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  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Deliver Technology LLC to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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Flash Rewards Customer Insights

1. Pretty much the worst GPT experience I've ever had.At one point I was able to get coins while playing the games I've decided to play but now for some weird reason, it froze the counter and each time I complete a task or play for a good amount of time to get coins, it won't go up and now it's stuck like that, this app would've been a 4 star for me because the coins aren't that hard to get but now I don't get them.

2. I just downloaded it earlier today and just recently made 1,000 coins, so I haven't been able to cable yet but work all the reviews I've read on this app I've only seen a select few that were negative, the rest of them were positive.

3. ๐Ÿ˜• So, I'm out my $25 card and rest of the points I still had in my account I guess.It's been alright, but I occasionally get irked & disgruntled about the absence of, or a reminder of, time running out to claim $$$ that I'd won previously on a gaming app.

4. I completed about 9 which was in the $250 range I believe but never got credit for that either.Says tracking is based on the app running in the background, but doesn't use the necessary tools to keep it active.

5. (There was only one and that was to sign up for the free trial.) I also stopped getting points for the levels completed but they definitely give the points when you make an in app purchase.

6. I've lost, or rather missed out on a large amount of ๐Ÿ’ฐ winnings simply because I'd just forgotten about it and failed to handle it correctly and in a timely manner... Occasional reminders would be perfect for me.... I'm just sayin'.... ๐Ÿ˜I like this app.

7. But then I saved a ton of points and cashed them in on a $25 card (which never showed up) and ever since then I've been locked out of the app.

8. Also I participated in an offer to put $750 on my cash app if I completed so many offers.

9. I didn't get credited for 2 purchases, but got credited for the levels? How does that make sense? Not to mention you need an ID to cash out.

10. I've contacted customer service multiple times and was told I didn't qualify because I failed to complete multiple prerequisites.

11. Update: Lowering my rating because they restrict your account to one device, which means, if you upgrade your phone you're SOL.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix Flash Rewards Issues

1. Fix Flash Rewards Not Working/Crashes/Errors/Unresponsive & Black/White screen:

  1. Restart Flash Rewards: Restarting the app will resolve most errors.
  2. Update the Flash Rewards App. Here is how:
    1. On Android goto PlayStore » Search for "Flash Rewards" » Open Flash Rewards: Earn Gift Cards » click "Update".
    2. On iPhone, goto AppStore » Your profile » Available Updates » Check for Flash Rewards » click "UPDATE".
  3. Clear Flash Rewards: Earn Gift Cards app cache: Clearing cached data will force your app to retrieve the latest data directly from Flash Rewards servers.
    1. On Android, goto Settings » Apps » Select "Flash Rewards: Earn Gift Cards" » click Storage » click "Clear Cache".
  4. Check Flash Rewards app permissions. If any of these permissions required to use your device's features are disenabled, Flash Rewards might not work.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Flash Rewards. If nothing else has worked, completely uninstall Flash Rewards then reinstall.
  6. Restart your device. Last, restarting your device can often clear most problems causing Flash Rewards not working

2. Fix Flash Rewards Server issues & Internet Connection

  1. Check network connection: An unstable Internet will make Flash Rewards be unable to connect to it's servers. Ensure your wi-fi is working then restart app.
  2. Disable VPN: VPN can cause connection errors and lead to Flash Rewards not working. Make sure all VPNs are off
  3. Enable background data: When Background data is turned off, Flash Rewards may not be able to connect to the Internet when running in the background.

Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I did not get credit for SpongeBob adventure game. It's been about 2 weeks since I reached level 10. I have a screenshot to confirm also. Can u please update so I can work on the next level please?

    โ€” by Lara k smith 1 month ago

  • I did not get credit for the sponge Bob game. I reached level 10 and have a screenshot I can send u if needed.

    โ€” by Lara k smith 1 month ago

  • Please unsubscribe me from Flash rewards immediately

    โ€” by Angela madeira 6 months ago

  • Cannot move on with my game due to this unwanted Flash Rewards ad, please remove

    โ€” by June 7 months ago

  • Unable to get to flash reward. Was wanting to know how my progress was going. Am being blocked.

