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SpTH Features and Description

{Spanish Government has declared as mandatory to fill in a health form before travelling to Spain, and use the QR code linked to this form to travel to Spain, and show it when you arrive at any Spanish airport. This app: * Fill in your health form * Get your QR code, 48 hours before your date of arrival to Spain * Manage your QR & show it when you arrive at the airport control Everybody travelling to Spain, from any country, has to fill in the form and get the QR. Each form is personal and non-transferable, and it is valid for the linked trip.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • spain travel health wird wiederholt beendet .
    Ich kann meine Seite nicht mehr aufrufen , Formular besteht schon

    — by Gerhard Ruland on Apr 10 2021

  • (Es gibt bereits ein Formular für die angegebenen Daten)
    Was kann ich jetzt tun? Ich möchte morgen nach Spanien einreisen. Ich bitte um eine schnelle Antwort. Vielen Dank.

    — by Lothar Grunwald on Apr 10 2021

  • Hiya,

    The app will not create a QR code. I travel tomorrow and can see online that a lot of people have the same issue.

    The form has been filled out in paper form, will this be sufficient for flying?


    — by Saxon Foster on Apr 09 2021

  • Hi, I am trying to fill to form to able to access Spain BUT in the place "address where you are staying" when selecting "Region / autonomous city" --> all fields suddenly empty. I have tried many many times. I have iPhone 6 and I have iOS 12.5.1

    — by Tia Jokinen on Apr 09 2021

  • Ich erhalte eine Fehlermeldung. Für meine Frau und Schwiegermutter würde schon ein Formular existieren. Ich kann die Fragen niocht abschließen. Bitte um Hilfe

    — by Dietmar on Apr 06 2021

  • Hello, I have difficulties with retrieving the QR code. I didn’t get an email with a link in it after registration. When I fill in the form again, I get the message that I already registered. Can you please help me? I am flying tomorrow. Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Danielle van den Dungen

    — by Daniëlle van den Dungen on Apr 06 2021

  • Hi, I have accidently put my wrong email on the formular that I can not access and now I cant get the confirmation code to register
    Thank You

    — by Ferdinand Von der Recke on Apr 04 2021

  • I have a problem completing the form to obtain the qr code. When it asks the question female or male, it does not take the answer to check and we can not move forward
    What to do? It is urgent
    thank you my french tel 06 32 21 98 45

    — by benchetrit on Apr 04 2021

  • Problem noch nicht behoben
    1.Teil des Formular ausfüllen
    Zeigt wieder
    Formular kann nicht eingesehen werden

    — by Claudia Schmitt on Apr 03 2021

  • Habe 1.Teil ausgefüllt
    Formular konnte nicht eingesehen werden
    Geht auch nach mehrmaliger Wiederholung nicht

    — by Claudia Schmitt on Apr 03 2021

  • Hi
    I filled the health control form on Thursday and not yet received the QR code. I messaged yesterday and was told I would have it by the latest this morning. I am at the airport and still don't have it?

    — by Louise Wight on Apr 03 2021

  • Hello,

    I wanted to get the formular but I filled the wrong mail adress. Now I can not fill out the formular again, as it says that it is aleready registered. My flight is tomorrow morning so please help me with this issue as soon as possible.

    Here are the infos:

    Name: Jessica Dambuk
    Flight Number: EJU5923
    Passport Nnumber: EJU5923
    Arrival Date: 3rd April 2021

    Thank you!! Best Jessica

    — by Jessica Dambuk on Apr 02 2021

  • I'm stuck at screen get QR code "The form could not be created. A form already exists for specified data."
    Second person I'm flying with had no problem with this.

    — by Magdalena Adamska on Apr 02 2021

  • I can not fill in the form, as an account already exists. There is follow the error message:

    (There is already a form for the specified data)

    What can I do now? I want to enter Spain tomorrow. I ask for a quick answer.

    Thank you.

    Jörg Hille

    — by Jörg Hille on Apr 02 2021

  • Bei der Registrierung hängt es, auf Seite 4, keine Kommunikation mit dem Server möglich. Ich fliege am Sonntag, was tun?

    — by UWE BASTIAN on Apr 02 2021

  • I cant get my qr code for tomorrow morning departure. that´s because my data already exists. I deleted the app, tried again... but always the same. Nor qr-code possible because of existing one other.

