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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

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Why should I report an Issue with Terra Station?

  1. AppContacter will directly Email your issue/feedback to an apps's customer service once you report an issue and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen to you.
  2. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Terraform Labs to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.

Terra Station Features and Description

Terra Station is the official mobile wallet for managing native Terra assets and tokens and connecting with decentralized applications running on the Terra blockchain. Main features: - Non-custodial wallet application (you control your keys) - Create a new Terra wallet or recover from seed phrase - Manage native assets like LUNA or Terra Stablecoins - Manage CW20 tokens like Mirrored Assets (mAssets) - View your transaction history - Convert (swap) between world currencies and tokens - Stake LUNA and claim staking rewards - Access dApps on Terra such as Mirror, Terraswap, and Anchor - Connect with web smart contract interfaces

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Reported Issues

Note: Issues displayed have already been sent to the developer and are older than 7 days.

  • I sent my UST to another wallet through the bridge and I didn’t get them yet.
    Hash is A203201160BF978FC3CDC6F023E991E638A0EA6EDB48457379838C5CB0C28666. Please help

    — by Aleksander 6 days ago

  • Hello,

    at Terra station I have LUNA units that I want to transfer to my Ledger nano s. I have a wallet linked to my Ledger, I make the transfer successfully, but LUNA is not on my Ledger. Can You tell me what the problem is, what I'm doing wrong.
    thanks Marko

    — by Marko 1 week ago

  • Hello . I transfer ust from terra station to Binance address and forgot to insert MEMO number. I already wrote to binance support because deposit didn't come to wallet. Is there any other option for recovery transaction?

    — by klemen 1 week ago

  • Someone hacked my terrastation due to panic and clicking wrong stuff in the ust even. They stole 12k+ust.
    Can this be recovered?

    — by Thomas 1 week ago

  • hello, I have made transfer of coins but did not recieved in exchange wallet? please help

    — by Nadeem 1 week ago

  • I am trying to send LUNA to exchange, but there is some Fees errors message, I am unable to make any transactions

    — by Patch Lokhy 1 week ago

  • my terra station wallet was liquidated on May 8th. All assets converted to UST and shipped to another wallet. How could this happen. Terra Station was not secure and I lost $8k. This is the transaction

    — by Donna Lewis 1 week ago

  • Hello,
    Yesterdauy 12th may of 2022 I made a transaction through the platform from aust (anchor ust) to Binance. But it was not accepted as it is an unlisted crypto.
    Is it possible to recover?
    I leave the data below:

    923.964627 aUST
    deposit network
    deposit adress
    TxID/TxHash 332BB8FE747B2ED3B44AC1708CA44D38A03796DFFE2069EFC475F60919A06A3C

    thank very much

    — by Fabio Gonçalves 1 week ago

  • I bought 58 Luna coins on 11/05/2022 and they were deposited in my Terra Station wallet (terra1r8fywsp6uyctnf6w6upyy4eykqek8wuztt4ch6)
    Today I log in and the coins are gone.
    Please give me an explanation.

    — by Emanuele Maltoni 1 week ago

  • I have an error. Account sequence mismatch. Please help.

    — by Phillip aw 1 week ago

  • Ok so now it has been 19 hours; I moved UST to KuCoin and the transaction says it was a success. The money still hasn't shown up... what should I do? Here's the HASH: A97F04EE09142F24394EC18CA09A50F02F2B8BB9C9B1D9A1BC245AAF1C3CF948

    — by Ramin Bar 1 week ago

  • Good morning Gentlemen, is it possible to cancel/reversal an operation?
    I think I sent UST to a wrong address towards
    The address is part of my account, but I can’t find the funds because I believe UST is not listed on the CEFI application.
    could you help me?

    — by Dante 1 week ago

  • hi i made a transfer of ust from terra station to another ust wallet, still didn't recieve the money, I am little worried if the transaction went through ..
    can you please check and let me know
    here is the transaction hash


    — by Avijit Saha 1 week ago

  • Hi there,

    I made a transfer of 2,967.639153 UST from my Terra Station wallet to the UST address on FTX but accidentally left out the memo. Could you please help me look into it and help me get the crypto into my terra station wallet?

    My Terra station wallet address is terra1j8gps9a2hptdj44xqun0vug8tfynzvhpwnx2tl

    I sent it to terra1luagdjcr9c9yvp3ak4d7chjm5gldcmgln5rku5

    Thank you.

