how to delete EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera account

How to Delete EyesPie Completely

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Learn how to delete your EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera account and personal data from your device.

Table of Contents:

  1. Delete via Email
  2. Delete on iphone
  3. Delete on android

delete EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera account   remove EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera account

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1. Delete EyesPie Account through Email

There are 2 methods to get your data (and account) deleted by EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera:

  1. Under GDPR: EU/UK Residents have the right to ask (via email), an organization that holds data about them to delete it. This is known as the ‘right to erasure’. Organizations have one month to respond to the request.

  2. Under CCPA: California residents have the right to request that a company delete the data/personal information it has on them. A failure to comply with this will result in a fine of upto $7,500.

Now we understand what the Law says, Here is how to handle the account data deletion request:

  1. To delete your EyesPie account, contact EyesPie via email and provide the reasons for your request.
  2. Mention the law under which you make your request (GDPR or CCPA).
  3. Notify EyesPie of the penalty for non-compliance - A $7,500 fine under CCPA and 4% of annual turnover under GDPR.
  4. Send the email to [email protected] Login to see email.

Alternatively, Send your Request directly to EyesPie using the form below:

Already have an account? Login here

2. How to Delete EyesPie on Iphone

  1. On iphone, Goto "Settings "
  2. Click on "General" » "Iphone Storage".
  3. Select the app, and click "Delete EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera".

3. Delete EyesPie on Android phone

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings.
  2. Click on "Apps & Games".
  3. Select "EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera" and Click "Uninstall".

EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera Product Details

delete EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera account 1   delete EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera app 2

Use your smartphone to ensure family protection with 24x7 on-demand live remote mobile monitoring. Features To Provide Better Family Security - Fully secured with end-to-end encrypted connection over SSL - Full privacy - Motion detection - WiFi with hotspot - HD quality video - Zoom & Pan - Two way audio/video talk - Local/Remote recording - WebView to connect multiple device How to protect family with EyesPie? 1. Install EyesPie on two Android phones. 2. Name each device differently. Names are unique and case-sensitive. 3. Add those names into each other's device list. 4. Start monitoring. Security/Privacy - Free from any personally identifiable information such as mobile number or email-id. - Information of devices which can access your device is saved locally rather on server. Request from a device will be rejected if you have not added it. - Enforced binary communication over SSL. - EyesPie is a WebRTC based application which establishes end-to-end encrypted connection. You can read more about it and its security here : Motion Detection To Use As Home Security CCTV Camera - Works best in ambience with enough light. - Only alerts when continuously detects motion for a certain time. - Records locally when motion is detected. - Alerts when device is running low on storage. - Keeps recordings of 24 hours to maintain storage. WiFi Support - Device with hotspot enabled, must have internet to detect other devices. - Few devices do not connect, when they are locked. - Due to WiFi security policy & battery optimization settings, device disconnects after going into sleep mode. - If device doesn't connect for long, stop app from recent apps and start again. Connectivity Issue ? - If the device support battery optimization, please disable it for this app - If name you are trying to set shows "already taken may be", try in a few seconds. Happens when you try to set previous name again. - Check device name you are trying to connect. Names are unique to each device and case-sensitive (meaning small and capital letters are not same). - It only connects when your device name exists in other mobile device list, for security reasons. - Does NOT work on VPN Please note EyesPie uses your 3g/4g internet connection. Carrier charges may apply. Subscriptions Please avail 7 days free trial of services before subscribing as we don't have a refund policy for monthly subscription. Important For security reasons, you must add your device name to other device in order to connect. For example if you have a device with name "deviceOne" and you are trying to connect device with name "deviceTwo", device with name "deviceTwo" must have device name "deviceOne" added to its device list. Image Credits :

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