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  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Ministry of Health Apps to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Tarassud + Features and Description

Download Tarassud app and get updates about the COVID-19 virus disease in the country. This app was developed by the Ministry of Health and is available to be downloaded by the citizens and expatriates in the Sultanate of Oman.

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to set up the Tarassud+ app using my Spanish number but I can't select my country code. The only option available is for Omaní number.
    Could you please advice how to proceed?
    I'm already in Oman and I want to set up the app for booking my PCR test prior to my departure by land to UAE.

    — by Juan Antonio García Rodríguez on Jan 07 2022

  • Sir I have installed app tarassud but code here in oman and I am unable open.i am in Cameron I will traveling on the 12 of january.sir what can I do?

    — by ASANA Franklin Nkeng on Jan 07 2022

  • Hi, i got Moderna vaccine from Pakistan, 1 Oct-2021 i travelled to Oman, My data is not updated in tarassud, now i need booster dose, how can i update on tarassud

    — by Naveed Shams on Jan 05 2022

  • Good afternoon,I cant choose my country for enter mobile number.It not possible to roll and choose what I need.thanks for help

    — by Petra Klorusová on Dec 26 2021

  • dear team
    I am doctor and will visit muscat for some days.
    On my mobile phone i can not open the tarassud app for oman as the number starts with the oman 🇴🇲 number and i can not switch to a swiss number.
    what can i do. i want to book my flight to oman.

    kind regards

    Dr. Sabine Fischer

    — by Sabine Fischer on Dec 26 2021

  • I want to change my mobile number

    — by Vinu Vijayan on Dec 24 2021

  • How do i register using international number?

    — by Ishita Gupta on Dec 23 2021

  • how can I update the phone number in Tarassud app

    — by taffet on Dec 21 2021

  • Dear Sir or madam
    I downloadesd the app on my mobile phone and tried to start it.
    But it is only possible with an +968 Sultanate of Oman mobile number. If i click on the arrow only +968 Sultanate of Oman appears. What should I do? I Have only a german mobile number +49 Germay and can't register.
    Thanks for your help and stay healthy
    Tanja Nitzge

    — by Tanja Nitzge on Dec 21 2021

  • I cannot change the area code within the Tarassud + app and need help

    — by Jenna Toupin on Dec 20 2021

  • I got 2dose vaccine but while after login in application for certificate it shows that not registered. Kindly please help

    — by vishnu peechira on Dec 20 2021

  • hi, I have my parents with me who got their 1st and 2nd dose vaccine in India and 3rd (booster) dose in Oman. Can you please help me in getting their first 2 doses vaccine into Tarassud app?
    -Santhosh Maankaala, 96748181

    — by Santhosh Kumar Maankaala on Dec 20 2021

  • I do not have a Oman Mobile Phone. At Login Page, prefix can't be changed. Only 968 for Oman available. Problem well known and described by many users. What to do?

    — by Juerg Greuter on Dec 16 2021

  • Hello, i can't log into the app with my German number because I can't change the prefix to +49.

    — by Delilah Kalabic on Dec 14 2021

  • i need digital vaccine certificate
    now i registration in app
    but i did't find QR code
    my civil number 105959788
    expiry date 22/03/2022
    date of birthday 05-02-1989

    — by forruk on Dec 11 2021

  • I cannot enter my phone number. 968 on the left side cannot be changed

    — by Dognin on Dec 10 2021

  • I have no tarassud+

    — by HAMSA on Dec 10 2021

  • My case ID 1871271 is not reflecting after unlinking the case

    — by Subbaiah Nagaraj ARUN Kumar on Dec 08 2021

  • My case ID is 1871271 the app is not showing

    — by Subbaiah Nagaraj ARUN Kumar on Dec 08 2021

  • impossible to register with Tarassud .

    — by picot on Dec 07 2021

  • Sir,
    The old phone number taken by the vaccine has been canceled
    The new phone number is not available when the ID number is entered
    My oman id 105367214
    Phone number 79783918

    — by Jijeesh maruveettil on Dec 07 2021

  • How I can change my Phonenumber to log in from Belgium(+32).

    — by Leon Gielen on Dec 05 2021

  • There is an error in the entry of my name in the app and the vaccine certificate. It appears as Wilma Elsie D souza Souza instead of Wilma Elsie D Souza .
    Kindly assist.

    — by Wilma Elsie D souza on Dec 04 2021

  • hello
    I have a french mobile number and i cant register because i have to dial 0033
    What can i do ?
    Thanks for tour help

    — by Isabelle Soudet on Dec 03 2021

  • How can I login Tarassud with a German phone number?

    — by Jessica Fuchs on Dec 01 2021

  • I cannot change the phone number to UAE from Oman to enter the Tarassud app.

