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Published by Wuhan CARBIT Information Co.,Ltd
Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Report an issue with CarbitLink-EasyConnection.
Send the customer service your feedback so they can fix your issue asap.

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Why should I report an Issue with CarbitLink-EasyConnection?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Wuhan CARBIT Information Co.,Ltd to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

CarbitLink-EasyConnection Features and Description

CarbitLink is an in-vehicle assistant that supports screen projection from your phone to your car. Convenient interconnection and excellent in-car functions can give you the best driving experience. Key features Online Navigation: Plan the most reasonable travel route for you based on your precise positioning and current road conditions Online Music: You can listen to tons of online albums and songs anytime CarbitLink also provides common in-car features such as local music and phone calls to help you drive better. We look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us via the following email: [email protected]

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • Unable to connect .....unregistered is shown in app

    — by Sahil Gupta 1 week ago

  • Carbitlink not working.
    It is showing unregistered error.
    Contact customer care for help.
    Expecting positive reply.

    — by Ajay Kumar 2 weeks ago

  • I can not connect my iphone to my radio. It says i have to register my device first. I have no clue what to do. Thank you

    — by Jose 2 weeks ago

  • When starting the application on my cars' multimedia it says "Registration status: unregistered, contact support"

    — by Dimitar Zhelev 3 weeks ago

  • Not registered, contact support

    — by Adrian 3 weeks ago

  • Not registered product call support
    Head unit.PX6 Dasaita Vivid 11 for Honda Accord
    Cell phone OnePlus 10T

    — by Bernardo Escoto 4 weeks ago

  • the carbit link app (car version) show me not registered please contact customer service

    — by KOK LIANG BAO 4 weeks ago

  • En el radio del auto
    Not registered contact customer support

    — by Jesus Lazo 1 month ago

  • Iam trying to connect my android phone and android car screen, but the activation status is not confirmed

    — by John Chrisostom Nicas 1 month ago

  • Cum pot remedia afișarea în mașină,
    neînregistrat, vă rugăm să contactați asistența pentru clienți

    — by BRANZILA DANIEL 1 month ago

  • Problem with registration on new head unit from Seicane. text from barcode is below

    — by Dale Nutbrown 1 month ago

  • Not registered please contact customer support

    — by Salah ibrahem 1 month ago

  • Showing error message as unregistered on android

    — by Sss 1 month ago

  • Not registered

    — by Alyssa rudlang 1 month ago

  • Always do not able to connect fastly due to this message " not registered, contact your customer support"

    — by Ahmed 1 month ago

  • I buyed a Megasonic [K2501] Car Android 9" device for my car (Tata Nexon, XE model) and it is now giving registration error whenever I launch the Car Bit app.

    — by Abhishek 1 month ago

  • There show unregistered

    — by Chia wai sheng 1 month ago

  • New android’s car stereo from Amazon pre loaded easy connect says unregenerate version contact customer service will not connect

    — by Richard Cox 1 month ago

  • I try to register my easy connection but when I try to hook it up with cable it said not register I wonder why

    — by William Law 1 month ago

  • I can't connect android auto. I always get a message that the account is not registered.

    — by Srdjan Maksimovic 1 month ago

  • How to connect my phone into my android car player. There come out contact customer support

    — by Rajkumar Chandran 1 month ago

  • Not able to register. Need help asap

    — by S Mukherjee 1 month ago

  • It won't let me connect to my extron's unit as it says I'm not registered. Please contact customer support

    — by Jayson churn 1 month ago

  • Not registered

    — by Rodney Wong 1 month ago

  • My headunit showing [not registered contact customer care] what should i do now plz hep me out

    — by Stanzin Mingur 1 month ago

  • I have a SKYWELL SUV, it's pre installed the EASYCONNECTION, when i want to connect my cell phone where installed carbitlink app , the message is NOT REGISTERED, PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT

    — by Franklin 1 month ago

  • Unregistered, please contact customer support. Show like that on my android player

    — by Kartik Arumugam 1 month ago

  • Always getting not registered message.Hence, i am unable to use this app

    — by Venkataswamy Pavali 1 month ago

  • I just bought this car and trying to connect via carbit and it says not registered please contact customer support.

