID is 4210746004, I broke my old phone and can't rember the password and didn't associate any email to account, please help reset password.

    — by mike james 7 months ago

  • Hello. I have 2 gps trackers, which have worked perfectly. Last week my phone crashed, and now I can't connect the app on the new phone. The message I get is that the trackers are being used by someone else.
    I don't have a username and password.
    MVH Tommy.

    — by Tommy Andersson 7 months ago

  • Hallo, ich würde gerne fragen, warum mein GPS nicht mehr funktioniert. Nummer – IMEl:352672103467981 – Kartennummer: +37257985630

    — by Svilen Blagoev 8 months ago

  • Забыл пароль от трекера

    — by дмитрий 8 months ago

  • I Forget my password DAGPS imei : 352672106989874

    — by Mouhamadoul amine Thiam 8 months ago

  • Please I will be grateful if my account with a login username name can be reset for me . I ran transport in my country and I bought trackers and mange them on your app . The password is not working again for some time now and I have merge 5 trackers there so.i need your assistance.
    Below is the username

    — by EMMANUEL AGYARKO BOABENG 8 months ago

  • Good day, when login i get divise expired. How do i solve this problem?

    — by Albertus 8 months ago

  • No waking

    — by 352887079115782 8 months ago

  • Ime

    — by Sisay Berihanu 9 months ago

  • Hello
    How can i change the number in app

    — by Sarmad kfm 9 months ago

  • Account expired, how do I renew my subscription

    — by Shamillion 9 months ago

  • I want to register DAGPS. How do I pay?

    — by Orcino 9 months ago

  • Dagps isnot works

    — by Sisay Berihanu 9 months ago

  • i had purchased DAGPS devices from china but i use in malaysia the device cant use due to the ICCID no same with malaysia may i ask this can help me delete the ICCID or any solution

    — by Kenny law 9 months ago

  • HI

    — by Kenny law 9 months ago

  • Hi I want to check my DAGPS devices why all
    Offline ? The device all light on and data also have but when using the DAGPS apps the device show off line

    — by Kenny law 9 months ago

  • Dear Team.
    My Android DAGPS app told me "Ihr Gerät ist abgelaufen (is German)". Google translation is Your device has expired
    What I have to do to use the tracker with the DAGPS App?

    — by Oliver Meiser 10 months ago

  • I bought 5 pieces of DAGPS tracker device but I've not been able to add all the devices together so I can track. I am only able to install one but cant add the rest

    — by Adroit Fleet 10 months ago

  • Hallo, ich bräuchte vor ein paar Tagen Hilfe. Mein GPS ist abgelaufen. Ich habe es zweimal aufgeladen, aber es lässt sich nicht aktivieren. Bitte helfen Sie mir mit der Kartennummer+37257985630

    — by Svilen Blagoev 10 months ago

  • Can u delete this account Azaruddin@87 and device inside this account put into this account 0139235698 . Need help fast, today please. After done , kindly email me back

    — by tsdwealthempire 11 months ago

  • Hello can you transfer this device 352672106266133 into my new account 0139235698. I will appreciate it so much please

    — by tsdwealthempire 11 months ago

  • Hello, i want to take existing device into my new register account, bcause right now i use 2 account separately to monitor my 2 gps, not efficient for me. Can you help me? I kindly wait for ur respond, im using GT06A, cut off & voice monitoring gps.

    — by tsdwealthempire 11 months ago

  • How can I own an administrator account to enable me register more than one job?

    — by Amadi Joel chimezie 11 months ago

  • I can't create a username for my clients each time I am done working for them please can you kindly help me so that I can own an administrator account to enable me do registration for my customers after installation

    — by Amadi Joel chimezie 11 months ago

  • Hi, I have a GT06 tracker with IMEI 352672105406854 but didn't cut off fuel when command was sent.
    also, how do I hard reset a GT06 tracker whose Password I have forgotten

    — by Richter 11 months ago

  • i forget my gps tracker gt 06 password , what should i do ?

    — by ANDRY MULIAWAN 1 year ago

  • Hi, having a problem with my tracker just keeps saying expired can you help

    — by Philip Dolphin 1 year ago

  • Need renew my device (service platform expired) due to not longer in use.

    — by Nathan 1 year ago

  • Need renew my device due to long year not in use

    — by Nathan 1 year ago

  • Meu dispositivo Expirou IMEI 352672104702196, necessito renovar

    — by RICARDO CARVALHO 1 year ago

  • I want to renew my expired application

    — by Paul Oscar 1 year ago

  • Not getting notifications on phone as notification button on app greyed out. Have done everything as suggested by others on forums but still unable to set notifications. The alarm works on website but not on phone. Have used both Galaxy S20 and Google pixel 7 which are compatible.

