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How to Delete Club MELCEY Completely

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Learn how to delete your Club MELCEY account and personal data from your device.

Table of Contents:

  1. Delete via Email
  2. Delete on iphone
  3. Delete on android

delete Club MELCEY account   remove Club MELCEY account

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1. Delete Club MELCEY Account through Email

There are 2 methods to get your data (and account) deleted by Club MELCEY:

  1. Under GDPR: EU/UK Residents have the right to ask (via email), an organization that holds data about them to delete it. This is known as the ‘right to erasure’. Organizations have one month to respond to the request.

  2. Under CCPA: California residents have the right to request that a company delete the data/personal information it has on them. A failure to comply with this will result in a fine of upto $7,500.

Now we understand what the Law says, Here is how to handle the account data deletion request:

  1. To delete your Club MELCEY account, contact Club MELCEY via email and provide the reasons for your request.
  2. Mention the law under which you make your request (GDPR or CCPA).
  3. Notify Club MELCEY of the penalty for non-compliance - A $7,500 fine under CCPA and 4% of annual turnover under GDPR.
  4. Send the email to [email protected] Login to see email.

Alternatively, Send your Request directly to Club MELCEY using the form below:

Already have an account? Login here

2. How to Delete Club MELCEY on Iphone

  1. On iphone, Goto "Settings "
  2. Click on "General" » "Iphone Storage".
  3. Select the app, and click "Delete Club MELCEY".

3. Delete Club MELCEY on Android phone

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings.
  2. Click on "Apps & Games".
  3. Select "Club MELCEY" and Click "Uninstall".

Club MELCEY Product Details

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We are a support group designed just for you, You are interested in the world around you, want a variety of activities for you, and are proud of your choice of at-home mothering for your families! We know, because we’re at-home mothers, too! You need a support group that understands your special needs as an at-indian mother and we’re it! We are the first, largest and fastest growing support group specifically for ALL. We know that you made a choice to be an at you, and that choice is not easy in today’s world. We understand that being an …. In fact, it’s pretty impossible to draw a line between at-home mothers and working mothers — indeed, it’s never been that simple. Many of our members do work for pay. Probably more than half do something that the Department of Labour considers makes them “working moms.” They work part time, they work in family businesses (often without pay), they work at home or they work out of the home full-time in schedules that allow them to be home with their children during the day. Mothers are very creative at how they afford to stay home to be with their children. Because of that, it’s not easy to define what a working mother is. But, an at-home mother is one who is taking care of her children, herself. She may have help from family or part-time sitters or preschool, but overall, she has arranged her schedule to be able to raise her children, at-home, herself. It’s those long day-time hours that can be so difficult for at-home mothers. That’s why the Club MELCEY plans virtually all of our activities during the day, when at-home mothers most need the support. And each chapter has a monthly meeting with an interesting speaker or topic for discussion. Speakers can be anyone from a children’s librarian speaking about early reading, to a gardener talking about what grows well in your area, to a psychologist talking about child development, to the Superintendent of Schools talking about school choices in your community — whatever the moms are interested in, they can arrange a speaker for. If you’re looking for other at-home mothers and want a wide variety of activities for you and your other family members, we’re the group for you. We believe you are interesting and capable, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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