    โ€” by Laurie Booth 7 months ago

  • I would like to delete this account please

    โ€” by Marion Brooks 10 months ago

  • I wish to delete all flash rewards apps. I no longer feel safe with this app. thank you

    โ€” by Kathy Lewey 10 months ago

  • Please delete my account as your scamming me

    โ€” by Robert 1 year ago

  • Too many notifications

    โ€” by Ashley L Thompson 1 year ago

  • Dear Flash Awards, I no longer wish to use your services and want my account deleted along with any other personal information as well. Please and thank you.

    โ€” by Alpha Gamer 1 year ago

  • I want to delete my account because there are to many pop ups

    โ€” by maddox hutmacher 1 year ago

  • I need u to delete this asap to many notifications getting in the way of my day please will sign back up.lster from another phone please delete asap

    โ€” by Dylan Duncan 1 year ago

  • i would like to cancel my subscription please and delete my account aswell please

    โ€” by selina 1 year ago

  • Im not going to use it

    โ€” by Alana 1 year ago

  • I do not want spam emails or my personal information used. I want my account deleted permanently. Thank you.

    โ€” by Gregg Lopez 1 year ago

  • Iโ€™d like to cancel my subscription as I no longer want to do it

    โ€” by Monique Sylvester 1 year ago

  • The documents I sent with the deals I completed still have not been credited to my account and I still have not received my reward. Can you please credit the deals to my account, and can you please send me my reward money on paypal, sorry i keep emailing you guys i just need the money very urgently as still have debts that I was meant to pay of yesterday and I am now in more debt, Can you please get it sorted out today and pay me my reward today pleeeeaaase ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ.

    โ€” by joyce 1 year ago

  • I've completed multiple tasks for rewards for about 20,000 coins and have not received them. Have received the first task rewards but not anything after. Completed 3 free trial tasks and no rewards. I have proof of all completions

    โ€” by Kenneth winn 1 year ago

  • I feel disappointed and like I'm being scammed because I qualify for a reward but I can't cashout

    โ€” by Saquoria J 1 year ago

  • I need to change my phone number, I don't have access to the one you have so I can not redeem my gift card

    โ€” by sonja burkhardt 1 year ago

  • I've been using your app for about a week now and I have a problem I took advantage of an offer for the free trial for Pandora but I haven't received any points for it . What's going on? I'd send a screenshot but I don't see where I can do that.

    โ€” by Robin Gore 1 year ago

  • Yes I am trying to cash out but the number you have on file is the wrong number I need to update it. Thanks. My email is kywilliams931@redacted I can give you my info that way.

    โ€” by Tee Williams 1 year ago

  • I signed up for siriux 6000 coins on the flash rewards app and completed my purchase trial and never received award in fact it doesn't even say I did the action.

    โ€” by michelle sammons 1 year ago

  • I have an account with you guys and was in the middle of completing deals in order to claim my reward and I'm not getting credit...AT ALL!! I wasted money and time in order to get the Shein $750 reward and I feel as though I'm being cheated! On top of that Reward Play completely just shut down and they are an affiliate of your company. This is unbelievably unprofessional and honestly MESSED UP!!! Some people don't have the money to throw away and actually need the help. I would appreciate a call at 4434140724 explanation which in reality there isn't one! I did what I was supposed to do so I expect you to do the same. Please fix my issue and from what I understand I'm not the only one. Be a stand up company.

