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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Selfhealing MediApps to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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Singing Bowls : Meditative Music Features and Description

Tibetan singing bowls chakra meditation music with relaxation candle for chakras stimulation and balancing. this application stimulate your chakras aura by special music and color therapy effects for each chakra . you can meditate with closed eye or watching the meditation candle. This application uses not just sound therapy effects for each chakra but also visual effects of color therapy , for more powerful and effective meditation process. The Application includes 7 high quality melodies and beautiful animations for meditation. color healing therapy and mantras for body and mind healing and relaxation. The melodies and color healing animations are for the following Chakras: Muladhara - The root chakra meditation melody + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Swadhisthana - sacral chakra meditation tune + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Manipura - solar plexus chakra meditation music + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Anahata - heart chakra meditation melody + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Vishuddha - throat chakra music + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Anja - third eye chakra music + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. Sahasrara - the crown chakra meditation + Seed mantra + Singing Bowl. THIS VERSION INCLUDES THREE MEDITATION MODES : 1) SINGING BOWLS CLEAN SOUNS. 2) TIBETAN MONKS CHANTING 3) SEED MANTRAS , BIJA MANTRAS

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Troubleshoot and Solve Common Singing Bowls Issues

How to Fix Singing Bowls Not Working, Crashes, has Errors, Is Unresponsive, has Black screen/White screen:

To resolve these issues with Singing Bowls, we will start with troubleshooting the service itself and then account issues, then potential problems with your device. Let's get started:

  1. Check if Singing Bowls is down for everyone and not just you: A good way to know if it's not working for everyone is to check Appcontacter Singing Bowls user reports here >>. If other users are reporting that Singing Bowls is down, you'll need to wait until Singing Bowls itself fixes the issue.

  2. Clear Singing Bowls app cache: Clearing cached data will force.....

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