    — by Clement Tang 1 week ago

  • Hello. Yesterday I sent my monet from terra station wallet to binance. I waiting for my money 20 hours. Could you tell me why ?

    — by krystian 1 week ago

  • 4 hours ago I moved UST to KuCoin and the transaction says it was a success. The money still hasn't shown up... what should I do?

    Here's the HASH: A97F04EE09142F24394EC18CA09A50F02F2B8BB9C9B1D9A1BC245AAF1C3CF948

    — by Ramin Bar 1 week ago

  • i used the terra station bridge to bridge luna to my avax meta mask it says it was succfesull but i still have not recieved here is my txid

    — by Wesley Buchanan Jones 1 week ago

  • I transfered ust from my terra wallet to my binance account without the memo keys, now it's saying it got sent to a different wallet/address. How can that be?

    — by Dan booth 1 week ago

  • I wish to transfer the MIR I have (not sure if it is in the wallet or other account) to Coinbase on my phone. I tried to use shuttle with the proper phrase for Coinbase to receive MIR, but it won't work. Wormhole doesn't seem to work for me either. Please provide the proper procedure to complete this task. Truly appreciate your help! Janice

    — by Janice Favorite 1 week ago

  • hi i need help with terra station i deposited my ust in kucoin however i don't see my deposit, it's been a few hours i think i did it wrong, is there any way to get my ust back?

    — by raul anwar garcia santos 2 weeks ago

  • Hi, ha made a withdraw to bianance without use the MEMO number, so i cannot view my money neither in binance, neither in TerraStation wallet. Can you recover them please? Thank you in advance. Best regards. Lorenzo

    — by Lorenzo Spadaro 2 weeks ago

  • I sent UST to (785 dollars) to binance and it has not arrived. Can you please help

    — by Jason Singh 2 weeks ago

  • I have made a transaction of UST from terra station to metamask, on terrascope they say transaction complete, but I can't find my UST on metamask.
    Her is transaction HASH E70462871A69B1B06ECB7F2553312829BA55165AC206E4FC93D2241BB7733531
    Is their a way to solve this issue ?

    — by Jemmoudi Ismail 2 weeks ago

  • My app is showing opps something went wrong please how do i tackle this issue

    — by Anieke Joseph 2 weeks ago

  • I didn't a trans action on terra wallet extension to send luna to trust wallet and crypto never arrived to trust how do I recover my Luna to have it sent to trust wallet please help

    — by Nolan 2 weeks ago

  • Buenas ya recuperé mi Wallet 1810 que tenía UST 8300 y me aparece vacía sin dinero, me podría ayudar con este tema que estoy desesperado no entiendo qué pasó

    — by Jonathan 2 weeks ago

  • Buenos días, no recuerdo mi contraseña de la Wallet terrastation, me indicarían cómo puedo recuperarla ?

    — by Jonathan 2 weeks ago

  • I sent the 995 UST to an wallet it never went through can you please help? Must have done something wrong!

    — by Armen Haytayan 2 weeks ago

  • I have a UST deposit that hasn't shown up within 4 hours of withdrawing from another wallet. The TxHash is :1836E2113014673738A9C01A02B2852A86C946B962010755E6A485565FBA5D29 and I withdrew the funds to address [email protected], an address I've used many times before.

    — by Kevin Owens 2 weeks ago

  • transferred UST from terra station to BSC wallet
    It’s been 2 hours I still didn’t get it
    please check

    — by Sung Debby 2 weeks ago

  • I´m send a trx of 1646,28UST to binance. I didnt introduce the memo, and te destinatary never received the money. Now, on my terra extension, says "Coins required to post transactions". So i send 5 ust to my terra wallet, thinking that this will solve the error, but it hasn´t. And my 5ust never arrived.

    TRX 1646,28 4CBDA2B708C77B58B6D391A7ECA200D83D3EDD8601CF149BFD6B6F9E70E83E6A

    TRX 2,35 0F92CFFB38B6EC98CDB4CF2D398892D556506BCAB7D2B3888C248B40BD531C67

    I really want to solve the "Coins required to post transactions" problem.


    — by Tomas Brizuela 2 weeks ago

  • Hello,

    I seem to have the same issue as a user below. Like him, I cannot access my terra station app via chrome anymore. it says "too many requets, please try again later". I've removed it, and reinstalled it several times, shutting down and restarting my computer too. It's just stuck and I cant do anything. Please help.

