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SpTH Features and Description

Spanish Government has declared as mandatory to fill in a health form before travelling to Spain, and use the QR code linked to this form to travel to Spain, and show it when you arrive at any Spanish airport. This app: * Fill in your health form * Get your QR code, 48 hours before your date of arrival to Spain * Manage your QR & show it when you arrive at the airport control Everybody travelling to Spain, from any country, has to fill in the form and get the QR. Each form is personal and non-transferable, and it is valid for the linked trip.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to complete the SpTH to receive the QR Code but I'have a issue. I don't have a seat number. But if I'm waiting until the flight the timing will be too short to receive my QR Code. Can you help me?

    — by Emilio Arturo on Jan 21 2022

  • I have the wrong qr code for my holiday

    — by Victoria Weston on Jan 21 2022

  • it keeps saying the form could not be created a form already exists for the specified data

    — by iain mckenna on Jan 21 2022

  • I am trying to download my QR code but all i get is you must enter seat number which i have done several times but all that happens is when i move on after saving the details the seat numbers disappear so stops me downloading the code

    — by Alan Brown on Jan 21 2022

  • dear all,
    I cannot retrieve my form even though I fill in my passport number and the security code you have send me in the mail. I would need to fix this ASAP.

    many thanks in advance,

    — by NATALIA on Jan 21 2022

  • I have filled in my Health travel form and its wrong I have my husbands passport number and my name on the QR code and I cant get a QR code for my husband because of the mistake can you please get in contact as we Fly out on Saturday morning 07804804232

    — by jeanette on Jan 20 2022

  • The form could not be created, A form already exist for the specified data.

    — by Qing Tan on Jan 20 2022

  • Ich habe ein falsches Geburtsdatum eingegeben, jetzt habe ich den QR Code als Child! Kann ich das Formular löschen und neu eingeben oder das Geburtsdatum ändern

    — by Andreas Paul Staehling on Jan 20 2022

  • When I upload vaccination form get message saying does not match health details but everything is correct

    — by David lang on Jan 20 2022

  • Hi. I'm trying to fill in the spth form but when I get to the last part So I can receive my Q R code. It is saying already done. But not received an email or QR. Hoping you can help me.

    — by Ann littler on Jan 20 2022

  • Ik heb gisteren een formulier aangemaakt voor mij,mijn man en 2kinderen.
    Voor de andere 3 is het gelukt maar ikzelf geraak niet ingelogd? Er komt op dat het formulier al bestaat en dat mijn document niet achterhaald kan worden. Wij vertrekken binnen 2dagen naar Spanje.
    En ik heb een geldige QR code dus snap het niet .


    — by Niki pauwels on Jan 20 2022

  • I can't get my QR from the form, I have filled it all in and it's saying I have another form, I travel in the morning and have no QR to get into spain, please help.

    — by Elaine Mooney on Jan 19 2022

  • Im having some issues refard my form ,I filled it up but when I get to the last page ,and I click show QR ,is says could bot get the code and that I need to check my health questions ,but I've put all the details I need to finish it , I would to get some help is possible because my flight is tomorrow ,thanks

    — by Ali haider Parvez Kousar on Jan 19 2022

  • I have completed the form right up to Number 4 (contact with infected persons) and entered "No" after which the Fault shows and I am unable to proceed. I have tried completing the form again but a box appears saying "Use Option Continue Forms" which doesn't seem to exist! Please tell me how to select this option.

    — by John Packer on Jan 19 2022

  • How do you retrieve QR Code when you don't know it. Did not keep any information. Where is home page with obtains to retrieve

    — by Robert Crowther on Jan 18 2022

  • J'essaie de remplir le document et ne parviens pas à valider l'écran après avoir téléchargé le certificat digital de vaccination.
    Le problème vient du fait qu'à l'écran 1, je ne sais pas remplir le prénom de la même manière : sur l'écran 1 je dois remplir Françoise Julie Léona (avec accent aïgu) mais le système refuse l'accent. Sur le certificat, l'orthographe est bien Léona. Que dois-je faire, je pars demain aux Canaries? Merci pour votre réponse.
    Mon GSM : +32 479 24 96 22

    — by Françoise KEMP on Jan 18 2022

  • Veuillez me contacter rapidement car je ne peux pas continuer les étapes du formulaire requis pour entrée, j'ai envoyé mon formulaire dimanche , j'arrive jeudi 20.01.2022 . mon telephone est +41796441102- Merci je suis perdue !
    B Bopp Billon

    — by bernadette Bopp-Billon on Jan 18 2022

  • My email address registers as invalid when completing StPH form.

