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Litmatch—Make new friends Features and Description

Litmatch is about making new friends and having fun Many young and cool people in litmatch can show themselves without any worries and meet the right person . A lot of them have become friends,even couples. Awesome features: Chat anonymously through random match in litmatch, Only add each other as a friend when both of you feel the connection. 7 mins Limited call,listen to a tender and sweet voice whenever and wherever A safe place where you can share your honest thoughts and feelings palm reading,predict your love health and job Questions? Contact us at [email protected] by litmatch team

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • my account is banned but i dont know why my account is banned plss help me this is my I'd account 22243239951

    — by Shane Rizaldo on Jan 21 2022

  • Eu fui BANIDA até terça por causa de uma foto onde eu estou apenas de biquíni, existe várias meninas que postam foto de CALSINHA e sutiã e não acontece nada, mais quando eu postei uma foto de BIQUINI eu fui BANIDA, gostaria que tirassem o meu ban pq não tem motivo algum para isso

    — by Ana Beatriz on Jan 21 2022

  • Sry po dko po alam kung bakit na banned Ang acc ko Wala nmn po Ako ginawang masama

    — by Valerie on Jan 21 2022

  • BAN_ID 3507595

    — by Junix Paule on Jan 21 2022

  • I did nothing wrong why am i ban?

    — by Josel on Jan 21 2022

  • My acc have been blocked

    — by Alia on Jan 21 2022

  • I waIs banned without doing anything Your was app so amazing but what the heck, I have a chat buddies there please Do your own job fair I didn't do anything that my account can banned, tangina!!! Nakakagigil!!! Plase let this fix now!!!!!! Ban ID3505208

    — by angelo Gatus Tecson on Jan 21 2022

  • hello im on call and then suddenly my account was banned my account was banned by a mistake my BAN_ID 3488286

    — by irene on Jan 21 2022

  • Cant log in to my acc

    — by eiser on Jan 21 2022

  • I just got banned becuz it says that I’m a minor when I’m already an adult and I am 19 years old Lit ID:2153220802

    — by Beyang on Jan 21 2022

  • 2488481702 please ban this user bullying

    — by Johnmichael on Jan 21 2022

  • My account was banned
    BAN_ID 3498979

    — by Park jhai mhe on Jan 21 2022

  • 3457195 sorry

    — by Kuyalevs on Jan 21 2022

  • BAN ID 3493317

    Hi. I love using Litmatch can you please unbanned my account?

    — by Faiz on Jan 21 2022

  • I can't login into litmatch

    — by Aliff on Jan 21 2022

  • Saya ingin akun saya tidak di block

    — by Nisa on Jan 21 2022

  • 3490223

    — by Laurence on Jan 20 2022

  • Paunban

    — by Katy t. Tico on Jan 20 2022

  • Saya tidak melakukan kesalahan tolong buka lagi akun saya

    — by Casper on Jan 20 2022

  • Unnlock my akun litmatch

    — by Casper on Jan 20 2022

  • My account hass bin bann

    — by Laurence on Jan 20 2022

  • Ban

    — by Nazmi01 on Jan 20 2022

  • please unbanned my account i have so many friends there and my girlfriend waiting me to reply i don't have any communication to my girlfriend except litmatch please unbanned my account🥺

    — by Jake on Jan 20 2022

  • I'm single

    — by Mike on Jan 20 2022

  • S totoo lng po ngkaron nman aq Ng mga friends dun at nkakausap kso un iba kya q po nbababara kc my kabastusan n po kc kya d nman aq gnun, kya nga aq ngpunta s litmatch pra mgkaron lng Ng friends or my mkausap bukod dun nagpopost aq Ng pic pero d q po alm f bakit wla nman aq msama s pinost q un lng po thanks po ulit

    — by Joy Mutya E.Flor on Jan 20 2022

  • Pero nun one time n nagusap kmi Ng friends q hapon aq nabanned pero my nagchat po skin Ng emoji angry Yun tnanong ko po bakit galit sya skin, d q nman sya kilala, ngayon eto po kng my nsabi man po aq Ng d magnda humingi aq Ng sorry kc pla biro lng po aq s cnsbi q n words n hello s mga tago ai d q po alm n nkakasama pla, pero Sana po I unbanned nyo nman po aq s litmatch d n po mauulit un, ngaun kng d nman po aq I unbanned ok d n po aq mgpupumilit un lng po thanks po salamat s Ilan buwan n nksama q ang litmatch