    — by Halle Broadbent on Nov 30 2021

  • Hello, I have a problem to activate taarassud with non omani mobile number as i am to travel to Oman but cannot upload my digital green certificate if i don’t activate the app

    — by Tigran Vilotijevic on Nov 27 2021


    — by MOHAMMED FAIZAN on Nov 25 2021

  • We can't register with a german telephone number +49. What can we do?

    — by Andrea Dargel on Nov 23 2021

  • Hi, I unfortunately pressed unlinked option in vaccine details from Tarassud app. Can u please recover it.

    — by Sunil kumar on Nov 16 2021

  • I am a tourist entering via a land border but cannot enter an international phone number to register I need this app active?

    — by Brenda Mary Copeland on Nov 15 2021

  • I can Not enter in the App, because i am living in Spain and can Not change the telefon number in 0034. i am traveling to Mascat can you help me please.
    Best regards
    Christiana Hoffmann

    — by Christiana Hoffmann on Nov 14 2021

  • I would like to download my Immunization Certificate as my given Mobile Number is not operational. How can I download the Certificate ? Please advise

    — by Sreejitha Prakash on Nov 13 2021

  • I want to update mobile number 90477971

    — by Sagul on Nov 10 2021

  • I am unable to scroll down the country code and change it to US code on the app. I will be traveling in the next 2 days and need immediate help. Is there any other way to upload the vaccine information?

    — by Godfrey F Mendes on Nov 09 2021

  • Bonjour,
    J'ai chargé l'application Tarassud MAIS je n'arrive à rentrer mon N° de tel pour me loger doit on mettre l'indicatif 968 puis le portable 611839539 cela ne passe pas

    — by DEMIC on Nov 08 2021

  • Hi,

    I downloaded Tarassud+ app, but when I open it, it wants from me my phone number always. Problem is that I cannot change first 3 numbers (Dial number) so when I put there my phone number, it does not work, because my dial number in my country is different, we have "+420". Can you help me with this problem? I tried everything.

    We have trip to Salalah next week with my girlfriend and we have to manage the app, because you want it from us in your country.

    Our numbers are:

    +420 606 250 603
    +420 604 570 850


    Michal Kuba

    — by Michal Kuba on Nov 07 2021

  • i try to link case in Tarassud app . but its showing civil id date of birth and expiry date are not matching

    — by SHUHAIB ABDUL VAHAB on Nov 04 2021

  • I don't receive the OTP after having entered my phone number. Where can I find it ?

    — by Marie Christine on Nov 03 2021

  • My son name is MEHLUM YUSUF TAMBAWALA.
    his Civil id is 70367509.
    In his vaccination certificate name is not appearing as above
    so please do the correction.
    thank you.

    — by SEHNAZ YUSUF TAMBAWALA on Nov 01 2021

  • MY husband name is Yusuf Abbas Tambawala. His civil id no is 89950356
    but in vaccination certificate name is not appearing correct so please make the correction.
    thank you.

    — by SEHNAZ YUSUF TAMBAWALA on Nov 01 2021

  • I am not able to get otp in my phone
    Plz fix this problem

    — by Nida on Oct 31 2021

  • Travelling to Oman.

    Unable to change the country number and insert my details - from South Africa

    — by Stacy McDonald on Oct 28 2021

  • Respected Sir,
    I have downloaded the Tarassud+ application.I am from India.I cannot open the Tarassud+ application and register with my Indian phone number as it shows only Oman country code(+968) and doesn't show country code for India(+91).Kindly help me. Thank you.

    — by Vijayaraj Antin on Oct 28 2021

  • Today at 9:00 am I visited with my husband for vaccine both vaccine done but with same Appt id .in oman exhibition centre.His id number is 13196134 .plz register his id on trassud it was second dose of astrazenica. My id is 13196167

    — by Atif on Oct 28 2021

  • Vaccine status need to be updated.
    I have taken my 2nd dose of Pfizer Vaccine from Medical Care Centre Seeb on 10th September, 2021. But in the Tarasud App, it is still not updated. Please do the needful as soon as possible.

    — by Soma Das on Oct 27 2021

  • Please once more , need help for Tarassud App.
    Cannot enter contry code +43 for Austria. !!!!
    What can we do ?? Our journey starts soon. !!!
    Please help !!

    — by Peter Blau on Oct 24 2021

  • cannot enter country code +43 for Austria.
    what ca i do , please help.
    our journey starts in 1 week ,

    — by Peter Blau on Oct 24 2021

  • How to update full name in vaccine certificate

    — by Ranjith on Oct 23 2021

  • I am gafoor pilakandi I lost my vaccination certificate pleas help me to regain it. My civil id number is. 103233833.,,,and my mobil number. 0096896066143.

