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SpTH Features and Description

{Spanish Government has declared as mandatory to fill in a health form before travelling to Spain, and use the QR code linked to this form to travel to Spain, and show it when you arrive at any Spanish airport. This app: * Fill in your health form * Get your QR code, 48 hours before your date of arrival to Spain * Manage your QR & show it when you arrive at the airport control Everybody travelling to Spain, from any country, has to fill in the form and get the QR. Each form is personal and non-transferable, and it is valid for the linked trip.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hello, I got message
    The form could not be created. A form already exist for specified data. Help pls, I have a flight in 10 hours

    — by Viktoriya on Sep 20 2021

  • I get the error message that the health questionnaire was notfiled out correctly or the app hangs up.
    I can fill out a new start form if necessary

    — by Heinze on Sep 20 2021

  • Bonjour,
    Je me suis trompé dans l encodage. Je pars en vacances à Ibiza ce mercredi 22 septembre et j ai encodé Transit et j'ai donc recu un qrcode transit. Je n'arrive pas à créer un autre dossier car mes coordonnées sont déjà enregistrer.
    Comment faire? Le plus simple est de pouvoir annuler mon premier qrcode et que je recommence tout.
    Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
    Cédric Belpeer +32475334443

    — by CEDRIC BELPEER on Sep 20 2021

  • Im trying to get a QR to travel tonite to Spain but there is message saying "The form can not be created. A form already exits for the specific data.I have no idea what to do and I need to travel tonite and it does it let me continue
    Thank you for your help

    — by Adriana Fatat on Sep 20 2021

  • I can't get a qr code because the error: the form could not be created. A form already exists for the speified data

    — by ilse on Sep 20 2021

  • I downloaded the application on my mobile, filled with the information, but an error message don’t let me access the Qr code and I can’t complete my form because I don’t have security code

    — by Fouad Fanaroko on Sep 20 2021

  • I get an error message saying it is not possible to read the selected file when I try to upload my vaccine card. Any suggestions? My flight leaves tomorrow for Mallorca.

    — by lovelar on Sep 20 2021

  • I am trying to complete travel form to aquire QR code. It keeps telling me 'a form already exists with this data' and won't generate my code.

    — by William Fulton on Sep 20 2021

  • I failed at the last step "Get QR" from the app. It only says "The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data." I tried it on the web, but no difference. It would be great if you could help me. My travel to Spain is tomorrow morning 21.Sep. Thank you in advance!

    — by Jinsung Lee on Sep 20 2021

  • Bonjour jai fais une erreur pour remplir le formulaire j'arrive pas à l'effacer pour recommencer

    — by Lacoste on Sep 20 2021

  • I made an error with my date of birth, so the system thinks I'm a child. But I am 69 years old. does this matter?

    — by william keogh on Sep 20 2021

  • I am travelling to Alicante from Birmingham on the 22nd September, I cannot get a QR code despite filling in the form many times. It just says the form cannot be completed because the data already exists. What do I do now HELP PLEASE

    — by David Young on Sep 20 2021

  • The form for entering Spain does not accept my e-mail adress. How Will I container.

    — by Anna-Lena Eriksson on Sep 20 2021

  • Ik kan de QR code niet krijgen...het formulier met de data schijnt al te bestaan ..wat kan ik doen?

    — by Henk Roelink on Sep 20 2021

  • Help,
    After filling out the form, the app is not generating a QR code because "the form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data".

    — by Alba America Cutie Tirado on Sep 20 2021

  • I'm trying to fill in your SpTH app - it will NOT accept my email address - "it is Invalid"
    It's not at all invalid - what do I do now? Running on latest ANdroid Samsung phone -

    — by paul bates on Sep 20 2021

  • Das Formular konnte nicht erstellt werden. Es existiert bereits ein Formular für die angegebenen Daten. Und damit bekomme ich den QRCode nicht

    — by Karla on Sep 20 2021

  • When filling in my form its sayin a form already exists with my data and I'm flying early hours tomorrow and can't complete my form

    — by Natalie Morgan on Sep 20 2021

  • Ich habe bei den Angaben Anschrift die von Deutschland eingetragen für meinen Partner. Ich selbst konnte meine Angaben ändern, da ich einen neuen Sicherheitscode erhalten habe, bei meinem Partner geht es nicht. Wie ändere ich jetzt die Angaben. Wir fliegen am 20.09. um 21.35 bitte helfen Sie mir

    — by Beate Raabe on Sep 20 2021

  • Can't get my QR code, it keeps saying form already exists

    — by RODERICK HUTTON on Sep 20 2021

  • I can't continue with my spTh form cause it says it already exists. How can I complete it?

