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Published by Aena SME, S.A
Updated: Apr 22, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with SpTH?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Aena SME, S.A to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

SpTH Features and Description

Spanish Government has declared as mandatory to fill in a health form before travelling to Spain, and use the QR code linked to this form to travel to Spain, and show it when you arrive at any Spanish airport. This app: * Fill in your health form * Get your QR code, 48 hours before your date of arrival to Spain * Manage your QR & show it when you arrive at the airport control Everybody travelling to Spain, from any country, has to fill in the form and get the QR. Each form is personal and non-transferable, and it is valid for the linked trip.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • When I try to fill out an FCS it says the form already exists but I have not received a QR code or filled out before

    — by Jennifer Tejada 1 week ago

  • Attempting to fill out form regarding airline and flight number. The system will not accept the airline as it does not agree with the IATA code. Therefore not able to continue.

    — by Clifford Fleming 1 week ago

  • I keep getting an error. Form cannot be created. The form already exists for the specified data.

    — by Sowon Yoon 1 week ago

  • I have installed SpTH app into my iPhone and trying to complete my data before departure to Spain.
    However in the last section of filling form, when I tap "Get QR", it says "ERROR - The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data". How can I proceed and get QR code?

    — by Norio Nakae 2 weeks ago

  • Hello I try to register 72 hours prior but is not working it says is invalid ,I tried 3 different e mails,and the app doesn't recognize my ir my husband's passport nr or tge flight nr,help please

    — by Britta Cross 2 weeks ago

  • Cannot finalize The fcs form as The e-mail from spth Has not been received. Can you resend email

    — by Agnieszka Boczkowska 2 weeks ago

  • I put in the incorrect arrival date and it will not allow me to change it. I orginally entered September 2 when I should have entered the 3rd. I have deleted my entire application and when I know put in the correct date it pre-populates back to September 2nd. The calender is greyed out after September 2nd and won't let me pick the 3rd. How can I fix this? Will I be able to correct within the 72 hour window? Thank you!

    — by kent minners 2 weeks ago

  • I go to complete the form and says that it is unable to complete the form when i have done everything correct on the form

    — by Anthony Prestage 2 weeks ago

  • Your app keeps saying The form could not be created a form already exists for the specified date. I fly out to Spain tomorrow morning and need this form

    — by Jason Gilmour 2 weeks ago

  • When I give the form identifier, security code, and passport/ID number, it says the form cannot be retrieved. OR, sometimes it says "A form already exists" but I can't access it!
    I am arriving in Spain from United States on Monday June 13, 2022 and I will not have my spTH completed because I can't get it to work! I have been vaccinated and have had 2 booster shots.

    — by Mark E Adams 2 weeks ago

  • I keep getting an error. Form cannot be created. The form already exists for the specified data. I am traveling on June 11 I need this resolved ASAP

    — by Catherine Nickel 2 weeks ago

  • Trying to enter arrival date for Spain and system will not let me. Not can I enter Barcelona where we are landing/staying! It’s not in the list of city choices!

    — by Christopher Olson 2 weeks ago

  • I’m trying to register and when i put in the password it say’s required field?

    — by Matthew Clements 3 weeks ago

  • having problems getting the qr code for the spth

    — by Wojciech Chowaniec 3 weeks ago

  • App say form cannot be created. A form already exists for specified data.
    I travel in 2 days

    — by Pedro 3 weeks ago

  • it keeps saying a form is already entered but i never did it

    — by Harb Ibrahim 3 weeks ago

  • I am not getting my qr code despite completing the form online fully.

    — by Chris Zubal 3 weeks ago

  • My qr code canno be generated,
    “The form could not be generated, please try later’ error message comes ip

    — by Marie Matchett 3 weeks ago

  • when I click to get qr code it saying form could not be created a form already exists with that data.

    — by Kyu Dong 4 weeks ago

  • Hello/ Hola
    By mistake I introduced the data of my vaccine card incorrectly. My flight takes off after tomorrow (05/31/2022). I downloaded the app and still, I couldn’t fix it. Es imposible. Please, por favor, help me. I have my booster today. Ayúdame, por favor. Thanks you very much in advance.
    Leanee Diaz Sardinas

    — by Leanee Diaz Sardinas 4 weeks ago

  • Per previous query, I’ve just noticed that my DOB is wrong on the vaccine part of the form but it won’t let me change it

    — by Ann-Marie Treacy 1 month ago

  • Hi
    I have filled in the second half of my info and am travelling on 31 May, I get to the box that says ‘I am a human’ and keep getting an error Saying the form could not be created please try again later??