    — by Barbara Habs-delker on Apr 02 2021

  • Ich kann den Qr Code nicht laden. Es kommt immer eine Fehlermeldung

    — by Marion Reuther on Apr 01 2021

  • Buenos días,

    Quería rellenar los formularios para mi y mi pareja por la App pero no recibí el código QR que necesitamos para volar a Mallorca.

    Número de vuelo: EW1990
    1 pasajero: Victoria Pascual Stein - L7PX1P7R9
    2 pasajero: David Krutsch - LFLL8FVHJ

    Me podría ayudar? Muchas gracias!


    Victoria Pascual Stein

    — by Victoria Pascual Stein on Apr 01 2021

  • I will be flying Go Mallorca tomorrow and I filled in the formular in the SpTH-App. At the end it says: the formular can not be created, what can i do

    — by Noah Becker on Mar 31 2021

  • Hi
    I am stuck on the registration because the City Llucamajor on Mallrca is not accepted
    please check that ASAP

    — by Kai-Uwe Prof.h.c. Dr. Heuer on Mar 31 2021

  • The SpTH app is not accepting my personal phone number when I’m filling out the information. I’ve tried every possible variation but it wouldn’t accept any...?

    — by Madeleine Minors on Mar 30 2021

  • The app does not create my QR Code. The error message "The form could not be created. Please try again later" pops up

    — by Yannik on Mar 28 2021

  • Filled in all the form and then prove I’m not a robot and it says can’t finalise try again later !

    — by Nicolla Parrott on Mar 27 2021

  • I can‘t create a QR Code.
    Sometimes there come the security pictures, but Allradantrieb a error message appears

    — by Christine Pochodaj on Mar 27 2021

  • Good morning , tomorrow I am flying to Spain and i filled the form to receive my qr code.Still i have not received any email and when i want to do it again it says that i am already in the system. Please help me with this issue cause I do
    Not wanna have any problem at the airport.

    — by Zuzanna on Mar 27 2021

  • Hello, I tried to fill the form with the app and mixed up the passportnumber from my daughter and my husband, but we are Flying tomorrow, Could you help me please? Kind regards Imke Gerber

    — by Imke Gerber on Mar 26 2021

  • we cannot register application

    — by petra on Mar 26 2021

  • I cannot acces the QR Code document for my husband Dr. Heinz Hermann Aretz, as I never received the email with acces code for the document!
    Please open the acces for the document od send me the code to register and print the QR Code.

    thank you very much!

    Angelika Kammann
    Dr. Heinz Herman Aretz

    — by ANGELIKA KAMMANN on Mar 25 2021

  • I didn't receive a safety Code or anything and cant continue

    — by Sandy Kachel on Mar 25 2021

  • Hi, Can I use the paper to go to Mallorca?

    — by Anne Hohenhinnebusch on Mar 25 2021

  • I want to go to Mallorca...there ist no option when to fill location or provinz

    — by Anne Hohenhinnebusch on Mar 25 2021

  • I get an error at the end... all data are ok!

    — by Genscher Jan on Mar 25 2021

  • hello,
    t is not possible to complete the SpTH form. The message always appears, that the form could not be retrieved. what can i do in this case?

    — by Wilms on Mar 25 2021

  • I need qr code asap for boarding the plane.

    — by Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic on Mar 25 2021

  • Recibo error de que no se ha podido crear el formulario, inténtelo más tarde.

    — by Kelvin F Martinez on Mar 24 2021

  • I’m unable to generate my QR code when I go to the app it says unfinished and when I complete the form and ask to generate the code it says error form already exist for the specific data. It’s urgent please tell me what to do

    — by Rahul on Mar 23 2021

  • No information on how to correct an issue

    — by Lynne burton on Mar 23 2021

  • Ich wollte mich für die Einreise in Spanien registrieren und bekomme keinen QRCode weil ich die falsche Emailadresse eingegeben habe..

    — by Girg Irene on Mar 19 2021

  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    ich komme nicht weiter. Ich reise nach Gomera. Wenn ich die Adresse eingebe, heißt es no found. Was muss ich machen? Ich reise morgen.

