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Why should I report an Issue with Parler?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Parler LLC to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Parler Features and Description

{Parler is a non-biased, free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights. Create your own community and enjoy content and news in in real time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to control your social experience and be a verified member of the community! Highlights: Discover sports, news, politics, and entertainment Engage with official statements and thoughts from community leaders Experience dynamic media — like photos, and GIFs Echo, Share, Vote and Comment on Parlays Debate and Moderate Get caught up on news headlines and videos Be apart of the viral experience Find out who started following you Discover which of your Parlays were votes or echo'd Respond to comments or echos Private message your clique Share Parlays and other media Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo Tell the world what you need them to know!

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I keep trying to create an account but I can’t get past the password. After entering my own twice I try to select create account but it won’t move forward.

    — by Janet Trout on Apr 11 2021

  • First it said account was deleted, which it wasn't! Then went to recover account, and change password, it would say log in access has been restricted!

    — by Janet L Pindell on Apr 11 2021

  • I can't create an account, I've been trying for weeks now

    — by savoy37 on Apr 11 2021

  • I have been unable to create an account. Could you send a link. Hitting Next and nothing happens.

    — by Reuven Bisk on Apr 11 2021

  • I went to get on paler and I had to sign In again on the app. It said my account was deleted why?

    — by Edward yavorski on Apr 11 2021

  • When ever I try to create an account the capture program enver lets me finish

    — by larry Farrish on Apr 10 2021

  • I have been trying to reset my password but I never received an email from you to reset. Could you please send me an email to reset my password

    — by Richard Hilliard on Apr 10 2021

  • Trying recover deleted account

    — by Ralph Rowin on Apr 10 2021

  • I am having trouble getting my account up. When I try to login, it says there is no account with that email or phone number. When I try to create a new account, it says there is already a user with that email. When I try to recover my username, email address or password and enter the captcha, it does not accept it. I have tried on my phone (the app), the internet with different browsers and keep running into the same problems. My username is CareySchwenzer. My email address is [email protected] Can I please have help bring my account back up or registering a new account if my old one is gone. Thank you!

    — by Carolyn Schwenzer on Apr 09 2021

  • I was on Parler when you went off and it won’t let me establish a new account.

    — by Harold Ned Taylor on Apr 09 2021

  • I put my email in and it says invalid email ????

    — by Donna Hull on Apr 09 2021

  • I can't recover my account.... HELP !!!!!!

    — by david dewitt on Apr 09 2021

  • My comment was cited for violation. I cannot find a way to appeal. I feel I was singled out unfairly for a comment I repeated after Tucker Carlson from Fox News channel. How do I go about it. Thank you, Mark

    — by Mark on Apr 09 2021

  • Trying to change my email address

    — by Rocky Hughes on Apr 09 2021

  • Guys.. I am so fucking angry right now. Tried to create an account, and the POS site kept giving me captcha tests. I looked at the javascript console... BAD REQUEST errors everytime I submitted. WTF!? Man, this was enraging

    — by Trond Erling Hundal on Apr 08 2021

  • Ever since Parler has acquired a new host, and returned online I've been having a lot of issues with the app. Besides some of my Parleys not showing up I'm unable to check my own messages. I understand as a non-verified member I can't send messages, but being able now not see any private messages sent to me is egregious.

    — by Clinton L McCoy on Apr 08 2021

  • Hi, I have been unable to get into Parler website for several days, message says "site cannot be found". I have run diagnostics and i am spelling the site name correctly. Is there a problem with the site? Thanks so much.

    — by Barbara Kotch on Apr 08 2021

  • After logging in to Parler and entering Capcha i dont receive an SMS code. The screen retries continiously after 60 seconds. Thank you.

    — by Stephen Adams on Apr 08 2021

  • Can't get captcha to work when signing in online on my computer. The Parler app works on my Iphone.

    — by Kenny Sandifer on Apr 08 2021

  • I can't sign-in. Help!

    — by Dennis Zonn on Apr 08 2021

  • I can’t find your app on the Apple store anymore I got a new iPad and I can’t download it

    — by Stewart Tomkinson on Apr 08 2021

  • Tried to get parler app or even into parler info from Google and was told site not available no matter where I went for information. Would like to ad my website to Parler for a conservative safe haven.

    — by Paulette Martig on Apr 07 2021

  • Can’t log into my account. Keep getting:
    Networking Error. Try Again.

    — by Brook Dyer on Apr 07 2021

  • Can’t log in. When I was on platform wasn’t able to echo or anything. I logged off and now can’t get back on.

    — by Paul Horner on Apr 07 2021

  • I accidentally hit the delete account button scrolking through the app selections how do i get the account backup thankyou

    — by Richard Rydz on Apr 07 2021

  • Chaptca will not work

    — by Renan Romney on Apr 07 2021

  • I am having extreme difficulty signing up to Parler - I have tried for two weeks but it just repeatedly asks me to complete the CACHA (and after I have completed it, is just asks me over and over the repeat this step) Can you please help? Thank you, M. Ellis.

