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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Cash’em All: Play & Win?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Cash'em All to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Cash’em All: Play & Win Features and Description

Earn free gift cards and money by playing free games. It’s time you grow and become your own boss. Don’t miss this lucky day! All you have to do is play and you will be rewarded for your time. Get Cash'em All for free (no deposits, no in-app purchases, and, no ads at all) ✅ Choose and play your favorite game from our list 🎮 Get rewards for every minute you spend playing free games 🎁🎉🏆 Are you looking for a cash app that pays you for real? → Start playing games that give you free money! Cash'em All is a completely free app, offering you the opportunity to earn real money by playing free games on your mobile phone. Discover and play new and popular games every day from our list ➡ spend time playing free games, collect coins ➡ exchange coins and win cash prizes such as Amazon free gift cards, Google Play voucher, Psn cards, Steam coupons, or you can simply cash out, transferring money directly to your PayPal account. Playing free games and making money sounds exciting, right? Now, let’s get to the point. How to start making money with our reward app? Cash'em All is so easy to use: ✓📱 Get Cash'em All now for FREE ✓🎮 Play any of our FREE partner games ✓💎 Earn coins for every second you play ✓⏰ The more you play the more money you’ll make ✓💲 Trade your coins for ANY gift card or real money rewards That’s it 😊 Why Cash'em All? ✔️Completely free cash app (⛔no deposits, ⛔no in-app purchases, ⛔ no ads)! ✔️Easy to use! ✔️Fast and guaranteed payouts! ✔️Huge variety of available payout options (PayPal money transfer, Amazon vouchers, Google Play coupons, PSN gift cards, Steam cards, Walmart prizes, Xbox free gift cards and many more)! ✔️Huge selection of different game types to fit any preference! ✔️Invite your friends to Cash'em All and you both get extra cash prizes! If you’re reading this, you shouldn’t waste this lucky day! Free games and free money in one app, without any ads. The exciting thing about our app is that you can earn your first gift card or get your paypal money reward after just a few hours you spent playing any game you choose! Currently, our offer wall contains various game types such as Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Arcade, and many more. You can play ANY game you like and start earning cash! If you already like playing mobile games, Cash'em All is the app for you as you will earn money playing games! With Cash'em All you will never have to worry about your pocket money again! So, what keeps you waiting on trying and earning your free money! 🏆

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I have been trying to withdraw from the app but it's still waiting for verification. I have not received any emails on my inbox nor spam box. My email address is [email protected]

    Please help to verify

    — by Ningi mavundla 1 week ago

  • Face verification still waiting for 3-4days now if I am not mistaken .. please fix it. .. been using cash em all for years.. using different phone.. this is only my new email address thou.. thanks in advance.. hope to hear u soon...

    — by Lea Jane Allen 1 week ago

  • Can you please delete my existing online account. So that i can create my new online account. Thankyou

    — by Robert M. Martinez Jr. 1 week ago

  • I cant get the face thing to verify so I can pay out

    — by jennifer werring 1 week ago

  • I had an account for cash em all under my main email address, had lots of points and enjoyed playing the games. I saved up my points to get the £10 PayPal voucher, however one day when I opened the app, the score of coins was at a 0 and a notification kept popping up saying something "suspicious activity". I then uninstalled the app and downloaded it again, signed up and it said the same thing. I don't use the app anymore and it annoys me that all of my points had just disappeared

    — by Sara 1 week ago

  • Hello
    When i me connect at cash'em all play ive got a suspicious account message.
    Why ? I don"t understand because just i play all games and that"s all... It is an app bug ?

    Can you explain me my account was suspended and try rrdtoring my account ?

    Thanks for your answer !

    — by Antoine 1 week ago

  • I want to cash out but still my account is not verify. How long will i wait to get verify? Hope to here from you as soon as posible

    Thank you

    — by Christian Lei Pengson 1 week ago

  • When i download the cash em all app,it automatically log in into my facebook account,my complain is,how can i change it into my email address? Thank you

    — by Gemmarie Joyce Garcia 1 week ago

  • Why it takes so long to get verified?

    — by Martin 1 week ago

  • can you fix thise i want to play thise game

    — by shara mae tiogan 1 week ago

  • i didnot open thise apps ,why?

