contact Face Yoga - fitness app for youthful skin at home

Contact Face Yoga - fitness app for youthful skin at home

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Face Yoga - fitness app for youthful skin at home Features and Description

{Slow down skin aging. Yoga face app is a beauty fitness for youthful skin. Keeping your face toned with our anti-aging self-massage program is easy! With the help of our face-lifting programs, devoting only 20 minutes a day to light face exercises, after half a year you will be surprised to see your reflection in the mirror: a radiant and young beauty will look at you, on whose face there is no hint of wrinkles! A fresh look, elastic skin, a chiseled chin, Hollywood cheekbones, smooth skin tone, smooth, wrinkle-free and free of sagging skin, radiant with youth and health - all this can be achieved without leaving your home and without spending a ton of money on face injections, absolutely no injection technique, you only need to perform daily gymnastics for the face and self-massage - absolutely natural facial rejuvenation. Our Facial Yoga program includes: ✔ learning the right technique for doing facial exercises ✔ video guide explaining each exercise ✔ every day a new video lesson, reminders ✔ take selfies before and after a course of rejuvenation training - face lifting Taking face-building as a basis, you do not have to make sacrifices to youth and beauty. Yes, you need to take some time and develop a habit, but it's definitely worth it. ⠀ Our Anti-Age programs will help to become more attractive, beautiful. We offer: Super face lifting or face yoga program for the whole face (Fullface) Supports muscle tone of the facial skin and neck, prevents wrinkles, sagging muscles and skin. Forehead & crown eyes It will help to remove deep wrinkles and relieve excessive tension of the forehead muscles. Self-lifting for the eye area It will help to remove small wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes, relieve puffiness, ptosis. Lips & Smile lines (nasolabial lines) It will help smooth out nasolabial lines, lift the lowering corners of the lips Cheeks It will help to remove the asymmetry of the cheeks, swelling, ptosis Neck & jawline For tightening the lower contour of the face, neck and décolleté Face training (face fitness, face building) maintains muscle tone, face and neck skin, prevents sagging muscles and skin. Blood circulation and lymph flow improves, the skin tone of the face becomes even. We offer such exercises that will help keep your face toned, remove facial imperfections and smooth your skin: anti-wrinkle exercises, anti-nasolabial exercises and from gravitational ptosis, anti-aging exercises for the face, anti-drooping cheeks, exercises for raising the upper eyelid, for facelift, from ptosis of the face, against sagging and saggy skin, against crow's feet, eyebrow lines, overhanging eyelid. exercises will help to remove facial lines, a second chin, bags under the eyes, bruises under the eyes, drooping corners of the lips, sagging skin, swelling. Face fitness massage and yoga for the face will help eliminate eyelid problems, dull complexion, enlarged pores and creases in the skin, tension of the facial muscles. We will help you improve your skin condition, maintain youth and beauty! Anti-aging facial aerobics program promotes natural facial rejuvenation. It returns the skin its radiance and shine, against skin lines and sagging skin. It makes the skin more elastic, and the cheekbones more sculpted, improves skin turgor, promotes a clear oval of the face. Correctional anti-age program of face fitness contributes to: ✔ smoothing deep and fine wrinkles ✔ muscle training and toning ✔ elimination of sagging and swelling ✔ improvement of blood supply and lymph flow Our programs are suitable for the skin of different age groups 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+ Excellent help in the fight against wrinkles and age-related problems, such as dryness, sagging, etc. Remember, the sooner you begin to maintain a healthy state of your skin, the easier it will be to win the battle for youth in the future. The anti aging complex is aimed at increasing the overall tone of the face, tightening the skin and getting rid of skin aging.

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  • Hello,

    I subscribed to Face Yoga trial on my iphone and now my iphone is no has died I just saw the charges from Face Yoga app. Never used it and my phone is damaged. So I need to buy a new iphone. I cannot access my iphone as it's damaged and not starting so cannot cancel the app. Can you please help with the charges Can you pls. help with the charges and also canceling the subscription?

    — by Garima Khanna on May 04 2021

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