    — by Kris 2 weeks ago

  • I sent 300 ust to my Kucoin account because it looked as if it was de pegging. I've checked and rechecked the addresses and Terra scope says it was a success. It did not make it to my Kucoin account.

    — by Michael Holbrook 2 weeks ago

  • I sent money from terra station to kucoin with the correct memo, amount, and wallet address but my funds didn’t arrive. What do I do?

    — by christian 2 weeks ago

  • No reply received on my first issue

    — by Mini TV 2 weeks ago

  • Hi I have been hacked. Truth is I see now I went to a fake website put my phrase in and thats that 2900 dollars gonzos. I can see the adress taken. Question firstly is that that ie money gone. Second question do i delete that wallet and create a new one or can i just change the see phraze. any help would be fantastic

    — by Jason Grossman 2 weeks ago

  • There is an suthorised transfer of 24 lunars from my account

    — by Norman Paul 2 weeks ago

  • I sold an NFT at Oneplanet, but I didn't get the money. The balance is 0 and it shows message 'Coins required to post transactions'
    I clicked withdraw after someone bought my NFT in order to transfer the money from Oneplanet to my terra wallet, is it because I didn't have enough ust as gas fee? What should I do next?

    — by Nika 2 weeks ago

  • Hi,
    It's not a complaint but rather a mistake I made when withdrawing from my terra wallet to binance. I forgot to put in the memo. Binance said they would try to retrieve the ust but is there anything you guys can do on your end?

    — by Alan comerford 2 weeks ago

  • I am using a Ledger Nano S. I am able to connect to my wallet via the Terra Station web app using Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I cannot do any transactions. I keep getting TRANSPORT PATH IS NOT DEFINED ERROR. I have logged in and out numerous times and still cannot do anything. I have updated the firmware on my Ledger via the Ledger Live app. Is there a fix so that I can actually do transactions in my wallet when using the Ledger?

    — by J Eriksen 2 weeks ago

  • My account was hacked 5-4-2022
    Can I speak to someone

    — by Guy mcfolling 2 weeks ago

  • hi, how can i do for see a transaction i did on my terra station wallet thank you

    — by grace 3 weeks ago

  • I did not receive my funds

    — by Natasha Sakota 3 weeks ago

  • Good Evening,
    Very regret to inform you that l forgot my password and as such I am unable to withdraw UST deposited with Anchor at 10:37.25 pm on March 3,2022. I don't remember, which email id I used while creating account with Terra viz. [email protected] OR [email protected] OR [email protected]

    I am unable to attach Screenshot of Terra App Wallet showing details of Deposit. Further, an amount of UST 5.549343 is still lying balance in my wallet.

    Kindly help me out. Eagerly waiting please.

    With Regards,

    Mini TV

    — by Mini TV 3 weeks ago

  • I was robbed, UST315 was transfered from my terra station wallet (terra1l6gpse3xacp0me8slng4var8cpws9s9ffrwsuz), to another wallet whose owner I don't know (terra1r6j3w0st98a2wrvqmwnu2t4qre39dtzwh744x9)

    — by Enrique Durand de Cassis 3 weeks ago

  • my terrastation was hacked my 13.4 luna was sent to terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc 25days ago
    my address is terra1rzvn9qr84llfx43cctctr55feflx02h8859fmu.
    i hope i get back my 13.4 luna

    — by KIMTAEBEOM 3 weeks ago

  • Hi
    please check my transaction
    This is unsuccessful

    Please check my transactionsn
    My money has been deducted from terra station but has not been transferred to Bainance wallet




    67.156888 UST




    2022.04.29 03:27:37+04:30

    0.001016 Luna


    — by Nima mirzaeii 3 weeks ago

  • hello,

    i cannot access my terra station app via chrome anymore. it says "too many requets, please try again later".
    i also have the desktop app, which seems to work normal still. or at least i can access it but without the chrome app i cannot interact with websites. the last thing i just did was deploying some collateral and then trying to borrow some coins.
    what can i do to make the app work again? i need to access my funds urgently.

    best regards

    — by benjamin 3 weeks ago

  • Hello, I send from my terra station 435.229000 UST to Binance deposit, but I did not use their memo so at the moment I lost my UST.
    The hash is 21C24D4FF5E1AA8FC85ECACC1559B0A6527E9D5249075716B83A1796685738AF on chain columbus-5 block 7409980
    can you help me ......