    — by John DeSantis 2 months ago

  • Not registered contact customer support like this comming in Android 10 car system how do registered this

    — by VenugopaL k 2 months ago

  • My android player said unregister please contact customer service

    — by Mohd al fatah 2 months ago

  • How Can i fix showing it in car,
    Not Registered, please contact customer support

    — by Zaw Win Htun 2 months ago

  • Il mio Easy connect non è registrato come posso risolvere?

    — by Uva Pantaleo Sergio 2 months ago

  • Hi. I can not connect to my Hongqi via carbitlink. It says uregistrert, contact support... What do I do?

    — by Rudi Lindvall 2 months ago

  • can't connect to my car

    — by zazali bin togok 2 months ago

  • No

    — by Mohamad shafiq hazim bin md idrus 2 months ago

  • It’s unregistered

    — by Muhammad Aniq Syazwan Abu Hasan 3 months ago

  • Help

    — by Muhammad Aniq Syazwan Abu Hasan 3 months ago

  • App Not Registered

    — by Enri 3 months ago

  • Everytime I open the app on my motorcycle stereo it says"Not registered, please contact customer support.". So here I am, asking how to remedy this.

    — by Kenneth 3 months ago

  • The carbitlink app on my headunit says its not registered. I uninstalled it to find another easy connection app for the headunit but I can't find it. Please help me install it again.

    — by Anjeanette Felipe 3 months ago

  • My easy connection app says not registered, how can i fix the issue?
    Trying to connect to iPhone

    — by Aysha Ali 3 months ago

  • It keeps saying that my radio is not registered

    — by David Carrero 3 months ago

  • Apps show untegisterd on my android player car

    — by Muhammad Izuan Ismail 3 months ago

  • Don’t work

    — by Madhav Singla 3 months ago

  • I have car head unit and try to connect but still say is unregistered. What can i do?

    — by Mateusz Wiak 3 months ago

  • My easy connection app says not registered, how can i fix the issue?

    — by David Freddy Matiko 3 months ago

  • Not registered, please contact costumer support is the message I have

    — by Diren Duman 3 months ago

  • I have CarbitLink on my car stereo and it will not connect with my iPhone either by USB or wireless. I have the app on my iPhone 12 (latest app version) and when I try to connect with it to my car stereo it does nothing. The car stereo app loads with a QR code which when scanned goes nowhere and when scanned with the iPhone app it says unknown QR code. The stereo app says unregistered and has a pop up saying "abnormal registration" and does nothing.

    — by Andrew Edwards 3 months ago

  • Trying to connect EasyCon on my phone to my car head unit. I get "Unregistered, please contact customer support."

    Running Android 10 on head unit.

    — by chameera 3 months ago

  • In car ur app un registration

    — by Tejas 4 months ago

  • I was trying to connect but it said I need to register and contact customer service

    — by Elyse Dequina 4 months ago

  • I have the app on my phone and it works great but the app that came installed on my aftermarket android head unit for my car keeps saying unregistered and to contact customer service?

    — by Nicholas Carter 4 months ago

  • When i open the app in android player "unregistered" how to fix?

    — by AZRIE SHAH BIN KISHAM @ KHAIRUL 4 months ago

  • I try to use easy connection in my suzuki jimny 2022 byt when i start the he is crash and write I’m not registered ? Conctact customer support ? What is the registered and what can i do ??

    — by Fahad Almansoori 4 months ago

  • Unable to connect with android phone

    — by Mark Verhulp 4 months ago

  • I have TS7 adroid 11 head unit and cannot manage to connect my iPhone IOS 12.5.5. Screen says nor registers, confirmed, activated etc in red color.

    — by Matt 4 months ago

  • I tried connection my phone to easy connection but it says “unregistered, please contact customer support” I appreciate the help!

