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Contact Guide to Linux Advanced Bash Scripting Pro version

Published by Daniel Evensen
Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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Guide to Linux Advanced Bash Scripting Pro version Features and Description

An in depth look at Bash Shell scripting. Just Some of the Chapters!!! Part 1. Introduction 1. Shell Programming! 2. Starting Off With a Sha-Bang Part 2. Basics 3. Special Characters 4. Introduction to Variables and Parameters 5. Quoting 6. Exit and Exit Status 7. Tests 8. Operations and Related Topics Part 3. Beyond the Basics 9. Another Look at Variables 10. Manipulating Variables 11. Loops and Branches 12. Command Substitution 13. Arithmetic Expansion 14. Recess Time Part 4. Commands 15. Internal Commands and Builtins 16. External Filters, Programs and Commands 17. System and Administrative Commands Part 5. Advanced Topics 18. Regular Expressions 19. Here Documents 20. I/O Redirection 21. Subshells 22. Restricted Shells 23. Process Substitution 24. Functions 25. Aliases 26. List Constructs 27. Arrays 28. Indirect References 29. /dev and /proc 30. Network Programming 31. Of Zeros and Nulls 32. Debugging 33. Options 34. Gotchas 35. Scripting With Style 36. Miscellany 37. Bash, versions 2, 3, and 4 38. Endnotes 38.1. Author's Note 38.2. About the Author 38.3. Where to Go For Help 38.4. Tools Used to Produce This Book 38.5. Credits 38.6. Disclaimer Bibliography A. Contributed Scripts B. Reference Cards C. A Sed and Awk Micro-Primer C.1. Sed C.2. Awk D. Parsing and Managing Pathnames E. Exit Codes With Special Meanings F. A Detailed Introduction to I/O and I/O Redirection G. Command-Line Options G.1. Standard Command-Line Options G.2. Bash Command-Line Options H. Important Files I. Important System Directories J. An Introduction to Programmable Completion K. Localization L. History Commands M. Sample .bashrc and .bash_profile Files N. Converting DOS Batch Files to Shell Scripts O. Exercises O.1. Analyzing Scripts O.2. Writing Scripts P. Revision History Q. Download and Mirror Sites R. To Do List S. Copyright T. ASCII Table Index List of Tables 8-1. Operator Precedence 15-1. Job identifiers 33-1. Bash options 36-1. Numbers representing colors in Escape Sequences B-1. Special Shell Variables B-2. TEST Operators: Binary Comparison B-3. TEST Operators: Files B-4. Parameter Substitution and Expansion B-5. String Operations B-6. Miscellaneous Constructs C-1. Basic sed operators C-2. Examples of sed operators E-1. Reserved Exit Codes N-1. Batch file keywords / variables / operators, and their shell equivalents N-2. DOS commands and their UNIX equivalents P-1. Revision History List of Examples 2-1. cleanup: A script to clean up log files in /var/log 2-2. cleanup: An improved clean-up script 2-3. cleanup: An enhanced and generalized version of above scripts. 3-1. Code blocks and I/O redirection 3-2. Saving the output of a code block to a file 3-3. Running a loop in the background 3-4. Backup of all files changed in last day 4-1. Variable assignment and substitution 4-2. Plain Variable Assignment 4-3. Variable Assignment, plain and fancy 4-4. Integer or string? 4-5. Positional Parameters 4-6. wh, whois domain name lookup 4-7. Using shift 5-1. Echoing Weird Variables 5-2. Escaped Characters 5-3. Detecting key-presses 6-1. exit / exit status 6-2. Negating a condition using ! 7-1. What is truth? 7-2. Equivalence of test, /usr/bin/test, [ ], and /usr/bin/[ 7-3. Arithmetic Tests using (( )) 7-4. Testing for broken links 7-5. Arithmetic and string comparisons 7-6. Testing whether a string is null 7-7. zmore 8-1. Greatest common divisor 8-2. Using Arithmetic Operations 8-3. Compound Condition Tests Using && and || 8-4. Representation of numerical constants 8-5. C-style manipulation of variables 9-1. $IFS and whitespace 9-2. Timed Input 9-3. Once more, timed input 9-4. Timed read 9-5. Am I root? 9-6. arglist: Listing arguments with $* and [email protected] 9-7. Inconsistent $* and [email protected] behavior Added Bookmark Page Copy/Share option on long press of text. Public Domain. Tux Penguin Public Domain

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