    — by shara mae tiogan 1 week ago

  • my apps cash em all after withdrawing the apps says that it suspecious behavior may i ask? the one i withdraw is already processing is it possible i get what i withdraw

    — by joyce trinidad 2 weeks ago

  • Cannot log in to cashem all

    — by CHRISTIAN MIRANDA BASOBAS 2 weeks ago

  • Why my ACC got sospende i didnt do anything , pls Just give me back my points

    — by Albad 2 weeks ago

  • Bonjour, Je n'arrive plus à me connecter à mon compte

    — by Clément Hurlus 2 weeks ago

  • Can you help me fix my problem with my cash em all account? It was my 2nd time paying out however cash em all notified me that there was a suspicious behavior in the app, that I violated the terms and conditions. I am sure that I didn't violate anything. I just play the game usung our wifi and I just trying to payout. Please help me fix this problem. I want to pay out my reward. I exert much effort in getting coins.

    — by Queen 2 weeks ago

  • I cant install the app

    — by Jazz 2 weeks ago

  • I want to know why I didn't get my $100 I want my money please

    — by Dara L Hall 2 weeks ago

  • I am completing more than 2 task but coins are not added to my wallet plz solve this glich

    — by Pradeep 2 weeks ago

  • Hey i talk you a lot of time please add some new task to game

    — by Pradeep 3 weeks ago

  • I have been waiting for verification for 3 weeks now could you tell me why I cannot cash out many thanks tony

    — by Tony Wallace 3 weeks ago

  • Hello i open a acount in my last phone with my email and now i have a new phone but i sing up with an email where i made a mistake and i dont remember email now . Can you help me how to sing up

    — by Fatm 3 weeks ago

  • I've been trying for weeks to get into my app but it won't let me in it just keeps trying to load

    — by CHRISTINA LARKIN 3 weeks ago

  • Bonjour, j'ai gagné 1,69 euros que j'ai pris sur PayPal seulement mon argent du jeu est descendu mais je n'ai pas reçu mon argent sur PayPal alors que c'est le bon compte. Merci de bien vouloir m'aider. Cordialement.

    — by Timothée Géraud 3 weeks ago

  • I cannot open my Cash em all app, kindly please fix the problem.

    — by Kelsey Jeyya Garcia 3 weeks ago

  • Please upgrade more task, current tasks was limited and i also completed it please upgrade more task to earn to better your app plz

    — by Pradeep 3 weeks ago

  • I played win connect cash game cashed out and it said 3to 14 days it's been 16 and no money it was for 100 thru PayPal

    — by Vincent Gallant 3 weeks ago

  • Suspious Bahavoiur can't open in cash'em all after press grant, pls fix

    — by Dan Wakit 4 weeks ago

  • I forgot my to change password in cashem all app

    — by Mary Grace Seroma 4 weeks ago

  • In many days you not upgrade the tasks please upgrade more task to earn

    — by Pradeep 4 weeks ago

  • My points is not updating, email address is [email protected] Please check

    — by Aileen Joy Javonillo 4 weeks ago

  • I hate your app i hate it i cant change my acc this is my real acc and it wont put in in your app

    — by -Kim-Yuri- 1 month ago

  • I have not received any verification email

    — by Jasmin 1 month ago

  • My paytm withdrawn was failed more than 3 times and then i withdrawn to flipkart voucher it is pending more than 5 days and game rule is withdrawn success in 48 hours please withdrawn my flipkart voucher of Rs 250as soon as possible plz......

    — by Pradeep 1 month ago

  • It's been more than a week and i've been clicking for many times to cash out but it still says waiting for verification. Please fix it and thanks.

    — by Lyniel Ivertson Ranches 1 month ago

  • I have a Problem og login in there's a pop up a suspesios behavior

    — by Rhodalyn Dequillo 1 month ago

  • Volevo riscattare il premio in buoni amazon ma Mi continua a chiedere l email di verifica sebbene sia già stata verificata. Solito pacco o si può risolvere?

    — by Valeria Poluzzi 1 month ago

  • One day I was playing the game next it says suspicious behavior all I did was play the game why can't I do it again I've never cheated or used anything please help

    — by Derrick 1 month ago

  • i just download cash'em all from play store and when i opened app this displayed to me "Suspicious behavior" and i wasn't able to log in

    — by Jelyn De Leon 1 month ago

  • I launched the application this morning and all my coins are missing. I had around 74k coins and now I'm back at 0. I tried clearing cache and logging out and back in, but it still shows 0. I played some games and I am able to earn new coins, but my previous coins have been wiped out.

    — by Branden 1 month ago

  • Hello sir, I just want to say that one day I went into the app and I saw that it detected suspicious behavior, but I didn't do anything.