    — by Malcolm Ellis on Apr 07 2021

  • I cant log in. My number has changed and need to update it.

    — by hana on Apr 07 2021

  • Can’t accesss

    — by Helen Fromen on Apr 07 2021

  • I get an “error” message when I try to open the app. Help! I’m going thru withdrawal, it’s been 3 days now.

    — by Debora Neiland on Apr 07 2021

  • Help

    — by Diane Cole on Apr 06 2021

  • Need your help ASAP. 0 phone 845 551 6998 I’ve been barred by apple. I think

    — by Diane Cole on Apr 06 2021

  • Need your help ASAP. 0 phone 845 551 6998 I’ve been barred by apple. I think

    — by Diane Cole on Apr 06 2021

  • I can't connect to parler because it's unable to connect to host

    — by Sarah Wilson on Apr 06 2021

  • Message from you says unathorised when I try to log in.

    — by Garymarkley46 on Apr 06 2021

  • Why in the hell is my account showing deleted?

    — by Ben A Smalley on Apr 06 2021

  • Apple phone will not let me access as I have before will not let me sun in as I signed out to sign in since it not let me would not see network Parler on web cannot be seen says server cannot find need to get back on how do I do it

    — by Diane Cole on Apr 06 2021

  • Unable to access content. Message comes up that address "" not found

    — by Hope Jones on Apr 06 2021

  • I accidentally replied STOP on a verification code text. I'M NOW LOCKED OUT OF ACCOUNT. I've emailed Parler twice in last 2 days about this problem. No help there!

    — by Bonnie Tobisch on Apr 05 2021

  • I cannot get an account created...says email and/or password already exist...then it will say my passwords don’t match when trying to reset the account.

    — by Judy Heiman on Apr 05 2021

  • On trying to create an account I can't get past the capcha part. I have tried multiple times but no luck. Please help.

    — by John on Apr 05 2021

  • Trying to figure out my badge . I Was approved just before site was removed by Amazon . Badge was gone when parler returned. Sent in credentials again but no such luck. Can't open and read parleys also. Any suggestions?

    — by John Baker on Apr 05 2021

  • Trying to open an account from app won't recognise my phone no

    — by Deirdre Ryan on Apr 05 2021

  • Cant sign in, still waiting on email to reset

    — by Matthew Weller on Apr 05 2021

  • can't register

    — by philswanson on Apr 04 2021

  • Can not log into my Parler. Keeps denying access

    — by Lawrence Klemmer Sr. on Apr 03 2021

  • I can't create an account

    — by Ronald Froehlich on Apr 03 2021

  • Your registration method is incredibly, almost impossible to decipher. Ditch the "Captcha" bs, it does NOT work, no matter how many x entered, no matter how many combinations of upper/lower case used. Do you want to have memberships or not? Suggest review of process or software. Itz crazy!

    — by Tim M Miller on Apr 03 2021

  • The Catchpa is only using caps. Will not use lower case letters. I had an account before Parler switched over. I want it deleted. This is terrible.

    — by Gretchen Hughes on Apr 02 2021

  • My Android will not let me finish creating Parler account.

    — by Carolyn L Loffler on Apr 02 2021

  • My Android will not let me finish creating Parler account.

    — by Carolyn L Loffler on Apr 02 2021

  • Can't sign up

    — by Alex on Apr 02 2021

  • PIR mobile loans subscribed me and I want too unsubscribe but it won’t let me and there taking my money

    — by Dtevionne on Apr 02 2021

  • No sing in available on app

    — by Ron Vandale on Apr 01 2021

  • When I try to enter, I get a message that someone else has my e-mail or my phone number. Can I start over again new?

    — by John Huster on Apr 01 2021

  • I’ve tried changing my password 3 times and keep getting message that someone has this account. So I can’t log in. I was a customer when your site went down while being block by others.

    — by Ron Barniak on Apr 01 2021

  • Have been trying to sign in and get a Parler account and got message that I was not allowed to sign up. Do I have an account or not?

    — by Nancy Wild on Mar 31 2021

  • Will not let me create an account with app for Android phone

    — by Steven P Frayne on Mar 31 2021

  • Unable to create account

    — by Susan Ball on Mar 31 2021

  • I am unable to log into Parler. Website and iphone

    — by Citlali Niznik on Mar 31 2021

  • Hello! My Parler app will not accept my password. Says I can set up account, but when I try it says I'm already registered. Please send me email link. Thanks!

    — by Kathy Barker on Mar 31 2021

  • I have tried logging in and changing my password and never get an email. I have sent several messages and never get a response. I had an account before it was shut down. Can someone help me?

    — by Linda Lee Parks on Mar 31 2021

  • I do not have a cell phone, no service in my area

    — by Glen Woodcock on Mar 30 2021

  • Not able to download the parler app

    — by Esther Alonzo on Mar 30 2021

  • Like many others, I am trying to join the Parler site to mo avail.