    โ€” by Bridget Conte 1 year ago

  • Can't login

    โ€” by Jonathan Short 1 year ago

  • Cancel my account

    โ€” by James Ward 1 year ago

  • I need my phone number changed on my account when I try to cash out my points they send my code to my old phone number I need the code to come to my new phone number which is 229-321-2850 thank you

    โ€” by Tekecia Jones 1 year ago

  • Hi I was told to contact support due to supposed VPN usage to turn it off well I don't use VPN. So can I take the lock that was put on my account off

    โ€” by Jorge espindola 1 year ago

  • My account has the wrong phone number and I don't know how to change it and I cannot came my gift card it will not let me

    โ€” by Amanda Bailey 1 year ago

  • My phone number is not accurate. The one you have on file is 210-941-8905. That's my old number. My new number is 210-935-8220

    โ€” by Christopher lucio 1 year ago

  • I'm trying to sign in to my account but it says I'm sign in on my old phone and won't let me sign in which my old phone is broke so I can't get in to my old phone can you help me sign in on this phone

    โ€” by Cheyanne 1 year ago

  • I completed the coin master up to level three and I have not been credited.

    โ€” by Hailee Young 1 year ago

  • I registered under the wrong email and would like to replace it.

    โ€” by Angel 1 year ago

  • What kind of shit are you running....why are you so vague ...just say straight up
    What game or games you need to play...
    How far you need to get....
    And what you earned....
    What am i at ? What can i get?

    โ€” by Kevin Howlett 1 year ago

  • I had to enter in another account on this phone because the phone I had originally started on quit working on me and it would not let me sign into flash rewards on this phone.

    โ€” by Goldie Larson 1 year ago

  • It keeps saying they cannot verify my account. I have gotten a gift card before, so I know they have verified my account before. Won't even attempt to take a facial shot.

    โ€” by Timothy Murray 1 year ago

  • I was playing on another app when I seen the ad for this game falsely claiming I will make money and "cash out" instantly. This app is nothing but false advertising! I wasted valuable time thinking I was winning real cash just to find out I was being scammed the whole time! I can't wait to see what my lawyer has to say about this!

    โ€” by Amber R 1 year ago

  • All my progress is gone. Website based. I signed up for multiple accounts please help!

    โ€” by Muhammad Jami 1 year ago

  • My name is Larry Allen and I need to change the contact phone number on the account from 559-790-8880 which I have not used for some time now. I need to change to my new cell phone number which is 559-790-2085
    My email is deanallen9090@redacted

    โ€” by Larry Allen 1 year ago

  • I want my account deleted and all the charges to stop

    โ€” by Taylor 1 year ago

  • Confirmation of email is slow

    โ€” by Terence 1 year ago

  • My app is not processing redemption it lets me do gave verify and phone verify then nothing

    โ€” by Cameron 1 year ago

  • I completed the rewards for app or promotion Atlantacash33 and was suppose to receive $750 once offers were completed and did not receive it

    โ€” by Jessica C White 1 year ago

  • I'm still waiting for a link to reset password.

    โ€” by James 1 year ago

  • How do I work with flash rewards for my company?

    โ€” by Melissa Jackson 1 year ago

  • I have not received my $250 prepaid card...I completed this months still hasn't come to my house

    โ€” by Robert Joseph Brand 1 year ago

  • Cancel my subscription immediately.

    โ€” by Rhon Mansfield 1 year ago

  • Need to help with camera

    โ€” by Michelle Dickerson 1 year ago

  • Need to help with camera

    โ€” by Michelle Dickerson 1 year ago

  • I'm not being given credit for completing task. For instance I have not been given my 1200 coins for reaching level 15 in Dice Dreams as well as others. Please help. Thank you.

    โ€” by LaQuinta Allen 1 year ago

  • I got locked put from getting rewards after 3 tries of failed face scans is there anything i can do to unlock it

    โ€” by Kagito 1 year ago

  • Can someone please just verify my selfie. I've waited 7 days 2 get my reward. Or fix the link 4 me 2 upload it

    โ€” by Bo Smith 1 year ago

  • I tried to do a alternate payout and I could not do that or I was just simply doing it wrong

    โ€” by Skylar mcmurray 1 year ago

  • I have over 96000 coins in my.FLASH REWARDS ACCOUNT YOU'LL SEE NAME:DEE WILL ,EMAIL: packersrule318@redacted. I was trying to redeem the gift cards but the phone number is not correct so I have to PAY PAL instead Im uploading screenshots of my profile and PayPal account DAMON WILLIAMS. I recently tried to withdraw 3 $25 and 1 $20 PayPal withdrawals totalling $95 because I have 96,957 coins in my account. For some reason my withdrawal was not processed. I am trying to redeem coins from my account but the number 3237814236 was incorrectly entered it was suppose to be 3237814230. How would I go about changing my number?