    — by Zalan 1 month ago

  • Bonjour j'ai reçu un virement et dans la même minutes Saurus Bank à bloqué mon compte sans motif valable. Je voulais récupérer mon argent svp

    — by Toure N'DAH 1 month ago

  • Money not been paid to my PayPal. See many others having same issue. I have cash it and verified it its come off my cash em all app but not been paid in to my paypal

    — by Emma wright 1 month ago

  • For quite a few months I've been trying to casout but it keeps saying waiting for verification how do I verify

    — by Charlotte Fike 1 month ago

  • My Cashem All app hasn't been able to open for over a week. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing helps. I had credits I was about to use to transfer to PayPal but now I can't get them. What happened to the app?

    — by Sonya couch 1 month ago

  • Why do i have a notice of "suspicious behaviour" I cant open my account anymore

    — by Ellie Rosales 1 month ago

  • It keeps on loading

    — by Steven Mhax Monteron 1 month ago

  • The app is not opening

    — by James Mclean 1 month ago

  • It's not confirmed my pic to cash out has been weeks

    — by James Cossette 1 month ago

  • Hlo sir when I opening app it's freez only showing logo of cashem and not opened plz sir fix that problem 😥

    — by Dipesh shah 1 month ago

  • I can' open my Cash'em All account. Even if i already choose what account to open, i use my facebook account, but still it wont open.Need help, Because i love to play this game.Thank You!

    — by Gelli 1 month ago

  • After I get my money on my game it says when I check my PayPal for my cash yet it says money pending 2 days 20 hours and 10 minutes I never get my money what's going on

    — by Donna Melton 1 month ago

  • Hi, I made a payment request through the cash en all app, but I didn't receive the payment because it says "waiting for verification" on the easy verification screen. My email is [email protected] I hope they release my loot.

    — by Thalyson 1 month ago

  • Can i uninstall cash em app from one phone and reinstall on another using the same email login?

    — by Alan Jee 2 months ago

  • I couldn't open your app its always error

    — by Kaye De Hitta 2 months ago

  • My application cash em all cannot using, stuck.. before this i got issues to download application cash em all at google play. So i download using apk at website. Then after used my application got crash. Help me ..

    — by Muhammad Adha Ahmad 2 months ago

  • I had this apo a while ago and i don't know if any of you fuckers leaked my info to other websites. I am being charged RIDICULOUS amounts of money for something i dont even play or knew existed. 408.57 FREAKING DOLLARS. Give me my money back or at least help me understand who is taking my money

    — by Liliana Monteiro 2 months ago

  • how cant not get the payout?

    — by zie-chen fang 2 months ago

  • I have not received my payout for a $1.75 to my PayPal

    — by Christina Willis 2 months ago

  • Hello, I've been playing Cash Em All for well over a month and I've only collected 79,000 coins. Unfortunately, I had to reset my cell phone to factory settings today and couldn't get into my account at first because I didn't know which Google address I used to create the account. When I was then logged back into the app, all my coins were gone with the message that a very conspicuous user behavior was detected. I'm totally annoyed right now, I've played so much and then something like that. I have not done anything. But I knew that there had to be a catch somewhere. Too bad Name : QueenLea1710 Email address: [email protected]

    — by Lea Kutter 2 months ago

  • Salve,
    diverse settimane fa ho installato l'app Cash'em All e dopo parecchi giorni ho finalmente potuto fare richiesta per il buono Amazon da 5€ che è arrivato in pochissimo tempo. Poi ho continuato a giocare accumulando altri punti e ho fatto richiesta per un altro buono Amazon da 2,50€. Quest'ultimo, a differenza del primo, non è ancora arrivato ed è passato già diverso tempo. Inizialmente ho aspettato ma adesso siccome sarà passata più di una settimana (o forse anche due) ho deciso di contattarvi. Chiederei gentilmente di ricevere al più presto il mio buono Amazon da 2,50€ a cui ho diritto. Grazie e buona giornata.

    — by Anna Maria 2 months ago

  • How come my account in cash em all app is not responding ?I can't open it.please help.Thank you

    — by OLIVIA DANAN 2 months ago

  • Sfcrg

    — by sagargupta 2 months ago

  • How I can change the paypal email adress on the app?

    — by Rares 2 months ago

  • Face verification been waiting for over a week now and nothing. Please when will this be fixed?

    — by LeShode Whittington 2 months ago

  • Why does my app screen show earn from surveys, earn from apps, and earn from games. Whereas the apps that paid per minute for using them are gone !!! And the apps which paid more than 30 points are paying 3-4 points. Plz fix this issue, this app helped me earn some penny and now i am facing issues

    — by Reyyan Md 2 months ago

  • Some how app got deleted so i reinstalled it and it keeps tellimg invalid email and password.. did password reset and still.not getting in

    — by Tracie 2 months ago

  • I cant open this app, it says suspicious behavior

    — by Geryne 2 months ago

  • The app is installed but won't open

    — by Claire Winney 2 months ago

  • We spent a good 5days playing cashem app and basically its saying error when applying for a amazon voucher the credits are still in our account we have mailed from the account and have alot screen shots incase evidence is needed.

