Published by Tantan Hong Kong Limited on Mar 7, 2024

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Why should I report an Issue with TanTan - Asian Dating App?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Tantan Hong Kong Limited to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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TanTan Customer Insights

1. Just stay away 100% waste of time.I've run into scammer after scammer! How does an app like this get so many scammers? Maybe you guys need to develop a new way to verify profiles! People are on here using fake pictures of other people and then having conversations that lead to them asking for money or trying to get personal information.

2. I would like to know which rule was broken for uploading a picture with an American flag in the background, thanks.I have been waiting for a reply from Support Staff for close to 2 weeks and have not received a response at all.

3. Then I re-uploaded the same picture but this time with a Chinese flag in the background and it got accepted.. whoever works for content/photo moderation for this app clearly has a negative bias towards certain Nations/individuals & that's very unfortunate.

4. I have also sent an email to the address provided, and when I finally received a reply after several weeks, NOTHING was resolved! This is unacceptable! I also sent screenshots in both emails to discuss the problem, but still nothing!I get an error message sometimes when I try to message my matches.

5. Over it.Tried to upload a picture with an American flag in the background and it was removed for "violating" Tantan's rules.

6. Worst dating app on the market.First, you will spend the whole week setting up your account and uploading pictures because their stupid system not work for verification.

7. I haven't met any genuine people yet! This is quite sad! There has to be a better way to verify individuals.Doubt there are more than a handful of actual real profiles on it.

8. So, I'm stuck unable to message someone I already matched with, and this is a pretty frequent issue.Flooded with scammer accounts.

9. It wastes a lot of time otherwise in making new local friends to connect, ask, and then disconnect over and over and over.I have downloaded this app several times.

10. Scam.I have VIP and after a couple weeks, its trying to get me to buy it again saying it expired.

11. Been trying to cancel my subscription for days but can't do it as it gives me no option to.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix TanTan Issues

1. Fix TanTan Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart TanTan: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the TanTan App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "TanTan" » Open TanTan - Asian Dating App » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for TanTan » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear TanTan - Asian Dating App app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from TanTan servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "TanTan - Asian Dating App" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check TanTan app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, TanTan might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall TanTan. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall TanTan then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing TanTan not working

2. Fix TanTan Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make TanTan be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to TanTan not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, TanTan may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hello. The app says that there is a frequent operation detected so I can't use any buttons. Can you please help me to solve the issue?

    — by Liya 1 month ago

  • Please I need to cancel my subscription but I can't. I'm waiting for information on how to cancel. Thank you

    — by Luciano Pellecchia 3 months ago

  • Please I need to cancel my subscription but I can't. I'm waiting for information on how to cancel. Thank you

    — by Luciano Pellecchia 3 months ago

  • My TanTan account was blocked I didn’t violate a single point in the application, I didn’t use fake pictures, I didn’t insult people, I didn’t do anything but I was blocked! What should I do? Please help me to get my account again. Thank you. My TanTan id is 7226069254

    — by Adeleke favour oluwatobi 6 months ago

  • Hello, I want to pay my chinese tantan Accaunt, to get a membership. My accaunt name is: Ingo Haar, Tantan ID is 1673416097. I have a second accaunt. This is my Accaunt on Apple Iphone 15. It is wether on my IPhone nor with my Android mobile to get a VIP membership. It is not working with alipay or wechat pay. Other Apps i could pay, if it is nessassary. best would be, you send me an wechat picture from QR code to scan. I would get a membership for 12 monthes, get 41 % discount and is is 418 rmb.

    — by Ingo 6 months ago

  • I'm a foreigner and i paid for the black and gold service. I am currently unable to send any messages or use TanTan. It's telling me i need to verify with a Chinese ID but I'm American and I don't have a Chinese ID. I paid a lot of money for TanTan. Please help!

    — by Ronnie 7 months ago

  • I would like to cancel the subscription due to find enough friend on app.

    — by LIANG WENXUE 7 months ago

  • Hi, my name is Steven Johnson , I have been kicked off of your website ( tan tan Asian dating app ) for no reason
    Too many people complain & report me for being a fake person
    I am NOT a fake person
    Please reinstate my tan tan account ( Steven Johnson 1-715-456-8404 )
    Or you will force me to file a complaint with ( BBB ) better business bureau
    Thank you
    Steven Johnson

    — by Steven Johnson 8 months ago


    — by jason leong 8 months ago

  • Please cancer may subscription to tantan. I may not interested. But keep on getting may balance to may gcash even i dit not renew it

    — by JAYMAR BOBIS PARMA 9 months ago

  • Kindly assist me cancel my subscription I signed out of my tan tan account last month but you guys still debited my bank account this month.