    — by Annette Montes on Sep 20 2021

  • We are travelling to Spain later today but filled the form in to get qr code but its just saying the from could not created a form already exists for the specified data how do we get the qr code for are trip

    — by Gary mills on Sep 20 2021

  • the site allows me to complete the form right up until I click the button "Get QR" then a warning comes up saying "The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data." I'm due to fly to Spain in 41 hours and have no way of retrieving this QR that is vital to allowing me into Spain.

    — by Rebecca on Sep 19 2021

  • Keeps saying already data for me

    — by Adam Cowell on Sep 19 2021

  • hola,, al ingresar mis datos todo fue perfecto en la app , pero al ingresar datos de mi esposo al generarse CÓDIGO QR se quedó dando vuelta la ruedita, y ya no me permite avanzar, cierro la app y vuelvo a empezar??

    — by CLAUDIA ELENA on Sep 19 2021

  • For some reason I can't fill the form for visiting Spain. It says ""The form could not be created. A form already exdist for the specified data".

    — by Sergiy on Sep 19 2021

  • I got "A form already exists with specified data" error when I tried to get my QR code, however this is my first time applying for QR code, and I haven't got it yet, my flight is tomorrow morning, please help.

    — by Lixuan Jia on Sep 19 2021

  • error on completing form - the form could not be created.a form already exists for the specified data - could you advise please

    — by Julian Mason on Sep 19 2021

  • The Zip Code 07181 does not match the location of my Hotel ELBA SUNSET at Palmanova(Palmanova is not on your list)

    — by Michael Hundt on Sep 19 2021

  • Ich versuche die Daten in die SPTH app einzugeben, weil ich morgen nach Terneriffa fliege, aber ich scheitere am Punkt email adresse. Die App nimmt keine meiner 3 emailadressen an. Habe versucht: [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected], alle sind gültig aber keine wird akzeptiert. Bitte um Hilfe, wie ich vorgehen soll.

    — by Wandt on Sep 19 2021

  • I have a filled in SPTH form on my mobile phone and half filled in form on my laptop. App wont let me validate on mobile as I have half filled form on lap top that I can not access

    — by Alice Jessie on Sep 19 2021

  • I am trying to get the QR code to enter Dpai and after filling out all the sections the error message "The form could not be created.A form already exists for the specified data" appears. I have tried deleting the I progress form a do atic over, this hasn't resolved the issue. I have also deleted and reinstalled the app, tried from a different phone and tried on the website wit the same error appearing at the end. Please let me know how to address this issue asni am due to fly on 21/09/2021.

    Kind regards,


    — by Mathew Jennison on Sep 19 2021

  • I need urgent help to change my flight number since I'm not allowed in to update it. I wrote GR4048 instead of the correct flight No FR4048 with RyanAir tomorrow 20th of September

    — by Cecilia Londahl on Sep 19 2021

  • I have completed my form however i have realised the data i put in for the PCR test section was incorrect i selected the RAT test when i should have selected the NAAT i cant find a section to modify this as i travel to spain tomorrow. I would appreciate some guidence on this.

    — by Sean Murphy on Sep 19 2021

  • I am traveling tomorrow morning and my form is saying the form could not be created A form already exits for the specific data
    I just need my QR CODE as soon as possible I only have one form please help

    — by mrs elaine d young on Sep 19 2021

  • Stage 4 . Won’t let me save and continue. Have checked data and all correct

    — by John Greer on Sep 19 2021

  • Hi there I have filled in my form but when I get to the end and submit it says error a form could not be created.A form already exists with this specified data so I don’t no what to do I leave for Spain on Tuesday.

