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  1. Delete via Email
  2. Delete on iphone
  3. Delete on android

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Data Streetbeat collects from your device

  1. view Wi-Fi connections
  2. read the contents of your USB storage
  3. modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  4. take pictures and videos
  5. record audio
  6. read your contacts
  7. read the contents of your USB storage
  8. modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  9. control Near Field Communication
  10. view network connections
  11. control vibration
  12. run at startup
  13. full network access
  14. prevent device from sleeping
  15. download files without notification
  16. receive data from Internet

1. Delete Streetbeat Account through Email

There are 2 methods to get your data (and account) deleted by Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools:

  1. Under GDPR: EU/UK Residents have the right to ask (via email), an organization that holds data about them to delete it. This is known as the ‘right to erasure’. Organizations have one month to respond to the request.

  2. Under CCPA: California residents have the right to request that a company delete the data/personal information it has on them. A failure to comply with this will result in a fine of upto $7,500.

delete Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools account remove Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools account

Now you understand what the Law says, Send your Request directly to Streetbeat using the form below:

Email Support directly

Alternatively, you can follow these steps below to get Streetbeat to delete your account/data:

  1. To delete your Streetbeat account, contact Streetbeat via email and provide the reasons for your request.
  2. Mention the law under which you make your request (GDPR or CCPA).
  3. Notify Streetbeat of the penalty for non-compliance - A $7,500 fine under CCPA and 4% of annual turnover under GDPR.
  4. Send the email to support@redacted... Login to see email.

2. How to Delete Streetbeat on Iphone

  1. On iphone, Goto "Settings "
  2. Click on "General" » "Iphone Storage".
  3. Select the app, and click "Delete Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools".

3. Delete Streetbeat on Android phone

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings.
  2. Click on "Apps & Games".
  3. Select "Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools" and Click "Uninstall".

12 details about Streetbeat app

how to delete Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools delete Streetbeat: AI Investing Tools guide

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2. Unlock the potential of harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to build personalized investment portfolios that align with your unique investment goals and risk appetite.

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4. To experience the advantages of our service, we offer a 1-week free trial, allowing you to explore how Streetbeat can help you create, invest, and automatically manage your investments.

5. We’re Streetbeat, a subscription-based service, offering you the cutting-edge power of AI to make informed investment decisions.

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8. Streetbeat has partnered with Alpaca Securities, LLC ("Alpaca") to provide brokerage services on behalf of our clients.

9. An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at Streetbeat LLC is a registered investment adviser.

10. • Streetbeat leverages state-of-the-art generative AI technology to offer personalized trading experiences.

11. • Real-time news and data are used to keep your investments on course, allowing you to stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions effortlessly.

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