    — by angelo pulini 3 weeks ago

  • Hey, I made a transaction on the Terra Station app and I copy paste my wallet adress in the right box, but when I hit send the app placed that wallet adress in the memo section and filled the Terra Bridge BSC adress (terra1g6llg3zed35nd3mh9zx6n64tfw3z67w2c48tn2) in the receiving box. This resulted in not receiving my Luna on the right adress. My Luna is now in a company wallet so I was hoping you could retrieve my lost Luna and send the tokens back to my wallet. The transaction hash is 5488B9C0124EB172278EC09C9878E3620CEAE8C288A5F0E92B7F2160EEB7060A. Thank you

    — by Tim 3 weeks ago

  • good day my money was stolen and sent to this address without permission (terra1z0l97u7nrn6hgnx5szg6eeg4upvu0s223dnafd) can you please assist in recovering my funds i was investing in acnhor and when i woke up this morning my funds were gone can you please help

    — by Simeon Labuschagne 3 weeks ago

  • hi i am trying to recover my terra station wallet but it keeps on generating new wallets. help

    — by Maurice 3 weeks ago

  • I have used terrastation wallet to connect to anchor protocol defi website i.e. and suddenly one day on 22nd april 2022, i logon to verify my cryptocurrency coins UST and was shocked that all my coin has been transferred out of my wallet without any action on my side. I verified from my browser history i did not click on any mirror/phishing website. It seems that a hacker has compromised my wallet through a security loophole. I have lodged a police report and to internet crime department. Please investigate on my case and provide a response as the authority will be contacting terra station for the recovery of my funds. If the wallet is designed to be secure, i should never have lost all my funds.

    — by Raymond Teo Boon Kwee 3 weeks ago

  • How do I find my claim code

    — by Gino garcia 3 weeks ago

  • Tnx

    — by Luka Posarić 3 weeks ago

  • I need help when I unstake my Luna I didnt have enough gas fees so my Luna seems to be stuck. When I log into Terra station it briefly shows the balance with the staked Luna but then jumps back to the current balance.

    — by martie barwick 3 weeks ago

  • My Terra Wallet was hacked and about $3,000 was removed from my Anchor deposit. Who can help me? I need to recover this money, please.

    — by Charmaine Barnard 3 weeks ago

  • Hello can you please help me i sent my 3.4 luna to the wrong wallet this is the txid F3EE9B8B95A1DB3E85815681279356EF268E0CBD9D4559237DACA41B130F2C2.
    This is my wallet
    Please help me

    — by Jefferson Muentes 4 weeks ago

  • Unauthorized transfers in my Terra Station wallet connected to Anchor Protocol.




    2022.04.19 20:01:45-04:00

    amount46,240.850000 UST
    event logs
    [0] coin_received
    amount 46240850000uusd

    Can we freeze the funds for further investigation?

    — by JION LIU 4 weeks ago

  • There were a couple unauthorized transactions from my Terra Station wallet to another Terra Station wallet. My wallet was connected to Anchor Protocol. All my funds are gone. What can we do?

    — by JION LIU 4 weeks ago

  • Hello this is my txid
    F3EE9B8B95A1DB3E85815681279356EF268E0CBD9D4559237DACA41B130F2C21 I send from my binance wallet to my terra wallet 3.34 luna

    — by Jefferson Muentes 4 weeks ago

  • Please request my nem ujjwal das my account gmail [email protected] my contract nambar 8389959665 recovery my handset infinix hot 8 unfortunately deat and all document all loss please request recovery my account shovel the poplem please help me 14 day's rekues bat no ryepay

    — by Ujjwal Das 4 weeks ago

  • This Terra address terra1fy36pc052z2qynxqfgkx0ypggtcc4h3jpuq42k hacked my UST and sent funds to ETH Bridge. I would like my money back.

    — by Luka Posarić 4 weeks ago

  • Good evening I sent some luna coin to my wallet but didn't arrive F3EE9B8B95A1DB3E85815681279356EF268E0CBD9D4559237DACA41B130F2C21

    — by Jefferson Muentes 4 weeks ago

  • Hey, i have issue with recovering the original wallet that I used to stake my ust on anchor with. Every time i use the recovery method I end up recovering my older wallet address, not the wallet addresses that I have staked ust on anchor with. Even though I have original see phrase and name i believe.