    — by Widmann on Mar 19 2021

  • Good evening,
    I try to create the QR code but receive the message 2the form could not be created. A form already exists for the specificed data".
    But in "My trips", it says "unfinished".
    Thanks for your support

    — by Hesse Jordane on Mar 19 2021

  • Hello, I have a problem to get the QR-Code for my trip to Mallorca. I filled out the form in the SpTH App a couple of times now and I always get an error massage that the form is already existing and so it can`t get generated. What can I do, my flight is on Saturday morning 8:30 a.m. Thank you for your answer. Best regards, Holger Nelke

    — by Holger Nelke on Mar 18 2021

  • Despite having filled out the complete form and trying repeatedly I cannot get the QR code, it keeps saying “error please try again later”, could you please help me with this?

    — by Charlotte Aries on Mar 18 2021

  • Hallo, ich habe eben das Formular korrekt ausgefüllt und ganz zum Schluss den QR Code angefordert. Antwort lautet ständig: es besteht bereits ein Formular mit meinen Angaben!!! Ich habe aber weder im Email Eingang etwas, und habe auch keinen QR Code gefunden... Was tun?
    Ich fliege am Samstag daher eilt es sehr!

    — by Brigitte on Mar 18 2021

  • When trying to fill out the contact information the APP won't accept my email address. [email protected] Also, I filled out the form online is there a way to transfer that information to the phone APP?

    — by Ray on Mar 17 2021

  • Can't get QR code

    — by Simone Goldner on Mar 17 2021

  • Can no get contact to the Server with the app.

    — by Otto Laistner on Mar 17 2021

  • i urgently need an SpTH form for my ex wife .
    email [email protected]

    — by Michael Henry Burges Pope on Mar 14 2021

  • Hello, in my online application form I wrote incorrect mail address and so can not recieve QR code, how can I change it ,please answer I have flight soon , I must have QR code. Thank you

    — by Dejan on Mar 13 2021

  • Hello. I am trying to continue my form to get my qr code and when i put in my detaiks it says it cannot be retrieved.

    — by Laura Cullen on Mar 13 2021

  • Hi.I fly to Spain Tuesday 16th
    I filled the initial information but did not receive the code so I cannot continue.
    I tried to fill a new form but the system says
    ‘ there is already a form with your information’
    Please let me know how to proceed

    — by Santiago sanchez on Mar 13 2021

  • The form cannot be created. That is the message I get all the time. I did everything correctly and I can't get any further. I'm flying to Spain on Sunday morning. I need your help, please. Thank you Eva Hennig

    — by Hennig on Mar 12 2021

  • Hallo, leider kann ich für Elmar Thüsing nicht den QR-Code für die Spanienreise validieren. Er sagt mir immer, dass das Formular bereits existiert. Meinen QR-Code habe ich direkt erhalten. Was kann ich tun?

    — by Andreas Teuschen on Mar 12 2021

  • Travel Zurich - Malaga tomorrow on Swiss LX2011together with Elfriede Juntke We filled in the form a few days ago and now if we press "Get QR" the answer on the following page A form already exists for the specified data Please send us the QR code asap best regards Alfred Juntke

    — by Alfred Juntke on Mar 11 2021

  • I filled the formula in the app but i don’t get a confirmation.. The message is : try later

    — by Claudia on Mar 11 2021

  • Dear Sirs, I filled your online form, but cant generate a QR code, saying that the form already exists. What to do?

    — by Ralph Quabeck on Mar 10 2021

  • Hi, I filled in everything in the app for my travel tomorrow top Barcelona. Unfortunately the app has problems creating the qr code. First it said: Failure. QR code couldn't be created. Try again later.
    When I tried later it started but is now for about an hour trying to create the code. What can I do?

    — by Malte Heidmann on Mar 09 2021

  • Hallo, die App schließt sich direkt nach dem Öffnen wieder. Neuinstallationen, Neustart des Smartphone bringt alles nichts. Was kann ich tun?

    — by Janine Grabowski on Mar 08 2021

  • IMPOSSIBLE TO GET qr form NEED ASAP to board flight

    — by Iuliu Ciprian Berendi on Mar 07 2021

  • I didn’t receive my Qr code for a flight tomorrow. I tried several

    — by Werle on Mar 06 2021

  • Hello, I've been trying to finish filling out the form for hours, but I keep getting the error message: "Something went wrong while communicating with the server. Please try again after a few minutes" What can I do?