    — by Brian Martin 1 year ago

  • Hi I have a tracker imi 352762104749635 I can't remember my username or password can you please advise thx James

    — by James Saddler 1 year ago

  • how to renew Dagps app is expired

    — by George Owusu 1 year ago

  • Offline issue

    — by Edimar tabor 1 year ago

  • I recently installed two devices and would like to change the username

    — by Shawn McEwan 1 year ago

  • Forgot password


    — by Rommel Baybayon 1 year ago

  • hello, im having a problem resetting my password. Can you help me recover my last password. I want to trace my car

    — by Muhammad Ariff 1 year ago

  • I have just got a gps tracker and using your app, to get a life time license do i need to send you my phone imei number or tracker imei number

    — by Colin p Harris 1 year ago

  • Здравствуйте! Как удалить аккаунт и IMEI ?

    — by Альберт 1 year ago

  • +79870985612

    — by Альберт 1 year ago

  • My gps tracker not active and i forgot my SIM number, i lost my car and signal gps off. Please help me to find my gps signal

    — by Dewi 1 year ago

  • Gps doesn't track the way on time it's Mark parking position on the way but real time vehicle doesn't stop.and when the road with some bends tracker will show straight line

    — by Chamara Nishamal 1 year ago

  • Hi, please I a technician in Cameroon who installs gps trackers, most of my customers seem to be interested in your brand of tracker but i realized the free web feature expires after a year. Please can I have unlimited access to your server so the trackers of my clients will always have the web access for their mobile app? If yes, please do tell me what it’s going to take and what it is going to cost me for that.

    — by Chenwi 1 year ago

  • Hi help me to renew this DAGPS DEVICE IMEI 352672103799490


    — by Priya 1 year ago

  • Hello, I sent a message on Thursday, April 20, 2023, until now I did not get any answer and the device I got is not working, I did not get any use of it???

    — by Khaled ALSarawi 1 year ago

  • My gps tracker has expired how can you help

    — by Ison 1 year ago

  • Ich möchte ein neues Konto mit neuer Nummer anlegen

    — by FALKON 1 year ago

  • Danke

    — by FALKON 1 year ago

  • 352672100518638

    i forget my password please help


    — by haider 1 year ago

  • My Mobile No: 00966505924148
    the SIM CARD NO: 899663321 - 116481899
    I got a car tracker after installing it's not active I use a DATA SIM CARD, tracker No. 352672106398746

    — by Khaled ALSarawi 1 year ago

  • I forgot my password then tried to register again my account for new simcard number and password but still did not let me log in on my account. Please just reset may username and password. This is my gps no - 352672105835631. Thanks.

    — by Ryan 1 year ago

  • Hi I need to change the number registered to the device

    — by Lee Llewellyn 1 year ago

  • I can not find the username licence

    — by Ali Salem Al Dhaheri 1 year ago

  • Срок действия gps трекера истек. Как продлить срок в приложении, и можно ли подключить платную подписку на приложение?

    — by Evgeny 1 year ago

  • Is like someone is using my device imel number

    — by GODSTIME 1 year ago

  • My dagps app imel number is not added to my device

    — by GODSTIME 1 year ago

  • We have bought a van with DAGPS in it and need to change the details from the old owner to our details. How do we do that please? We don't know where the tracker is on the van so don't have it's number

    — by Kyla Watson 1 year ago

  • I can't get my password reset

    — by Michel bellefeuille 1 year ago

  • When in logged in its says your device has expired

    — by Jovito L. Naranjo IV 1 year ago

  • Hello dear .
    Im hassan . Please help me i forget username and password what i can do know ?

    — by Hassan Chainakh 1 year ago

  • Sim card help plz

    — by paul biffel 1 year ago

  • I would like to recover my password

    — by Bader 1 year ago

  • How to find user id and reset password?
    Forgot user id and password

    — by Audrey tan 1 year ago

  • How to find user id and reset password?
    Forgot user id and password

    — by Audrey tan 1 year ago

  • I forgot password on dagps . I scan imei from gps ,and forget password so what can i do ?

    — by Rachad 1 year ago

  • I cant create a user account for DAGPS, please help me.

    — by Egzon 1 year ago

  • I forgot password and user name

    — by Moosa 1 year ago

  • Yes

    — by SSEGUJJA GODFREY 1 year ago