    — by Joy Mutya E.Flor on Jan 20 2022

  • I don't know if how to banned me

    — by Joy Mutya E.Flor on Jan 20 2022

  • saya ingin membuat akun litmatch

    — by nurhadi on Jan 20 2022

  • 2796531

    — by 𝒩𝓊𝓇 𝒽𝒶𝓎𝒶𝓉𝒾 on Jan 20 2022

  • Why my account litmatch me banned

    — by Azlyn on Jan 20 2022

  • Libangan lang

    — by Ayessha pajarillaga on Jan 20 2022

  • Minha conta foi banida por uma coisa que não fiz

    — by Maryah on Jan 20 2022

  • I want to come again in litmatch user

    — by Joy Mutya E.Flor on Jan 20 2022

  • U

    — by Uuu on Jan 20 2022

  • Sorry litmatch my account was ban for saying bad words and I do not repeat it

    — by Yoshi on Jan 20 2022

  • Padahal saya tidak melakukan apa-apa tapi akun saya di ban

    — by 𝑃𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑖ᥫ᭡. on Jan 20 2022

  • Why would you ban your recruiting lng a few times a few times that you're going to have to fix your app?

    — by Ben on Jan 20 2022

  • Unban me because you ban me by mistake

    — by Yhuriiii on Jan 20 2022

  • Paano ma paltan age sa litmatch

    — by Mark jay on Jan 20 2022

  • BAN_ID 3457195 I didn't break litmatch rules at all and I don't use foul words to other users.

    — by Kuyalevs on Jan 20 2022

  • i got banned for talking dove

    — by Igorprestes on Jan 20 2022

  • promise I won't send it now

    — by Mae on Jan 20 2022

  • promise I won't send it now

    — by Mae on Jan 20 2022

  • I'm sorry litmatch I don't know what my mistake and if I have a mistake I do not do it again I promise..

    — by Santino on Jan 20 2022

  • No Cometí Falta

    — by Andrew on Jan 20 2022

  • I hope you accept litmach thank you

    — by Cherish on Jan 19 2022

  • I don't know

    — by Cessie on Jan 19 2022

  • Hesabım niye kapandı ben kötü bişey yapmamisim

    — by Nurullah on Jan 19 2022

  • Foi engano litmatch, quero minha conta de volta

    — by Maria luiza on Jan 19 2022

  • Please back my acc

    — by |ᵏⁱᵃ𝑛𝑛𝑎✰ on Jan 19 2022

  • Please give me a chance

    — by Bella on Jan 19 2022

  • 3473025

    — by Clark on Jan 19 2022

  • 3473025

    — by Clark on Jan 19 2022

  • Im sorry

    — by Clark on Jan 19 2022

  • i can’t open my litmatch account because of “the age does not meet the litmatch requirements” but i’m already 18 years old

    — by dom on Jan 19 2022

  • Lol

    — by David Toribio24 on Jan 19 2022

  • My acc is banned

    — by David Toribio24 on Jan 19 2022

  • They banned me ,,wala nmn akong nilabag na rules

    — by Jezza Villaruel on Jan 19 2022

  • BAN_ID 3471725

    — by drei on Jan 19 2022

  • sorry i did not know that the word "jabol" is not allowed HAHAHAHA

    — by drei on Jan 19 2022

  • why my account ban ?

    — by imran on Jan 19 2022

  • I've been banned by Litmatch because of my age restriction even though i'm already 23, I don't get it why i'm banned. Please fox it please i'm already 23 years old i'm not a kiddo anymore

    — by Janela on Jan 19 2022

  • my account is a banned device with no violation being committed and just had a miss understanding
    BAN_ID 2883526

    — by Redthreexydelacruz on Jan 19 2022

  • Gk bisa login padahal gk berkata kasar

    — by Eza_23 on Jan 19 2022

  • I cannot sign in

    — by Kena mae cierdo pader on Jan 19 2022

  • 918593495695716

    — by kerul on Jan 19 2022

  • Im really sorry please unbanned my account

    — by Jhon Acziel Fabreag on Jan 19 2022

  • Mi cuenta fué bloqueada y yo sin saber porqué!