    — by Harith Ahmed 1 month ago

  • Hi there,
    I believe my terra wallet has been hacked.. I noticed a couple of transfers that I did not do myself. please respond ASAP thx

    — by Steve Rapa 1 month ago

  • Yesterday I received a transaction into my account, in the morning the UST wasn't there and it was transfered to this account (terra1s6vm53zcvsvx57edn68dv264pkvyy36rttqey7) is there a way you can help me?

    — by César Eduardo Contreras Aburto 1 month ago

  • My Terra station wallet was hacked and all my Luna was stolen. I did not authorize a transaction of my Luna tokens to be sent to the hackers wallet. I have taken pictures as proof. Please advise

    — by Terry bell 1 month ago

  • Hello,
    Someone stole my monney from my wallet Terra Station.
    Differents transfert hace been done without my validation.
    Can you help me and solve the problem ?
    Romain MOREL

    — by Romain 1 month ago

  • Hello, my Terra station wallet was hacked. All my Luna tokens were stolen. Please advise

    — by Terry bell 1 month ago

  • my staked luna has been hacked and sent to another wallet address that is unknown to me. The address is - terra1tygms3xhhs3yv487phx3dw4a95jn7t7l8l07dr

    is there anything you can do about this please?


    — by daniel jones 1 month ago

  • Hello, my Terra station wallet was hacked and they stole all my Luna .please advise.
    I can send you proof.

    — by Terry bell 1 month ago

  • HI,
    Today, April 19, I was adding an additional $3,800 of funds to my Aperture Finance account from my Terra wallet, after putting the amount to be invested and clicking the invest button, the system sent me an error message, after receiving this message I rnoticed that my wallet was reduced by a little more than $1,500 UST.
    This amount is not reflected invested in my Aperture account or in the account history as a withdrawal, the funds simply disappeared.
    What I indicate can be easily verified with an audit of the movement of the funds of my wallet, adding the deposits and subtracting the withdrawals, which will not coincide with the final balance, which is currently $0 since I withdraw the funds. remaining for safety.

    I await your response.



  • Funds have disappeared. They were on Anchor protocol and can see they have been sent to: terra1ymh7387aplxahqp4xlcp4efgv8vv0ld9ts0a6x and are now on Ape Board ??

    — by Bill 1 month ago

  • Dear Terra Station,

    I had deposited money into Anchor Earn. I have consequently reviewed my account and have had UST that was withdrawn which I did not action or approve. Monies was withdrawn to this account terra13at27pv6nhcjelg5wh2fje97gdduzxr6crletz on the 6th of April that does not belong to me. Please if someone can help me understand or recover monies.

    Best regards

    — by Anton 1 month ago

  • Hello,

    I allow myself to contact you because I had stacker of LUNA at your place and today I had to receive everything except that I did not receive anything from you that worries me.

    The address of my wallet which was used for stacking: terra1h5t7tlzlfawry42rffwzt59qx4t4dtx3kulfak

    Address that would have received my stacking from the end of validation time: terra14rvfael8atw44p34g2f595awgyv3hndcxgfv8k

    Awaiting your return,

    — by Chris 1 month ago

  • Good afternoon, I want to tell you that two movements were made in my account that I did not make. This happened on April 16.

    I had 1,817 UST and from one moment to another I was left with 0 UST.

    My wallet is terra1cdnvykc8lvl6ylwyydne2ad4htnfz6k80squyc

    Movements that I do not perform:


    I need your help to solve this situation. They are very high amounts for me.

    — by Jose Luis Soler Mouliat 1 month ago

  • can not withdraw funds .error:
    Transport has not been defined

    — by Dimitrios Damianidis 1 month ago

  • I noticed today that my over $20k funds that were in the Anchor protocol have been sent to another wallet. This was clearly a hack, as I have sent funds into Terra Station and into Anchor protocol, but Have never withdrawn or sent funds to another wallet? Is there any way to attempt to find/recover the funds? I see in my history that yesterday (April 13 2022) there are two transfers to the same wallet (terra1...j8xt5p. Please tell me something can be done. Thank you.

    — by Jeffrey Brence 1 month ago

  • I sent Luna Tokens to the wrong address, it was a terra address trying to send it to Anchor Protocol

    — by Frank 1 month ago

  • another account that steals money from your wallets

    — by gregor1400 1 month ago

  • During the night somebody moved my money to Terra Bridge ETH from my wallet. I didn't give my acces to anyone and I didn't sent my UST. The number (HASH) of the transaction is: 86131A008C17698E145FCA03EF8C4442F2D68024AB0844B48B0621383E64F890
    I don't know were my UST are. Please can you guys help me?
    Thank you for your time.

