Published by NAVER Corp. on Mar 19, 2024

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Why should I report an Issue with 네이버 - NAVER?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of NAVER Corp. to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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About 네이버 - NAVER

1. Additionally, you can immediately access frequently-used tools, such as weather and Pay, through tiles and complications. -The weather information is provided only in Korea. - Location: You can use features, including location-based information navigation and search, and attach your current location. - Camera: Attach photos, or search for information using QR codes or images. - Files and media (photo, video, music, audio): Use media files stored on your device (photos, videos, etc. ) to use features, such as image search. - Microphone: Features, such as voice and music search, voice translation, and voice attachment are available for use. - Contacts: The contact information stored on your device can be used for features, such as wire transfer, gifting, and address book. - Phone: Access permission is required to verify the mobile phone number on the device you are currently using when using features such as NAVER certification, login without password, and NAVER Pay. - Physical activity: Access permission is required to count the number of steps on NAVER’s pedometer service. - Notification: Access permission is required to receive information on key announcements, events, and promotions, or check the number of steps counted by the pedometer service on the device notification center (Only available on devices with OS version 13. 0 or higher).

2. You can enjoy various search functions more conveniently, including Lens that searches for information based on images, music search that finds the music you’re curious about, voice search for hands-free searching, and location-based search for information about neighborhoods, such as restaurants.

3. The device on your wrist allows you to check information that changes in real-time, such as the weather and stock prices, and use membership, coupons, and the on-site payment feature.

4. Use various tabs depending on your needs: 'Home' for information that you check every day, ‘Clip’ for short-form videos that you can enjoy quickly and easily, ‘Content’ for news and other reading materials, and ‘Shopping’ for smart shopping tailored to your taste.

5. You can get unlimited recommendations for customized content based on your interests and consumption patterns within NAVER, from ‘smart block’ that bundles content related to keywords you searched to ‘My favorite theme’ based on your consumption patterns. 3.

6. You can get recommendations focusing on the topics of your interest, from vlog content to live performances of your favorite singer. Simply bring up Na. from the top of the home screen when you need personal tools, such as on-site payment, coupons, membership, pass, certification, and reservations. 5.

7. Check life essential information on the very first page, widget board.

8. Home provides a widget board for you to check today’s weather, stock prices, and frequently-used services more quickly. 2.

9. Try out Green Dot, an AI search tool that adds convenience to your daily life.

10. The NAVER app provides four tabs for different types of content.

11. Make your daily life convenient with the Green Dot AI search.

네이버 Customer Insights

1. This review is primarily for the English language version, although no matter if I write a location in English or hangul (the Korean alphabet), I keep receiving the "No results" display, even when choosing from Naver's own list of auto-complete options! Furthermore, because phonetization of Korean into English letters can be spelled in various ways, it's difficult to search for a specific place if you're typing in English, which is probably the most common use-case for foreign visitors who are not familiar with hangul.

2. Everytime you try to do that it'll bring you back to back to the sign in page.I really love and want to vote for k soul but the languange barrier between global fans with no knowledge about korean languange is really hard, I hope they can have this app with English.

3. Thinking about finding an APK for an older version.While the details of the map itself and the real-time subway/bus information warrant 5 stars, the search engine optimization is awful for the English language version of this app in my specific use case.

4. After submitting the paperwork to Naver for "real name" in support for QR code, I was updated to the latest version which does not have an English setting like the previous version (unless they are hiding it really well).

5. Please fix it immediately :> I know they have a translator, but we also can have a choice for it to have English as a main languange :>Hard to Navigate for International Fans, little to Non English options, plus the App is basically a Web Viewer instead of an actual App, pls do upgrade if ever...You can easily find what you are looking for.

6. Trash.After an update, it shows error and off the appCan you allow foreigners to use their ID cards to read your webtoon series 😭😭😭😭 I'm sad I can't read manhwa anymore because I live in Indonesia I've forgotten how to verify webtoon 19+ please make it easier for outsiders whether ID card or phone number can be tracked quickly by other countries if you want to read webtoons 19+.

7. Naver needs to improve their algorithm to allow for variances in the English spelling of Korean place-names.

8. The redesign could be pretty nifty if it was in English but you aren't able to use the new navigation until you figure out what each one is because there is no ability to translate the landing page.

9. Without a much better search engine for English users, this app only rates a 2 out of 5 for me.Trash app.

10. Since it is a Korean search engine, it is very normal for the main language of the application to be Korean.

11. You can translate the pages you enter into English using the application's own translation.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix 네이버 Issues

1. Fix 네이버 Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart 네이버: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the 네이버 App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "네이버" » Open 네이버 - NAVER » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for 네이버 » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear 네이버 - NAVER app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from 네이버 servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "네이버 - NAVER" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check 네이버 app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, 네이버 might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall 네이버. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall 네이버 then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing 네이버 not working

2. Fix 네이버 Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make 네이버 be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to 네이버 not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, 네이버 may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

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