how to cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal)

How To Cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) Subscription

Most apps and online services these days are subscription-based. You may have subscriptions you didn't know you signed up for or forgot about, or you subscribed to the free trial of eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) and need to unsubscribe before you get charged.

In this article, we will show you all the steps and procedures you can follow to cancel your eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscription - on iOS, Android, Paypal or directly on their website. Want to end your eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscription? keep reading.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Cancel on Iphone
  2. How to Cancel on Android
  3. How to Cancel via Paypal
  4. How to Cancel via Email
  5. Cancel on eSewa website
  6. Alternatives to eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal)

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Cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) Subscription on iPhone & iPad

Steps to cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscription on your iOS device:

  1. On your phone, click "Settings".
  2. Next, open your Apple ID profile by tapping the icon with your name on it.
  3. From the profile page, click the "Subscriptions" menu.
  4. Look through the list and click on "eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal)".
  5. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button at the end of the page.
  6. Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription. Once you click this "cancel" button, the process of canceling eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscription is complete!

Another way to cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscription is from the Apple App Store. Here is how:

  1. Click the Appstore application and tap your profile.
  2. From your accounts page, click Subscriptions.
  3. Select the active subscription you want to end.
  4. Click "Cancel Subscription".

Cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) Subscription on Android

To cancel your active Android subscriptions, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Launch the PlayStore app from your phone's home screen.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click the hamburger menu icon beside the search bar.
  3. From the list, select "Subscriptions".
  4. Tap on "eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal)" and click "Cancel Subscription".
  5. You will be asked why you want to cancel your subscription. Choose any option. You can decline to answer
  6. Your subscription to eSewa will now be canceled.

Cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) Subscription on PayPal

If you signed up to eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) via Paypal, Paypal helps you cancel directly from your Paypal account. Here is how:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal Account.
  2. Click "Settings "" from the top of your account page.
  3. Select "Payments".
  4. Click "Manage Automatic Payments".
  5. Under Automatic Payments tab, you will see eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal). Click it
  6. Click "Cancel" button
  7. You are now unsubscribed from eSewa

Cancel eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) Subscription via Email

You can cancel the service by contacting eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) via email. Here is how to handle the email cancelation request:

  1. Open your email app
  2. Provide all the relevant information regarding your account.
  3. Provide a reason for the cancelation.
  4. Shoot your email to [email protected] Login to see email.

Alternatively, you can directly Request eSewa to cancel your subscription. Ask their customer service to cancel your Subscription using the form below:

Already have an account? Login here

Cancel Subscription If Billed Directly on eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal)'s Website

Another way of canceling eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) subscriptions is to do it from their website. This will help if you don't have the eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) app installed on your smartphone or have deleted it. Here is how to cancel:

  1. Visit their website - and login to your account.
  2. Goto your profile or account page.
  3. Click "Billings" or "Subscriptions" or other similar alternatives to see a list of your options.
  4. "Cancel" your subscription.

About eSewa - Mobile Wallet (Nepal) App

इसेवा नेपालकै पहिलो मोबाइल खाता हो । इसेवामा खाता खोली आफ्नै मोबाइलबाट नि:शुल्क आफ्नो मोबाइल रिचार्ज, घरको बिजुली, खानेपानी, टेलिफोन, इन्टरनेट आदिको बिल भुक्तानी गरि मासिक रु ५०० देखि रु २००० सम्म बचत गर्नुहोस् । इसेवा कसरी प्रयोग गर्ने ? रजिष्ट्रेशन इसेवाको App Download गरि Register गर्नुहोस् । यसरी Register गर्दा तपाँईको मोबाइल नम्बर नै तपाँइको इसेवा आइडी हुनेछ । इसेवामा पैसा जम्मा गर्न इसेवामा चार प्रकारबाट सजिलै रकम जम्मा गर्न सकिन्छ: १. इन्टरनेट वा मोबाइल बैंकिङ मार्फत बैंकको खाताबाट इन्टरनेट वा मोबाइल बैंकिङ मार्फत इसेवामा नि:शुल्क रकम जम्मा गर्नुहोस। मोबाइल/इन्टरनेट बैं...

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Reported Cancelation Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Date: 18th aug 2021
    The Manager
    eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd
    Subject: Closure of eSewa Account
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I request you to close my eSewa account with eSewa ID 9814817378 as I am not interested to continue it due to different circumstances. I have also withdrawn all the balance from my eSewa account. Kindly close this account permanently.
    I hope for the positive response from you.

    Thanking You,
    Chet Raj Thapa
    eSewa ID: 9814817378
    Email: [email protected]
    Kathmandu-04, Nepal

    — by Govinda Bhattarai on Aug 18 2021

  • I have another esewa id

    — by Upakar Khadka on Jul 05 2021

  • Delete my esewa id, i've been using another esewa id since long time.

    — by Aakash Yadav on Jun 28 2021

  • I have 2esawa 1is must deactivate plz

    — by Sanjit tamang on Jun 21 2021

  • I already have a esewa account with different sim number so i cant link that account with my mobile banking ass it is linked with the esewa account i want to delete

    — by piyushs khadka on Jun 02 2021

  • Esewa id ma one bank ma tranfer free bhaneko rahexa so mero esewa id ma naam nabin singh thagunna vayeko ra bank acc ma Nabin sing thagunna vayeko huda yo id delete garera next id banauna lai delete garna khojeko

    — by Nabin singh thagunna on May 24 2021

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