    — by Ann-Marie Treacy 1 month ago

  • Tengo un error en mi nombre en el código QR

    — by Ismael 1 month ago

  • When I try to complete my health form, I receive a message saying that the record cannot be retrieved.

    — by John Walbridge 1 month ago

  • App say form cannot be created. A form already exists for specified data.
    I travel in 2 days

    — by Linda Mote 1 month ago

  • I've fill half it send me code but says unable to retrieve account

    — by Jean Williams 1 month ago

  • Not getting security code

    — by Kenneth Hutley 1 month ago

  • QR code received not valid yet my information is correct and my trip is today. What do I do

    — by Kalumbu mwansa 1 month ago

  • Can't get security code for locator form travelling on 22may 2022 what can I do other than cancell Holliday urgent

    — by Kenneth Hutley 1 month ago

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get my QR code, the app has accepted all my details, however when I request the code, It says 'the form could not be created, a form already exists for the specified data'
    I'm supposed to fly tomorrow, please help.

    Thank you!

    — by Thomas McCormick 1 month ago

  • Every time I try to ass my details it said ‘error there was a problem with the server connection. Try again later’ it has been like this for an hour

    — by Sophie Wood 1 month ago

  • I have entered the wrong passport number (the last digit only) ,i am not able to retrieve it to edit because qr code is already generated. please help

    — by Deo Gonzales 1 month ago

  • Where to start - so many problems and I'm running out of time. My wife and I paid $350 today to get PCR tests with results by email/PDF. I cannot figure out how to update SpTH using the PDFs.

    I started over keying in all my information and have two problems: It won't allow me to put in dates other than today's date (2022-05-17) for tomorrow's flight and for our arrival on Thursday. Another problem I am having is with the vaccine choices. Pfizer-BioNTech is not on the list!

    — by David Atkinson 1 month ago

  • When filling out the SPTH Form, I accidentally put in the wrong date of arrival in Spain. I cancelled the form and started a new form. It still shows the old incorrect date. How do I correct this ?

    — by Constance Bass 1 month ago

  • I’m filling out a SpTH form when I click to get qr code it saying form could not be created a form already exists with that data. I haven’t completed one yet. Why is this happening.

    — by Susan Bond 1 month ago

  • Trying to complete a form for parent - Wendy Simpson however it says form already exists, can't find any original form. We fly at 6am can you help?

    — by Sally Simpson 1 month ago

  • I completed the form but are unable to download the QR code for a valid certificate.
    I started the form earlier in the week.
    The message says "the form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data." Please advise.

    — by Hayley Macleod 1 month ago

  • Hallo
    Ich bekomme keinen Verifizierungsxpde?
    Können Sie mir bitte weiterhelfen

    — by Hannes Kahr 1 month ago

  • Where I am travelling too isn’t on the drop bar, now they’ve stopped me logging in. Now what do I do

    — by Evelyn 1 month ago

  • How can I retrieve my security code ?

    — by Rhonda Carlisle 1 month ago

  • Having issues , getting an error message for my spth . states surname and dob may be wrong , vcan you assist , wont validate .

    — by Yvonne Capote 1 month ago

  • I arrive in Madrid, Spain on Monday May 2 (AA0036) from DFW. It is within the 72 hours now, but it will not allow me to go in there at all to add information.

    — by Bruce S Gelly 1 month ago

  • Hi, I’ve filled in my form but at the end when you tick the box I am human, it says there is an error and to try again later? Any ideas

    — by Tayla 2 months ago

  • I am completing the SPTH form, but the city I am going to in Lanzarote is not on your city list (Puerto Del Carmen). What do I do?

    — by Louise Evans 2 months ago

  • Flight # format. Shows AAAOOOO as a required format
    My flight is AA 36. What do i do?

    — by John priest 2 months ago

  • Form cannot be retrieved is what I am seeing. What should I do? I fly out 4/24 6 PM EST

    — by Mary lee Buck 2 months ago

  • I cannot find email with security code to continue with health form application. Can this be re issued

    — by Elizabeth Currie 2 months ago

  • Trying to get QR code for travelling in 2 days and it says error try again later. Tried multiple times today

    — by Chloe Barry 2 months ago

  • I keep getting the message my form already exists? And therefore cannot get the QR required.

