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The History of the 25 Prophets Features and Description

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters. The long most awaited app is finally here and available for you to download for free without a penny. This is the app developed to let you have access to the stories of the 25 most famous prophets of Allah. The history of the prophets are all in audio mp3 version online, the one you have been waiting for. The stories of the 25 prophets is composed by Sheikh Mufti Musa Ismaeel Menk of Zimbabwe online version with internet connection. About the App Allah has sent prophets to humanity, in different times and places, to communicate His message. Since the beginning of time, Allah has sent His guidance through these chosen people. In this application, a list of stories from the life of the prophets are presented. The stories are, 1. Prophet Adam A.S 2. Prophet Idris (Enoch) A.S 3. Prophet Nuh (Noah) A.S 4. Prophet Hud A.S 5. Prophet Salih A.S 6. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) A.S 7. Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael) A.S 8. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) A.S 9. Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) A.S 10. Prophet Lot (Lot) A.S 11. Prophet Shuaib A.S 12. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) A.S 13. Prophet Ayoub (Job) A.S 14 . Prophet Dhul-Kifl A.S 15. Prophet Yunus (Jonah) A.S 16. Prophet Musa (Moses) & Harun (Aaron) A.S 17. Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel) A.S 18. Prophet Elyas (Elisha) A.S 19. Prophet Shammil (Samuel) A.S 20. Prophet Dawud (David) A.S 21. Prophet Sulaiman (Soloman) A.S 22. Prophet Shia (Isaiah) A.S 23. Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) A.S 24. Prophet Daniel A.S 25. Prophet Uzair (Ezra) A.S 26. Prophet Zakariyah (Zechariah) A.S 27. Prophet Yahya (John) A.S 28. Prophet Isa (Jesus) A.S All of them FREE In Shaa Allah. About the speaker Biography; Early life Menk was born in Harare, where he undertook his initial studies. Menk then went on to obtain a degree in Shariah Law from the Islamic University of Madinah. Following this, he went on to specialize in Islamic jurisprudence in Gujarat, India. Work He is the director of the Daar ul Ilm (Islamic Educational Centre) of the Majlisul Ulama which caters to the educational needs of the Muslim population of Zimbabwe. Menk is known especially in eastern Africa and also teaches internationally. Menk has pledged his aid in curbing religious extremism in the Maldives. Homophobic rhetoric The Huffington Post has described Menk as an "openly homophobic Islamic preacher" who has denounced gay people as "filthy". In 2013, he was due to visit six British universities – Oxford, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow – but the speaking tour was cancelled after student unions and university officials expressed concern about his views. Menk's controversial statement included these words: "How can you engage in acts of immorality with the same sex? … The Qur'an clearly says it is wrong what you are doing ... Allah speaks about how filthy this is. … With all due respect to the animals, [homosexuals] are worse than animals." In a retraction, Menk has subsequently stated that he based these comments on a misguided notion and that he is not at all homophobic. Awards and recognition Menk was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate of Social Guidance by Aldersgate College, Philippines and it’s collaborative partner Aldersgate College – Dublin, Ireland on 16 April 2016. KSBEA 2015 Awards - Global Leadership Award in Social Guidance was awareded by Cochin Herald.

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