    Account ID: 9316046430

    — by Siphelelo Mosia 10 months ago

  • I would to stop my subscription in tantan i did not able to message and use the app

    — by Ricca 1 year ago

  • Saya mau lihat yang suka pada saya kenapa gak bisa ya pulsa saya ada sesuai harga nya

    — by Mifta 1 year ago

  • Cancelation of subscription request for my number 09177164569

    — by EDWARD DENNIS ARCA 1 year ago

  • Please. I want to cancel my subscription on Tantan.

    — by Andre Krisnarta 1 year ago

  • I ask to stop my subscription in tantan thanks

    — by Krizia Padilla stone 1 year ago

  • I want to cancel all my subscriptions my Tantan ID : 7682499812

    — by Tonnam Malumpong 1 year ago

  • I want to unsubscribe tantan application and further charges should not be deducted through my account

    — by amad ahmed 1 year ago

  • Cancel premium

    — by Analito 1 year ago

  • unsubscribe tantan and remove auto payment

    — by Jenny Rose Bernardo 1 year ago

  • Bagaimana cara Ganti Nomer Biasa ke Nomer Baru?

    — by Malva Fatikha 1 year ago

  • I have reason

    — by Zoro 1 year ago

  • Saya mempunyai masalah dalam login ke akun Tantan saya yaitu saya tidak bisa membuka akun Tantan saya dikarenakan nomor untuk verifikasi sudah hilang. Apakah saya bisa masuk lagi ke akun saya lagi tanpa verifikasi nomor?

    — by Nuraini 1 year ago

  • Hello! Please delete my account, and ensure that there will be no further charges - stop automatic renewal. Thank you!

    — by Steve Su 1 year ago

  • Kenapa akun tantan saya diblokir dari siaran langsung sampe tahun 2042 padahal saya tidak melakukan kesalahan apapun

    — by Admin 1 year ago

  • Kenapa saya diblokir dari siaran langsung tantan

    — by Evika 1 year ago

  • ID 6915471018
    nama Akun Flgod
    Akun itu telah di mainkan oleh orang lain

    — by Imsar 1 year ago

  • help me cancel subscription. i do not wish to continue. thanks

    — by sngengheng 1 year ago

  • Tidak dapat menonton SIARAN karena anomali akun. (1763060924)

    — by Asepardabili 1 year ago

  • I want to unsubscribe from tantan vip account

    — by Jure Dolinar 1 year ago

  • CANCEL MY Subscription I cant cancel by myself, and refund it !

    — by tew wooi lun 1 year ago

  • Lupa password

    — by Zaenizen 1 year ago

  • ID 4519414471 - I want to cancel my subscription

    — by Edwin 1 year ago

  • i can't cancel my subsription as i did it online with my card and now its charging me over and over again i already delete and account and it STILL CHARGES me ??? what is this??????

    — by Bryan Loi 2 years ago

  • Saya blm bisa menerima kode verifikasi tantan

    — by Muhammad Fikri 2 years ago

  • Saya mau yang saya chat di whatsapp bisa di blokir secara permanen

    — by Nadya Pane 2 years ago

  • cancel tantan vip subcription

    — by alson 2 years ago

  • I want to cancel my subscription due to my lack of money and I had a girlfriend

    — by Ewe Thean Hong 2 years ago

  • Id tantan: 8473810830
    Username: Yuspi i a

    Saya membeli VIP 1 bulan namun VIP tersebut tidak berfungsi. Akun saya tetap seperti akun biasa.gimana ya

    — by Yusfi 2 years ago

  • Please unsubscribe my account

    — by Dixon joe mathew 2 years ago

  • Been years subscribed no luck, giving up, please assist me to cancel the subscription.. thanks

    — by Eaosn Wan 2 years ago

  • Dear employee from Tantan. Please remove my subscription and send the evidence to my mail please. Kind regards, Ton

    — by ton nguyen 2 years ago

  • Dont want to renew subscription

    — by henrytan1178 2 years ago

  • I've already met my crush at tantan please cancel my subscription

    — by Mian Sajjad 2 years ago

  • Please I need my Tantan subscription to be cancelled. I only needed one month subscription but it's unfortunate to me that after the first month I did subscription, it keeps subscribing automatically without my permission. Please I need it to be cancelled right now thanks.

    — by Prince Mustafa 2 years ago

  • i want to cncel my subscription

    — by Jay Ann Makilan 2 years ago

  • I would like to Unsubscribe tantan app because I found someone special.

    — by Michellesa Tay 2 years ago

  • I ordered the one year subscription thinking that it would be only $5.83 a month. I did not know it was going to charge for a whole year. Please refund my money. I’m going to try monthly and see if I like it or not. Thank you.

    — by Myah Gututala 2 years ago

  • i want to cancel my subsciption

    — by sunny 2 years ago

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    2. Apakah bisa urus withdraw jika akun tiba-tiba kena banned
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