    โ€” by Damon Williams 1 year ago

  • I am missing points for offers I've completed successfully.

    โ€” by Kyle Myatt 1 year ago

  • How are you doing today? I am trying to redeem coins from my account but the number 3237814236 was incorrectly entered it was suppose to be 3237814230. How would I go about changing my number?

    โ€” by Damon Williams 1 year ago

  • I am having trouble signing in I think sign in on another device and now it want let me on

    โ€” by Shane 1 year ago

  • I got completed two deals but they seem to have not been processed for a while now.Can you fix this?

    โ€” by Carl Haywood 1 year ago

  • Flash Rewards,
    I would like to delete my account as I no longer need Flash Rewards.

    โ€” by Nora Swanson 1 year ago

  • I set up a account few days ago but cannot log into the app because I'm using the wrong email. I only have the one email so I don't know how to fix the mistake. The above email is correct.

    โ€” by Marsha E. Burge 1 year ago

  • I cant redeem my reward. The app is trying to send a code to the wrong number... Please help

    โ€” by Carolanne V Schilling 1 year ago

  • I was trying to do the face verification and it told me it couldn't verify and to contact customer support. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to try again or can I no longer verify my account

    โ€” by Kyle 1 year ago

  • I can't verify my account and redeem my gift card please help me

    โ€” by Jay 1 year ago

  • I cant change my number on flash rewards

    โ€” by Jane 1 year ago

  • I can't log into my flash rewards

    โ€” by Denise Hightower 1 year ago

  • It has been OVER a month, still havenโ€™t received my $750+ SHEIN card. Iโ€™ve contacted multiple people, and they werenโ€™t any help. Iโ€™m very disappointed.

    โ€” by Aliyah 1 year ago

  • Iโ€™ve completed these deals over a month now, still no progress on my rewards status. Iโ€™ve even provided screenshots of my deals being completed and the apps Iโ€™ve downloaded, i still havenโ€™t received my $500-$750+ SHEIN redeem card through the mail. After all of the hard work i put into completing the levels of those games, thatโ€™s ridiculous. Again, Iโ€™ve been waiting over a month to receive my $500-$750+ SHEIN card. Iโ€™ve contacted customer care, and nobody was able to help me deliver my SHEIN card. hopefully Iโ€™ll be able to receive it sooner than later through the mail. Thanks.

    โ€” by Aliyah 1 year ago

  • Where is my cash app money I redeem

    โ€” by Vincent Kirkland 1 year ago

  • I completed multiple deals
    For you to 25 hours spent and 1500 dollars spent . Please contact or send me a list of when I will receive all of MY REWARDS OR I WILL HAVE TO CONTACT FRAUD AND DISPUTE ALL THE DESCRIPTIONS FROM MY CARD

    โ€” by Nina Johnson 1 year ago

  • I'm trying to buy a gift card with my coins but it's not letting enter my phone number after facial verification

    โ€” by Tammy 1 year ago

  • I have filled at least two to three deals, and completed them entirely. I have had no credit put towards them. I have the photo can completed deals

    โ€” by c.thomas 1 year ago

  • I would like to request to delete my account. I do not wish to work with this website and kindly ask if you can take my information off of your services. I remember taking a deal offer to finish off three levels of Coin Raid and after completion had the service started piling up more deals. I am making this request under GDPR. Penalty for non compliance would be 4% of annual turnover.

    โ€” by Enetty Frank 1 year ago

  • I have completed everything I was instructed to complete and am not able to claim my 750 when I got to the site it wants me to start all over

    โ€” by Teri Jackson 1 year ago

  • It says seems we cannot verify your account

    โ€” by Jayden 1 year ago

  • I think I signed up with my Facebook account and the email that they have I don't have access to and I was recently sent a $5 Visa card that I was supposed to get in the email but I can't access the email that y'all have for my account. But I'm not sure I might have signed up with my Google account but it just hasn't made it to my email I'm not sure which problem is going on.