    — by Caroline Murray on Sep 19 2021

  • I have completed my form before going to the airport, I was only missing seat number and had to check in at the airport to receive it. When I had done so the app said a form already existed and it wouldn’t go through even though I have not received a qr code

    — by Anette on Sep 19 2021

  • I'm getting the message "a form already exists for the specified data". I'm traveling on the 20th September

    — by Rui Gavina on Sep 18 2021

  • When requesting my QR Code I keep getting the same response that an existing file contains the same data but I do not know where or how to access it. I fly to Seville on Monday 20th. Please can you help?

    — by Richard Wiseman on Sep 18 2021

  • Hello
    I have lost my email containing my Security code could I have have the Email re-sent

    — by Nadine mate on Sep 18 2021

  • Just panicing. Difficulties trying to modify QR code. Saying form cannot be retrieved?? help

    — by Carolyn Keating on Sep 18 2021

  • I’m helping my manager get the digital certificate. When we select submit, It says validation error. What do I do? She leaves tomorrow.

    — by Johnna Purcell on Sep 18 2021

  • Wrong form was created and needs to be deleted

    — by Jim Kelly on Sep 18 2021

  • I can not enter the site to fill in the form. I have tried with 2 emails but it is saying they are both invalid

    — by Joannemcmahon on Sep 18 2021

  • Try to get past the last section on my spth form section 6 and comes up with the message
    'The form could not be created a form already exists for this specified data'

    I am panicking and don't know what to do

    Kind regards


    — by Iona crisp on Sep 18 2021

  • Attempting to complete the form. Saying details have already been entered so can’t complete the form. Flight in 3 hours

    — by Zach Seeds on Sep 18 2021

  • “This form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data”
    this error arises everytime i try input both online or through the application. We fly shortly so would require an update promptly if that’s possible to fix this as we are unable to retrieve the QR code needed. Thank you

    — by Anna Burton on Sep 18 2021

  • Hallo.
    nach Schritt 4 komme ich nicht weiter. Das Formular kann nicht bearbeitet werden. Was muss ich tun?

    — by Petra Verleih on Sep 18 2021

  • It says I have existing form please help

    — by Simom Ogden on Sep 18 2021

  • Cannot retrieve my spth form

    — by Elizabeth Worsley on Sep 18 2021

  • I cannot complete travel health form as I was not sent an email to click on link and continue application. I cannot start a new form as it wont let me do this

    — by Angela Ireland on Sep 18 2021

  • I have tried to upload my covid pass which is proof of vaccination from my NHS revord and it says not valid

    — by Stephen Craige on Sep 18 2021

  • J'ai récupéré mon formulaire avec mon QR code impeccable pour partir DEMAIN en Espagne ma copine a fait la MÊME CHOSE que moi impossible de lui en créé un le message étant : "le formulaire n'a pas pu être créé. Un formulaire existe déjà pour les données spécifiées."
    Je ne comprend pas, notre vol et pour DIMANCHE 19/09 à 13H10 !!!
    HELP !

    — by Dondaine on Sep 17 2021

  • i cant retrive my qr code for spain iam flying sunday please help

    — by Belena Walshe on Sep 17 2021

  • I am try to finish an unfinished passenger locator form it is saying it is in form already exists

    — by Claire smyth on Sep 17 2021

  • It’s saying the form cannot be created and already exists

    — by Anne Marie mccue on Sep 17 2021

  • the flight number on my QR code is incorrect it should be BA2730

    — by Teresa Cooke on Sep 17 2021

  • Hallo,

    ich habe ein Problem mit der Erstellung meines QR Codes.
    In der APP kommt folgender Fehler: Es besteht schon ein gültiges Formular.

    Können Sie mir bitte kurzfristig helfen.

    Vielen Dank.
    Thomas Keffer

    — by Keffer Thomas Johannes on Sep 17 2021

  • Form wont let me finish and says "form can npt be completed because one already exists" please help me

    — by Kevin Foynes on Sep 17 2021

  • HILFE, HILFE sitze seit 4 Stunden am Rechner QR Code kann nicht erstellt werden,weil bereits ein Formular besteht??Abflug am 19.09.2021 07:00 Uhr..bitte dringende Rückmeldung...