    — by William McGregor on Jan 17 2022

  • Have input initial details for Maritime SpTH, but no confirmation from [email protected] received (no Form identifier or Security Code). Have tried different emails (checked junk)/browsers, nothing works.
    I am travelling with Brittany Ferries Tuesday arriving Wednesday.
    The only thing that has worked is filling in the aviation form and using my ferry booking reference for flight number and British Airways as provider.
    Hopefully this will be enough, as I have managed to fill in the important details.

    — by Pepe on Jan 16 2022

  • when I reach the end of the form it says the form could not be created . a form already exists for the specified data. PLeasehelp me complete the form

    — by James MacLean on Jan 16 2022

  • SpTH ap werkt niet en ik vlieg maandag

    — by Annelies De leijer on Jan 15 2022

  • I want to get my QR code but when I try to upload my COVID19 vaccination certificate it does not allow me to because it says that I have written my details in the beginning wrong and they do not match with my document. In real life that is correct because neither the app nor the website allow to write my name the way that is on my ID, Passport and COVID 19 vaccination certificate which is "An-Nikol Kaneva". It does not match because I cannot use symbols like my stripe "-" and now it does not let me continue with filling out the form. This is a big hole in the way the system works that needs to be fixed because now I have no clue what to do, so please help!

    — by An-Nikol on Jan 15 2022

  • hello I have filled out form but I get a message at the end -cannot complete a form already exists

    — by paul wills on Jan 15 2022

  • My application says "form already exists"so I cannot obtain a QR code and I cannot find continue form.

    — by Janice taylor on Jan 14 2022

  • It says the form aleeady exists, how can I complete it? I have a flight tomorrow, please tell me asap.

    — by Cristian Dinca on Jan 13 2022

  • When submitting form it is saying a form already exists for the specified data I fly out on Saturday 15th can I require sone assistance immediately

    — by Elizabeth jeanette moore on Jan 13 2022

  • I can not validate on the end, the qpp states:
    The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data.
    We tried several times, deleted all other data, the app itself etc. Please help we depart in 2 hours.
    Thanks suzanne

    — by Suzanne van Spronsen on Jan 13 2022

  • New account

    — by Verheyen on Jan 13 2022

  • the app doesn't open!
    saturday we want to fly to canarias!
    app version 4.6.4
    galaxy s20 FE 5G
    android 11

    — by Michael on Jan 12 2022

  • I cannot get my QR code message saying gorm already exists i am traveling on Thursday morning and cant obtain code please help

    — by William Bryers on Jan 11 2022

  • J'ai perdu mon Identifiant du formulaire et mon code d'accès pour continuer à remplir mon formulaire mon vol est pour demain merci de m'aider

    — by Tagzout on Jan 11 2022

  • We fly tomorrow but we get the error all the time: Please check te personal data entered in the health control form, because they do not match those of your certificate. I already filled the form succesfully on my previous yourney's and now I got problems. My friend have the same problems. We have Dutch QR-codes for vaccination. Thanks for your help

    — by Maria on Jan 10 2022

  • I have part completed my partner’s SPTH form Bu can’t now complete it although I have done my own one! Please guide me to complete hers successfully

    — by Michael Radford on Jan 10 2022

  • I cannot open the form as it says there already is one. I don't have the first email so I don't know the form identifier or security code you sent me. Can I please start all over again

    — by Margaret Groves on Jan 09 2022

  • I am trying to fill in details for my trip to Tenerife tomorrow morning but the site will not let me proceed past the first part until i have a passcode etc. It seems that i was looking on the site in advance and now I dont have the information to proceed any further . If my fist registery could be cleared i think it would allow me to start afresh.

    — by Mr Lawrence Mowatt on Jan 09 2022

  • Suis trompée sur la date d arrivée de mon formulaire stph et impossible de corriger Que faire?

    — by DELCROIX on Jan 08 2022

  • ik heb enkele dagen mijn formulier FCS SPTH PORTAL ingevuld en moet nu mijn qr code krijgen hoe

    — by JOZEF SLEEBUS on Jan 07 2022

  • Was bedeutet Formularkennung im Anmeldebogen ?

    — by Joachim Bierl on Jan 07 2022

  • Hallo,

    ich habe das Problem, das ich unabsichtlich Transit angekreuzt habe und jetzt das Formular nicht mehr ändern kann.

