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Why should I report an Issue with Chamet:Live video chat & Match & Meet?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of FULIAO HONG KONG LIMITED to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Chamet:Live video chat & Match & Meet Features and Description

{Chamet allows you to talk and make friends with people from all over the world. You will find it is so relaxing to videochat with friends from the world. Chamet will take away your bored life and will make it interesting by helping you chat and meet new friends. Anytime and anywhere you can connect with other people and it is the good way to communicate with different cultured people and get to know their ideas about life, countries, habits and hobbies. Chat with people and make your time valuable. You will gain some skills and knowledge from each other’s. One click opens the door to the world for you. ■ Highlight Feature: - Live Chat with a Simple Click & 1 on 1 Video Chat with Friends. - Develop Friendship & Stay Connected via Friend List. - Real-time Translation & No Language Barrier. - Beauty Effects & Incredible Filters. - Instant Messages & Use words or emojis to express your feelings. ■ Chatting and meet Tips: - Start a live video call chat and discuss common interests with video live chat strangers, new boy or girlfriends, or show talents like singing, dancing, and chat video with global or nearby chat stranger. - Use our live video beauty effect to make you look handsome, beautiful! Upload your goodlook cover to go show yourself, bring yourself more followers and fans, become famous like stars. Video cover will help you get more chances. - Don’t just looking for an exciting relationship only, but live chat with girls and boys with true love and soulmate! A lovely single relationship doesn’t just mean livevideo chap with strangers chat, meet strangers & meet new people! ■ The app requests the following permissions: - Camera: Video calling, taking and saving profile pictures - Microphone: Delivering sound during video calls - Location: Used for location-based matching - Photo Library: Sending photos to your friends - Notification: To stay up to date with friends requests, messages and video calls

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • ممكن تحطوا لايك وتعليقهذا الفيديو اذا سمحتوا حبيبي😘😘😘

    — by Bettemet on Sep 20 2021

  • Hi my username in your application is sky can you help me on how to remove my unblock i just play chamet race and enjoying it and all of the sudden you will say i am banned cause of refund. Idid not do refund. Please help me to get back my account

    — by Jane on Sep 14 2021

  • Pls chamet can you help me to unblock my account it is not my fault or doing refund. You can check that i am active in doing top up so how can i do a refund if i have enough money to top up pls help to get my account 🥺🥺🥺

    — by Jane on Sep 14 2021

  • I couldn't use Chamet because my phone was broken.. Since last 1 month.... Now I am opening my chamet account so it is not opening.. my chamet I'd number - 11092140..
    Please help me sir .. Thanks

    — by Baba on Sep 08 2021

  • Hi my name is chris

    — by Chris on Sep 07 2021

  • Someone hacked my id with my diamond that I send you on your guys email can ypu please check my email and help with my situation I don't know how people can hacked Someone like me my id i had lev 9 on my id looks like sweet or vip Diamond s... 20 there level is 8 and located Hong Kong on that id they hacked my id . I send you on email with pictures on it can you please help me to get back my id and diamond please otherwise I never gonna use this app for my safety.

    — by Johnny on Sep 07 2021

  • hi my name is chris

    — by Chris on Sep 07 2021

  • My account is banned I dont know why. I am a host, but no private parts are seen during my live. Please help me I need to use my app as my caller will call me this day, I need to earn. Please.

    — by Meriam Tarrega on Sep 04 2021

  • Hello. I live in Kazakhstan and cannot verify my account. I do not receive an SMS code to my phone number. I enter everything correctly. I really want to work in your application, but without confirming the phone number, I will not be able to withdraw my salary. what should I do?

    — by Irina on Sep 02 2021

  • i want to earn on chamet app

    — by Sohel Shaikh on Sep 02 2021

  • Hello
    I do not have any complaint. I just want to start working with you as an agency so i want to know about your agency method or any contact with your official.
    thank you.