    — by Monika Elisabeth Mohr on Sep 17 2021

  • This program is a Desaster. Don't expect any help from any side. Even you have started the formsheet and get stuck because the program does Not accept the Software Version of your mobile phone don't try again. The only way is you Go to use your passprt number (instead of your ID number, or viceversa). The computer in Spain has registred you under this number and Will Not allow you to Start again. Or change your flight. You do not Not receive any help from the Telephone Numbers in Spain indicated. They are all connected to computer voices with non informative Messages. What happend to me was the software version 12.... of my mobile phone which disconnected the program every time I choose the desination province "Balears, Illes". The Software Version of my wife's phone is 14.... and has no problem. But my Intentionen were already registred by the stupid computer in Spain and no way to continue unless see above.

    — by didi on Sep 17 2021

  • Cannot complete locator form for travel to Spain 19/9/21 says already exists but cannot get QR code

    — by Susan Howells on Sep 17 2021

  • Wrong email

    — by Nicole Elizabeth Bergot on Sep 17 2021

  • Lost my phone with my QR code ... Need the code to be able to go home .... How do i retrieve the code again ???

    — by Henrik Andersen on Sep 17 2021

  • tried everthing for 5 hours but no QR code sent.

    — by Harvey on Sep 17 2021

  • Hallo ich habe ein Problem bei der Valedierung des Zertifikates meine im QR Code meiner Frau steht der Nachnahme mit Süss auf ihrer Seite kann ich aber nur Suess schreiben. Was kann ich jetzt machen damit ich an den Einreise QR Code für Spanien komme.

    — by Rainer Scheibelhut on Sep 17 2021

  • I am trying to complete my SPTH travel document to travel to Spain on 19/09/2021 but it refuses my NHS Covid Pass as my birth date is written as 7 January 1953 and your form requires 1953/01/07 and rejects my Pass. Can you help ?

    — by Leslie La Touche on Sep 17 2021

  • Dear Sir or Madam, when I requested my QR code for my trip on Sunday, I received an error message.

    can you help me finish the process?

    Selin Savun

    — by Selin Savun on Sep 17 2021

  • Please can you help myself and friend we made 2 mistakes on the completed SpTH travel form for example we entered flight number TOM6659 number and it should have been flight TOM6658.
    Also, we entered our Destination incorrectly, we put Estonia when it should have been Spain.
    HOWEVER, we put the correct hotel address etc.
    Thanking you in advance.

    — by june elizabeth scully on Sep 17 2021

  • Help please saying mý form cannot be rettieved tried go on sunday morning

    — by Cecilia on Sep 17 2021

  • Hi, am unable to change the destination on my completed QR FCS form. I travel tomorrow.
    Also my friend is having problems gaining a QR code and also she needs to change the destination. She also travels tomorrow.

    — by june elizabeth scully on Sep 17 2021

  • Hello I am trying to fill up your spth form but Spain is not available to put in?????? at the destination country???

    — by Lyda Geeratz on Sep 17 2021

  • Can’t get Qcode it’s saying form already exist

    — by Maria Thomas on Sep 17 2021

  • Hello, i can't fill in SPTH form, please help!

    — by Karin De Pauw on Sep 17 2021

  • hiya, i have filled in my form, but it is saying form already exists and wont issue me qr code

    — by Gary Herriott on Sep 17 2021

  • Geen qr code,already exist

    — by Bracke jozef on Sep 17 2021

  • change date of birth

    — by Berk on Sep 16 2021

  • I try several times to scan the QR-CODE with the mobil app on a device with Android 6.0.1 and it doesn't work. The error message is -> Unfortunately, SPTH stopped.

    — by Richard Stephan Oliver Friedrich on Sep 16 2021

  • I get the message at step 6 er excist already

    — by RUDOLF RONALD on Sep 16 2021

  • I can't get passed the vaccine page. Obviously all my details are correct but I have a hyphen in my surname and it won't allow me to use a hyphen. Would this be the reason?

    — by Yvonne de-hart on Sep 16 2021

  • My brother Carl filled out my form and put his name instead of mine, by mistake, Glen Doyle

    — by Glen Doyle on Sep 16 2021

  • The SpTH app will not accept my NHS COVID Pass barcode

    — by Philip Adley on Sep 16 2021

  • Dear Support Team,

    when uploading the pdf of our certificat we went into an problem. The first validation went flawless, but the second certificate says there is a validation error. Eventough the two certificates are both Eu Digital covid certificates

    what can we do?