    — by Gabriel 1 month ago

  • Money stolen from account. I tried installing terra and all my coins have been withdrawn

    — by DEAN SCOTT BAKER 1 month ago

  • Someone stole my ust from this wallet terra12eqgghju9atc4aeqg3cgvla4y9ylungdsktx5q
    Never share or keep the seed phrase.

    — by Pedro Lourenco 1 month ago

  • Hello,I did a transference of terra usd (Ust) from my wallet to Kucoin this 11 april and I don’t receive,I put the direccion of the wallet and the memo, Is there any way to get that money back?Thanks

    — by Daniel 1 month ago

  • Hello,

    I am emailing about my terra wallet being hacked.

    Three days ago I staked my Luna with UST in the Astroport liquidy pool at about 12:35am.

    The next morning when I woke up it showed that I had a balance of $0 in my liquidity pool and that a transfer that I did not authorize had taken place at 2:35 AM.

    Whoever the hacker was sent the money from my terra wallet to his. His terra wallet account is (terra1h8jstuplv8hmdg2e9tgta02cds5x9dl73m5xsc)

    Is there anything that can be done to retrieve my stolen luna? Please please let me know and help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need all the help I can get.

    Thank you and best regards,

    — by luis adame 1 month ago

  • My wallet got hacked and all my UST and LUNA got transferred to an unknown account. Can I get some help please.

    — by Chao Yu Tsai 1 month ago

  • This is really ridiculous, I didn't share my seed phrase nor my password to any person, I also checked my Google history, I never enter into any phishing website, all of a sudden, all my ust that deposited in anchor protocol has been redeemed and transferred to an unknown person without my knowledge at alll, after all I has been trying to contact customer service for more than 24 hours, no one reply me, I have suffered loss for 4434 ust, isn't it terra Station account very safe?

    — by Lee Wei Guan 1 month ago

  • Please request my nem ujjwal da my account recovery my handset infinix hot 8 unfortunately deat and all document all loss please request recovery my account shovel the poplem please help me

    — by Ujjwal Das 1 month ago

  • Please request Tera station violet my account recovery my mobile handset infinix hot it unfortunately date and all document loss please request recovery my account

    — by Ujjwal Das 1 month ago

  • I have put approx 124UST in anchor protocol and cant seem to withdraw any funds. it doesn't allow me to proceed. Please assist

    — by Rick OToole 1 month ago

  • Hi my terra Station account has been hacked yesterday, the hacker transferred all my ust to Terra Bridge ETH without my knowledge, can you please kindly help me to trace it back?

    — by Lee Wei Guan 1 month ago

  • My ust has been transferred to an unknown address without my knowledge, I did nothing wrong, please assist me to trace back my money. Thank You.

    — by Lee Wei Guan 1 month ago

  • My terra account has been hacked, all my money has been transfer to an unknown address. This is my terra Station address terra1vshxa5kwg7zu98mycpxc2evuq2kfprjftzypem
    Yesterday my deposit in anchor protocol has been transferred to an unknown address
    Which is terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc
    without my knowledge
    Please help me
    I have suffered loss for 4400 ust

    — by Lee Wei Guan 1 month ago

  • My terra account has been hacked, all my money has been transfer to an unknown address

    — by Lee Wei Guan 1 month ago

  • My infinix handset mobile date please recovery my territation

    — by Ujjwal Das 1 month ago

  • now all my luna was unstatked without permission and sent to terra1tygms3xhhs3yv487phx3dw4a95jn7t7l8l07dr

    555.4 LUNA

    — by Keith Allen Howard 1 month ago

  • now all my luna was unstatked without permission and sent to terra1tygms3xhhs3yv487phx3dw4a95jn7t7l8l07dr

    555.4 LUNA

    — by Keith Allen Howard 1 month ago

  • How does this transaction happen without my approval?

    2022.04.07 15:38:31-05:00 (7158808)


    terra1...g47l0n send 140,000.000000 UST to terra1...3z6xs7
    +140,000.000000 UST

    — by Keith Allen Howard 1 month ago

  • All of my UST was removed from my wallet without me doing anything, it says there's a withdrawal, but I didn't approve. Says it was sent to this address terra1lnckktg9f89dqk6pfefvsd7gd3n32qkm3z6xs7.

    — by Keith Allen Howard 1 month ago

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