    — by Ross Bennett on Mar 30 2021

  • I deleted my account before the App went down now I can’t seem to rejoin.

    — by Mark Chando on Mar 30 2021

  • It's not allowing me to sign up

    — by Kaitlyn Johnson on Mar 30 2021

  • Been trying to join but get not allowed

    — by Ross Bennett on Mar 30 2021

  • I would like to create a new account but the app and website are not working.

    — by Jeanne C Brooks on Mar 30 2021

  • Hello,
    I cannot complete registration on your homepage or in the App. I type in all info and the Capcha, and I only get the Capcha again. I live in Sweden. Is that why?

    — by Peder Gernandt on Mar 30 2021

  • Parler won't let me log in, to the site. It will only let me contact customer service, I also had to create my account through customer service, Could you please give me direction to get in? This is new to me. Thank you, Brenda

    — by Brenda Jordan on Mar 30 2021

  • I want to create an account and filled everything in including the password and the Next button becomes live, but it does not take me to the next step in creating an account

    — by Ann Crosby on Mar 29 2021

  • Couldn't create an account using a Windows 10 PC.

    — by Shawn Grandon on Mar 29 2021

  • i can download the app via an apk install, but cannot create an account. why is that??

    — by christine teodorski on Mar 29 2021

  • Why can't I set up an account with Parler?

    — by Susan A Stoneman on Mar 28 2021

  • not yet

    — by Daniel on Mar 28 2021

  • I can't login to my account using app . I have tried creating a new account but get spinning until I close app.please advise

    — by Angie Edwards on Mar 28 2021

  • Hi there,

    I'd love to create an account for myself but it seems the system is not working

    — by Vinni on Mar 28 2021

  • Won't let me create an account

    — by Thomas Jackson on Mar 27 2021

  • Cannot Sign up on website. After filling out all information and hit the Next button which is red - the page does not advance.

    — by Tim Lee on Mar 27 2021

  • I have been unable to create a new account through your website. It freezes after I've entered a password, despite saying "continue"

    — by Rauf Cotter on Mar 27 2021

  • I can’t log in. It says wrong password. I requested a password reset a number of times but the email never came. It’s not in my spam or trash folder either. Please help!

    — by Paula on Mar 27 2021

  • Can’t make a new account , to replace my old account that l can’t log in to

    — by John Hornung on Mar 27 2021

  • Please help -- thank you

    — by Michael Sisson on Mar 27 2021

  • Can't register or create an account.

    — by Michael Sisson on Mar 27 2021

  • When I'm gonna have my orders

    — by Dacise moussignac on Mar 26 2021

  • I go to but it will not allow me to create a new account.

    — by John P Gerbig on Mar 26 2021

  • I can’t sign in. I can’t get a reminder username or password.

    — by Patricia Quinn on Mar 26 2021

  • i want to rejoin parler but no matter what i try ,== things hang up and do not proceed ===please delete my name joseph r. kolesar and my email above and my phone # 1-727-804-3391 and i will try again == from scratch

    — by joseph kolesar on Mar 26 2021

  • I try to make a account but every time I do I hit the next button then it does not do anything from there.

    — by Ben Sutherland on Mar 26 2021

  • Hi,

    I can't display Everytime i try to reach the site, I see the new logo appear and nothing else happens. It's just stay in that loading screen phase forever.

    — by Victorine Tchikaya on Mar 26 2021

  • Hi,
    When I go to the icon "please rotate devise' comes up. I am in Canada.

    — by Sue Cook on Mar 26 2021

  • Why can I not create a new account from the Parler app?

    — by Robin Robinson on Mar 25 2021

  • I am trying to create an account. Once I fill out all my information and hit next, nothing happens. It will not go any further and set up the account. I have tried on different computers and the same happens. Can you help me? Sincerely, Denise Ledford

    — by Denise Ledford on Mar 25 2021

  • App says I am "Unauthorized " to use my own account. Please fix

    — by Eddie Ramos on Mar 24 2021

  • I had an acct before you were shut down and I forgot my password, they haven’t sent me an email to reset it and I’ve tried many times

    — by Debbie charczuk on Mar 24 2021

  • This is 3rd. time I tried to contact Parler support and NO reply. I can't sign in. I logged in and had Parler allow me to reset password. But when I use it the site does not allow me to get into the site. NOTHING happens. This new platform of Parler is really difficult to access. What's the problem? If I can't sign in, even by changing passwords, what goo it the site. I need a site that works. Please respond. Bradley Kuhns: [email protected]

    — by Bradley Kuhns on Mar 23 2021

  • Bonjour l'écran de la montre connectée ne s'allume plus pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît m aider

    — by FONTAINE on Mar 23 2021

  • How do I reset my CooDisk ID?

    — by Kaspar on Mar 23 2021

  • It want let me create a account

    — by Verdagene on Mar 22 2021

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