    — by Vishal Sharma on Sep 02 2021

  • I have random mach cards but not matching not work my card's

    — by Dev Kishan on Sep 01 2021

  • Today I make recharge of 270 RS but my money is deducted but diamond not recieved please check this problem,otherwise refund my money

    — by Gaurav baing on Aug 31 2021

  • Money deducted but not received cards

    — by JAIMIN JAIN on Aug 30 2021

  • Please resolve my issue ho many times i send a complain to you but you didn't resolve it i request to you please unban my id that will be your most kindness

    — by Sammy on Aug 30 2021

  • I want Diamond agency on chamet

    — by Vishu on Aug 29 2021

  • I can’t reactivate my account please help

    — by Brandon Williams on Aug 29 2021

  • Change my gender from male to female

    — by Mikeelibog on Aug 29 2021

  • it is not efficient

    — by Victoria Rebecca Nabyonga on Aug 28 2021

  • Couldn't face verify I'd 13880222 please help me

    — by Swkang tp on Aug 27 2021

  • Cannot put poster photo in this ID 13880222 please help me

    — by Swkang tp on Aug 27 2021

  • My id was temporary suspended please unban my id 11363395

    — by Sammy on Aug 27 2021

  • My id was blocked temporary so i request to you unblock my id my id number is 11363395

    — by Sammy on Aug 26 2021

  • ID: 9641398124, banned. Can you advice why this account is banned by manager.

    — by Ujjal Mahanta on Aug 25 2021

  • Why my account is temporarily band by manager???

    — by Ujjal Mahanta on Aug 25 2021

  • Problem for applications

    — by Daniel on Aug 23 2021

  • Open my id

    — by Binita Ghosh on Aug 21 2021

  • How to take dimonds seller agency

    — by Moyukh Das on Aug 20 2021

  • Shafa

    — by SHAFA on Aug 17 2021

  • I want recover my account , could you please help me out

    — by MOHAMMED AYUB on Aug 17 2021

  • Love dish app

    — by Mahesh on Aug 16 2021

  • Today I make recharged 270 RS but my money is deducted but diamond is not credited, please see this problem.

    — by Gaurav baing on Aug 12 2021

  • T2108091703157568166157 this is my transaction number please send my diamonds please

    — by Himanshu Dhaila on Aug 09 2021

  • Hi this is third time yar i recharged again but i didn't received my diamond..what the shit is this man please send me diamond my transaction id is T2108091703157568166157

    — by Himanshu Dhaila on Aug 09 2021

  • I didn't receive my coin in chamet my transaction id is T2108091617551348583392

    — by Himanshu Dhaila on Aug 09 2021

  • I want to change my gender in chatmet from male to female because im totally a FEMALE it affects my live and calls

    — by Gracelyn on Aug 09 2021

  • Please deactivate my account.

    — by Andrew B Thabah on Aug 09 2021

  • My Agency ID : 8517
    My Host ID : 11867450 - In Search of fantasyyyy ( working with 8517 )

    The problem is >> ID No. 11649624 - Momo hotie , is used the Original Picture of my host as DP, It is not acceptable and My Host is complaining to ban the below ID No 11649624, because the used her picture illegally.

    kindly take action as per Chamet rules and regualtion.

    Thanks in advance

    — by SUSHANT KUAMR DASH on Aug 08 2021

  • Suspended account ho gaya ha

    — by Deepak on Aug 08 2021

  • How can apply for agency in chemet app

    — by Hemant on Aug 07 2021

  • My account is blocked, banned, restricted and my diamonds are still there which I am unable to use...I would request either get the diamonds refunded or remove the ban from my account

    — by Akashdeep on Aug 06 2021

  • My chamet account is blocked.
    I need to ublock the account .
    I have recharged some diamonds on my account but now its waste .
    If you are blocked my account then not only calls and party rooms but also the recharge option .so i have recharged the diamonds on my account .
    All i need is to unlock my account or give my purchased amount back

    — by Akash thomas on Aug 06 2021

  • Delete my account

    — by Mukhtiar ghani on Aug 05 2021

  • I'm unable to recharge diamonds , lot of time I tried but all ate failed now I need to recharge

    — by Boopathy rajan s on Aug 03 2021

  • Hamare pass 8 coupon hai to bhi baat nahin ho raha hai

    — by Noor Alam on Aug 03 2021

  • Sir I am new on chamet
    Sir when I click on random match option and any one connect with me
    On that way how I connected with other people plz sir guide me