    — by Siegmund Grabowski on Jan 07 2022

  • Impossible d obtenir mon qrcode. Je suis a jour dans mes vaccins. Mon vol est dans 3 heures. Au secours

    — by Guittoger on Jan 07 2022

  • I started the SpTH form several days ago and received your email to go on to complete the form but I am having trouble. When I click continue it tells me that the form already exists and click continue but each time a
    I click continue I get the same message. I am flying early on the 8th and need help quickly please - Sandy Clough

    — by Alexandra Clough on Jan 06 2022

  • I did not receive my QR Code per Mail to travel tomorrow.

    — by Malgorzata Roza Tonak Renka on Jan 05 2022

  • a letter in the registration is incorrect. My name is not REINZ. Correct is RENZ and I can't change it anymore, I can't re-register it

    — by Reinz on Jan 03 2022

  • Trying to complete the form for entry to Spain but we have lost the original email with the Initial registration and form code and direct access to the partly completed form - can you help pleasse as we fly tomorrow morning Tuesday 4 Jan at 0700

    — by Rosemary Jones on Jan 03 2022

  • I can’t get a code as it’s sayin form already exists please help as my flight is tomorrow

    — by Fiona Trainor on Jan 03 2022

  • Impossible de compléter mon formulaire

    — by Farnoux on Jan 03 2022

  • I cannot generate qr code and get the message: the form could not be created, a form already exists for the specified data. But I do not know how to obtain a copy?

    — by Sandra Binns on Jan 02 2022

  • We cannot complete the form as no email has arrived. Also, we can't create a new form. Our flight leaves in 48 hours. Please help

    — by Richard Shannon on Jan 02 2022

  • Je n arrive pas à récupérer mon formulaire déjà créé

    — by Baltazard on Jan 02 2022

  • I want to fly tomorrow to spain. I register in the SpTH form all my data and the end I don´t receive the OR code. The error message is: a formular/document are existing. And another message is - not validated.

    — by Simone Cerstin Pia Eichhoff on Dec 31 2021

  • I am trying to complete Travel Form on the App and can get all the way to the end, after entering Vaccine info etc. When I try to "get QR Code" I get the following message: Error: The Form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data. thanks for your help!

    — by Angela Marini on Dec 31 2021

  • Bonjour je n arrive plus à retrouver mes codes de sécurité.

    — by Allione on Dec 31 2021

  • Spth form says form already exists

    — by Matthew Giles on Dec 31 2021

  • Hi there,

    For the entry to Spain I created the entry form for myself and my wife as fellow travelers via the Internet ( a few days ago, which the system has also confirmed. But I was only able to complete it yesterday (48 hours before the departure date 01/01/2022).
    Therefore, unfortunately, I only know since yesterday that the system will accept the EU Covid certificate from me but not that from my wife.
    After many phone calls with the travel agency, the foreign office, the airline, etc., I then filled out the forms individually and in one session via the Internet, with the result that I myself could received a QR code for the immigration form but not for my wife, because her Covid certificate has not been validated - not even after several different attempts.
    After further phone calls, I downloaded the spth app onto my mobile phone and completely re-filled the form for my wife using the app. Her Covid certificate was then accepted, so I received the request to receive the QR code for the electronic entry form. When I wanted to create the CR code for the form, I received the message that a form already exists and that - according to the app - no QR code could be created (see 4th appendix).
    Half an hour ago we installed the app at the mobile phone of my wife: same result: the system sais, there is already a form and so it will not create the qr code.
    In the app we could not find a link to "complete the existing form".
    We need help asap, because our trave start is 01.01.2022 at 12:40 o´clock.
    Kind regards
    H.-O. Berten
    We have screen shots of the problem but here is no chance to add them

    — by Heinz-Otto Berten on Dec 31 2021

  • Hello,
    I'm travelling from Hannover to Teneriffa and my flight is going tomorrow around 6:30 am (UTC+1).
    My Flightnumber is XR2251 and I have already created a formular with the QR-Code via the App.
    By accident I tipped the wrong Seatnumber, it should have been 26C instead of 36C and I can't change it anymore since I cant delete it or create a new formular.