    — by Deepthi Trasula 4 months ago

  • Demande d'inscription

    — by Zaie 4 months ago

  • Im using xiaomi 11T Pro which unable to connect with my car's IHU. Already activated developer option and enable USB debug but still failed

    — by ZARIQ ZAFREL 4 months ago

  • hi sir/madam i would like to ask how shuld i conect the easy connection ya? the apps showme unregistered please contact customer support

    — by Hoo kah hing 4 months ago

  • I purchased android car stereo mekede m 700s with EasyConnection app, the app connects with the mobile phone, while on the car mekede dislay it appears that the app is not registered, so I ask for an activation code.

    — by laki 4 months ago

  • I purchased android car stereo mekeke m 700s with EasyConnection app, the app connects with the mobile phone, while on the car mekede dislay it appears that the app is not registered, so I ask for an activation code.

    — by laki 4 months ago

  • I just got carbitlink installed in my Amaze car and when trying to use Easy connection on car device, it shows device not registered and gets closed. Could you please help me with this

    — by Hari kishan Beerumota 4 months ago

  • Can't connect to xtrons head unit.
    Keeps saying not registered contact customer support

    — by Graham Toomey 4 months ago

  • cannot connect with my car it says contact support

    — by robertopb 4 months ago

  • Having trouble with stereo and I phone saying device not registered

    — by Geoffrey Elgar 4 months ago

  • Why does it say not registered? This is just crazy i want this fixed to be able to use my carplay

    — by Paislee Brooke 4 months ago

  • Cannot register the application into the device. It says to contact customer support, but no one has responded to us for over a week. Please reach out and let us know how to activate the app. Saw videos that show a toolbox to activate the device, but there is no toolbox. How do I proceed?

    — by Midnight Benz 5 months ago

  • How Can Activate Easy Connect CAR application ?

    — by Abdul Rafeeque 5 months ago

  • I cant register my phone on the screen

    — by Saeed alhammadi 5 months ago

  • I have buy new android car head unit, but carbitlink application not registered, so I can't connected with my android cell phone.

    — by Suranto 5 months ago

  • Siffayasta2022

    — by Suranto 5 months ago

  • cannot connect to the Android player that support easy connection carbit link
    it says im not registered

    — by yj james 5 months ago

  • Asks for registration

    — by Felix Rivera 5 months ago

  • ID:Carbit-c15e
    Its showing its not yet activated
    How can I activate my car android screen

    — by Jeffrey 6 months ago

  • Aplication not registered after I installed new headunit, I buyed from aliexpress, headunit jansite (snurbi).

    — by Suranto 6 months ago

  • Registration failed.

    — by Babar Rahim 6 months ago

  • I fry connection my phone to easy connection but it says “unregistered, please contact customer support” I appreciate the help!

    — by Tim Sagala 6 months ago

  • In my Hondo CIVIC Type r I installed Mekede QLED Screen 1280 * 720 Android 10.0 For Honda Civic 10 FC FK 2015 - 2020. EasyConnection is also installed in the device. When I run the app it tells me that it is not registered and that I should contact the equipment supplier. MEKEDE does not respond to emails sent at all. I do not know what to do. If you can help me in any way I will be very grateful
    best regards

    Anton Gornik

    — by ANTON GORNIK 6 months ago

  • Always get a phone not registered error on my easyconnect app

    — by Abdulla AlHammadi 7 months ago

  • I am having trouble using it in my car. Need a call back and support to use it

    — by Ansuman Kar 7 months ago

  • My easyConnection tells me to register, but it doesnt say where! Please explain to me how to get screen mirror and where to 'register'

    — by Emanuel 7 months ago

  • Hi There,
    I have installed eonon car play and easy connection app does not respond to my android as it has issues
    1) The activation status is not confirmed.
    2) Not registered.

    — by Sumit Saud 8 months ago

  • Can't connect phone app to android head unit.Mesage on head unit saying not registered

    — by Tom Corcoran 9 months ago

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