    — by Patrik Buschmann on Sep 16 2021

  • I'm trying to locator form for my wife, it won't give me qr code as it says detail are already logged.

    — by Deric Clark on Sep 16 2021

  • Hi have filled my SPTH form in up to confirm but can’t get QR code I get this message. The form could not be created.a form already exists. Any help would be appreciated

    — by Janet on Sep 16 2021

  • Keeps saying form already exists

    — by Kathleen jones on Sep 16 2021

  • i have tried for an hour to fill in my passenger locator form for it to generate the following message
    "the form could not be created. a form already exists for the specified data"

    — by andrew haddock on Sep 16 2021

  • Hi
    Every time I try complet the form it does not generate QR code and says form already exist. I have deleted previous forms and started again but with no luck .. please help

    — by Nick whyte on Sep 16 2021

  • Guten tag, ich möchte mein Impfzertifikat validieren . Es kommt immer der Hinweis
    Der auf dem Gesundheitskontrollformular eingegebene Name stimmt nicht mit dem Namen auf dem Zertifikat überein.
    Der auf dem Gesundheitskontrollformular eingetragene Nachname stimmt nicht mit dem auf der Bescheinigung überein.
    Der name ist aber korrekt angegeben , auf dem Ompfausweis und auch in meiner Anmeldung .
    Bei meinem Lebenspartner hatte ich keine Fehlermeldung . Morgen geht mein Flug. Was kann ich tun ? Danke für eine schnelle Nachricht . Mit freundlichen Grüßen E. Limley

    — by Evelyn Limley on Sep 16 2021

  • Hallo, ich habe beim Formular ausfüllen das falsche Geburtsdatum eingesetzt, nun kann ich das nicht mehr ändern, was kann ich machen?
    Danke für die Antwort.

    Hello, I entered the wrong date of birth when filling out the form, now I can no longer change that, what can I do?
    Thanks for the answer.

    — by Miche Hardy Fritz on Sep 16 2021

  • Ich habe für mich und meinen Partner jeweils ein Reiseformular über die App ausgefüllt. Bei beiden steht das wir validiert sind, aber nur für mich kam der QR Code als E-Mail. Für meinen Partner habe ich nur den QR Code in der App.
    Ist das ausreichend?

    — by Monika Biedermann on Sep 16 2021

  • I was filling the form in SpTH app. but at the end, I got this message, and I don't know how to deal with it. "the form could not be created. a form already exists for the specified data." help me please.

    — by park seungah on Sep 16 2021

  • Hello, I am travelling to Spain Saturday September 18th.iwhen trying to get my QCR code it states a form already exists but it does not. Can you advise what I need to do.

    — by Patricia Ann Hegarty on Sep 15 2021

  • Dear SpTH,
    My name is Katarzyna Malecka, I am flying tomrrow to Spain from Germany. My flight number is :FR8804. I downloaded your app and in the last step of filling the form after I am asked if I am a robot the following window pops up: "The form could not be created please try again later". I tried again and it does not work. After that I tried to do it with your website but it says that "It already exist a form for the information you filled." What should I do to receive the qr code?

    — by Katarzyna on Sep 15 2021

  • Hello ! My name is Avram Sergiu Catalin and on September 17 ,21 I am leaving for Spain. The flight number is "EW2520" I can't complete the form

    — by Avram Sergiu Catalin on Sep 15 2021

  • I am flying out on Saturday to Salou Spain my flight from Birmingham Airport leaves at 12.45. And I don't have any one to help me with the form so what do I need to do thanks as I am getting stressed out now

    — by Julie folkes on Sep 15 2021

  • Ich habe einen Fehler beim Ausfüllen des Einreiseformulars gemacht. Wie kann ich diesen beheben?

    — by Christine on Sep 15 2021

  • Hi depart 17/09 /21 having trouble getting my form filled in correctly have my partners sorted but mine won’t let me progress ? Please can you help me ASAP as fly in 48 hours , I have a vaccination record and have saved the form correctly but can’t get past an invalid part on form . Thankyou so much if you can reply today .

    — by Louise Stephenson on Sep 15 2021


    — by DENIS HOBBART on Sep 15 2021

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