    โ€” by Robin Arnold 1 year ago

  • I didnโ€™t receive my reward (75$ Tim Hortons card)

    โ€” by Jolie Assaf 1 year ago

  • I completed a deal and I am not recieving my credit

    โ€” by Brandon Finkelstein 1 year ago

  • I have completed the Lloyds direct deal however this is now showing on my flash rewards!!

    โ€” by Chloe Wright 1 year ago

  • It won't verify my acct, and I need help to redeem

    โ€” by Tanya 1 year ago

  • I completed a number of deals that it is saying i did not complete.

    โ€” by DeeAnna Bennett 1 year ago

  • I have several claimed offers that are not showing allowing me to cash out 750

    โ€” by Deserie Foxcroft 1 year ago

  • I did my rewards and haven't recieved my deal

    โ€” by Melanie Collins 1 year ago

  • It won't let me take my phone number off when I tap it

    โ€” by Quincy Moore 1 year ago

  • I have completed the level on coin master so I could receive the 750 Cash. It's been a couple weeks now can you please tell me when I'm going to get it. Thank you

    โ€” by Tammy Hall 1 year ago

  • Yes I finished coin master first 3 village then 11 village I done what y'all ask gt 1000 never gt bk

    โ€” by Kathleen Lopez 1 year ago

  • Your email said I. Was the winner of an ipad. It never mentioned sweepstakes nor drawings. Also it was supposed to only charge me visa card $2.00 for shipping. There was no mention of $4.96, which I was charged. Further, after you took my money, then I was told it was only to enter a chance to win. I feel this is a scam, and will be reporting it to the police and BBB. Shame on you!. I photo copied of all of your messages to me. Yes including the ones that say I have won. I also expect to be reimbursed for the over charge of $2.96.


    โ€” by Marlene Williams 1 year ago

  • Need to change phone number..says when go to verify my number is not a mobile number

    โ€” by Christopher Stewart 1 year ago

  • I would like to delete my account because I do not need the rewards. According to the gdpr, you can get fined up to $7,500 if you do not do so.

    โ€” by Kessedi Hakim 1 year ago

  • Cancel my subscription to flash rewards

    โ€” by Charlotte worley 1 year ago

  • It cost too much money I don't have much please cancel my flash rewards. Thank you.

    โ€” by Charlotte worley 1 year ago

  • Please cancel my flash rewards

    โ€” by Charlotte worley 1 year ago

  • Please cancel before I am charged on the 17/05/2022 thanks

    โ€” by Mariana Assuncao 1 year ago

  • Hi id like to delete my account, my little brother created it and id like my account to be deleted along with all my info. Thank you and good bye

    โ€” by Alexander Kahn 1 year ago

  • When I enter phone number for sms verification it says carrier isn't valid

    โ€” by Tony Hill 1 year ago

  • None I don't like you

    โ€” by Nellie 1 year ago

  • I would like to get my account deleted asap as there was a scam in one of your offers.
    Thank you

    โ€” by Adem Okan 1 year ago

  • Well

    โ€” by Robert 1 year ago

  • Hi so I've had redeemable points in my account for some time now, I've sent multiple requests for my phone number to be updated since I no longer have access to my previous phone.

    โ€” by Santiago Mascarenas 1 year ago

  • Please cancell my account due to money problem.

    โ€” by Jahangir Alam 1 year ago

  • I have two more problems

    1. when i try to put in my claim on your site it says my address is invalid. wether i pick my particular address from the drop down box offered by your site or if i type it in myself it keeps saying invalid address. how do i fix this?

    2. i sent you screenshots of my welcome emails through your link that you sent me to prove some of my deals. but one of my deals works through the phone it does not send an email. so i don't have one for this one. i sent u a screenshot of my profile page proving payment on the site. if that does not work then that is not my fault im not sure what to do to prove this deal otherwise. but i payed for it. what should i do?

    โ€” by kelvin mccray 1 year ago