    — by Mukhtiar ghani on Aug 01 2021

  • I have recharged, but diamond not showing

    — by Sachin on Jul 31 2021

  • Account banned due to report

    — by Amar on Jul 31 2021

  • I have paid 2700 but coins not added

    — by Mahinar on Jul 31 2021

  • I need hel my ID is 1897734 I need you to unlock my pin code to covert my cones in ti dimens ore unlock code for it plees and thank you

    — by Shawna on Jul 31 2021

  • Need to activate my step banking card and I can not get into my step app...I have a new email address and phn number

    — by Jeremy on Jul 29 2021

  • Sir, i have done recharge of 270 but money will be debited and diamond not credited in my chamet account

    — by Rao sarik on Jul 29 2021

  • Today I had recharge 270 RS through Google pay,my money are debited but diamond are not recieve please check this problem.i hope u solve this trouble.

    — by Gaurav baing on Jul 27 2021

  • A person in the name of A K agent and use a small children dp, loccation chinchani,india ..come to my and my friend party board and abuse to me and party board girls.. i requested to please trace the id and punish the person

    — by vasnshik on Jul 27 2021

  • I have recharged in my account, money is deducted but diamond isn't appear in my account.
    My id no.7803028
    Name -Roman

    — by Ashish Rai on Jul 26 2021

  • account number 10894373 H.P. bear , female from philippines, getting money to me and not already to be contact at now pls. block this account so that she cannot be cheat again

    — by jake143 on Jul 25 2021

  • how to unblock my account . eldiablo is the name of it

    — by kirchnier colipapa on Jul 23 2021

  • Delete my account

    — by Devilscr on Jul 22 2021

  • Can you Unbanned this account ? this is the id account 4047297

    — by Akhila on Jul 22 2021

  • I am an agent .. Did not received payment from 5th to 11th July .. Plz reply me. My agent ID 4728

    — by Seema Chugh on Jul 21 2021

  • [email protected]

    — by yugunugus on Jul 21 2021

  • Today I had recharge 270 RS but diamond is not recieved in my account also my money is deducted from my account.please see this issue.

    — by Gaurav baing on Jul 20 2021

  • I just recharged for 15000 diamonds using the paytm app for the paytm by 120116265158 this payment reference id but i still didn't received my diamonds

    — by San Deep on Jul 20 2021

  • Please check random matching it s not working .please fix the problem.

    — by Rahul Radhakrishnan on Jul 19 2021

  • I have been reported tha of gender discrimination

    — by Shneya singh on Jul 18 2021

  • I have been working for chamet, and still am working, but the promblem is I still didnt recieve one of my previous payments i have earned and its still “PENDING”
    My I'd is 4273750
    please solve this problem, I am really disturbed about this

    — by Masa on Jul 18 2021

  • i am working on chamet and since 26. of may payment that i have to recieve had been pending, please solve this problem... I am still working for this app but i want my previous payment

    — by Masa on Jul 18 2021

  • My chamet app is blocked so you have an solution please

    — by Rafique on Jul 18 2021

  • Random searching not working. Please check and fix the problem

    — by Rahul Radhakrishnan on Jul 17 2021

  • Random searching is not's only loading not connection required please check the random searching problem and fix it.

    — by Rahul Radhakrishnan on Jul 17 2021

  • Match nahi ho pa raha hai

    — by Banti rai on Jul 17 2021

  • My money is not withdrow why ,i want to talk costmer support

    — by himani kumari on Jul 17 2021

  • Dear i have chamet account (11955855). When I am going to random match that time it's taking very long and long time to match, eg. I am on 54th but time taking 700second and reach 16th but not match, how many time I wait. So please clear this issue as soon as possible.

    — by Rupesh on Jul 16 2021

  • my random crd not work, plzzz.. help this problem

    — by Akash Goyal on Jul 15 2021

  • i have random. cardbt random not work

    — by Akash Goyal on Jul 15 2021

  • Please help me to fix this Mam/Sir here is my ID number 11835815.

    — by Josephine Catalan on Jul 15 2021

  • I would like to know why i cannot withdraw my earnings on chamet app
    Please help me. To solve this problem. I also wanted to apply as an agent in this app but i cannot sign in. May i know what is the problem?