    — by Gafoor pilakandi on Oct 19 2021

  • I can't open my tarassud apps I done already 1st dose and 2nd dose. I'm fully vaccinated but I don't have tarassud. My number it's not registered why? This is my number 72180747

    — by Melanie macaranas on Oct 18 2021

  • I can't open my tarassud apps I done already 1st dose and 2nd dose. I'm fully vaccinated but I don't have tarassud. My number it's not registered why? This is my number 72180747

    — by Melanie macaranas on Oct 18 2021

  • After I downloaded the Tarassud App, I am not able to put my phone no. (country code e.g. Germany) down in order to login. Can you give me any advise, what to do? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely M.Stutz.

    — by Michael Stutz on Oct 15 2021

  • Hello
    It is not possible to change the country phone code (e.g.+33 France) . Only +968 is proposed.

    — by LAMBERT on Oct 15 2021

  • Tarassud vaccine Report delite

    — by Rajesh kumar on Oct 14 2021

  • Tarassud Riporet lost

    — by Rajesh kumar on Oct 14 2021

  • My. Correct Name is. Juve Besite Villadelgado and please correct my tarassud name. Please. Call. At 98937347 thank you

    — by Juve Villadelgado on Oct 10 2021

  • After Download i cannot enter Country Code for Austra +43.
    Only Oman Country Code is available.
    My journey starts soon so please help me !!!!

    — by Peter Blau on Oct 09 2021

  • I have my Tarassud+ application instaled. In Poland I can not write prefix to my Phone number and get otp from you.Please help.

    — by Piotr Warczykowski on Oct 03 2021

  • hello, My son with case ID 4454236, Civil ID 106232218, and DOB 21st April 2008 has already got two doses of vaccines at Oman Convention and exhibition center. The second dose was taken on 19th Sep 2021.
    But in the Tarassud app the profile is showing only one dose is vaccinated, second dose vaccination is showing pending.
    Please update the profile as fully vaccinated.

    — by Mandhara Reddy on Sep 27 2021

  • 79132164 no block
    New mobile no 94521336

    — by Santosh Sah on Sep 24 2021

  • When i log in the app instantly crashes and shut down

    — by Ahmed Salah on Sep 23 2021

  • My app is not working and and I can’t log in

    — by Ahmed Salah on Sep 23 2021

  • Goodmornig. I cant open my tarassud app. It shows stop working while opening

    — by Annie Abraham on Sep 23 2021

  • I need to speak to a technician
    Please give your number thanks

    — by Mushtaq Abdullah Al Saleh on Sep 23 2021

  • My Tarassud+ app is not working properly. Everytime it's close unexpectedly. Unable to login. as soon as i enter otp i receive, app closed.

    — by AMIR NAVEED on Sep 22 2021

  • My wife got vaccinated with two jabs, but her jab details cannot be viewed in Tarassud. How do I get this sorted out and whom to contact.

    — by Subramanyam on Sep 22 2021

  • This app not working in my mobile propertly

    — by Sunil on Sep 22 2021

  • How can I register the COVISHIELD vaccination certificate issued from India, in Tarassud+ app.?

    — by Jimmy Sebastian on Sep 22 2021

  • I got my vaccine this month and I am due for second dose October 20 but I can not open my Tarassud app

    — by Mavis on Sep 21 2021

  • Showing network error on all devices

    — by Yatin on Sep 21 2021

  • Why I can't recieve otp

    — by Lorena SAMBRANO on Sep 21 2021

  • Today I have Filled up my wife's travel registration form using my registered mobile +968 93211557. After that Tarassud+ app is not working in my mobile

    — by Sam George on Sep 21 2021

  • My sim cart damage how to register my new mobile in tarasud +aap

    — by Dinesh chandra pancholi on Sep 21 2021

  • After I downloaded the Tarassud App, I am not able to put my phone no. (country code e.g. Germany) down in order to login.
    Can you give me any advise, what to do?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



    — by Michael Stutz on Sep 20 2021

  • unable to use Tarasud app in my i phone

    — by Rajesh on Sep 20 2021

  • I haven't recieve opt from tarasud in my phone what is the problem and i want to send money to my sick mother in Nigeria but they didn't allow me to inter lulu for money exchange pls help me and resolve the issue immidietely

    — by Vivian chima on Sep 20 2021

  • Why is it i don't receive an opt

    — by Vivian chima on Sep 19 2021

  • In my phone it does not come otp please update the app

    — by Gogula on Sep 19 2021

  • I couldn't find the update of my vaccine

    — by Evangeline Taraya on Sep 18 2021

  • i got the vaccination certificate from vaccination center after completion of my second dose but TARASSUD + showing not yet vaccinated. please update

    — by Dhanasekaran.R on Sep 18 2021

  • I am unable to update my profile details, and not able to view vaccinated certificate

    — by Vinaya Kumar Kannath on Sep 17 2021

  • I got my second dose (AstraZeneca) on yesterday (16/09/2021) only at Al Amal medical care centre, Alkhuwair,Muscat. When I checked in Tarassud App. It is showing wrong information as second dose (Pfizer) at Al Hayat international hospital, muscat on 13/09/2021. Hence, pls delete the wrong information & update with correct information.