    — by Holly 2 months ago

  • When I try to register the spth form it won't accept a password

    — by Michael driver 2 months ago

  • I got my QR code 24 hours too early how can i get a new QR code

    — by Ann McLaughlin 2 months ago

  • Buenas tardes

    He rellenado formulario para mi pareja y sus hijos y me equivoque en el tipo de certificado

    El Sistema no me permite modificar el tipo de certificado ni de rellenar otro formulario

    Me podeis ayudar , nuestro vuelo es para el sabado ?

    Identificante del formulario: da94fed9-9cbc-447d-82bc-669a41d67e74
    codigo: 485026

    Muchas gracias


    T. +33 1 55 80 14 27
    M. +33608042590

    — by gomez 2 months ago

  • The QR code is not generating, all fields completed but says the form data already exists for the specified data.

    — by Niamh Cosgrove 2 months ago

  • Have deleted email with SPTH log in details and the SPTH form will not allow me to enter my details again

    — by Leslie Hill 2 months ago

  • I didn't finish the form and didn't get email .I tried to retrieve the form,I don't know how,no link,please help!

    — by lange zhang 2 months ago

  • I have successfully downloaded the EUDigitalCOVID Certificate,as did my wife.She has since received an email confirming this.I haven’t.Is this a problem?

    — by Kevin King 2 months ago

  • I have completed my form but after clicking‘I am human’ i get an error message saying form could not be created please try again later. I keep trying but keep getting same error message. We are travelling to Spain tomorrow so can you help as soon as possible? Thank you

    — by David Balfour 2 months ago

  • Please delete all data so I can do another form pls

    — by Tracy Moore 2 months ago

  • Keep getting error message tell me to try in a few minutes but it’s not working. I have deleted app several times and tried over. Please hell we are traveling tomorrow

    — by Mary Bernadette Kerridge 2 months ago

  • I have e filled the form but have an error message stating a form with specific data already exists but there isnt

    — by Erica Rogers 2 months ago


    — by Nilsa Ramos Serrano 2 months ago

  • I have completed the form but at the end it says error form can not be created a form exists for the specified data

    — by Kathleen Prentice 2 months ago

  • I have deleted your email providing link & code to complete the health questionnaire & receive a QR CODE. I am flying to Spain in 2 days time & need to get my code! Can you please resend your email to me.

    — by Kenneth Singleton 2 months ago

  • Cannot get QR code, say form already exists

    — by ELIZABETH KEEP 2 months ago

  • Good Morning.
    We are travelling to Fuerteventura on Saturday 9th April. My daughter who is age 16 has been fully vaccinated - 2 doses of Pfizer within 270 days of travel. The website has rejected her covid pass. Can you tell me if this is an error please.

    — by Susan prince 2 months ago

  • Hello, I can’t fullfil the spth formular please help

    — by Simon Keneni 2 months ago

  • QR code not generating, all fields compmwted but says form data already exists. Fly out Friday, please help!

    — by Zak Justin 2 months ago

  • I filled in my Name passport no and ferry name.I have not recieved an email code fromSpTH , My email address is correct and I have checked my spam.
    My wife also tried and had the same problem
    Please help
    We cannot enter Spain with out a QR code

    — by nick waples 2 months ago

  • Hello
    I have a VERY URGENT problem with the SpTH App:
    I am travelling to Lanzarote with a friend tomorrow, so we tried to fill out the form yesterday. I had no problems with it, but for my friend it didn't work. After completing the form and pressing the "Generate QR-Code" button, he got an error saying that a QR-Code with his data had already been generated. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. He never received an E-Mail and also in the App the form is "incomplete", so there is no QR-Code.
    We need the help ASAP, as our flight leaves tomorrow midday.
    Thank you.

    — by Linus Hählen 2 months ago

  • J'ai rempli le formulaire mais je n'arrive pas à m'enregistrer pour obtenir mon QR code "e mail invalide", et pourtant il est valide!

    — by OSMONT D AMILLY 2 months ago

  • I can’t access qr code I have 3 for my family keeps saying form already exists

    — by Claire Martin 2 months ago

  • I´ve filled in the form in the app in my mobile and when I come to the last stage, pushing for "get QR" I get a reply that the form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data.?

    — by Branka Veljovic 2 months ago

  • I can't find my form identifier. Can you create a new form identifier for me?

    I think that I created my Individual FCS Form first and then my wife's. I was able to get her QR code using this email address

    My passport number is 560734723
    My FCS Form Code is 544706
    I'm arriving April 5 on OB6118

    — by Daniel Donovan III 2 months ago


    — by FARGES 2 months ago

  • I can't enter on the Spth website
    to filled the form that I need going back to Spain.. to have QR code..