    — by Josephine Catalan on Jul 15 2021

  • I recharged for matching card on Chamet
    my money was deducted but no card was received

    — by Vikas on Jul 13 2021

  • Can you pls. Check the legitimacy of my agency?

    — by Yane on Jul 13 2021

  • My account chamet account logged in with facebook has been ban due to refund i appolozie for my mistake as the top up was made by my brother i m really sorry as i taken refund .. pls unban my id sure this will dont happend again please chamet help

    — by RAJIB on Jul 12 2021

  • My id aadar card only but not issue date and expire date

    — by Sunil Rajoriya on Jul 12 2021

  • Dear Sir.
    My name is Sapna Pathak
    My Chamet Id-8821531(Bindi Pathak)
    Sir I am a broadcaster on your app .One of another broadcaster named (* khushbu jha*) who's also my sister is threatening me with her husband as she got some of my personal stuff there.I hv no other option first to file a police complaint and then to commit suicide. Dis was my duty to inform u as

    — by Abhinav jamwal on Jul 11 2021

  • Can any stranger can see my personal phone number in this app??if I logged in app using phone number

    — by Aditya Singh on Jul 10 2021

  • 1. I have had money stolen from me by a reseller who was supposed to sell me diamonds at a discounted price. I will be sending you all the correspondence and information in the next two days including his name, address, telephone number, and email address. He has stolen $75 us from me intended for discount purchase of diamonds.
    2. A much smaller problem.
    I have too many women on my like list.
    How can I remove some of them

    — by STEPHEN L Finner on Jul 09 2021

  • Chamet

    — by Bablu Kumar Singh on Jul 08 2021

  • Sir I am agent ID 4156 sir I am money nahi aayi abhi tak sar meri abhi tak salary Nahin I hai

    — by Shyam123 on Jul 08 2021

  • Sar main chemat ki agency le rakhi hai usmein hoste ke paise Nahin Aaye
    Agency ID 4656

    — by Shyam123 on Jul 07 2021

  • Me ajant banna chahta hu help me

    — by Nafish ahmed on Jul 07 2021

  • Hi, I'm "Alice🇧🇷😝💚" ID 10250227, I had sent previous emails but with the wrong ID, I made a mistake when writing, sorry.

    I lost access to my account more than 14 hours ago, because I don't remember the password and I have already used the 5 daily attempts, although it's been 24 hours since the first attempt. I have important calls to receive and I can't wait many hours. please help me!!

    — by Alice on Jul 06 2021

  • Meu nome é Alice , ID 10250227 eu esqueci a senha e utilizei o limite diário de 5 códigos, porém virou o dia, já faz mais de 12 horas e não consigo recuperar o acesso.

    — by Alice on Jul 06 2021

  • Refund my cash

    — by Joseph James on Jul 06 2021

  • my chamet account got logout and now i forgot the password. how will i get my account back or change the password

    — by Sam on Jul 06 2021

  • I will recharge 6 time but my cash is debited but not added diamond please refund my cash now

    — by Joseph James on Jul 06 2021

  • Pls my girls are working so hard we follow your rules..pls help them thanks

    — by Rachel Ann Manga on Jul 06 2021

  • help us these past few weeks..after there update some of my host always have a pending salary

    — by Rachel Ann Manga on Jul 06 2021

  • my friend cant widraw her sallary..its say pending...her id number is 10912685

    — by josh on Jul 05 2021

  • Hii, one complaint 29 july 2021 one transaction rs 820 not benefit

    — by Sushil pawar on Jul 05 2021

  • My face verification is not happening. System error

    — by Rai Yogitha on Jul 04 2021

  • Hello dear my Chemat app 50 dollar withdrawal my bank account please my issues my I'd sonia hussain ....I'd no..8959270 please check my I'd add dollar ..00923214511917

    — by Sonia on Jul 04 2021

  • My id no.8959270. My name is Sonia Hussain my issue please resolve and add my payment 50 dollar not show my account .... please check may I'd account any problem mistake resolved thanks ....

    — by Sonia on Jul 03 2021

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