    — by Dylanxxxxxx on Jan 19 2022

  • Please help me to remove my banned its a mistake
    Thankyou for youre considaration litmatch

    — by Kenneth pangilinan on Jan 19 2022

  • Me bloquearon mi cuenta litmatch

    — by Juanramonlovin508 on Jan 19 2022

  • Unbanned

    — by Kiyan on Jan 19 2022

  • não consigo entra com minha conta

    — by cowboy on Jan 19 2022

  • Fui banido injustamente e não sei pq

    — by Kaike on Jan 19 2022

  • What happend im banned litmacth

    — by Chirstian on Jan 18 2022

  • Why is my other account banned? I did not do anything wrong..It was heyys who did all the trouble so plz gave me back my accnt..I promise I will educate them again..

    — by Jhai on Jan 18 2022

  • X boleh masuk

    — by Beehoitan on Jan 18 2022

  • suddenly hit by a bane

    — by Mohd shahrularis on Jan 18 2022

  • Ban

    — by Mohd shahrularis on Jan 18 2022

  • Me podrían desbloquear por favor

    — by Eduardo on Jan 18 2022

  • Help i need my account

    — by Miyul on Jan 18 2022

  • I get suspended from app without doing anything.......
    It says that i am under age but no i am not i am 14 years old....
    I want my account to be recovered

    — by Acharya Anish on Jan 18 2022

  • 3456595

    — by travis on Jan 18 2022

  • ban my acc for no reason

    — by travis on Jan 18 2022

  • Na ban acc ko

    — by Thumbilina on Jan 18 2022

  • 3439923

    — by Frankie Dumlao on Jan 18 2022

  • I complained about my account because my account was banned I'm sorry for what happen cuz i say a word that improper. This is my id 2192086630 so please i would get it back my account thankyou

    — by Stella Marie Reprado on Jan 18 2022

  • akaun saya kena banned

    — by ninie on Jan 18 2022

  • Me bloquearon por subir una foto q n tiene nada d malo

    — by Eduardo on Jan 18 2022

  • My account was banned just now for no reason, I was talking to a friend and I was banned, I didn't say much

    — by Samyra on Jan 18 2022

  • wan2224

    — by 💌wan_ex5🇲🇾💌 on Jan 18 2022

  • I want my account unbanned because i want to talk to strangers, I am just very sorry for what i have done i'm really sorry pls unbanned my account

    — by Romina Reasonda on Jan 18 2022

  • Minha conta foi banida sendo q eu não fiz nada

    — by Pablo arthur on Jan 18 2022

  • My age is wrong

    — by Clover on Jan 18 2022

  • Litmatch gusto kona po ulit mabuksan acc ko😣😥
    ito po yung. BAN_ID 3440112

    — by Makro Mandigma on Jan 18 2022

  • Kenapa tk blh bukak

    — by Batrisyia on Jan 18 2022

  • Not yet

    — by Dodi on Jan 18 2022

  • Plssss po Litmatch pa unbanned po ng acc ko plsssss miss kona yung mga friends ko plssss pa unbanned po.
    Hindi kopo mabuksan hanggang ngayon😭

    — by Makro Mandigma on Jan 18 2022

  • Litmatch pa unbanned napo ng acc ko plsss..wala naman po akong ginawang masama,nakikipag communicates lang naman po ako sa iba na ka soulmates ko.BAN_ID 3440112

    — by Makro Mandigma on Jan 18 2022

  • eman08

    — by kerul on Jan 18 2022

  • BAN_ID: 3444870
    i just posted my picture wearing swimsuit in beaches i have been then till my account was banned at that moment... please unblock my account and I will do whatever correction will you ask to correct my mistakes...

    — by Getrude Maxxinne on Jan 18 2022

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