    — by Joana Summer on Mar 04 2021

  • Ich habe das Formular zur Einreise nach Spanien, sowohl auf der Website als auch in der Applikation ausgefüllt. Ich bin gesund. Leider habe ich noch keine Bestätigung, QR-Code oder dergleichen erhalten. Bitte senden Sie mir das via Email zu.


    Virginie Blei

    — by Virginie Blei on Mar 04 2021

  • I get no code on my email to continue

    — by Gocke on Mar 04 2021

  • Hallo.
    Bei mir kommt immer wieder eine Fehlermeldung und deshalb bekomme Ich keinen QR Code.
    Können sie mir bitte schnellstmöglich antworten,da ich übermorgen sehr früh fliege.

    — by Samuel on Mar 04 2021

  • Hallo,ich kann mein angefangenen Formular für den QR Code nicht weiter ausfüllen.Was muss ich zu

    — by Annegret Schuck on Mar 04 2021

  • I have requested the QR Code for me and my wife. I received the conformation QR Code for me but when i requested the code for my wife I received a Code for her but mine was deleted. What can I do? The Flight is on Friday.

    — by Gerd Christiansen on Mar 03 2021

  • Ich habe das Formular ausgefüllt und keine Mail mit einem QR-Code bekommen. Ich fliege morgen

    — by Veronika Heinsius on Mar 03 2021

  • Hallo! Habe die App installiert. Leider stürzt sie sofort nach dem Öffnen wieder ab. (Hab sie auf mehrere Male wieder deinstalliert und neu... Keine Änderung) Was könnte das sein? Liebe Grüsse Monika Pilch

    — by Monika PILCH on Mar 03 2021

  • When I made the FCS form.
    I input the wrong address by mistake.
    wrong : [email protected]
    correct: [email protected]
    I cannot receive the code.
    Could you please solve this? Gracias!

    — by Kyongmi Kim on Feb 26 2021

  • URGENT! Can’t retrieve the qr code! I am trying since yesterday night. Less than 48 hours from my trip and when submitting the form annerror message keeps popping up. “The form could not be created. Please try again later.”

    — by Desiree on Feb 23 2021

  • How can I sign the form.?

    — by Richard on Feb 22 2021

  • When I fill in the state where I live which is NRW the side does not save this information. I don’t no why? What can I do. The app is written in german language.

    — by Richard on Feb 22 2021

  • Unfortunately, I entered the wrong flight number when filling out the contact form. Can you put back the form and let me know?
    Excuse me! I wish you a nice day, greetings

    — by Andre SChuster on Feb 21 2021

  • QR-Code nicht möglich. es kommt die Meldung: Das Formular kann nicht abgerufen werden.
    Mein Flug geht in 3 Stunden, benötige dringend den QR Code, habe ein negativen Test

    — by Estefania Reyes Moric on Feb 17 2021

  • Mi esposo Herbert Rappold lleno el formulario y recibió su CR code, yo trato de hacerlo y no me acepta, no sé por qué... Puedo llenar el formulario llegando a Tenerife Sur el dia de manana ?????

    — by Ulrieke Adele Rappold on Feb 14 2021

  • The spthform will not except my flight provider which is Ryanair it only offers Ryanair dac or sun Sa which are not my airline . It will not allow me to enter manually and will not allow me to continue

    — by Lisa hunter on Feb 09 2021

  • Hello, i have entered my permanent address mistakely. I have negative pcr report with me. Can you please help me to fill my form again.

    — by Shiwani Ghimire on Jan 30 2021

  • Kommunikationsfehler
    after the Captcha i don't get the QR.

    — by Annette Niermann on Jan 29 2021

  • I receives the code for the FCS formsheet but was then interrupted. When I now continue to fill in my data, at one point a message comes saying " a formsheet already exists.." and the process is stopped!!! What can i do to start from the very beginning??? My flight bis early sunday. Thanks

    — by Monika Winter on Jan 29 2021

  • I get the message "Fehler Das Formular konnte nicht erstellt werden"

    — by Kurt Gernert on Jan 27 2021

  • Ich kann das Formular nicht weiter bearbeiten
    Pass-Nr und Sicherheitscode okay

    — by Blohm on Jan 26 2021

  • I can not get the QR code for my wife Elke Naschold Pass Nr C9FOX7V4T because I might have made a mistake by filling in the health data. Please help - we are flying tomorrow.