    Is that a problem and can you help me out with that?
    I hope for a quick answer and thank you already

    Lennart Paga

    — by Lennart Paga on Dec 30 2021

  • RYANAIR have recently changed our flight to Alicante, Spain from 13/01/2022 to 15/01/2022. The SPTH phone app will not allow me or my wife Heather MARTIN to edit the document to the new amended flight arrival in Spain. Please can you alter our documents to the new correct date of arrival and advise us when this has been done. Our departure date from Spain is not altered or the address we are staying at. Many thanks. Kind regards Paul MARTIN 07989417274

    — by Paul MARTIN on Dec 30 2021

  • je neme rapelle plus de mon idantifant de cybulski jean marie
    et se lut de cybulski geraldine

    — by cybulski jean marie on Dec 30 2021

  • I can’t get the qr code i got this message “ Error
    The form could not be created. Please
    review the answers to the health

    Knowing that I can’t check the box of “ Have you had contact with a confirmed case of new
    coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the last 14 days?*”

    — by Abdulaziz saad on Dec 29 2021

  • Hi I have sent details of my travel and have not received an e:mail with my security code to progress further to enable me to ha a QR code

    — by Susan Parker on Dec 29 2021

  • dear SpTH-Team,

    i have a problem with the QR-Code. I have to delete this one and make a new one. Please help me

    nice greets


    — by Melanie Radinger on Dec 29 2021

  • The SpTH form will not accept my address which is
    Partida de Jesús Pobre, Els Tossals 11B, Jesus Pobre, Alicante 03749

    — by Dodie Hodgkinson on Dec 28 2021

  • My form gets to a certain point then messages" this form cannot be edited".

    — by Jennifer Huebner on Dec 28 2021

  • Hello,

    Sorry, I need help with health-form. I can’t find the correct location (= 35627 Costa Calma ) for my stay in Hotel Cooee Taimar on Fuerteventura.
    Puerto del Rosario is not correct.
    What can I do ? Please help me soon.
    Thanks a lot,
    Kind regards
    Jens Müller
    Kassel / Germany

    — by Jens Mueller on Dec 27 2021

  • Validation error for the 2nd passenger in the group form.

    I had previously started to fill out a form for Denis Devictor but was unable to retrieve the form afterwards.
    Thanks for your help

    — by Bénédicte Devictor on Dec 24 2021

  • My flight to Spain is @ess than 48 hrs and app keeps sending to me the form is already exist

    — by Nour on Dec 24 2021

  • Hi there, did get my receipt for paying but no link to finish application. So i don't have the QR Code yet. flight is tomorrow in the morning. Can you help please?

    — by Sven Schlueter on Dec 24 2021

  • I started to complete the health form for travel to Spain but have not received an email with the identifier number or code to go any further, I have checked the junk mail, my husband has received his email, could you advise me what to do please, may thanks

    — by Deborah Ann Grant on Dec 23 2021

  • impossible de valider le formulaire ^pour mon vol de demain vers barcelone vol vy1221

    — by Xavier Camus on Dec 23 2021

  • impossible de récupérer mon code QR car "le formulaire n'a pu etre crée un formulaire existe déjà pour les données spécifiées" que dois je faire, je pars da

    — by DAMIENS on Dec 23 2021

  • I have successfully created a QR code for my daughter, Ona Marti Rivas, but when I tried to finish my form, it says that The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data. What should I do?

    — by Judit Marti on Dec 23 2021

  • Flying to Spain tomorrow , completing the Spanish health form , my andriod phone doesn't let me screenshot my covid QR therefore I can't upload the QR code to form , panicking now really need this solved

    — by Jacqueline Danks on Dec 22 2021

  • Am to section 5of the page validated no 6 accept and OR impossible

    — by Irene Kube on Dec 22 2021

  • Am to section 5of the page validated no 6 accept and OR impossible

    — by Irene Kube on Dec 21 2021

  • I can't fill my fill I can't joint the COVID CERTIFICATE PLEASE HELP ME my phone 33 (0) 6 13 01 13 59

    — by LE BIHAN DUMON MARYVONNE on Dec 21 2021

  • I have put My surname Shaw twice by mistake on my form

    — by Adam Robert Shaw on Dec 21 2021

  • when entering Galicia as the comunity where I am going to stay, the page blacks out and closes the app, not letting me to add any other information

    — by ana belen castro velo on Dec 20 2021

  • Ich habe die Mail mit dem Code aus Versehen gelöscht. Ich kann mein Formular nicht weiter ausfüllen. Ich fliege morgen früh. Können Sie mir bitte einen neuen Code schicken?

    — by Susann Bayer on Dec 20 2021

  • Hi I miss spelt my name its Colibinstead of colin

    — by Colin Mclelland on Dec 20 2021

  • Hello,

    I am trying to complete de form in de SpTH app. I filled all required info and when i click on get QR i get an error saying "The form could not be created. A form already exists for the specified data"

    And if i go to
    it states "You have forms pending signature that you can complete from the Continue Form option on the home page"

    But that does not work.
    (Can not even find ..Continue ..)