    — by Ramesh Krishnamoorthy on Sep 17 2021

  • Good

    — by Premkumar on Sep 16 2021

  • We four members of family Jacob Prince (Resident card Number 61678942), Bency Prince (Resident card Number 70144467), Benchemin Jacob Prince (Resident card Number 70144401) Jeroame Jacob Prince (Resident card Number 70144491) have received first dose vaccine from Aster Hospital and second dose from Al Muzn Oasis medical centre on 02 September 2021. However Tarassud App shows only one dose that too only for Jacob Prince and Jeroame Jacob Prince . Could you please kindly update the data ? Thank you

    — by Jacob Prince on Sep 16 2021

  • Hi there, i just wanna ask. I got my first dose last September 12, it held in ahlibank at wadi. And mu problem is they dont give me the card as a proof that i had took the first dose, and when i checked on tarassud it says that i am not registered yet and im not vaccinates. I put all the details but still it says i dont get the vaccine yet. I hope you'll give me response. Thank you.

    — by Julie ann rosales on Sep 16 2021

  • Ich kann mich weder mit meiner civil id (passportno.) anmelden, noch meine Impfbescheinigung hochladen. Was kann ich tun, um mich bei der Tarassud app zu registrieren und die nötigen Zertifikate hochzuladen. Danke für die Hilfe!

    — by Barbara Koster on Sep 16 2021

  • I have Already one dose vaccinated ,but still not Received my vaccination certificate, unfortunately my account is unregistered, phone number ( 79943374) civil Id (118502882)

    — by Anser Aboosali on Sep 15 2021

  • I can’t login in the App (Tarassud +). It’s blocked with Oman’s country code (968), i can’t change it, so when I put my portuguese number next to it, the App says that it is wrong. I need help, please

    — by Beatriz Bernardes on Sep 15 2021

  • One of my Friend Mr.Ramaswamy Raja ID NO:65927873 MOB:79770951 he did not get his Covid-19 first dose vaccination certificate from Tarassud requesting that to release his certificate as soon as possible.

    — by MOHANDAS on Sep 15 2021

  • ID NO:101267637,MOB NO:97689159 I did not get my Covid-19 first dose vaccination certificate from Tarassud and requesting that release the certificate as soon as possible.Thanks.

    — by MOHANDAS on Sep 15 2021

  • I cannot enter in the app. the app stays on the page where I enter otp. i have tried many times to resend otp and validate but it is always staying on initial screen. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app it is not solving the issue

    — by taffet on Sep 15 2021

  • I couldn't download Tarassud app. Kindly help me

    — by Vinod Kumar A C on Sep 14 2021

  • How do i open my tarassud app,i lost my phone then i"ll get the same number, the problem is that when im trying to open on my new mobile it says that im not the authorized person

    — by Mhil on Sep 14 2021

  • Dear Sir,one of my Friend Mr.Ramasamy Raja having ID NO:65927873,MOB NO:79770951 still he did not received his first dose Covid-19 vaccination certificate by Tarassud and requesting that release his certificate as soon as possible.

    — by MOHANDAS on Sep 13 2021

  • I can’t change the area code in my Tarassud app. I don’t have oman number. I need to get the otp for my Tarassud using my number here in the Philippines. I hope that you can help for this. I’m looking forward for your help. Thank you in advance.

    — by Dyana San Lorenzo on Sep 12 2021

  • Hii

    — by Shaik mahammad shahul hamed on Sep 12 2021

  • I have already got Astra zeneca vaccine 2 doses, but i cant get the vaccinated certificate on tarasud shows no records ...i need help to update my details ...


    — by Shaik mahammad shahul hamed on Sep 12 2021

  • One of my friend Mr.Motiur Rehman,ID NO:96665991,Date Of Birth:10/09/1973,Mob No:79937866 still he did not received his first dose vaccination certificate from Tarassud App and he was plan to traveling from Muscat to Bangladesh ,so kindly requesting that release his certificate as soon as possible.

    — by MOHANDAS on Sep 12 2021

  • please update it in the app as soon as possible

    — by Fathima on Sep 12 2021

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