    — by Louis Ferdinand Hartung on Jan 23 2021

  • I have a problem to became my QR code
    It alway makes a system problem

    — by Diane Elsen on Jan 21 2021

  • Hello, I try several times to get the QR code by filling the form but retrieve an error and no QR code.
    Allready have the neg. PCR test and tomorrow is my flight.
    Please help me to get the nessesary code for trafeling home tomorrow.

    — by Peter Mossel on Jan 21 2021

  • Habe bei der letzten Gesundheitsfrage, ob ich den Test in Spanien gemacht habe NEIN angeklickt. Ich habe ihn in Deutschland gemacht. War das ein Fehler ? Kann ich meine Daten nochmal eingeben, oder was soll ich tun.
    MfG E. Mroncz

    — by Mroncz on Jan 18 2021

  • QR-Code nicht möglich. es kommt die Meldung: Das Formular kann nicht abgerufen werden.

    — by Ursula Hartmann on Jan 15 2021

  • I made mistake filling in form fir QR code now I can’t fix it please I’m travelling in 48 hrs please help me do I can fill in new form and get my QR code

    — by Anne Jackman on Jan 15 2021

  • Hi ,

    I am facing issues with the e-form , unable to complete to get my QR, unable to edit the current form , I am trying for the last couple of days and my travel is tomorrow morning !

    I have used the manual form via pdf and printed on my phone , as due to lockdown I don’t have access to any physical printers .

    I cannot use the mobile app as I face an issue with my phone .
    Will the manual (pdf) form will be considered the same ? I hope I won’t face any issues on the same .


    — by Alexandros on Jan 13 2021

  • Hello i have a issure to validate my qr code since to days. I am flying back today to Teneriffe. So what shell i do?

    — by Volker Ralph Samrei on Jan 13 2021


    — by Brigitte on Jan 09 2021

  • Cannot connect with server, please help, regards Seamus

    — by Seamus Mac Namara on Jan 06 2021

  • Hello ;
    I have a flight tomorrow to Teneriffe and do not suceed to receive the QR code.
    Erroe message : "Beim Erstellen des Formulars ist ein fehler aufgetreten".
    What can I do ?
    Peter Schlipf

    — by Peter Schlipf on Jan 05 2021

  • hello dear sir, madam

    the app doesnt work for me, i get error messages at the end before completing. neither the website works.
    for my wife it worked first hand to register for the QR code.

    if i try to go online at SPTH i get, "your form cant be retrieved" and when i try a new form "there exist a form with your data already"

    i cant get the QR code, i did an expensive PCR test and my flight to tenerife from mulhouse, germany is tomorow

    buen dia, feliz novel ano
    por favor me ajudan,
    no puede finalizar el formular por recibir el codigo QR.
    mi avion para tenerife es mana, desde alemania.

    la app no funciono, dice "error de comunication". online no funciono, dice "noi se encontro su formular", pero "existe un formular con sus datos"

    que puedo hacer para recibir el Codigo QR

    muchas gracias para ajudar,
    marco feizlmayr

    — by markus feizlmayr on Jan 01 2021

  • The app says my email address is incorrect but I know it is correct

    — by Nollaig O Laoire on Jan 01 2021

  • I try te register and fill data 10 times but always get error and no QR code.what to do? Flight is tomorrow

    — by Matthias Dietrich on Dec 31 2020

  • I cannot get my QR-Code- Communicationerror

    — by Monika Held on Dec 29 2020

  • I cannot complete the SpTH form
    please help
    I fly to Spain tomorrow

    — by Martin Groenendijk on Dec 29 2020

  • Habe nicht korrekte imail eingegeben..erhalte natürlich kein passwort...kann aber nicht neu ausfüllen ..was muss ich machen

    — by Norbert May on Dec 29 2020

  • I can`t obtain the QR CODE for Spain,Why not ?

    — by Gisela Kramm-Bombeck on Dec 28 2020

  • Impossible to receive my QR code ?...

    — by Hugues Varlet on Dec 27 2020

  • Hello, I can t get my QR CODE

    — by Kallo andrei on Dec 27 2020

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