    — by Katie 2 months ago

  • I have a problem I need my funds transferring to my old email address [email protected] so that I can transfer my funds to my PayPal account

    — by Kelly taylor 2 months ago

  • the face verification on the app is not working and I can not cash out my earnings
    App: Cash'em all

    — by jaume Roig 2 months ago

  • hola buenas tengo un problema con la app cash em all y es que cuando quiero verificarme me dice waiting for verification y no puedo retirar mi dinero

    — by mirko becerra 2 months ago

  • Asf

    — by Gyarmati Gábor 2 months ago

  • Withdraw money donot show my paytm account

    — by Kishan 2 months ago

  • Downloaded app to try out cashed out 75 cents 2 times have not recived either of my 2 payments how come?

    — by Christina Wilson 3 months ago

  • Please answer my question. Thank you

    — by Ruth Anne Almazar 3 months ago

  • I have been trying for a long time to make a withdrawal to my paypal account, but when I do the facial verification, it says that there was an error and that I have to wait 2 to 3 days, but after 3 days it continues with the message waiting for verification, can you help me?

    — by agatha graça costa saturnino 3 months ago

  • Thank you for approve

    — by [email protected] 3 months ago

  • Hello how are you my name is Jonathan and I want to say that we delete our data, and sorry for the inconvenience, I just wanted the application for a game mission, thank you and have a good afternoon.

    — by Jonathan 3 months ago

  • Why do i get a suspicious behavior notice? Im not doing anything in the app except to play games.

    — by Ruth Anne Almazar 3 months ago

  • Hello I’m using cash em all app but I cashed out and it said error for a few days now and now all my coins have gone back to 0 can u help

    — by Jay Hitchins 3 months ago

  • Collecting coins not working.

    — by Vivien Hagyó 3 months ago

  • After I tried to make a payout through paypal, it appears its not working and I thought I need to wait a couple of a minute and even an hour but it appears my coins from my wallet are missing? but my progress to my downloaded apps are still there and I could still see my total earnings from my each games play, so my only concern is why my coins from my wallet are back to zero but I could still see my total earning from my all games that I play?

    — by Mattrick 3 months ago

  • I cant cash out. It always say waiting for verification.

    — by Samantha Dayot 3 months ago

  • Vreau sa sterg contul cu care m-am conectat la aplicatie

    — by Daniel 3 months ago

  • Face verification

    — by Tomáš Mati 3 months ago

  • I cannot connect my Paypal Account

    — by Debbie Ann Lachita 3 months ago

  • Waiting for verification issue
    It is ambigious how to fix.
    I can't cash out it's
    Always appear waiting for verification even if I am verified user!.

    — by ARIEL CALACDAY 4 months ago

  • It is always appear verification problem even if I checked everything is okay.

    — by ARIEL CALACDAY 4 months ago

  • Suspensions behaviour

    — by Alexis 4 months ago

  • I need help with the app. Cashem' all. I reset my phone cell. And i put again the app. I pic two picture and he said il s not possible for me to download my money in paidpal bécasse the not match with the picture and retry in 2 or 3 Day what apen i Nevers problème befor his Just now

    — by Sylvie 4 months ago

  • I have not received payments

    — by Cheryl flake 4 months ago

  • Mera strom fun slots may 500rs tha may game khel raha tha mere a/c se 500 rs gayab ho gaya please mera paisa mujhe milna chaye pleased

    — by Ganesh 4 months ago

  • Mera strom fun slots may 500RS may may game khel raha tha tabhi mera automatically mere a/c se pura paisa gayab ho gaya Tu mere pass abhi mere a/c may paisa nahi hay Tu please mere madad kijiye please help me

    — by Ganesh 4 months ago

  • it's all right?. my son uninstalled the app and it's been a few days since I can log in with my Google account, would it be possible to restore it or at least start over?
    the account and [email protected] grateful if possible to solve my problem

    — by Webert Vieira Braga 4 months ago

  • We have noticed some suspicious usage behaviour from you, which is not allowed according to our terms and conditions
    Cant sign in

    — by Rynn 4 months ago

  • why i can't go to app

    — by Jinky 4 months ago

  • Can't login. When I hit login it don't do anything

    — by Rachael Pilkington 5 months ago

  • I play this game for long time, and i have 70000 coins. Now last upadate come and it says some "suspicious behavior" i don't know what did i do. Now i lose everything. Please help me

    — by Joco 5 months ago

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