    — by Mary Rose Rosal 2 months ago

  • I can not finalized my form and get my QR code because i get thé error message that my form already exist. Coule you please help me ?

    — by Joseph 2 months ago

    J'ai rempli mon formulaire et aucun code QRje pars dans 48h
    Merci de m'appeler 3300663319383

    — by FARGES 2 months ago

  • We are travelling to Spain tomorrow by ferry we can not download our SPTH . My wife and I can not travel without this form . When we try it says form already completed .

    — by Kevin Moroney 2 months ago

  • I am unable to obtain the QR code. Not receiving email with link

    — by Terry Hayes 2 months ago

  • I fill in all the questions but i have at the end e message that will say the form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data. Can you help me.

    — by Danny Smit 2 months ago

  • I go to spain tomorrow. I forgot my password for the site Spth and impossible to reinitialize it. I click on the link in the mail, but it ask me the old pasword... What can I do? Thanks

    — by Gilles Marigny 2 months ago

  • Can you please help me, I've tried to fill your form to travel to Spain (from France) on Saturday morning but the site /app won't issue the QR code, it says that there is already a form with the same data (I probably tried to fill the form twice, by mistake). How can we solve the problem before my departure? PLEASE HELP

    — by Thillays 2 months ago

  • Hello, I cannnot complete my form, ar The end IT sais "The form could not be created. A form already exista for The specified data" plecase help, my flight ia TODAY.

    — by Sim Ada Anca 2 months ago

  • Hi I've made mistakes on my form and have received we codes for transit , which isn't what I need but can't seem to access it to change it . I fly on Friday morning early .

    — by Gemma Murray 2 months ago

  • SpTH app erstellt keinen QR Code.
    Morgen früh fliege ich nach Spanien. Was soll ich tun?

    — by Ingrid Berg 2 months ago

  • I restarted form in app, without realising I'd already started 1 on Web. I Don't have any codes from Web and app will not give me QR code. Can you help please 🙏

    — by Andrew Bett 2 months ago

  • I am filling in the form through the app. Currently i am on the page 'declaration of responsibility' when i click on 'get QR' i get an error that says: The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data. How can i fix this problem? I've already deleted my trip from the app and filled in a new one but the error is still coming up.

    — by Mark Loohuizen 2 months ago

  • i have filled in the Spanish locator form and made an error when putting in the wrong date and type of booster i received and validated it before i realised so any help would be appreciated. Phil

    — by Philip Wrightson 2 months ago

  • My form has been validated but will not all me to get a QR code ?

    — by Jeremy phillips 2 months ago

  • Bonjour j ai essayé par internet de demander nos codes et je ne suis pas sûre d avoir bien fait
    Aucunes confirmation
    Je pars en Espagne samedi avec mon mari
    Spinard Florence Fabrice Spinard
    Nvol Fr6495

    — by Spinard florence 2 months ago

  • Both myself and wife got the same answer when we looked for the qr code
    That the form already exists for the specified data and I do not know what to do

    — by Noel Morris 2 months ago

  • I cannot retrieve my SpTH form ?

    — by LES HERON 2 months ago

  • It says that a form already exists for the specified data but I have not done a form before.

    — by Cait Casey 2 months ago

  • Hi,
    I'm unable to attach my mother in laws covid cert to the spth as her passport name and NHS registered name do not match.
    Can you please advise how to do it.
    Mark Thomas

    — by Mark Thomas 3 months ago

  • Message on app says can't complete form because it already exists on the data supplied

    — by Norman Power 3 months ago

  • I can’t get QR says form already exists

    — by Darren pickin 3 months ago

  • Hi i've been trying to download my qr code but it keeps sayingthe form could not be created. A FORM ALREADY EXISTS FOR THE SPECIFIED DATA.

    — by Valerie Foster 3 months ago

  • Follow up message. Name of person concerned is Olive Edwards but using same email address. Note: we are flying 30th March 2022. Regards

    — by Raymond Edwards 3 months ago

  • I am trying to complete my form for my flight tomorrow but it says this data already exists so l can’t get my QR code? Please can you help

    — by Raymond Edwards 3 months ago

  • I can’t get beyond travel history page. Keeps coming up error in contacting server, try again in a few minutes, I’ve been trying for the last few hours and can’t get through.
    Nothing wrong with internet signal, I’m to fly tomorrow, now I’m getting a bit anxious that this can’t be completed.

    — by Justin McConnell 3 months ago

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