    I am flying next tuesday 21-12-2021, around 6 am.

    Transavia Holland
    Flight HV6671
    Date of birth 20-11-1960

    Mobile: +31634330187

    *** Please help me to solve this problem. ***

    Can you reset everything or delete the form that is giving the problem.

    I am desperate!!!!!

    Kind regards,

    A. Annen
    De Beugel 5
    7908NK Hoogeveen
    The Netherlands

    — by Arend Annen on Dec 19 2021

  • Kann mein Formular nicht vervollständigen.
    Neue Antrag nicht möglich. Flug 2012,21

    — by Martin on Dec 18 2021

  • Good Morning ,
    I am Isroil Kadirov, i was trying to fill my form to Spain then i stuck during the process. I need your help please. I have an app as well and i sorted my family via app but my form says i can't complete because there is another form created with this date, so i created before from website as well looks like that is why i can't complete my form via app. Can you suggest me what to do please? Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards
    Isroil Kadirov

    — by Isroil Kadirov on Dec 18 2021

  • Can you please help. I have less than 48 hours before my flight but when l enter details on FCS form a message appears saying form cannot be retrieved? What should l do?

    — by Karen Bere on Dec 17 2021

  • Passport Nr. U2882115 Code 244437 please delete my Application so I can correctly upload negative PCR Test:

    — by Staudinger Inge Maria on Dec 17 2021

  • Ich hatte keinen Kontakt innerhalb 14 Tagen, kann nein nicht anklicken, oder es ändern

    — by Sylvia Dieckmann on Dec 17 2021

  • I think I may have tried to complete 2 forms but I can get as far as ‘obtain qr code’ an error shows’ I cannot get my qr code

    — by Gary kelly on Dec 17 2021

  • I cannot get the qr code as my account already exist, help me with this please.

    — by Maricel on Dec 16 2021

  • I have clicked on other certificate instead of EU certificate and I can't change it to get my QR code I am flying in less than 48 hours.

    — by Sharon on Dec 16 2021

  • Ich bekomme den Code nicht auf die APP
    Felermeldung:Es existiert bereits ein Formular mit den angegebenen Daten
    Ich hatte auch auf der Webseite ein Formular angefangen

    — by Edgar Rothwange on Dec 16 2021

  • We made a mistake we want to stay in Spain but we applied by accident for a transit visa how can this be changed we have done the same mistake for myself and for Andreas Schapowal

    — by Brunnekant on Dec 15 2021

  • the spth passanger data form will not let me log in or register it comes back that a form already has already been created or that the e mail address already exists

    — by john belcher on Dec 15 2021

  • My valid document shows "Transit". But I am going to stay in Lanzarote for 5 days and then go back to GER. Is that a problem, if yes, how can I solve it? My flight is tomorrow 7am

    — by Martin Wagner on Dec 15 2021

  • I filled out the form on the app, but the last step does not work - I cannot create the QR code as it says “The Form Could not be created. A form already exist for the specified date.”

    — by Gleb Yushin on Dec 15 2021

  • vol af 1576 pas moyen d'obtenir votre certificat votre site ne veut plus de moi il me dit continuez sur le dossier en cours et aprés il ne me retrouve pas , je dois partir le 15 a 13h 50 pour bilbao

    — by lecercle on Dec 13 2021

  • Bonsoir. Je ne reçois mon mail de confirmation suite à mon enregistrement.

    — by HAQUEBERGE on Dec 13 2021

  • My documents cannot be uploaded for validation, I use my maiden name (Smith) on my UK covid pass and my double barrel married name on my passport (Smith-Adeyanju) Please help me I fly tomorrow. It will be nice if we have a maiden name drop there are lots of women like me.

    — by Adebola Smith-Adeyanju on Dec 13 2021

  • i cannot make a ragistration please contact me through my email

    — by Andreas Vrontis on Dec 13 2021

  • Tells me I have completed form but cannot find it

    — by Elizabeth Biggs on Dec 12 2021

  • Cannot complete a SpTH form it says it already exists

    — by Elizabeth Biggs on Dec 12 2021

  • One of my party cannot get QR code, filled in from correctly but receives this for already e xsists reply. Can he start another form.

    — by Mr James T Elliott on Dec 12 2021

  • Unable to download QR CODE as it says form already exists.

    — by William Dick on Dec 12 2021

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